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In just two years, Grief and Rebirth Podcast has now passed its 100th interview and we are closing in on 100,000 people having downloaded our insights-filled, enlightening podcast! To celebrate this milestone, Irene decided to revisit 10 podcast episodes, which was very difficult for her because she absolutely loves every one of her guests and who to choose?! As you listen, she shares why each interview featured here spoke to her for one reason or another. Listen and enjoy!



  • Soul Guide Kerri Hummingbirdspeaks about the triangle of disempowerment.
  • Psychic Medium Mark Anthonyspeaks about the lessons to be learned from the shockwave of the pandemic.
  • Positive Psychology Expert Diane Langtalks about how acts of kindness are a win-win for us.
  • Medical Intuitive Julie Ryanshares how she sees health issues and how Spirit works through her.
  • Aura Expert Pamala Oslieshares what she sees when she sees a person’s aura and how a person’s aura colors show a person’s life path.
  • Transformational co-active grief life coach  Elizabeth Halltalks about the “Hero’s Journey” through grief.
  • Psychic Medium Isabella Johnsonshares where in each person the soul is located and how each person comes into this lifetime with a Soul Purpose.
  • Corine La Fontdiscusses her rebirth, the importance of letting go of toxic relationships and seasons of the life journey as a person evolves.
  • Medium Suzanne Giesemanndescribes how spiritual beings look to her when she connects with them and their job descriptions.

Changemaker Yvonne Heath speaks about the difference between a terrible death and a beautiful death and why people are so scared to death of death.

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Grief And Rebirth – A Look At My First 100 Episodes






I’m here with a very loving hello to each of you. When I began this show, I had no idea where this new journey was going to lead me. I’m both humbled and happy to announce that this show has now passed its 100th interview and we are closing in on 100,000 people downloading this insights-filled enlightening show.

To celebrate this milestone, I decided to revisit ten episodes, which was extremely hard for me because I love every one of my guests and who to choose. As you read, I will share why I chose each of these interviews featured here and how they spoke to me for one reason or another. Stay tuned. Here they come. Read and enjoy. Thank you for celebrating with our readers and with me.

The first interview that I chose is with Kerri Hummingbird, who is a soul guide. She is a wonderful inspiration for people who want to live their lives wide awake with authenticity, passion, and purpose. She wrote a great book called The Second Wave. She’s a prolific writer. She’s written her fourth book. The Second Wave is her third book and it’s about transcending the human drama. What I loved about this interview is that Kerri talks about the dramas we often create in our own lives. She calls it a triangle of disempowerment.

She speaks about the difference between the victim, the rescuer, and the perpetrator. I learned a lot from this conversation I had with her. She also talks about which is a message very dear to my heart about not being a doormat by using clear boundaries and discernment. This is a lesson I’m still learning in my life. Do you know what else I loved about this interview?

She also talks about how we look at life. Each one of us looks at life through different eyes, which helps us when we are trying to learn to be more accepting of other people. Not have judgment and how each one of us is unique. Kerri is terrific. She was my first choice for this series of ten to celebrate and give a read to this segment from her interview.

It means you are the only one that can respond to the thing that happened. You are the only one that can choose. If you don’t claim that power, then you stay stuck. You are resentful, angry, pissed off, and blaming somebody for the rest of your life.

If somebody abuses you or whatever, you can stay in that victim mode that this happened and give this person all that power, or you can change the way you look at it and change your attitude. How does that work?

There are a lot of energetic patterns and ancestral patterns that need healing and clearing that facilitate you getting out of that triangle. There’s also conscious effort. You have to practice what you preach. You have got to take steps with every relationship to notice and become aware of when you are falling into the trap again. Also, to pull yourself out of it by claiming your power and being sovereign and saying, “That sucks, but I’m going to take responsibility for this.”

This doesn’t mean being a doormat. This is about having clear boundaries, knowing what’s yours, and what someone else’s, discerning that, and taking responsibility for only the piece that’s yours. Don’t rescue people. Let them do what they are doing. If they are going to fall into a hole by themselves, then they will figure out their way out of it.

This is getting rid of that paradigm. Americans we are so entranced by superheroes. Everybody wants to be a superhero and be the savior of all people. They are like, “We are the ones that are the smartest.” It’s an ego trip. It’s like you only want to be the smartest one with all the right answers that everybody loves. Who doesn’t want that?

The thing is it’s so disempowering because if you are a rescuer, that means somebody has to be a victim. If you are a rescuer, you are automatically saying, “Somebody has to be a victim in order for me to feel fulfilled. Somebody has got to be a perpetrator perpetrating violence on somebody in order for me to feel fulfilled.” That’s crappy. The truth is, in any relationship where somebody is saying that they are the victim and the other person is the perpetrator, the perpetrator person is also saying, “I’m the victim and you are my perpetrator.” Everybody is saying they are the victim. Nobody says, “I’m a perpetrator and I’m proud of that.”

The perpetrator is picking on the victim because he feels victimized.

Victimized by who knows what. Victimized by his thoughts. Victimized by, “It’s not my fault. It’s my parents’ fault that did this.” Everybody is a victim in this paradigm.

It’s still your fault for whatever you did.

That’s your option. This is where we learn about perspectives. I used to think that there was this one capital T truth of any situation. If everybody watched the video back of it, they would all see the truth, but it doesn’t exist. There are only perspectives. That’s why we get so frustrated trying to come to the same viewpoint because we can’t.

We are always looking through different eyes. There’s no way we are going to look at the same viewpoint. We might overlap like the Venn diagrams on a piece, and that’s validating, but the rest of it, we stopped feeling aligned because we are like, “You are not like me so I can’t trust you.” Nobody is totally like anybody else. We are all unique.

We're always looking through different eyes. There is no way we're going to look from the same viewpoint. Share on X

It’s about appreciating the uniqueness in each other and that has to do with acceptance and non-judgment, which is another big thing. This lays me to, “Why do you call being empathic a superpower? If that’s true, then I am superwoman.” Let’s talk about that.

Talk about being a superhero. I was always told that I was too sensitive. “You are too sensitive and emotional. Get tougher skin. Stop crying or being upset about that. You are taking it too personally.” Part of this is true. The Four Agreements teaches us to don’t take it personally. There is that part. You need to have good boundaries to know what’s personal and what’s not personal. However, the sensitivity part is a beautiful gift. It’s a refinement of perception.

The second person I chose was Mark Anthony. What is there not to love and like about Mark Anthony? He is a world-renowned fourth-generation psychic medium who also happens to be an Oxford-educated attorney. He’s even argued cases before the United States Supreme Court. I thought this was a very pertinent interview to bring forth to all of you because we are God willing, all of us, hopefully, coming out of this Coronavirus pandemic.

In this interview, Mark talked about the lessons that we could learn from going through the experience of the pandemic. Give it a read. Have you learned any of these lessons? How did it affect you? I relate to some of the things he said that we will be learning from this pandemic. The other thing we talked about that was bothering me and I asked him about was all the people who were dying alone from the pandemic.

Mark assured me that they were not alone. There are many of their relatives, deceased, loved ones, and meeting them on the other side, even in our normal day-to-day life. If we happen to die alone or know of people who for some reason die alone, they are not alone. It was comforting to me. I would like for all of you to be comforted. Please give a good read to this little vignette from Mark Anthony. He’s done a gallery for the show. He was wonderful and so gracious. I have interviewed him a few times. He’s very wise, so give it a read and enjoy.

The thing is those brave Londoners huddled together were people like you and me. They weren’t superheroes. They weren’t trained. You don’t get training to learn how to go through something like that. We didn’t get training on how to go through a pandemic. The thing is they found the courage and inner strength, and we can, too. When people say, “I need proof to believe in miracles.” The fact that you are alive and the fact that every day you draw breath is a miracle. When you doubt that miracles exist, look in the mirror because you are the miracle.

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Speaking of miracles, have you got any words of comfort and guidance for people who are losing loved ones to the Coronavirus and cannot be with their loved ones as they are passing? Are they stepping up from the other side and filling in that role to fill that void?

Death is probably one of the most painful things that are happening. I have got two friends who died. In both cases, their wives couldn’t be with them because both of them had some underlying health problems. It was because of their inability to breathe that it was suspected that they may have had COVID. Neither one of them did, but their wives were not allowed to be there.

I was talking to one of them. Her name is Jan. She said, “I couldn’t even be there to hold my husband’s hand when he was dying. He was in a hospital all by himself and his family couldn’t be there.” The funeral service doesn’t happen. It ended up being a Zoom session. This is hard for people. These rituals of funerals and wakes are very important for people. It’s a way to get together and grieve as a group. It’s therapeutic. To not be able to be with someone that you love so much when they are dying is a tragedy.

The words of wisdom that I can say is that what we have to realize is that we are not these bodies. We are in these bodies. I like to tell people to think of your soul as a drop of water. When you die, that drop of water leaves your brain and plunges into the eternal sea of the collective consciousness. As soon as you are out of your body, you revert to an immortal living being because the soul that pre-existed in the body comes into the body and then lives on afterward. We know this from quantum physics. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transferred from one form to another.

Also, we tend to get focused on the death and dying of our loved ones. That’s understandable and justifiable. That’s a doorway that our loved ones had to go through to get to this elevated level of consciousness. They are fine. We are the ones that are coping with the stress. The thing is the reason spirits reach out to us and they are doing very much so this time because they know our pain is because they want to bring forth messages of love, healing, and resolution. That’s what’s happening.

The third person I chose is Diane Lang. What she does is close to my heart because I love positive psychology. It helps so much to deal with life. Its message is to deal with life by being loving and kind to everyone, which is the message that I received when they pulled me out of the car and that voice came into my head telling me to be loving and kind to everyone.

I received that spiritual heavenly directive. Diane teaches people because she’s a practicing therapist, a speaker, an educator, and a certified positive psychology coach. She’s written three books. She actively teaches positive psychology in education and parenting. You name it. She spoke in her interview with me about the positive ways we can deal with loneliness and isolation that lead to depression and how important acts of kindness are for each of us.

They are a win-win for us and the person we express the kindness to. I loved her messages, what she has to say and her take on things through such a positive approach to life. I am sure that you will too. Give a read to Diane. She’s a lovely person, so intelligent, and has such a great way about her. Positively tune in to this little vignette from her interview with me.

A lot of the churches and temples are offering services and group prayers. I had a client say to me that she lives alone. Her spouse died a few years ago and her kids don’t live near her. She can’t get to them now because she doesn’t want to fly. It’s too late. She’s afraid to fly. I respect and understand that. She called her temple because she’s not very good on the internet. They walked her through how to do Zoom.

They will walk you through it. She said to me, “I got to see everybody’s faces,” because when you are on Zoom, you have the little boxes. Even though everybody is little, you get to have that connection. Even if you are stuck at home now and your only way of connecting is either by phone, Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime, wherever you feel the most comfortable, try to do it at least once a day to connect with other people.

One thing I have noticed is when people are very stressed out, anxious, fearful, or depressed at a time like this, it makes people get more self-absorbed because they are so scared and they are so stuck in their pain and misery that they don’t see outside themselves. It’s understandable. Their feelings are valid, feel anxious, fearful, scared, depressed, and sad. There’s a lot out there going on.

What happens is when we get stuck like that, we don’t check on other people and we also become more depressed because we isolate ourselves. This is one thing that works, scientifically. Every time we help somebody else, we do a random act of kindness. We pay it forward. Whatever word you want to use, it’s a win-win situation.

Every time I do an act of kindness for somebody, I get a boost of happiness that lasts 24 to 72 hours. The person I did the act of kindness for feels the same way. It’s a win-win. It also boosts our self-esteem by doing a random act of kindness. The best part is, it’s contagious. I have a few groups of friends. I have two different groups and a family text where we all check on each other every day or at least every other day.

GAR 100 | Grief And Rebirth

Grief And Rebirth: Every time we help somebody else, do a random act of kindness, or pay it forward, it becomes a win-win situation. You also get a boost of happiness.


Even if I send out three texts to the different groups every morning, “I’m thinking of you. How are you? How is everybody doing? I’m just checking in.” That makes them want to do the same thing to other people because it’s so contagious. It’s important. If you are feeling isolated, help somebody else. I know it’s hard because you have to reach outside yourself, especially if you have a mental illness.

Anybody already has an anxiety disorder, clinical depression, or panic disorder. It’s even harder. You might have to push yourself outside that comfort zone but we need to do that and just check in. Checking in with somebody else will make you feel good and make them feel good. They will end up checking up with somebody else. It’s one of those things. I always think if everybody did one act of kindness a day, just one. We can shift the whole world. Imagine if everybody just checked on one other person every day.

I can identify with that. It’s so important. I’m thinking that some people may be naturally shy during this time. It’s where they might not personally reach out to someone because they feel shy. Now in the confines of their own home, it might enable them to be a little braver because they are online and they are checking it out. Maybe they feel a little more safe doing that.

They could. If you don’t feel safe because you are introverted and shy or an empath. One of the things to think about is you can check on someone through email or text where there is no face-to-face. If you are more comfortable that way or you are afraid of rejection or you have been hurt, reach out slowly. We are not saying to jump right in and give somebody a call but even sending a text. It will make you feel better and it will make the other person feel better. It breaks us out of that cycle.

One of the other things too is that we are happier when we have more creativity and more variety. At the time, we are not having that because we are stuck at home. We can’t do a lot. Every day you want to ask yourself, “What is one new thing I can do now?” What that does, is every time you do something new, you step outside your comfort zone.

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You can word it however you want. How can I challenge myself? What’s one new thing I could do? How can I step outside my comfort zone? Every time you step outside your comfort zone, you grow and expand. Most of us, again, we don’t like change. We stay in our comfort zones. We go, “The grass is green here.” Even if it’s not and even if the grass is all dead, we feel more comfortable there. It’s what we are used to. Even if it’s miserable, people say, “At least I know what to expect or how to handle it.”

Instead, if you do one new thing, you get more variety. You take that risk and that makes us happier. That risk could be very simple. As you said, if you are shy or introverted, send out a text or email. It could be learning for a lot of us. I don’t know about you. I wasn’t using Zoom. I was not a Zoom user. I had to do a few classes online and doing that, at the end of the day, I’m like, “Yes, I did it.”

I learned Zoom. I got it down, I did it, and I felt proud. It might be you are learning PayPal, Venmo, or how to do your banking online. Whatever it is. Maybe you are learning a new language. You are cooking and you don’t cook normally. You are trying a new recipe. You try a new food. It could be that’s simple but every time we do something new, it creates the momentum that we are not so afraid of change. That’s so important.

When we are back to normal, we are seeing each other outside of the houses. There’s also a great way if you don’t have much of a community to meet a community. It’s not a dating website at all. We are not talking about dating. We date to have fun but this is to meet people socially. It’s called Meetup. is a great way for people to reach out. Especially if you move to a new area and you don’t know anybody or lost your loved one and you are feeling trapped. Reach out and try these things.

They are groups that are in your area and that you can go to, whether it be at Panera where they are all playing cards, sewing, or knitting. It could be trying a new language or joining a bike group where they all go biking or hiking. If you don’t see what you want on there like a book club or something. You can form your own.

It’s very safe because you only meet in public. It’s not a dating website and there’s no pressure. I have a client who joined a group because she wanted to do Sunday brunches. That was her thing. She wanted to go do Sunday brunches and nobody wanted to go. For whatever reason, some people were going to church. Other people didn’t have the money. Whatever it is.

She formed a group online where they all met up once a month at a different restaurant. Some people she became good friends with and some people she’s just friends with when they meet up. Other times, it’s brand-new people but it makes for such interesting conversation, meeting new people and you are taking risks. You are getting that creativity and variety. You are getting out there and socializing.

The fourth person I chose is an amazing woman. I chose her because she is able to describe twelve phases of transition that we each will experience when we die and our loved ones will experience when they die. I find what she teaches, her abilities, and her gifts to be fascinating. Her name is Julie Ryan. She’s so multifaceted. It’s amazing.

She’s a successful inventor, an entrepreneur, a businesswoman, a medical intuitive, an energy healer, a psychic, a medium, and an author. It’s like, “What else don’t you do, Julie?” She’s marvelous. She even has a book for children called Angel Messages For Kids. I liked her interview about how she described the heavenly help she receives, how she communicates with spirit, and the heavenly help we receive.

She described what our guardian angels are, how spirit guides come in and out of our lives, and how they have no demands or judgments of us. They wanted us to expand and co-create with them. I loved her interview. I wanted to share her again with all of you. Read this segment of her episode and you may even want to tune into her entire interview. It was so interesting. Enjoy.

Let me ask you this. As a medical intuitive, how do you see a person’s medical conditions and illnesses? What do they look like to you? Can you give us an example of helping a person using your gift?

It’s like I’m a human MRI. I see body parts, broken bones, torn ligaments, diseases, and organs. I can see cancer. I can see if it’s metastasized to other parts of the body. I watch all kinds of things that would show up on an X-ray, an MRI, or a CT scan. Sometimes, I see things in the body that aren’t showing up yet on the scans. I will say, “I can see that this cancer is metastasized to your bone or your lungs.” The person with whom I’m talking will say, “No. I just had a PET scan and it came out clear.” I said, “Okay, that’s just what I’m seeing.” They will contact me a month later or something and say, “You were right. They did a subsequent scan and it’s showing up.”

I always see these things, but most importantly, once they are identified, then I watch energetic healings happen. It always starts right after something is identified. It can take the place of something getting added or something getting removed. I watch energetic healings happen that emulate what I saw in operating rooms for all those decades when I was developing surgical devices and testing prototypes and stuff like that.

When you perform the energetic healing, does it come through you or to the person? You have now identified something, so they are like, “Please get that out of me.” Does the energetic healing get performed later on? How does that work?

It happens in real-time, right then when I’m on the phone. Normally, 99.9% of the people with whom I work on anything, it’s done via phone or Skype if they are abroad, but it’s instant. I describe to them in detail what I’m watching happen. If they can envision what I’m seeing in my mind’s eye, it helps integrate it into the body and helps the healing.

I believe it’s spirit working through me. I don’t believe that I’m the one doing it. I believe that I’m the conduit and it’s spirit working through me. I understand what Pope Clement talked about and still does because he’s still my main spirit guide. He prides me still when he says, “Everything you have done is to prepare you for this work.” As I said, so many of the healings will emulate what I saw in operating rooms.

Sometimes I will see healings that utilize methodologies and devices that haven’t been invented yet. I have an advisory group of surgeons, physicians, geneticists, and therapists that I will call, and I will say, “I’m seeing this. Does this make any sense to you?” Especially if I see it more than one time. In some instances, a geneticist tells me this is a hypothesis. There are five institutes studying it right now. Nobody has seen it. Nobody can prevent it and there’s no way in hell you would know about it.

I said, “Obviously I do because I just described it to you.” It’s almost as if when those healings come in and then I will subsequently see them several other times with other clients. It’s almost like you keep reaching higher and higher levels of healing abilities. I think that it’s endless of what we all have the capability to do ourselves.

I have worked with an energy healer in my life, and if the person is good like you and they have integrity, it can make a huge difference in your life. It’s fabulous. Let me ask you what it’s like to see energy fields and facilitate energy healing, which you are just talking about. For those who are tuning in to us who are like, “What’s the spirit guide?” Could you explain a little bit about that and how that works? Since we are talking about energy healing, I know that you have written a new book that touches on that and it’s geared toward kids. There are a lot of pieces to this question.

My new book is called Angel Messages For Kids, and it’s coming out in December 2019. I wanted it out in time for the holidays. It’s going to be close but it’s going to be out before the holidays. It’s based on all of this. What does an energy field look like where spirits are attached to a body having a human experience, and what happens when a loved one dies? Why is it that children can see spirits sometimes when mommy and daddy can’t see them? The moms all ask me, “How do I explain to my child that he knows these details from a past life and there’s no way he would know them.” We have been able to corroborate them online with historical documents, but this kid can’t even read yet. He’s three.

GAR 100 | Grief And Rebirth

Angel Messages for Kids

How does he know he was a Civil War soldier? He knows where the battle was and what the date was. She said, “There’s no way he would know this stuff.” You hear about children with imaginary friends and we have always thought, “Johnny has a good imagination.” Johnny has an imaginary friend who is a spirit. It’s just that mommy and daddy or whoever is raising Johnny is not able to see them or hear them perhaps, but Johnny can.

Also, it’s so confusing to children about when a loved one dies. I have moms ask me a lot, “My grandmother died and we told Susie that Grandma is in heaven, but Susie can see Grandma’s body in the casket at the funeral home. We are telling Susie that Grandma is in heaven. There’s no way. I don’t know what to say to my daughter to help her understand.” I have written a children’s picture book, and I think adults will learn a lot from it as well. The whole book has seventeen sentences in it. It’s very concise and understandable for children, small and large, and adults. Illustrations are just darling. It’s about angels giving messages to kids that explain all of this stuff.

This book is necessary and takes away a lot of fear for people and kids. It’s a comfort because a child loves a grandparent so much and they can’t even imagine that the grandparent is no longer there. A lot of times, a grandparent might say, and I don’t know if your book talks about it, “I’m going to protect you. I will be on the other side.” You are talking about guardian angels and spirit guides. Could you just briefly define them for our audience?

I mentioned this in the children’s book, the Guardian Angels. I do in Angelic Attendants as well, the grownup book. As far as talking with your grandmother, “I will protect you. I will be there and you can talk to me anytime,” I addressed that too of how people can talk to their spirits. You ask them a question in your head or a loud and the first thing that comes to your mind is that they answering you. It’s thought because spirits communicate telepathically, and most people discount it because they think, “That’s my brain answering me.” Yes, it is your brain if it takes longer than a second to get an answer.

The thing you remember when communicating with spirit is that spirit is literal. We want to be very specific and concise in the questions that we ask. As far as guardian angels go, we all have a guardian angel who comes in with us in every lifetime and stays with the same guardian angels with us throughout all of our lifetimes. They are just another friend, helper, and guide for us to help us.

We ask them to help us but they don’t intervene. They may put ideas in our heads that come in as a thought like, “Maybe I will Google this or I will look for this book.” Those are all inspirational messages. When you think about that our human time is a human concoction. In the spirit world, there is no time. It doesn’t exist. Perhaps, we live 100 years and we think that’s a long time. It’s not even a blip to the spirit world because they are eternal.

Sometimes I want to lean back on that if I’m running late for an appointment and say to someone, “Excuse me,” but on the other side, there’s no such thing as time. “Please have yourself for five minutes then I will wait.”

You are right, but whether it’s a spirit guide like a dead pope for me, we all have many spirit guides that come in and out based on what’s going on in our lives. Our guardian angels stay with us for our whole life and through all of our lives and that energy is with us on the other side as well. The interesting thing is that they are all very patient. There are no demands and no judgment. They put ideas into our heads that they think can help us expand and co-create with spirit and God while we are in human form. Patience personified is what I perceive.

GAR 100 | Grief And Rebirth

Grief And Rebirth: Our guardian angel stays with us for our whole life and through all of our lives. They are with us on the other side as well.


They are truly the expression. A little help from your friends. It’s great.

The next person I chose is simply dear to my heart. Her name is Pamala Oslie. She’s amazingly gifted. She is a wonderful person and is so helpful when you are trying to figure out your life because she’s so talented. She’s an author, a consultant, a radio show host, and a professional psychic intuitive. What I love about her is she’s an aura expert.

She changed my life because in 2004 when I came out with my book. I read her book Life Colors, and what she explained about auras was so illuminating to me that I made an appointment with her for a reading. She predicted that I would be helping people from my aura color and what I came here to do. She was able to see all of that by my aura color bands that were around me and describe my personality. She knew me better than I knew me. It was amazing how so much of what she told me had come to fruition all those years ago.

She’s done a TEDx Talk and is very intelligent. What I love about Pam is she has tremendous integrity. She was awarded the Holistic Transformational Leader of the Year Award by the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching. To say the least, she’s highly qualified to help many people on the planet, including all of us.

My interview with her was all about how Pamala sees aura colors, how our life colors show our path and information, which is what she did for me and what they are, how they can tell us our sole purpose and give us information about our relationships. She’s fascinating. This interview is very enlightening and fascinating. I also want to comment that Pam did an event for the show. She was able to read the auras of different people who attended the event, which was amazing and helpful for them and fascinating. Tune in to Pam truly enjoy her and learn. She is top-notch. That is why I chose Pam.

I have encountered people who see the same colors. What I see is bands of color that glow out from people. It’s like a light coming off of a light bulb. It’s a very soft glow that comes out with lots of different bands. The 1 or 2 bands of color that are the closest to a person’s body are what I talk about. Those are the life colors.

I haven’t seen everybody on the planet but those are the colors that typically don’t change in a person’s lifetime. They are the colors that show a person’s personality, what they are here to do, their life purpose, their theme for this lifetime, how they are in a relationship, with money, their priorities, and potential health issues. All kinds of things show up in those two bands. The outer colors in a person’s aura are the bands that change all the time according to what’s going on with the person. If somebody’s angry, I see a lot of red showing up in the outer bands, but that tends to go away. That’s different than a red life color, which shows me their personality type. That’s it.

There are certain colors that are very compatible with one another and there are certain colors that can rub people the wrong way. For example, greens and yellows. They can be a little touchy because greens are perfectionists. They write lists and they want things organized and efficient. I categorized the colors into three different families. The physical colors are red, orange, yellow, and magenta. Those are the colors that get what’s real through their physical body through touch.

There are the mental colors and those are four different tans and green. Those are the colors that get what’s real through their intellect, logic, and getting it by mental understanding. They gather information then there are the spiritual and emotional colors and those are the colors that get what’s real through their inner senses, intuition, and emotional feelings. Those are blue, violet, indigo, crystal, and lavender. Those are the colors I see.

I started by studying with Dr. Barbara Bower. She had kinesthesia, so she could see auras around people her whole life and she thought everybody could. It wasn’t until she was in her 40s that she realized people weren’t seeing what she was seeing. She would describe the personalities of what she was seeing and it matched with what I was picking up.

However, over the years, because she got me started. Over the years that I have been doing this, I have discovered psychically more about each one of the colors. I went, “Barbara never told me that about a yellow. She didn’t explain that about a tan.” I have developed information more by working with clients through psychics, intuition, and experience. That’s why I wrote a book about it.

The next person I chose, I do not know well personally but I loved what she had to say about not staying stuck in life because she’s a transformational coach. Her name is Dr. Elizabeth Hall and she has a PhD in Applied Health Science and Health Promotion. She focuses on affirmative behavior change. She shines the light on her faith in our ability to change.

One of my favorite expressions in life has been the only thing that doesn’t change in life is that everything changes. I found what she had to say about change and working through what she calls a hero’s journey when you are trying to come through your grief and heal is wonderful. She talks about being in the struggle, how we get past the journey of grief, and how we process it.

She reminds us that we need to make room for laughter and hope. I enjoyed talking with Elizabeth. I learned a lot from talking to her. It’s worth having you read and learn for yourselves. Since all of us are heroes on our journeys, you will relate to what she has to say like I did. Tune in and enjoy Dr. Elizabeth Hall like I did. Thank you.

This is your hero’s journey.

I believe that. There’s a famous song about a hero that is a song about being your hero.

Our hero’s journey isn’t always about one step at a time in happiness. Our hero’s journey is like the mythic hero’s journey. Our hero’s journey is about the struggles and the difficulties that one faces. It’s about being in the struggle and the journey when it happens and getting past that.

You state that the entity of heart-wrenching and knee-buckling grief is willful. Yet, it is with and in and through our grief that we know deep, pure, unconditional, and comforting love. Please enlighten us about this, Elizabeth.

We think perhaps that grief is something that we can push off, put a blanket over, and decide against. Sometimes we think of grief as contagious, as in, “I can’t be with that person who’s in grief because I might catch some of that.” Grief is willful and will find us. Grief will be part of us. It is the beauty of recognizing that grief is who we are when we are going through it. It is heartfelt. It’s knee-buckling and heart-wrenching. It is part of us. If we process it and we feel it, it will help us to move with it instead of against it.

If we process grief and we feel it, it will help us to move with it instead of against it. Share on X

A lot of people are afraid of the feelings that come up. Someone like you is able to help them cope with those feelings figure things out and move on.

As you so beautifully put it, the swamps of suffering, we are there and we don’t necessarily stay there 100% of the time. Even when we recognize ourselves in the swamp of suffering, which no one is immune from, we recognize that there is also room for laughter, love, hope, and endurance.

The next person I chose, her name is Isabella Johnson. What a wonderful human being is Isabella and so very gifted. She has a huge following. She’s a psychic medium and her specialty is getting information about your soul and your soul’s purpose in life. She also is an expert in knowing how past trauma manifests illness or disease in our bodies.

I chose her interview because of her focus on the soul. Who doesn’t want to know more about his or her soul and how we come here with a sole purpose? I love that she said, “Everyone thinks they come here and their sole purpose is supposed to be to make them famous.” This is not true. We all come here with different sole purposes and sometimes it can just be to learn to be loving and kind.

I also liked what Isabella said about how when a person transitions, they finish the work that their soul came here to do, which often doesn’t make sense to us here on the physical plane as we are missing them and crying for them but that was very interesting to learn. We have soul groups and learn lessons from them. She also talked about how our souls on the other side feel our emotions.

This was a fascinating interview. I decided that in celebration of 100 interviews who am I going to choose. I decided to choose Isabella because so many of the interviews on the show and what I talk about is our knowledge that we have souls and that we do go on. It’s a fascinating subject. Tune in to Isabella. She’s delightful and I can’t speak highly enough of her.

Isabella, where in each person is the soul located, what does it mean to be able to read someone’s soul? I have a follow-up for that. Is our sole purpose chosen when we plan our next lifetime? Can you give us both some large and small examples of what could be a person’s true sole purpose? There are people reading who don’t know if they have a soul perhaps and don’t know they have a sole purpose.

If you have a body, you have a soul. For myself, when I see people in the physical that are here physically. I don’t see facial features with them. I can’t describe what you look like. I am not very sure what I look like. To me, when I say I see your soul, I see perhaps the aura or the energy that we each emanate.

If we're here, if you have a body, you have a soul. Share on X

Instantly, if it’s downloaded why you were here, what lessons you have chosen to learn here, what’s the purpose of you being here, where is the soul? It surrounds us. It is the highest part of ourselves and each one of us carries that around with us. There are some souls that are a little more dim than others. We all encounter that in some parts of our life. We might be grieving, had a loss or we might need a lifetime where we need struggles or need to know what depression, mental illness, or addiction feels like but we can connect. We each have a soul and a higher soul. Our higher self is in spirit always and a part of that comes down to experiencing the physical life.

People don’t understand that but as I understand it, our master soul is always on the other side but there’s a slice of it that comes to us that’s with us and it carries that aura.

That’s much better than I explained it.

That’s how I understand it. Someone could come into this lifetime with the sole purpose of learning how to love, or someone else could come into this lifetime with the sole purpose that they are going to accomplish something amazing in this lifetime. They are coming for that from my understanding, correct?

Yes. At this time, with media and the way that it is television is so important in everyone’s life. Everyone thinks their purpose or their sole purpose needs to be grand, famous, or infamous. We feel as if we failed if we hadn’t achieved these certain goals. Oftentimes, your purpose is to learn how to love or to love others to take care of others for kindness.

Some people need to learn how to be teachers or embrace that part in themselves. We will often have numerous purposes. Our soul reasons. Our soul came to be here for a lifetime. One of my purposes is a mother but it’s not my only purpose. One of my purposes is a wife but that’s not my only purpose. We each come in with many lessons that we want to experience.

Even if we feel here that someone is pastorally. This is a question I get asked so very often when someone loses a child or someone before they think it’s time, did they get to complete everything? There are two things we can’t change, our birth and when we transition. When you transition, you have completed every single thing your soul came here to do. That awareness is there to second the soul crosses.

A person can manifest. They can manifest and they just want to experience being born or something. That’s their sole purpose and then they could leave very quickly but it could be simpler than they planned.

Let’s say that happened and that was their sole purpose. Perhaps, it was also the sole purpose of the mother who carried that child for only a short amount of time to learn love, compassion, forgiveness, and learn how to work out difficulties in a relationship. There are a myriad of reasons why a soul would choose to come in. The lessons are rarely, if ever only for them alone. My decisions, choices, and lessons will affect everyone in my circumference and every person that’s in my soul group. I need to make sure that I’m always doing my best so that others get the best part of me as well.

GAR 100 | Grief And Rebirth

Grief And Rebirth: My decisions, choices, and lessons will affect everyone in my circumference, every person that’s in my soul group. So I need to make sure that I’m always doing my best so others get the best part of me as well.


I can understand that. How helpful that you do this because someone who loses a child, for instance, is crying hysterically and all upset. Suddenly, they talk to you and get so much of a higher perspective. It must be very comforting for them.

Everyone in spirit, vibration is very high. It’s very difficult for them to come down. Now they do experience and are aware of our emotions when we are grieving. They acknowledge that. They acknowledge the pain and anger. The depression that comes along with this sometimes as well. They feel that and they know what that’s going to be like for us. Their energy and their vibration are so high. They can just have an awareness of it. They don’t experience that grief and pain. Oftentimes, it is very healing.

When I hang up with a client or leave a group reading or something like that, everyone feels a lightness. There is a feeling of, “We know there is more. We have spoken with our loved one. We have had that conversation.” Sometimes that lasts for a lifetime and sometimes it lasts several months. Either one is okay.

Whatever it is meant to be and what you choose to do with it.

The next person I chose gave me a hoot. I thought she was delightful. She’s charming, exhilarating, fun, and a bit irreverent. She’s marvelous and her name is Corine La Font. Corine is from Trinidad and Tobago. She talks about the women in toxic relationships, the seasons of relationships, letting go, and the signs of a toxic relationship.

Did that speak to me? I have been learning to detach from toxic relationships in my life. It’s not easy but a lot of times, it’s very necessary. I chose her interview because she talks about these toxic relationships also close to my heart, which is in sync with the mission of Grief and Rebirth. Corine talks about how important it is to work through your childhood wounds and heal and how people in your life come and go, depending on the seasons of your life journey as you evolve.

This is an important message for each of us. This is why I chose Corine. I thought that it’s always important to remind ourselves to have self-love and not allow toxic relationships to bully us in our lives, how to separate from them, and how to use discernment in our relationships. With all of that, she’s just delightful. Read a segment of my interview with Corine and enjoy.

No matter what.

That’s hard sometimes.

I know but it’s for you. Why should it be hard for you? Why should it be hard for your benefit? I don’t understand that. I’m not saying it in the sense that you must people too. It’s not impacting other people. Why can’t you do that? Why doing you would impact somebody else in the first place? I don’t understand that. How what I’m doing for me is impacting you? I don’t see the direct relationship in any way because what you are doing is not affecting me. How can it be reversed? What I’m doing, how could it affect you?

You are allowing it to affect you. I remember I was talking to a guy and I reached out to him. I can’t even remember what it is I was telling him because I deleted him. I was telling him something and suddenly, his response was affecting him. I’m like, “Come again. Rewind. How does this have to do with you? I am telling you something about me then you are telling me you are upset and chastising me.” I said, “You need to go.”

I call that detaching from toxic people with love. You are not meant for me but I don’t wish you ill.

Not at all. I detach from you with love. You need to go, “You are not meant to be in my space,” and that’s good. It might be good for somebody else, but not for me. That’s what it is. Even if you have to walk away from your children or let your children go. It’s temporary. Always remember that everything is temporary. That’s a major tip I want to let people know. It’s temporary and temporary doesn’t have a timeline. Temporary could be 1 day, 1 hour, 1 month, 5 years, 10 years, or 15 years.

Everything is temporary. Temporary doesn't have a timeline. It could be a day, an hour, a month, five years, or 10 years. Share on X

The truth is the only thing in life that doesn’t change is that everything changes.

There you go. Fast forward to where I am now, there have been some challenging times because it will never be without challenging times. I went through what you would call convulsions when I realized I wasn’t with my kids, especially my baby, my youngest son. Being away from him, I only missed him once a year. It’s a number of things. I can’t tell a full story here because we don’t have the time.

I went through a lot of physical pain and mental anguish. When I realized what it was doing to me, every day I was bawling, crying all day, and all night, couldn’t focus, and couldn’t function. All of these things are debilitating and paralyzing. You can’t function. You are out of source. You can’t socially interact. You don’t want to go out. Nothing. You are just there. You go through a depressive state. You are like, “No.”

There comes a point where it’s like spirit will say to you, “Please, wake up. You can’t keep doing this to yourself. If you trust me, if you believe in me, and if you have faith in me, you are going to get through this.” You suddenly say, “I need to wake up. I need to get myself together. What am I doing? I’m giving in to what these toxic people or your toxic spouse are doing. You are giving them more power by being in that state.

I know it’s hard and I’m telling you this coming out of that state. It’s not easy. There are moments when I would cry, when the emotions are overwhelming, and when the memories come back. I could tell you, your mind loves to replay those things in your mind. It loves to do it. That broken record replaying because it wants to make you feel guilty again. You have to stop that record. You have to change that CD, MP3, or that broken record. Change it. Change the tune and thoughts. Reset and rewire.

Is that why you are now a self-worth coach because you speak to women who are going through these things and talking to women in toxic relationships to give them that support that many of them may need?

That’s right and that’s why I decided I needed to write that book. I deserve better because you do. Women don’t have the self-worth. They are coming from a needy place, codependency because I realize that I am codependent or I was or still am. It doesn’t leave you but you have to manage it. Coming back home, I looked at my whole family environment and I realized it started for me for my child, and for my nurses to stay home.

You often say that working on self-love and inner healing of childhood wounds is supercritical.

It is. You have to go back and it’s going to be painful. Even if you don’t want to, it will send you back. Spirit will send you back.

How do you go back? Do you go back with help?

You can see counseling. Even if you don’t have the money to sit in an open space where you feel comfortable. It could be out in nature or in meditation. Whatever it is. Talk to someone who will be willing to listen and not judge, which is why you have to be careful who you are talking to. You don’t need somebody to judge you. This is why I believe in talking to sources. The answers will come to you because Jesus will not condemn you. He will not judge you.

Sometimes people’s minds are so paralyzed or rattled by what’s going on that having a trusted person who speaks with and shares with them helps them a lot to focus and get courage.

One came to me when he was saying that. Let’s say I would come to you and say, “Irene is my friend.” You will serve my purpose or what I need at this particular point. You may not be the person when I have transitioned from that to another point. It might be Sandra at another point. It’s not to say, “I don’t need Irene,” or, “I was talking to Irene.” Irene may say, “I was the one she came to and I was there for her in the beginning,” and now she’s suddenly talking to Sandra.

No. You were there for me when I needed you for this particular thing. I am at a different phase now because you are supposed to be evolving. The person who you have in your life now may not be the person just like what they talk about season. Everybody is in your life for a season. Irene will be in my life for this particular season. I might need Sandra for another season. I might need John for another season. You have to understand that as you go through this phase or this journey, there will be people that will come and go like the elevator. They jump off at a particular floor. Who comes on at a particular floor? Who stays with you throughout the journey? It doesn’t matter.

The ninth person I chose is Suzanne Giesemann. Suzanne Giesemann used to be in the Navy, living a very stayed life and very respected. She was an assistant to a chief of staff. She’s amazing. She had a spiritual awakening when her stepdaughter passed and decided to pursue the spiritual journey and is she a highly respected mystic, metaphysical teacher, and medium.

What I love about her is she shares a way of living in life called the Awakened Way, which is a path to knowing who you are and why you are here. I find that to be so important. She speaks to all of us. She’s only written thirteen books. She’s pretty prolific. She has classes, workshops, and a radio show. She even has messages for the hope documentary. She provides stunning evidence of life after death.

In this segment that I chose, Suzanne talked about different heavenly beings who help us, what their job descriptions are, how she tunes in to their different personalities and powers, and how she hears them. She talks about how we all have spirit guides. Some of them are assigned to us for life. Some of them change. It is interesting and fascinating and it deserves a review. If you have read her interview, you will enjoy this segment again. If you haven’t, you may want to read the whole interview after this segment. She is very wonderful and that is why I decided to feature her in our celebration.

You are so gifted. You communicate with spirit beings including the souls of loved ones, spirit guides, angels, and masters in the spirit realm. How do these beings appear to you when you connect and what would you call the job description of spirit guides, angels, and masters in the spirit realms?

I said to my guides, “I’m like the handicapped medium here because I don’t see any of you.” They said that that is by design because the greatest way to know those across the veil is to know them through sensing them. They said that across the veil, they don’t appear in different forms. They know each other by their light, energy, and vibration. They want me to learn to do the same.

I had to hone my sensing ability. I feel their personality. I feel the difference in the uniqueness of every being. I feel their power, which lets me know if they are at one level of being or the higher masters. I hear them clearly if they are good communicators. I know certain things. They said, “What many of you call a handicap is not a handicap. It leads to stronger abilities in other areas.”

A handicap is not a handicap. It leads to stronger abilities in other areas. Share on X

The job description is for them to help us know that we are all unique expressions of one mind, light, and source. Even though they may have a higher vibration, each of us is simply unique and equally loved. They are here to help us learn to shine our inner light to help us on our path, help us know who we are, and help us know we are here to love each other fully. They sure do love us.

We each have spirit guides.

Every one of us has somebody assigned to us for life. Others come and go as needed throughout our lives with whatever issues we are working on.

We get thoughts and all that can probably come from our spirit guides.

Many of our thoughts are not our own, but we think they are.

Do angels come through to us like that also? They help people universally. We don’t have an assigned angel or anything like that.

That’s right. Whatever your belief and understanding of an angel is, they will come to you in that way. Many people who believe that angels are always going to have wings or light around their heads, by grace, if needed, have an experience of seeing something like that. You may see it in your mind’s eye. I didn’t necessarily have that vision, but I know that I am dealing with those in the angelic realm at certain times. It’s a different power and a vibration that’s noticeable.

Are masters very evolved souls who have been around a million times?

I know that they wouldn’t want to quantify because they try to keep us out of pigeonholing things. The masters are those who have made the decision that instead of simply dissolving back into the one light that all of us arise from, they are going to continue to help humanity on a large scale. The higher their vibration, the more people they can affect even at once. It is like Jesus. Many people pray to him. People say, “How can millions of people be praying to Jesus and he helped them all?” It is because he is at that level. It is the same with the Buddha, Archangels, and that type of thing.

There is Mother Mary and all of them. That’s unbelievable. That’s great. You are the author of thirteen books. I would call you a high achiever.

I would call myself busy and driven.

Last but certainly, not least, I chose Yvonne Heath. I loved my interview with Yvonne because of how she brings death out of the closet. She has an incredibly inspiring and wise book called Love Your Life to Death. It talks about navigating life for others in our lives and ourselves to our final passages. She has observed a lot about some people dying terrible deaths and some people dying beautiful deaths as she talks about the difference.

A lot of it has to do with how you have lived your life until you get to your death. It’s fascinating. The other thing that she talked about that resonated with me and I bet it’s going to resonate with you, is that there is beauty in aging, that you can leave a legacy of love, and why Yvonne does not fear her death. I loved this interview.

It was so informative, helpful, and filled with compassion and wisdom. I thought this was a perfect interview to choose as my tenth celebration of the show, finding the joy in life. Thank you all for tuning in on social media, getting on my website,, and joining me in this love-filled journey to help create a healing community so that all of us can have better lives and live together in peace, happiness, and joy. With joy from my heart to yours, enjoy. As I always like to say, to be continued. Bye for now.

It’s interesting because that is my first chapter. Why have we become so death-phobic? As a nurse, you go along. You don’t try to figure all of this stuff out. I didn’t understand it as well as I do now.

As a nurse, are people also still scared to death of death even though they are working in that profession? They see it all the time.

Many don’t talk about it in a real and meaningful way. People assume that healthcare professionals are great at this stuff. We are not. We avoid it. It’s like, “Let’s get the palliative care team or hospice team in.” They are wonderful, but they can’t be everywhere all the time. There are patients everywhere dealing with this stuff.

We need a reframing of all of this. It isn’t our fault because it’s something that has happened slowly over time. You think back to the day the doctor came over to his little medicine bag, and he tried to fix it, did his very best, and that was it. That person most likely died at home with minimal intervention. You took care of the body and laid it out in the parlor. The whole family was a part of this experience. We also lived multi-generationally.

We witnessed the aging process. These days as technology has taken over, we can fix anyone. You can go to intensive care. You can be on machines. We believe that we can cure anything. We also have all of these anti-aging campaigns and, “Fight aging.” I’m going to stop right there and say there is beauty and gloriousness in every decade. Can we talk about aging gracefully and fabulously?

I have that as a question for you because it’s an issue that touches everybody.

Don’t ask if it’s rude to ask someone how old they are. I’m going to get older in February, and I am so delighted. What a privilege to live this long. I hope I live a whole bunch more decades and I’m going to brag about it along the way. Wrinkles, whatever. I’m all good with it. We have slowly sanitized our society. We don’t take care of people who are ill and dying at home. The hospice movement has certainly helped with that, but there are still many people who would prefer to die at home than die in intensive care. We have anti-aging. Many people live in nursing homes. We don’t live with our elders like we used to.

Are people so afraid of death because they are afraid of dying, afraid of being alone, or dying alone? Are they afraid of death because the concept of losing control and being kaput if they don’t have another belief system is fearful?

It is the fear of the unknown, “How am I going to die? When am I going to die? Am I going to suffer? Will I be in pain?” I believe that the more we have these conversations, the better. Let’s talk about it. It’s like the death cafes are so extraordinary because you go out there and talk about, “What do you fear? Let’s address each of those things.” In medical technology, there’s a lot of wonderfulness about it like pain medication.

I’m letting you know that I don’t fear my death and maybe that will change as I go along, but I’m going to hold onto that now. I will be more than happy to be loopy on a pain pump. I’m not going to be a big hero. We have that technology to die well. We can create a beautiful death. I have witnessed. I have been at the bedside of what I would call a terrible death and I have been at the bedside of a beautiful death.

How about describing each to us?

A beautiful death is when I wrote about Homer in my book, one of the first stories I was told. When he was seventeen, he lost his sight, and he just continued to live this incredible life. He married and had five children. He golfed, balled, and did radio. He did not let his blindness stop him. He said, “Just because I’m blind doesn’t mean I can’t see.” He was this extraordinary human. When he was ill and knew he was dying, he had his daughter bring a tie to the hospital so he could knot it properly because he didn’t want anybody messing it up.

He had them pick out a beautiful suit. He wrote letters to his family and had them dictated. He got lockets for his daughters and wife. He did all of these beautiful things and left this legacy of love. He died peacefully with his daughters holding his hands. It is heartwarming and heart-wrenching. That is what I would call a good death.

What a legacy he left to his daughters.

Beautiful letters to his family and thanking them for helping him have a great life. It was extraordinary. There’s the opposite where, right to the end, someone is dying, they are on machines and everyone is yelling, “Do something. Save him.” It’s so painful. The person is dying in fear. You could feel it and everyone around was hysterical. The families are fighting.

We have had to call security on a family because they were fighting with each other while their loved one was dying at a time when they could be supporting each other, grieving openly, and loving this person. That’s excruciating. Those are the moments that chip away at your heart and soul. They are avoidable.


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