“Your soul purpose is the gift you came here to share with the human race, no matter how simple or grand it may seem.  It also involves the personal relationship lessons you came here to learn this time around. Even when you don’t consciously remember your soul purpose, you know it in the fiber of your being.”
– Saul Weinberg

Saul channeled that statement to me through a medium in answer to my question, “Do we each come here with a Soul Purpose?”

I have been asked about Soul Purpose during radio interviews and presentations.  I indeed know people who are consciously living their Soul Purpose and I also know people who are at a loss regarding any true reason for their being on our planet.

A person living his or her Soul Purpose is authentically passionate about what he or she is doing, especially if it is making a positive difference in what could be considered a small or big way. I truly believe that I, for example, am living my Soul Purpose.  I personally suffered abuse as a kid and years later I was troubled by the amount of suffering I saw in the world.  I am by nature “a gatherer,” a person who loves to bring people together and form a community. I like to empower people I care about and give them healing support.

After my husband died next to me in a tragic car accident, I was helped to process my intense grief and later redefine my life with the aid of three amazing healers, a Medium, a Life Transition Coach and an Energetic Healer. I can personally attest to the profound difference healing can make in one’s life.

I also resonate with the concept that a significant part of one’s Soul Purpose can be the personal relationship lessons learned in a lifetime.  Wow, for me this has been HUGE.  It took me years to learn, again with help from healers along the way, that I did not have to spend my life as a “people pleaser” to be loved and accepted.  I also figured out that I can “detach with love” from people who are toxic to me, especially those people who are verbally abusive to me or dismissive of me in any way. And I finally got that I don’t have to be perfect to be entitled to love and respect.

Those relationship lessons, which are ongoing, are certainly a part of my Soul Purpose, as is the podcast I created and now co-host along with Stephanie Barnhart, called Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life.  We interview grief and trauma specialists, healers, mediums and people who share their amazing, inspiring stories about their personal journeys through grief and trauma to healing and joy.

Two very special things have happened which have touched my heart and confirmed my passion, which is Grief and Rebirth podcast, for me: the first is how many people are responding to the interviews on the podcast with appreciation and gratitude for the insights, wisdom and guidance gained; the second, how many well-known, amazing people who represent a wide variety of healing modalities plus how many people with those incredible, inspiring stories to share wish to add their voices to the podcast.

Stephanie and I are gathering together a healing community of people whose collective Soul Purpose is to help people heal as well as those amazing people with their personal, inspiring stories of healing which have often led to their own unique Soul Purpose.

According to Dr. Mark Pitstick in his book Soul Proof, these are the 8 questions to ask yourself that will help you determine your Soul Purpose in this lifetime:
1)    What are you naturally good at?
2)    What would you do if money were no object?
3)    What would you do if you had only one year to live?
4)    What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?
5)    What would you do without pay because you enjoy it?
6)    What do you read and talk about in your spare time?
7)    What chokes you up, gives you goosebumps, cold chills, and tears in your eyes or pressure over your chest?
8)    How do you feel called to assist global transformation?

Dr. Pitstick also advises: “Do the best you can within your sphere of influence and know that’s enough. Let your compassionate heart show you who needs help and how.  And don’t forget to put yourself on your list of priorities.”

Perhaps your Soul Purpose is to learn relationship lessons this time around.  The lessons can come through family members, friends, business associates, neighbors and countless others.  Perhaps your Soul Purpose is through the way you help people via your career choices.  Perhaps your Soul Purpose is to save our environment.  Or to save animals. Or help children in some way. Or help the homeless. The list is endless!

We are in this difficult classroom called Earth.  We will one day go “home,” to heaven.  How are you currently serving our planet? What are you doing for yourself and others in your personal community?  Does any of it fill your heart with passion and Joy?

I hope you and your personal community will subscribe to Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life. Our growing community is filled with love, understanding, healing and connection. Come join us!

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