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Would you like to get information about your soul and your Soul Purpose in this lifetime? Would you like to have a continuing conversation with your deceased loved ones? Would you like to know how past trauma has manifested as illness or disease in your body? Do you need to get information about a missing person? Isabella Johnson is a compassionate and wondrous medium who can provide all this information and more!



Where the soul is located and how Isabella reads a person’s soul.

The Near-Death Experience was the most spiritual experience of Isabella’s life.

Isabella’s experience with an angel after her husband transitioned to the Other Side.

How Isabella works with police departments to find missing persons.



How does Heaven handle those who have hurt others?

Why do you say that people who have crossed over have “graduated?”

As a Medical Intuitive, how do you speed up the healing process?

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Grief and Rebirth 39: Isabella Johnson – Evidential Certified Medium, Medical Intuitive, Grief Recovery Specialist, and Remote Viewer






I am receiving so many favorable comments about these interviews, which makes me very happy and gratified because it is the mission of this show to educate, enlighten, and give all of you wonderful healing choices for your lives. Our truly extraordinary guest for this episode is Isabella Johnson, an evidential certified medium, medical intuitive, grief recovery specialist, and remote viewer who has committed her life to providing healing and comfort to the bereaved.

Isabella allows herself to be a pure channel for those in spirit who wish to have a continuing conversation or closure with their loved ones still in the physical. As a medical intuitive, she can locate areas in the body where past or current trauma has manifested as illness and/or disease and helps release the symptoms. Isabella is also able to see the soul, the highest point in our physical body, and reminds her clients of their true soul purpose in this lifetime.

I can personally attest to the fact that Isabella brings incredible compassion and empathy to her readings with an approach that is matter-of-fact and non-judgmental. Having lost a child herself, Isabella’s ability to reconnect parents with their children and other loved ones in spirit provides comfort, healing, and hope.

She firmly believes that each of our souls who survive the transition called death will reunite again. She endeavors to bring evidence that those in spirit are always with us. Isabella, it is such a pleasure to connect with you once again. The day a medium connected me with my deceased husband, Saul, 2 months after he died, changed my life and 21 years later, you brought me new proof of survival and wonderful messages from Saul, for which I’m so very grateful. Let’s begin our interview with this question, which will set the stage for what is to come. How does a medium become an evidential certified medium?

Irene, it’s lovely to see you again. I will start with the certified medium. For myself, I was introduced to certified mediums through Mark Ireland and his organization. What that process is like is we are blind-tested with a sitter. Someone will come in and we have no idea who that person is. We are given no information about them. My job is to do a reading for them with evidence of their loved ones in spirit.

We have to do that, not 1 time or twice but 5 separate times. You have to have a high score to pass that and get to the next level. That is the certified part for myself with the evidence. I leave that to your loved ones. The information I have about my clients is usually a first name and the way they want me to contact them.

I ask that whoever is in spirit, your loved ones in spirit, I see them physically as though I’m looking at you or myself. They come in and I’m able to describe them. They put their thoughts, memories, and emotions onto me. My job is to translate that back to you and provide a phone conversation or an in-person reading so to speak. Just be that conduit for your loved ones and spirit.

The evidence that they give me is usually life experiences and the things that they love. Their personality always comes through. They sometimes want to make amends or reminisce on things that happened when we were together. Oftentimes, they talk about things that have happened since they have been in spirit. I’m the luckiest person in the world to do what I do.

You bring such healing and help to so many people and comfort. What are a grief recovery specialist and a remote viewer?

I am a grief therapist but I don’t have a private practice with that. I have found that that brings a bonus when we are dealing with someone who is going through the grieving process. No one is going to fit a mold for that but there are certain steps that most of us will hit. My job in that role is to walk with you through the grieving process. When you are having a difficult day, I’m going to be there to remind you that maybe yesterday wasn’t so bad. I’m walking with you and carrying you through that grieving process.

GAR 8 | Soul Purpose

Soul Purpose: I will walk you through the grieving process when you are having a difficult day.


As a remote viewer, I work with several organizations. I want to tout one that I love Find Me organization. We work with law enforcement organizations all over the world and locate missing people. In a lot of work like that remote viewing sometimes is like, “Where are my earrings that my husband left me,” to, “Where is my child who is missing?” I have had a lot of success in these areas and I enjoyed a great deal.

That’s interesting because people will see that on TV but it’s real. People will contact you. Law enforcement is open-minded enough to contact you.

Law enforcement goes through the agencies normally. Those cases are handed out to each one of us. We are given a name, sometimes a photograph, and a last known location. Sometimes not even that. Our job is to locate that person wherever they might be and bring them home, whether it is physically home or sometimes unfortunately, the remains. We are able to bring closure to the family.

Our contact with law enforcement is limited in some cases, although I have had several where they do come directly to me, or the family will contact me and ask me to intercede. I respect that law enforcement is skeptical but that usually lasts until we have some recovery of something. It’s getting bigger and better and becoming a little bit more widely accepted.

That organization Find Me has people like you who are able to do that.

Find Me is all over the world and we are a nonprofit organization. We don’t charge anything for that. There are no fees for that. There are several other groups that I do this for but Find Me is very close to my heart. The law enforcement, the leader of the Find Me organization is ex-law enforcement himself. He comes in with that kind of mindset. Depending on who he assigns the case to, we just locate that person as best we could.

You also have a formal education in grief.

I do. I have a degree in therapy. I’m a therapist but I do not have a private practice. I spend so many hours a day, 12 to 15 hours a day, working with clients. I find that where I can be of most service is the first stop of giving validation and evidence that your loved ones continue long after the physical body. The only part of them that’s no longer here is the physical. They are with us always.

What a fantastic combination. For people who are a little scared of woo-woo, you also have a traditional background and you are also able to do this, which is wonderful. What inspired you? How’d you get your start being a medium? For those of our people who aren’t that familiar with this but want to learn more, how do you provide a conversation with heaven? How does that happen to you?

I will start with your first question. I thought everyone in the world saw what I saw. I was about 7 or 8 years old when I realized not everyone saw people in spirit following those that were here living. For me, it was a little adjustment. My mother and grandmother are gifted. I was in a very supportive environment growing up with this.

I remember professionally how I began this. We had a neighbor growing up who was a reporter on television and there was a case where a couple of children were missing. As a thirteen-year-old girl, I said, “There’s the children right there and this is where they were,” and gave all the information. It happened in an off-the-cuff way that was unexpected for me. I was about eighteen and I have begun to do this professionally since then. This has been the only job that I have ever had.

You are so wonderful at it. You are so gifted. What a blessing. You started on TV at thirteen years old.

Not television. Our neighbor was a reporter. I remember overhearing her talking with my parents about a local case that was going on. I walked in and gave some information and it turned out that it was valuable and credible enough. It attributed in addition to the police work with this person being captured. Since then, it’s snowballed.

I have been so fortunate to not have a lot of skepticism around what I do because those in spirit provide such strong evidence that your grandmother loves you, which all grandmothers do. They talked about everything important to them, conversations that were private between the two of you. Little things that no one could know, they know. I give them a voice. I am just their voice.

Do they come through as a vibration in your head?

I physically see people outside of myself. Most of the time, I work from my home office but I love to travel and do group readings and private readings in other people’s homes or a group environment. Let’s say I’m at home like I am in my group office and I did hang up with the client. That person had several people coming through so I had 5 or 6 people in spirit in my office. I could describe them and we are providing their voice for this client.

Do they usually present themselves as younger?

No. I see them as you would recognize. In my little opening, my little prayer before I begin, I call God love. I ask that love be with me and my client, and that only those that are in my word heaven come through. They begin to walk in manifest and look exactly as you would remember them. If someone had been sick perhaps, they would acknowledge that or show me a little glimpse of that.

After that, they will go to, let’s say your 50-year-old grandmother that passed. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen to anyone but whatever age they were, that’s how I will see and describe them. I will also begin to feel the way that they transitioned. That’s the physical part of this. I’m not a traditional physical medium but I do say that I physically not only see your loved ones but I’m able to feel what their life experiences were as well too.

My husband had an unbelievable sense of humor and you caught it right away. He’s hilarious. If somebody gets his sense of humor, which nobody can know how he related and the way he was, and when they get that, I know it’s him and you got it right on. It was great.

I can’t take credit for this. It is a wonderful gift to have but it’s like saying, “How in the world do you have such an amazing arm?” This is truly a part of who I am and they do all of the work. I’m able to work so many hours because it’s not draining or exhausting to me. They want to talk, come forward, and let everyone know that they are still here and with us. With the bond and connection between us, love grows and expands.

People need to know that. Even if you have a loss, it’s not that you have lost them. It’s even growing while they are on the other side. That’s so important. You described the process that allows you to be a pure channel for those in spirit. Do those in spirit ever not want to have a conversation or closure, or are they always very eager?

Most of them are very eager. As I do work so often with parents, unfortunately, I lost a child at quite a young age. Sometimes I will have a child or someone more of an introvert in life. That personality trait comes forward. It is almost unheard of. I can count on one hand the number of times I have had to coax or urge someone in spirit to be verbal with me.

If they are not particularly verbal, they will begin to show me little vignettes, movies, or scenes of things that were important in their life. Usually, everyone loosens up. This is a very unique thing that’s rather new. In the last several years, especially doing the work that I do with parents, if there is a grandparent or someone elder than the child in spirit, they will come forward first and check me out.

Protective on that side.

“What is your business here? How can we help you?” Once I have established a report with them, the others begin to come through and it’s amazing. I have had very specific questions asked by clients like, “What was this tattoo? What did that child do at three years old?” They come forward with the answers. It seems to be most important to them that we know that this is them, that this is real, that we will be reunited, and that we have never had a separation other than the physical thought.

What if it’s a little infant? They don’t speak. The parents have lost this child. How does that child communicate?

I do have a sign for, let’s use miscarriage or termination. If someone has had a loss that way, to me, that looks like the brightness of a torch or a flashlight. It’s that beaming light that has a little heartbeat in it. I remember I was about 14 or 15 when I had seen this so often. I’m asking, “What are you showing me?” They said, “This was a soul that needed this very short amount of time to come in to have that experience of life for 6, 8, or 30 weeks,” and then that’s all they needed. We are the vessel for them. If it’s a child that wasn’t particularly verbal, maybe it was a toddler or an infant, they come in and tell me a little bit about their personality.

Their main focus seems to be on the people around them and their relationships. They describe their mother, father, and siblings. If there was any toy or blanket that was particularly used with them or what happened after they passed as far as what was saved, what seems to be sentimental or important to the parents? When we cross and disappear, we have this self-awareness and self-actualized part of ourselves. You may present to me as a toddler or a six-month-old but I’m going to have all the knowledge that you have ever possessed in every lifetime and that’s available to me as well.

That’s so amazing and interesting for our readers. In each person, a soul is located. What does it mean to be able to read someone’s soul? I have a follow-up for that. Is our sole purpose chosen when we plan our next lifetime? Can you give us both some large and small examples of what could be a person’s true soul purpose? There are people reading this who don’t know if they have a soul perhaps and they have a soul purpose.

If you have a body, you have a soul. For myself, when I see people here in the physical that are here physically, I don’t see facial features with them. That’s something that I have never been. I can’t describe what you look like. I am not very sure what I look like. To me, when I say, “I see your soul,” I see the aura or energy that we each emanate.

Instantly, it’s downloaded. Why were you here? What lessons you have chosen to learn here? What’s the purpose of you being here? Where is the soul? It surrounds us. It is the highest part of ourselves and each one of us carries that around with us. There are some souls that are a little dimmer than others. We all encounter that in some parts of our lives.

We might be grieving, have had a loss, and need a lifetime where we need struggles or need to know what depression, our mental illness, or addiction feels like but we can connect. We each have a soul and a higher soul. Our higher self is in spirit always and a part of that comes down to experiencing the physical life.

People don’t understand that but as I understand it, our master soul is always on the other side but there’s a slice of it that comes into us and with us. It carries that aura around us. That’s how I understand it. Someone could come into this lifetime with the sole purpose of learning how to love and they are going to accomplish something amazing. In this lifetime, they are coming for that from my understanding.

With media, the way that it is, and television being so important in everyone’s life, everyone thinks their sole purpose needs to be grand, famous, or infamous. We feel as if we failed if we hadn’t achieved these certain goals. No. Oftentimes, your purpose is to learn how to love, love others, and take care of others for kindness.

Some people need to learn how to be teachers or embrace that part in themselves. We will often have numerous purposes or sole reasons why our souls came here during a lifetime. One of my purposes is a mother but it’s not my only purpose. One of my purposes is a wife but that’s not my only purpose. We each come in with many lessons that we want to experience.

Even if we feel here that someone passed early, and this is a question I get asked so very often when someone loses a child or someone before they think it’s time, did they get to complete everything? There are two things we can’t change, our birth and then when we transition. When you transition, you have completed every single thing your soul came here to do and that awareness is there the second the soul crosses.

A person can manifest. They just want to experience being born or something. That’s their sole purpose. They could leave very quickly but it could be simpler than they planned.

Let’s say that happened. That was their sole purpose but perhaps it was also the sole purpose of the mother who carried that child for only a short amount of time to learn love, compassion, forgiveness, and how to work out difficulties in a relationship. There are myriad reasons why a soul would choose to come in. The lessons are rarely if ever only for them alone. My decisions, choices, and lessons will affect everyone in my circumference and every person that’s in my soul group so I need to make sure that I’m always doing my best so that others get the best part of me as well, too.

It was also the soul's purpose of a mother carrying a child to learn love, compassion, and forgiveness and work out difficulties in a relationship. Share on X

I can understand that and how helpful you are. Someone who loses a child, for instance, is crying, hysterical, and all upset. Suddenly, they talk to you and get so much of a higher perspective. It must be very comforting for them.

Everyone in spirit, their vibration is very high. It’s very difficult for them to come down. They do experience and are aware of our emotions when we are grieving. They acknowledge that. They acknowledge the pain, anger, and depression that come along with this sometimes as well. They feel that and they know what that’s going to be like for us but their energy and vibration are so high that they can have an awareness of it. They don’t experience that grief and pain.

Oftentimes, it is very healing. When I hang up with a client, leave a group reading, or something like that, everyone feels a lightness. There is a feeling that we know there is more. We have spoken with our loved one and had that conversation. Sometimes that lasts for a lifetime and sometimes it lasts several months. Either one is okay.

Whatever it is meant to be and what you choose to do with it. Let’s talk about being a medical intuitive. You can locate areas in the body where past and current trauma manifests as illness and/or disease. You help to release the symptoms. Can you explain this to our readers? You are going to be barraged by people calling you. How is your work as a medical intuitive compatible or not with the medical community?

Let me describe the medical intuitive part. Let’s say I have a client. Even hearing their voice, I’m able to visualize their soul. As I go down the back part of their body first and then I don’t feel any emotional past traumas, that seems to be where it congregates. It’s on the back part of our body, from the top of our heads to the bottom of our feet. I will be able to tell if there was trauma in childhood and what age and what the symptoms of this going to be. I will start back at the top of the head again and go down. Illness or disease appears to me to be darkness on certain parts of the body. I will be able to send energy to that part of the body.

Sometimes it does involve many sessions with the client, allowing them to release trauma, anger, or any emotions. Perfectionism is a big one that we tend to carry and that brings disease to us. Being able to see that and have those conversations and help clients release those past pains brings wellness. In the medical community, the physicians are aware of what I do and a few of them have been open enough to use me and send clients my way.

We have had a tremendous amount of success. There’s a homeostasis that we all want to get to. I’m able to remove and unblock pain in certain areas. That’s not a very difficult thing to do at all but getting to the root cause and having it not return requires a little bit more attention and for the client to do some deep soul work as well too.

This is one of the reasons I started this show because I want people to know they don’t have to suffer. They can get to the root causes of their health issues. Here are all your options. You don’t have to be stuck. That’s so great.

A medical doctor plays a very important role in this. I cannot replace that. That is not something I do. I am not a medical doctor. I am a medical intuitive. My job is very different. I approach this by looking at the soul. Where can we fix this from your soul? Where can we fix this to allow you to have no pain, have a better quality of life, and enjoy everything around you?

It almost sounds like a partnership. If someone is very ill, they can be doing their medical thing but if they want to add what you can do to that, it probably speeds up the process of healing.

I work with a lot of people who are dealing with cancer. I’m able to release some of the trauma, pain, and fear that’s associated with that word. That’s a scary word. I bring them to better health but I make no claims that I can cure anyone. That’s not what I do. I work with you to release the trauma, pain, and fear and that usually brings on a healing.

People have their choices of how they are going to work with it and all that. I understand that. You often say that people who have crossed over have graduated. I understand what that means but how about sharing that with our readers?

I believe that we do a pre-birth plan before we come here. We make agreements with the people in our soul group and those people would usually be parents, siblings, spouses, children, aunts, and uncles even sometimes playing a very major role, and as friends would have an agreement to be in our soul group. We decide all of the lessons that we want to learn and view them as lessons over there.

We do a pre-birth plan before we come here. We make agreements with people in our soul group. Share on X

Unlike when we get here, we view them as hurdles, difficulties, or problems. We go through life. Some of these things will be very pleased with the way we handled it. As soon as we get to the other side, we will realize, “I made that so difficult. This was supposed to be so easy.” It was a learning experience. It’s as if we graduated and then we have our diploma or our degree in our hands. We have made it home. At that point, oftentimes, I have a lot of clients say, “I don’t ever want to do this again.” It’s funny how many times we get there and go, “I could have done this slightly differently. Let’s try it again.”

It’s like you go back to school. You have to repeat the grade if you didn’t learn what you set out to learn the first time around.

We’d like to do it differently. We want to experience the other side of that. Perhaps I was the one with illness in this lifetime. For the next lifetime, I’d like to be someone who was a caretaker of someone going through this. We tend to stay with soul groups but we don’t always tend to stay in the same roles that we have in this lifetime but it is a graduation. When I go to the other side, I want to party because I have made it home. I have graduated and completed this.

I have put through that order too. I want it with champagne when I get to the other side.

I’m not ready for it to be tomorrow but when it comes, I will have done everything I needed to do.

I look at this as a school and that’s home. You had a near-death experience that you say was very inspiring. You call it the most spiritual experience in your life. Can you tell us about that?

I have a brain tumor. This is something that every year I go, get an MRI, and get it screened. It’s inoperable. It’s fine. I don’t want anyone to worry about it. It’s there. Years ago, I was getting an MRI and about to lie down on the table. I had this feeling that something was not going to go the way that it should here. The dye was injected into my arm. I was slid into the machine. If anyone has had this, you are not supposed to move. You have to be very still.

As soon as they slid me in, my throat began to close up. I felt myself leaving my body. I came out of my body and I remember coming out at the top of my head. That was a very interesting awareness that I had. I was looking down back at my body thinking, “How in the world could all of this,” meaning my soul, “Fit into something so small?” I had a complete detachment from that physical body.

Instantly, I was with my children. I had this download of information about what their lives were going to be. It was as if I had remembered everything we’d agreed to. I saw my husband at the time. I was told that he was going to be here a few more years and he would join me. Instantly after that, I was fully in spirit and I was with my daughter face to face who had been in spirit eleven years before that. It was as if our conversation picked up where it had ended.

I knew I was home. I felt nothing but love. I was pulsated with love and bliss. Love is such an overrated word. There is nothing in any language that could describe the feeling that I experienced in spirit. I will tell you what’s very interesting. I didn’t want to leave. My children were younger and I was a much younger woman. Think about if you have lost a loved one and asked, “Why didn’t they try to come back?” I understand why you would want to stay there.

Very quickly I was told, “You have got to leave. It’s not your time.” I was shown what I would continue to do with my life. I was still fighting at that point. “No. It’s too perfect here. I don’t want to come back.” I began to see myself going backward. I saw my husband and my children, and then I popped right back into my body. There was no pain when I left my physical body but going back into it was not so pleasant. I remember telling everyone, “If that happens again, do not resuscitate me.”

It did happen again. There was another minute, the same scenario, I came back, and it forever changed me. Even though what I do, I am a skeptic. I have someone who does all of my scheduling because I need this to be real. I need my daughter and my husband to be there. There are so many people that I no longer have here too. I was such a skeptic that this could be as real as everyone in spirit was saying until that happened to me. I have no doubt. It was a beautiful experience.

How many children do you have on this side?


You have been a busy lady.

I do have a daughter in spirit. Even with all of that, especially dealing with parents. Oftentimes, we don’t necessarily don’t want to die. We just don’t want that pain any longer. We miss our child. We want to be with our children. Even having that experience, I still had no desire to come back here to the physical. I had everything in the world to come back here to and for and I didn’t want to come back. Please know that if your loved ones had a choice, I believe their choice would be to stay where they are.

GAR 8 | Soul Purpose

Soul Purpose: We don’t necessarily don’t want to die. We don’t want that pain any longer.


I have heard that many times. Was this a terrible physical thing that happened to you when they put you in for that MRI?

I began to feel my throat closing up and hot. It was an allergic reaction. I had anaphylactic shock and no one was aware of it. I can tell you as I was over my body, I could verbatim tell you what the technicians were saying. They were talking about my brain and how the tumor had grown or changed. These were all medical terms I had no familiarity with. I was aware of conversations everywhere around me. I was aware of being a thread in the universe. My part was as important as everyone else’s was. It was nothing short of magical and the most spiritual experience anyone could have.

Isabella, please share your experience with an angel after your husband transitioned. For those who are unsure, what exactly is an angel? How can we know they are around us?

Before I lost my husband, I was aware that there were angelic beings that could come to our rescue and there’s a hierarchy of angels. I hadn’t given much interest in that because of my familiarity and my day-to-day is people in spirit. The day that my husband passed, I went in complete shock. I was in denial like, “This could not be real.” I believe that I fainted. It was very sudden and unexpected.

The next thing I remember is I’m in my house and there are three EMTs there with me. One was to my right, one was in front of me, and there was one sitting to my left on a couch. There was a blood pressure cuff on and someone was taking my pulse. I kept being directed to look at the person on my left. He kept on saying my name, “Isabella.” Finally, I looked at him and gave him my attention. I said, “What do you want? None of this is real anyway so what is it that you want?”

He said, “I want you to listen to me very carefully and make me a promise.” At this point, I was still in complete shock and I said, “I will make you a promise, whatever you want.” He said, “You are going to want to die. You are going to feel like you are going to die. Your heart is going to feel like you are breaking but I want you to promise me you are going to stay here. No matter what, you have to stay.”

I was dismissive of him but I said, “Sure. This isn’t real. None of this is happening. This is all a very bad dream.” My next memory was of being led into my bedroom and the next day happened. That EMT was right. I grieved like I didn’t know was possible. It had been many years since I’d lost my daughter and this was such a big hit to me losing my husband but I began to survive. I wasn’t happy about that. I didn’t want to be here. Every time I got to the point, I said, “Maybe I could let myself get sick and then cross. Maybe I would remember my promise to that EMT.”

It got very close to the year anniversary of my husband being in spirit. I was healing. I was beginning to find joy and purpose again in life. I accounted that to that EMT making me make that promise. I thought, “I need to call and thank them because if he had not said that, I don’t know that I would be here. Honestly, I don’t know that I would have done that.” I called the EMTs and said, “I don’t know if you remember me but my name is Isabella Johnson. You were here on this date and there were three of you here.”

They said, “Hold on a minute.” I was on hold for a few minutes. When the phone picked up again, there was a male and a female. They said, “We remember you, Mrs. Johnson, that day, and coming out but we don’t come out in threes. We come out in pairs of twos.” I said, “Who was that man that had on an EMT uniform? He was with you.” They said, “We saw him.” I said, “Did you hear what he said?”

They said, “Yes. We heard him say that you are going to want to die and you promised him you were going to want to live. We thought he was with you.” I said, “I thought he was with you.” We were all very quiet for a minute. I’m tearing up. I can hear the female EMT doing the same. We all said, “Do you think that was an angel?” We all walked away from that pretty sure that that was the way that angel showed up in my life. No one knows where he went or why he was there. He just showed up and I believe that’s why I’m here.

Are there any special insights? You have been giving us a lot of them. Is there anything in particular that you have learned as a medium and a healer that you’d like to share with everyone? Something that is a little out of the ordinary or something that will be a real wow or a-ha for everyone, either how people transition, what it’s like over there, or whatever you’d like to share?

There are a couple of things I’d like to mention. The first one is no matter how I deal with people who have transitioned in every way you can imagine. I will go back to the law enforcement work that I do. Some of those transitions we would think would be very painful or uncomfortable. Our loved ones would have been afraid or suffered. Some people are with their loved ones when they do transition. They might be afraid. Are they in pain or suffering?

I have never had anyone in spirit come through and go, “That was a very painful death.” They talk about quite the opposite. They talk about the freedom, release, and awareness that they are home. They are back where they came from. It’s as if like you said, “We have graduated.” They are full of love and compassion. They have a deep understanding of our pain as well. When we are grieving, there is never a time like that in our lives when we will be as introverted and aware of mortality and the things in our lives that we wish we could have done differently.

If you use grief wisely, those in spirits say, “If you use this to your benefit, you will walk away a changed person for the better. It gives you an opportunity to change things in your life. If you are not happy with the path, you have a realization that life is finite here in the physical. We don’t have forever.” If you are struggling with, “Did you ever experience love,” look at your grieving. Look at how that feels and know that that’s reciprocated a million times by those in spirit. Everyone in spirit sends love. They are loved. There is nothing bigger than love. That is what this is all about.

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What if someone has been a nasty person on this side? What happens to them?

I will say this about heaven. Like attracts like. There are certain levels of the afterlife that we can find ourselves on. They are all with God and in the same place. If I’m a pessimistic person who’s hurt others and did so consciously, where I start in the afterlife is not going to be like where Mother Teresa is starting. I would have to get rid of a lot of baggage, do a large life review, and deal with myself in a way that probably if I had done it here, I’d have a different experience in the afterlife. I have never seen any place that mimics a real fire and damnation place.

To me, that is the turning away from God or whatever you choose to call where we have come from. That’s rare. All of us are bombarded with that feeling of love. If we choose to accept it, our experience is amazing. 99.999% of us choose to accept that. Regardless of religion or no religion, regardless of thought, behavior, word, or deed, we are met with love and compassion. Even those who may have appeared to have a difficult life or caused pain, in my experience, have always turned their heart toward love.

GAR 8 | Soul Purpose

Soul Purpose: Most of us are bombarded with that feeling of love if we accept it.


My father was very abusive when I was growing up. He came through you gangbusters. He’s often coming through to tell me that as I heal, he is often also healing. How does that work? Do people continue to heal after they have crossed over? Am I helping him cheat by being around me with all the healing that I’m going through and all the people I’m talking to that he’s moving along? How does this work?

When we are here, we are very egotistic-driven beings. I’m going to be very focused on my behavior and how it affects me. That’s human behavior. When we go to spirit, we not only experience our behavior and feelings, thoughts, words, and deeds. We have an awareness and an experience of how my actions affected you. I’m going to have to feel everything that you felt when I was in your company. Everything that I made you feel, I have to experience that. For some people, the damage lasts a lifetime and then to another lifetime. If you had an abusive father, perhaps you would be an abusive parent yourself and that trickle-down effect goes on and on.

If we stop it and say, “No, I’m going to work on forgiving, loving, and never being like that again,” it not only helps them but it releases them so that they can forgive themself and they are aware that, “I did this. This was my behavior. I am ashamed of it. This is not something I’d ever like to do again but I can see that there is something good coming out of this. There is always a shining star.” There’s always a rainbow in this if we allow it to be there. Are you helping him cheat? No. You are a generous, kindhearted soul who has compassion for someone who probably didn’t deserve it. What a gift. In spite of having him as a father, you are able to love and shine.

I have done so much healing. It came as a very big surprise. One of the first times I met with someone, my father came through. I would never invite him to come through, which told me that this was real. There was no doubt that it was him. Every time he comes through, he thanks me for what I’m doing. I’m working with him and I’m in this place but he has other children who are not in the place that I am. He’s got to struggle with that peace with them.

It does until they heal if that ever happens. Their behavior is affected because his actions and words are deep. It’s like dropping a stone in a lake. It doesn’t fall to the bottom. There are ripples with every word, action, and deed that we do. Even our thoughts create those. We come in here to the physical. There’s nothing but bliss and love. We come here fully aware and assured that we are this little spark of divinity. We are a little piece of God.

Words are deep. It's like dropping a stone in a lake. It doesn't just fall to the bottom. There are ripples with every word. Share on X

Instantly, we come into this cold and sterile place as soon as we are born. We are whacked on the bottom. Maybe your mom is not excited about having you. There are impersonal people around you. You are beginning to absorb the way everyone else perceives you and take that on as your identity. You’re forgetting very quickly, “I am this little piece of the divine.”

One of the jobs that I do is to remind people who they truly are. That’s part of seeing someone’s soul. I’m just reminding you. You are this person who came from God and love. That’s all you could ever truly be. If you are having a different experience, take a look at it, and let’s see what we can do to help you feel better. With your situation in particular, if there’s a sibling that’s still struggling, that’s between your father and that sibling. There will have to come to a meeting of the mind. Whether it happens here, which is what we want, or it happens there. Everything is balanced out.

My karma with my father has probably ended. It’s completed where it may not be with the other siblings, which is very interesting for people to know. I will often hear people say, “I don’t understand how this or that sibling processes and what they think,” but that’s their journey.

It is agreed and we are supposed to have that journey. Think about the analogy of having an elephant in the room and we are all seated around. We are all going to describe a different part of that elephant but it’s still an elephant. We are all going to have different experiences with everyone. I may love someone and you go, “I can’t imagine what you would see in them because of your experience with them.”

Tell us about the book you are writing. What prompted you to start writing it?

I began to write the book after I lost my husband and it is a very raw book about what grieving feels like. It’s honest and ugly. It is something that those that I have shared it with so far have been touched by the vulnerability that it puts out there. Grief is brutal. It’s a time when we are stripped raw. I shared that with everyone. The interesting part about this is I didn’t include very much about me being a medium with this because I was able to.

I am very acutely aware that my grief is vastly different than most people’s because almost instantly, I could see my husband and know that he was okay. I could see my child. I could see friends and other loved ones. I knew that they were okay but I still had to grieve. That’s what this is about. I’m finishing up some final edits. I’m excited to share it with those who are in that spot of, “I don’t know if I can make it. I don’t know if this is normal and why I have this feeling.” I experienced them all and shared them.

How can our readers connect with you? They all want to connect with you. If they’d like to have a session with you, you must have social media. How does that work, Isabella?

I have an assistant that does all of that. The most that I will ever have is your first name and how you want me to contact you. You can go to Facebook if you are on Facebook. Isabella Johnson – The Soul Reading Medium or on the internet, I still call it the Google. I am not a technology person. It’s at

What is your tip on finding joy in life?

Remembering that this is temporary and it’s a school. I love that you brought that up. We are here to learn. I believe that we have been here many times. Some of us. I believe that this is a place that should be familiar to most of us. Can you even imagine eternity? I truly can’t. This lifetime is not even the blink of an eye before we will be back there again. Keep that in mind. Keep joy in our hearts and keep our vibration as high as we can. That’s where you find the most peace and truly letting things go. Your opinion of me is none of my business. My job is just to love you.

GAR 8 | Soul Purpose

Soul Purpose: To keep joy in our hearts and our vibrations as high as we can is where you find the most peace.


That is the best thing that you could say. “Your opinion of me is none of my business.” Some people are very free with their opinions.

They should have them but it’s none of my business. I have to remind myself, “It’s your experience. That’s the way you are going to view me.” I’m going to love you regardless of how you feel about me.

Thank you so much, Isabella, for being on the show. You are a true gift to countless souls, both on this side and the other side. I’m very much looking forward to having you back to talk about your new book after it’s published. As I often like to say, to be continued, many blessings, and bye for now.


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