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The internationally renowned Psychic Medium and Mentor Karen Docherty supports souls on both sides of the veil by bridging communication between the physical and non-physical world. Hailing from the East Coast of Scotland, Karen travels the world serving clients near and far, passionate about sharing the healing power of conversations between those who remain earthside after a loved one has transitioned as well as for the soul who is now on the spirit side, and Karen also loves teaching others to use and trust their own intuitive and psychic abilities, so that they too can be fully connected to guidance from within and beyond. Karen has appeared on radio, on TV, and in many articles, and she eagerly works with those who share her passion for spiritual growth, deep understanding, and the power to communicate with the Spirit world.


  • Karen’s inspiring experience with the renowned medium John Edward.
  • How spirit guides assist individuals on their earthly journey.
  • Karen’s 3 tips for identifying and interpreting signs from the spiritual world.
  • How mediumship can bring closure and healing both for the person left on Earth and the soul who is now on the spirit side.
  • Why hearing what our departed loved ones have to say can help us live a life free of worry.


  • Do people in the Spirit world grieve as they come to terms with not living in a body anymore?
  • Do we each have a predetermined life path, how do we set it up, and what does choice have to do with it?
  • What are your 5 tips for tuning in to our higher senses?
  • How many Spirit Guides do each of us have?

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Karen Docherty: Do the People in the Spirit World Grieve As They Come to Terms With Not Living in a Body Anymore?





I am beyond delighted to have the pleasure of interviewing the internationally renowned psychic medium and mentor, Karen Docherty, who succors souls of both sides of the veil by bridging communication between the physical and non-physical world. Since the discovery of her abilities, Karen has worked tirelessly to bring the world of spirit to those who need it. Hailing from the East Coast of Scotland, she travels the world serving clients near and far as she is passionate about sharing the healing power of conversations between those who remain on the earth side after a loved one has transitioned as well as for the soul who is now on the spirit side.

Karen also loves teaching others to use and trust their own intuitive and psychic abilities so that they, too, can be fully connected to guidance from within and beyond. Karen has appeared on radio, TV, and many articles as she eagerly works with those who share her passion for spiritual growth, deep understanding, and the power to communicate with the spirit world.

I’m looking forward to talking with Karen about her childhood experience with spirit, how our deceased loved ones still care for and look over us, how mediumship brings healing both for the grieving person left on earth and for the soul that is now on the other side, why the deceased also grieved on the other side, and much more for what is surely going to be an enlightening, fascinating, and insightful interview with a lovely person. Karen, it’s such a pleasure to welcome you to the show.

It’s my pleasure to be here. Thank you so much for inviting me.

It’s going to be so helpful to so many people. I know that. I’m thrilled to be able to bring you on. Let’s everybody get to know who Karen was from the beginning. What was your childhood experience with spirit? You had a grandmother, Elizabeth, who influenced you in developing your connection with spirit. Do you want to share that with us?

GAR 249 | Spirit World

As a child, around about three years old, one of my first memories is of being on a bus with my mother. I was traveling to see my grandfather. As I looked out of the window, I saw a cemetery, a graveyard. I looked at that graveyard, and I remember saying to my mom, “Who are all these people?” I could see lots of people walking around. My mom looked at me as if it was a kid’s imagination or shrugged it off.

As soon as she’d done that, I remember thinking, “I wondered if I’m buried in there.” That was one of the first big thoughts that I remember. Since then, it went on to 5 years old or 6 years old and upward, seeing spirit people within my grandmother’s house, my father’s mother, Elizabeth. I used to say to her, “There’s a lady in the kitchen.” She would just say, “You don’t worry about that. That’s fine. They’ll not be harming you.”

She could see them also.

Yes, but I didn’t know that. As a teenager, I later learned that she was mediumistic as well, and her sister also was mediumistic, so she understood. She used to say, “Here’s Karen. She brings spirit with her.” She always knew that there was this connection for me that was not of this world. I have lots of cousins and sisters. Nobody else seemed to be seeing these things. For me, I felt quite different from what I was seeing but never worried or frightened. It’s always an understanding that these people are real. It’s okay.

That continued throughout my early teenage years then it became a lot more intense in my later teenage years. I started to think, “I don’t know what this is now,” because I was starting to see things to people that were true without trying. It was almost like I would say to someone, “Your mother has crossed over, and this is what she passed with,” or given information that I didn’t know where it was coming from. I didn’t feel like the mother was telling me. I didn’t know. It was just there.

Was it like a strong thought that came into your head?

Yes, it was like I opened my mouth, and the knowledge was there, but I didn’t know how it went out there. I started to look into what this is, then that led me to speak to other mediums and go into development for my mediumship.

How old are you when you went into development?

I was probably in my early twenties by the time I took notes to solve it. The penny didn’t drop until a bit later than that. It was to look because I was drawn to mediums all the time. I remember being in a bookshop with my mum when I was ten years old, and we got to choose a book. It was like a second-hand bookshop.

You didn’t have much money, and it was like, “Go and choose something.” My sister’s both chose their book, and I chose a book about a medium called Doris Stokes. Doris Stokes was an English medium. She was like everyone’s grandmother. She drew in all these books, and I chose that book at the age of ten. I read it from cover to cover. I was fascinated with it all. Later on, the penny drops like, “This is what this is. This is always meant to be.”

You were so blessed because you had your path laid in front of you where other people are still wondering, “Where am I supposed to go? What is my life mission?” They’ll talk to someone like you about, “What is my life purpose?” and, in a way, you were directed to your life purpose right away, which is such a blessing. You also had an experience early on with John Edward that was very inspiring to you, didn’t you? The renowned famous medium John Edward, who I booked also because he was the first person who channeled my husband. He was part of my spiritual awakening. What was your experience with John Edward?

As I was drawn to mediumship, like reading that book at a young age, as I got a little bit older, I was fascinated with mediumship. John Edward at that time, I don’t know whether it was when he started out on TV. I had caught one of his shows. It was crossing over on him in the UK. I remember watching him and feeling like I knew what he knew. What he says resonates with me. It was the strangest feeling.

When I watched the mediumship, I thought it was the best thing and the most accurate mediumship I had ever seen. I started to follow his work. John was quite educational in the way that he did his mediumship, which is all that I love. It’s not ego-driven. You know that he’s doing it to help people. That spoke volumes to me. Every time I listened to his stories, wisdom, or knowledge, it’s like I already knew that information.

I remember feeling like, “I get this.” I don’t know how, and I don’t know who put the knowledge there, but I remember feeling like he inspired me. I watched him a lot. I’ve seen him at events now, later in life. He’s come over to Scotland as part of an audience, but he inspires me even to this day. I always remember thinking when I started out. I don’t know when, and I don’t know how, but I feel I’m going to have a conversation with him one day in a professional way about spirit.

I would love for him to be aware of this show. You’ve also met James Van Praagh, who is a renowned medium.

I have. He was working alongside another medium that I know here in the UK called Tony Stockwell. We went out to dinner after one of their shows. I had a conversation over dinner with James and also felt that he was genuine and very inspirational in the way that he talk. I was always meaning to get back in touch and haven’t done that yet either, so maybe that will come, too.

Maybe this is the impetus for that. In your work, you state that each of us is an intuitive being. We’re talking about extraordinarily intuitive beings with John Edward, James Van Praagh, and you, but the rest of us mortals are also intuitive beings. Can you give us five tips for tuning into our higher senses? What are those?

We all have a level of psychic ability because we come from the spirit side of life, and we come here. We still have that higher intuition, which is psychic ability. One of the biggest ones I would see is learning to listen to that inner voice that we all have that some call intuition and some say it’s a hunch. Whatever you would call that is your higher spirit speaking to you and trying to guide you.

A tip that I would give for that is to try to meditate or create that quiet space that you can start to listen to that inner voice because that inner voice is the voice that will lead you correctly all through your life. I do know that, as human beings, we don’t listen to it all the time because we have to learn lessons and we have to make mistakes. That’s what teaches us.

Meditation is a great way to start tuning into that. One of the other things I would say is to be aware of your surroundings all the time, especially nowadays because we are so in the face of technology all the time. We aren’t too aware of ourselves, what we stand for, and how we connect with other humans from the start. Be aware of that because all of these things will heighten your sensitivity. The other way is look at color and hear things. Try and heighten your sensitivity that way because if you can do that and enhance those, then it will enhance your psychic skill.

That’s how that helps us to thrive in life because we have the psychic skill. We can pick up cues about things that can be helpful to us. How do we differentiate if the message is real or imagined because, like you’re alluding to, a lot of us second guess what’s coming to us? During the accident, I knew that these were not my thoughts, but how do people discern that?

That’s the thing. It’s their quiet voices or quiet thoughts. We tend to think that we’re making it up. Unless something comes in that’s booming and loud, we have to take notice. We do write a lot of these things off. Imagination does play a part as well. We’ll have to remember that the mind is a tool that’s used through communication as well.

The spirit people will use the medium’s mind as a tool to project images, words, and thoughts. Over imagination, even if you’re not a medium, comes into it. You do have to understand that sometimes it will be imagination, but the only way I can see to differentiate is if you create and have the discipline to create that quiet space and develop that. You will build upon that, and you will know when it’s your higher yourself and when it’s your imagination.

That’s great. Does the spirit world work hard on giving us signs that we can look for to tell us, “Honey, it’s me. I’m here. Give us a message.” What is that all about?

They do. Our loved ones in spirit want us to know that they’re all right. Although I would say that they’re not communicating 24 hours a day because they are on their journey as well.

They’re doing things over there. They go to school and healing places. There are all kinds of things going on there.

They continue to evolve on the other side. They’re doing their thing as well, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be there when needed or if they feel that there’s an opportunity for them to make that link with us. They will do it. It’s the quiet thoughts. You might miss your mom, let’s say. You’re saying, “I wonder what my mum would say about X, Y, and Z.”

You will get that answer from your mother, but what you will think is, “That’s just me thinking that’s what she would see.” That’s when the mind jumps in again. We have to work hard on that discipline, but they will give us signs that we would know. It may be a song that we associate with them. It might be coins. There are different ways that they will communicate, but usually, it’s personal to us.

Also, we talk about how you have a contemporary approach to psychic worker mediumship that’s based on traditional principles. Do you want to tell us about that? How is that a little different from what other people do?

I’m a big advocate of tradition. I love tradition. The way that the mediums used to develop their mediumship was sitting in home circles and development circles. For me, that’s how I developed sitting in a circle that way.

Do you get all the time constantly through your childhood? Are you always sitting in circles?

In my teenage years, I sat in circles, and it was teaching me the discipline of sitting for that amount of time with the intention of linking with spirits. For me, the tradition of that is important in order to get the rich evidential mediumship that mediums bring forward. In other ways, sometimes it’s too fast. Sometimes, people want it too fast. They don’t want the discipline.

For me, it’s important to understand every foundational part of mediumship and the spirit side of life. That’s the traditional side of it for me. The more modern way or contemporary way I deliver that is by connecting with people now. It is bringing the traditions forward but understanding that life has changed and what people are looking for and what they need out of mediumship.

It's important to understand every foundational part of mediumship and the spirit side of life. Share on X

What are they often looking for, Karen? What do they often need?

There are two ways. A lot of people are looking for guidance in their own life. A lot of people, especially now, are looking for guidance or help to allow them to be free of things in their own mind and their own energy. That’s more of a physical reading about them and everything pertaining to them. The other side is connecting with those who have crossed over, which is the part that I love. I don’t mind any of it. I love helping everyone. It’s very sacred to link with the spirit because it brings such healing like nothing else.

I could not agree more.

I would say that’s what I adore. It’s that connection to spirit.

It means so much. For people to understand, if you’re with someone and a departed loved one is communicating with you, are you getting a picture? Is it just thoughts? Are you using your clairsentience, which I know involve hearing and seeing? How does it come through for you? It happened to you when you were a kid.

It’s everything. When I was a child, it was more vision than anything else. As I became a teenager, it was the mouth and the words were there. I didn’t know where they were coming from, but as I’ve progressed and developed my mediumship, I understood what was happening with clairsentience, clairaudience, and clairvoyance. I know which faculty is being used at a certain time. When spirits communicate with me, they use them all. It might be that I have a gentleman in the spirit side who’s better at communicating with me through clairaudience and I can hear him clearly.

Do you hear a voice?

I can hear it in what I call my spirit ears. I can hear them talking, and that’s how sometimes I’ll pick up that maybe somebody was Italian or they didn’t speak English because I can hear a different language. Other times, it’s seeing them or feeling the depth of that person and what they’re bringing forward. They do use every single part, and that’s what mediums are for. We are of service to spirit. Usually, I will say to spirit before I read for someone, “Use me in any way you wish. Use every single part. Let me see your life through your eyes, and let me convey that.”

GAR 249 | Spirit World

I want to ask you also. Do you ever say to the spirit, “Everyone, hold off a little while. Give me a break over here. I want to have dinner. I know that there are people in the restaurant that you’d like to communicate with?” Do you ever shut it off a little bit? Do you have boundaries with them?

Generally speaking, the spirit knows when you’re working and not. They’re very respectful, but occasionally, it has happened when I’ve been traveling on a train, for instance. I was sitting across from this lady, and her husband was sitting right beside me. I was thinking, “I can’t pass on your message. I don’t know if this lady even likes mediumship.” It ended up mind to mind, “If this is meant to be, you’re going to have to get her to ask me.”

I didn’t know how that would happen. It was a stranger, but she said to me about ten minutes later, “Where are you off to?” I said, “I’m traveling down to London to do some work.” She said, “What do you do?” I said, “I’m a medium.” She said, “I love mediumship.” I said, “Is your name Margaret?” She said, “Yes,” and I said, “I have your husband here.” Check first because you have to take responsibility. You can’t be shouting messages to everyone who does not want to listen. The spirit will know what’s happening. Her husband knew that this needed to happen, and she did. He only passed six weeks before.

That’s something that’s happened to me, and what a blessing.

I feel the grief that this lady was going through and for her to sit beside me. I feel spirit world will orchestrate, and that’s why I will listen to that, but likewise, I wouldn’t go from standing in a shop, and there’s a queue of people, and I feel the spirit, which often I do. I’m not going to tune into that and start giving messages. It’s irresponsible to do that.

I hear you. You also talk about the fact that our departed loved ones want us to live a life free of worry.

They do.

We’re all living lives filled with worry.

GAR 249 | Spirit World

That’s part of human nature as well and the material world that we live in, so we’re going to have that worry. What they want is to be able to give us the message that nothing is worth the worry in this life. A part from understanding that it is a short life that we have here on the earth. When they come forward, they want us to know that. They also want us to know that there’s no time in the spirit side.

There’s only time in this world. When we go over there, it’s infinite. There’s no time. They want to say, “Go and live your life. Go and enjoy yourself. Don’t worry. I’ll see you again. It doesn’t matter whether it’s 5 years or 50 years. We will be together again, and there will be no time lost because there is no time there.” It’s only in this life that we have time.

You’re also with us. We just can’t see them. They’re all around us. I want to ask you also, which is a big question that a lot of people will be very interested to hear. Do they also grieve on that side? We’re crying our eyes out over here. We’ve lost someone we love so much physically, at least. Some of us are not aware that they’re still with us minus their bodies. They’re going over there having their life with you and doing this thing, but are they grieving for us also in their way?

They do grieve. They don’t grieve the same way we do. The reason for that is the grief here is very final. It’s almost like you don’t know if you’re ever going to see that person again, or you might believe that you’re never going to see that person again. It’s hard grief. Not that there’s one bigger grief than the other, but if someone’s lost a child, for instance, it’s a different grief as well. That’s very hard, but in the spirit side, the person that’s crossed over knows where they are, and they know that they are back home.

They know that it’s all fine and they can be with us, but they do grieve for their life. Say someone passes quickly to the spirit side. They grieve for the fact that they didn’t get to hug that person one last time or didn’t get to live their life out. They were taken too soon. They know that it’s not that because they know that they’re on the spirit side, but they still have to go through that process of understanding and that grief process as well. Also, they watch us being devastated. For them, that’s hard to watch because there’s nothing that they can do to take that devastation away apart from hopefully communicating and letting us know that they are still there.

I pray that we’ll open our minds and be able to talk to them or communicate with them through the medium. My understanding is the more we’re crying and so upset, it doesn’t help to communicate with them because it blocks the communication.

It’s the emotion of it. I’ve heard people asking me, “Do I have to wait a certain amount of time to receive communication?” I say, “No, the spirit world can communicate straight away. They can have that communication.” I’m not saying it happens for everyone that way, but it does happen. I’ve had it happen through readings. Accidentally, we have connected with someone, and the person that I connected with had passed away that morning. It was their friend’s husband. It was almost a message to be passed on.

They can do it straight away, but what I would say to everyone is your spirit person wants you to be okay to hear that. It’s not that there’s a time constraint for them, but there’s a time constraint for you because it’s hard for you to go through those emotions so soon. Some people need time before they will receive that.

The other question I have is now they’re on the other side and see all the things you’re going through. Do they care and look after us in some way as they continue their journey on the other side? Do they have the power to help us from where they are? They’re not in body anymore, but they hear us calling out to them. They know what we’re going through. How do they do that? How does that work?

As you said, they’re not physical, so they can’t do anything in the physical sense. It is the power of their love and their spirit. Remember, we don’t even know 10% of that power until we get there. The power that they have and hold, they will wrap around us. They will help us and come to us as we sleep. They will bring that love forward. Even if we are not aware of it and if we think that they are not there, they are always there.

It’s more about a connection. It’s a bond. That is how they help us. They might also influence things. They might influence our mind to think, “I’m going to go down to that café. I didn’t want to go because we always used to go together, but I’m going to go.” When the person goes, there’s somebody in there that they get to speak to that maybe refers them to a grief counseling group. They can influence the chain of events that way.

I relate to that because I’ve had some things happen to me that I was grappling with something, then suddenly, someone had a message for me, or I met a certain someone, and I said, “Thank you.” I know that was inspired by the other side. It was too coincidental for it suddenly to pop up. Does each have a predetermined life path, Karen? How do we set that up? What does choice have to do with our life path? Are we going to manifest, then we planned this with our spirit guides and all?

There are some things that are predetermined. For instance, I believe that there are certain people that are going to be in your life. There are certain events that are going to happen in your life, but we also have to pair that up with free will and making those choices. If someone comes here and they’re supposed to be a nurse, then they don’t want to be motivated to do that, or they take a different life path.

They might meet a partner who doesn’t want them to be a nurse, so they might go with that. They’re making these choices even though it was maybe always part of the plan for that nursing to be in there somewhere. We do have things that are predetermined, but when we come here, we are given the power of our own life. We make the decisions. Sometimes, we won’t fulfill our purpose, and other times, we will.

When we come here, we are given the power of our own life. We make the decisions. Sometimes we won't fulfill our purpose and other times we will and it just all depends on it. Share on X

It depends on choices, but also, it depends on the environment as well. If you’re born into a family that had some issues, it’s not been the best upbringing, or your parents maybe had environmental things happen to them, that can all fall down to you and changes your perception. There is a lot to pack into that. We have things that are pretty determined, and we can change that with choice.

I know that what happened with Saul and me was pretty determined. When people have a predetermined life path then they have something to do, but they come into these dysfunctional families, they can’t execute. They choose that family. Was that also a choice where they were supposed to experience that and do something with it, but they chose not to? Is that how it gets set up?

I believe that we are part of our soul group before we come here. That’s already there. That’s already. Let’s start with the parents. The parents come here first, then they live their life that way. They’ve maybe had things in their lives that have happened to them. We are still part of that same soul group. When the child comes here or when the spirit comes and is born into that family, it could already be dysfunctional, but that doesn’t mean that the soul chose the dysfunction. It could be that the soul chose the person, but their life choices that have surrounded that then affect them. Regardless of how we come here, who we choose, or who we are part of, it leads us onto a path anyway. We do learn lessons regardless of how we get there.

The loss of a loved one leads us to grief and to ponder questions about the afterlife. Share on X

A lot of it has to do with perception if we’re here to learn lessons. You see those lessons as something terrible that you need to cling to for the rest of your life, and that’s your story, as opposed to seeing those lessons as, “What did I learn from this? How do I move forward through this?” That’s part of the choice also.

I agree with you. Life is so fast-flowing that to choose to stay in a certain situation or to be burdened with something is also a choice. It’s not easy because some people don’t know that there’s another choice. Some people just don’t know. It’s not given to them. It’s difficult, and you do see people having a difficult life. It’s sad to see.

Life is so fast flowing that to choose to stay in a certain situation or to be burdened with something, that is also a choice. Share on X

I agree with you. You, yourself, have a story that you were still, and spirit reached out and helped you. Was that part of your predetermined life path?

I don’t know if it was part of my predetermined life path, but what I do know is I had a virus. It was when I was pregnant with my youngest son. I felt ill straight away as soon as I became pregnant, and they didn’t know what was wrong. I was in an infectious ward in the hospital. Nobody was allowed to visit. They knew it was a virus. They didn’t know what it was. They didn’t know if it was contagious. I knew it wasn’t.

I couldn’t eat. I lost all my weight, and my hair fell out. It was awful, but I kept saying to the doctor, “As soon as you let me have the baby, I’ll be fine.” I kept hearing this voice inside my own mind, but not my guide or my own voice. It was like an external voice saying to me, “You’ll be okay. Hang on.” It was like my body had been ravaged by this illness, but I knew that there was a higher voice telling me it was going to be fine.

They let me have him six weeks early. As soon as they let me have the baby, I immediately, within an hour, started to feel better. They have no reason for it. It also happened another time when I was pregnant. I knew it was ectopic. I went from a scan and said, “There’s no baby.” I said, “No, there is. It’s an ectopic pregnancy.” They were like, “It’s not.” They sent me home as if to say they didn’t believe me.

Ectopic means it was in the tube.

I went home, and I kept saying to my mom at the time, “This is the ectopic. This is serious. This is going to rupture.” I had no pain or bleeding. Nothing like that.

It’s amazing that you knew all about that.

I just knew. Three days later, I got up off my bed. I could hardly walk. I was rushed to the hospital. As soon as the way in, I said, “I told you it was ectopic,” and rushed me straight. They had to take away the fallopian tube because it ruptured. I just knew. I can’t say I was supposed to go through that and that was pretty determined because that’s biology as well. What I do know is that I was being looked after. I was being guided and being told, “This is what’s going to happen. You’ll be alright.” I’m blessed to have that voice because I don’t know that everyone hears that.

That’s fabulous. You spoke about spirit guides. Educate us about that. Do we each have the same number of spirit guides? You say that there are four tools for sensing, knowing, and communicating with our spirit guides.

We all have a team. I would term a spirit team. We all have different guides at different times. We might have our main guide who is there from the moment we are conceived to the moment we cross over. We have other guides that come in and out. It’s almost like being in a school where, in the early years, you’ll have an early years teacher, and in the later years, you’ll have a different teacher. It’s the same thing.

Every guide comes in and out. They interact with us as and when it’s needed to bring us guidance or words and healing. Our guides will bring that forward for us, too. The way to facilitate your guides and get to know your guides is to create that quiet space. I do a technique where, in my mind, I will see a certain room. I know if I go to that room, I will meet my guides. It might not be every time. It might be occasionally, but this is how I felt when I first became introduced to my guide. Every person can do that.

The other thing I would say is don’t worry if you don’t meet them or you don’t have information because it will be presented to you. It will always be presented in a way that you can’t mistake it. It’s something that you can either look up, just know, or feel familiar to you. The way that I would do it all is meditation, connection, creating that room if you want to see that room and visualizing that for your guides to come in and speak with you. Also, to speak to them. I speak to my guides every day and every morning. A thought, a thank you, or a gratitude prayer is the way to bring them close.

Have the guides been human?

Some of them.

It depends. Some of them have been and have not.

I know that one of my guides did walk the earth in the early 1900s. I know that he died young. He was a violinist. He was a musician and told me right at the beginning of meeting him that he was going to help me spread the word of my work because he felt he didn’t get to do that when he was here with his music. He was here, but I’ve got other guides that have never walked the earth. They’re just higher beings that will help.

I respond to what you’re saying because I was a violinist growing up. I would imagine that if someone has a session with you, you can even help them communicate with your guides and find out who their guides are, which is such a gift. Do you want to tell us how you mend your people to connect with their souls and increase their capacity to heal, serve, and enhance their lives? Tell us about your mentorship program. It sounds wonderful.

The mentorship program was important for me because when I first started, although I watched mediums work and watched them on TV, I didn’t have anyone to talk to about it. There was no one that I could call and say, “This has happened. What is this?” I remember feeling, at the beginning of my development, “One day, I’m going to be able to help people so that they’re not lost and that they’ve got someone to chat to about this.”

Fast forward years later, when I put this mentorship together, it was a one-to-one program. For me, it was also important to mentor and develop that person. Not only do the one size fit all, like every medium has to be the same because mediumship is so unique to the individual. We all, as mediums, bring different things, qualities, and ways of working. It’s important to help that person find out what theirs is without my influence on what I do or how I do my work. That’s how I mentor people. It’s a very one-to-one in-depth.

You mentor them to become mediums?

Also, personal development.

I know you have one-on-one readings, and that’s to communicate with the deceased and help people. You have online courses and other offerings via Zoom. You even have an offer for our audience. Would you like to tell us all?

The offering for the audience is by way of a thank you as well for you for having me on here. It is a 15% discount on mentorship programs and a 10% discount on all readings. Whether that’s Zoom or telephone, there’s a percentage off for that, too.

Tell everyone about your one-on-one reading, your online courses, and Zoom offerings.

The one-on-one readings, as I said, are either done by Zoom or video of other means or telephone. It’s funny because when we got to go through the pandemic, everyone went online. Everyone got used to being online, so people are better about it now, but for a time, people thought that a one-to-one reading online, “How could that work?”

I used to say, “I communicate with the spirit people. They don’t have to be in the same room.” People are more used to it now, but I do my one-to-one readings that way. Also, it’s important to mention the healing aspect of this. It’s not about reading to give someone life advice or guidance. That can happen, too, if that’s what someone needs, but it’s more about coming into the beauty and sacredness of what this is because it does heal your heart and soul, I feel, and it helps you through your life. That’s what I do on the one-to-ones. The courses as well, there are meditation courses. New ones are being added from January going forward.

Can you teach people how to meditate?

Yes, guided education. I’ve recorded some guided ones that I felt worked for me as I went through my mediumship to help others. Meditation is hard for some people because it’s hard to quiet our minds down. The guided one helps with that.

I can relate to that. It’s harder for some of us to quiet our very busy lives. Can you explain how mediumship brings healing both of the person left on earth, which we know that they need to communicate with their deceased loved ones, but all for the soul on the other side? It brings healing to them, too. Talk to us about the value of healing through spirit. Why is that such a wonderful tool that too many people do not use?

Mediumship brings healing both for the person left on earth and for the soul who is now on the spirit side. Share on X

That’s what mediumship is. Mediumship is you’re a healer. If you’re a medium, you’re a healer. That’s what you’re supposed to be doing, whether that’s helping someone decipher their own life or connecting with their loved one on other side. It’s to promote that healing. For me, if you’ve got someone, for instance, who parted ways with someone then the person close over and they never got that chance to have that conversation, or someone didn’t have a great relationship with the person in spirit and they never got to bring closure to that, healing comes through that communication.

Sometimes, it’s not wanted. I’ve heard readings before. We have said to someone, “I fail. I’ve got the father here, but I know this person doesn’t want their father because there was issues.” I picked all that up before they’ve even said to the person. For me, I do say to the person, “I have got your dad here. I know you don’t want to talk to him. I know that that’s not what you came here for.” The person would say, “No, I resist in that. I don’t want that.” I say, “That’s okay. I’m not going to communicate with them for you. I’m not going to bring that forward, but I need you to know that he did come. The only reason he’s got to come is through love. Regardless of whether we do communication, remember you said that, then I’ll thank the father for coming.”

What that does is that father in the spirit side knows that he’s made some form of communication, even if it’s not a conversation. It brings him healing, but it also brings healing to the person here because maybe she didn’t want to hear from him. When she goes away, she’s going to think, “I don’t want to speak to him, but there was something in that.” It promotes something to start happening.

That might never come to anything in this life. It might be that lady then crosses over and wait until she gets there and it would take place. Hopefully, it will start something. In that aspect, it creates the healing, but even if it was a very loving relationship between two people, that can be communication. What that does for someone to bring that evidence that you were drinking out of their teacup because you were missing them and you were talking to them at the kitchen table is if someone can hear that and that happened, then that takes away all doubt for that person. They are healed, but the person in the spirit world also is healed because they got that communication forward.

I want to add to that because I can relate to that. I never wanted to hear from my father. I had that experience. Many years after, he’s passed. He came through someone and said his life review was very hard for him. He understands many things now that he didn’t embody and he came through to say to me, “Please see me more as a stepping stone in your life. You overcame so much.”

He was apologizing. He said, “I understand now.” I can’t even say how healing that was for me. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping other people through this show to get to healing because it makes a huge difference in your life. We’re going to talk about joy for a second here, Karen. How does connecting with oneself and appreciating the small things in life bring us joy?

Making things simple can bring us joy. There are many times we can dramatize or worry about things, and it gets out of control for us. Taking a big deep breath, the calming effect that that has on someone is quite incredible. If we can bring it back to something simple like taking a breath, looking around, and see the beauty in the little things. I always say to people the little things are the big things. Sometimes, we don’t notice that until it’s too late, but just the little things, even sitting within your home and saying, “I’ve got a roof over my head. I’m happy here. It’s been a hard day at work, but that other women in work, she had such and such to deal with.” It is those little things to remind us.

Really making things simple can bring us joy. Share on X

My grandmother was one to bring us up to say, “There’s always someone worse off than you.” We were raised with that and imprinted in our minds. It does bring you back down to earth a little bit. Find joy in things that you do. I know that I find joy in walking in nature, taking a hot bath, and in little, simple things that don’t mean anything. It doesn’t cost money, but it’s stuff that was soul. If you, you’re readers, can connect with themselves on that level and find joy in things, it makes life easier. It changes your whole outlook. If you are the one that changes the energy of what you’re putting out there, then you’re going to get that back tenfold.

Would you say that people can experience grief, upset, and challenge, but they can also have joy at the same time? When is it not exclusive of the other?

They can do both. Most people should do both. There are going to be weeks or days when your grief is much stronger, and maybe you can’t find anything joyful. There might be one day and three months that you laugh that day, or something was funny, or you had a good time with your friends or your family, then you’ll go back into the grief. We’ll have to understand that grief is a cycle. Grief can take. My mom’s been in the spirit side now for years.

In the main, I’m fine. In the main, I remember we talked about it, and it’s all fine. Every so often, it just catches you, and it’s that day where you maybe could have done with nipping in to see her or speaking on the phone. The grief catches you. That’s after years, but that’s a cycle for most people. Take the joy when you get it. Don’t feel guilty about it. Enjoy it. It’s there for a reason, and remember that your spirit loved ones are trying to promote that joy for you.

That’s right. You’re precious, too, and you’re entitled to that joy. That’s wise guidance and advice, Karen, for people. Thank you. I want to say that you’re right. You do not look like a person who has had many years of career.

Isn’t it funny? I say to my kids all the time. “I don’t feel like I’m older. I still feel like I’m in my twenties.”

You’ve had years in your career, and you’re at it. Your purpose has remained the same, to serve and to guide others with the word of spirit, to ease pain and sadness with comfort and love and to provide genuine knowledge and evidence of the existence of the world of spirit. Karen, thank you for all that you continue to do to bring healing, both for the person left on earth and for the soul who is now on the other side.

I want to thank you from my heart for this enlightening interview that has surely brought people the comfort of knowing that our loved ones still care and look out for us as they continue their journey in the spirit world. Here is a very loving reminder, everyone, to follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and wherever you get your podcasts, including YouTube. As I like to say, to be continued. Thank you from my heart, Karen, and bye for now.

Your loved ones still care for and look after you as they continue their journey in the spirit world. Share on X

Thank you so much, Irene.

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