Show Notes: Irene Weinberg and Stephanie Barnhart reunite to read and discuss the brave and inspiring personal stories sent to us by our listeners Amanda Berken, Sonia Ibanez, and Corrine La Font. What an honor  to share these three very special stories from three incredible women with all of you! 


  • Amanda’s story about her eating disorder, how she became motivated to change and heal after her daughter was born   and the “light switch” that went off within her, leading her to find her life’s purpose.
  • How Sonia gets accurate predictions as she dreams about people who will      soon be crossing over and how her dear cousin who lived very far away said Goodbye to Sonia in a dream.  Sonia assures us that comfort and solace from connecting with our deceased loved ones can be a simple dream away! 
  • Corine asks the question “What Is Love?” as she shares her amazing story of thriving in spite of the fact that she is “the bastard child” of a single unwed mother.  You will be inspired by Corine’s journey to self-love which includes how she learned to separate herself from the toxic people and relationships in her life. She insists that love starts and ends with you!