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Heidi Connolly is an author, medium, intuitive coach, and spirit-minded musician. After graduating Harvard University, she became a professional musician, worked as a corporate trainer in human resources, and went on to become the owner of Harvard Girl Word Service, a writing, editing and self-publishing consultation business. Heidi’s endearing and magical new book is titled The Gateway Café. Laced with spiritual wisdom, transformative insights, and delightful humor, The Gateway Café explores a compelling journey of awakening for Heidi’s teenage protagonist named Thimble Allegra Smith. Through Thimble, Heidi explores the spiritual truth that we are all spirits on an evolutionary path who visit Earth many times to experience, learn and evolve.


  • Heidi’s own “death” and “rebirth” after her husband Randy died.
  • Heightened sensibilities that feel like “curses” can be gifts of deeper perception and intuition.
  • Each of us is a spirit meant to live full lives in our biodegradable body suits.
  • The ways a person can develop a new kind of relationship with loved ones who are now on the Other Side.


  • What inspired you to write your magical new book The Gateway Café’ in the middle of a pandemic?
  • What motivated you to create a complicated young protagonist in the throes of self-discovery via life’s toughest challenges?
  • What exactly is a vacationing angel and how can each of us live life as a vacationing angel?







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Heidi Connolly: Could It Be That Each Of Us Is A Visiting Angel On Vacation In Each Lifetime?





I hope this finds each of you so very well. I am speaking to you from my studio in West Orange, New Jersey. I am absolutely delighted to have this opportunity to once again interview author, medium, intuitive coach, and spirit-minded musician Heidi Connolly, who will be speaking to us from Olympia, Washington.

After graduating from Harvard University, Heidi became a professional musician, worked as a corporate trainer in human resources, and went on to become the owner of Harvard Girl Word Service, a writing, editing, and self-publishing consultation business. Her first book titled From Your Lips to God’s Ear encourages signals to align their conscious and unconscious minds with the energies of the universe to bring them together with their ideal love. Heidi co-authored From Your Lips to God’s Ear with her husband Randy, who transitioned in 2012.

In 2019, I interviewed Heidi about her second book titled Crossing the Rubicon, about two lovers separated through loss of life on the physical plane who come to the realization that there truly is life after death on both sides of the veil. Heidi and I agreed that we are kindred spirits because both of our husbands had transitioned to the other side and each of us had experienced a rebirth.

It is my pleasure to explore Heidi’s endearing and magical new book titled The Gateway Café, which is based on Randy’s concept that we are all vacationing angels in each lifetime. Laced with spiritual wisdom, transformative insights, and delightful humor, The Gateway Café explores a compelling journey of awakening for Heidi’s teenage protagonist named Thimble Allegra Smith.

Through Thimble, Heidi explores the spiritual truth that we are all spirits on an evolutionary path who visit Earth many times to experience, learn, and evolve. This will surely be a fascinating and fun interview. Could it be, but each of us is a visiting angel on vacation in each lifetime? Let’s find out. Heidi, a very loving welcome back to the show.

I’m so happy to be here. I love talking to you.

Thank you. We are going to get a lot of exercise in that. Here we go. Let’s start with this question. Please tell us about your own death and rebirth after Randy died, including how you learned that your heightened sensibilities that felt like curses were gifts of deeper perception and intuition.

It’s been years, and when I heard you read my introduction, my first reaction was, “Who, me? Who are you talking about? How could this be me? How could this be the same Heidi?” Randy’s death was such an overwhelming death for me as that Heidi. I didn’t know how to live my life anymore. I didn’t know who to be without him. I fell apart. I know that’s hard for people to hear because we’re all talking about how strong we should be, but that’s the way it was.

I can relate to that.

Even though he was sick and I know Saul passed in an accident, it doesn’t matter. People think, “Someone is elderly.” No. A loss is a loss. It depends on the relationship, who you are with that person, and how you’re going to process it. I was a mess, but slowly, I started hearing from him and we wrote Crossing the Rubicon together in one night.

A loss is a loss. And it depends on the relationship and who you are with that person, how you're going to process it. Share on X

Were you able to hear him?

I never heard anyone before in my life. I never heard anything and was overly sensitive, emotional, and depressed. I had an anxiety disorder. I was like that but very high functional. What happened was I was very angry that other people were hearing from him who I knew and I couldn’t sleep at night. One night, I woke up and I heard this voice wake me up and say, “Wake up. Get out your pen and paper. We’re going to write a book.” I knew it was Randy.

That night, we wrote this whole book together. The most important part of it, and this is what helps so many people that I work with, is to try to develop a relationship with someone who’s not in physical form anymore. I learned how to develop a relationship with Randy as a spirit. I adore this man. I adored him in physical form. He had baggage. He was stubborn. He still is. He tells me what to do. I have to listen. He’s pushy and he was pushy then.

He taught me that I could have that relationship, learn from it, engage with it, and evolve with him as a partner on the other side. I think once people begin to understand that there is another side and that they are still present in our lives, you can build a relationship on that. You don’t have to mourn them. I miss them. I know you miss your husband. I miss him, but I don’t mourn him anymore.

My mother passed in May 2021. She was in this world with me. She was in galleries and she communicated with different people. I used to say to her, “Mom, you’re going to lose your Earth suit,” or whatever. I coincidentally had made an appointment with a medium two months before my mother died and I didn’t know when my mother was going to die.

That appointment ended up being an hour and a half after my mother passed. My mother came through with flying colors, with all kinds of descriptions like who met her, how happy she was, and what was going on. It was so different for me this time than it was with Saul because I’m happy for her. This time, I wasn’t so lost because I knew about this world and I knew she was fine. I miss her. There are times I go, “Mom, I want to call you right now,” or whatever, but I know she’s around.

It makes all the difference in the world to know that. For people who say, “I’m a skeptic and I don’t believe that,” I say, “Try it on for size because it can change your whole life. If you are happier, what difference does it make?”

Tell me how these things that felt like curses were gifts, deeper perception, and intuition for you.

The real thing that I can’t believe I never knew that no one ever mentioned in my whole life is that these are indicators. Sensitivities are indicators that you have a higher level of connectedness potential. High anxiety, you’re taking on the energies of other people.

If you meet a little kid, let’s say this little kid is very sensitive and cries easily or whatever, that may be someone who is more sensitive.

What happens is we get shut down. It was all about, “This is our creative daughter. She’s too emotional. She has to stop. Stop crying. Stop doing. Stop hearing, stop thinking, stop feeling.” Even though I was loved, I’m not saying I wasn’t. There’s a sense of too much, too intense all the time. You try to shut it down and live from your mind first. If I think from my heart, I’m okay. If I think from my mind first, nothing works for me.

I got all the way to Harvard and that’s where I collapsed. I didn’t know how to deal with the world and I didn’t know that being a high sensitive means that you literally wear the feelings of other people as if they’re your own. You’re surrounded by the world. One minute you’re happy, one minute you’re sad, one minute you are angry and you think it’s you and it’s the rest of the world. Randy’s death and dealing with the spirit world and some mentors that I had taught me that these were indicators of my abilities. I have my moments of sadness, we all do, but I’m not a depressed person anymore.

You’re no longer devastated.

I don’t have panic attacks. I would have them all the time. I was lit with anxiety. I don’t have any of that anymore.

The Gateway Café was written in 2020, the first year of the pandemic. What inspired you to write the book, aside from the fact that you were sequestered from the world and you had nothing else to do?

GAR Heidi Connolly | Visiting Angel

The Gateway Café

Randy told me about channeled, about being at the Gateway Café before he died. He said, “Angels hang out there to choose from a menu and he would choose a pepperoni and onion pizza and that would be the next lifetime that you would come in as a human.” A few years ago, when I started doing my meetups and you said you didn’t know what a podcast was, I didn’t know what a meetup was. He’s telling me to do a meetup and I end up doing them. He starts to teach me what it means to be a vacationing angel. Over the last few years, I kept thinking, “People need to know about this. This is what I’m talking about. We’re spirit first. We come down here by choice. We choose a lifetime and then we get here.”

Are you crazy? I chose these people in my lifetime?

Exactly, Irene, because they say, “Why would I do this? What? Why would I choose this lifetime? It’s been horrible. It’s been difficult. I’m challenged. I don’t understand. I feel like I’m from another planet.” That was me. What I’ve learned is that we do come down here to be in this biodegradable human suit so we can experience the five senses. We can hear, we can smell, we can taste. We can’t do that when we’re energy.

We learn lessons here. We come here to learn lessons.

We come here to evolve in a different way. Randy and Saul are still evolving wherever they are but in a different way. I thought, “If I made this choice to come in with curly hair and green eyes, to come in and play the flute, eventually to go to Harvard and have a nervous breakdown, to experience these things, to have a father in a wheelchair, whatever the experience was, if I made that choice and it’s supposed to feel like a vacation, what can I do to enjoy it?”

I wanted to write about it and nothing was coming to me. I’ve learned not to push. What your resist persists. I’ve learned to wait until the spirit guides me. Sure enough, one day I woke up and this was March, the first week of lockdown. I heard, “It’s time.” I went to the computer and I started. This is the same thing that happened with Crossing the Rubicon. I’ve never written a line of poetry until then. All of a sudden, I wrote 57 stanzas of poetry.

I thought, “What is it?” It was all about being a vacationing angel. How we make the choices and what it’s like coming down. I started to put it together and I thought, “Maybe I do a children’s book.” A friend of mine said, “We need more stories. This is all very nice, but no one’s going to read it. It’s almost like a lecture. This isn’t going to encourage anyone.” I said, “I can’t write a novel.” She said, “You’ve been rewriting people’s novels as part of your business for years.” I’ve rewritten 100 novels. I said, “I can’t write a novel.” She said, “Of course, you can write a novel.” I started to do it. As I did it, it got more and more fun. Thimble Allegra Smith was a name that came to me like that.

I was going to ask you, how did you come up with Thimble Allegra? I thought of allegro with music.

I don’t know. There was a reason. The names in the book, for example, the name Ramey, I didn’t know where that one came from. That’s Thimble’s best friend. I was telling a friend of mine, “Every name in the book has a reason, but Ramey is one of those initials of people I love in my life like some of my friend’s kids, etc. I don’t know where Ramey came from.” She said, “That’s my son’s middle name.”

Everything started to have a reason. I remember my grandmother had a little bit of a thimble collection and I had two of her thimbles. I never thought about it. It was not a collection. I don’t know. Everything came together. The grandmother in it was based on my grandmother and JM is based on my great-grandfather, Joseph, who was a wonderful man. Everything in it had a reason.

There are so many great lessons in it that you teach through this story. You introduce Thimble Allegra Smith to your readers as an urban teenager who is disillusioned, overwhelmed, over-emotional, overly sensitive and she’s a misfit. What motivated you to create this complicated young protagonist in the throes of self-discovery via life’s toughest challenges? What motivated you to come up with a Thimble?

Thimble is me. She’s tall, redheaded, and plays basketball. I was not. I was relatively small. I’m completely the opposite physically. Everything else is the way I felt growing up. I still don’t know, Irene. It was all given to me. It was all I channeled. I worked on this novel. I’d worked 10 to 12 hours a day and be ecstatic working on it.

I can’t answer that except to say that it felt right. It had to be a teenager because that’s when you start understanding how screwed up you feel the world is. The context starts to affect you so deeply where you say, “I don’t fit. I don’t understand what’s going on in the world. Why am I the way I am? Who am I?” That’s when all that information gets so confused and all bottled up. That’s when I knew it had to be that time.

You made her so interesting that you can’t put it down. I have to say she’s a fascinating young girl and you’re rooting for her through it as you’re learning. Please explain to us Thimble’s up there, her down there, and her in between. How do these locales apply to each of us down here?

Did you see the movie Soul by Pixar?

Yes, I did.

It’s a wonderful movie. They have the up there. When he dies, he goes up there and then he comes back down to New York City. A lot of the so-called afterlife and spiritual movies still focus on there’s an angelic realm, a hell, and purgatory. There’s this sense that you have to do good to get up there and if you’re bad, you go down there. If you’re in between, you’re stuck.

I have never had that belief. What I’ve learned is that there’s an up there. Calling it up there is this heavenly angelic realm. It’s easier to label it that way. Down here is here. Thimble grows up in Seattle and that’s where she lives. The in-between is that place where she has conversations with her higher self and her dead grandmother, who travels interdimensionally with her to guide her. She’s hysterical. She makes Thimble laugh. She plays hoops with her.

She was funny.

I don’t know where it came from. It’s so great because I love her myself.

She was great. You want to invite her back. Come back, hurry up, get another issue. Come on down.

When Thimble’s at the Gateway Café, that’s the place where she meets all the angels who are choosing to have another lifetime and trying to teach her. How does this all happen? She wakes up in the morning, that morning when the book opens and she has wings on her back and she’s freaked out, as you can imagine.

We would all be freaked out if we woke up with wings on our backs. Now that we’ve been talking about it, please explain to our audience what you mean when you say that each of us is a spirit meant to live full lives in our own biodegradable body suits. I find it to be a freeing concept. When you realize that stuff that’s happening as your biodegradable body suit is getting older, it’s because it’s biodegradable. Do you want to explain that to everybody?

I like it, too, because it does say it goes back energetically and physically to the Earth and the planet regenerates. They’re learning all that about mushrooms too. This whole idea of the connectedness of everything, it’s amazing to learn about it. It changed my perspective on my life so deeply to see myself as someone on vacation. I did choose it and this suit may disappear, but energetically, I am part of the one.

bctt tweet=”This whole idea of the connectedness of everything. It’s amazing to learn about it.” via=”no”]

When people come to see me and they want proof that I’m a medium, I say, “I can’t give you proof. I might know what your mother is telling me or what your father is telling me. I might know what they look like. I might be able to give you information, but can I tell you where it comes from? When I die, will I then learn that everything I thought was not true?”

It may happen, but that doesn’t even matter because what matters is that I live so joyfully now in the connections that I have. I receive my guidance from a place that enables me to process my life differently, to say it’s okay. I come from a place of connection. I connect through music, my books, and mediumship. It’s all about that heart coherence. I know this is slightly off-subject, but I think it’s important. I was listening to David G’s meditation, a guy on Instagram. He said, “COVID, Co is from the Latin, meaning with and shared. Vid is from the Sanskrit, meaning awakening, wisdom, knowledge.” What you have is shared awakening.

I did a group meditation on that in one of my workshops and everybody came alive from it. This is a time of shared awakening here. I wrote this book during this time we were given this ability as humans to understand consciousness, to evolve in consciousness. We can either open our hearts up to it or close it down. Opening up gives me coherence. It gives me connectedness. It’s the one thing we all need. That’s how it all came about. That’s what it means to me to be a vacationing angel.

GAR Heidi Connolly | Visiting Angel

Visiting Angel: We’re given this ability as humans to understand consciousness, to evolve in consciousness. We can either open it, our heart up to it or close it down.

I agree with you because even though it feels like and it is like our world is in so much chaos, everyone I talk to constantly tells me that we are evolving. We are in the Age of Aquarius and we are going into a higher dimension and a higher vibration. Maybe things have to happen.

I’m afraid it’s hard to feel that. Sometimes you want to say, “How could that be given the circumstances?” As you know, energetically, things don’t look like what we perceive in our physical reality. It’s only when we set aside what appears to be a physical reality that we can tap into the energetic reality.

I choose my world to be filled with people like you. I choose my world to be filled with people who are primarily loving and not driven by ego. The work, if you call it that, is the joy of shining your light. I got an email from someone whose six-year-old is seeing a spirit and she says, “Is this a bad thing? Should I tell him it’s his imagination?” You know my answer. “This is fantastic. Open the door. Let him know he’s normal. Let him know that he’s clairvoyant.”

What would I give to see spirit? I’m all these clairs, but I don’t have that ability. I would love to. It might be confusing sometimes to see them in the grocery store, but I would love to see spirit sometimes. These are gifts. It goes back to the question you asked a while ago, how I came to realize these are gifts, not curses?

You’re doing this kid a big favor and so glad that his mother was able to contact you because you’re taking away the fear. A lot of kids who have that gift gets tamped down and they become afraid of it. This kid, all he needs to do is learn how to temper it and work with it.

People come in their 50s, 60s, and 70s to a meetup I do, they were shut down their whole lives, so they’re physically ill. They’re emotionally stressed. They are afraid. They said, “I saw spirit. I shut it down because I was afraid and crazy. What about negative spirit? What about all those horrible things that can happen?” I’m like, “No. It takes us years to get there.” You and me, people like us, are saying, “Don’t be afraid. This is a good thing. You can open the door without fear and we can help you do it.”

It’s a blessing. He’s lucky that his mom contacted you. Tell us about your multidimensional compass. You’re telling us about how you coach high sensitives to experience their sensitivities as gifts. What’s your multidimensional compass, Heidi?

First of all, I’ve developed a tool that I call the Unique Energetic Signature. It’s the UES. What it is designed to do is identify within all of us the unique energy that’s our own. It’s like having what I call the IGS, the Intuitive Guidance System. It’s like I have a compass in here and it sits where my energy sits. This is my unique signature. No one else has it, even though I’m part of the one, a drop in the ocean. As long as I stay in my own alignment, and that’s a word I use all the time, I will be secure and confident.

GAR Heidi Connolly | Visiting Angel

Visiting Angel: The unique energetic signature is designed to do is identify within all of us the unique energy that’s our own.

I will speak the truth. I will hear from spirit. I will feel connected. I will know what I’m supposed to do next. I will know the next step. Should I send the email? Should I make a call? Is this the right time? Do I feel good about this? Where’s the energy? Once I’ve located my energy, I know the difference. That’s why it’s multidimensional on all planes of being and all levels. It says, “This is where I know I can be the compass from. I’m here and it will direct me.” That’s how the book is written. That’s how I live my life.

You teach other people how to do that too, which is wonderful. How can people develop a new kind of relationship with their loved ones who are now on the other side? How do you use mediumship-guided grief counseling to help people move through their grief? I’m telling you, this is great stuff because people who are grieving and all, you could probably help a bunch of them with this. How can a person develop that new relationship? Our loved ones on the other side are not gone at all.

First, for me, is to validate and then for them to learn to validate for themselves that what they’re seeing, feeling, and smelling is real. They’ll say, “I thought my mother was around or I saw a butterfly,” and then, “That’s ridiculous because everyone knows that.” We then get into an understanding of validation. I don’t like to think of it as crossing over a line. I like to think of it as entering into the space that opens. It’s not a line. It’s a space that opens and says, “I have perceptions.” You know how as well as I do science and spirituality. Look at all these people. Science and spirituality are closer and closer.

It’s getting closer. More proof of survival.

It’s Quantum Physics. It’s all approved. It’s a matter of getting it into the consciousness of your average layperson who doesn’t know. This is a way of saying once you know that what you’re feeling and sensing is reality, then the grieving is lessened. The knowing, connecting, and love energy grows. It expands. When Randy died, the grief covered me over like a blanket. I couldn’t hear him. He broke through that. Finally, I could hear, which meant that I could open the door to understanding. When I thought of him, the sadness that kept me moored in this dimension lightened. I have a relationship with him still, but it’s not like I’m waiting for him to come home every day.

They’re rooting for us and they know we have work to do and things to learn here. They are our best fans.

They had to die to be with us in this way. We are partners with them. When people hear that someone’s death is a gift, that’s hard. Let me tell you, it was hard for me to learn that, but I can say that and so can you because we both grew. Look at what we’re doing. We wouldn’t be helping so many people.

We totally grew out of that. Tell us about the tools and techniques you’ve developed in partnership with spirit that are integral parts of your intuitive life coaching process because maybe some people want to go to you for life coaching.

Pretty much all that we’ve talked about is incorporated into my methodology. I use what I call couch talk. We put different energies on the couch. One of the biggest problems that we have as humans is that we label everything. If I say, “How do you feel, Irene?” You say sad, angry, mad, or upset. Those labels don’t help us. We label the energies to our own detriment. If I can say, “I feel angry,” and I say, “I’m going to be angry and put myself on the couch. Now I’m an energy. What do I look like? Where do I feel it?”

One of the biggest problems that we have as humans is that we label everything. Share on X

“I feel this anger in my belly.” “What color is it?” “It’s yellow. My anger is yellow.” Why are you yellow? Now I’m yellow again. “Why am I yellow?” What does yellow represent? To you, it might represent cowardice. To me, it might represent the sun. People have experiences. They’re unbelievable. I’m a black box. I’m sitting on the sofa. I’m closed. You can’t open me.

“I can be pried open.” “Let’s pry you open. What comes out?” “There’s a mouse in there.” “Can you tip the box? Can the mouse come out?” We are every part. It’s like being every part of your dream. We go through a process where we separate out the parts, take away the label, go into the energy, and understand where it lives in our body because we’re separated from that. We use the mental instead of the sensational.

Emotional is a sensation. If we can walk into that sensation, we can often understand what’s going on. I studied social work. I completely admire a psychological approach, but it is not enough. Going back into my story and why I am the way I am and why I’m so screwed up about this, that, and the other is not going to help me anymore. I need to feel and not just feel emotionally. Feel in my body what I feel and respect it, identify it, work with it, and transmute it.

Most of the things that we feel, if it’s not processed, it does go into our bodies. Sometimes it comes out as a disease.

It’s a physical manifestation of a spiritual reality.

Tell me also about the healing energy work you’re doing through your uniquely powerful, divinely guided flute music.

You, as a musician, know how amazing music is. All the work people are doing in medical medicine of music is phenomenal. When Randy told me to play the flute again a few years ago, I said, “Forget it. I don’t play anymore.” He pushed me into it. I played classical and I’ve been doing that since then. He said, “I’m going to encode the music that you play. It will be improvisational,” which was hard for me. “You will play notes that we tell you to play and it will be encoded with healing information that people need.”

The amazing thing about music is it bypasses human resistance. I don’t think people understand that. They think, “Music makes me feel good,” but we can integrate into ourselves all the problems that we face as a vacationing angel. We face these things in what we call real life. They become embedded in us. Music can bypass it. This is intentional music. I never know what’s going to come out. I custom do music or I make something that’s for fibromyalgia or depression and my spirit team and yours will guide me to play the music I’m supposed to play so that those energies can redirect the cellular patterning in the body on its own. I have people who stop smoking. I have one woman who stopped smoking and then stopped listening to music because she wanted to smoke again. You can listen on mute.

GAR Heidi Connolly | Visiting Angel

Visiting Angel: The amazing thing about this Music is it bypasses human resistance.

It’s a vibration. I got it.

Yes. I can’t believe it works, but it does. Now I can because the more I learn about it, the more I read and hear from scientists who are destroying cancer cells with music and frequency. You could put electrodes on yogurt and all these things happen. It makes perfect sense.

That’s interesting. For me, this is such an important question. Why is it important for each of us to shift our perspective to transform our lives, Heidi? Many people don’t want to change. They don’t want to move. It’s too much hard work. Why is it worth it to do that?

You just said it because then, life isn’t such hard work anymore. I experience more ease in a day than I ever did in 50 years of living. I work at it. I don’t even like to say that.

The gift in its perspective. The shift in perspective is that this is not the only time around and that this is part of the lessons that you’re learning. What is this about as opposed to thinking of it as a finality, black and white?

I would say that’s the biggest shift. If you believe this is the time around and then it ends and nothing ever happens. There is no such thing as karma. There’s no such thing as reincarnation. I think that gives you the doorway. Let’s take advantage. It doesn’t matter what I do to anyone because I’ll be dead and then I’ll be gone. Who cares?

If you believe that there are other lifetimes or you believe as I know that I’ve been other people in other lives, I can choose to come back or not. That’s going to be my choice as a spirit but I wanted to do the best I can. I want to be as loving and gracious as I can. I don’t want to connect through hating or joining groups that work against something. I want to join up with people who are working towards something. Literally, it’s a difference between having freedom from poverty and to enjoy abundance. I call money Love Energy Units, LEUs, because I believe that money is love energy and that I give and receive in the same energetic pulse. My goal is to receive as much pleasure as I give. That’s the perspective shift.

To me, you’re conscious. I think it’s the difference when people are conscious and aware.

Every day is an opportunity to raise my consciousness. Every day is an opportunity to ask the question, “Why am I doing this?” Not psychologically but energetically. Does it matter to the world? Does it matter to the other drops in the ocean? Does it have a ripple effect? Is it better for the planet if I get depressed about what’s happening or is it better for the planet if I shine my light? It’s better If I shine my light. If I don’t have one, then how can I shine? How can I learn to shine to be myself? How can I learn to do that by being authentic? That is why I do authentic writing workshops and authentic living workshops. It comes down to the same paradigms.

Every day is an opportunity to raise our consciousness. Share on X

Speaking of your workshops, tell me about all these workshops and things that you do that people might want to partake in. Do you do them all online?

I have scheduled my first physical meetup where I live in Olympia now at the library. I’ve been doing them online. I do a free Zoom meetup periodically. People can learn all about me at my website at I offer workshops in writing your legacy letters, so helping people write their own obituaries. I help people write other people’s obituaries. I do spirit-guided wedding ceremonies and unions. Instead of having a planned speech of any kind, I go in and channel people’s spirit teams for their message for their union.

It’s a legal marriage. I got ordained. I help people develop their intuition in these classes. I help them learn who they are as a vacationing angel so that they can be their authentic selves, appreciate themselves, and help their children. I get a lot of people who worry about their children and their grandchildren and they’re high sensitive to everybody’s. People in their lives who are depressed and anxious.

Do you have a special offer for everybody?

I do, yes. If you buy my book online and if you do it through Amazon, which is The Gateway Café, all my books are available there or on my website, you get a free vacationing angel musical recording that I am right now in the process of creating. That’s a free recording that you can play to help you integrate all the lessons of the vacationing angel on the Gateway Café. I also offer 25% off all my intuitive mediumship coaching services right now. Anyone who says that they’ve read this will get that anytime.

This is important too. Why, in your opinion, should everyone heal through their healing work as vacationing angels that they are here in this lifetime?

The bottom line is, if you think you need to heal from something, then you think you’re broken and you think there’s something that needs to be fixed. If you believe you’re a vacationing angel here to navigate in the best way you can, you never believe you’re broken. You never believe there’s anything to fix. If every part of you is a drop of yourself in the ocean, then how can you hate any part of your body, your mind, or your spirit? When you accept on a deep level of your being that you chose to be human for all of its experience and that you can navigate it in a way that will offer you the most joy, the so-called healing happens on its own. It’s no longer a healing. It’s a blossoming.

When you accept on a deep level of your being that you chose to be human for all of its experience and that you can navigate it in a way that will offer you the most joy, the so-called healing happens on its own. It, it's no longer healing. It's a… Share on X

Heidi Connolly, what is your tip for finding joy in life?

That’s it. Be and accept your vacationing angelness and love it. Say, “I’m human. There are things that are going to be difficult, but if I know I’m on vacation as a human, I will approach it from a different perspective.” That’s what gets you through, that’s what guides you and that’s what brings you together like we are together right now. I love you.

Thank you so much. Vice versa. I see all of this as that. You come here and as you’re “healing,” you’re giving up judgment and you’re accepting yourself.

It has no judgment. It’s unconditional. That’s what unconditional love is. I’ve had moments of that from the spirit world, then I remind myself, “That’s what it feels like. I never knew what it felt like.” Once you feel it, you never want to let it go. Once you feel it, it’s so amazing that you want to keep feeling it and sharing it.

You pass it forward. To everyone and to Heidi, I want to say that The Gateway Café and its spiritual truths speak to all of us, especially young adults in the throes of self-discovery via life’s toughest challenges. Heidi, it is so cleverly written and so wise. Thank you again from the heart of one vacationing angel to the other for this fascinating, fun, and very wise interview. Make sure to follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. As I like to say, to be continued, many blessings, and bye for now.

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