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Heather Allison has had a fascinating life journey filled with grief, transformation, and rebirth. Heather was married when she was younger until she realized how toxic the relationship was, causing her to completely lose herself and all sense of who she was. Through a series of Magical events, she got out of that marriage and had two other long-term relationships — but they both failed.

In addition to not being able to figure out what wasn’t quite right in her relationships, Heather was challenged when it came to figuring out what kind of career and work would let her feel fulfilled, inspired, or aligned. One magical day, while she was sitting in her dentist’s chair, Heather heard the voice of her Soul. What that voice said was surprising to hear. It began to awaken Heather spiritually, and stumbled upon an article about a Powerful, Ancient Feminine Energy which something started vibrating within her later that night.

Heather was almost 40 when she dove into an 8-month training course to learn more about Powerful, Ancient Feminine Energy to become a coach. Three months after she completed her deep dive into Divine Feminine work, she met a man who offered to be her cosmic teacher during a powerful, magical dream.



  • The series of magical events which freed Heather from her toxic first marriage.
  • The day Heather was sitting in her dentist’s chair, she heard the voice of her soul.
  • What it was like when a man Heather saw in a dream became her Cosmic Teacher.
  • The Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine, and the Archetypal Trinity.



  • How and when did you begin to channel?
  • What prompted you to take a coaching course about powerful, ancient Feminine Energy?
  • How can we become the embodiment of our Divine selves and fast-track our Divine destinies?

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Heather Allison: She Is A Sacred Feminine, Soul And Shamanic Guide For Lovers, Leaders, Luminaries, And Mystics, And A Destiny Accelerator For Those Who Feel They Are Here For A Bigger Impact, A More Beautiful Life, And A Sacred Purpose






I hope this finds each of you so very well. I’m speaking to you from my studio in West Orange, New Jersey, happy to be welcoming Heather Allison, who is a sacred feminine soul and shamanic guide for lovers, leaders, luminaries, and mystics. Right off the top, everyone, this is going to be a fascinating interview. Heather, who will be speaking to us from Bainbridge Island in Washington State has had a fascinating life journey filled with grief, transformation, and rebirth. She was married when she was younger until she realized how toxic the relationship was causing her to lose herself and all sense of who she was.

Through a series of magical events, Heather got out of that marriage and had two other long-term relationships but both of those also failed. In addition to not being able to figure out what wasn’t quite right in her relationships, Heather was challenged when it came to figuring out what kind of career and work would let her feel fulfilled, inspired or aligned. One magical day, while she was sitting in her dentist’s chair, Heather heard the voice of her soul. Don’t you all hear your soul while you’re in your dentist’s chair? This is going to be so interesting. What that voice said was surprising to hear and it began to awaken Heather spiritually.

Later that night, she stumbled upon an article about a powerful ancient feminine energy and incredibly something started vibrating within her. Heather was almost 40 years old when she dove into an eight-month training course to learn about powerful ancient feminine energy to become a coach. Three months after she completed her deep dive into divine feminine work, she met a man who offered to be her cosmic teacher during a powerful magical dream. There’s so much more to Heather’s amazing story.

I’m looking forward to talking with her about her magical dream and cosmic teacher. The archetypal principles and quantum realms that have been explained to her, the divine feminine and masculine and what Heather calls the archetypal trinity, how to be the embodiment of our divine selves and therefore, fast track our divine destinies and more for what will surely be an incredibly fascinating and very enlightening interview. Heather, a warm welcome to the show.

Thank you so much. I’m so excited to be here.

GAR 210 | Divine Feminine

It’s a pleasure to meet you. There’s so much to you. Let’s begin with the beginning. Could you tell us about your rich inner world when you were a child and your relationship with your parents? Did they know they had this special, magical kid so early on?

Maybe they knew that but I didn’t know that then. Maybe I did know that then and I just forgot as I got older. I grew up as an only child and had a rich inner world because I had all of that time to myself. It was just me and my parents. I had some friends and things like that too, but I spend a lot of time by myself. I feel like maybe all that time by myself, being comfortable with my inner world and my space in my time. You talk to yourself or your invisible friends. I feel like maybe that was the precursor for me being such a mystic.

Did you see and talk to your invisible friends?

It’s so funny. I had this conversation with my boyfriend. I don’t. Not necessarily. I do know that I had a couple of interesting experiences. I remember one time I’d be home alone, both my parents worked, and this is before cell phones. That sounds old school. I needed to get ahold of my mom. I tried to call her office and I couldn’t get ahold of her. I remember I had this feeling that there was some helpful, loving spirit in the house that I grew up in.

I was like, “If there is a helpful spirit or somebody here, can you have my mom call me?” Honest to God, on the second, the phone rings. I had moments and things like that. I had a vivid imagination. I loved playing with my stuffed animals and figurines but I don’t think that I necessarily had an invisible friend. I have many now. I saved it for when I was older.

You also had magical events that happened that freed you from your toxic first marriage. Do you want to tell us about that?

Isn’t that always hindsight when you’re looking back and seeing the patterns of your life and the things that happen that you’re like, “Oh, okay.” I’ve always dreamed quite a bit. I always used to want to be a mystic and feel like, “I feel like there’s probably something magical about me.” I had that Harry Potter thing. I wish that somebody would show up and tell me that I was magical someday. I’d be like, “I have that feeling. Great. Show me what to do.” I had a couple of crystals, read a book here or there, or things like that, that I dabbled in or that I was curious about but I never felt like I had it.

I never felt like I had a real true connection to it. Looking back though, over the course of my life, I can see places where I was like, “Oh, okay.” I could see some deeply shamanic dreams that I’ve had and some powerful, intuitive experiences that I’ve had. Towards the end of my marriage, which was very toxic and damaging, and I was with him from 19 to 31 so a very large chunk of my adult life.

I’m guessing that he was controlling.

Just a number of things, not in the way that you might think. It was more manipulation and a lot of other ways that ultimately, I ended up being a shell of the human that I was before, losing touch with who I am, my voice. Even when I voiced things that were wrong or that I needed, he gaslit me like crazy and made to think that there was something wrong with me. Many manipulative and unkind ways that I was treated to the point where I describe it as being encased in a shell of ice that was 3 feet thick. I didn’t have a connection to myself. I lost my spark. By the time I finally did leave him, I remember my mom turning to me, looking at me and going like, “There you are.” I became this husk of a being lost connection to every part of myself.

What were these magical events that helped you?

There were a couple. I had a number of dreams. I feel like the breadcrumbs that my cosmic team left me for the most part were through my dreams. There were things like a certain song would keep following me around and it wasn’t even a currently popular song but it was everywhere. I was like, “What in the world? Why is this talking to me?” I had a moment where I was starting to feel my feet again. I was starting to go, “Something’s not quite right here.” I was inching my way into maybe this isn’t going to work. I don’t know. My parents are still together so I thought once you were married, you just work and figure it out. I remember having three people on the same day, within hours of one another. They didn’t know each other. It was a different conversation.

All three of them said the same thing to me. It was very much like, “You seem like you’ve got it all together and you have a pretty good life but it seems like something is missing.” Things like that started happening. It’s hard to describe because they were such breadcrumbs. Nothing was this big marquee screaming at you, “Your story’s incredible.” I didn’t have a big booming voice or anything that was talking to me. Mine were very subtle. That’s why a lot of times, my clients will be like, “I don’t think I’m intuitive.” I’m like, “I’m going to show you how to listen in a way that these things are talking to you even if it’s not this big booming voice.”

I’ve also had breadcrumbs, Heather, that was in the middle of the accident. I had an experience where breadcrumbs were leaving me. As you get into this world, it’s about learning to listen and pay attention.

I was sharing this with somebody else too. Even if we are flirting with these mystical realms and I have some crystals or oracle cards, that’s a beautiful place to start but there’s something else when you’re letting yourself be in a relationship with these realms. There’s a sparkle on everything. Things feel different. Life moves differently. You are carried differently than you are when it’s like, “I’m going to visit with these mystical or magical things. I’m going to visit with the idea that there might be something beyond what I can see and understand. I’m going to be in a relationship with them.” It’s a different ballgame.

GAR 210 | Divine Feminine

Speaking of magical events, you had another one. Doesn’t everyone when going to the dentist? You heard the voice of your soul. How did that sound? What were you told? You have a sudden spiritual awakening. How did you respond?

I followed those breadcrumbs in leaving my ex-husband and other things. I even followed the breadcrumbs in other relationships that I had and things like that but this was probably the big booming voice moment.

You had a booming voice moment too?

I did have it later, yes. I was laying in the dentist’s office and a little high on nitrous so I’m sure that this probably helped get my linear mind out of the way. This is at the tail end of the last relationship before the one I’m in for years. I had picked up a fairly hefty drinking habit just because that boyfriend at the time, his pastime with his friends, they partied a lot. I picked up the habit as well to keep up and belong. I was having fun, which is nothing wrong with that but I had a divine appointment that I was going to be late to at some point if I kept going down that road. I heard my soul say, “You’re almost 37. What are you doing?” I was like, “Oh.”

Was it a female voice? How did it come to you?

I do sometimes hear voices with their tone and the actual sound of their voices. Most of the time, the way that I receive messages from my guides, team and soul is what I call packets of information. It’s like they drop it in. It’s more like the voice reverberates through me and it didn’t have a human voice sound. I do sometimes hear the human voice sounds as well. I’ve had those magical moments. There have been a couple of times when I’m saying something and I can hear a masculine voice saying the same thing alongside me. It feels like we’re saying it in unison and I’m like, “What was that?” Her voice sounded like truth. I have no other way of describing it.

What other voice than the truth will be saying to you, “What the F are you doing?”

It’s so funny. Maybe because of the nitrous, I didn’t freak out. There was nothing scary about it. I was just like, “Oops. Okay.” I left after the dentist’s appointment and started making changes. I was like, “It’s time for me to leave this relationship.” I broke up with my boyfriend at the time. It’s time for me to be doing something and make some changes in my life. At the time, I didn’t believe that I had a career purpose. I thought other people did. Nothing lights me up about any of the work that I’ve ever done.

I’m going to find work that I can do that I don’t mind and that I can make money with. That hadn’t changed because of this but I became a lot more willing to listen to subtleties after hearing that voice. I feel like that’s the biggest thing that changed. I became a lot more willing to take action for things that maybe didn’t make a whole lot of sense because they felt right and true. That was probably the biggest gift of hearing her voice in the way that I did.

It sounds like you were starting to hear your intuition.

Exactly. I feel like I had the sensation of this experience of knowing what truth felt and sounded like even though it was just like a vibration that I started becoming able to follow that vibration, sensation and feeling a bit more, exactly what I help my clients do as well.

You’re listening more but you’re not taking definitive action yet. Something prompted you to take a coaching course about powerful ancient feminine energy. You were being led on a path. Do you want to tell us about that?

A marriage that was super toxic and damaging for twelve years. I had another lovely boyfriend but that didn’t work out. I had my heart broken. Another boyfriend was lovely but it also wasn’t the right thing. I was 39 and I’m like, “Where is it? What am I missing? What am I doing wrong? What am I not getting? I need to be doing something differently.” It’s one of that desperate middle-of-the-night googling things like, “Help me figure out this relationship situation.” I found a woman and her work was very much about this, the energetics of masculine and feminine. She spoke about the feminine in this mythical, beautiful way that set something alive in me.

I was like, “I don’t know what that is but I’m intrigued by it.” I let myself follow a breadcrumb. She had a couple of little online workshops or masterclasses. Maybe I bought a class. I bought a DVD. It was like when they would sell DVDs that you order online. Something about this is vibing and resonating for me. I started practicing it and I noticed things changing, things in my life changing, noticing how men were responding to me and approaching me. Also, more important than not knowing, noticing how I was responding to myself, holding myself and moving through the process of even being single again and dating again.

Crazily enough, I ended up for a little bit dating somebody who ended up feeling and I didn’t realize it until a couple of months in but felt exactly like my ex-husband and me. I noticed it within a couple of months. I was like, “Whoa.” I attribute that to the fact that I was much more attuned that I was like, “I can see this pattern. I’m noticing that I’m feeling the way that I used to feel. Back away.”

I was starting to pay attention. It started changing so much for me that I was like, “I want everything this woman teaches. I want to know it all.” I’m so that person. Tell me all the information so that I can have it. I signed up for her coach training program, not because I thought I would be a coach but because I figured that was the place where she would teach it all and so I did.

Was that a very long process, Heather?

It was like 6 to 8 months but it was about 6 months until the course began. I signed up pretty early. The day before coach training was supposed to start, I got laid off from my job. I was like, “Here’s another one of those breadcrumbs. Universe, I hear you.” I collected unemployment while I trained. I was like, “I guess, I’m going to do this now.” Much of my experience is following those nudges and tiny little things and breadcrumbs that are like, “I’ll trust that. Sure.”

Even the fact that you got laid off, you had changed so much. You didn’t see it as a disaster. You’re like, “It’s another breadcrumb.” Whereas, in the past, you would have been perplexed and probably very upset.

Very much so, yes, because I’ve been laid off twice in my life and that was the case for the first time.

Sometimes, those things are a favor, not a disaster. To make you a little more interesting to everyone, there was a man in your dream who began talking to you in your real life. I need to know what he starts to teach you. Weren’t you a little skeptical? How did you handle that?

GAR 210 | Divine Feminine

At this point, I had that experience in the dentist chair and all of that stuff but I hadn’t stitched all of these experiences together, the dreams that I’d had and these things. I just was like, “I have intuitive moments now and again, sure but everybody does.” I then got laid off from the job right before I started this training. I’m seeing more breadcrumbs. I’m trusting these, following them and taking action. I completed coach training. I hung my shingle out as a coach and started doing business. It was great.

What did you call yourself as a coach, a relationship coach?

I called myself a love coach. It very much was founded in relationships, both dating and committed already, in place relationships. Very quickly, I realized that it was love in all forms, self-love, love of our life, love of the work that we’re doing and all of the aspects of love that we embody, express and experience here. Within about three or so months after I started my business, I had a dream. It was in this ancient Egyptian temple and this man approached me. He offered to be my teacher. I said yes to this dream. It was amazing. He guided me farther and deeper into this temple, showed me this beautiful sacred book and started teaching me things already.

I woke up and was like, “That’s a cool dream.” I’ve had many cool dreams and I love working with symbolism so I let it be that. A couple of months after that, he started talking to me in real life. All I mean by that is things that he said and showed me in the dream, symbols and things that I saw and experienced in the dream started appearing in my life in ways that were so frequent, fast, unavoidable and unignorable that I was like, “What’s going on?” It eventually got so intense to the point where it was like multiple times a day or multiple times an hour.

It was like an ancient Egyptian temple. I was like, “Fine. If you are talking to me, then show me a pyramid.” Within a half hour, it would be like a tattoo on the guy that was showing me the Airbnb where I was staying. Those things that I was like, “This is weird.” I’m going to sit down. I was terrified because I was like, “Is this a ghost?” I’m scared. I call him my cosmic teacher. I sat down to meditate one day and I arbitrarily chose some music. I don’t share what that is. Typically, that’s between him and me. I chose some music, this particular album and I’m like, “I’m going to listen to this album. When I listen to this album, you’re allowed to talk to me and show me things. This is my space. You can’t come in here.”

From your original relationship where you didn’t protect yourself with boundaries, this guy, whatever this was, you had progressed so much that you were giving him boundaries.

I love that connection you made because you’re right. I was porous in my marriage and a couple of my other relationships and lost myself. That was exactly the biggest fear I had. I don’t want to lose myself or bring in anything that’s going to be damaging or hurt me. He started showing me stuff. It was incredible. There was one time when he showed me a symbol and a shape. I was feverishly trying to draw it in my journal and I couldn’t quite get it.

“I saw it and I could picture it but I’m not getting it right. Can you show me whatever you wanted me to see? Can you help me google it?” At that moment, I heard a lyric in the song that I was listening to, in that album that I was like, “I will listen to this album when I’m talking to you.” I knew for whatever reason that’s what he wanted me to google. I was like, “That’s going to work? Sure, I’ll do it,” and I did it.

I clicked image result results on the Google results page and it was the fourth image. I’m like, “That doesn’t make any sense.” It was a bunch of those things. It ended up being the Sri Yantra if you’re familiar. It’s this beautiful sacred geometry that I had never seen before. As I understand it and I still don’t know a whole lot about it but it’s very much like the harmonic form of the universe in a symbol.

This could be an advanced course.

Many things have happened that way. He started teaching me things like this and I started receiving whatever it was that he wanted me to receive. It was breadcrumb after breadcrumb.

Where was he going with it? Was it about love? Was it about what you were working on, what you were coaching, about your personal life and all the above? I will have one more question. You call yourself a shamanic guide. Was he preparing you to be a shamanic guide? Were you already on that path, which might have opened you up more to what he was doing? Where was that piece in the process?

I feel like it’s very related to the Sri Yantra, which is the harmonic form of the universe. I feel that we here on this planet are instruments of either harmony or discord. This is the whole basis for the work that I do. When we’re aligned with what I consider to be our original energetic blueprint, the true vibrational truth that we came here to be, that our souls carry here and that we tend to forget through living life here and being in this physical denser experience.

We are here on this planet as instruments of either harmony or discord. Share on X

When we’re reconnecting back to that and living into as much as we can, those sacred energetics, which is why I call it sacred harmonic energetics, this work that I do, then we are bringing through, being and delivering what our soul came here to deliver. We work closely with nature and one another. We don’t create so much discord, conflict and harm in the world. We live in a sustainable, beautiful and harmonic way with things, other beings, one another and ourselves.

It sounds like you’re working on a 5D mentality and an energetic mentality. Higher. This is fascinating. A lot of people whom I interviewed talked about how we’re in a 3D vibration and we’re going to 5D but you’re saying even higher. Vibrations are coming to you, which is fascinating.

I don’t love that conversation, to be honest, because somehow, when we’re talking about the 3D and 5D, we start to vilify the 3D and make it seem like it’s lesser than and it’s beautiful here. It’s messy and painful too but that’s part of the experience. We tend to start idolizing the 5D as this place to be. There’s a subtle, “Let’s get away from here and there’s something wrong with being here,” energy. We forget to talk about the 4D in the first place.

The 4D is the transitional part. It’s the bridge.

It’s less about transitioning. We’re not going somewhere else. It’s about embodying all of the things. It’s embodying the 3D, 4D and 5D, touching into the beyond as much as we can while we’re in these physical forms. I don’t talk about dimensional stuff all that much aside from the fact that I talk about them being real, energetic and perceived by us the more sensitive we become to energy and all that good stuff but mostly because it’s important to focus on this human experience, who we are and who we’re being asked to be here. I was shown and told once that I’m doing quite a lot of work at the eight dimension. I was reminded of this, which I was told was an archetypal pattern and also an angelic pattern.

It's important to focus on the human experience—who we are and who we're being asked to be here. Share on X

A lot of what you do is this archetypal work.

What I was told was I was helping to re-pattern our energetics. Our more original energetics are more primary or primordial archetypal patterning, which is the harmonic forms.

Let’s have an explanation of that for people who don’t know what an archetype is. What are the quantum realms, which we’re alluding to a little bit? You’re channeling. I want to ask that one question that I alluded to before. How did you start to learn to channel? Was that part of your shamanic journey? Did it just come to you one day? Was it part of the magical thing that was transmitted to you?

I consider that dream. A subsequent couple of months later when he started talking to me in my real life, it was the pin in my story where my spiritual awakening happened because I both started becoming more willing to listen to things that didn’t make sense and were beyond the scope of what I thought I believed in and what I’d ever experienced. I allowed myself to be shown and received. I created more trust with him over time.

Trust comes in my view and our ability to hold ourselves and our power to stand in our beingness, wholeness and power. The more I was taught, guided and learned in that way, the more I was able to trust him. It opened the door to a lot more of my guides. I will say that I have always, including in talking with him, let my soul be the final say. She is the reason I’m here. She holds my map is what I always say.

She’s got your boundaries covered.

Exactly. I will let her tell me, especially when I have no idea who this being is, “Do you want me to talk to this being or is this not for me?” I just listen. If she says no, it’s a no. If she says yes, I’m a yes. I let myself be guided by her.

Has he given you a name? Does he have a name?

I just call him cosmic teacher, though, publicly anyway.

When exactly did you begin to channel? It sounds like you have many different spirit guides who talk to you. Teach us about the archetypal principles and the quantum realms.

I’d say the channeling evolved that was making time to meditate, especially choosing to be open to being shown and then listening to the subtleties, the subtle realms. Listen with all of my senses, whether it was something I felt in my body, saw in a vision, heard or felt an impression of. I have a knowing. I tell my clients this all the time, it seems like it might have been something like this and allowing that to be enough, instead of I need the big booming voice or the clear movie picture vision. The more you start allowing for that dialogue, the more it develops. Plus, it’s no coincidence in my mind at all that as I was stepping into the opening of my feminine energy and that’s when my channel opened.

I consider her to have three pillars. This is a perfect transition into the archetypal stuff. It’s our sensations, emotions and intuition so all of these subtle realms that we hold within us and that we have a connection to outside of us. No coincidence whatsoever that as soon as I started immersing into, practicing and embodying some of the feminine energetics, my channel would open. I see it all the time in my clients as well. To back up the archetype question, this is so important.

People don’t know what that is.

What is that? What does that even mean? You can look it up. Anybody can google. Carl Jung talks about them a lot but the idea of archetypes is that it’s like an energetic pattern that ripples through our reality and shows up over and over again very much in our unconscious and psyche.

Would you say it’s a karmic thing where maybe in different lives it shows up over and over?

They show up everywhere. My experience of them is that they’re everywhere. We’re all living into them all the time, we just don’t realize it. It’s kaleidoscopic. The mirror thing, when you have a mirror and another mirror and you can see the repetition of the reflection going into infinity, that’s what it is. The archetypal trinity that I work with, I know you haven’t asked me this question.

I know but it’s coming. It’s the very next one so here we go.

It’s going to help to make sense of it. Archetypes are things that can be anything. It can be the wise man or woman. It can be the joker or the jester. It could be the king or queen. It can be maiden, mother and crone. You could consider even expressions of god or goddess to be Isis or Brigid. Any of those, you could consider being archetypes because they are expressions of a pattern of energy. The archetypal trinity for me is the realm that I work in. Meaning, this feminine work that I do, we don’t necessarily work with specific goddesses or specific forms of femininity. We’re zipping up to the beginning of the primordial feminine.

Trinity is the divine feminine and divine masculine. The creator archetype or the primordial feminine as I call her or the zero point archetype or whatever you want to address that creates this. In essence, we have the divine union, the feminine and masculine. The creator archetype is both their parent and point of reunion. It creates this beautiful, self-sustaining system of energetics, which is the very first point of separation into any pattern at all from the big primordial soup where there’s everything in nothingness, chaos and void. It’s the first step down into duality, opposites, yin and yang, feminine-masculine, light-dark, whatever you want to call it.

The beautiful part about working with the trinity is it’s both that first step down, the first instance of pattern and then also the reunion, coming back together and re-harmonizing of those into the original again. The beautiful part about doing that is we’re not bypassing these other more distilled archetypes that are below like maiden, mother, crone, goddesses and things like that. It’s just that we’re tapping ourselves into the source point for archetypal patterning ever.

The beautiful thing about that then becomes like a zipper where everything that we do distill down into a more distinct form of energy is aligned with that. A key point of this is there’s both wounded feminine and sacred feminine. There is wounded masculine and sacred masculine. When we’re not careful about which form we’re in or aligning back to the truth point or the source point of our energy, then we’re not going to know which one we’re in. It gets easy to swing out into one of the wounds.

One of the things that you do is help people to align and get away from the wounded piece. In layman’s vernacular, you have the wounded masculine and feminine. You’re the one who helps that to heal those wounds so that they can become aligned and that helps them with their divine destinies and fast-track what they’re supposed to be doing. You have a success story, Heather, from someone whose life has been transformed by your cosmic teachings. That would be helpful for people to understand what you do and how it manifests.

Aside from my own, finding a relationship that was finally good for me, stumbling, being guided into my sole purpose work and creating a successful business on soul guidance and feminine energy alone. My primary mystery school is called Golden Goddess. I tell people this all the time. It’s a little hard sometimes for me to talk about the work that I do because I don’t have this whole thing like, “Come into this course and you will have this happen for you.”

It’s a destiny accelerator. It’s whatever you are meant for and whatever your soul came here to do. We get to prune away all of this wounded masculine and wounded feminine thing so that we can get you in alignment with exactly what you came here for. That’s when things start happening because that’s where it comes from. That’s the callings and desires that you feel.

When your wounded masculine and wounded feminine are pruned away, you can get in alignment with exactly what you came here for. Share on X

When someone comes to you and wants to heal with you and work with you, do you get messages from your guides and all as to what their divine purpose is to help them towards that destiny or do you help them heal where they get the message and then they start to hone in and understand that it’s coming from their soul?

Everything that I do is about putting you back in touch with your power, wisdom and way. We do a lot of shamanic work and energy healing. Even this archetypal trinity, it’s all about coming back. It’s the root of our power. It’s like, “I want you back into your knowing.” Even with the pacing of my journeys, I never meet weekly with people. It’s always every other week or longer because I don’t want you to get attacked. I want you to build your source of power and to be self-sourcing from that and not think that you need me for it.

You’re a guide who helps people to find their truth.

I open the doors, portals and gates but it’s theirs to walk through and find what is meant to be retrieved and remembered for them. There are so many stories. I do want to give you stories. This is what I tell people. I have had women who have finally found love after years of trying, healed marriages, healed chronic pain in their bodies and came in with severe PTSD and have found healing, strength, power, resilience and even cracked into their intuition through this work. I’ve had women who grew their businesses and started new businesses because a new level of their medicine, teachings and work wanted to come through them. They came into this work, their channels opened and it came through. I’ve had women who had new levels of income. It’s everything.

There are four pillars, our businesses, love lives, spiritual worlds and personal power. I can’t make any promises about any of it but this is like the calling card, especially for Golden Goddesses. If there’s something that calls to you and vibrates for you, like for me when I first found that work, if there’s some mythic recognition, maybe there’s something there for me, it’s going to ask you, because it’s the mystery, to follow a nudge that doesn’t make sense and choose something that’s like, “It feels like a breadcrumb. I don’t know why. I don’t have a reason for it. It doesn’t entirely make sense but I’m going to let myself open into something that I can’t explain.”

Does each of us come here with a divine destiny? Some of us don’t come with a lifetime where we’re going to be aimless and be here. Everybody has a purpose.

I got chills. No. I like to say this to my clients too, our souls do not come here to be redundant. If you are here, there is a reason that you’re here. There’s something like some form of medicine, beauty, healing and gift to this world that you’re here to bring and we get to remember what that is. It doesn’t always come in the form of being an entrepreneur, a teacher or anything. There are so many ways that we deliver our medicine and soul’s mission here. I feel like it’s too hard here. It’s too bumpy here in this physical realm to choose to come here for any other reason. Why would you?

Our souls do not come here to be redundant. If you are here, there is a reason that you're here. Share on X

Why would you want to take this as a vacation when you could do something constructive with your life?

Unless your soul is like an adrenaline junkie or something but no. There’s a reason and we got to find what that is. I don’t consider our destinies to be these things that are like a checklist where it’s like, “I have to make sure that I do this. I’m done and I’ve accomplished this.” It’s more like how you are, who you are, how often you’re delivering and how much you’re delivering your soul’s medicine, gifts, love or beauty, capital B, Beauty to the world and not necessarily the packages that come in.

It’s not one size fits all. It’s for everybody depending on what their particular mission and needs are. It’s not a checklist. If someone is intrigued, I’m sure that people are and they want to check out your mystery school offerings, especially Golden Goddess, do they get online to find that? Do you have meetings with people online through Zoom?

Most of my stuff is on the phone because as much as I do love it, we do some videos in Golden Goddess but most of it’s on the phone. We spend so much time looking at other people already, seeing what they’re doing and starting to compare ourselves. It’s so distracting. I find that being on the phone and audio only, we get to come internal and come more into the feminine side.

More of an intimate experience. I understand that.

There’s so much freedom to be vulnerable in that space as well. If they go to or, there are three mystery school experiences. The Golden Goddess is the primary one, the deepest one and the most destiny accelerator version of this work. It’s the signature mystery school that I offer. The Spiral is the mini mystery school, so it’s for women who aren’t quite ready maybe for Golden Goddess or want to start a little bit smaller. I’m offering that if they wanted to join that first and get their feet wet, they can apply most of their tuition to the Golden Goddess in 2024. There’s also The Inner Sanctuary.

Say that again about your tuition.

If they come into The Spiral, because they want to begin and maybe they’re not ready for Golden Goddess, they can build their path into Golden Goddess because I’m allowing them to, at least for now, apply most of their tuition from The Spiral into Golden Goddess the following year. There’s a lower option like the lighter option, The Inner Sanctuary, which is a monthly, divine feminine temple. All of them come with at least a little bit of access and support from me so it’s beautiful.

You’ve helped people to find love, get more successful, make more money and get more peace from within.

We’re all creators. We came here to be creators. This is my belief. If we can prune away some of the stuff that’s in the way and keeping us from being the fullest magnetism and powerful creator, then all of these things that we’re desiring come from our souls. Those desires come from our souls and are part of the path that she’s trying to guide us on. We become the pure vessel for what our soul wants to call us into so then things start happening. It’s not about giving them a strategy for how to make more money or here’s the strategy to go find love. Let’s clean off all the stuff that’s not you and plug you into exactly the truth of your soul, who you are and what you’re capable of and watch what gets created from that space.

My passion is about healing so I would like to know how it is working with sacred harmonic energetics, which is what you do and how that focuses on using aligned energy to achieve peace, joy, happiness, abundance and being willing to enter this realm of the unknowable. Also, help us to heal. Heather, why is it important that people should do their healing work?

My simplest answer to that would be what we can all feel. We have a sense that we have this small voice in us that says that there’s so much more than we can see and prove, so much more than we’ve seen yet and been shown yet and so much more to us. The feeling that I had most of my life where I was like I wish I could have that Harry Potter moment is just an example. There’s so much more. We are these energetic beings. We have not even scratched the surface. In my experience, all of our remembrance, the peace that we’re desiring, the deep craving for peace and joy, that’s coming into pure alignment with your soul. She’s the reason that you’re here.

She is your wholeness and fullness. She’s the reason that you’re here. She’s the thing that animates you and makes you feel like you. Where else would that come from, except for her? Access to healing, I have had more healing than I can explain to you. I have seen more miracles than I can explain to you from working with the guides that I have, from shamanic experiences that I’ve had and from dropping into my shamanic journeying. I’ve experienced so much healing. It’s coming from the invisible realms. It’s coming from the invisible within us and the invisible around us. We are touching that much of that. There’s so much more available.

It sounds to me a lot of what you do is help people clear that debris that keeps them from hearing their soul. This is important. What’s Heather’s tip for finding joy? What lights you up to help you find joy in life? Is it what you’re doing? Is it something simple? What would you like to say to everyone?

I’m going to give you three. I’ll make them fast. The first one is to choose magic. Honestly, choosing it on purpose intentionally over and over again creates that sparkle that sprinkles over your entire life. Make it a devotion. The second is to do something that doesn’t make sense. Stop following your head so much. Stop trying to have a plan all the time. Stop trying to only do the path that makes sense and the path that fits on a spreadsheet.

Let yourself follow those little internal and invisible nudges, whispers and breadcrumbs that we’ve been talking about. The third is to drop into your body, whatever you need to do to quietly drop into your body. I don’t mean go for a run but do a yoga class or things that have you turning inward and paying attention to subtle soft sensations and things that you’re having.

Stop trying to take the path that makes sense and fits on a spreadsheet. Let yourself follow those little internal and invisible nudges, whispers, and breadcrumbs. Share on X

Do you do that through meditation? Is that one of the ways?

One of the ways but that can be heavy too. There’s a lot of work that we do. One of the circuits of our chakras is the upper 3 are masculine energy, the lower 3 are feminine and then the heart is the creator archetype, the great connector. Whatever we can do to drop down into our lower three chakras more in an intentional way that softens and opens them, not forcing them to open but in a way that allows us to feel more down here.

We tend to walk through our lives like toothpaste tubes, squeezed towards the top and operating from up here. Yin yoga is powerful. Meditation isn’t just you following somebody else’s voice and doing something like that but having you drop into the subtle realms and things that “don’t make sense.” Even platonic self-touch, spending some time touching your body in a way that’s not with any sort of outcome in mind.

I hear you. Everyone likes to be hugged even just by themselves. Heather, you are a destiny accelerator for those who feel they’re here for a bigger impact, a more beautiful life and a sacred purpose. I want to thank you for helping women become the embodiment of their divine selves and for fast-tracking their divine destinies so that they can create what they are meant to do with their precious lives in this lifetime. I thank you from my heart for this fascinating and enlightening interview. Thank you.

Thank you so much.

Here is a loving reminder, everyone. Make sure to follow and like us on social, @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. If you’re watching on YouTube, be sure to click subscribe so you’ll never miss an episode. As I like to say, to be continued. Many blessings. Bye for now. Heather, it’s been a pleasure. Thank you so much.


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