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Do we have past lives? What is sound healing meditation? How does energy healing help you to heal? These are some of the questions Judy Becker, an energy healer in New Jersey will answer for you. July helps people release their deeply held patterns of anger, frustration and resentment through her weekly meditation classes, conscious living workshops and sound healing meditations.


In this episode, you’ll hear about things like:

  • The concept of energy healing and its focus on the chakra system
  • The use of sound healing, particularly crystal bowls, to aid in the alignment and balancing of chakras through vibrational frequencies.
  • The role of past life patterns and unresolved energies in affecting our current lives and how spiritual response therapy helps identify and clear these patterns.
  • The idea that challenges and traumas in life provide opportunities for personal growth and learning.
  • The importance of making a choice to create joy and positivity in life, as well as the impact of self-love and self-positivity on one’s overall well-being.


Some questions Irene asks Judy:

  • Now, do you help people release past life patterns also?
  • Can you talk about them and how you approach these modalities with your style?
  • Is there a way you can record the sound healing so people can do it without being in the room and still feel those benefits?
  • What is sound healing because I don’t know that much about that. And that sounds fabulous. Do they use instruments or what?
  • Tell me your tip for people to have joy in life.

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Judy Becker – Energy Healer






I have my lovely co-host, Irene. I’m joking with that.

I hate her to say that. This is so cool. I am learning along with all of you and we’ve had fantastic people on our show. It’s interesting. We are going to have another wonderful healer in this episode. Her name is Judy Becker and she is interesting with what she does. We’re going to learn a lot.

We’ve already learned something. This is, to be honest, take two. We’ve already had a little difficulty with technology, but I’m blaming that on energy that’s happening around us. A lot has been going on with me. Maybe we’ll open up and get into another episode, Irene. As many of you know, my father passed away, so I’ve been jumping into this whole spirituality thing head-first lately and a lot’s been happening. It was ironic that Judy was on the phone. Actually, it’s not ironic. There are no coincidences. Anyway, I’ll let her dig in a little bit more as to what she does. That’s a little sneak peek as to why energy is more prevalent in Rhonda than a lot of us are thinking. Judy, are you there with us?

I am. Thank you.

Thanks for joining us.

My pleasure.

Irene, since you and Judy go back a little bit, I’ll let you do her little lovely intro here.

Judy does energy healing and uses different modalities that we all want to learn about. She does energy healing through sound healing. I’m sure all of you would love to know how sound healing releases trauma. She has a Conscious Living workshop, which is very in tune with my book that talks about living consciously in your everyday life. She has an amazing story of how she got into this work. She also does something called Spiritual Response Therapy, which I honestly have never heard of, so I can’t wait to learn about that. Why don’t we turn this over to you? Judy, start going. We’re intrigued and we’ll ask questions as we go.

Thank you for having me on the show. I wanted to start out by telling everybody how I got into this work and it does very much relate to what Irene has been dealing with and Stephanie now. When I was a child, probably starting around age seven, I started having a lot of loss in my life. Over a period between the age of 7 or 8 until I was about 20, I lost 11 immediate relatives in my life. It was brutal going through that.

I was always a child who was curious. I started asking those bigger questions like, “What happens after we die? What’s the purpose of life or death? What is this? What’s happening?” At that time, it was about fifteen. One of my teachers in school suggested that I read a book called Life After Life written by Raymond Moody.

We’ve talked about Raymond Moody. We know him.

He’s very famous. He specializes in past lives, doesn’t he, Judy?

No. He specializes in near-death experiences. He doesn’t ever discuss past lives, but he’s a physician and a scientist, so he focuses on the scientific part of what happens to the system after death. He interviewed many people who came back to life and were resuscitated, and they all shared similar stories. That got me thinking, “There is something after life. There has to be more.” I started going to see mediums and was so comforted in knowing that my loved ones were around me. That felt awesome.

What I found, though, is that even though I knew my loved ones were around me, I still wasn’t at peace inside because I had bigger questions. I wanted to find out why we faced these challenges and what was the purpose in life. I started reading a lot of books and studying meditation, alternative healing, and spirituality. That’s how I got started on this path.

That was very courageous of you. Did you have support for that from your family at all or did they not know what you were doing?

No, I did not have any support from my family because a lot of them had passed and the other ones were so mired in their suffering that I was more of an independent person and searched on my own.

That was very prescient of you to know that as a child. You want to step away. One of the primary purposes of this show is to inform people that they do not have to be mired in their suffering. They do not have to carry that around with them.

When I take a look at it from a distance and what made me do that at age fifteen, to be so independent and be such a searcher, I do feel that that is one of the main purposes of my soul in this lifetime. It’s to delve deeper and look and search for answers and explanations so that I can share them with my clients. It’s not coincidental. I went through all of that loss as a child so that I gained perspective in order for me to create a healing practice and to help others gain perspective.

How did your healing practice evolve? You do so many different modalities. Did you learn one by one? How did you keep adding these things to your repertoire?

I did. I’ve always been in the healing profession. I was an occupational therapist before I did energy healing. Prior to being an occupational therapist, I was a nursery school teacher. I’d always been leaning toward healing practices. The different modalities I use now, I learned them one by one and have built on. I would say they’ve morphed into my own approach. I do utilize the specifics of other approaches, but I also have morphed them.

Can you talk about them and how you approach these modalities with your style and what you do? Explain to everyone in our audience. Some of whom have never heard of what energy healing is. They can be useful for them too and they could learn.

I always tell people energy healing is about learning how to become your best self and becoming your best self. We are made of energy, as is everything on the planet, and energy carries a vibration to it. We are electromagnetic beings. We have this electromagnetic field around us, which is our aura. Everybody’s pretty familiar with that term. We also have our energy system within the body, the chakra system, which are energy centers located throughout the body.

Healing is about learning how to become your best self and becoming your best self. Share on X

We have meridians. More people are familiar with acupuncture, which is also a type of energy healing in that the acupuncturist puts needles into the different meridians in the body to help open up the energy channels. Being that the chakra system is also a form of energy channel, that is my focus. My work is partially on the chakra system as well.

For people to understand the energy in a chakra, I’ve seen people hold pendulums over a chakra, and sometimes the pendulum is not spinning correctly. It means that there’s a problem or blockage in that energy center that needs healing. Is that correct?

That can happen. The balancing of the chakras and energy healing is ideally almost an everyday practice. Not that you have to go to an energy healer every day, but when people come in for a clearing, I’ll do a session for them, but then I always give them some homework to do, which could be to read a book on positive thinking. It could be to focus on a particular chakra and meditate on it or do some yoga poses that help open and balance the chakras.

It’s important to make the mind-body connection as well because our thoughts and our state of consciousness very strongly impact the state of our chakras. For example, if we are in fear, say there’s a natural disaster that happens, which of course is happening now so frequently, and we’re going to a state of fear, our first chakra will most likely be out of balance.

GAR 5 | Energy Healing

Energy Healing: It’s important to make the mind-body connection because our thoughts and our state of consciousness very strongly impact the state of our chakras.


Our first chakra, which is located at the base of the spine, is the chakra that allows us to feel safe, to feel grounded, to feel very present in the moment. When something shakes us or rocks our world, our first chakra will go out of balance. A natural disaster is an extreme happening. Even if we’re running late to something, like a meeting that we need to go to or we fear losing our job, our first chakra will go out of balance.

You would bring that back. Someone would come to you. You would pick that up right away and you would bring that chakra back into balance so that they could complete and go on with their healing.

Energetically, I can help balance the chakra and then, like I said, I give them some things to do that help with their thoughts, to help them be more present and at ease with their lives and with their situation, even though it may not be something that they wanted to have happened. The work is more effective when the person engages their conscious mind because a lot of these blocks in the chakras and throughout the system come from the core belief systems that we hold.

Those belief systems get formed when we’re children, when our brains aren’t fully formed, and when we have a certain level of understanding. A lot of those belief patterns happen then. We take a lot of our beliefs in from our parents, peers, teachers, and those who help to form who we think we are. It’s not necessarily who we truly are at our core, but we take on those energies and beliefs from other people. I also believe that we take on those energies and beliefs from past life patterns that we haven’t resolved. That adds a whole other dimension.

Do you help people release past life patterns also?

I do. The one technique that you mentioned at the beginning, spiritual response therapy, is a system designed to specifically identify thought or energetic patterns that we’re functioning from as a result of programming in this lifetime and programming in past lifetimes that hasn’t been resolved. A lot of times, if we have not resolved energies in past lives, our soul will bring those emotions into this life, the emotional patterns, and play them out so that our soul can grow. The way I look at the soul is that our soul comes into our physical body and the purpose of the soul is to learn, grow, and evolve, always evolving to a place that is our highest potential. Our highest potential is when we come from our heart.

GAR 5 | Energy Healing

Energy Healing: A lot of times if we have not resolved energies in past lives, our soul will bring those emotions into this life. The emotional patterns and play them out so that our soul can grow.


Anything that’s not coming from our heart is what we want to come to terms with and what we want to release, ideally. To take it a step further, our souls come into this life with certain tendencies or certain emotional patterns that they want to learn about. For example, if your soul came in this lifetime and said, “I want to understand what abandonment feels like,” then your soul would choose parents when the soul is in spirit form and those other souls would come in with that soul.

You’d have the parents and the child and most likely, that child would feel abandoned by those parents. On the physical level, you might say, “This feels horrible. Why would I choose to be abandoned by my parents?” On a soul level, it’s because the soul wants to learn and grow. The way in which we grow is primarily through challenges.

Could it also be a karmic thing? If someone has abandoned someone in a past life, they may become abandoned to experience that in this life.

Yes. The more the soul experiences the large realm of emotions, whether we deem them positive or negative, the more perspective that soul has and the more ability that soul has to understand, “This is how it feels,” and grow through that. What happens oftentimes is that people will get stuck in the patterns and look at the world through potentially those eyes of abandonment, which feels horrible. They won’t have successful relationships.

During an energy healing session, if we pinpoint that person’s soul came in to learn abandonment and it was to learn it, but not get stuck in it, then the energy, the structure of abandonment, is what’s clear during an energy healing session. The person has the awareness that, “That was an old pattern. I need to move out of that.

It’s interesting to me because one of the things I learned when I lost my husband, which led to my book and all, was that I was taught that grief exacerbates whatever your issues are. If you have abandonment issues, maybe where your family abandoned you and now you lose the love of your life or God forbid, you lose a child, it takes that abandonment issue and it skyrockets it. Grief can sometimes be a portal to healing those issues because if someone is traumatized, they go to someone like you. Now it brought that issue to the forefront to be addressed.

I look at any trauma that we experience that encourages us to go to a therapist, an energy healer, or a medium as an opportunity for growth. Anytime we’re in a difficult position in our lives, whether it is through loss or whether it is through depression or anxiety, I always look at that and say, “This is the time that our soul has the hugest opportunity to grow, learn, and heal.” It helps when you can have that perspective. When you’re in it, you’re in a funk, and it doesn’t feel good, you can say, “There’s learning in here. What’s my learning?” We’re not helpless. We realize there’s something, there’s a purpose in it. As you said before, Stephanie, it’s not a coincidence. Things happen for a reason.

GAR 5 | Energy Healing

Energy Healing: This is the time that our soul has the biggest opportunity to grow and learn and heal.


It takes you away from being a victim of it. You’re not looking at it as a victim anymore. Now, you’re looking at it as a learning opportunity. It changes the whole point of it.

The hard part is getting people to get over that hump, to understand like that. Especially nowadays, you’re depressed and so many things are so hard in the world on top of our own personal issues and lives. It’s like people don’t realize that there are other ways to release a lot of this and take it away from themselves. They think they have to deal with it. I’m not saying that you can’t take a pill for depression, but there are other options. You can try to be a little bit more positive. Even myself, I’m an angry, neurotic New Yorker. We’re notorious for being mean and mad.

As I was talking to you guys offline, as soon as I try to be a little bit more positive and be especially more self-loving and say, “Let it go. Know that it’s going to get done,” and not worry about how it’ll get done, I tell that to myself and make those aspirations, things do become more positive in your life. It is easy to manifest your life to be happier. You just have to want it. I feel like that’s the big hump. Irene, it took you how long, even though you were grieving, and then you found your way into this whole new realm of self-love. That’s the hardest thing.

Things actually do become more positive in your life. It is easy to manifest your life to be happier. You just really have to want it. Share on X

When they pulled me out of the car and I got that message to be loving and kind to everyone, that also meant to me too. I started to invest in releasing my bag of suffering. That’s why these conversations are so important because, through people like Judy, you don’t have to carry that with you always. Judy, I wanted to ask you, what is sound healing? I don’t know that much about that and that sounds fabulous. Is it through instruments? How does that work?

There are many forms of sound healing. One form, I believe, is through chanting, which you can do on your own and anytime you want. I know a lot of people who chant in Sanskrit, which was the first spoken language. You’re tapping into a very ancient vibration that has been used for thousands of years. When you chant, if you recall, we were talking a little bit before about how our energy and everything carries a vibration to it. When you’re chanting these sacred words, which many religions also use chants in their prayers, you are aligning every cell in your body with the meaning of the chant, even chanting the word om.

Even with yoga and stuff, we do that.

Om doesn’t have an exact translation, but what om signifies is connection. It’s the vibration of a universe. It’s a connection type of energy. When you chant om, you’re chanting with the intention of connecting with the universe.

How do people get into the chants?

A lot like Stephanie said with yoga, they’re taught in yoga classes. There’s also something called kirtan, which is the practice of chanting. It’s devotional chanting. You can google everything. On YouTube or Google, you can put in sacred chants and things will come up for you to chant. You can pick what feels right to you.

In line with that, you can also use instruments. When I use sound healing, I use crystal bowls. They’re made of quartz crystal that grows in the earth and the quartz is put into a centrifuge machine and formed into these large bowls. Each of the bowls I have is toned to each of the different chakras. Each of the chakras has a particular sound and a particular color associated with it. When I play the crystal bowls, the vibration of the bowls gets sent out into the room and your body absorbs them. The vibrations help to open each of the chakras, clean them, and rebalance them.

As I said, we’re electromagnetic beings. The sound vibrations move into our own vibrations and help to adjust the chakras. I’ve had people during a crystal bowl healing have past life memories. I’ve had people have emotional responses because the bowls do their work without you having to do anything. They work to balance the chakras. You can even be asleep during a crystal bowl meditation and you’ll still get the healing effects of the bowl.

Do you have to be in the room so you physically absorb it, but since it’s a sound, is there a way you can record that or could people play it over like a recording and do it without being in the room and still feel those benefits or no?

Yes, you still can. There are meditation apps. There are recorded crystal ball healing meditations on YouTube. I don’t have any of mine there, but you can access them in person. It’s going to be that much more powerful.

Is there a particular story you’d like to share with us about someone or a few people who have had dramatic healing through what you do?

One person that comes to mind is a woman who came here and was dealing with so much anger at her job with her boss. She liked and enjoyed her tasks and her daily work was great, but dealing with her boss was creating a lot of anger for her. During the session that she was here, it was revealed that she and her boss had lived a past lifetime together and they were still holding those unresolved energies of anger and resentment toward each other.

During the session, that past-life energy was cleared. I also spoke to the client about changing her perspective, allowing her to be a little more accepting of other people’s patterns, and letting go of expectations a bit. The combination of the energy healing work of releasing that past life and the energies of anger and resentment, along with reframing her thoughts, enabled her to be so much happier at work. The next time I saw her, she said things had dramatically turned around and she developed a friendship with her boss. She was so much happier at work.

Tell me your tip for people to have joy in life, Judy.

Have joy. My tip would be to realize that we have a choice and that we can make the choice to create joy or we can make the choice to create stress and anxiety. We lose that awareness a lot and become life doing us instead of doing life. It’s about making the choice to be joyful. My rule that I always reiterate here is that it’s so important to never think, do, or say anything negative towards yourself because that decreases your ability toward joy. A lot of freedom comes when you start loving yourself more and speaking highly of yourself.

Realize that we have a choice and that we can make the choice to create joy or we can make the choice to create stress and anxiety. Share on X

That’s not at all a narcissistic thing.

It’s more self-love.

A lot of people call it selfish and I call it self-full. It’s being full and allowing and making the choice to be full. In line with that, I’m wondering if I can read one quote that sums up so much of the work. This was a quote from Martha Graham. She was a choreographer and dancer. She says, “There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. If you block it, it will never exist through any other medium. It will be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is, how valuable it is, or how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly to keep the channel open.”

That’s wonderful. What a wonderful way for us to conclude this episode.

That’s powerful. It gives you a lot to think about, that’s for sure. To be more self-loving and positive, which I feel like we can all use more. I don’t think you can ever have too much positivity in your life.

Judy, this is great. Can you tell everyone how to get ahold of you? I could see us having you back. There are so many more questions that we’d want to ask and maybe at some point, one day, we’ll even open up the show to people’s questions and all.

The best way to get in touch with me is probably by email. It’s I also have a website, which they can find at Those would be the ways to reach me.

If anybody has questions, they can reach out to us and we’ll connect you as well, any comments or questions. The thing I am most curious about is learning about these bowls. I would love to come in, try that, and feel that vibration myself. I’d like to see it. When do you have those classes? Is it once a month or anything? You’re in New Jersey.

I’m in New Jersey. I run the crystal ball meditation once a month on a Sunday evening. I also run weekly meditation classes.

Judy’s in Montclair.

I know that New Jersey train station very well. It’s very easy to get to. That’s good to know. As I said, I always hate to cut these off because they’re always so informative and I feel like we always have great information, but we have to wrap it up until next time. I hope to speak again soon, Judy.

We’re very grateful. Thank you, Judy.

My pleasure. Take good care.

As I like to say, to be continued.


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