Show notes: Lane Michel has learned to follow his heart, intuition, and curiosity to find and live his signature purpose.  Over the more than 3 decades of his career, Lane has amassed experience in fields ranging from space science, to computer technology, marketing, customer relationship management, and much more, taking him to over 20 countries on the planet.


He loves helping people remember their purpose, making ancient wisdom current because deep truths never die, and delighting in the miracles that happen every day for those of us who are consciously aware. Tune in for an incredibly enlightening, inspiring interview!


In this episode, you’ll hear about things like:


  • How we are our energy reflected through attitude, choices, and determination
  • How being knocked unconscious by a horse brought a miracle into Lane’s life
  • How the science of resilience and EQ brings heart IQ
  • Why curiosity is a trait missing from people today


Some questions Irene asks Lane:


  • What is a Wayshower?
  • What is Resilience?
  • What is Infinite Love and how does it heal?


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