Show Notes: Do we have past lives? What is sound healing meditation? How does energy healing help you to heal? What is conscious living? These are some of the questions Judy Becker, an energy healer in New Jersey will answer for you.  July helps people release their deeply held patterns of anger, frustration and resentment through her weekly meditation classes, conscious living workshops and sound healing meditations. She also shares the details of her own childhood trauma of dealing with “too many losses,” which spurred her to find the answers to challenging questions and led her to develop her paradym of living a peaceful and fulfilling life, which now inspires others to do the same.

You will learn how sound healing releases trauma, and what sounds Judy uses to do this. This is a very interesting, fun interview. So much so that Irene and Stephanie want to visit Judy to experience her sound healing – watch for that to come on a live Facebook demonstration!

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Contact Info:, 973-477-8566