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    Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life

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    They Serve Bagels in Heaven

    They Serve Bagels In Heaven

    Irene herself is a traumatic loss survivor – losing her husband next to her in a tragic car accident. This tradegy is what ultimately sparked her healing and spiritual journey, and to guide others. Read her story here.


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    How others are healing.

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    Weinberg’s story is powerfully insightful, emotionally moving and entertaining. This is a beautiful love story with a powerful message. Bravo!!!

    D. Fallon

    More than a love story. A life story….Such a sweet book. Such a timeless message: Live consciously. Be loving and kind to everyone.

    As Ted Rubin always says, “Be good to people!”

    Kirsten DiChiappari

    Love that lasts an eternity. The spiritual connection, one that even if you are not a believer, it leaves you thinking, considering the words Irene writes. Written by Irene with help of her late husband, one you pick it up, you will not stop.

    Karen Proctor

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    About Irene Weinberg

    Irene explains why it is important to be loving and kind to everyone – especially yourself.

    Author career and biography

    Saul and Irene had a wonderful and loving relationship, merged their two families into one and enjoyed each other’s company every day. But it was unfortunately short-lived.

    After seventeen years of marriage, Saul died next to Irene in a tragic car accident. Before, during and after the accident, Irene, who did not believe in any notions of spirituality, received amazing, profound messages that contained a Directive from heaven, opening her to a profound Spiritual Awakening.

    Personal motivations & special thanks

    Irene’s memoir is based on the true life story of Irene Weinberg, whose husband Saul died next to her in a tragic car accident. The amazing messages Irene received before, during and after the accident contained a Directive from Heaven, opening her to a profound Spiritual Awakening that took Irene on a healing journey from devastating loss to a renewed sense of inner strength, spiritual wisdom and passion for life.

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