GAR 29 | We Consciousness

Did you know that we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience and that the Divine is within each of us?

Karen is the author of four highly rated books, the most recent being We Consciousness: 33 Profound Truths for Inner and Outer Peace, in which Karen channels the teachings of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer together with a group of celestial beings called the We Guides, which includes St. Francis of Assisi and countless other angels and ascended masters. They explain to us that we come from the universal “We” consciousness and teach us how to create heaven right here on Earth. This enlightening interview with Karen opens the door to the peace, harmony, and happiness we all yearn for!



  • Karen’s spiritual experience that connected her with St. Francis of Assisi
  • Energy modalities that help us cope with grief
  • The importance of healing to find peace within yourself
  • How we experience the pain we’ve caused others when we cross over



  • What exactly are angels?
  • What are the signs our deceased loved ones give us to let us know they are around us?
  • Why do we need to raise our vibration and how do we do this?



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Karen Noe – Renowned Psychic Medium, Spiritual Counselor, Healer, Author, Radio Host And The Founder Of Angel Quest Center





I hope everybody’s having a more joyous entrance to their holiday season. I’m always joyous once I get to do another episode here with Irene. How are you?

I am fantastic. I’m so happy. I want to say to our audience that I have a third new grandson. That’s enough to make anyone filled with joy. We have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. One of the things I’m thankful for and it could not be more appropriate as the Thanksgiving holiday comes upon us is to be interviewing Karen Noé. You can talk about all of her accomplishments, which I’m going to do so she’ll blush.

In addition to that, this is a very big spiritual world for people who are healers and people who do all of this. They’re all different personalities. Karen is truly one of the most caring, kind, and loving people who want to help others who you could find. She’s such a gift to all of us. She’s a renowned New Jersey-based psychic medium. She’s a spiritual counselor and a healer with a two-year waiting list. Can you imagine how marvelous she is?

She’s the author of We Consciousness: 33 Profound Truths for Inner and Outer Peace and a bunch of other books. One is called Your Life After Their Death: A Medium’s Guide to Healing After a Loss. Another is Through The Eyes of Another: A Medium’s Guide to Creating Heaven on Earth by Encountering Your Life Review Now. That’s something we should talk about, the life review. The Rainbow Follows the Storm: How to Obtain Inner Peace by Connecting with Angels and Deceased Loved Ones. That’s another one. Are there angels, Karen?

She’s the Founder of The Angel Quest Center in Waldwick, New Jersey where she teaches classes, gives readings, practices, and alternative healing. Another question. What’s alternative healing? You could listen to Karen on the Angel Quest Radio Show by tuning in to the first Saturday of every month at 10:30 AM Eastern Standard Time. I’m very honored to be able to say that I’ve been on Karen’s show a few times and it’s always a pleasure. Karen, should we let you get a word in edgewise?

Thanks so much for having me on. It’s my pleasure.

Why don’t we introduce you to our audience by telling them how you got into this spiritual calling, which has become your life’s work?

It’s a number of things. When I was younger, I always felt guided to practice peace in my life and the lives around us but many years ago, I was going through a difficult time in my life. I sat at the edge of my bed at that time and yelled at God. I said, “Am I going to be okay?” With that, I saw a light that came towards me from the other side of the room.

As it was coming towards me, I said, “If you’re not of God, please leave.” The more I said that, the more it kept coming towards me and eventually, enveloped me. At that time, I heard an audible voice that said, “Luce, Luce na. Bella, Luce, Luce na.” I don’t know if there are any Italian audiences but it means light, little light, beautiful little light. I’ve since learned that it was Saint Francis of Assisi who’s been guiding and protecting me ever since.

If you follow me on Facebook or read any of my books, you’ll see my Saint Francis connection with the animals, peace on Earth, and all of that. Right after that experience, I started to receive messages from the angels and deceased loved ones. I didn’t want to share the messages. I didn’t want people to think I was not in my right mind but the more I did, the more I saw the piece that I brought to people, and the rest is history.

Can we start right away by asking this? For a lot of our audience who are not quite sure you hear about it all the time, are there really angels, Karen? Who are they? What do they do? Tell us about this connection.

There is a difference between our deceased loved ones and the angels. We still can connect with our deceased loved ones. When they come through, they feel very much as they did when they were here on the physical plane. They retain the same personality as they had when they were here but angels are different. We all have guardian angels. It doesn’t matter if you believe in God or you have no religion.

We all have angels who are guiding and protecting us our whole life. We can also call upon the archangels and they can be in more than one place at one time. There’s Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel. If you call upon them, you’re not taking them away from somebody who needs them more than you do. They’re very real beings of love and light. We have everything to gain and nothing to lose if we call upon them.

GAR 29 | We Consciousness

We Consciousness: We have everything to gain and nothing to lose if we call upon the angels.

When you say that you practice alternative healing, can you talk to us about what that is?

In alternative healing, it is extremely important to understand that we’re mind, body, and spirit. We’re not just the physical body whereas Western medicine pretty much focuses just on the body. I’m hoping, in my lifetime, I can see that there will be a marriage between Western and Eastern medicine. What I practice is Reiki, energy healing, something called tapping, moving energy from the energy centers when somebody is going through grief, and so forth. There are different types of alternative healing that sometimes people come as a last resort and that’s when they’re healed. We’re spiritual beings having a human experience. It’s not the other way around.

People don’t understand but it changes your whole viewpoint of your life when you realize that. It’s not just about the physical experience. You’ve come here to learn a lot.

We’re energy. Energy doesn’t begin and end so we have to understand that. In anything healing, you need to heal on all levels, mind, body, and spirit, for true healing to occur.

For true healing to occur, you should heal on all levels—the mind, body, and spirit. Share on X

I have so many thoughts that I’m thinking about asking you. Could you talk to everyone a little bit about that life review and then let’s talk about this book, channeling, who Wayne Dyer was, and this amazing thing that happened to you?

I’ll start with the life review. What happens after we pass or leave our physical body is we go through a life review where we’re able to see and feel how we’ve affected each person in our lives as if we are that other person. Why that is? It’s because we truly are all one and we could feel that connection after we leave the physical body. You feel good, bad, or indifferent to how you affected them. Oftentimes, when people come through in reading, they often say the deceased loved one comes through and says they should have, could have, would have done something different but it’s too late.

They should have told their loved ones how much they love them but it’s too late. They should have asked for forgiveness but it’s too late. They should have forgiven another person but it’s too late. I tell people not to wait until it’s too late to go through that life review. Try to see through each person’s eyes now and see how you are affecting them. It’s not always about us. It’s about them as well. Understand how we are affecting them before it’s too late. In doing it, you could create peace in your life and the lives around you as well.

What you’re encouraging people to do is live consciously and be aware that there’s more when they behave, when they don’t behave in a kind way, or when they’re not good. It’s got to be terrible to be a hurtful person and then go to the other side. It’s not over when it’s over. Now that you’ve gone over, you’re feeling everything you did to someone else.

Not only that. We don’t even have to wait until we pass. When we’re not nice to someone, when we’re angry, jealous, or whatever it is, we don’t feel good and right. We feel lousy. The reason is we all have God within us. God is only love and light. I’m not talking about religion. I’m talking about spirituality. I’m speaking that the divine is within each one of us.

When we experience negative emotions, we’re not on par with the energy of who we are and it doesn’t feel right. I encourage people to create peace in their lives by loving everybody and forgiving them. Even if they did something that you think is so horrible, you can’t forgive them. I say do it for you. I always use this saying, “It’s not the snake bite that kills us. It’s the venom that’s left behind.”

For a lot of people, if they’re concentrating all the time on hate, disliking someone, and holding a grudge, they’re hurting themselves.

If we’re going to talk about the weak consciousness in the minute, in reality, when you’re angry at somebody else and if you understand that another person is one with you, you’re angry with yourself. It’s hard to understand because we’re in physical bodies. You’re over there and I’m over here. We can’t grasp that we are all one but we are.

That’s quite a concept because when you think about all the people in the world and all the different types of people, we’re all part of the same pot or source. Tell us about Wayne Dyer, the book, and this amazing message he gave because it’s such a core of healing, not only our individual selves but the planet.

I was a huge fan of Wayne Dyer. He was a great inspirational speaker and writer of so many books. I don’t even know how many books he wrote. He used to speak on Channel 13 and so forth. I didn’t know him personally but after he passed, synchronistic or crazy events brought his family to me. He has eight children and his wife. Three of them flew in to meet me in New Jersey and he came through with a very personal message for each of them. I connected with him for a number of years after he passed. I had each one of their phone numbers and I’d call them. He’d say, “Call this one now. Call that one now.” There was always something very important going on at that time.

At the end of the first year connecting with his family, that first New Year’s Eve, I was trying to stay awake until midnight and I couldn’t do it. It was about 8:00 PM and I said, “I have to take a nap.” I went to lie down and as I was lying down, I felt Wayne coming through for me this time. He said, “It is the time to do what you came on Earth to do.”

I knew immediately what that was. It was to spread peace on Earth. I was so excited and I said, “Am I going to be channeling a book with you? What am I going to be doing?” He said, “Yes and no.” I said, “I don’t know what you mean. You have to explain.” He said he was going to be joining forces with a group consciousness called the We Guides, which included Saint Francis of Assisi as well as ascended masters and angels.

When he was coming through together with this group consciousness, it would be hard to differentiate him from the rest of the group. They were going to be giving me 33 concepts for inner and outer peace. I asked why 33 and he said 33 symbolizes divine guidance and the spiritual uplifting of all of creation. I said okay. I was in bed and I jumped up. I wrote the table of contents in ten minutes and the rest is history. I knew exactly when they came through. I was writing this and he said I’d been channeling the We Guides for many years even before he came through to me but I wasn’t aware of it because I had that connection from Saint Francis, with the same Francis as he did.

That’s like Saint Francis warmed you up for Wayne Dyer.

That was our connection. The important part is that we can all connect with our deceased loved ones. It’s not just Karen Noé. We can all connect with Wayne Dyer and the angels. I’m not special. My purpose is to empower people to do what I do. Our loved ones and the angels are trying to communicate with us. We have to learn how to do it and listen.

Can you share some of that with us because people are probably going, “Tell me more?”

People expect to hear an audible voice or see an apparition of their loved one in physical form. In reality, our loved ones are spirits. They may come through to you as an apparition or as a voice but the main way they will be communicating to you is as a thought. They speak to us telepathically. You’re saying, “I don’t understand.” Let me explain.

GAR 29 | We Consciousness

We Consciousness: The main way our loved ones will be communicating with you is as a thought.

We are thinking of our loved ones anyway. When we think of our loved ones, there will be an originating thought that triggered a thought and another thought. For example, maybe we see a picture of our loved one that triggered another thought. That is us. When our loved ones are trying to communicate with us, they will pop into our heads for no reason. Most people don’t realize that. They think they’re thinking of their loved one. I hope it makes sense.

Stephanie, does that make sense to you?

I’m relating it to my situation with my dad. I’m trying to be personal here. I’m listening, Karen.

I’ve been connecting with deceased loved ones for other people for many years but my mom died a few years ago. When she started to come through to me, I said, “This is what people experience. It seems as if you’re thinking of them.” When I said here, it was a thought in my mind, not an audible voice, that said, “Hi, sweetheart.” I don’t call myself sweetheart. She called me sweetheart. I said, “Mom, I love you.” I would communicate with her in that way.

Another way that they try to communicate with us, and a very big way is, they give us what I call without a doubt sign. They give us signs to let us know that they’re with us. There are many ways that they come to us. They come to us in dreams. They sometimes come through as an animal, a bird, a ladybug, or a butterfly to let us know that they’re with us.

They sometimes show us the same numbers over and over. They give off fragrances for no reason. They make songs come on at the perfect time with the words that we need to hear or their favorite song. I could go on and on. However, these things would happen that would normally not happen. If a butterfly lands on you, a bird circles you, or something like that, notice that this is not something they would typically do. Most people know it’s a message and a sign from their loved one.

Ever since my father passed away, I’ve been trying to be open to listening for new signs or figuring out if he’s communicating, if it’s only me or him. It’s interesting that you say, Karen, about music and songs. That happened to me. I was going to tell Irene but I was driving in the car. My dad used to play in a band a long time ago. He would play a lot of Dire Straits songs and Dire Straits came on.

I said to my son, “I think Grandpa is sitting in the car with us. He made this song come on. He used to play that all the time.” It wasn’t maybe three hours later that my stepmom texted me with a message about my dad. It was still about him passing a year ago and some finalizations of the estate and everything but I haven’t heard from them in months. I was like, “It’s not a coincidence.”

I call that, without a doubt, a sign.

That’s putting an example to what you’re saying about how they present themselves. I believe that was him.

Even those who don’t believe in the afterlife and experience something like that realized, “That is my mother. That’s my father. That’s my grandmother.” They know because their loved ones are trying to let them know they’re with them and they truly are okay.

Karen, another thing we’ve been talking about is the importance of raising your vibration. Could you tell us about that and why? What does it do? Why is it important? Some people might even say, “What’s the vibration?” Please explain that to us.

We’re loving beings. We have the divine within us. We have to stay more on par with that same energy, which is a very high frequency. To connect with the angels and our deceased loved ones, we have to keep our frequency and vibration back to that high level because that’s where they are. They’re only peace and love.

Even if we’re not the nicest person here on planet Earth, after they leave the physical body, they feel their oneness with everyone and everything. Even though they go through that life review where they’re able to see and feel how they’ve affected people, they still feel only love and peace. To connect with them, we have to be more on par with their energy.

We have to become a vehicle of love and service, practice forgiveness, and be grateful for things in our lives. Have more compassion. See through the eyes of others and all of these things. Focus on being present so that we can resonate more with the energy of who they are. It’s almost like trying to tune to 3200 FM but you’re on 3100 AM. You can’t do it.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to connect with deceased loved ones or the angels when we’re angry. A lot of times, when people are going through the grieving process, they can’t connect with their loved ones, and rightfully so because they’re so sad. Did you ever hear of someone who says a friend of a friend of a friend feels their loved one, and they don’t? Why is that? That’s why.

I can see how somebody else could feel when you can’t if you’re upset or you’re too focused on other things to understand them being there.

What I would tell those who are grieving is you need to experience the grief and take as much time as you need to grieve. I can’t say, “Feel better now.” Sometimes, it doesn’t work. People experience grief in different ways. It’s important to honor whatever way feels good to you.

You need to experience the grief. Take as much time as you need to grieve. It’s so important to honor whatever way feels good to you. Share on X

If you’re trying to fix your higher vibrations, is it counteractive if you try harder, or is it better to focus on it?

You need to focus. What I do in the morning is announce to the universe that I wish to keep my vibration high and how may I serve. When I wake up in the morning, I’ll say, “How may I serve others and myself?” We’re as important as everyone else. Oftentimes with those in our businesses, we’re always trying to please other people and putting ourselves last but we’re as important as they are. I say to the universe, “How may I serve? How may I raise my vibration and make a difference in the world?” When you do that, the universe works ways to conspire to serve us as well. It does work.

That is connected to self-love. When they pulled me out of my car and I got that message, “Be loving and kind to everyone,” I learned that it was also about being loving and kind to myself. If you’re loving and kind, trying to be less judgmental to people, and also treating yourself with more love and kindness, I would imagine that would automatically raise your vibration.

Without a doubt.

Another funny thing, just to interject here a little bit about trying to help with self-love. I do personally. We all do on some level and I probably bet a lot of our audience do out there. We’ve talked about this before, Irene. As you said, Karen, it’s hard to put yourself first and remember that we’re important too. I got these little cards, Irene. I’ll bring them with me the next time I see you. It’s like a tarot card pack. You shuffle them up and they’re only positive affirmations.

You pick one every day like you would read your fortune. They’re beautiful. They’re so nice to remind yourself to say things. I thought it was a cute little addition if people out there were like, “How do I remind myself?” That’s one of my struggles. You need to make it a habit every day to have that self-love. You’re right. That leads everywhere. You are high in vibrations and more aware of things. You can hear your loved ones more. At least, that’s how I’m reading it. Am I on the right level there, Karen?

I love the affirmation part because I also say affirmations every morning. A couple of the ones that I use are from Louise Hay. I love Louise Hay, the author. It would be all as well in my world. She keeps saying that. “Take it until you make it.” Some people say it but it’s not well in my world. If you keep saying it, you create whatever you’re thinking and feeling inside of you. If you understand that, you monitor your thoughts more.

GAR 29 | We Consciousness

We Consciousness: You’re a vibrational being. You actually create whatever you’re thinking and feeling inside of you.

You can’t monitor every single thought in your mind because it goes a mile a minute but if you could monitor your feelings and you’re not feeling well, you’re feeling sad or angry, change your thoughts. Some of my affirmations are all is well in my world. Everything I need to know is revealed to me. I say, “Everything I need comes to me. I am willing and open to the many blessings that life has to give me,” and so forth. When you say affirmations, I love that. The cards do help.

I would imagine these affirmations and also when people heal through Reiki, some of the other things you do, and all the options that are out there. They remove these blocks. They heal and raise their vibrations. That brings them peace within themselves. It changes the whole way they deal with their lives and the situations in their lives.

When a client comes to me, it’s not just about giving messages from those who’ve passed or the angels. I do things a little bit differently. I work on the living loved one. I do alternative healing such as Reiki. We do energy techniques such as sedating the triple warmer or releasing the venom. It does work.

That’s wonderful, Karen. We’re going to have to close soon. Is there anything else that you would like to tell our audience before we have to wind this up?

I would tell people that to feel good, you want to focus on the solution to the problem instead of focusing on the problem themselves. Also, to focus on the many blessings in your life instead of what’s wrong. Regardless of what’s happening in your life, there are many blessings. The fact that we’re alive, most of us can see or hear. We can use our feet, not everyone, or we slept in the bed last night and we have heat. Focus on the many blessings because when you focus on what you want and the many blessings in your life, more of that will happen in your life because you’re a vibrational being.

Focus on the many blessings in your life instead of what's wrong. Regardless of what's happening in your life, there are many blessings. Share on X

Being the best in everything will truly lead you to joy and you are a joy.

I’m sorry about my dog before. We were talking about connecting with animals and my dog went crazy.

That was 100% a sign I believe. He had to let us know he was in the room.

He wanted to be part of the conversation.

Somebody is out there. It could be Saul, Irene. I feel like that would be him.

That is one of his sense of humor too. Karen, what’s the best way for people to reach you and connect with you? There are so many ways you can help them. Lead them. Tell them what to do.

They could go to my website at I have all the information about my classes and all sorts of things on there.

They should read your books.

My latest book is We Consciousness and I never got to talk about that. It’s called We Consciousness: 33 Profound Truths for Inner and Outer Peace. It’s about creating peace in your life and we did talk about that.

Is there anything else you want to say about We Consciousness before we close? If you have anything you want to say about it, please do.

The most important truth of the We Consciousness is that we are all one. Whatever one does to oneself or another, it affects the whole and to understand that.

GAR 29 | We Consciousness

We Consciousness: 33 Profound Truths for Inner and Outer Peace

They can find out more when they read the book. It’s a big concept because a lot of people do not think of themselves as being part of a universal hole. They see themselves separated into their particular world. I encourage everyone. I’ve read the book. I’ve read quite a few of Karen’s books and they’re wonderful. They will lift your vibration. I promise.

Can they get the books on your website or Amazon?

You could get them on my website,, Barnes & Noble, or any major bookstore.

I’m going to go check those out myself. I always hate to wrap these up because it was so fun talking. I feel like it was good to get a little peace in our lives by chatting with you, Karen. Thank you again for joining. Irene, I leave it for you to close for us.

As I always like to say, to be continued. Bye for now.

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