Podcasters Join the International Positive Change Podcast Awards Circle of Winners





4/22/24 – Speak Up Talk Radio recently announced the 2024 International Positive Change Podcast Awards contest winners.

One of the winning entries was from New Jersey podcaster Irene Weinberg, whose podcast titled Grief and Rebirth won in the Spirituality and Inspiration/Motivation categories.

Podcasters worldwide submitted their work to the International Positive Change Podcast Awards. To recreate an authentic listening experience, each podcast entry is judged by six judges who listen to several episodes in their entirety. Patricia J. Rullo, founder of the awards, says, “While this involves a lot of time, we feel it is the only way to really listen, hear, and ‘get’ the nuances of the podcast. All judges commit to standardized criteria to evaluate the content’s quality and production aspects. Only entries with the highest scores are awarded the Positive Change Podcast Award.

Why is it called Positive Change? The Positive Change Podcast Awards add a charitable twist. All submission fees go toward an ongoing project to help renovate and transform homeless shelters for women and children by sending handmade, fun, and colorful pillowcases to the shelters. In this way, the podcasters get notoriety for their work while helping to transform homeless shelters into bright and happy homes. Pat adds, “It is a rewarding venture for everyone. We also send large boxes of children’s books to the shelters. The children appreciate falling asleep on our pretty pillowcases while reading happy bedtime stories.

Speak Up Talk Radio offers podcasters, authors, and others a welcome place to promote themselves and their work via podcast awards, book awards, radio interviews, audiobook production, voiceover marketing tools, and podcasting services, including the BOOMBANGOHMYGOSHWOW podcast, where podcasters and authors share short but helpful tips with fellow creatives.

The Positive Change Podcast Awards runs a quarterly contest, and podcasters from all genres are welcome. For additional winning podcasters and entry information:



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