Show notes: In this episode, Daniel Kenner will touch your heart as he shares his story of becoming a caregiver to his two very special parents who died within a month of each other, and how this experience at the young age of 30 led to his writing his memoir ROOM FOR GRACE.


In this episode, you’ll hear about things like:


  • Positives one can find in tragedy
  • How Daniel crafted ROOM FOR GRACE, a love story of family and community, with his mom
  • “Just for today…I will be open for all the life lessons I will learn from the children.” – Maureen Kenner
  • The way Maureen Kenner’s Special Ed. Students honored her legacy


Some questions Irene asks Daniel:


  • What did you do creatively to navigate this double tragedy taking place in your life?
  • What was your support system during such an intense experience?
  • Why would our listeners want to read your book? What are the important lessons to be learned from reading it?


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