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Kari Hohne is a dream analyst, an expert on the recurrent symbols or motifs that inspire our dreams and oracles, the author of 7 books, and a translator of ancient texts such as the Tao te ching and I Ching. As a child, Kari had Out of Body Experiences at the onset of R-E-M, which is the recurring sleep state during which dreaming occurs. This brought her an early understanding of the metaphorical nature of dreams, and it later inspired her to study comparative religion and physics to enhance that understanding. In 1991, Kari had a life changing Out of Body Experience and in 1993, she was diagnosed with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. The diagnosis did not diminish her experience of connecting to other realms, and the seizures stopped when Kari began to follow her calling.


  • Kari’s out-of-body experiences 
  • Nature is changing everything to be stronger, better, faster, and more effective 
  • Dream interpretation – unpacking our dreams 
  • The 24-Hour Mind 


  • What is your unique approach to spirituality? 
  • Do you believe that people’s deceased loved ones come through to them in their dreams? 
  • How does acceptance return us to gratitude? 


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Kari Hohne: Things That Seem Bad Can Ultimately Reveal A Silver Lining. What Challenges You Not Only Makes You Stronger But Reveals Aspects Of Your Unique Path


I hope this finds each of you so very well. I’m delighted to welcome Kari Hohne, a remarkable woman who is a dream analyst, an expert on the recurrent symbols or motifs that inspire our dreams and oracles, the author of seven books about dreams, ancient astrology and nature’s abundance and a translator of ancient texts such as Tao te ching and I Ching.

Kari will be speaking to us from Cancún. As a child, Kari had out-of-body experiences at the onset of REM, which is the recurring sleep state during which dreaming occurs. This brought her an early understanding of the metaphorical nature of dreams. It later inspired her to study comparative religion and physics to enhance that understanding.

In 1991, Kari had a life-changing out-of-body experience, which prompted her to give up her career as a fashion buyer on Rodeo Drive. She began to work with the elderly and at-risk gang members in East LA schools, using art to connect them to inspiration and vision. In 1993, Kari was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy. The diagnosis did not diminish her experience of connecting to other realms and the seizures stopped when Kari began to follow her calling.

I’m looking forward to a fascinating interview with Kari about the justness of life to work through challenges, how we must be able to accept the unacceptable to heal, the ways life teaches us about learning to let go, The 24-Hour Mind and how nature has been moving towards abundance and growth for billions of years and more. This is surely going to be an enlightening interview filled with many new insights. Let’s begin.

Kari, welcome to the show. It’s a pleasure. Part of the perks of this is that I get to meet wonderful and interesting people like you.

We have so much in common.

I was once a buyer in the retail industry, children’s stores and all of that. Let’s start with this question. Your audience is equally male and female because you are a bit more scientific in your approach to spirituality, which appeals to men. What is your unique approach to spirituality?

If I was to describe what I do, I would say that I explore nature in detail, whether it’s microbiology or processes, how echo spheres and weather patterns. I study nature to understand the human journey. I get a lot of inspiration and direction by doing that. The scientific aspect makes what I do attractive to men. I feel like dreams are an organic way that nature drives or evolves our spirituality.

We spend half of our lives in that condition. What I’ve observed since I was a child is understanding and working with dreams and then all of the research that I’ve done. I’m not that much younger than you, just so you know. I’m at the very end of the Baby Boomers. I’ve spent a lot of time studying physics. I feel like what makes my spirituality message unique is that I see it as something as an organic thing.

A lot of people talk about the body and soul being at odds or there’s good and evil. To me, I feel like there’s this way of enacting spirituality in our awareness so that we are already there. We don’t have to die to get there. There’s this real powerful amount of psyche expansion that’s available to us. Dreamwork seems to give an uptick to that activity.

Would you like to tell us about the out-of-body experiences you had as a child and contrast them to the life-changing out-of-body experience you experienced in 1991?

When I was little, at the onset of REM, which I didn’t realize at the time, but that’s what they found out later, I would start to have a sensation of being up by the ceiling or being under the bed. I would close my eyes or look around and everything would become distorted. It was like things would look elongated and short or tall and skinny. This would go on until I eventually fell asleep.

I never looked at the dream world as not being an important part of our life experience. We learn in both conditions, but what was weird is I’ve gone through some very challenging situations. My first boyfriend, when I was nineteen, died in a car crash instantly. I’ve had to walk a path that has a lot of challenges and grief.

At this particular time in 1991, I had this out-of-body experience where it seemed like I was more able to prove things in the past. I could go into the kitchen of a room I shared with people and see what was on the counter but in 1991. I had what would be called a near-death experience. I went to this tunnel and somebody was talking to me in my mind.

Was this during a seizure that this happened?

I didn’t know that that was what was happening. I only call it a near-death experience because it had the same stuff. What was weird was then a year after that, my husband came home and was diagnosed with a terminal condition. When I was younger, I would hide books from my boyfriend. I had history, physics and religion. I was voraciously trying to figure out what was happening to me. That’s what drove it.

I had signed up for an Einstein conference at UCLA and this is Wednesday. The conference is that weekend. This is going on with my husband. I had to make the decision and I thought, “I need to go.” I was in the audience and they were talking about, “It was Einstein, so we can’t travel at the speed of light. Our bodies never could, but what would the world look like? Let’s look at some pictures.”

That’s when I sat there and they were showing, “If you travel forward, everything gets long and skinny. If you go sideways, it’s short and fat.” It was such a confirmation because I felt like I always had a sense that we had an energetic condition, so whatever it was that was going on with my body was sending my perception into that you get outside of time or what defines our dimension. I don’t know how you want to explain it, but it was a confirmation for me. Even in the face of the suffering that I was about to go through, it was almost like a gift. “Yes, you’re on the right path. This is all meaningful and unfolding perfectly. You do know that there is an energetic timeless, transcendent reality.”

That confirmed all the experiences you’d had before this amazing one that you had.

When I went to the neurologist a couple of years later was when they diagnosed it as temporal lobe epilepsy. It was so funny because I was 27 or 28. I’ve pretty much spent a lot of time trying to figure out why. The first thing he said to me when I walked into his office is, “Do you have out-of-body experiences?” All my friends were like, “That’s such a bummer.” I’m like, “No. It may tell me why this happens, but it certainly doesn’t diminish what I am in touch with when I have those experiences.”

I don’t normally talk a lot about that. Years ago, I would never even have mentioned it, but there’s a change in the way people, especially this younger generation. They’re embracing my work on dreams. Before, I would go to a publisher and they were like, “You write about dreams. You must be from California.” We’re evolving into a different way of understanding our life experiences.

When you had that life-changing out-of-body experience, did they tell you that you had a choice to go back?

No. When this was going on, I finally had this voice or whatever it was. It is like a guide. I felt like I made it happen. It was like, “If I stayed behind this thing, these people I was observing wouldn’t know I was there.” I fearlessly busted into this place and immediately thought, “I’m seeing the forms of people. There’s no cognizance. They’re raw emotional energy. They’re expressing their energetic condition.” At first, I’m thinking, “I’m in a place where the dead people are. This is the well of souls.”

All of a sudden, I see my sister and she washes through me like tears. I see my husband, my friend and people that are very much alive on the earth. It wasn’t really a near-death experience and I didn’t travel to the side where people are dead, but I was in a place where I was in the energetic community. I don’t know. I feel like that’s when my life changed. That’s why I call it a life-changing experience because I can still connect energetically with my clients. I’ve had connections with people that have passed when I’m working with family members of my clients. They’ll reach out to me.

It heightened your perception and awareness.

It dissolves any barriers to that flow of compassion and energy that I use for healing.

When your husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness, you question why doing good led to being handed that horrible situation in your life. Everyone is all ears to hear what the universe’s answer was to you for that question.

That was the exact year that I was doing the work in East LA with the gang members. From my understanding, art isn’t like, “You’re clever. You painted a pretty picture.” It’s more that it gives somebody a connection to their inner vision. If a child doesn’t have inspiration and inner vision, they only have peer pressure. That was why I put that together and then I would do stuff with the elderly. It’s the same thing. I reinvigorate and teach them poetry and drama. When that happened, it was like, “Why if I’m doing good?”

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You have to remember that the big out-of-body came in 1991. The husband thing happened in 1992 and in those years, I was doing that. It wasn’t until that weekend that I got that confirmation where the universe was like, “You’re on the right track.” It gave credibility to all of the things that I was suspecting and I no longer felt crazy. It was like I could see the 1991 big event setting me up for the strength I would need to be able to deal with what was happening in 1992. The universe’s message is what I teach every day. It’s all unfolding perfectly. We can worry and wrestle with it, but it’s exactly our path and it’s perfect for us.

Including your husband’s illness and what happened to him. Saul dying next to me in the car accident was also part of my awakening and path.

That’s what I say. When I was nineteen, I remember all my friends from high school felt so sorry for me because my first love interest, my boyfriend, died. I wouldn’t be doing the work I’m doing if I didn’t have those experiences.

That’s why we’re both talking to each other because we have those same experiences.

It’s so nice to meet you.

Me too. You’ve seen how things that seem bad can ultimately reveal a silver lining. We’re talking about that. Put it in another way. What challenges you not only makes you stronger but reveals aspects of your unique path. We’ve been talking about how this is true in both of our lives. Is there anything you want to add to that about your life and how that’s manifested?

I see even natural disasters like, “It’s a horrible thing that’s happening,” but there’s some breakthrough through stagnation or some rebirth going on. I always am walking.

You went out more of a neutral path with some other people. People take very strong positions one way or the other, but your path is more neutral to see the bigger picture.

That’s like the Daoism. A lot of the writing that I do about Daoism is that these extremes are a waste of energy. “It’s very good. It’s very bad.” I walk with the sense that everything’s unfolding perfectly, so I trust the universe. With what happened with the virus, I feel like a lot of things have changed. There was a lot of anger. Not that it dissolved all of it, but maybe it prepared us for this horrible situation that’s going on in Ukraine, but we’re learning a lot.

We may be kinder to the environment, change our energy practices or respect each other’s boundaries. Trust that everything’s unfolding. Nature has been doing this for billions of years. It’s been working towards something better continuously. We showed up a second ago on a geological scale, so knowing that gives me a sense that there’s a benevolence. I hate to say that because it’s judging good and bad.

They call it love, but it’s a higher level.

If it’s growing and evolving and it’s better, how can that be bad? Know that that’s happening in nature and we are nature after all. We can think about what we want about being superior out there in the animal world. We are natural creatures in a natural world. If nature is changing everything to be stronger, better, faster, more effective or whatever it is, we, too, are being led on that same path.

GAR 98 | Out-Of-Body Experience

Out-Of-Body Experience: Humans are natural creatures in a natural world. If nature is changing everything to be stronger, better, faster, and more effective, we are also being led on the same path.


I love your take on it because it would reduce about 4 tons of anxiety levels within everyone about what is going on. You’re touching on your theory about the justisness of what you call life’s unfolding perfection, how this justisness helps us work through our challenges and why it is important to embrace the justisness of life. What you’ve been saying is that viruses are part of the justisness of life and there have been viruses throughout time. It’s not about this particular virus that happened. This is part of the natural progression of what happens. Would you like to talk a little bit more about that?

That’s maybe a good place to talk about dreams too. We’re dreaming the opposite of what we believe to be true about ourselves. We go through life and we’re pulled by conformity that we have to do this and dress this way. It’s like almost half of our lives. There are parts of the psyche and the body that the body’s paralyzed. There are parts of the psyche that are shut down. Any sense of logic, left brain, ego or whatever you want to call it abates.

We have more of a right-brain imagery driven. This is helping us to break through our blockages. I feel like that’s an organic thing that nature’s doing. That’s how nature leads us to evolution, how we can let go of what we think we need and we’re holding on so tight that the thing that we need we can’t see. It’s not a new message. I bring nature into the picture so it sounds like it, but it’s faith. It’s having a sense like you call love, benevolence or meaning. Whatever it is, it’s being able to accept that we may not understand.

Even our ideas, like what’s going on with Ukraine and the people that dictators are bad and all democracy is good. When we start believing that our way is the only way, we’re always going to have war. We have to find a way to coexist out of respect. Part of being in the justisness is knowing that when somebody’s being mean to me, they’re suffering. Say, “What can I do for you?” It may sound crazy, but it’s not like, “Let me react.” It’s being present and recognizing that things are unfolding perfectly.

I believe people are on our path for a reason. In the same way, with the things that show up in our dreams, the symbols are there for a reason. It’s our mind pulled together, but it’s inspired by something more profound than we’re aware of by day, let’s say. I feel the same process is happening through the experiences that we meet on the path. Why would our dreams be all about us but not our experiences? We are carrying our baggage into everything we’re doing and it’s all about us.

Kari, why don’t people remember their dreams, though? You’re saying they’re so important, but most people wake up in the morning and go, “I’m upset about something I dreamt.” They’re left with the emotional residue of it, but they don’t remember what it was.

The ego is a survival mechanism. We are called organisms because we organize. We’re always looking for what’s out of place and what’s wrong. We’re always trying to maintain the status quo. We don’t like change. We want to get acceptance and love. That’s why social media is so powerful. We want to be stroked and fit in. We’re getting very far away from who we are.

We are called organisms because we organize. We are always trying to maintain the status quo and reject change. We want to get acceptance and love. That’s why social media is so powerful. Click To Tweet

At the same time, let’s say there was some quality about me that makes me authentic that I might repress and have forgotten. That’s the quality that’s coming out of dreams. The problem is that when we’re dreaming, we’re more in the right brain. When we’re living by day, we’re very logical, left brain-oriented, and want to put everything in categories.

When we wake up from our dreams, we’re putting on a different head, the same mind that wanted to suppress, even though it was childish and a misunderstanding and it can heal us. That’s why we can’t remember our dreams but people that work with me do start remembering their dreams. When people do remember their dreams, a very profound thing begins to happen. They begin to see that dreams are showing us how we organize our life.

I unpack a dream when I’m doing dream interpretation for somebody because it’s not me telling them what’s going on in their life. The dream is telling me what’s going on in their life. We start to see how they’re organizing their idea of life. They see it in daily life too. We are in control of what’s happening to us and that’s where synchronicity is like things that happen in the dreamscape.

You’re like, “That seems familiar to me.” Once people start paying attention to their dreams, they lose the boundary. That’s what I call The 24-Hour Mind. In dream life, we’re learning a lot and through our experiences, we’re learning a lot. One’s not more important than the other. When we remove that boundary, very profound things can happen.

If people want to explore more about their psyche, it pays for them to start to work with their dreams once they can learn how to access that.

I’ll give you a couple of tricks because knowing that we’re more in the right brain when we’re dreaming, it’s symbol driven. There’s no language. There is language when people are talking and stuff, but the story is more symbolic. Everything is a representation. Even other people that appear in our dreams are representing sides of us that we’re adopting or discarding. I tell people, “You don’t have to remember the whole dream but don’t jump into, ‘What do I get to do now? Let me try with my left brain to try to remember my dream.’ Wake up gently and see if you can remember one image.”

I see people tend to dream the same theme over and over. Whatever the message is, it’s repeated, but then as they remember that one symbol, then they’ll remember, “It was a horse by a castle. There were these knights and shining armor,” or whatever it is. It starts coming back to them. Write it all down before you start analyzing it. Give it time and then look at it or look it up on the internet. You’ll see like, “That is me. I am doing that.”

It’s an insight into you. Do you believe that people’s deceased loved ones come through to them and their dreams also?

Absolutely. That was what I was mentioning before. When I’m working with a client, if they have a deceased loved one, sometimes I can get that energy or message.

You do a little mediumship, also.

Yeah, but it’s not like I hang out my shingle and tell everybody. I don’t drive it. If it happens, it happens. What I’m saying is that it’s proof to me that there is. Our idea of what this world is or what life is is part of that left brain. We’re probably more like what we are in our dream condition. This all dissolves and we go inward. We’re never going to die. On that note, I believe that nobody dies. Our loved ones are always with us.

I was working with a client. This was probably one of the first times that happened. We were talking about her career and she never mentioned her relationship. One day, I was getting ready, doing my hair or whatever it was. I get this strong energy saying, “Tell her about the shoes. Remind her about the shoes.” This is an older lady. I could get a sense of what she looked like and her energy. I’m like, “I didn’t quite understand it.” Somehow, I got that it was my client.

When I saw my client later, I’m like, “I don’t know if this means anything to you, but I got this message about shoes. Does that mean anything?” She’s looking at me and I’m like, “It was an older lady and it was like, “Tell her about the shoes. Remind her about the shoes.” She busted out in tears because the last time she saw her grandmother and her grandmother had passed. She wanted to buy some shoes and her boyfriend wouldn’t let her or whatever it was.

The grandmother did not approve of the boyfriend. That led this client to open up to me about a very abusive relationship to the point where there was a gun involved in the breakup. Thank God nobody shot her and nobody got hurt, but there was a problem there. Now, she’s got a family. She’s happily married. The grandmother had passed within a week when I got that message.

I worked with another client who was Chinese. I feel like my deep understanding of Daoism came from her father because he was like a Daoist master. I was working with this client and I was constantly getting all this inspiration. That was back when I was translating some of these texts. I don’t know how it all works or what it all means, but our loved ones are with us and always around us.

When you talk about The 24-Hour Mind, you also talk about how it helps to experience synchronicity and flow. Would you like to talk about that? Why learning to let go is also so important for us?

I touched on that. The idea of The 24-Hour Mind is that we don’t set a barrier between, “I dreamed this, but I’m living this.” We don’t say that. Synchronicity becomes more apparent for us when we’re watching our dreams because we’re more aware of what we’re learning from our higher self. You can call it God or whatever it is. We’re learning something so we can apply it.

GAR 98 | Out-Of-Body Experience

Out-Of-Body Experience: Synchronicity becomes more apparent when watching dreams. You become more aware and learn from your higher self.


The reason you have to be open is that if you look at who we are when we’re dreaming, we’re open. We’re like a wide wild mouth witness. It feels as real as everything that we experience by day. What if we could apply that same naivety and innocence like, “What’s this going to be now?” It’s open to the experience or like, “Maybe I’m wrong.” It’s going with the changes.

It’s going with whatever it is and learning as we go along. You say that nature has been moving towards abundance and growth for billions of years. You describe how this impacts our human journey challenges. Could you talk about that, including how that impacts the challenges that we’re facing?

I had mentioned that everything nature’s doing is moving towards benevolence and that we’re a part of nature. We’re in an evolutionary process with everything, like with the Petri dish of cells or whatever else is around. We are all going through this growth.

What I’m getting from you is instead of being the center of the universe like we all seem to think we are, get over yourselves, everyone. You’re just part of the whole picture.

We’re being transformed through what we all had to go through with Coronavirus. Remember, I was talking about conformity and all the things that make us who we’re not. That’s the path that nature wants us to be authentic. Life is a process of unmasking us. It’s not like we’re going to learn who we need to be. We’re going to unmask whatever it is that is in us and allow who we are to be.

I feel like those are parts of maybe what we went through with the virus and people working from home. They got their priorities in order and had more appreciation for family time. Who knows what it is? I just trust that it’s all unfolding. It’s the same with this crisis in Ukraine. Sure, it looks horrible. There are bad characters and good characters. In some ways, we’re watching something from the sidelines throwing energy for it to keep going. People are dying. It’s not effective.

The things that they’re asking on the other side are not unrealistic. “These are our borders. Why can’t you be neutral? How far are you going to keep coming this way?” Without judging, we could just put that aside. Some of the things are the way we’ll deal with energy. Maybe NATO has brought a big sense of peace. I feel that openness and letting go of the judgment. You could say that there’s evil and I don’t see evil. I see bad decisions, but I can’t point my finger and say, “Your decisions are bad and their decisions are not.” You can see that there’s a lot going on that’s driving us.

What you’re taking on is fascinating. You pull people from their polarized sides to see it in a more neutral way. You’ve developed some apps that have achieved new and noteworthy status at iTunes. What would you like to tell us about them?

I have an I Ching app. It’s a Chinese oracle, but I feel that’s one of the most profound oracles. I should probably mention that because people don’t remember their dreams, I have oracles on my site, but they’re very yin-yang, like Carl Jung based. They’re very nature inspired. I feel that a person with the right intention can get the same information from an oracle as they would if they were dreaming. When I’m doing dream reading with people and they’re doing oracle readings at the same time, it is the same message.

How does the person do that? Let me ask. They get on your site and they want to get an oracle.

On my website, it says Oracles. You can choose I Ching Reading, which is very nature. The I Ching is based on nature’s way of change, which is what I’ve been talking about. It’s like we are part of something that’s changing. The oracle is like working with a Zen master. People can ask things and it will be like, “Calm down. This is what you bring.” It’s a very profound oracle. It’s probably number one in the world, has been or should be.

I have the app, but I had a lot of nature-inspired apps too. That was why I got new and noteworthy. I had the DreamApp: The Way of Dreams and Interpret Your Dreams, but I sold that. I still have them on my website. If you go into the Oracles and the Dream Dictionary, there’s a cloud you can type your dream in and it will tell you a list of the symbols that were in your dream. There’s Tarot. One of my favorite oracles, I have to tell you, is astrology. I read a chart like a language. It comes out and starts to tell a story. A person has to have their birth time to get a good reading.

Do you do astrology charts and you can tell people based on their chart or whatever their information is?

Yeah. If a person knows their time of birth, then I can do an accurate reading. I’ve done readings without the time of birth, where they just know the day.

For the people reading, if they want to do that, they can go on your site and arrange for an astrology chart.

They can, but it seems like to describe why you have the parents you have, why you have the childhood that you have and what it is you’re here to do. I feel like that’s what the oracles are to answer your question.

There are two of your books that I want to talk about. You’re a busy girl and you’ve only written seven books.

Also, two albums. I’m a musician too.

I know you do some work with music too. You’re so talented. In your book that’s called The Mythology of Sleep, you state that dreams reveal the exact opposite of what we believe to be true about ourselves. What else would you like everyone to know so they can run out and learn more about The Mythology of Sleep?

The Mythology of Sleep is looking at the hero’s journey through the dreamscape. There’s going to be some success, ultimately. It’s using mythology from around the world to help us understand why certain landscapes come up in dreams or what the desert versus an icy environment would mean. It’s a cool book to learn an in-depth look at dream interpretation.

GAR 98 | Out-Of-Body Experience

The Mythology of Sleep

In that book, too, I talk about the three parts of a dream. What I’ve noticed is especially right before waking. We’ll probably have ten dreams a night or we won’t remember them all. We’ll have a sense that something’s going on and then all of a sudden, the environment morphs. Now, it’s a different landscape, but we know it’s the same dream. It morphs again and it’s the same dream.

I started to study that and I see that in the first landscape, there’s information about whatever the conflict that we’re facing, it describes it. When it morphs, a lot of times, it has things that relate to high school or childhood homes. It can bring up information about how that conflict was created. The third portion is often the most bizarre. Also, when people are telling me their dreams, as soon as they get to the crazy stuff, they’re like, “That was nonsense.” No, that’s the good stuff.

I feel like the psyche is a genius in coming up with some symbol that captures. The third part is about the resolution, like how to achieve the breakthrough. There’s usually information in that crazy symbol that would get like, “Have you ever considered it?” It’s a book for anybody. I have The Mind’s Mirror too, which is a dream dictionary and talks a little bit about dreams, but the one about mythology is fun. You also get to walk through world mythology and see the common symbols.

You’ve got another book and you love astrology. This one is called Decoding the Night Sky: Ancient Babylonian Astrology. This fascinated me because I love the concept of rebirth. You state that the snake-worshiping rituals of many ancient cultures were tied to the concept of rebirth because the snake shed its skin in cycles. I know you can explain why snakes were believed to hold the secrets of immortality, healing and rebirth. Anything else you’d like to tell us about Decoding the Night Sky?

Decoding the Night Sky is looking at astrology way before the Greeks. We go back to 2,500 BC to start to understand the Sumerian and Babylonian interpretations of what they saw. I see it as they were decoding stars as messages. The signs are a little bit different, but you can still relate to them. For anybody who’s interested in astrology, there’s a lot of good information that can give a more well-rounded sense of understanding why the design became the way it did. It also looks at some hieroglyphs and things like Göbekli Tepe and Ratnagiri. Also, The Man Bags that we see on Ancient Stela and stuff and how astrology goes back 10,000 years. There’s some of that.

You were talking about the snake in rebirth, which is a common motif. All of our mythologies came from the stars. They were watching. Planets only moved through an elliptic, so it gave meaning to certain constellations and then those constellations and the planet’s behavior between them or whatever became these stories. Most of what has become our mythology started with the constellations. The snake was straddling the celestial equator, so that gave it probably more prominence.

Literally an image of a snake in the sky?

Yeah. Asclepius is the snake that straddles the celestial equator. Even Moses when he was up on the mountain. This is in the Old Testament. They’re making a brazen thing to worship the snake that Moses had built. Some of those guys were the magi out of that exact area of Mesopotamia before they ended up where they were.

It doesn’t matter what culture. In the Mayan culture, they have Kukulkan, which is a snake. Venus would go under the earth and disappear and be a posture of the sun. You have to understand astrology and mythology or what was happening in the skies overhead because that was our only entertainment maybe to understand why we have the stories that we have and put it all together. That would also give you a better understanding of why some of our stories are similar.

The Great Flood. When you think of the zodiac, everything was called the seed from Capricorn, Capricorn, Aquarius to Pisces. They were all representing these ancient figures and gods from Samaria and the sea. A lot of the things that became stories were things that were happening in the sky that they were watching in the Great Sea, even the whale swallowing Jonah.

They were watching all of that in the sky. This was a prelude to YouTube.

We’ve got our dreams organically. When we can’t remember those, we’ve got our oracles as a way of talking to ourselves. We transcend everything when we go out into the sky and understand how some of these stories came from there. It’s a limitless world.

GAR 98 | Out-Of-Body Experience

Out-Of-Body Experience: When you cannot remember your dream, you have oracles as a way to talk to yourself. Transcend everything when going out into the sky and understand how some of your stories came from there.


Kari, why must we be able to accept the unacceptable to heal? How does acceptance return us to gratitude?

We usually can only look back and understand why things unfold the way that they do. This conversation about Ukraine is one. It kills all of us to wake up, have to watch and see what’s going on. Accepting the unacceptable could be the idea that maybe part of making this war go away or something can happen in our life that’s like, “I did not ask for this. I am not going to stand for this.”

Eventually, we get through it. It’s like, “I can’t believe that happened because if that wouldn’t have happened, then this wouldn’t have happened.” It’s back to that idea of having the faith that things are unfolding, even though we can’t understand them and we’re being led to something that will benefit us all in time. Getting through time is often the challenge.

If you have faith and can stay in the moment in wonder and innocence, then you don’t have such a difficult time dealing with the unacceptable. I like to call it like a carriage pulls up to our house every day and we get into it. It’s like, “What kind of present does  the universe have for me now?” If we could have that innocence stand at the threshold of perception without jumping out and judging or without embroiling, arguing or defending, if we can be witnesses and enjoy what’s unfolding, it will make sense faster.

How does it return us to gratitude? We need to be grateful for these experiences, even if they’re uncomfortable.

Eventually, we see why it happened. We see that that door had to close for this door to open. We both came out of the fashion industry. We became healers. I like to see my website as a light left on in the universe for anyone who’s suffering and people get that. I am so grateful to do my work, but I couldn’t be here if I didn’t have those challenging things on my path as a young girl and a first bride.

I feel the same way. With the many things I went through, I’m filled with gratitude all the time.

You have such an amazing amount of energy in your work, the way you describe all the things that you’re doing.

It fills me up and propels me forward. Are there 1 or 2 common ideas amongst all of these ancient texts that you’ve studied that reveal a universal message for all of us? Is it more about accepting the unacceptable or letting go? What would you say is a universal message for everyone?

Universally, we are telling a story of change, acceptance and letting go. When you compare Western ideas to Eastern ideas, the East has woken up, seen nature and allowed nature to be their teacher. In the West, it was like, “We see nature. Let’s make nature like man.” You can’t say that they’re exact, but they’re all going to the same place. That’s why I said what they might say in the West and call faith, in the East, it would be learning to go with the changes or finding that om inside.

We’re all saying the same thing. We’re all learning how to rise to the joy that’s in life. We’d like to see a world without suffering. We have to change to get there. We can’t be selfish and wag our fingers at each other. There’s a lot of growth. We’re spoiled children all over this world. The universal message would be that we all want the same thing. We’re all telling the same story, so there’s nothing to defend.

I agree with you. I always say that the only thing that doesn’t change in life is that everything changes, which is part of acceptance. This is a great interview. I’m enjoying talking with you. How about telling our readers every single way to connect with you? Share any specials you have for our audience.

My website is or you can search Kari Hohne and you’ll find me. Oracles and Dream Dictionary are free. I get paid by advertisers to keep the stuff going for everybody to use. In there, there’s a contact form. You can see some of the classes I offer. I have an online class on how nature can inspire a real transformation and perception and how to be present.

I have one-on-one work that I do with people’s dream interpretation. What I’d offer to your readers would be my life path astrology reading, which I do live via Zoom. Normally, it’s $135, but I would offer it to your readers if they mention your show for $100. I love doing that and I would love to meet some of your people. That would be my offer to them.

I’m thinking of taking you up on that myself. It’s fascinating. What would you like to say about finding joy? I know that you often talk about how life’s magic and mystery become visible when we have an open mind endlessly to find joy. Is there anything else you would like to talk about that?

Remove the boundaries between you and others. Remove the boundaries between wake and sleep. Remove the boundaries between good and bad. Getting to joy is a life without boundaries. Another way is the openness that we were talking about.

Getting to joy is living a life without boundaries. Click To Tweet

Kari, I love how you make the spiritual tangible through both science and nature and share the common ideas among our ancient texts that reveal this important universal message for all of us. Thank you from my heart. This special interview that has brought ancient yet seemingly new truths to us is helping us to illumine each of our journeys towards healing and reaper.

You’re so sweet. You’re the most amazing person. I can’t believe you would say something like that to me. You’re adorable. Thank you. It was a delight to me.

We both have our purposes. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Here’s a reminder, everyone. Make sure to follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to subscribe to the show on YouTube. Like and hit notify so you’ll get more inspiring and insightful new interviews like this one with Kari coming your way. As I like to say and I know Kari will approve, to be continued. Many blessings. Bye for now.


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