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Karen Stein, a Certified Health Coach, a Certified Pregnancy Health Coach, and a Trained Detox Coach, is the wife of a cancer survivor with five different forms of aggressive cancers. He has been cancer free for 12 years. Not only did Karen dramatically change her husband’s life when the severe cancer incidents that kept recurring in his life halted, but the extreme stress caused her to develop her autoimmune issue, which she was able to bring under control naturally. Karen also shares how detoxing from heavy metals and balancing mineral levels at the cellular level can relieve depression, anxiety, fatigue, and brain fog that can exacerbate the grieving process.



  • A person who has lost a loved one to a disease or illness that may be genetic or run in the family can become empowered to make easy changes so that the genes that turn on these conditions will not be triggered.
  • How do mineral imbalance and heavy metals cause depression, anxiety, and fatigue, among other health issues that can exacerbate the grieving process?
  • Aluminum toxicity can affect the brain and contribute to dementia.
  • How does the “good, better, best” approach to removing toxic chemicals from our food and products that go in, on, and around us help with grieving?



  • What exactly does a certified pregnancy health coach do?
  • How did you overcome your autoimmune disease naturally?
  • Can mineral and heavy metal testing via hair tissue analysis also be done on young children?

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Karen Stein – Certified Health Coach, Certified Pregnancy Health Coach And Trained Metal Detox Coach






This interview with Karen Stein will be an eye-opener for those who have lost loved ones to cancer and other diseases. Karen, who is a Certified Pregnancy Health Coach and a Trained Detox Coach owns a company called Go Healthy With Karen. Go Healthy With Karen was born and was organically grown from her eighteen-year journey to find the best health-related resources, practices, and strategies for her own family.

Karen is the wife of a cancer survivor who had five different forms of aggressive cancers. He has been cancer-free now for many years. Not only did Karen dramatically change her husband’s life when the severe cancer incidents that kept recurring in his life halted, but the extreme stress caused her to develop her autoimmune issue, which she was able to bring under control naturally.

I’m especially eager to know what Karen will share with us about detoxing from heavy metals and balancing mineral levels at the cellular level, which he says can cause depression, anxiety, fatigue, and brain fog among other health issues that can exacerbate the grieving process. Full disclosure, I’m very proud to say that Karen is my dear sister-in-law and her husband who has survived five virulent cancers and is now cancer-free for many years is my cherished brother Alan. Karen, what a heartfelt pleasure for me to welcome you to the show. Let’s begin our interview with this question. Please share with our readers what a certified health coach does to help people’s differing health issues.

Thank you, Irene. It’s great to be with you and very happy to talk to all your readers as well. The interesting thing about that question is what does a certified health coach do? Mainly, that relates to nutrition and it relates to fats, proteins, and carbs and what foods are healthy for us. Sometimes diet and exercise or those basic things that many people know about or can research on the internet or get an app like the MyFitnessPal app.

The program that I have developed is beyond what they would teach you in a health coaching certification. I developed the programs that I have to help people feel better and get healthier through my own experiences with myself, my husband, my family, and my children. I went to get this health coaching certification to have the certification itself for credibility, but the program is so much deeper than that and it isn’t what you do get in general out there.

Tell me how mineral imbalances and heavy metals cause depression, anxiety, and fatigue among other health issues that can exacerbate the grieving process, and how are these released when a person’s body is balanced and toxic chemicals are released? Do you have an example of someone whose anxiety and depression were lifted by the removal of heavy metals?

First, we will talk about your first part of the question, which was the mineral imbalances and heavy metals. Our environment, our chemicals, the quality of the soil, fertilizers, pollution, and all of these different things that stress in our lives affect our mineral balance. It isn’t about eating healthy. We could eat perfectly, we can exercise, and try to control stress, but at the cellular level, we could still have nutrient deficiencies or too much of something and this throws our whole body off. It affects the thyroid. It affects the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems which control that fight-or-flight.

It’s a whole cascade of things where sometimes if we go to the doctor and we have a blood test. We see maybe our calcium levels are lower or our magnesium levels are low. We look at that in an encapsulation of, “Here go take some calcium or magnesium,” but it’s more complicated than that. In this question, what you didn’t mention is that this is looked at in a hair mineral or tissue mineral analysis. We take a little piece of hair and we can look at all the different minerals and the different levels that a person has.

We look at the whole picture. It’s about looking at what’s going on in the body at the cellular level as a whole. Many of those minerals use the same receptors as toxic heavy metals. If we have lead, arsenic, mercury, or aluminum which pretty much everybody does in our bodies, these use the same receptors that these minerals need to be absorbed by our bodies.

Sometimes the heavy metals take over those receptors and now we cannot use and absorb the minerals. We could be eating as healthy as we want to and taking in as much calcium as we want to or things like that and supplements, but our body isn’t absorbing it and using it. It’s been very interesting. I always test everything out on myself. I’m the Guinea pig before I give anything to clients or try anything with clients. One of the first ways that I started to do this was to do it on myself I like to think that I walk my talk and lead a very healthy life and eat very healthy. Still, there were things that were out of balance. I know that did cause anxiety for me and I know also when I balanced that out, it did go away.

This is a whole process and it takes time. It’s not complicated but it took time to get like that and it takes a little time to get things balanced out. The other thing about it is it’s like tests. Don’t guess where people will go to buy all kinds of supplements and take all the different multivitamins and minerals that you are spending a lot of money on. You may or may not need these. You also don’t necessarily need to take something. If you are balanced out and you are eating a relatively healthy diet, you don’t need a lot of different supplements.

If you're balanced out and eating a relatively healthy diet, you don't need a lot of different supplements. Share on X

It’s about looking at what’s going on in your body. You need something different than I need or someone else needs. It’s about getting the things that you need and there’s a whole cascade effect of this through thyroid symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, insomnia, chronic fatigue, lack of energy, chemical sensitivities, and adrenal fatigue. The list goes on and on. We have these side effects from not having this toxicity in our body. When we detox, these things get better.

What’s shocking and surprising to me is that you can tell all this through hair tissue mineral analysis, which is like, “Don’t we put straighteners or hair dyes and all kinds of stuff in our hair that doesn’t affect?” We think about our hair as being dead. The hairdresser can blow it out, stretch it, pull it, and everything, and you still take what you think is this dead thing hanging off of you. You can tell from that if you are missing calcium or this or that in your body.

The thing about hair is that it holds information over a long period of time. We use about 0.5 inch to 1 inch of the hair closest to your scalp. It’s a tiny sample usually from underneath in the back of your head. You don’t see it there, but it’s holding information over a long period of time versus blood, urine, or stool tests where if you ate a banana and then you went and had blood work the next day, you might see in blood work that you were sufficient in potassium or maybe you had too much potassium. You could have been deficient in potassium but it had to do with what you ate that day. Whereas the hair holds that data over a long period of time. There are other tests that we could do to confirm different things, but it gives a good overall picture.

As far as heavy metals go, it is the Environmental Protection Agency says that hair testing is the gold standard for heavy metal testing, even over blood or some of these other types. Do you know how a lot of companies will do drug testing with hair? I don’t know if you have heard of that, but a lot of people have to be drug tested when they get jobs and they will do hair instead of doing a blood test or a urine test because it’s not what’s going on at that moment in time. It’s more of a picture over time.

GAR 61 | Health Coach

Health Coach: The Environmental Protection Agency says hair testing is the gold standard for heavy metal testing, even over blood or other types.


Can this be done on children too?

It can. It can even be done on dogs and horses. I have seen hair testing done on one year that had heavy metal levels in their bodies because it can be passed from the mother in the placenta. They are in vaccinations that babies get. It can be done on anybody because it’s holding all that information. Regarding your point about the hair color, I want to say that that will affect it. There’s a definite protocol about when you dye your hair, if you highlight your hair, and how you prepare your hair.

I wanted to mention that because you brought up a very important point. You have to have a quality sample, which I have a protocol for how to prepare. The lab that I use is 1 of only 2 labs in the country that doesn’t chemically wash the hair prior to using the mass spectrometer that they look at it with so that you get a more accurate sample. A lot of other labs will chemically wash the hair, which can distort the minerals.

I will bet you that even with children who might have autism or other issues, wouldn’t this be a step a parent could take to see if there’s something else affecting that child and the way they process in the world?

Absolutely, especially because a lot of those metals, as I said, affect the brain. Some of them are in the brain. They are in the bones, tissues, and organs. I have worked with a number of parents looking for solutions for children with ADHD and ADD or something on the spectrum. Even as a child or whatever imbalances there aren’t causing issues, but fixing those imbalances avoids issues down the road. Everything is over the long-term. Your body can process certain amounts of chemicals, metals, and all these things. Sometimes we have genetic defects. There’s the MTHFR gene, which a lot of people have. There are different genetic defects that affect people.

Could you define that for people who are reading? What did you say?

MTHFR. They call it the mother gene. Some of those are genetics. You can go to the doctor. You can do those 23 and me different tests that they have. With all these genetic tests, you can find these things out, but there are so many different things that affect detox in the way a body can or can’t detox. In an optimum world, our body can handle a lot of things.

A lot of what I do has to do with this. That’s why this hair testing, which is a relatively new addition to my long-term practice here, is so perfect because I deal with the body’s chemical body burden. That’s the level of chemicals in your body at any one point in time. Scientists estimate that there can be over 700 chemicals present in our bodies at any one time. As I said, we could filter those. Our bodies are always detoxing and our digestion process, our liver, and our kidneys are filtering them. It’s the point that it gets to be a burden. That burden becomes too high. That’s where illness sets in and symptoms set in where we cannot process that and our body becomes toxic.

It strikes me too that not only is it helpful for children, but I would think it would give people a better quality of old age. If you can eliminate a lot of these toxins that are in your body, certain things will probably trip you up. I’m not well-versed in this, but it seems to make common sense that certain things that would affect genetic inheritances and all would not be as dramatic if the body was in better balance.

It’s true because getting healthier, being more balanced, and being balanced at the cellular level at any point in our lives is healthier for us.

You say it affects brain health, so maybe it even would help with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and all.

There are metals like aluminum that are linked to that. There are so many hair tests people do have aluminum toxicity because it’s in canned foods that we eat. There are so many heavy metals in the water or even in supplements that we take if we are not taking a good quality supplement that people take every single day or medications and deodorant. Some people even use those prescription deodorants. That’s becoming more of a mainstream thing. Everybody is hearing about this and getting a more natural deodorant, but all that aluminum is built up in your system and stored in your system, so you have to get rid of it.

Do you do health coaching for children too?

Yes, I do. Another certification I got was a Certified Pregnancy Health Coach by Dr. William Sears. He’s a predominantly pediatrician and has written many books. That was a very good program. It’s mainly focusing on nutrition when you are pregnant and dealing with stress and lifestyle. I like to combine this whole concept into that too because it’s important to how healthy your body is when you are pregnant and what you are passing on along to the fetus. Also, how you are bringing a baby into a household, the products that you are using on your baby, and having around your baby. It’s a great time to clean up your environment within your house and clean up different products and expose the baby to fewer chemicals as well. This can be overwhelming and stressful for people.

GAR 61 | Health Coach

Health Coach: It’s a great time to clean up your environment within your house, clean up different products, and expose the baby to fewer chemicals.


There’s so much information out there, and part of what I do is make it easy. It’s a whole program. I have done a lot of research in twenty years of trying different products. There are many things that people don’t even think about where they can eliminate so many chemicals. Even if someone is my client, the rest of the family will benefit and become healthy as well because even if their wife or their husband were on board and they have kids at home, it’s a trickle-down effect. By making everything that they are exposed to and that they are using, everybody gets the benefit of it as well.

Give us an example. For instance, a lady is pregnant. She comes to you. She wants to make sure her child is going to be as healthy as possible. She’s talking to you about the environmental stresses and the amount of aluminum and doing all of these things cleaning it up. Like some of the things that you substitute for and the things you would advise her to change in her environment, it’s also going to affect her family.

Even with this wonderful program, be able to advise her for her other children who are picky eaters and things like that if they are not getting the nutrition they need to be downing and what do they do about that. Can you take us through a scenario so our readers can understand how it could help something like this could help them?

I’m going to start at the beginning of that and then progress through maybe with young children, but start maybe being pregnant because it was a two-part thing there with babies. You asked about picky eaters. It’s very interesting because there were studies done back in 2012 called the Carrot Juice Studies where they tested what a mother ate while she was pregnant and also while she was breastfeeding versus having water or carrot juice. The babies tasted when they were born or when they were breastfeeding. They did find that the babies that were exposed to carrot juice in vitro or during breastfeeding had less aversion to being exposed to carrots as food and when to eat it.

They have done studies that show that what you eat when you are pregnant or when you are breastfeeding, those flavors do pass along to the baby or the fetus. If you eat a variety of foods when you are pregnant, those children are less picky eaters. They have been exposed to a variety of flavors. Even strong flavors maybe like garlic, cumin, or something like that.

Part of what we experience as flavor is the actual flavor itself and then some of it is smell. The fetus isn’t getting the smell part of it, but they are getting the molecules of flavor. It’s a subtlety, but they are exposed to it and it translates. My children, when they were little as well, I think it’s very interesting because I’m not a huge fan of kids’ menus where the options for our kids are chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, and a hotdog with French fries.

That’s almost what kids eat.

I never did that with my kids. I gave them the things that we ate. In a restaurant, I gave them the choice of trying what we had or ordering. My kids were little and they would sit there. My daughter would order shrimp or my other daughter would order an artichoke. The waiters would laugh and they would look at me. They are like, “They don’t want that.” I said, “They do and they like it.” I remember sending my younger daughter off to school with hearts of palm.

I made a homemade yogurt and mustard dip for her. I had a mother call me and say her daughter had a Yodel or a Ring Ding that she was trying to trade my daughter for these hearts of palm and my daughter didn’t want to trade them. The mother called me and said, “What are those white things that your daughter had?” It’s funny because I think it’s so simple. That’s why I went if you are pregnant or you are breastfeeding, then you could try different flavors and a variety of foods. If you are beyond that and your children are young or whatever age they are, it’s about encouraging them to try different things.

GAR 61 | Health Coach

Health Coach: If you’re pregnant and breastfeeding, you could try different flavors and food varieties. But if your children are young, encourage them to try different things.


It makes me laugh. Until I was about four years old, all I wanted to eat was cream cheese sandwiches. I wonder if my mother was eating it when she was pregnant with me. Everywhere I went, I had a cream sandwich in my hand. That was about it. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to that.

I wonder if that’s what you wanted or what she wanted to make for you.

Maybe it was the easiest thing. Can you advise people to eat a piece of fruit instead of drinking fruit juice? I was wondering if this also includes unsweetened fruit juice. Please explain that because I’m sure there are a lot of parents who have given their kids that glass of orange juice every day. Are they better off with a piece of orange?

They are because the whole fruit also has fiber in it. It has different nutrients. Sometimes in a juice, we don’t have the skin or different things that we might get in the whole piece that have all the nutrients that the fruit has that are meant to work together. It’s also not in isolation like taking a supplement, getting it in the whole food the way the minerals and vitamins are synergistic and work together.

Also, chewing signals your brain that you are eating and become full. Typically, when we drink something because we don’t have that chewing motion going on, whether it’s juice or a milkshake, we can drink a lot of calories, fat, and sugar without filling up. As far as your question about the unsweetened fruit juice, there’s still a lot of sugar in the fruit. It’s fructose. It’s not processed white sugar, but to your body, most fructose is processed through the liver and it’s sugar to your liver.

If somebody was diabetic or they had a metabolic condition or things like that where sugar was an issue, that will spike your blood sugar. A 12-ounce Coke has 40 grams of sugar and so does 12 ounces of natural apple juice. There’s a lot of sugar in it. A lot of this whole green juicing and all these juice bars and things are very popular now. The healthier way to eat those is to have a green juice, which most people would not like the flavor of.

When they get juice, they say this is delicious. If you look at the bottle, it probably has 30 or 40 grams of sugar from the fruit that’s in there. Even if you add a Granny Smith apple or a couple of slices of a Granny Smith apple, which is a tart apple with some of the lower sugar, you can flavor the green juice a little bit. Most people, especially if they are used to drinking soda or apple grape juice, that’s not going to taste very good.

Let’s continue with this question. How can a person who has lost a loved one to a disease or illness that may be genetic or run in the family feel empowered to take action and do something to protect him or herself so that the pattern will not repeat itself and keep the person from living in fear?

That’s very important because when we go through an illness with a loved one or a family member especially, we are taking care of them and we are worried for them. On some level, depending on what that disease may be, if it’s something that is genetic or does run in the family, we are also worried for ourselves and our family about getting that. Even if something is genetic, genes have to be triggered and they get triggered by environmental factors, lifestyle factors, the way we eat, and the way we live. I think that even if somebody has lost a loved one to something, they may be fearful of having that happen to them. It’s very empowering to try to make some easy changes that you don’t even notice on a daily basis.

That makes you healthier that are less likely to trigger some of these genetic conditions. If it was heart disease, diabetes, or other things that are proven to even some cancers to be affected by a detox, by limiting chemicals and healthy nutrition, they don’t have to feel like a victim or fearful. If something is inevitable that they are doing something positive and proactive, they will feel so much better too. That’s another thing. There’s an emotional factor and then there’s the physical result.

There are a lot of people who feel in so many ways like, “My mother got this, so this is what my future is.” Even behaviorally when people say, “This is the way my parent is. This is what I have to do.” We all have choices and we can’t change the trajectory often by making intelligent different choices that our parents made.

We all have choices and can change the trajectory by making different choices than our parents made. Share on X

It’s right in many ways. Now I’m down to the real nitty-gritty of this interview because everyone is going to be amazed at this. Please share your amazing journey helping my brother Alan find his way to good health after five life-threatening battles with various virulent cancers. Readers, they were virulent, which inspired you, Karen, to become a health coach.

That was not a fun time.

I’m a witness to that and I was part of that also in my own way.

I met your brother and we got married when my two little girls were 1 and 3 years old although your brother had cancer at a very young in his life, around 25. He had metastatic melanoma and then also had mucoepidermoid carcinoma, which was a rare lung cancer. All these were very virulent with less than a 15% chance of survival. He had a lung removed, but he had been cancer-free at that point for quite a while when I finally met him. We got married and got engaged and then he became diagnosed with another. Every one of these cancers was different. It wasn’t a recurrence of cancer.

He got another cancer, and then after that, he ended up with two more cancers. In dealing with trying to keep him healthy, I started to delve into what could I do beyond what the medical community could do. He never had chemotherapy for any of these, but he had surgeries each time. It’s to see what could I do on my end. Also, as I spoke about taking power, I’m feeling like I’m doing something that I’m not a victim.

That’s how this all came across. At that time, there wasn’t the internet and there wasn’t all this information. I had to search all this out myself and change our lifestyle, environment, and the way that we live. I can’t say that that’s for sure, but he has not had a recurrence in several years. He’s been cancer-free for several years.

I was taking care of him and doing all this. I’m taking care of two little girls and trying to have them not know that anything was going on. That’s to speak to stress because all that stress caused me to have an autoimmune issue. Hashimoto’s, which is where your body attacks the thyroid. I got super sick and exhausted and couldn’t get this diagnosed. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me.

When I finally figured it out, I was not going to have my thyroid removed like they wanted to, but I implemented similar tactics for myself. It’s about managing self-care, stress, easy nutrition changes, and easy environmental changes for myself because there are so many. Beauty products, there are hair products, fragrances, and all these things affect our endocrine system and thyroid. Also, things in the fluoride in the water.

Give us some examples like some of the things that you took out of your lifestyle with Alan that you replaced with other things.

There are a lot of things. Maybe I could do this here. I look at it as a good, better, and best approach. I want it to be easy and stress-free because we talked about how stress isn’t good for us. Everybody’s got a different budget, a different time constraint, and a different place where somebody can go to this store, but somebody is going to buy something online.

Wherever you are, we are going to meet that. I always do everything in this good, better, and best approach because if you can do the best thing with a certain item, food, or product, that’s great. Even if you do better or just do good, it’s so much better for you than where you are, so any improvement improves it.

If you can do the best thing with a certain item, food, or product, that's great, but even if you do better or do good, it's so much better for you than where you are. Share on X

For instance, I will take essential oils because I know that you love them. It’s like being a detective and breaking it all down into the levels that people might not even think about, and then making it super simple to make changes. For instance, we have essential oils. Within the oil itself, there’s how is that plant grown. Was it sprayed with pesticides?

Is that concentrated now into an oil and do those pass through us when we put them on our body? Some people ingest them. How was that oil extracted? Was it chemically extracted or was it naturally cold-pressed? There’s the oil itself and then what are we doing with that oil? Are we diffusing the oil? All these diffusers out there, even if the diffuser is glass, the inside is almost always plastic.

Many of those essential oils are corrosive in nature. Citrus oils are some of the stronger oils. We put water in there. We are heating oils, which heating oil like in cooking can somewhat degrade the potency and characteristics of the oil. If we are not perfect about cleaning that water that’s sitting in there every single time we use the diffuser, we now have molds and other things.

We have maybe corroding some of our plastic and then we got some molds and now we are diffusing them and we are breathing that in. There are nebulizing diffusers, which don’t heat oils. They use pure oils. The oil is not heated. There’s no water involved. We have eliminated issues with molds. We have eliminated issues with plastics and all the bad things that we can get from plastics and breaking down those plastics.

We have eliminated heating the oil, which preserves the quality of the oil. It takes a very little bit of pure oil to be nebulized and vaporized into the air and to either send something or to be therapeutically a few minutes and then that’s it. They even have them where they are portable and you can charge it and take it with you. If you are somewhere else, you are traveling, or you are going to a friend’s house or something, you can bring that with you. It’s all pure glass where the oil goes in.

That’s something where someone may not think of all those levels. I break those things down to the very nitty-gritty beyond looking at essential oils. Now it’s easy because I can say, “These nebulizing diffusers are a way to eliminate all those potential landmines by using essential oils. Here are some brands that are great. If you want to go buy one, great.”

I always give people a report for everything that we work on so they can refer back to it. Maybe you are going to use your diffuser for three more years, but when you are ready to go buy another one, you might say, “What did Karen say about those? What type of diffuser was that?” You can look back and now when you make your purchase, you have the information.

For someone who’s reading this says, “I want to get a nebulizer diffuser,” can they find out about that on your site? Do you have a link to that? Do they Google it and say nebulizer diffuser?

When I coach people, through coaching, that’s the information I provide them and we talk about their wants and needs. There are many different kinds. If you want to go look into that, you can Google it. There are many places that sell them.

As a health coach, do you have a message about the importance of how physical healing helps emotional healing to share with our readers?

I do. You and I have talked about this numerous times as we have tried to see how our two worlds interact. I told you that I feel that they do because there are also all kinds of emotions or traumas that we go through and they all affect us. The energy, feeling good, feeling energetic, or being able to get up every day, get out of bed and get out of your house.

Whether that leads to being able to go out, take a walk, exercise, or even try to do self-care extremes like taking a bath, a sauna, or all of these things. If you feel horrible, have no energy, have adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, brain fog, headaches, or whatever it is, it’s going to impede you from doing those things that help with stress and your endorphins.

One does feed into the other and it’s a cascading event where if you don’t feel well physically, you are going to only feel worse emotionally. That might be when things are good anyway, but when things are hard or you are trying to deal with trauma, grief, or something like that, that exacerbates everything and it makes it much more difficult.

I can imagine that because we have been through tremendous grieving. We were talking about the fact that it’s not grieving that people do from the loss of a spouse, God forbid, or a child or whatever it is. It’s loss from divorce, a job loss, or anything going on in your life. If you are one form of self-love to take care of yourself and often when you are going through something, your tendency is to let yourself go. One of the ways that you can help yourself is to self-love to contact someone like you and say, “If I’m going through this, let me at least take care of my physical body so it’s better able to support the emotional stress I’m under.”

It’s so true and it’s all linked. There’s barely ever a time that I’m talking to somebody about their health or they want to talk about nutrition and we don’t end up talking about emotions. We don’t end up talking about stress, not being able to sleep, or whatever these things are because it’s a whole picture. You can’t address one little piece of the puzzle and have somebody flourish, be healthy, and feel well. There are so many different things that go into being healthy and happy.

GAR 61 | Health Coach

Health Coach: There are so many different things that go into being healthy and happy.


You are the fort of flying your foundation, which is your body so that the rest of it can function better. How do our readers connect with you and do you have a special offer for them?

I do. They can connect with me in various ways. I will tell you right now and then if you forget, you can go through my website. You can email me at My Instagram is @GoHealthyWithKaren. My website is We see a theme here. If you can remember Go Healthy With Karen, in any of those ways through my website. You can call and you can send me a contact message. If any of your readers mentioned your show, I would love to give them 20% off in an initial consultation with me. Contact me, email me, and send me a message about what you’d like to work on and we will set up a little call for a few minutes to see where we can go and work together.

Do you coach virtually as well as in person? How does that work? If they are in New Jersey, they fell in love with you and they want to work with you.

I do coach virtually. I work with people all over the country. I’m a coach on an app that is international. I’m a coach for another person who works out in California and works nationally. I’m used to working via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, or by phone with people anywhere.

What is your tip to all our readers for finding joy in life?

I’m thinking about finding the elusive joy in life. I think that it’s about breaking the big things down into little things. It’s to take things in little increments, set small goals, achieve those goals, and be able to feel good about them. I feel like life can be very overwhelming. In my own life, certain things were so insurmountable. I didn’t even know how to get through them. If we take each thing individually at a time and appreciate the small victories and climbing a set of stairs or climbing a mountain, we don’t want to look at getting to the top. You want to take each step one by one and it makes it more manageable. It makes things a lot less stressful. Eventually, sometimes you are at the top looking down and you say, “How did I get here?”

Finding the elusive joy in life is about breaking the big things down into little things. Set small goals, achieve those goals, and feel good about them. Share on X

I think that’s great advice because life is often very overwhelming to all of us. This is wonderful. Thank you, Karen. To say the least, there are countless reasons that I am happy you came into both my brother Alan’s life and my life. Now you are also part of the Grief and Rebirth Healing Community. My heartfelt thanks for all that you are doing to help people heal and find joy through your wonderful coaching services, and I get to be the lucky one.

You are my buddy and my sister-in-law. I love you and appreciate it. In the spirit of finding just the right person to present you with the healing modalities you need for your highest good, here’s a reminder, everyone, make sure to follow us and like us on social @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Thanks again for joining us and as I like to say, to be continued, many blessings to your good health, and bye for now.


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"Irene Weinberg offers her audience intelligent, articulate guests who leave the listener enlightened with new knowledge. Irene herself asks the questions we would want to ask. Each podcast is a gift you will enjoy unwrapping; it is that kind of treat you’ll want to enjoy."

Helene Shalotsky
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