GAR 109 | Gordon Smith


Gordon Smith is an International Medium, a Public Figure, a tutor, and the author of an impressive 23 books that have sold over a million copies in many different languages. Internationally recognized as one of the world’s leading psychic mediums and spiritual teachers, he developed his outstanding natural ability under the tutelage of some of the world’s most sought-after mediums, and his prestigious reputation for being accurate and authentic has meant that he is constantly in demand, presenting as well as featuring, in numerous television documentaries and shows about the paranormal for prestigious broadcasters. His charismatic nature brings a sense of healing and restores balance to many lives.



  • How Gordon sees and hears what he has transmitted to so many.       
  • The ways Gordon works with spiritual guides and guardian angels.   
  • How Gordon’s natural abilities revealed themselves during his childhood.        
  • Gordon’s 15-year journey and developing his mediumship under the tutelage of some of the world’s most sought after mediums.       



  • How has your training in spiritual healing enhanced your mediumship?   
  • Are spirit guides a type of angel?          
  • How can people discern charlatans and frauds from authentic mediums?          

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Gordon Smith: Hailed By The UK’s Media As “Britain’s Most Accurate Medium,” He Is Still Astounded When Words Come Through Him That Lift A Person’s Sadness And Bring Light Back Into That Person’s Life






Our next interview is with Gordon Smith, who is an international medium, a public figure, a tutor, and he is the author of an impressive 23 books that have sold over a million copies in different languages. Gordon has been hailed by the UK as Britain’s Most Accurate Medium. There is no doubt that he is the real deal. He’s been the subject of seven years of testing at Glasgow University conducted by emeritus professor Archie Roy, the Head of the Scottish Society of Psychical Research whose findings have been published in only three scientific journals.

You’re internationally recognized as one of the world’s leading psychic mediums and spiritual teachers. He’s developed his outstanding natural ability under the tutelage of some of the world’s most sought-after mediums, and I want to ask him about that. His prestigious reputation for being accurate and authentic has meant that he is constantly in demand. When do you sleep?

Sleep is a different occurrence. We can do a lot when we know that sleep is to put the body to one side and let the consciousness get on with doing other things.

I’m sure. Gordon has traveled the world many times over both demonstrating his mediumship and teaching international students. His teachings have been converted into highly successful online courses. I believe he’s developing an online course for Helping Parents Heal, which I’m looking forward to hearing from him about.

I want to ask Gordon how he sees and hears what he transmits to so many people, and how he works with spiritual guides and guardian angels. The Zoom program of classes he’s putting together for Helping Parents Heal is such a blessing. As you can already tell, this is going to be an incredible, special, and fun interview. Gordon, a warm welcome to the show.

Thank you so much. It’s a joy.

I want to throw the notes all away and chat with you. Let me introduce everyone to who you were as a kid. As a child, you had a certainty that there was a guardian above you whom you could consult when you felt afraid or lonely. Doesn’t everyone?

Some people do. For me, I always had this inner knowing as a little boy. I lived in quite a turbulent family. There was a lot of aggression growing up in Glasgow. It was quite a deprived place and lots of depression there. My family is a big family. I was the seventh son of a seventh son. I know that’s a wonderful thing to say.

Your mom had been very busy.

She was. The Celtic lore was that if you were a seventh son of a seventh son, you had the sight, they would say. I was already born with this thing, “This is going to be a child who sees things.”

Celtic lore states that if you are a seventh son of a seventh son, you have the sight. Share on X

They accepted that. They just knew that you would be like that?

Yes, because we have part Irish and part Scottish in me. They’re quite superstitious with that stuff. That was something I thought that everybody had the knowing. Having said that, I studied C.G. Jung for many years, the psychoanalyst. He always talked about personality number one and personality number two. To me, that was the adult within you. As I grew, I realized the adult within me was either my higher consciousness that was awake while I was a child.

Did you understand this as a child?

You knew this. I knew that it was either this is not me or it was a separate entity that knows things that I don’t. I suppose as a little boy having an inner world, you question everything inwardly. You don’t look for an answer from the outside world. Answers would come to me. In many ways, I was teaching myself spirit communication. I was talking to another world.

Your whole world around you was so busy that it was probably better for you to withdraw within and develop them.

In lots of ways, I also look at it as being able to quite easily move in and out of altered states because a daydream is an altered state. As a daydreamer as a child, your eyes are there but that’s like a screensaver. You’re like, “What’s going on in here?” It’s that you’re sensing, feeling, or hearing on a whole different level. My whole life, I was being attuned to a different frequency because it’s all about frequency.

Would you say frequency is synonymous with vibration?


It’s the same.

That’s one of the things I would say to a lot of people who have kids who are psychic. If they say, “Mom, I saw someone in the room,” don’t frighten those children. Lots of children get frightened by their parent’s reaction. Don’t frighten them.

Their parents shut them down.

That’s what happens because the kid thinks, “Oh my God,” and they react to the parents’ reaction. A child will drink from their parents’ emotions because they don’t know emotion. They will drink from the parents’ emotions and become emotionally stained by a parent who reacts or overreacts. My mom and dad didn’t overreact to me. I was lucky. They just ignored what was going on. They saw it from afar.

They accepted it because you were the seventh of seven.

They thought, “There’s something different about this one.” I would come in and tell them things. They would be worried about my sister one time saying, “She hasn’t reported back in,” and we didn’t have cell phones. We only had one phone in the house if you were lucky. They didn’t know who to contact. As a child, I could feel my mom and dad’s anxiety between them building. That will affect a psychic child. A psychic child will react to the atmosphere. The atmosphere between my mum and dad was building. I would react and I would burst out.

You were a highly sensitive child.

My reaction would be, “My sister is fine. She is in a police station. She is in Carlisle. She’ll be home at 10:00 at night,” then shut down. They would go, “What?” That’s exactly what happened. It’s all very innocent. She had been out with a boyfriend whose car broke down. They took it to a police station and they drove her home,” and it all panned out.

They then would look at me. They didn’t encourage it or discourage it. They didn’t know what to do with it but they observed it. That was the right thing because it also made a psychic child feel special, which can be damaging to a child. It almost makes them feel they have to perform. It’s like these little showbiz children, where the parents push them on stage and things. I don’t think we should ever make our children feel different because they have the ability to say, “That’s incredible. Tell me more if it happens.” Be open.

To make a psychic child feel special, which can be damaging to a child. Share on X

Your parents were enlightened to do that. How did your siblings react to that?

I never knew.

Were they jealous or were they like, “I’m glad he’s like this?

Now as I’m older, they will all tell me that they thought I was a creepy child, “He’s a creepy little brother.”

He’s the weird one. He’s the outlier.

I came from a long line of Scottish highlanders who had the gift of healing and the gift of sight. It was always brought down through the family in some ways to even talk about it. There was an awareness of it. I was probably protected within the old folklore that my grandmother was a seer or my grandfather and things like that.

Did you receive a premonition that you’d one day be recognized as a medium? How did that go? How did that come down?

I did. My parents took me. I was the youngest child, so I was dragged along when they went to meet friends and things. I was taken with them to meet an old friend. While I was there, her sister came into the room to watch how I see things. People think I’m talking to spirits. The real lady came in and she happened to say, “This child is clairvoyant.” That’s a new word to me. I’m thinking, “Clairvoyant? What’s happening? I’m being told I’m something.” My parents looked at each other and said, “Oh no.” This lady said, “May I do some healing,” because I’ve been getting a lot of problems with my eyes.

What kinds of problems?

I was seeing lights around people and my parents took me to the doctor.

Those are orbs.

They didn’t know that. We’re talking about the 1960s. That would have been a good time to see all those psychedelic but I was 7 or 8. They took me there and this lady happened to say, “This child is a medium.” My mother said, “He is the seventh son of a seventh son.” She said, “Feel his aura.” She was asking my mom and dad. My dad was a very practical, down-to-earth, grounded man.

“I gave birth to what?”

They could feel it. They could feel the energy but they didn’t know what it was. The lady said, “Your boy is going to travel the world. He’s going to travel the world passing messages from the other side.” I felt I’m being told I’m good at something. I don’t know what it is. When we got out, my mother said, “Do not let any of that nonsense go to your head, boy.” That was that.

Your mother was good though. She kept you grounded.

You have to. As a child, I had lots of different visions, predictions, and contact with the spirit. Not all the time. I don’t want people to think I was plagued by this. I wasn’t because most of my childhood, I was a normal child playing normally with my friends. I’d have a moment where I’d feel a vibration. That’s how it always started. My heart would beat a little bit faster. Everything would go quiet and something would occur. It was usually some message. When I would relay the message, adults around me would freak out about it. I never once because I felt this wonderful connection to this heartbeat but it wasn’t my heartbeat.

For you, it was a comfort.

It comforted me. If anybody has ever asked me in my life, “Were you not frightened as a child if you saw something or heard voices?” That’s saying no because it was always accompanied by this wonderful reassuring heartbeat or this pulse, but it was a vibration.

Was it a heartbeat or a tingling like a vibration?

It was a movement. I could feel this and it’s the start of an altered state of consciousness.  It’s having awareness of your own aura. As a child, I had that awareness. You would go from being physical. You think your physical heartbeat is like this, and then all of a sudden, there’s this. That’s there all the time. To go into an altered state, you’re going to feel that. The reason I got the real scientific answer to this was when I was working with a good professor.

One of the tests he did was he gave me an ECG while I was going into an altered state. I’m sitting there with the ECG and there are nurses taking your pulse and checking all your vitals. I started to feel my heart beating fast and they said, “No, it’s not. Your ECG is showing that you’re going into a sleep state.” I said, “Really?” That was when I got my moment of clarity. This is my aura. That told me that whenever I saw kids who’d say, “I was sitting on the chair and this chair started to shake.” No, it didn’t. Your light body started to come into play and it made everything go altered.

This is what happens to somebody who lies in a bed at night and says, “The bed was shaking and I could feel this vibration,” but the feeling is going into an out-of-body state and is a light body. The light body we don’t normally catch in every day in waking state. You may go through it slightly going in towards sleep, but my whole training is to stay in-between place or the thin place. Stay within the two worlds and have a feed between the two worlds.

It’s definitely more fun. When you’re saying you’re perceiving this aura, does it have colors to it? Is it white light? What do you perceive?

When it’s me, I get nothing. I just get the presence of it. The feeling of connecting with it. Even by looking at yourself, I will get a haze. It’s almost like the stuff that comes off the ground on a hot day. You’re seeing that lovely energy going lighter like the finer vibration of you. That’s what I would see at the moment.

Other people have different types of auras.

I suppose so but I don’t get into all of that. I think I can overload my mind with information if I start to look for all these things. I spoke with somebody. For a moment, it’s like you would see a rainbow and then gone. The aura in itself is in many ways probably a hologrammatic version of a crystal, if that makes any sense to anyone. When you have a good feeling, the aura will highlight.

The aura’s refraction of light comes from within like when we feel that we’re in love. When people are in love, they’re in an altered state of consciousness because you’re not yourself. It’s like, “You hang up.” “No, you hang up.” We miss all that, but we are in another state of self. It lasts for about 18 months, 2 years, or whatever and then you wake up, “Who is that person beside me?” When you have that good feeling, that’s the spiritual you that is growing. It’s the loving you, and that’s the part that starts to grow.

When you are in love, you are in an altered state of consciousness because you're not yourself. Share on X

We feel it like that or we feel it when we have a child. Our child starts to grow and we love the child. A lot of that love grows with us. It doesn’t just happen. You don’t just go, “I love my baby.” You protect your baby. You nurture your baby, and the love starts to grow. That’s a more permanent love and love up and down. That well-being thing is something you feel with your aura. If somebody is in love or somebody is feeling great, their aura is going to look like a diamond sparkling in the light. You’ll see blue, yellow, etc. There’s no color really. It’s a reflection of inner feelings coming out, “Look at who I am.”

I want to tell everyone that you started life as a barber. What led you to that and what led you away from that? I’m sure there’s a great story about that. You had a fifteen-year journey developing your mediumship with some of the world’s most sought-after mediums. Impress us, Gordon. Tell us what you did.

It’s not even so much about the names of the mediums. It’s more their experience. To be taught by real experienced people, and not borrowing experience from books or teachers of the past.

You go around the world to find these people?

My teachers were all in Scotland. I was lucky that we have a great crop of mediums in Scotland when I was developing. They were some of the best mediums. Albert Best was one of the best mediums in the world. That man became a mentor to me. He saw potential in what I did and he said, “I want to look after this young guy,” and he did.

He saw your aura.

It was more than that. I worked with him once when I was a young fledgling medium and he said to me, “You have potential.” Albert didn’t say that to anybody. He was always very dubious of other mediums because he is real. There were a lot of charlatans out there and he wanted to know that we’re going to work with people in need. Albert had lost his three children and his wife in a bombing. For him, helping people was key. That’s what it was about. Forget all the other stuff. For me to have that connection to a man who honored loved ones in the spirit world, that was how I was taught. My other teacher was Mrs. Jean Primrose, who was an incredible spiritual teacher.

She taught me for seven years how to work with altered states of consciousness. She was a trance medium. She said to me, “You do it with the scales in music. You’ve already been doing this,” which I had and I didn’t know. What she quite literally did was conduct my development. She allowed me to come out a little bit back in, and teach me discipline. Where lots of people were running around trying to learn how to do mediumship, I was being taught discipline. How not to do mediumship is a bigger discipline than how to do it.

GAR 109 | Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith: How not to do mediumship is a bigger discipline than how to do it.

Explain that to us. Why is it a bigger discipline to shut it off?

If you’ve got an untrained medium, it would be like having an untrained doctor and letting them loose in public. An untrained medium could do more damage than an untrained doctor, psychologically and emotionally. If somebody does not have the mind to work as a medium, they shouldn’t do it yet. They should finish the class and the time. I was taught how to make a better version of myself or a more adult version so that I could sit with people who’d lost children and try to get into their atmosphere. I wasn’t allowed to go on and react emotionally. My job was to be an emotional lifeguard. We don’t go in any emotional sea with people. We take them out of it.

What you’re talking about is detachment in a way, as opposed to embodying what’s going on.

One of my greatest teachings back then was when I was also taught by a Tibetan Buddhist. We have a Tibetan temple in Scotland. I was being taught how to be grounded in reality whilst reaching out into a spirit world. That made me a safe place for people to come so that I would not get lost in their emotions. There were many times I would hear people’s stories.

You’re seeing these emotions all the time.

You would hear it. You’re naturally sympathetic because you’re sensitive, but here’s the thing. You teach yourself how to reach with your sensitivity to feel what’s in a person. The mediumship comes to you. You don’t have mediumship. You’re a vessel of it, but the one thing you can improve is your space. I make my space a very grounded space but I also am very open for the spirit to pass messages through.

My sympathy can connect to somebody’s pain, angst, or whatever they’re going through. That’s where I’ll connect but I don’t allow myself to become over-sympathetic. Otherwise, I react. It’s not their grief, it’s mine.

You’re taking it on and you can’t help other people because you’re the one who’s now sharing the grief.

I learned you don’t have to do that. Mediums need to learn to be psychologically robust. You’ve got to be strong and you can’t be tempted to go in there and bawl and cry. You have to go, “No, I’m bringing you out of that, then you have a purpose to go in.” It makes no sense. Other than that, people are saying, “Look at how sensitive I am.” That’s not helpful. It’s not helpful to people and you. I could go away and think, “That’s an awful tragedy and I’m so grateful that I don’t have that,” but not during the thing. I have to be a rock. The training I had was that I had mediumship and was taught how to discipline the mind of the medium because the mind of the medium can contaminate the mediumship.

You also had training in spiritual healing, which enhanced your mediumship. You believe that every true act of spiritual mediumship has a ray of healing light at its core. Tell us about that.

Though my teacher, Mrs. Primrose, knew that I had natural mediumship within me, the one class she made me attend was healing. I said, “Why?”

Were you trained to become a healer also?

Yes, and I was never trained to be a medium. I was trained to sit in altered states of consciousness and also developed compassion with my Buddhist friends. The two things worked because from compassion comes healing, but mediumship by its true nature is an act of healing. To help somebody who’s grieving and to get them to move again where they’re stuck in grief is an act of healing. The two things combine.

From compassion comes healing but mediumship, by its true nature, is an act of healing. Share on X

What she said to me was, “If you can learn how to have compassion for other people, your mediumship will reflect that. It won’t just be like, “Your husband is here. He lives in number fifteen such and such. He died on the 28th.” That’s the robotic evidential mediumship. Whereas, what was happening with me was use all your things. Use your sensitivity to feel the atmosphere around a person. Let the spirit world bring what they need and allow it to come through healing.

You’re like a vessel. When you’re reading someone, you’re also a vessel to help them to heal.

Absolutely, but you also must be grounded enough to give them a ground to earth them. When you think that somebody is on hyper energy because they’re anxious, the anxieties and fears make people kind of out there. You’ve got to be putting an earth wire into an electric plug. You have to let them touch the ground again. That’s what happens with a lot of people who are grieving. They’ve lost touch naturally. Grief is a natural thing when you feel disconnected. You need to connect them again. To do that, we earth them, the way lightning does.

What do you do? You have someone who’s grieving. They’re so upset. You’re getting a message from their deceased loved ones but you’re also healing them at the same time.

The whole thing is healing.

Is it your vibration that’s reaching out to them?

In a sense, it’s energy-balancing healing. If I’ve been trained to create my aura as a space for people, also a sacred space for spirit. When I sit with someone, I’m extending that into their space. One instance was a lady whose son had been killed in a car accident. When they brought her into me, she looked vacant and not present in her own body.

She was shocked.

That shock had thrown her and she needed to be shocked. I said, “John Peter is here.” She looked and jumped. I said, “Relax. He’s here. He’s with us.” That was the boy’s name and nobody told me that, but it was enough of a shock to let her ground then the healing can start. I said, “He loves you. He didn’t miss this. He didn’t miss that. He’s been with you.” All the information comes in, then messages of love and messages of reality. She now doesn’t see that she has a dead son who died in a car crash.

Her brain was fixed on that death. She was feeling helpless as a mother, “I let my son down.” She was feeling guilty and all those things. At this moment, her son is alive in another world. He hasn’t died. She got in contact with him. The purpose of that is to heal and take away that moment because in doing that, we teach people to go beyond death. A lot of people get stuck on death. They need to go beyond death.

That’s my next question, what happens after we die? Do you want to describe this to us?

I’m just a psychic.

You read my mind.

What happens when we die? The physical body will die and the consciousness will move out.

Do we come out of our heads? Does the soul leave?

There’s the old tantric way of looking at it that you will come up through the chi light. That’s if you practice that. That’s a practice to do. That’s an actual practice. Tantric practice is very misunderstood. A lot of people think that means something sexual and something spiritual. It doesn’t. It means something wonderful. You and I could meet and have a wonderful connection. That’s tantric. We have a tantric moment. Tantric is, “My son makes me feel so good,” so that people know what I’m talking about with that.

In a way, joy is tantric.

Joy and great experience. Great experience of accomplishment is tantric. That’s what that means. To die is like that. We look at it through the wrong end of the binoculars.

Straighten this out, Gordon.

People are thinking, “That poor soul died.” No, that wonderful soul went home. That wonderful soul expanded. On the morning of my 60th birthday, I was waking up. Do you know that lovely in-between place I talk about, the thin place? My mind is coming back into the body, then all of a sudden, I was held in stasis. I can see people somewhere, then I get zoomed in on them. There’s a lecture going on and a dead body on a table. It’s an elderly woman’s body and there’s a professor of something standing and talking to the crowd. I’m now with the crowd.

He says, “Look at this carcass.” He said, “Hold on,” and he does this with his finger and he touches the solar plexus. Life comes into the body of this elderly woman and she goes, “Ah.” She could feel all her pain and she was whining and moving and things. Everybody’s watching and fascinated, myself included. He then said, “Watch,” and he does this. He throws it onto the screen and it expands an explosion of life. He said, “Now that is living. That has carried this body for 80 years. It deserves that.”

She’s free.

What a beautiful way of looking at it. It made me think of that lovely moment from the chrysalis to the butterfly. It’s not a death. It’s a suspended moment between two worlds only to lead to freedom, expansion, and incredible perspective.

GAR 109 | Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith: It’s not death. It’s a suspended moment between two worlds only to lead to freedom, expansion, and perspective.

That’s amazing. Tell me what the world looks like to you. When you are in a room it must be so different than it is for the rest of us.

The real world as I see it fluctuates because as a family man, I have two sons, granddaughters, brothers and sisters, and things, so you’ve got the real stuff going on there of the physical world.

You see the physical world.

You have to. You must honor this. You’ve come here. This is a physical point of view. You’re going to have the dramas that happen in every life and everybody has drama. If we live long enough, we’ll lose people. If we live long enough, we’re going have fights, arguments, and all this stuff. We must not try and get rid of that. That’s all part of our human package. It’s all stickers on our suitcase. We’ve done all that stuff. Beyond that is this incredible knowledge of you can’t die for the life of you.

That’s what your presentation is.

It is that. You cannot die for the life of you. For me, as a young boy having quite a traumatic upbringing with lots of anger around me and my family and then finding this euphoria, that takes away your fear of death. When you lose your fear of dying, you lose your fear of living. Therefore, the world looks to me like wow. I know that at the moment, people are afraid of it because of all the information they get, and quite rightly so for some people.

In actual fact, when you sit above it and see it from that higher perspective, it’s still a beautiful world. It’s an incredible world with wonderful people and great happenings every day. It’s sad that some sad piece of news can hold the world’s attention when happiness is going on. It’s easier to contain a negative in your brain than a positive. A positive expands us and people don’t know what to do with that unless they’re in love. Even when they’re in love, they don’t know what to do with that. They marry someone and go, “Did I do the right thing?”

I’ve been married twice. I used to say, “I hope I like him tomorrow.” I can remember that very well.

It’s like that because when you don’t know yourself, you are fickle. We are all fickle things when we don’t know ourselves, so invest some time in knowing you. Developing mediumship wasn’t about developing a gift or a skill. It was about developing a better version of myself.

It was about more of you knowing yourself to help others.

GAR 109 | Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith: Developing mediumship wasn’t about developing a gift or a skill. It was about establishing a better version of you.

You can’t help others if you’re fumbling through life being kind or, “I’m kind, let me help you.” A lot of people like that cause a lot of trouble because they bumble into things, then they create new karma. Not good karma, so you think, “Stop that.”

They create negative karma.

Negative actions.

They have to come back.

They’ll say, “I was just being kind.” Real kindness comes from an enlightened mind. The mind that can enlighten more can truly be kind because it will know when to say no. They will know when not to. Giving is what happens when somebody is newly born spiritually. They want you to hug everybody and they want to love everybody and share their love. Somebody thanks God for a religion. They want to share it with the world.

That’s like a baby spirit in a sense and they want to keep giving it out. Many times, they’re like a bright light but a bright light can scorch, so they need to be tempered. They need to be developed and honed. That’s what happened to me. I got allowed to hone myself, to hone my skills, to be taught in the proper old way of a craft. The old ancients would not allow a healer to go and heal because they could. They would teach them the skills of anatomy. They would teach them the skills of potions. They would teach them the land, and everything that they were in so that you become a part of everything. I know my land and I’m happy in it.

With all that you’ve done, have you ever thought of giving up?

One day.

Tell us that story.

I was in my barber shop and I was cutting hair. With a great buzz in the salon, hairdressers, anybody who works in there or even you go there, hairdressers can be a wonderful healing place. A real buzz happening and the vibrations are great. We’re all going to see Tina Turner. She was live in Glasgow. We’ve all got tickets. Halfway through the day, I get a phone call from the spiritual church in Edinburgh, “Hi, are you coming tonight? We’ve sold all the tickets.”

I said, “Me? No, I’m going to see Tina Turner.” “We have a booking here. People have bought tickets for it and it’s a fundraiser.” I thought, “Are you joking with me?” I had to give up my ticket for Tina. In myself, I was like, “Why me? Why do I do this?” I questioned it the whole day. At the end of the day, all my friends left the salon. I was left on my own and thinking, “Why me? “Do you know, God, I try and help people?” I want to go and see Tina Turner singing River Deep and Mountain High.

This is going on and a man walks in and I was not in a good place. I think, “Do you think I should give this up? Why do I do it?” That was the thing I kept saying, “Why?” This man came in at the end, “Can you please help me?” I said, “I’ll try, sure.” He sat down and I wasn’t in a good place. He wanted a hot towel shave. I thought, “Where’s the cutthroat razor? You might be my next message or my next contact. I’m preparing my own ones now.”

I started to shave the man and there it happened. I thought, “What?” I looked in the mirror and there was a woman looking at me. It’s so real like an actual vision. I looked over my shoulder because I thought, “She must be behind me,” and there was no one there. This man was lying with his head back with soap. I look and I could feel it. That’s how I knew it was real.

Everything even from childhood still follows me. I think, “Who are you?” She thinks back with no movement of her lips, “Judy, tell him.” Now my physical heart starts to go and I can feel it. I looked down and I said, “Excuse me, sir. Can I say something to you?” He can’t open his eyes. I said, “I need to tell you something. Do you know what a medium is?” This big guy is looking up at me, “What?” I said, “I’m a medium. Judy is here.” His eyes just opened.

Instinctively, in medium mode, I was like, “She’s a short lady with blonde hair. She’s wearing a black frock.” He starts to cry. I can see the lady smiling at me now. I said, “Why are you here?” She opens her hands and there are three lollipops. She said, “Tell him thanks,” and she disappears. I thought, “Seriously? You’re coming in here. You’re doing all this for three lollipops?”

You give up Tina for three lollipops?

I said to him, “She said thanks for the lollipops.” He dissolved into a sea of emotion. It took me about twenty minutes to gather the guy. It’s strange or something. Do I hug the man?

Do I always take the razor from his neck?

The razor was removed. I get the man with some semblance of normality and he said to me, “I can’t believe this. Judy’s my wife. She died six months ago like an adult caught death. She went to bed and didn’t wake up.” I said, “The lollipop?” He started crying and I said, “I’m sorry.” He says, “I went to her grave. My wife’s never going to see her son grow up.” The little boy said, “Daddy, can I give my mom lollipops instead of flowers?” You can feel it. Even now, I can still feel that moment. He said, “My wife can see my son.” That realization.

He had changed his whole life.

I heard the voice in my head saying, “That’s why you do it.” There is a footnote to this story.

What’s the footnote?

Many years later, I happened to be in a special place and I happened to meet Tina Turner. I told her the story and she said, “Which song would you like me to sing for you?” I got my own private concert. The spirit world never lets you down. That’s worth more than any money or recompense. To know that the spirit world orchestrates this and the answers can take years to unfold or open. Once again, we go back to that lovely slow opening. Don’t be in a rush. You’ll spoil the goodness of the truth that is your potential future.

That rings so true, Gordon. Thank you. How can people discern charlatans and frauds in this world? There are so many mediums here. How do we discern the real deal?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. If you feel better, a good medium should set your mind to a good intention. I don’t think you’ll hurt or harm people if you go in genuinely with good intentions, “I want to heal this person.” The word healing is always in my mediumship. Please, spirit let us heal these people, or let me heal this person. It’s startling that. A charlatan will fluff around with nonsense. It’s all very generic. There’s a lovely woman here, she loves you. Somebody you love. Let them prove to you that it’s your loved ones, not just in some over-skeptical analytical way. We don’t sit like that. I think that’s psychological. The medium gets put off if somebody’s doing it because you’re watching a person. You see their body language saying no. They’re saying, “I’m shut.”

“Prove to me or I don’t believe it.”

A real medium doesn’t need to prove anything. It will come. For the real medium, it should be easy for them and I’ve been doing this now for many years. I’ve been working as a medium. In that many years, I’ve only had twice when it’s not working. I said, “I’m so afraid to tell you this but I’m getting nothing.” Do you know what? I’m happy now to tell you that.

You’ve done that. You said to people, “I’m getting nothing about you.”

It was a very different thing because when I started out as a medium, I was a hairdresser. I had an income and I didn’t want to charge people for my mediumship. I always felt that the mediumship was a gift. When I saw people, it was only people who had a loss. I was happy to share my gift with people. That also meant I had the gift of honesty. When it doesn’t work, tell people, “It’s not working.” I love that I’ve been able to do that throughout my life.

That’s so admirable. How do they usually react when you say, “I can’t?”

Honestly, people would say, “Is there a reason? Am I doing something?” I’d say, “No. It’s a little bit like being a radio and I’m just not picking up a good frequency. It’s nothing to do with you at all. It’s nothing to do with your loved ones. It’s me. The medium is not attuned to the right vibration. It might work another day. We’ll try another day.” I never let people go away feeling they’ve done something.

Does it happen if they come back? Does it come through?

Yes, and sometimes what we find is that the spirit world already knows this is not the moment for their healing. They’re not ready or maybe that’s not the message that would cause the better effect. Somebody can say to me a week after somebody dies, “I would love a message but my son isn’t ready.” I say, “No, you’re not ready. Your son is fine in the spirit world.” It’s you who needs to emotionally adjust enough and go through the first stage of grieving things. The potential of a healing and a spiritual message is if it’s right, it only needs to be done once, then the person has to start their own spiritual recovery.

Their own journey.

You’ve been down that road, so you know what that feels like. A medium can help so much but you still need to then kick in.

Do your own work. What are these Zoom classes you’re creating for Healthy Parents Heal? You’re in England and you’re creating these classes. What are you teaching them? How are you going to help people? Is it for the grievers?

We do a bit of both. I do classes where I try and help some of the parents to connect with their loved ones. There’s no point in me teaching them to be Mediums per se to run around giving readings to people. I want them to first of all try and connect with their loved ones. A lot of people don’t know how to do that.

You’re not kidding.

A lot of people don’t feel they have the right to do it or they feel guilty or they feel we’re dishonoring or we’re disturbing them. To give a little education on that, you’re not disturbing anybody. You might disturb yourself if you don’t get the answer that you want, and I’m here to look after you. I will give instructions on things like that because even as a medium, I can’t make spirits do a thing but I can be open. I try to teach them how to be open and how to do it without hurting themselves because a lot of people harm themselves unwittingly.

In what way?

They wait for the flicker of a lamp. You should do it again and if it doesn’t happen, why are they letting me down? They personalize it and they self-deprecate. To me, that is not a good positive outcome of that. I would rather teach people how to sit still in their own minds. Create a space where they feel good In that space, ask the loved one to be there. Don’t give a message. Come in with me. When we do that, the wonderful reaction that people get is being given permission.

Is it a thought that will perhaps come into their head or a sensation?

A memory that they had forgotten because the grief has held their memories in some dark department of their mind that they have no access to anymore. That’s what grief does. People think, “I can’t remember what they look like. I can’t see the face.” That’s because you have gone into another one of these stasis where we need to get you back flowing again. To take people, especially with Helping Parents Heal.

For me, it’s one of the biggest things to help people who have lost close relatives, especially children. That is the greatest work that I can ever do. I’m happy to help anybody in Helping Parents Heal, whether they want to develop their own abilities or go further. My teachings are always about trying to keep people in the best condition because even if somebody’s got a talent as a medium. If it’s unrefined, it’s unruly. I like to try and nurture people enough to say, “You have a beautiful gift but let’s develop you.”

I love the fact that you encourage them to do their healing, so that they’ve healed the vessel because if they’re not healed like that, they can transmit some of their wounds.

This is the other thing and not just that, projecting your conditions on other people. There’s only so much of that that can be done. The very fact that they’re taking a negative into a healing space, “You want a good healer there that can take that and work with it.” That’s something that I’m trained to do, which is to sit with people’s negativity and use it as an energy and turn it into something beautiful. We don’t say that something is negative but that’s just an energy. Somebody can refine that energy and make it better.

That’s fabulous. Gordon, the whole world wants to get in touch with you. How do they do that?

I have no idea. I’m like Harry Potter.

Is there a special website? is my website. I’m everywhere.

I usually ask people at the end of the interview what their tip is for finding joy but I must say in this situation you are finding joy.

Be yourself. You are a joy. Just find it, then let it go. Let it open.

That’s beautiful, Gordon.

Be happy.

Gordon, thank you so much. Thank you from my heart for all of your healing gifts, for all the ways you so generously share yourself with the world, for everything you’re doing with Helping Parents Heal, and for this special, memorable, and amazing interview.

I share that with you wonderful lady. Thank you.

Thank you. Bless you and bye for now.


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