Show notes: What a fascinating interview!  Nancy, who has been doing psychic and spiritual work since 1982, has facilitated thousands of sessions into past lives.  She uses hypnosis to help her clients release limiting beliefs and psychically reads their souls’ journeys and patterns through lifetimes. She also helps clients to find out what they do between lives, why they chose this current life, what their purpose is and much more. This interview is a real eye and soul opener!

In this episode, you’ll hear about things like:

  • Nancy’s own spontaneous past life experience
  • Lessons we choose to learn in each lifetime
  • How knowing about our past lives transforms our limiting beliefs
  • We choose our family members and women often have soul sisters

Some questions Irene asks Nancy:

  • What is the Dark Night of the Soul?
  • Why do some people have an adversarial relationship to time?
  • What are the personality characteristics of people called “Fast Trackers?”

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