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Heidi Connelly is an Intuitive Coach, a Medium, and a musician as well as a writer, editor and self-publishing consultant. A co-author of James Van Praagh’s When Heaven Touches Earth and other books and articles, Heidi currently offers workshops both on writing with the authentic voice and Living an Authentic Life.  She also makes customized healing flute recordings. Heidi’s book Crossing the Rubicon tells the story of two lovers separated through loss of life on the physical plane who realize that there truly is life after death… on both sides of the veil.



  • How Heidi’s husband Randy worked with her to develop a new relationship after he crossed over.
  • What a “high – sensitive” is and how each of us can identify if we are a “high- sensitive.”
  • How Heidi aids people to discover their unique energetic signatures and their intuitive guidance systems.
  • Where a person’s psychic energy lives in his or her body.


  • Why do you say that each of us is a “vacationing angel?”
  • How has the ongoing validation that you are receiving information from the Other Side changed the way you live and walk through life?
  • Is your deceased husband Randy okay with the fact that you have a new love interest in your life?



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Heidi Connolly — Intuitive Coach, Medium, And Musician As Well As A Writer, Editor And Self-Publishing Consultant






It is going to be an interesting and very unique interview. It is such a thrill and a delight to be with you for our seventh season of the show, introducing you to the enlightening insights of wonderful healers, mediums, grief and trauma specialists, and truly amazing people with their inspiring stories to share. Before we begin the interview, I want to remind you to follow on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Our fascinating guest today is Heidi Connolly. She is an Intuitive Coach, a Medium and a musician, as well as a writer, editor, and self-publishing consultant. She makes customized healing flute recordings and offers workshops on living an authentic life and writing in your authentic voice. Heidi helps people discover who they are as vacationing angels and aids them to discover their unique energetic signatures and their intuitive guidance systems.

A co-author of James Van Praagh’s When Heaven Touches Earth and other books and articles, Heidi currently offers workshops on writing with the authentic book voice. She is a winner of the Honorable Mention Awards at the 2015 New York Book Festival, the 2015 Paris Book Festival, and the 2014 Southern California Book Festival.

Her book, Crossing The Rubicon, tells the story of two lovers separated through loss of life on the physical plane but of the realization that there truly is life after death on both sides of the veil. I can relate to Heidi’s story. I, too, crossed the threshold of my own personal Rubicon after the amazing spiritual awakening I experienced when my husband Saul died next to me in a tragic car accident.

I also know for sure that he is with me from the other side of the veil. Heidi, you and I are surely kindred spirits. It is with joy that I welcome you to the show. I’m eager to learn about your services and products that encourage and invite people to learn the truth about who they are. To begin, please tell us about your unique and wonderful book called Crossing The Rubicon.

It is a gift to be spending some time with you and everyone reading. My life has changed so much since the death of my husband in 2012. Randy was a unique individual. He always said he’d be talking to me from the other side, but I figured even if he talked, I wouldn’t hear him because I certainly didn’t have any ability to do that. It was a year and a half after he died, I was still devastated and still thinking about taking my own life. I didn’t see the point of living without him.

I went to sleep one night crying again and angry that I hadn’t heard from him. I got woken up in the middle of the night. It was 3:00 AM. I heard this big loud voice, “Heidi, wake up, get out your pen and paper. We’re going to write a book.” I was shocked. At first, I called out my friend’s name. I was staying with her house at her house in Canada and there was no one there. She was not even home. I took out a piece of paper, a pencil and wrote in the dark. The next day I had most of Crossing The Rubicon.

When I woke up the next morning and I saw what was in my scribbles, I frankly could not believe it because, first of all, a lot of the book is in rhyme and I have never rhymed anything in my life. It’s one thing to write, edit and write novels for people, but it’s another thing to write poetry. I’ve never done that. Randy was the poet in the family. What he told me was this was a conversation that we had when he was dying. It was inverse.

We never got to have the conversation because he was dying and in pain. That’s what the book started as. As it grew, he began to explain how important it was to understand that we need to create a new kind of relationship with the loved ones who have passed. When you’re grieving as heavily as I was, you cannot hear the voice you want to hear the most. There you are saying, “Why can’t I?” Here’s the answer. You can’t because your grief is like a wet blanket. It’s like the blanket is sitting over you and nothing can filter through. Every time you think of the loved one, you cry and you are sad.

Your grief is like a wet blanket. It sits over you and nothing can filter through. Every time you think of your loved one who passed, you cry and feel sad. Share on X

Their love energy is pouring in. They are there. They’re showering you with love and affection and all you feel is pain and sadness. He said, “We have to develop a new relationship, and I’m going to teach you how to do it.” That’s how the book came about. Shortly after that, he told me, “I had hired a friend who’s a graphic designer to illustrate the book.” She kept saying that he wouldn’t let her do it. Finally, he told me I had to do it. I said, “I don’t do art anymore.” He was a tough guy then, and on the other side, you know from your husband, they don’t change personality.

I’m laughing because that must have been what he was like on this side.

He was stubborn and he told you what you needed to do. He used to say to me, “Can’t you just shut up and do what I’m telling you to do?” We would laugh hysterically, but this is what he kept saying to me, so I illustrated the book. Two weeks later, he told me what to call the book. I did not know the expression, “Crossing The Rubicon,” and that’s what Julius Caesar said to his troops.

Randy said, “Call it Crossing The Rubicon: Love Poems Past The Point of No Return.” He said to his troops, “If we cross the Rubicon River, we may never go home again.” Randy’s message to me was, “We’re past the point of no return, and this is the time when we’re going to have to develop a new way of being together. I can’t do over here on this side if you don’t do your part on the other side. We are still in partnership even more than we ever were in human form.”

It is interesting because I have the same exact relationship with my husband who is on the other side. We’re such a validation for each other.

You’ll hear more stories when people come forward. They have similar experiences because that is what’s happening. The fair world wants to continue the relationship, but we can’t do that until we’ve processed the physical death. The more highly sensitive we are, the harder it can be because we’re having emotional responses that continue to block communication and learning. This book was amazing in that way because it brought me through the whole process,

GAR 57 | Vacationing Angel

Vacationing Angel: The more highly sensitive we are towards death, the harder it can be. We’re having emotional responses that block communication and learning.

It is also why I’m excited to talk to you about later in our interview about high sensitive because you said something and some of the readers are going, “High sensitive, what is that?” I will definitely be covering that too. Could you share with us all those first in your life, hearing from spirit, seeing spirit and feeling spirit? How has this ongoing validation that you’re receiving information from the other side changed the way you live and walk through life?

One of the biggest things that happened was after the book, Randy told me to illustrate it. After the illustration, he told me to buy a new flute. I was a professional musician after college for ten years. Due to a jaw injury, I stopped playing. It was twenty-something years before this happened. I said to him, “You are crazy. I’m not going to buy a professional flute worth thousands of dollars. I don’t play anymore.” He insisted. Two weeks later, he had me in a recording studio recording an audiobook of improvised flute music to go along with Crossing The Rubicon.

GAR 57 | Vacationing Angel

Crossing the Rubicon: Love Poems Past the Point of No Return by Heidi Connolly

You channeled that information.

I didn’t know what I was doing. I was scared. I thought, “I don’t know what I’m doing here.” The first thing that happened was I started to warm up. It had been 25 years. I’m not exaggerating.

We have that in common because I used to be a violinist.

You understand it’s not like riding a bicycle. I had this new flute I had never played. I go in and the producer tells me to warm up. Ten minutes later, I stop playing and I say, “Are we starting?” He said, “We already did.” The moment I stopped what I called warming up was to the second the preface of the book. In other words, my speaking through the introduction of the book was to the second the music I had played.

I did the whole recording that way. Randy had his own language that he was born with and he called it the language of the emotions. He only spoke it to me every once in a while. He used to say, I can’t translate it, but I know it came from the ladies where I came from. He called himself two lakes of the star clan. I never understood any of that. When he was dying, he spoke a few words and I got it on a recorder. At the end of the audiobook, those words are on it. He was saying, “Goodbye, my love. I’m coming home.”

He was pushing me away when he died. I felt guilty and afraid. I was angry. I didn’t understand why he was pushing me away, that it was because he was afraid I was going to follow him to the other side. All those are a first. Everything was a first in my life, then he tells me to start a meetup. I didn’t know what a meetup was. I scheduled a meetup at the library and two people came, but I didn’t even know what I was going to say. He set me up with a medium in Canada who invited me to come up and write a book with her. He called her to invite me up there to write a book. I ended up living with her for three months and she taught me about who I was.

How did she get in touch with her? He channeled her to get in touch with you.

She called me on the phone and said, “Randy is talking to me.” I said, “I can’t even get out of bed. It’s only two weeks since he died.” She said, “He won’t leave me alone. He’s insisting that you come up here and see me and we write a book together. That started a long relationship of mentorship where she taught me a lot of what I know and I have built on that.

I can relate to that because I also worked with a medium when Saul died to write my book. I channeled information. There are many similarities and it’s such a validation for both of us. Tell me about the divine guidance that inspired you to pursue the calling of intuitive coach, medium and musician. Was it all because of what Randy was saying to you or did it feel right?

It happened so fluidly and organically after I started writing down the book. I was in Canada, living in a hotel for a month. I went downstairs into a hot tub. The night before, I’d had a dream. I’m in the hot tub, knowing that I have to talk to this young woman who’s standing there knowing that I had dreamed about her father and feeling completely crazy. I don’t know this person. I don’t know what I’m doing. I’ve never done this before, but the work, the more I resisted, what you resist persists. That’s one of the biggest messages from the spirit world that I get.

I have a whole bunch of cards they’ve given me with adages and messages. I use them all the time. This message was, “If you don’t go over there, you’re going to feel pretty bad. You’re going to get your ass kicked,” is basically what they say. I went over and I said to her, “I know you’re going to think I’m crazy, but your father wants me to talk to you.” She was very sweet and said, “Really?” I said, “I saw him in a dream and he had wings on his chest. He was wearing a bomber jacket.” It turned out he’d been a filer and the wings. He turned around and she had angel wings on his back.

I had said to her, “Your father is your guardian angel.” What they try to do for me is I get a lot of messages through music, symbology, the wings or his way of showing me when I see her wings, I will identify that. I said, “Was his name Byron?” He said, “How did you know that?” That’s the validation you’re talking about. We constantly need to put ourselves out there and be courageous enough to look for validation and open that door Because if we don’t speak up, we don’t get it.

Many people feel sad. It’s almost like they become comfortable in that very sad grieving space when there are many ways they can reach out of that and grasp that hope.

The comfort of the grieving, there’s a fear, and so many of my clients say this, “If I let go of the grief, that means I didn’t love the person enough. That will be a bad thing. I will feel shame and people will think I didn’t love him.” From the spirit world perspective, as you know, all they want is our happiness.

They want us to go on, move forward, and continue to grow. Now I’m fascinated with this concept of yours called vacationing angels. How do you help people discover who they are as vacationing angels? Please also tell us about the unique energetic signatures and intuitive guidance systems which stimulate the ability to access joy and truth, especially after loss when grief can be overwhelming and debilitating.

These are tools that I have developed over time. Randy is the one who coined the phrase vacationing angels he basically told me that we’re all angelic, spiritual and energetic beings. We are over there and up there thinking, “This would be the grooviest thing ever if we could go down there and be human because we could have sex, smell the ocean and eat chocolate. We could have all the human senses. This is going to be so much fun.”

For example, I’m going to be on vacation and I’m going to pick the brochure as a green eyed curly hair, Jewish woman from Boston who plays the flute and has this mental breakdown when she goes to Harvard. All these things that I chose to be, but from a vacationing angel standpoint, it’s brilliant. It’s a vacation. I get down here and I’m human. I’m thinking, “What was I thinking? This is not fun. Everyone tells me I’m too emotional. I never stop crying. I fall apart in a competition. I don’t trust myself. I’m told that I’m too emotional, sensitive and that I have to learn to be a different way.” I can’t be a different way.

That’s who you are.

I kept falling apart. The vacation angel thing reminds me every day that I am not just my human self and that I chose this vacation, but my vacation is changeable at any moment, every single day. I can pick any route I want. I started out in that family with a sick father who had MS and was in a wheelchair. There were all sorts of dysfunctional elements in my family. I chose that, but I am completely aware that every choice I make in my life is a choice.

My clients want to be less emotional and less sensitive because they see it as a profound negative. I can teach them to see it as a gift. These are the sensitivities that allow us to find joy in life when we stop labeling them as bad. Feeling the emotions in your body, where you feel them and how you experience them is the key to your higher self, your intuitive self, the other side. It’s the key, your emotions. It’s not your logic that gets you there.

GAR 57 | Vacationing Angel

Vacationing Angel: Feeling and experiencing the emotions in your body is the key to your higher and intuitive self.

They’re your compass, your navigation system. The other thing is people are judgmental. We’re all supposed to be different. We’re all supposed to have different gifts. It’s easy to label someone as too sensitive, this or that. That’s a very profound lesson we learn as we grow into our spirituality to not judge people.

The labels are the biggest problem because you have high anxiety, so you need this medication. You’re depressed or any diagnosis sends you into the medical field with drugs and psychology. My system says, “These are nothing more than indicators. You have allergies, it’s an indicator.” When I cough, suddenly it’s because I’m experiencing self-judgment.

The first time I performed music after I picked up the flute, I choked. The clear message was, “You are doubting yourself. Anytime you go into self-doubt and criticism, you will choke.” When I tried to play the flute and I got all stressed about it because I wasn’t as good as I used to be, my message from Randy was, “You don’t play and enjoy, the flute will not play. It is an animate object.”

After your husband Randy’s death, the communication you received from the other side led to your intuitive coaching mediumship practice, your spiritually guided flute music, and your monthly afterlife meetups. Please tell us about these services and products you offer that help to stop self-judgment, turning people towards self-love and acceptance.

More people come to my meetups. I live in a very teeny tiny town on the Coast of Oregon, but I get 60 people at a meetup every month. It’s because we need a community as you are providing where people can feel safe. I saw a spirit when I was three. It scared me away. What am I supposed to do? I help people understand how to create a contract with the spirit world, literally to write a contract with the spirit world. There’s no reason for fear in the spirit world.

You can say, “I want to connect with you, spirits, but it’s got to be not at night because I want to sleep. Come one at a time or unclear sentient, so I feel the information.” Sometimes I’ve seen a spirit. I do hear voices, but I’m very clear with them what will work for me in my life. I write a contract and I encourage people to do that. I encourage people to find their energetic signature.

Tell us about what an energetic signature is.

We all have a unique energetic signature. This means that when you’re highly sensitive, you pick up information from everybody. That’s how you develop your relationships. You have empathy and compassion because you’re telepathic and you feel what they feel. The problem is when we feel what everybody feels, we don’t know what’s ours and what’s theirs. We’re living our lives through their feelings and it feels like our feelings. We say we’re depressed, and someone says, “No, that’s not. That’s so-and-so’s depression.”

We all have a unique energetic signature. When you’re highly sensitive, you pick up information from everybody. That’s how you develop relationships. Share on X

You say, “I feel depressed.” It’s not the truth. You’re feeling and energy and it’s often not yours. The only way to differentiate is to know your own energy. I do a guided meditation to lead people to identify what their unique signature is of energy and where it lives in their body. Also, how to be in that energy so that when they’re in a tough situation, when they’re in a conversation with family or when they’re at the airport in an airplane and overwhelmed by the energy of everyone around them, all we have to do is bring in our psychic octopus, which is what I teach.

I don’t create bubbles of protection. Instead, I picture myself as an octopus. I bring in my tentacles. As I bring in my tentacles, I am no longer globbing onto other people’s energy. I’m not taking my tentacles and tapping in. I feel that’s unethical. What I’m doing is I’m saying I’m bringing in my own tentacles into Heidi energy. I know where Heidi energy lives in my body. As I say that to myself, I become calmer. I feel my own energy, and I stop feeling the energy of everyone around me, then I am back to a place of safety, security, and protection, and I feel like I can make a decision. When I’m out of that energy, I can’t even tell you what to order for lunch.

Where does your second energy live in your body?

It’s very odd. When I did this exercise, the first two times, I got nothing and I thought, “This is meaningless for me.” The third time, I immediately knew my energy. I felt it in my lower abdomen on the left area. I didn’t understand why it was there, but that’s where it sits.

That’s good that you are doing that and that people who are working with you can find that out for themselves.

We do the exercise enough times and there’s the Internal Guidance System or the IGS that I work with. People don’t know how to follow their guidance. They don’t know what their guidance is telling them. That’s the hard thing. We identify how to discover the feeling, the vibration, the frequency of a yes versus a no, a truth versus a lie in your body. One of the things is I have people say, “Take a breath, breath and then say loudly, ‘My name is.’” For me, it would be, “My name is Heidi Connolly.” When I say that and get quiet, I feel that energy in my body as a vertical movement of energy. When I say my name is John Smith, I get this a dead zone that’s horizontal.

Someone may feel it in their little to or at the tip of their nose. It doesn’t matter. As soon as you experience a difference in energy, then you have learned to access your truth. You know what it feels like because we have divorced ourselves in this society from our emotions versus our logic and the emotions from the feeling in the body because they are directly linked. Once you feel it in your body, you say, “Now I know what I’m looking for.”

GAR 57 | Vacationing Angel

Vacationing Angel: As soon as you experience a difference in energy, you have just learned to access your truth.

That’s such a great tool to teach people. Do you have an especially inspiring story you’d like to share with our readers?

I’d like to read this very short poem that Randy gave me in the book. Remember, it’s a conversation. I had poetry that he had written me every year of our lives together. When I wrote the poems for the book, every poem we wrote that night seemed to map a poem he’d written me. The poetry goes through the grieving process, anger and fear and all that. This is somewhere in the middle.

“We triumph in life by meeting in death. A sad coincidence in the absence of breath. It is only the body that sets us apart in all other ways we beat as one heart.” It’s true. He said, “We’re in partnership here. I can’t do over here what I’m going to do if you don’t continue to do what you are meant to do on that side.”

You’re bridging each other and you’re the vehicle of it. If you met another guy, would he have any problem with that?

That’s a great question because I have, in fact, met someone. It’s been many years. I met this man a few years ago. He’s extremely different from me. When I told him I talked to dead people, there was a big silence. First of all, when I got on the phone, I had sworn to myself that I wouldn’t say that in the first conversation. The first words out of my mouth were, “I talk to dead people. If you are not okay with that, we should probably not continue this conversation.”

“We should enjoy ourselves as live people together.”

It was hysterical and the big silence. He said, “There are a lot of things I don’t know.” We met and he came to a meetup. First of all, he’s my biggest fan. He said, “You are the most amazing speaker I’ve ever heard. You’re not only a great medium, obviously connecting with people on the other side, but what you teach people about how to discover who they are and love who they are and help them connect, whether it’s with the other side or just with their inner being, that is irrelevant. How you do that is a miracle.” Since then, he has been hearing voices because they open doors. Talking to someone like us opening doors for people.

This is the whole reason for this show, for people to learn and to understand and to open doors.

Without being afraid.

You don’t have to be afraid of death. It’s like, “What are you doing about your life and your choices until you get to that point?”

You asked me that question of how does he feel. Right away, I said to Dennis, “I need to be accepted for the fact that I have a relationship with Randy and that’s never going to go away.” He’s like, “He’s dead. I’m here. That’s okay.”

Randy obviously is happy that you’re happy.

Randy is the one who put us together.

I’ve gotten messages many times, so it has no problem whatsoever. Talk to us a little more about this high sensitive. I think of a high sensitive as someone who’s very empathic and you talk about that it’s picking up heavily. I’ve experienced this, where you go into a place and you can feel a downer vibe around you. The typical person who’s never understood, learned or heard about this concept, how do they figure out if they’re what we call a high sensitive or not?

When you have a lot of unexplained symptomatology, overwhelmed easily by whatever’s going on around you, you have antisocial behavior, you have a lot of allergies, a lot of illnesses, when you feel confused a lot, that’s one of my biggest indicators. A message is coming through. I used to say, “What’s wrong with me? I get confused and I lose my train of thought.” Now I know to stop and wait for a message to come through.

It’s identifying that all the things you’ve ever thought were wrong about you are ways to tap into your intuition and who you are. It’s a complete turnaround, a flip of your perspective on who you are. That’s what being a high sense, overwhelm, anxiety, depression means. We unlabel things. I don’t relabel them. I unlabel them.

All the things you've ever thought were wrong about you are ways to tap into your intuition and who you are. Share on X

Let’s say this, if I feel down, I must be depressed because in my life, I was depressed for 50-something years. I took medicine on and off, panic attacks, the whole thing. I immediately go to, “I must be depressed.” There’s my label, and I sit in the energy. It’s an energy of depression. Now, if I feel something, I say, “I’m feeling an energy. I’m not going to label it and I’m going to talk to the energy.”

I have conversations with my energy. I sit them on the sofa and I talk to them, “What color are you? What shape are you? What are you trying to tell me? What are you looking for? What do I need from you?” I don’t start labeling them and then I get to understand what the energy is trying to help me learn. If I go into it’s an anxiety attack or I’m depressed, I will never get there. First of all, I help people recognize that the labels they’re using are completely not helpful and are only indicators of what’s going on.

I’ll take it a step further. If you’re having these symptoms and you’re a high sensitive, and this is going on, go on to the show. There are many people, especially Heidi, who can help you to identify it and start to breathe free without these oppressive judgments, self-judgments and judgments from others that are putting you down.

Words are important. I’m a writer, so they are important, but the energy of words. I had a client that said, “I need to fix this. I need to let go of this weight.” I said, “Those are words of push energy. Those are not words that have a frequency of release. What we need to do is speak, walk and think in a way that propels us into the positive into the vortex or the alignment,” like Abraham-Hicks.

There are a lot of tools for doing that, but sometimes we need help and we need people who are on the path to show us that and music, too, because all my music is embedded. This is what Randy told me, “You’re going to be playing music and it will be embedded in coded energy of pure loving intention that will help people with whatever they need.”

I said, “Really? Me?” I didn’t even understand. I was clueless. I did one on smoking cessation, alcohol addiction, lost at sea, PTSD, anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, and all sorts of ones. People can even play them on mute because the energy is deeply embedded that that’s what you’re listening for and they go in and readjust cellular patterning. One client played it, stopped smoking and decided she didn’t want to play it anymore because she wanted to keep smoking. I have one for weight loss.

Stop the presses, everyone. She’s got one for weight loss.

Weight loss and sugar addiction. I play them all the time on mute all day long at my house because I know that the energy is helping me stay in my most joyful place.

You can literally put these on but not even have to hear them. Just by playing, they will raise your energy.

They will go where they need to go. Let’s say you are my friend and you don’t believe in this stuff. I can basically play it in my house on your behalf. It only goes where it’s meant to go.

That’s wonderful for people to know. This leads me to what is your message about the importance of healing that you would like to convey to our readers.

I believe that healing is self-driven. It’s a process. I never would’ve been here if it weren’t for the people who helped me, though. There were people who saved my life. That’s why I’m doing what I’m doing. Some people come to my meetups more for the mediumship, but a lot of people come for the tools, techniques, vacationing angels, the idea that the music can help them, that they can sit with other like-minded people like us and they can admit to hearing voices. I can stand up there and say, “I’ll be the crazy one. It’s okay. I don’t mind. I have a career. I’m my age. I don’t need to worry and I’ll be the one to stand up here because I need to do this for you and for whatever reason, I’ve been given this gift.”

You’re authentic. It’s easy to talk and relate to you. That probably helps people because there’s no mask.

My number one message is to live in integrity and you will get there.

I’m sure there are people who want to connect with you. Tell us where they can buy your book. How could they connect with you? Do you have a special offer for them?

My original website was That’s my self-publishing and editing site. When I was looking at trying to find a way to go with this, my intuitive coaching and music, I said to someone, “I was this Harvard girl and now I’ve gone rogue.” That’s it I feel like that’s what I did, a lot of training and conservative directions. This is where I am now. I play music. I was a Performance Major at Harvard and I studied in the same class as Yo-Yo Ma, the Cellist. That’s where I came from this is where I am now. That’s my website. They can call me.

I have a lot of downloads of music on there, MP3s on all sorts of topics. You can set up intuitive coaching sessions. I offer workshops and private workshops where people have me come to their houses and invite a number of people. I do a lot of different kinds of things. I Skype interview for people who are far away. What I’d like to do is if anyone signs up for a session, I will offer them a free customized piece of music.

What is your tip for finding joy in life?

A client came to me. The guy she was going to marry after 44 years of not knowing him, we met him. They had a marriage date. He died the day before the marriage. She told me she wanted to die. She told me she was done. The day she left, she started to hear from him, speak to him. It changed her life. He told me, “Being a vacationing angel is changing my life.” Every day he wakes up in front of the mirror. He says, “I am an effing badass vacationing angel, and today is the first day of the rest of my vacation.”

That is a great way to look at it. What a great tip. Thank you, Heidi.

You’re welcome.

Heidi, your story of loss and ultimate renewal through your acquired ability to converse with your husband, Randy and other spirit beings bridges the world of grief with a world of new beginnings, offering a way to cross the threshold of our own personal Rubicon to a renewed life of happiness, joy, and possibility. What a true blessing and what a delight to have you on the show. Thank you. Here’s a reminder to make sure to follow and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Thanks again for tuning in. As I like to say, to be continued and bye for now.


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