Kat Baillie

Show Notes: Tune in to hear an incredible and very informative interview with Psychic/Medium Kat Baillie, who helps people heal emotional issues and supports parents who have lost children. As the UK affiliate leader for Helping Parents Heal, she helps to support over 400 parents in the UK in addition to supporting a larger audience of over 12,000 parents in the USA and globally.

Kat describes herself as “neutral on religion” while at the same time believing in the power of prayer, the power of the divine, the power of the universe and the life force. This interview will add to your spiritual knowledge and warm your heart.  You can’t help but love Kat!

In This Episode, You’ll Hear About Things Like:

  • How souls who have committed suicide transition to the Other Side
  • What mediumship really is and how it transforms and leads to healing
  • How handling her own PTSD holistically opened Kat to increased healing and mediumship
  • Messages for all of us about love

Some Questions Irene Asks Kat:

  • Is there judgment on the Other Side regarding suicide?
  • How can parents connect with their deceased children?
  • How does the spirit world work its magic through evidence and synchronicities?

Show Links: www.kat-b.com

Contact Info: kathleen.baillie@icloud.com