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Karen is a Holistic Health Coach, a Myers Detox Coach, and a NES Bioenergetics Practitioner. Her specialty is incorporating healing both in the body and energetically. Karen utilizes Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to uncover hidden heavy metals and mineral imbalances in a person’s body, then she helps detox those metals by creating customized protocols based upon what metals and imbalances are identified through the Hair Mineral Analysis. She also offers education to her clients regarding nutrition counseling, ridding our body and environment of toxic chemicals and heavy metals and complimentary healing modalities including numerous devices that deliver healing frequencies, especially the Healy Quantum Sensor.



  • The tools Karen utilizes that help release negative emotions such as grief and trauma.
  • How Karen helped her husband who had 5 different types of cancer, to heal.
  • What the Healy Quantum Sensor can do to help us both physically and emotionally.
  • What chakras are and why they need balancing for optimal health.



  • What is aura photography and what does it tell us about ourselves?
  • How does the Healy Quantum Sensor provide a physical color photo of a person’s aura, as well as which chakras need balancing?
  • What are some of your own healing experiences using the Healy Quantum Sensor?










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Karen Stein – Healing Emotional And Physical Distress From Stored Trauma Creating Metabolic And Emotional Disturbances






I’m speaking to you from my studio in West Orange, New Jersey, while my very special guest, Karen Stein, is coming to us from the West Coast of Florida. Karen is a Holistic Health Coach, a Myers Detox Coach and an NES Bioenergetics Practitioner, which is an energetic healing modality similar to the Healy Quantum Sensor that we will be talking about.

Her specialty is incorporating healing both in the body and energetically. This includes heavy metal detox and restoring mineral balance in the body for optimal health, as well as emotional detox methods utilizing energy that restores harmony in the body and mind. Karen utilizes hair tissue and mineral analysis to uncover hidden heavy metals and mineral imbalances in a person’s body. She helps detox those metals by creating customized protocols based upon what metals and imbalances are identified through the hair mineral analysis.

She also offers education to her clients regarding nutrition counseling, ridding our body and environment of toxic chemicals and heavy metals and complimentary healing modalities. That includes sauna, foot bath and numerous devices that deliver healing frequencies and sound healing meditations to clear and balance the body and the mind.

I’m especially looking forward to interviewing Karen about the tools she utilizes that help to release negative emotions such as grief and trauma. In the spirit of very loving transparency, I want to add that Karen is my dear sister-in-law, who I’ve interviewed on this show before. This is going to be a very interesting interview about both emotional and physical healing.

Karen, my truly wonderful sister-in-law, welcome once again to the show. It makes me happy to see you here. Let’s begin our interview with this question. Please share how you helped your husband, who, by the way, is my brother, to heal. Please also tell us about your own healing journey and share your healing modality credentials with our audience.

Thanks, Irene. I’m super excited to be back here and to share what we’re going to talk about. To answer your question, as you well know, your brother had a long history of cancer battles. When I met him, he was diagnosed with another very rare form of cancer. In wanting to learn more about how to help him, I did a lot of research about environmental factors, toxins, and things of this nature. Back then, which was a long time ago, there wasn’t the internet to go on and look.

I had to dig and meet with a lot of different professionals. I created a protocol that I use for him and, ultimately, our whole family, which is about lowering our overall body burden of toxins and chemicals. The changes we made nutritionally and in our home were effective. Many years later, he is cancer-free and doing very well. That led me down a path to realize that this was truly my passion.

I transitioned out of the corporate world into becoming a Certified Health Coach. I am also a Certified Pregnancy Health Coach because I love to help women create a healthy environment in their bodies and homes and bring healthy babies into the world. I brought hair mineral testing into my practice, which you’ve experienced yourself.

It’s helping me a lot. It’s wonderful.

We know things that are unhealthy for us, foods or different chemicals we should avoid, but we don’t know what’s going on. Each of us is a unique individual and we don’t know what’s going on in us individually. This now gives me the picture of what’s going on with each person over three months. It helps create a protocol and suggestions that each person can do to optimize their own health profile. In continuing down this journey of the physical, I then, through you, I credit you, became very open to this whole emotional world of energy, health, and how that affects us. Grief and trauma, stress and anxiety all these emotions affect us physically.

After training on detox program with Wendy Myers for a few years, I became a Certified NES Bioenergetics Practitioner, which, as you mentioned, is along the lines of what we’ll be talking about in this episode. Incorporating frequency and vibration and how our bioenergetic body and the energy field all around us vibes, as people say, affect our health. I’ve continued to build a whole picture, a puzzle, each thing being a piece of the puzzle, on to getting healthier and employing these is somewhat forced on your brother, possibly.

My brother went to the perfect Guinea pig and meanwhile, you’ve had him in remission for years, which is a miracle. How many times did he have cancer?

Five different types unrelated to each other.

He was some petri dish.

I also am living proof of how stress affects us. In the stress of not only dealing with him and what was going on but other things that were going on in my life at that time when my children were little, I got an autoimmune disease that I truly believe was brought on by stress. I’ve used the same things incorporated for myself, my husband and my whole family to address these issues for myself, which was very successful. Now I work with a lot of clients. Some are physically healthy but maybe have anxiety or stress issues, but some have cancer or autoimmune disease. It’s been great because, as I say that it, it just completes this perfect circle and the whole puzzle.

I want to say to everyone, when you pick up on the fact that Karen is also a pregnancy health coach, that all of you out there who are pregnant, thinking of getting pregnant or know someone who’s pregnant and wants to be as healthy as possible, here’s the lady to contact for that. Why is emotional and physical detox important for each of us, Karen? You’ve been talking about it, but do you want to say a little more about that?

Trauma will leave a significant mark on our bodies. It impacts your well-being down to the cellular level. Stored trauma can create metabolic and emotional disturbances. I utilize a strategy for healing trauma and overcoming its systemic effects because it’s so important to address both of these at the same time. I have people in my life as well as clients, that are the perfect examples of this.

Trauma will leave a significant mark on the body. It impacts your wellbeing down to the cellular level. Share on X

They’ll exercise, eat perfectly healthy and take supplements or live what they think is this very healthy lifestyle but not address the emotional part of it. That can completely block. It can block all your best efforts and all. It makes me sad when I see people who try. They’re doing everything and working so hard. They’re doing their best but not achieving their health goals because they have these emotional blocks that physically affect the body.

Those emotional blocks lead to all kinds of health issues. It’s so true. Can you explain to all of us what frequencies are because we’re going to be talking about this Healy Quantum Sensor frequency?

Frequencies are basically the rate at which vibrations and oscillations occur, measured in hertz. What does that mean? Basically, there’s this universal law that everything in the universe moves and vibrates. Every single thing at one speed or another, nothing rests. This is things that we can visually see and things that we cannot see.

I like this as a very simplistic example for people to understand. When we do talk about the healing and how it could work off the body or if you’re not in the presence, this explains that. If you think about something like water, which is the H2O molecule, when it is in a solid state, when the molecules are vibrating at a very slow rate, it’s ice. It’s a solid state.

When you heat that up and the ice melts, the vibration increases. The action of the molecules increases and it turns to a water state, but it’s still H2O. Now you can boil that water and it turns into another gaseous state of steam because now, the molecules are vibrating quickly. You can’t see it anymore, but it’s still there. It’s still the same H2O molecule, whether it’s in a solid, liquid or gaseous state. That’s a little explanation of how these frequencies work.

Emotions have frequencies as well. The highest frequency is enlightenment or the greatest expansion of energy. Joy is a high frequency where it has a lot of energy to it. A lower frequency is anger. Anger has the opposite of energy. It’s the contraction of energy. When you vibrate at a higher frequency, you feel lighter and you feel more at peace. When you vibrate at a lower frequency, you feel more heavy, dark energy.

GAR Karen Stein | Negative Emotions

Negative Emotions: When your body vibrates at a higher frequency, you feel lighter and feel more at peace. When you vibrate at a lower frequency, you feel heavier and seem like carrying a dark energy.


If that isn’t healed, that lower heat frequency, and raised, that can develop the disease in a person’s body. Correct? It makes a lot of sense. Could you please explain to everyone what chakras are and why they need balancing or clearing for optimal health?

Yes, I can. I have a lot of good information I want to share here. I spent a little bit of time on this. There are basically the main chakras in the body that run along the spine. There are many different chakras, not even in the body, but above the body or below the body. There’s an earth chakra, but I’m going to talk about the ones within the body.

There are energy centers, right?

Yes, they are.

Some people don’t know what they are.

The first chakra, which is at the top of the head, is the crown chakra. It’s associated with the color white or violet. I’m letting you know about these colors, too, because these will become important later when we talk about this aura photography that we can do. It’s located at the top of the head and it’s associated with the pituitary gland or the hypothalamus gland.

It has the functions of spirituality, enlightenment, dynamic thought and energy. Now, there’s a whole bunch of symptoms that I don’t think I’ll read all these for you, but this is out of balance. If they’re overactive or underactive, things are out of balance. It can be confusion or different behaviors. I want to talk about what health symptoms can manifest by this chakra being out of balance. That can be poor coordination, chronic tension headaches and exhaustion from that chakra.

A lot of people get migraine headaches, for instance, or these headaches, can that come from the chakra being out of balance?

Yes, it can. These are more like tension headaches. Migraine headaches will come from the neck chakra, which is the third eye chakra. This is between the eyebrows. The color is indigo blue and it’s also related to a gland. All the glands in the body are related through an energy field. There’s a whole mechanism, a system in the body that connects everything and it connects this energy flow. The energy from the brain will go down and it will affect all these different systems in the body.

That’s a whole another episode of a complicated conversation, but that’s why I am letting you know which different organs are related to these chakras. This third eye is related to intelligence, intuition, insight and understanding self-knowledge. Being out of balance, we can feel overwhelmed. We can feel indecisive, confusion and lack focus in the chakra.

Health issues that can come from this imbalance and blockages in this one are eye problems, migraine headaches, to your point, brain disorders, insomnia, endocrine imbalance, and disorders of the pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus glands. The neck chakra is the throat chakra. It’s at the base of the throat. It’s bright blue. This one is related to the thyroid. This is related to inspiration, expression, faith and ability of communication.

Blockages in this chakra can be hesitation at expressing yourselves, feeling like you can’t come up with the words to describe something you’re feeling. Feeling misunderstood by people around you or having negative thoughts. If you think about it, sometimes, when this is blocked or out of balance, I can physically feel this.

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this, but if you’re upset about something or you haven’t communicated something to someone, have you ever physically felt like a lump in your throat? That’s because that energy, those emotions, get literally physically stuck here. You can have physical symptoms of a sore throat, hormone fluctuations, pain, or sniff stiffness in the neck. That’s the throat chakra.

By the way, we’re talking about all of these chakras, but I think that grief that brings people such trauma would throw all these chakras out of balance. That’s why people have all these symptoms also when they’re grieving.

Yes. I wanted to spend a little time on this because it’ll become a little more clear when I’ll physically show you the Healy looking at the chakras and what we do. That can change too. This isn’t a constant state. Energy’s always in movement and your imbalances can change on an hourly to a daily basis too. They don’t always stay.

Energy is always in movement. Your imbalances can change on an hourly or a daily basis. Share on X

The next one is the heart chakra and the color is green. It’s in the heart region. It’s associated with the thymus and the physiological function of this chakra’s love, attachment, compassion, trust and passion. We can imagine that if this is out of balance, the opposite of those things comes in fear, loss of trust in a relationship, giving and receiving attention, distant behavior, the opposite of love, light and truth. Basically, physical issues. It could be heart palpitations, poor blood circulation, heart pain, angina and even asthma.

The next one coming down is the solar plexus chakra, which is right above the naval area. It’s associated with the color yellow. This is the ego, anger and aggression. Imbalances here can lead to doubt, mistrust in people in your life and worrying about what other people think of you, so low self-esteem and things like that. Physical issues can be digestive issues, improper processing of nutrients, bowel problems, eating disorders and things like that.

The final chakra is orange, the sacral chakra, which is in the lower abdomen. It’s related to the sex organs. This is for sexuality, desires, creativity and self-worth. Physical issues manifesting in blockages here are chronic low back pain, arthritis, sexual problems, hip issues, anemia, joint problems, low energy, kidney and spleen issues and PMS. As you can see, that’s a lot of physical symptoms can be associated with those different chakras. That’s a lot of information and confusing. The beauty of the healing in balancing this, as you’ll see, is it makes this all easy and picturesque and colorful.

You can check in with it all the time. Tell us about this new healing tool called the Healy Quantum Sensor. What is it? How can it help us both physically and emotionally?

I’ll show you to you. It’s this little device. It basically runs off of an app on your phone. There are two ways that you can deliver the energy or the frequency, the vibrations, which is through these wristbands, which you put on your wrist. In the case of using these, this device had been FDA-cleared for use in pain. You can put these sensors on your wristbands and there are programs. I’m going to even show you. I think Irene’s familiar with this. There are tons of programs on this sensor, but we’re going to be focusing on this aura photography.

You can choose these different programs and deliver it through the wristbands or now they’ve come up with this coil. It’s based on a Tesla coil and it plugs into the sensor. You can run this off body, as I was describing those frequencies in a gracious state. We don’t see it, but they’re still there. We can put this on. I do it going for a walk or you can lay and meditate whatever you want while you’re working.

Watching TV or whatever you’re doing and you’re healing yourself.

Yes. That’s basically the little device in a nutshell, along with a couple of apps that come along with it.

This tool is so amazing. It also uses aura photography to tell us about ourselves. Do you want to talk about that, too? It’s such an amazing little tool.

I took time to describe to you about the chakras and all the different colors that make up what’s called your aura. Your aura is literally the vibrational frequencies that are around you and you can sense these. They call them vibes. You feel other people’s vibes. You’re feeling and you’re picking up on their aura. Some people like Irene puts out a loving, open-hearted and positive vibe. I’m picking up on that from her and everybody else, I’m sure, around her.

Some people put out negative. If you’re ever around somebody and maybe you don’t feel right when you’re around them, you feel exhausted or they drain your energy, as they say, they’re literally putting out negative frequencies, negative vibrations and you’re picking up on that. This whole vibrational circle around somebody is what makes up their aura.

The Healy will very simply take a picture of your aura. All those colors that I described to you, indigo, blue and yellow, will show you your aura at that moment in time. It uses sensors that will pick up this energy field and proprietary algorithms that will match the energy to different colors. Each one of those chakras will give you a percentage of how balanced that chakra is or what’s out of balance.

Not to get too confusing, but we go by those percentages under a certain amount or over a certain amount and it tells us where we need balancing. There are aura photography out there. There are wonderful healers that you’ve interviewed, many of them on the show who can do this or can describe your aura to you or can see it. For those of you who can’t see it yourself, this is amazing because you can take a picture of it and be looking at it.

See where you need work and see where you’re at about.

It will then give you this whole PDF that will tell you each one of your chakras, the percentage of energy you have at the moment in it. They’ll tell you what that means in even more detail than I went through in that brief description. It will give you affirmations that you can do to help balance the chakra. If you’re into crystals or things like that, it will tell you which ones are good for balancing that chakra.

We’re going to talk about how we use the device to do that. This will give you this whole report with those physical symptoms and things that I told you about. This is something that I can do for people. If people have the device, they can do this themselves, but it can also be done for people at a distance. I know your audience, in particular, is very open and understands. Many of the healers that you interview, I’m sure, work from a distance and it’s the same concept.

Yes, they do. The thing that’s wonderful is that if people have relatives or friends who are ill or whatever, with this sensor, this modality, they can send healing their way. What a constant thing that is.

It is and what will happen is that we will pull this up. This will be within the app, this picture of your aura and then when we see which chakra areas need balancing. The device will automatically come up with a program to vibrate those healing frequencies, the ones that you need to balance the chakra at that moment. It’s very simple and it can be done. I can provide you the picture of the aura, which is wonderful to see this description, but then we can literally balance this for you right then and there.

You people can either get this for themselves or you can send them healing too.

If somebody doesn’t have the device, I can do this for them. I can even continue to send those frequencies for a week or over a set period of time, whatever. That’s something that we can discuss what they would like to have, but it’s very unique. I don’t know a lot of other modalities where you’re seeing it. Everybody learns and resonates. Some people are very visual. Some people are tactile. Some people want to see something. They can hear about it or grasp it mentally. Seeing the picture is pretty amazing. When you see it on the device, it’s literally moving because every minute, your energy is shifting and changing.

A picture’s worth a million words. What are some of your own healing experiences using the Healy Quantum Sensor? How has it helped you, Karen?

I have been very excited about this device. In combination, I started to talk to you in the beginning about the evolution of health, healthy foods, healthy things and exercise, then the hair testing and now this energy. I love this for my clients. People can do this themselves at home, too, if they have it. Let’s say they do a hair mineral analysis and we see what’s going on. We see maybe thyroids out of balance, adrenal fatigue and we might see the liver is congested. You can take this Healy sensor and run those specific frequencies that a person needs. You can run nutritional frequencies. You can put in the frequencies of vitamins and minerals to the body.

I encourage clients to do this as well. When they have the tools, it’s cool because the hair test gives them an additional map of how to use the Healy. Every morning, the first thing I’ll do is I’ll run the chakra analysis. I’ll balance those out before I do anything else. I’ll send myself the healing frequencies of the vitamins, the minerals and even crystals, whatever essential oils you can send these frequencies of anything that resonates with you as well.

I’ll go in to whatever I feel the body needs that day. You can go by your own intuition or you can ask. It will do an analysis and suggest some things to you. I’ve told Irene this story and it’s something that I’m so excited about. To take it to another level, you can even run programs of coherence, having coherence in your life and balancing the planets, getting everything.

Sometimes you have blockages within your life. Things are out of whack for you. Things don’t seem to flow. You can balance that energy, the literal coherence of your universe there. I’ll do this while I’m walking outside or I’m grounding. This is important for people because a lot of people struggle with meditation or some of these different tools. Maybe you have an active mind, which I can see on a hair test, which is cool.

My hair test must have been very busy.

We saw that, but I do as well. I’ve tried yoga and meditation. I felt like a failure because I felt like I wasn’t doing it right. I’ve come to realize that there isn’t a right or a wrong. There’s a right for you and the benefits are still there. I happen to now be living in a visually beautiful place and being outside in nature walking. For me, seeing water, whatever that is, grounding and walking barefoot.

GAR Karen Stein | Negative Emotions

Negative Emotions: There is no right or wrong way to do meditation. However you do it, the benefits will still be there.


There are all these different tools then I’ll run the Healy as well with this coherence or planetary alignment. I’ll also listen to sound healings. It’s funny you talk about vibration. It made me think that even my headphones are those that don’t go in your ear. They go in front of your ear and it’s like you have them in your ear. It’s vibration. The sound is vibrating. It sounds like they’re right in your ear.

Anyway, that has been transformative, calming, relaxing and stress relieving. Not only does it accelerate healing and health, but it enables you to cut down maybe on certain supplements or medicines. Medications that you might be taking to try to get to this a calmer, less anxiety-prone. They call it parasympathetic mode, where you’re not in fight or flight mode, but you’re in heal, rest and digest mode. That’s where we all need to be, to heal. It helps you get there. That’s a personal way that I use the Healy.

That’s a wonderful thing, especially if people feel they don’t even have time to meditate. They can use the Healy to accomplish the same thing while they’re doing other things. It’s great. Tell us about your healing sessions via Zoom and how those in our audience can connect with you to learn more about all you do to help people heal their emotional and physical distress. Come on, everybody.

I am offering this half-hour Zoom session where we’ll get together. I’ll get information from each person before we meet to know what is going on with them. I will run this actual aura photography for you that I’ve shown you, where you will get a PDF emailed to you, a picture of your beautiful aura photo and the explanation of each of your chakras and what’s out of balance.

On your end, as I mentioned, those affirmations, there are a lot of suggestions of what you can do to balance what’s out of balance. On my end, while we’re on the call, I will run the healing frequencies for you to complete that picture. It’s also a fun thing. It’s a good gift for people. It’s something unique to be able to see this picture of your aura.

It’s very cool. Not only does it do the aura, but it works on so many issues in the body.

To answer your question, people can contact me through my website, which is and my email is If you go to my website, there’s a contact page. You can contact me through there by phone or by email. It’s something great to experience. It’s an easy way to get an idea of what the Healy is. The other thing that I will do, obviously, is show you more than we can talk about on this episode, some of these other things that the Healy can do and how it operates.

We’ve been talking about it, but is there anything specific you’d like to talk to all of us about the importance of healing both physically and emotionally? Why should people go out of their way? They don’t feel so good. They’re suffering with whatever it is. Why do it now?

Now is more important than ever with what’s going on in the world and the stress that we are all under. Everybody wants their immune system and they want to be as healthy as they can be now. They want their immune system to function as well as it can. Stress and all of this grief, anxiety and whatever trauma will deplete the immune system. It’s doing the exact opposite of what we want.

GAR Karen Stein | Negative Emotions

Negative Emotions: Everybody wants their immune system to be as healthy as they can be. But grief, anxiety, and trauma deplete it fast.


Another little example that I can think of outside of the current day happenings, which everybody can relate to, is I’ve had clients. I had a wonderful close friend who had ovarian cancer and was the picture of health and doing everything right healthy. She was in the gym all the time. She was juicing and going to the extremes, but she was always depressed and always sad.

At the time, I didn’t even know to pick up on. I felt this negative energy, but I didn’t know enough. Irene, at that point, I hadn’t been enlightened to all of this where I felt it. I am very sensitive and I am a healer, but I didn’t know at that time what I was feeling. It was very sad because she did every single thing right. Ultimately, she passed away. She didn’t have a good outcome of all the efforts she put in. It made me think when I got into this whole world and learned about all this energy, emotion and trauma that she had never healed that trauma. She had lost her mother and she lived in incredible grief every single day. I believe in my heart that had a huge impact on the outcome for her.

I did too. It’s sad. It could have been reversed. It could have been different. Tell me if you have a special offer for us.

Of course, I have a special offer for you. I described to you what the Zoom call will be about. It’s 30 to 45 minutes of call where we’ll do this photography for you, which I’ll send to you. You’ll get all the PDFs of the information and meet with me. We’ll go over what the Healy is and any specific things that I can also send vibrations to anything specific that you want to work on in that session, which is normally $125 but for your readers, it will be $75. All you need to do is tell me in any way, shape or form that you communicate with me of Irene and the show. Mention it and the deal is yours.

You’re in. That’s great. What’s your tip for finding joy in life?

My tip for finding joy in life is to stay present in the moment because being overwhelmed, looking too far down the road and trying to control things we can’t control, you’ll never be able to gain peace and happiness. This parasympathetic mode that we talk about, all these things, we have to stay present, appreciate every single day that we wake up and we’re here and do the best that we can do with that.

GAR Karen Stein | Negative Emotions

Negative Emotions: Find joy by staying in the present. Being overwhelmed and looking too far down the road will never help you gain peace and happiness.


I know that this has changed me, and Irene can probably attest to that. I tried to handle everything on a global basis in my world. Now I stay present every day, work on whatever I can do, and make sure I can do my best each day. It’s brought me personally a lot more happiness and a lot more peace. It just upped my whole physical feeling as well.

It’s been tremendous and wonderful. I’m happy for you and for all of us. It’s been great. Karen, what can I say? It’s always a pleasure to share you and your wonderful healing modalities with our audience. Thank you for this great interview about the new healing modality called the Healy Quantum Sensor.

By the way, everyone, as you’ve gotten the message as we’ve been talking, I also use this Healy Quantum Center and am a big fan. I find it to be a terrific tool that aids healing. It’s helped me with a lot of healing issues. Be sure to check it out with Karen and learn even more about all she does to help people heal both your emotional and physical distress. Make sure to follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. As I like to say, to be continued. I’d like to say to your good health and to be continued. Many blessings and bye for now.


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