Hope & Healing for HSPs (Highly Sensitive People)


Are you a sensitive soul? It’s OK to be sensitive. In fact, you were chosen and you are gifted.

Join Irene with special guest Melissa Lyons on June 21st at 6:30pm ET for transformational insights and information about living as an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person.

Are you a highly sensitive person?

✓ Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed at times, especially when you are around certain people or in large, loud crowds?

✓ Do you cry easily, especially when you witness pain or trauma in another?

✓ Do you find yourself knowing, sensing or feeling things before others or at a greater level?

✓ Do you have a hard time saying no or setting boundaries, especially when it comes to supporting or helping others?

✓ Do you find that your self-esteem energy can be drained easily by certain people or in certain situations?

If you highly relate to one or more of these scenarios, chances are you are an empath or an (HSP) highly sensitive person.

In this 90-minute presentation with Irene Weinberg and Melissa Lyons, you will discover strategies and techniques to turn your sensitivity into your strength and power.

✓ Why you were “chosen” and by whom.

We will assess your sensitivity level and help you identify your gifts, potential, and possibilities.

✓ We will discuss and explore how your sensitivity has impacted your life and determine how it can redirect your future.

✓ We will workshop some key self-discovery tools that will bring you clarity and offer impactful insights about your gifts.

✓ We will support you as you create your own pathway that will help keep you centered and aligned moving forward.

✓ We will have time for Q&A to answer your questions.

You will ALSO receive these in addition to the live program:

✓ E-book with tips, insights and assignments

✓ A guided reflection to center and ground you with your gifts