GAR Melissa Lyons | The Healing Table


Author Melissa Lyons and Irene talk about The Healing Table that was created because they felt there was a need for more consistent support during the healing and transformational phases of people’s lives, especially when people are feeling alone. This will be a safe and supportive environment and people will be surrounded by the vibes and strength of our new community to remind them that they are more than OK. Best yet, there will now be this wonderful community of newfound friends who will understand each other at a deep and powerful level.



  • This will be unique for each beautiful soul in our community.
  • We will help you discover who you are after your loss or life change.
  • We will help you figure out where you are heading to help you decide who you now want to be.
  • You will feel empowered and excited to create a new Life Plan that is customized to your heart and soul.


  • Where do I want to end up?
  • How do I want to feel along the way?
  • How do I want to be remembered?

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Grief And Rebirth LIVE – Author Melissa Lyons And Irene Speak About Their New Healing Support Group Called The Healing Table





We had this brilliant idea. I’m doing all this work on the show. I’m interviewing wonderful people like Roseanne Norris, who’s here with us. I’ve spoken to Brett who’s watched the show. All of you are so special to me. Also, Suzanne Menrick, who is my best buddy from a long time ago. I was thinking it would be great to take what we’re doing with all these more marvelous people who are healers and make it more intimate and local to who each of you are. There’s no doubt in my mind that each of you comes to the show with a pack of things you’re grieving, issues and sadness that you have. Sometimes you wish you could get support and not necessarily have it in a regular therapist’s office or just loving support where you can come.

This is not a concept that we are the great experts. I have a lot of experience from all the interviews I’ve done and all my life experience, as does my wonderful partner here, Melissa. We are making a team effort where we are going to take you through all kinds of wonderful programs and things to do to be able to talk, support you, and nurture you on your journey. I want to introduce Melissa. What would you like to say to everyone? First of all, she’s from Canada. She’s speaking to us from Canada.

Thank you, Irene. Thanks to all of you for joining us on this wonderful opportunity to tell you about our new program called The Healing Table. I was very privileged to have the opportunity to meet Irene and be a guest on our show. She touched me so deeply in my heart. Everybody’s here because she’s touched you in your hearts as well. One of the things for me is I have these ideas, these programs, and all of these things to give the world. For a long time, I was a little bit afraid. I have to get my wings flapping. When you see Irene, her wings just fly.

I’m a gatherer.

I needed some roots. We’re a wonderful team to bring this program to you. Thanks, Irene. Would you like me to tell you a little bit about it? How do you want to get going?

We want to offer support during everyone’s highs and lows, especially when they might only have the resources. One session for monthly therapy or whatever. This is going to be a weekly wonderful program that can involve all of you and get everyone involved in filling in the gaps of your relationships during tough times. It’s because we know we understand your pain. We understand what you’re going through. We want to nurture you, support you, and embrace you. Melissa, what would you like to talk about the structure, the programs we’re going to be offering, and what we’re going to be doing?

I’m going to take you through how the program’s going to come to fruition. We created this group because you’ve got your groove going on. Everything’s good. Maybe you’ve met with somebody or you’ve had something great happen. All of a sudden, you lose your forward motion and the wind leaves your sails. You’ve got to wait until you have that reconnection time, whether it’s with a therapist, a friend, or whatever it is that you’re doing. We saw that there is a need for that consistent support during the healing and transformational process that we’re all going through. That’s where The Healing Table started to come to life for us.

GAR Melissa Lyons | The Healing Table

The Healing Table: There is a need for consistent support during the healing and transformational process that we’re all going through.

Some people have the resources to see somebody once a month. Some people might see someone once a week. Between those times, you sometimes feel lonely and don’t know if you’re doing the right thing or if one trigger happens, and then you lose your way. Although you know better and have all the tools and everything you need, you need that one thing to pull you back on track or online, like a train going down the tracks. Once it’s derailed, it knows how to get back. It’s fine once you put it back on the tracks, but it takes a lot of work to pull the train back on. Especially when we’re going through a grieving process, loss of any type of all, it’s a lot to get us back on track.

The other thing is, in our friends and family and that group of people that we go to for support, sometimes they don’t understand our pain because their world didn’t stop when ours stopped. It’s a totally different experience. The other thing, too, that The Healing Table is going to be able to do is that we all have access to so much information. You know it. We can read books, we can go on podcasts and we have coaching programs. There’s a myriad of things that we can do.

How do you get that information and turn it into transformation? Why do people go to the gym? You can do your sit-ups at home. You can do some of the things at home, but you go to the gym for that sense of community, for the group learning, and for all of that together. What we want to do is understand that although you find a concept, you know it helps you, and while you’re learning at that moment, it’s making you feel better. You then go home all of a sudden or you’re on your own, and then you don’t know how to turn that information to transformation. That’s what we want to do. Transformation comes from practice and commitment, and then practice in a group environment.

Also, support and nurturing. I’m looking at Iris Misshula here. She’s right here. She’s been my inspiration because Iris and I often connect. We nurture and support each other while she’s going through her grieving process. This is going to be something very similar to that with structure, love, support, concrete ideas, exercises, and different things for you to do that will help you on your journey.

It’s a year-long program. It is a major commitment because the change you want to see and the lasting change that we need in our lives when we’re finding it hard to get where we want to go is to have that full-on commitment to that change. We don’t think anything less than a year, we don’t think will give you what we want to give you throughout this program and the transformation we’re offering.

It’s a healing through conversation only. The spirit plays some part in a way. Of course, it plays a part in everything we do. How it’s going to work is we’re going to have 2 1-hour live coaching sessions every week and 1 1-hour live office hours where you can ask questions on whatever it is that you’re working through. There’ll be three live touchpoints of three hours a week for a full year. You have what you need to keep on track and move forward. You will actually create your own life blueprint from the work that we’re going to do.

Spirit plays a part in everything we do. Share on X

Irene and I will be doing a lot of the work with you, but we will also have the opportunity to bring in guest speakers, guest coaches and people who have access to spiritual guidance as well in a different way. There’ll be a lot of things in the course of the year that will add different flavors to what we’re going to do. In terms of how that year will roll out, there are three major things. I’ve got my notes because I want to make sure that I let you know all of them.

The first thing that we want to talk about with everybody is to begin where you are. This is a personal journey for you. Although it’s a group coaching program, you will go at your own pace, heal the things you need to heal, and create things you need to create. When I say, “Begin where you are,” sometimes we think we know where we are, but the truth is it’s not a physical answer. Where are we on our healing journey? Sometimes we can’t see it for ourselves when we’re in the midst of that healing cycle.

The questions that we’ll answer through the first process of this first part of the journey is first phase will be where are you, who are you and how are you? We’ll do a lot of work teasing through that and figuring out exactly where you are. If someone asks you right now, “Do you know exactly where you are in your healing journey? Do you know exactly what you need?” if you know the answer, say yes. If you’re not sure, say no. I know that when I began my recovery, the first thing I needed to figure out was who I was when I took away all of the things that I had been to that moment because I was looking at a whole new me.

I think also a lot of people get a lot of shoulds. “You should be here, you should be there, you should be doing this. This is what’s to do. This is the textbook thing, what you should be going through.” Grief is a very individual process for every single person. Everyone has a different history, experiences and things that have touched them off. You’re not a cookie cutter. It’s not a cookie-cutter solution for everyone.

We’re going to be able to allow you to put together what you need for you within the group process. The next phase of the journey is to answer the question, “Where are you heading?” I love this proverb. “If you don’t change your direction, you might end up where you’re heading.” How many of us wake up every day with the goal of, “I just want to get through the day.” Not every day, maybe, but a lot of days. You just wake up, “I got to get through the morning. I got to get through this. I got to get through that.”

Believe it or not, we mindlessly get in our car and drive where we’re going. We don’t actually wake up in the morning and set our destination, our intention for the day. If we do, we don’t do it long enough to last. We might do it for a few days, and then we fall off. We’re going to keep that consistent. When we figure out where we’re heading, the first question is if you don’t know exactly where you’re heading, where do you want to end up? How do you want to feel along the way? What do you want to experience along the way?

Finally, the most important thing that can guide us in terms of where we’re heading is how do we want to be remembered. This is part of the phase because as we rediscover who we are after this thing that put us into the moment that brought us here to be together all at once, we actually have to figure out that direction. It’s quite a deep dive, but it’s an important one. Otherwise, you’re going to end up where most of the energy or where you live your day. Wherever that energy is guiding is where you’re going to end up. That might not be completely aligned with where you were meant to be.

A lot of people also don’t know where they want to end up. This will help them identify that. We will help you come to your own conclusions and figure that out for yourselves. You’ll be getting exercises and different things that will help shed light on what you want and what your goal is for your particular needs in your life.

Anne says, “Some days I think I know, and the next day is completely different.” That’s true. That’s the bumpy ride. The idea is, if you imagine, if you’re in a car and you’re driving along, you hit a bump and your steering wheel turns veers off to the right, you need to have a corrective measure to bring it back in line and get back on your path. That’s a car because we can actually physically see it. In our lives, when we get bumped off, we don’t always know exactly how to get back on our path. If we’re not exactly sure what our path is and where we’re going, then we don’t have the means to redirect. We keep going down that path.

Imagine, if you turn your head to the right and you try to walk a straight line, eventually you end up going where you’re looking. If we’re looking at our pain, if we’re looking at our trauma, if we’re looking at the things we don’t know, the uncertainties of our life, we’re actually heading straight towards them. Whatever we’re looking at and whatever we’re feeling is pulling us. That’s what we are going to do together. We put that path in place. When you are bumped off and you are veered off, you know exactly how to come back simply and subtly. Simple, subtle shifts. It’s going to become your natural thing, like when you’re driving. You know how to get back. That’s how easy it can become. It’s a path, it’s a journey, and it’s a process.

When you’re feeling lost, you have a way to find your way back home actually to yourself?

Exactly. Cece says, “My intention every morning is to figure out ways to ease the pain.” Of course, it is. We have to ease the pain. One of the main reasons why we want to ease the pain is because we’re here. We need to find our purpose, find our path, and get connected to our passions, and then the pain will begin to ease as well. It’s not process. It’s a step-by-step, rinse and repeat.

GAR Melissa Lyons | The Healing Table

The Healing Table: One of the main reasons why we want to ease the pain is because we’re here and we need to find our purpose and we need to find our path and we need to get connected to our passions.

I think we’ll have a tremendous sense of community with all of you being part of it. You will have a much better idea for where you’re going and what you want for yourself. At the end of it, you’ll have clarified a lot.

When you wake up in the morning and have a purpose, the purpose doesn’t have to be your life purpose, but it has to be a purpose that aligns you to a path. That needs to be a path that aligns you with your heart. You don’t necessarily know where your heart lies when you’re in the midst of all the pain. That’s why you’re going to start out by figuring out where you are, what needs to happen, what needs to be exposed, uncovered and discovered, what needs to be teased out. We’ll do that through journaling. We’ll do that through guided reflection. We’ll do that through conversation. There might be other ways you need to do that and want to do that. We’ll discover that as we move along.

Will we have meditations also, Melissa?

On a regular week, what you’re going to see is you’ll have an hour or more with me where we’re going to go through a process or system. Another system, in addition to the simple, subtle shifts, is a power of pressing pause where you begin to automatically learn how to press pause, figure out what it is that you’re reacting to or respond to, what was that bump in the road, and then how to come back on it. We’ll be doing all kinds of different programs like that. You’ll then have time with Irene where you’ll talk about the programs, whatever you’re working through, and anything that’s come up in your week. That’s going to be your time with Irene for an hour or more.

It’ll be live where you’ll be able to talk and everything will be recorded. If you miss it, you will have access to that for the full year. You can go back and rewatch anything if it is something you want to know more of. Every week, we’re going to have one hour of office hours. If there’s something that you want to work through or talk to us about, you can come on. If there isn’t, then you keep on going. You will have like a full access to our full journaling series because journaling is what connects you to your intuition. It gets to your guidance and to your heart. It will give you the answers that you’re looking for. We also have a weekly guided reflection. They’ll all be available and the whole bank will add up.

We just got a beautiful note from Brett. She said, “I’m nine months into my grief journey. I had months of distraction over winter to spring, taking a real estate course. I’m all done with that. Now that the sadness and loss aspect has set in. I am busy, but nights are tough. Thanks for The Healing Table.” That’s what we will be doing. We will fill in those blanks for you. You’ll have a community. You’ll have a safe place to land that understands and there’s no judgment, not a touch. Just love, acceptance, and wanting to help you.

We’ve been there. I have to tell you guys, when I lost my husband, I was lost. I would’ve loved to have a healing community to help me with that. Not only that, I had this spiritual awakening and people thought I was crazy. They didn’t want to hear anything about it. People would say, “You’ll get over it. Do something else. You’re crazy.”

I remember joining grief groups where everyone was crying and nobody was trying to move forward or understanding anything. I seemed to be a little more hinged. The next thing I knew, the woman who was moderating it said, “Irene, why don’t you help all these people?” Meanwhile, I’m grieving myself. It was terrible. It was awful. I pulled out of all of that and I was quite lost in all. I would’ve loved to have a place to come to like this.

It’s so true. That is one of the things that Irene and I talked about. My loss was different than your loss. All of our losses are different. All of our losses are so unique to us. In addition to other things that I had to go through, I lost myself. The journey back is the same for all of us. It’s unique, but the journey back is the journey back from wherever you are right now. Wherever you are, there’s a place to come back to. Otherwise, I don’t think you would be here. I just got chills when I said that, like big chills. We’re here for a reason.

The other thing that I think we’re here for is that there’s something on the other side of your grief process that’s waiting for you to come and sink your teeth into, whatever it is. You’re here because there’s something waiting for you and needs you. This growth and learning, painful as it is, is preparing you for whatever that is. You’re going to get there only by taking the path that’s laid out in front of you.

There's something on the other side of this grief process you're in that's waiting for you to come and sink your teeth into, whatever it is. Share on X

Even knowing what that path might be. Usually, when we have a loss, we’re lost. We’re floundering. We don’t know how to go about it or get to it. Loss is not just death. Loss from divorce, loss from job, or any kind of loss. It is not at all limited to death. It’s a loss of any kind. Everyone will be processing and finding their way from different types of losses also. We grieve. It’s a universal emotion.

It’s true. There are four Ds that I think can give you an idea. Death, divorce, diagnosis or loss of health, and dismissal or loss of your career. The things that we plan on, whether it’d be with your spouse, all of those things can rock your world and leave you in a spot where you have to define your new path. It is a new path because it is a new you. Whatever that was was part of you. Now you’ve got to regroup and get back at that.

This group is not about grief, to be very clear. We all are grieving something. This group is about life. It’s about rebirth, which is my connection to Irene. This group is about figuring out what it is that’s waiting for you on the other side of this thing that’s in front of us right now. We’re not going to get to it by forging a hole through it. We’re going to get to it by learning all the ways to find ourselves again.

We had another question asking if it will be totally group activities or if there’ll be individual things also. Do you want to address that, Melissa?

This is individual in it that you will work through it on your own. You have the opportunity to send private messages and we can have conversations. As a program, it’s a group program. As I said earlier, everybody needs something different. You will find that out. One of the things Irene said, and we’ve talked about this.

I know I’m not correcting you, Irene. I’m just redirecting us. We aren’t going to give you the answers. We’re going to give you the tools. We’re going to give you all of the things that we know work through our research and experience. You will have all of the answers that will come from your intuition, the spirits, and your guides. They will come to you. We’re here to facilitate this process.

The other thing is, when we’re done this at the end of the year, in addition to this incredible healing and transformation of your experience, you’re going to be part of a group of women who’ve all been through something just as big and have done a deep dive as deep as you have. The bonds and the different friendships in the different communities that will come from this will probably change your lives forever. It’s such a personal journey together.

There may be many lifelong connections made here. It’s such a blessing because people feel so alone and you’re in a different place now. Your relationships also change because people don’t understand you. They don’t understand where you’re at. Now you’ll be meeting people who totally understand you and care about you.

It’s true. The other thing that we’re going to talk about is guilt. Guilt’s going to be a big part of it because we’re talking about living. The grief itself will heal as you heal yourself and you find your own way. There’s guilt and so many other things associated with that. We are going to spend a lot of time talking about that. You’ve probably heard this before, but the biggest gift that you can give to your loved ones right now is investing in yourself and investing in your journey.

GAR Melissa Lyons | The Healing Table

The Healing Table: The biggest gift that you can give to your loved ones right now is investing in yourself and investing in your journey.

As you heal and grow, I say grow, but you’re going to glow, by the process of what we’re going to do, this glow will happen. The people in your lives will be affected ten-fold minimum. As you invest in yourself, you’re actually investing in all aspects and all people who have anything to do with you. They will grow just by being with you and watching you find your light.

After many years and going through all that I went through with my own loss, the thing that meant the most to me was when my son said to me, “There has been nothing worse than seeing you in total despair, and there’s been nothing better than seeing you be able to have joy again and figure out what’s going on and figure out your life.” What a blessing. I will never forget that. That’s what we’re going to try to support you and love you to help you get to that point.

People are looking at you. Whether it’s your children, your friends, the people that you’re supporting, they’re looking at you. I have a similar story. I think my kids were maybe 8 and 10 years old at the time. I was as low as I could go. I finally hit bottom, short of being hospitalized. I remember I was living in a raised ranch looking up at my kids. Nobody could reach me. I was gone from everybody. A very wise woman said, “What do you think your girls see when they look at you right now? Is this the you you want them to remember?” It was a horrible thing to hear, but it jolted me right out of where I was. I thought, “No, I need to show them that I’m worthy enough to heal because if they ever get in this spot, they need to know that they’re worthy enough to heal.” Live by example.

You role model for them.

Not proud moments in the moment, but a lot of happiness looking back, seeing where we’ve come from, all of us. I’m sure everybody who’s here has a very similar story.

I see some people responding emotionally. I want to jump through and give each one of you a big hug. I know where you each have been. I really understand. It’s very challenging and very hard, but you can do it. Look at me. I’m a perfect example.

I think we all are. I know some personal stories of people in the room who have been through not one, but death of two husbands or partners. I can’t even say it. There are people here who are stronger than I think I’ll ever be. It’s such an honor to be able to be on this journey with all of you who decide to join us because we’re in it together. We really are. Sometimes it looks better on the outside, but the inside that we can’t see, we all have that open wound.

Just by showing up, you’re very courageous. You’re to be admired just by showing up. So many people are struggling and they sit in that swamp and they don’t want to move. You guys want to move and you deserve a lot of credit for that.

I want to reinforce too that it’s going to be at your own pace. Suzanne’s asking to share the structure a bit about the sessions. I’ll tell you how I think it’s going to be, but how it will be will be what the group needs. In my mind, what we’re going to do is, for example, in a week that we’re talking about grief, I’m going to give you some examples. We’re going to go through some different scenarios that people have. We’re going to apply some processes that will help you figure out how to deal with the trigger. It’ll be a cognitive behavioral therapy in a sense, but it won’t be me telling you what to do. It’ll be me giving you the tools for that one example and then us talking about it. It’ll be a lot of sharing. It’s not going to be this one way. I’m going to ask for participation.

If you are going to join this program, make sure you have sleeves that roll up because it’s going to be work, but not work that’s painful. There will be pain along the way, but we’re going to make sure that you have the vision of where you’re going. We’re not going to start this without you knowing where you’re going to end up. We are actually going to have you paint that picture for yourself.

Someone said, “It’s so hard to imagine. I believe I’ll get there. It’s hard to see.” A big part of this group is helping you paint that picture so you can see it. As you’re moving, you’re moving towards that. You’re not moving away from your pain. You’re moving towards your calling, your purpose, why you’re still here, and why you get to still breathe.

Right now, most of you are pretty lost. We’ll help you define where you want to go. It may change. You may think you want to go in one direction, but then as you’re working through things, you say, “Now I’m seeing the light. Now, I understand what I want to do with this. That will be tremendous for you. We also have a question. Someone’s asking about expenses also, Melissa.

This group is going to evolve based on the needs and personalities of the people in the group. If we find out that we need to do it differently, we’ll make it different. I know in my mind how I want it to unfold, but I’m never one to keep a structure if it’s not going to fit the group. We will make sure that it fits the group.

In terms of prices, it’s $99 a month and it’s a twelve-month commitment. We need that twelve-month commitment because that’s your commitment to us and to you that you are in this and that you want to see that full vision. In anything less, we’re not going to be able to paint that whole picture and create the path that will guide you there. If you want to pay $999 upfront, then you save up to $200. That will include everything that we’re talking about.

I’ll run through what you get. I promise you, it’s not only this. You’ll get more. You’ll get three hours of live virtual coaching every week. You’ll have work at your own pace programs and exercises. You’ll have journaling support and prompts that will help you create that connection with your intuition and your guidance. You’ll have weekly guided reflections and meditations that can be customized and will be created for this group on an as needed basis. You’ll have access to the library I already have that I will be constantly creating for the group. By the end of the year, you will have more than 50, for example. We will be able to do that based on what the group needs. Also, we have a Facebook group that will give you 24/7 access to this private community.

I want to read something that I wrote to you because I want to make sure that I get it straight. When I talked to you about implementation versus information, we wanted to take the information and learn how to implement, so we can have transformation because we all have the information we want in the world. It’s that implementation that leads to transformation. The implementation takes time and practice. It’s a safe, soft, and supportive environment.

This is us. This is our Facebook group. When we fall down or when we fall backwards, we get stuck, which getting stuck is one of the biggest parts of all. We know we’re okay. We’re grateful that we’re surrounded with vibes and the strength of our community to remind us that we’re okay or that we’re more than okay. That’s where we’re going with this. You have that. All of that, again, is $99 a month or $999 for the full year.

Think about that. You also have this Facebook group every single day. Whatever you’re feeling, just in this group, you can put that out there and everyone can come and help you with that too. You’re never alone.

If you’re up in the middle of the night, chances are, at 1:00 in the morning, you have this pain and you want to put it out there. You’re like, “Can someone talk to me about this?” Chances are Irene’s going to be awake. If it’s at 6:00 in the morning, Irene won’t be awake, but I will be. We’re not on there 24/7, but as a group, we will be.

Also, to give you a sampling of the guided reflections. Actually, this is what I’m saying. When you sign up, you get this as part of your signup thing. If you feel like you want a little taste of the sampling, you can send me an email and I’ll send you a link to the reflection always in my heart. You also get access to this and many more, plus all of the other things we said when you sign up for the full group.

By the way, as you’re tuning in to us, you may have other friends or other people you know who you think, “She could use this or whatever.” Have them check it out.

All of us have a pretty bright light inside of us. It’s been dulled, beaten, bruised, and maybe gotten dirty along the way. What we want to do is help you shine that light again, because whatever it is or whoever it is that we have lost doesn’t get to shine their light anymore, but we get to shine their light. Even more than getting to, maybe we’re meant to. It doesn’t mean we’re ready to, but it might mean we’re meant to. This group will be about helping you shine their light on their behalf because they’re not here to do it.

Whoever it is that we have lost doesn't get to shine their light anymore. But we get to shine their light. Share on X

They’re within you. They’re around you. They need you to shine your light and the people in your lives need you to shine your light. How do you get there? “My husband passed four months ago.” This is from Cece. Suzanne Mernick says, “I don’t have a recent loss, but I’m on a creative journey where I want to access wisdom gained from the experience.”

Suzanne, I can answer that with a 1,000% commitment or confidence. This is the group for you because one of the reasons why you’re not accessing your wisdom is because you’ve lost something along the way. It might have been when you were younger or a child. At some point, you lost your access to that creative guidance and that inner wisdom. I know exactly now through this journey. Not exactly, but I know that the pivoting moments of my life from when I was young and even in my teenage years where I shut down my access to it, you’ll get that through this.

Your loss that you would be looking at, not specifically from a loss point of view, is you’re here about discovery. This group isn’t about loss. This isn’t about grief. This is about discovering your purpose, your path, and your passions. This group is about discovering you and figuring out where you are in your journey. Getting clear about where you want to be because if you’re not sure where you want to be, you’re going to end up where you’re heading. Finally, you are figuring out how to stay on that path because this group is for anybody who wants to live a more fulfilling and robust life. In particular, we’re very sensitive and we’re all healing.

I have someone who’s saying that she’s taking EMDR and she is feeling a little bit better, but she may join us. She’s thinking about that. This can definitely be added to any other healing modalities that you’re doing. It will strengthen them.

Roseanne said she hopes to share with people that are very early in their personal journey. Those are the other things that will happen too. I can see us becoming like that. There’ll be different groups of different loss at different parts of their journey or different types of loss. I can see us actually getting into smaller breakout groups, for example, on healing discussions. We might even get to a point where we actually branch off.

We’re going to do what needs to be done to get everybody where they are meant to go. We’re going to help everybody figure out what’s calling them and to redirect you if you’re on that path. When we’re feeling lost, lonely, and stuck, in that moment, everybody probably knows about the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is an incredibly strong, powerful force. The thing is that whatever we are feeling is what we are heading towards, which means we’re going down the path of more of it.

You can look at it as coming towards us or you can look at it as us pulling ourselves towards it, whatever that is. It doesn’t mean you can’t feel sad. It doesn’t mean you can’t feel lost. It doesn’t mean you can’t feel sorry for yourself. You can feel all of it, but you’re going to sit in it long enough to recognize where you want to be next. Recognize that you don’t want to be there, but figure out what it is that it’s telling you because it has a message.

A lot of you are in different portions of your healing journeys. Some of you are just starting, some are in the middle, and some are moving. Everyone can help and inspire each other because you are in different places. If someone’s like, “I’m in so much pain. I just started this.” Someone is going to be saying to you, “I’m that much further down. This is what I went through and this is what I experienced. Here I am shining. You can get here. It can be okay.”

My favorite saying is what I want to be remembered for. Some people may have heard this before. “When I feel yucky, I’m really quite lucky.” I know that doesn’t sound like the best thing you want to be remembered for, but it was such a breakthrough that day that I got that message. When I feel yucky, I’m really quite lucky. It’s like, “I am aware that I feel like crap right now. This is not how I want to feel.” That messaging system or guidance system is the biggest gift. It then opens up the opportunity to figure out where I want to be or how I want to feel.

If you’re not feeling yucky or not feeling anything, you’re probably not here. You’re here because you’re feeling like you want to feel better. You’re feeling like you don’t want this to be the rest of your life. You’re feeling like you might not know exactly how to get there. When you think about where it is, you’re like, “That’ll explain it.” We’re all the same. We’re just in different spots, but we’re all the same.

Melissa, here’s a question too. “I feel that I have found my purpose on my own journey. My question is, how can this experience aid me on my path?”

My answer would be another question, actually. What is it that makes you feel you’re not on your path? What is it that pulls you off your path? When do you feel that you’re not on your path? I want to know about your path and how it feels to you.

I have gone on an extensive healing journey. My son passed years ago. I wrote a book, but now, I realize that that’s not the end of it. My path, by helping others, is I’m going to continue to write books. I’m ready to start again and I know where I’m going suddenly. It’s like it just all woke up in me. Other than helping others and gaining more knowledge, I don’t know what I would personally gain from a group like this.

I’m happy for you. Congratulations. I would say that the most important thing for you is to know when you’re off your path, what triggers you, and how to respond when you have some derailment. The most important thing is to get those tools. Hopefully, that never ever happens to you, but chances are, somewhere along the way, whether it be you’re working with a family or another mother because of your book, and then something gets triggered.

For me, what I can tell you is that I started this journey in 2014 when I came unraveled. I had literally ticked off every box of my goals that I’d wanted to tick off. I had everything, only to find out the second that I did it all, I felt completely worthless. I felt completely lost. I was completely broken and I couldn’t explain it. Looking back now, it was because I was working on all of the things that weren’t aligned with my path and my heart and I didn’t know how to fix that.

I was just trying to please people, trying to be that best person, and trying to be that person in society versus understanding that. I used to get burning feelings in my heart all the time for no good reason. It was because my heart wasn’t aligned with my head. I guess the most important thing for you is having some process that keeps your head in your heart always aligned.

Thank you.

Are you very clear, Roseanne, on what you want to write your coming books about?

Yeah, I am.

I’d love to chat with you about that.

We will. Thank you.

You’re welcome.

Very good. Congratulations.

Thank you.

Does anyone else have a question? Comments?

We’re going to close soon, but I’d like to share with you since Roseanne brought up the book. I wrote a book called I Will Always Love You, and it’s a whole story about how that book came to be. I didn’t actually write it. It came through after a series of a ton of grief, processing, real self-discovery, and feeling worse than I ever thought a person could feel. Saying that to you guys, of course, you know what that feels like in your own world, but in my world, that’s what it felt like. The book seemed to be about grief and loss.

For a year and a half, it was about grief and loss. It helped thousands of people heal through the process, but I never understood it because I hadn’t actually experienced grief or loss like you have. I’d never gone through that pain of letting go or saying goodbye to someone who was in my heart that wasn’t ready to go or it wasn’t their time.

Eighteen months after writing that book, I had another spiritual awakening. I got a message that came in another form in writing. My book was actually a message to me from my future self. This is kind of rude, but you might as well get used to it if you like it. It was my future self telling me that it was okay to grieve the person and the life I’d been living for 50 years. It was okay for me to step into the life that I was meant to live. Scary, new and unknown as it was, I had to leave everything about who I was and who I’d been and step into this brand-new life. That’s what my book ended up being to be.

Roseanne, I don’t know your story. For any of you who journal or write, we get these messages and we think we know what they mean and it’s years later, you understand that that’s not even what it meant for you. My path has changed so many times and you guys all have that in you because that’s why on some level, you’ve experienced what you’ve gone through because it’s the pain that blossoms into the beautiful thing that’s waiting for you.

There are beautiful things waiting for you. It’s hard to even imagine when you’re going through it. It’s good for someone to hold a beacon light up and say, “You’re going to get here.”

GAR Melissa Lyons | The Healing Table

The Healing Table: There are beautiful things waiting for you. It’s hard to even imagine it when you’re going through grief. It’s good for someone to hold a beacon light up and say, “You’re going to get here.”

Thank you, Roseanne. Thanks to all of you. Thank you, Irene, for being my wings as I’m your roots. All of you who decide to join us and those of you who have already joined us, welcome. This is going to be a wonderfully fulfilling and exciting journey that we’re going to be on together. I can’t wait for it to start.

What would be the next steps? Would it be to sign up?


Sign up, and then we will have our first meeting.

We’ll send you all the information before then. The Facebook group is open. It’s not very active yet, but it will be active and I’m going to start to post a lot of things to get you started and thinking about things. Within the group, we’re going to figure out how that’s going to look. We want the group to form so that we can best suit the needs of the group. We want the group to fit you, not you to fit the group. Thanks, everybody.

I see a few tears and I’m so sorry, but we hope to hug you in lots of different ways through this process.

We will.

I can remember feeling so alone and we don’t want that to happen to you.

You can be so alone in a room full of so many people. I have a suspicion that we’re all highly sensitive people too. Everybody grieves in different ways, but I think we need to grieve in a different way because we’re different people. We don’t have thick skin. We don’t want thick skin. We want to love the skin we’re in with our way, in a soulful way. This is all soulfully based and I’m grateful to whoever brought that up earlier. We’re being directed by spirit for sure to put this group together. This is not from our heads. This is from our hearts and it coming through. Definitely not from our heads. Thanks, everybody.

Thanks, everyone. To be continued.

All the information is on the website.

From our hearts to yours.


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