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Author Jane Asher has an insightful, enlightening new book titled The Next Room. It is a fascinating story that transcends space and time, of a relationship between mother and daughter that grew stronger through death. Written together, by initially enlisting interpretation through a psychic medium, The Next Room takes us on a daughter’s journey learning eternal life lessons about forgiveness, grief, grace, gratitude, and the limitless love of all, God. Click here to get a copy of the book The Next Room with Jane Asher.



  • The astonishing healing that occurred for Jane’s father when Medium Pamala Oslie connected with Jane’s mother after her death.
  • Why highly elevated souls like the Dalai Lama are here with us now on the earthly plane.
  • What Jane learned about Spiritual Intelligence being a broader scope of understanding the Universe.
  • Wise guidance about gossip and the importance of surrounding ourselves with good people.



  • Does hell truly exist?
  • What did your mom teach you about forgiveness?
  • What is really important in this life each of us is living?


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Jane Asher: The Metaphysical Relationship Between A Mother And Daughter That Grew Stronger Through Death


I’m delighted to have this opportunity to once again interview author Jane Asher for her second interview on the show. Jane will be speaking to us from Santee, California, where she lives with her husband, Tom. Jane is a natural connector who has enjoyed a successful career in media and the music industry, most notably at major radio stations in San Diego and Santa Barbara and Virgin Records based in Chicago.

She has a popular podcast called The Next Room, which is dedicated to exploring and embracing the bigger picture surrounding life on Earth and what follows. Jane has also generously contributed her time to mission work in Tijuana, El Salvador, Malaysia, Amre Taza and the Dominican Republic. I’m looking forward to talking with Jane about her insightful, enlightening new book titled The Next Room.

It is a fascinating story that transcends the time and space of a relationship between a mother and daughter that grew stronger through death. Written together by initially enlisting interpretation through a psychic medium, The Next Room takes us on a daughter’s journey learning eternal life lessons about forgiveness, grief, grace, gratitude and the limitless love of all, God. This is surely going to be a wisdom-filled, insights-filled, impactful interview for all of us.

Jane, a loving welcome back to the show.

Thank you so much, Irene. It is such a pleasure. I got excited on my walk with the puppy thinking, “I get to talk to Irene.”

We’re going to have fun. Let’s begin by letting everyone get to know who you were before this thing happened with your mom. Tell us about your childhood, your parents’ relationship and how your mom fed your passion to learn about life and what follows.

I was born and raised in this fabulous little small farm town called Deckerville. It’s in the thumb of Michigan. If you know anything about the state of Michigan, it’s shaped like your hand. I grew up in the thumb. It’s 7 miles off of Lake Huron. There was a famous guy Sonny Eliot who used to do the weather for Detroit. Sonny would put up his hand and say, “There’s going to be a squall coming across here. Up here is the UP, the bridge and all that.” It’s a fabulous small farm town filled full of good, generous people who are always helping one another.

My mother was good about feeding my passion for things that were maybe a little bit unique or different. She subscribed me to Alfred Hitchcock’s magazine when I was a kid. I had a library card. There was a pea-green chair in our living room that I used to live in. It was my reading chair. I would sit there for hours and read. I remember her walking through the living room and I would startle her because I was sitting there so quietly.

She celebrated my unique side, let’s say that. I was a different kind of kid and very curious. I was burying treasure in the backyard and thought I could fly by jumping off the living room. Like Hasek, I would stand there with pillows under my arms thinking I could fly. I had a different side to me. She never made me feel weird. She celebrated that.

Sounds like you got a kick out of it based on all of these.

Yes. It was a great upbringing. I love my folks. They were married for many years. It’s lovely. I was the baby of six. According to the other five, rather spoiled. I loved it. That worked for me.

You had this amazing relationship with your mom. What was it like for you when she transitioned into the next room? There are only 30 days in September but why was your mom’s transition date listed as September 31st?

I’ve never felt anything like that. I had never felt such visceral pain when my older sister Lynn called to let me know that our mother hadn’t made it and she had died.

Did she die in surgery?

No. The great thing is she probably did die in surgery but then she came back. She was hooked up on all these machines and then they came off one after another. She made it through rehab and came home to die in her home. She died in my dad’s arms on September 31st. It was like an attack. I can’t explain it any other way. I have not felt like that since. It was such a punch.

She crosses over. I get the phone call. I’m flipping out. All I want to do is get on a plane from San Diego to Detroit and get home to my dad and siblings. My husband’s like, “You need to settle down and feel your grief.” I’m like, “I can’t. I got to get on a plane and get the four of us home.” I grabbed the calendar off the back of the kitchen door. It was a gift that my mother had given me every year since I moved out of Michigan. As a young woman of 22, she would give me a calendar. Written in all the little boxes were all the birthdays, anniversaries and any special dates. She didn’t want me to lose contact with the family.

That Christmas, she had given me the calendar. No one noticed there was an extra day on the calendar until I grabbed it off the back of the door and I start calling the airlines to book the four of us on a flight to get back to Michigan. I’m looking at September and October. As I’m on with Delta, I’m like, “Today’s the 31st. We need to get home as soon as possible. Can we get a flight on the 1st or the 2nd?” They said, “Ma’am, there’s not a 31st in September.” I’m like, “Sure there is. It’s on my calendar.”

That’s when we realized that this calendar that she had been giving me for many years, that particular year, had this date of September 31st. My husband said, “She didn’t die. She just slipped into the next room on a day that doesn’t exist.” For some reason, it filled me with this amazing hope. This day that’s not on the calendar is a wordless reminder right between the 30th and the 1st. I’ve got a lot of people celebrating September 31st. That’s how that all happened and how that September 31st came to be. It’s a chapter in the book.

After your mom transitioned though, you started to have visitations from her while sleeping. You started finding dimes and you had a spell-biting manifestation through the eyes of her best friend, Ruthie, which was an amazing story. Please tell us about the visitations and manifestation. How did you figure out that the dimes you found after she transitioned were from your mom?

It wasn’t until shortly after she left that I started finding dimes everywhere infrequently. I’ve always been a kid that would stop in the middle of the street and pick up a dirty penny, no matter how filthy it was. When I started finding dimes, they were always alone. Not a bunch of change, just a dime in unique places positioned perfectly. 1 in the dryer, 1 in the washer, 1 walking out of Target and 1 in my church parking lot. I’d get in my car and there’d be one right on the seat of my car.

When I went down to see my dad in Florida, the morning before I left, I go to get my travel purse and there was one positioned right on top of my purse left right there. The zipper is zipped. I go to the airport and as I get my bag off the conveyor belt, I find a dime. It was happening all the time. I didn’t equate it with my mom at all. I had no idea. I just was finding dimes.

I was on the radio station here in San Diego and we were having a psychic from Los Angeles. Her name’s Marisa Ryan. She’s going to be on the air with us connecting people with their loved ones. At the end of the week together, leading up to Halloween, Marisa said, “Jane, your mom is leaving you dimes. I don’t know the significance but just know every time you find one, they’re from her. I have no idea why she’s doing it.” I tell my husband. He’s like, “You got to start collecting them.”

We get a little velvet bag and I start saving them. Pretty soon, my kids and my husband are finding them. Also, every friend I told about it and my siblings. Everybody’s finding them. Every time they’d find one, my friend would take a picture and go, “Look. Hi, Mom,” and send me a picture of this dime. I know they’re from her. I’m having this vivid dream visitation. In the dream, it came flooding back to me. She was sitting gently on the edge of my bed and I prop myself up.

I said, “Mom, what’s the deal with the dimes?” She said, “I like to see you smile.” There it was. There wasn’t this big deep meaning to it. It was so perfect and simplistic. Every time I would find one and after I knew they were from her, I would smile. It was so great. That’s wild that you should ask me but I have this container right here. They’re filled full with also foreign coins. When we were traveling, I found £0.10 and €10. Everywhere we go, we find them. It’s so cool because I’m like, “She’s coming and traveling with me. I love it.”

It sounds like the same mom who let you do your thing and loves you so much while you were sitting in that living room and whatever made you happy. She knows this makes you happy so she’s delivering again. What about Ruthie?

It was about eight months after she had crossed over. I needed to see my dad and he needed to see me. My big sister and I cooked up a plan. She’s like, “You fly home. I’ll grab you at the airport. You and I’ll drive North to Dad.” It was just Lynn and I. We get up to my dad’s. He’s got his oldest daughter and youngest daughter. She and I were quite a team. Even though we were twelve years apart, we were very close.

Lynn said, “Let’s have the Schlangs over.” They’re my mom and dad’s best friends. They live right around the corner. “Let’s have Bob and Ruth over for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.” It was so great. They come over. Bob went right to the living room to chat with Lynn and my dad. Lynn was one of these women that men loved. She was big, took no prisoners and was very much not a girly girl. This woman fits with men. She was a wise talker.

She, Dad and Bob were chatting in the living room, having a Scotch, I’m sure. Ruthie and I were alone in my mom’s kitchen. We were leaning over the center island. We were about 5 inches apart holding hands. I said, “Ruth, my mother loved you so much. I need you to know that.” She has hazel eyes. As I was telling her this, through her eyes, this vivid blue pulsating light was vibrating. I’m sitting there quietly. It didn’t scare me but I was stunned. I’d never seen anything like that in my life.

I’m holding her hands while looking at this blue light vibrating through her eyes. Finally, I was like, “Ruthie, you don’t have blue eyes.” She went, “Stop it, Jane. You’re freaking me out. It’s your mom.” She had been seeing my mom in her house. Ruthie is super-tuned into the angelic realm. That happened and that is the only time that’s ever happened. I want it to happen again. My message through that was my mother was letting me know that she could see me. She just had to use her best friend’s eyes to deliver the message.

GAR Jane Asher | Metaphysical Relationship

Metaphysical Relationship: Jane Asher’s mother let her know from the other side that she could see her. She just had to use her best friend’s eyes to deliver the message.

I love that story. I had to get Ruthie’s permission because it is so different and bizarre. After it happened, I told everybody and my siblings. I’m like, “You won’t believe this.” Nobody thought I was crazy, at least they didn’t say it to my face. Everybody was super polite to say, “Sure you did, Jane.” I’m telling you. I even got ahold of Ruth and I said, “Ruthie, do you remember?” She said, “I still remember how you felt.” We both had goosebumps all over our arms because we knew that my mother was coming in for a visit. It was great.

That’s so wonderful, especially two of her favorite people in the world and she was with you. Speaking of favorite people in the world, tell us about your connection with the remarkable psychic medium, Pamala Oslie and the astonishing healing that occurred for your dad when Pam connected with your mom after your mom died.

I love Pam. She’s gentle, kind and compassionate. She has an extraordinary gift. She’s like a teeny radio with her little antenna. It happens to be tuned into the next room. After my mom passed, my dad didn’t have the heart to go to Florida by himself. They always went to Florida every winter because Michigan winters are horrible. My sister Lynn, the great caper, called and said, “We got to get Dad out of the snow. How about we send him out to San Diego?” I said, “Great.”

The plan is set. He’s going to come out for a month. I was turning 50. I did not know my husband was having this big surprise birthday party trying to get me out of my funk. Good luck there. Dad comes out. After about a week, we were both so raw from our grief. I’m cooking dinner every night because that’s Dad. He needs a hot meal on the table. He came out after I got the kids out the door to school and Tom was at work. He said, “Jane, I want to talk to your friend.” I said, “Dad, you’re going to have to be more specific. I’ve got a lot of friends.” He said, “The one that does séances and stuff.”

I laughed because I had told my folks about Pam and her very unique gifts. They knew I had sessions with her but no one in my family knew. We were raised very Christian and went to church every Sunday. I said, “Dad, she’s expensive but let me see if she’ll at least talk to you. I don’t know what you think she can do for you.” He was adamant that she had some kind of message. Pam says, “I’ll talk to your dad.” I hooked them up. I put him in the backyard on my landline. He’s a big sun worshiper so he’s in the backyard. She was on the phone with him for close to an hour. I kept thinking, “I can’t believe I did this to my poor friend. I stuck her on the phone with my 84-year-old grieving dad.”

Finally, after I could see that he had hung up, I went outside. Here’s my big bull of a dad sitting out in the backyard, tears streaming down his little sun-kissed cheeks. I’m thinking, “What’d I do?” I’m like, “Dad, I’m so sorry.” He goes, “No, she was here.” I said, “What?” He said, “Your mother was here. Come on, your friend’s sending a recording to your studio.” He started bolting across the backyard through my living room, came in here and sat down. Sure enough, Pamala Oslie had sent a recording of their first conversation and it was my mom.

I was incredulous because I had been friends with Pam for close to 30 years at this point but I knew she was psychic. I didn’t know the medium part of it. Psychic can tell you about your future, love life, the windfall of money and a job change but mediums connect. She doesn’t promote that side of her business because it can get a little odd. She was like, “I do that.” I’m like, “I didn’t know anything about it. I had no idea.” Here’s this friend of mine that I’ve known forever. She told me things about my life that were more psychic in tune. I never went to her to ask her to connect with anyone.

After that happened, it was as though my dad had the deepest, most cathartic session with a well-paid therapist that you could ever want. He immediately had this complete relaxation. He knew that my mother was just beyond the here and now, in the next room, patiently going to wait for him. She said, “You’re going to be around for a long time so get busy living or dying and stop being a downer.” He was a downer after she left. I get it. They were best friends. He was devastated after she left. We thought maybe he was going to check out right behind her. A lot of us thought, “We’re going to have to bury our dad too right after burying Mom.”

After talking to my mom, she gave me the old crooked finger. When she would point at you, her finger had a little arthritis so it would go this way. She was never pointing at you. She was pointing at the other person, which was always our inside joke. She gave my dad the little, “You get busy. You engage with the kids and grandkids. Get out of the house. Stop moping around.” She was telling him that she could see him. She was like, “Take better care of the kitchen. I don’t like the crumbs on the counter.”

We were laughing because who would know that? That was the beginning of a gift. He lived for almost 8 years, 7 years, 5 months and change. Every year, I would gift him a call with Pam. He would always call Mom on her birthday. He said, “I want to call your mother and wish her a happy birthday.” He loved it. He would have this hour-long session with Pam to talk to my mom. It was unprecedented. That gift gave him such complete peace of mind that he would be reunited when the time came but he still had many gifts to give and he had to get busy with life. It was brilliant.

By giving him that gift, you gave the gift to the rest of you too because you got a whole new dad back.

It was awesome. I have to say some people in the family were a little skeptical and not very happy. They may have thought I was filling my dad with some kind of false hope or something but now they see it very clearly. It just took some time. You’re raised a certain way and this is what you believe. Here’s the Bible and this is what it is. I’m pushing the boundaries of that quite a bit.

You get into this world and see certain things. The same thing happened to me with my Jewish upbringing. I was taught certain things but now I see things a little differently. Your experience with your dad prepared you for what was to come with your mom. It’ll eat you up. It was good for you.

He got the whole party started. Through my dad, this happened. He was the one that opened my mind to a greater awareness that I could indeed connect through Pam. Once I connected through Pam, my mother was so cute, she’s like, “Please don’t take offense, Pam but Jane doesn’t need you to connect with me. She and I are already communicating. We’ve been doing it since I crossed.” I was like, “What? No, I need Pam.” It was crazy. It was lovely the way that it unfolded. Now that I’ve stepped out of my spiritual closet, there’s no getting back in. It’s super fun.

How did your journey with Pam and your mom begin? Your mom communicated to you and Pam about spiritual intelligence, being a broader scope of understanding the universe. Do you want to share that wisdom with us?

After the whole thing with my dad, I had been toying with writing a book about my connection with my mother. For years, I had thought about it. After my big sister had passed, I was on a plane writing a letter to her on my boarding pass. I was distraught and so sad. In this letter, I posed the question, “How do I ask Mom to co-author this book with me when she’s in the next room and I’m on this side?” My sister Lynn in a lightning bolt, like she was right here, said, “Ask your friend Pam. See if Pam might be willing to connect with you with Mom.” I was like, “Lynn, that’s a great idea.”

Plane lands. I call Pam the next day like, “Pam, would you be willing to do this with me?” She said, “Sure, whatever you want.” That’s how it all started. I started having regular sessions with Pam. All of Part Three is all translated. It’s all on tape. I have all the tapes. I would sit and listen to it, write it out, listen back and write again. Part Three was all purely translated through Pam, my mother speaking through Pam to me. That’s when it came to Part Four.

She also communicated with you and Pam about spiritual intelligence.

The way that she described it was that we’re so human. We get so good at being human. We only can see things and grasp things in this form because we’re weighed down. We’ve got a body, brain and heart. We can’t get too big. We try but then we bring it back in because we’re like, “I can’t think like that.” The spiritual intelligence that she was showing her was plugging back into this greater awareness when we cross.

We are so good at being human that we can only see and grasp things in this form. We've got a body, brain, and heart, and we can't really get too big. Click To Tweet

She said, “It’s not knowledge as much as it is like this spiritual intelligence where you plug back in and go, ‘I see it all. It all makes sense.’” All those little teeny pieces that you think are all pieces of glass on the ground fit perfectly together. It’s this greater awareness that we are all connected. It was beautiful. It was such a good way for her to describe it.

Was her point that some of us can have that while we’re on this side or the spiritual intelligence that happens when we’re on the other side?

There are some highly elevated souls like Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama. Free will. That soul is an elevated soul that chose the role to come back to help push the narrative forward while they’re here. That was a choice. They wanted to come down, bring that knowledge with them and have a greater understanding of it because of the growth of that soul. They’re a lot more plugged in and tuned in.

I’m always like, “How did that person get there? How can that person not be angry about what’s going on on the planet?” They can because they know that it’s all peace. They are standing for peace. They are not going to stand for war, strife or believe in this side of things that are not healthy and not going to move us forward. The only thing that moves us forward is love.

They’re the wisdom keepers on our planet.

They help to push that narrative forward. As you can see, they give talks and people flock to see them. There are great healers all over the globe. That’s what I love about all the beautiful religions on the planet. If you take every single one of them as different as they are about the machinations of getting to God, they all boil down to the same thing and that God is love. It’s the way it is across the board, every single one. They may say it differently, have a different way to pray and have a different belief system on how to behave but it all boils down to the same thing.

Speaking of love, what does your mom tell you about health?

It doesn’t exist. It’s manmade. Some people need rules. Certain religions have devised like A, B, C, D and E. “This is how you get to the great reward,” which would be heaven. We all go back to the source. We all return to love. It doesn’t matter if you’re the most heinous individual on the planet. You will return, although maybe a different level of understanding and some different lessons, I’m not sure because I don’t know. All I know is what I’m shown.

There is no shame and blame. It is love. That person that maybe perhaps didn’t act very loving is maybe not a grand soul. They got distorted and did some horrible things. They will have to deal when they get to the next room. I don’t know how it works but there will be a level of complete understanding where they will feel loved again.

I understand there’s a life review. That’s what I’ve been told. They get to experience what they did. It’s a part of their knowledge and healing. I’ll let you know in about 100,000 years when I get there. I’ll see you and we’ll talk about it. How did you and your mom begin to write your book together? You’ve worked with Pam and you’re saying, “Can I do this on my own?”

I had so much doubt. I was filled with raging fear and all this trepidation. I’m like, “I don’t know how to do this. I don’t know what I’m doing.” What happened was I wrote Part 1 and then Part 2. Part Three was translated with Pam. I thought that was the book. I had another session with Pam not to ask any more questions because I felt like I had plenty of material. I wanted to see if Mom liked where I was headed with our book because she was going to get writing credit as well.

I said to Pam, “I have Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. Does she like the way it’s being presented?” Pam said, “Yes. Your mother says there’s going to be a prologue, epilogue and a Part Four.” I was like, “What?” She said, “I need to reiterate. No offense taken. Your mother wants you to know that you do not need me and the two of you can do this.” After that session, I thought about Part Four. I was like, “I don’t know how to do this.”

I meditate, take long walks and listen to the same music over and over that inspires me. I started getting these downloads. That’s the only way I can explain it. I came back into my little studio and I shut the door. I told Tom not to bother me. I asked her a question and said, “What is it that you would like me to know?” It started coming. I don’t even know how I did it. I read chapter 44 again. It’s called Grief and Good Energy. I was like, “It wasn’t me.” I was asking questions but it was like buzzing.

Her language, words and energy, it’s so unbelievable that I’m reading it as this girl who needs to read it over and over. I need the lessons as much as anyone else may need these lessons. I’m so grateful. I was reading it and getting goosebumps again. I said, “Thank you so much, Mom.” I started welling up. I was like, “What a gift.”

She relates to you in such wisdom. I would love you to share with everyone what she related to you about gratitude and the concept of privilege. That blew me away.

With gratitude, what she was saying is, “You need to give thanks for everything, the good and not-so-good.” What I was saying to her is, “If I give thanks for things that aren’t pleasant, won’t I get more of that unpleasantness?” I’ve studied the law of attraction. She said, “No, you’re thinking about it all wrong. You need to be in the bigger picture and understand that everything is for you. It is all designed to move you forward. Give thanks for it.”

GAR Jane Asher | Metaphysical Relationship

Metaphysical Relationship: Giving thanks for unpleasantness will not lead to you attracting more of it. You need to be in the bigger picture and understand that everything is for you.

Give thanks for the long game. When I stub my toe, I’m like, “Thank you. That’s painful. I didn’t enjoy it but I get that maybe I’m supposed to slow down, be more mindful and look where I’m walking.” It’s all of that, giving thanks all the time. I have this mantra. When I wake up, I start with, “Thank you.” When I walk, I don’t walk for exercise. I walk for the love of the trees and birds.

That’s a form of meditation. That’s beautiful.

I love my walking meditation. It has changed my life.

She said something very profound about the concept of privilege that you asked her about. Some people are better than other people or air of expectation.

I’ll look it up if you could tell me which chapter it is because everybody is coming at me and asking me all these questions. That’s why I keep picking it up and reading it going, “I don’t remember that.” I do know we were talking about our lives and as far as certain people are fortunate and have a better thing, like a better lifestyle. I do remember her telling me about Oprah. I said, “Does it make me shallow that I love my car? I love my little thing.” She said, “Not at all. We’re wired to like nice things.”

It’s like when Oprah finally knew that she had extra money. The first thing she did was to buy good towels and sheets because she could. That doesn’t make us shallow. We’re very human and we’re wired to enjoy nice things. It’s okay. When you get into the pursuit of that, that that’s all you want and you have to have that, that’s when you’re out of alignment.

You think that maybe you’re better than other people as opposed to being blessed and grateful. She also spoke to you about having a sole purpose and how we can perceive what our sole purpose is.

Our sole purpose is we don’t have to do anything. It should reveal itself to us. We don’t need to chase after it.

Like what you’re doing yours and I’m doing mine.

It took me a few years to get here. I’ve been on the radio since I was nineteen. The generosity is coming back tenfold. I’m interviewing people over the course of all these years and being very generous to promote other people so people are finding me. I’m not picking up the phone and saying, “Will you interview me,” which I love.

She said, “You don’t need to do any of that. They will come to you. They will find and call you. You’ve already made those connections.” I am aligned with my sole purpose. I’m supposed to be writing. I need to get cracking. She told me depending on how busy I got but we need to get after The Next Room 2 because I barely scratched the surface with her in this one.

She’s going to give you more. How exciting. It’s fantastic. I see interview number three with Jane. Here we go. What did your mom teach you about forgiveness and grief?

I love forgiveness. A lot of people are saying it resonated with them. She told this through Pam in Part 3 and then she reiterated it to me in Part 4. With forgiveness, it even says that the two words are for and giving. Forgiveness is for giving to yourself. When you forgive, you are doing it for yourself, not for the other person.

Forgiveness is for giving to yourself. When you forgive, you are doing it for yourself, not for the other person. Click To Tweet

It doesn’t run your life.

You come clean with it. Understand that it is for giving. It is so beautiful the way that she broke that down. I had never thought of it like that. I was confused. I’m like, “What do you mean?” A big part of this is throughout my journey, I have had some situations with different people that we’ve hung on to some pain. With this, she has taught me to release and forgive myself. I’ve been able to heal a lot of those past pains and things that happened.

I want to get to the pearl because I loved her guidance too about gossip and good people. She did say something about grief to you.

Yes, she did. She’s been gone for several years. I still get overwhelmed with moments of deep sadness. I was saying to her that I felt like when she left, she took all the bright colors with her and that my life ended up a little bit gray. She said that that’s okay. She wasn’t going to tell me to snap out of it or move on. What she did say is the level of my grief is directly attached to the level of love that I’ve been able to experience.

If I could spend the space and that knowledge in knowing how deeply blessed, how much love I’ve had and how many amazing people that I’ve connected with, then I would understand that it’s okay. You welcome that grief. I wouldn’t have this grief if I didn’t have that extraordinary love. When she put it like that, I was like, “Grieve on.”

Speaking of grieving, when people are involved in gossip and they hurt you with their gossip, what did she share with you about gossip and surrounding yourself with people? That’s advice every single person should take to heart.

I needed to hear it myself. Sometimes, you are innocently having a conversation with someone and another friend will come up in that conversation. You start sharing information about the friend that’s not in the room. That is gossip. Unless it is steeped in complete love and you’re sharing like, “Janice is magnificent, beautiful and thriving.” If it’s that, that’s one thing.

If you start saying, “I heard that she’s having a difficult time with her weight. I don’t like the color of her hair,” or anything like that, she said, “You have to stop immediately and remove that person or that type of individual from your life.” It does not help move me forward. Gossip is one of the most dangerous forms of communication that we have. We think it’s rather innocent because we’re just sharing information. We’re not. Not unless it is wrapped in a large cocoon of love, it is gossip.  It’s a low vibration. If you want to get up there and keep going up, you have to stop doing that.

GAR Jane Asher | Metaphysical Relationship

Metaphysical Relationship: Gossip is one of the most dangerous forms of communication that we have. We think it’s rather innocent because we’re just sharing information.

I’m in the media business and I love my radio friends but when I was in terrestrial radio, it’s got a little dark side. If somebody like a celebrity would die, it would be two seconds before the jokes would start. It’s how it is. That was difficult. That was hard on me because I’m not that type of person. I have to say that when I retired from traditional radio, it was a blessing. Now, I’m in a little studio all alone, like you are with your show. I’m talking to people about topics that are inspirational, loving and kind that help move us forward. I needed to remove myself. The radio did nothing wrong. It’s been a great career for me but it was too negative being in that environment.

Another amazing thing your mom talked about was that we’re here to learn from the deep and monumental challenges we’re facing in the world. Are we facing some monumental challenges in this world, do you think and are wanting to be part of a great shift in consciousness at this time? Tell us about that. That’s cool.

2020 was treacherous, everything with the politics, divisiveness and nastiness on social media. Friends and families are fighting. We’re getting struck with this virus and people are losing jobs. It was like, “Mom, what is going on?” She said, “It’s okay. You guys are all part of a soul-grouping mission. You knew that you were going to be faced with these challenges and you said, ‘Bring it on.’”

We all came here together to push this narrative forward. Even if you are on the left side of politics or the right, it’s okay. It doesn’t matter. It’s all moving forward. No one is right. No one is wrong. You need to stay in your lane of peace. Do not lean into any argument with anyone about your belief system. Stay in peace. It’s like what Mother Teresa used to say. “Don’t invite me to an anti-war rally. I don’t want to go because you’re marching for war. Invite me to a peace rally.”

GAR Jane Asher | Metaphysical Relationship

Metaphysical Relationship: It doesn’t matter if you are on the left side of politics. No one is right or wrong. Just stay in your own lane of peace and do not lean into any argument with anyone about your belief systems.

There’s a big difference in the way that we can view things. What she kept saying is, “It’s not all necessarily bad. It caused many of us to wake up. There is a great awakening. You can feel it.” There are shows like this. The fact that you and I are sitting here and having this in-depth conversation in your fabulous show, speaks volumes to who you are and why you are here, Irene. You are here to wake people up and share your knowledge and incredible gifts on the planet. That’s why we’re doing this.

We’re light workers as they say. We’re doing our jobs with love. From her elevated perspective, what did your mom say is important in this life each of us is living?

One of the greatest messages she gave me and I need to have it on a t-shirt is, “Expand without fear.” She kept saying that to me over and over. She said that sometimes, myself and other people included, start getting too caught up in this. We have to get out of our heads, get back in our hearts and stop trying to make it fit like Cinderella and the shoe.

She said, “Go barefoot and expand without fear. Do not worry about what someone is going to think or say about you. It matters not.” What matters is that we are all rising and speaking our truth. It’s the only way that we’re going to push and move the narrative forward so that the next time around, the people that are behind us will go, “That was inspirational. I want to do more of that.” That’s how we maybe will one day see world peace. Not in my lifetime on this side.

When we come back, Jane, you and I will be experiencing it. We’ll be enjoying it. There you go. Tell everyone all the ways that they can connect with you and your book The Next Room.

You can go to my website. It’s or Either way, it’ll get there. On the website, you can connect with me. You can purchase my book there if you want. You can get autographed copies through there. If you want to save a few bucks, you can get the book through Amazon or Barnes & Noble. You can order it through Target if you want. I didn’t want to limit people. I wanted them to be able to get it wherever.

If they do want it autographed, I had my mother’s signature made in a stamp. Not only do I sign it but so does Betty Asher. We autograph the books and I ship them out directly with a handwritten thank-you note. I hope I can keep doing that for as long as possible. Connect with me. I’ve got a fun community on Facebook. It’s called The Next Room. It’s a good community. There’s about almost 1,800 of us. Everybody talks, chimes in and shares. There’s a lot of love and giving there. It’s an active audience.

You know how sometimes you go on a Facebook page and it’s crickets? Nobody’s talking. Nobody cares. On this page, I post things and the love is so cool. I love The Next Room Facebook page. I’m also on Instagram as @JaneAsherReaney, Twitter @JaneAsher and LinkedIn but LinkedIn is too business-y. I put things on there and it’s like watching paint dry. I don’t know what it is about LinkedIn. It doesn’t get it done for me but that’s fine. My website is probably the best place. Your picture is up there because I interviewed you on my show. A lot of the upcoming promotion and marketing and where I’m going to be on my book tour will all be on my website.

Pay attention. Write it down. Jane Asher, do you have a tip for finding joy in life?

Get quiet and ask for guidance. Ask for those that have gone before us that maybe have a greater awareness and a higher elevated perspective to fill you with what it is to find your life purpose. Ultimately, if you find your life purpose, you will be led to joy. Isn’t that what it’s all about? We’re all here in a quest to have this joyous experience. Get quiet and ask for that to come.

If you find your life purpose, you will be led to joy. We are here in this world on a quest to have a joyous experience. Just get quiet and ask for that to come. Click To Tweet

Jane, here are two of my favorite quotes from your very wise and enlightened book, The Next Room. “I see more love, more beauty, more compassion, more peace, more understanding. It’s an exponential growth. It’s beyond any scope of what I felt to be true when I was in human form as my mother. I had no idea that it would be like this. It is so vast, so big and so enormously beautiful.”

Also, this one, “When you are thankful for everything in your life, your awareness grows.” Many in our audience have surely joined me in being thankful for this memorable interview. Thank you, Jane, for sharing both your special insights-filled book, The Next Room and your remarkable mom, and she’s truly remarkable, with all of us. Here’s a reminder, everyone. Make sure to follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. As I like to say, to be continued. Many blessings. Bye for now.


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