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Ginny Jablonski is the 13th inspiring interview in the G & R Podcast’s Rebirth series. She is a human and animal soul whisperer, a horse medicine facilitator, an author, an inspirational speaker, and an opioid crisis awareness advocate who retired from a career in international security to focus on resolving her emerging medical issues. In 2012, when a prescription opioid medication caused her lungs to stop working, Ginny had a profound near-death experience that brought her remarkable psychic abilities. She can communicate telepathically with plants, animals, and the spirits of those who have crossed over. She now combines her extensive knowledge, multi-sensory intuitive abilities, and shamanic principles to assist others.



  • Ginny’s two profound Near-Death Experiences and the remarkable psychic abilities she gained because of them.
  • The message from animals that Ginny received during her second Near Death Experience.
  • What Ginny did during her extensive spiritual journey of discovery that led to a significantly heightened awareness of her body, consciousness, and energy field.
  • What it is like to be a human and animal soul whisperer.



  • How do you work with rescued and traumatized animals utilizing animal communication and intuitive work?
  • What are some of the beneficial therapeutic effects that animals, especially horses, have on humans?
  • What is interspecies consciousness?

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Ginny Jablonski: After A Profound Near-Death Experience Brought Ginny Remarkable Psychic Abilities, She Became A Human And Animal Soul Whisperer






I hope this finds each of you so very well. I’m speaking to you from my studio in West Orange, New Jersey. I’m delighted to welcome Ginny Jablonski for the thirteenth inspiring interview in the Rebirth Series. Ginny who is a human and animal soul whisperer, a horse medicine facilitator, an author, an inspirational speaker and an opioid crisis awareness advocate will be speaking to us from Prescott, Arizona.

In 2001, Ginny retired from a career in international security to focus on resolving her emerging medical issues. In 2012, when a prescription opioid medication caused her lungs to stop working, Ginny had a profound near-death experience that brought her remarkable psychic abilities. She became motivated to go on an extensive spiritual journey of discovery, which led to a greatly heightened awareness of her body, consciousness and energy field.

Thanks to this heightened awareness, Ginny was able to overcome the debilitating effects of emotional and physical abuse, PTSD and Lyme disease. Ginny who can communicate telepathically with plants, animals and the spirits of those who have crossed over combines her extensive knowledge, multisensory intuitive abilities and shamanic principles to assist others.

I’m looking forward to talking with Ginny about the near-death experiences that led to her profound healing, transformation and rebirth. The heightened psychic abilities give her the ability to be a human and animal soul whisperer, how her horse Blue became the keystone to her healing herd of medicine horses and her passion for promoting the evolution of interspecies consciousness through her new podcast. This interview is surely going to be an enlightening, healing and transformative experience for all of us. Ginny, a warm, heartfelt welcome to show.

Thank you, Irene. That was a very generous description of me.

GAR 206 | Soul Whisperer

Heartfelt. I was blown away when I was learning about you. Let’s begin our interview with this question. Tell us about those two profound near-death experiences, the remarkable psychic abilities you gained because of them and the message from the animals you received during one of them.

The first one, I was three months old. I had whooping cough or what’s known in the canine world as Bordetella. I had turned blue and packed ice in a tent. The doctor said it wasn’t looking good. I didn’t remember this all my life. It was a spontaneous, regressive somatic experience in an intuitive massage environment. I went into the void, black, velvety nothingness.

I didn’t see anything. I didn’t see light or a being. It was everything. I heard a voice booming and coming from all around me. My perception of that voice is that it was the creator God, whatever you would call that. I said, “I can’t do this life. Here I am. I’m coming home.” The voice said, “No, you have to go back.” I fought back and forth several times.

I said, “No, you don’t understand. It’s going to be horrible. I’m going to be emotionally and physically abused. There’s going to be a lot of trauma. It’s going to be very difficult.” We fought back and forth 7 or 8 times. The last time, the voice said, “I will make you stronger,” and sent me back. I didn’t understand why. My whole life inside of me, there was a dense, very heavy sadness and under that was anger but I wasn’t quite sure ever who I was angry at. In my healing journey, I realized I was angry at God for sending me back.

Your second one brought you all these psychic abilities and messages from animals. Tell us about that one.

That one was in 2012. I had been on prescription opioids. I’ve told the story hundreds of times. You can find probably 50 or 60 interviews where I talk about it. About a year before that near-death experience, my horse Blue was placed in a sanctuary because I was declining in health. We had to sell everything and move into the city so I could be closer to the doctors.

I still went back to visit him. One day when I was visiting him, I was with him. I turned around and there were thirteen horses lined up in a semi-circle. My consciousness left my body and went to a place on the other side of the veil where there were a lot of animals. I was told, “You’re going to die. Don’t die. We have something important for you to do.”

I didn’t understand what was happening. When I came back to my body, I looked around like, “Did anybody else see that? Did anybody else witness that?” Who would believe that experience that I had? Less than a year later, I died. I went to sleep and the fentanyl caused my brain to forget to tell my lungs to breathe. You earlier described that you had a mini near-death experience because, in any memory that you’ve had brought back to the surface, you don’t remember going across the ground.

I guess you could describe mine as a mini near-death experience because I don’t recall going through a tunnel or going very much further than being propelled into a white space. No ceiling, no floor, no walls. There was a beautiful green deciduous tree in front of me and a man that looked very much like the Christian version of Jesus walking toward me.

He said, “You’ve suffered enough. Come with me.” I reached out my hand and I could feel my fingertips touching his fingertips. I was like, “That makes sense. I’m taking a lot of medicine. I’m gone.” It’s not the first time in my adult life that I thought that I was dying either. There have been some other interesting things. I said, “Of course, it makes sense.”

As my fingers were slipping across Jesus’ fingers, I heard a commotion behind me. I turned my body around and there were the horses and donkeys from the sanctuary where my horse Blue was. They were screaming. They were up on their hind legs. The donkeys were braying and making loud noises. The horses were whining and screaming.

I could hear in a human voice, “Don’t go. Don’t you remember? There’s something important you have to do.” Without even thinking, I whipped back around and said, “Sorry, Jesus. I’m going with them.” I came back into my body so quickly and immediately regretted it because my lungs were on fire. I had been gone for a while. My heart had stopped. I probably had some sort of heart event and had a few little mini-strokes at the same time. That’s why the left side of my face is droopy. I’m trying to draw my face a little more symmetric.

You look fine to me, Ginny. You look beautiful to me.

Thank you. I woke up. When I could finally catch my breath, I screamed 20 or 30 times at the top of my lungs, “I just died,” over and over screaming as loud as I could. I woke my husband and frightened him. That led me on a journey to realize that if I wanted to live, I needed to get off the prescription opioids. That’s another conversation that we might be able to have at another time. I have quite a lot of information about what happened to me when I was working with the doctors trying to get off of the fentanyl and the doctors weren’t that supportive.

That’s another conversation that I understand very well. I’m not only talking about traditional healing methods but a lot of alternative healing methods and they don’t understand because they’re trained in a certain way. They don’t understand that it’s okay to be outside of the box sometimes and that helps a lot.

GAR 206 | Soul Whisperer

After you got off the opioid medication or the fentanyl, you had the spiritual journey of discovery to try to heal yourself. You used a lot of holistic methods or alternative methods that led to a significantly heightened awareness of your body, consciousness and energy field. What questions within you did the spiritual journey of discovery answer? Tell us what you did. You did acupuncture.

I tried everything from quantum healing to psychics, mediumships, Akashic Records, intuitive physical therapists and a lot of past life work and breathing. Anything I could do with my body, which was very little because I had been bedridden for more than ten years. When I woke up from that, I could see dead people, hear dead people and hear consciousness.

I didn’t understand what was happening to me because I had never been exposed ever to any spiritual philosophy or religious philosophy beyond Christianity. It was all very crazy-making to me. I majored in economics. My husband majored in engineering and also computer science. He was, I guess what one would’ve called at that time an atheist.

We both thought it was the drugs but it wasn’t the drugs because I knew what was happening to people. I could hear their inner voice when they spoke with their mouth. Their physical voice wasn’t congruent with their heart and their soul. Their body was saying something different. I could see all of the human energy constructs. The subtle bodies, meridians and chakras.

I could even see the nervous system, like a vast golden superhighway with these little tiny crystalline hard drives that have been discovered. Books have been written about them. There’s one written by Stuart Hameroff that talks about microtubules. When I discovered that book, I was like, “Yes, that’s what I see.” All the information is stored in these little tiny nano particulates of crystals in the microtubules in our nervous system. That’s how our body expresses what our mind has not processed.

I was trying to explain this to people. Gabor Maté, Peter Levine and Stephen Porges weren’t popular back then yet. It wasn’t something that was widely discussed or available. The internet was new back then. It took a while for all this information to get out but the more I was able to meet people and find out about some of the quantum physics theories and other alternative views, which frankly have been scientifically proven for 100 years but it’s not discussed because it’s called pseudoscience.

It was very crazy-making. I could see all of this and I didn’t understand it. I had to go on a journey of education or what I call remembering because I already knew all of this. I just didn’t remember. When I went to the classes or took part in the modality the last time I came back from the near-death experience, I had to have gone somewhere because it was as if I had a direct line of connection to my higher self. Some people call it the oversoul nomad or the part of me that exists outside of time. The crux of my journey, message and experience is that I had forgotten the truth of whom I am as a spirit in a body, an infinite soul and an infinite being.

It is what most of us do. When we’re born, we lose that memory. We forget.

All of the trials and tribulations I went through in my life were meant to send me on a seeker’s journey. I was stuck in the first quadrant of the hero’s journey, just the suffering and dark night of the soul. I then go back to the beginning and suffer and have another dark night of the soul.

All of the trials and tribulations we go through in life are meant to send us on a seeker's journey. Share on X

You never looked up and kept moving. You’re on this journey, starting to move forward and getting insights. What are the insights telling you?

It was very slow going at first because my experience was that I went to a lot of healers that didn’t understand what they were doing. They didn’t have a sense of what was appropriate to help a person on their spiritual journey. Metaphysical healing and alternative healing have been normalized. When we go into the practice or come into the community and we’re a newbie, we accept that this phenomenology is normal and appropriate. The “give me $500 and I’ll heal you” exchange.

There wasn’t a lot of, “I have information that will help you on your journey or help you to see what you are unable to see or help you to understand or give you another context or another perspective of something that you haven’t been able to see. This will help you continue down the path.” It was more “Lay there. Be quiet. I’m going to tell you what’s wrong with you. I’m going to fix you.”

You have more people who are healing the way you said. They’ll tell you, “This is what’s happening. This is why.” They seem to be more tuned in. When this happened to you, it was around the time when I was coming out with my book and people thought it was crazy. Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. It’s very similar.

I wasn’t learning a lot in the beginning. Everybody I went to had all the answers. Everybody else was wrong. I had to do it their way. What I was seeing and perceiving and what my higher self on the other end of the phone line was telling me, “Look inside yourself. Do you see what they’re talking about? I’m going to explain to you why this is there. This is an emotion. This is a belief system. This is an unhealed wound from a past life. This is an absolute misunderstanding from when you were a child and your little psyche misinterpreted something.”

Whereas there was always an attempt to oversimplify, invalidate, make wrong or what have you. That was my experience. I had to have the experience I had for me to get where I am with the perspective that I have, which is I don’t invalidate people. I don’t tell people they’re wrong or I know more than them. I know nothing about you or anybody else. I listen to the person’s soul. Almost nobody for years ever said, “This is what your soul is telling me.” It would always be their guide. Their guides were condescending, laughing or thinking things for ridiculous choices.

GAR 206 | Soul Whisperer

They were coming from their egos. They weren’t coming from a healing place.

What I saw over and over were healers who were traumatized and found out they had a healing gift. They wanted to put out a shingle and quit their day job because they couldn’t stand being with people anymore. They wanted to heal everybody else and not heal themselves. They didn’t know how to ground or clear their energy.

They didn’t know how the psychospiritual apparatus works. They didn’t understand. They weren’t channeling their higher self. They were channeling the beings that were standing behind them. I saw a lot of that. That’s why my journey unfolded the way it did so that I could see things to then check myself, “Is this happening to me?” Of course, it is. “How do I address this within me?”

Rather than say, “Somebody else has a problem.” It was always, “No, your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.” That higher self on the other side of the phone was always saying, “Look inside, this is why this is happening. This is why this is here. Please understand this goes much deeper.” My experience was when people said they were energetically healing me, I would walk to the car and it would come right back because they didn’t have buy-in from my soul. They were violating my physical body, energy field and soul.

You were being allowed to see this. You were getting your education in what was authentic and not.

I never complained. I never went back and told people, “You’re wrong.” That’s not my business. My business was my healing journey. A lot of that informed who I am. Another reason that I kept going was that I would be taught a protocol. It’s step 1, step 2 and step 3. If this is the case, then this. Here’s the solution. That’s not what that soul is asking for or what the consciousness of that body doesn’t feel safe. If you do this, it’s too much for the nervous system. You need to stop. I was constantly being told, “You’re just naive. Your information is incorrect.” It’s because they weren’t getting information directly from their higher self.

I went to great expense and time to ensure that I wasn’t doing the same thing either. My husband said, “Here are my life savings. Go do whatever makes you happy. Go on your journey. If you want to live, I want you to live.” I did spend my husband’s life savings. I was able to find people that understood what was going on with the energetic construct and work with shamans who were very integris and people who could walk on both sides of the veil and understand me. It took a while. As a human, no matter what, I was always looking outside of myself for the answer. Somebody else would have the answer. I was looking up to someone as a guru or a teacher. Being disappointed time and time again because you begin to idolize someone and then you realize, “We’re all just human.”

You did get help with some shamans, right?

Yes. I studied with a couple of shamans but the most pivotal experience for me was when I went to Australia and worked with an aboriginal woman. She brought everything into context for me. She said, “You’re amassing a lot of information but you’re not evolving, growing, learning and expanding your perspective. Here’s why.”

The information is being offered to you almost as a form of entertainment. Reading the records doesn’t necessarily tell people why it happened that way. Saying that someone has a sole agreement, that’s not the end. “You have an agreement so you have to abide by that agreement.” Why was the agreement created?

Was it truly the soul’s unfinished business? Was it judgment? Was it a misunderstanding? Is it a holdover from a past life? There was a lot more and this amazing aboriginal woman helped me to understand how to employ the information to affect healing and releasing the patterns that I carried with me, the unfinished business of my soul.

That’s what you do to help other people. You’re not the first person who’s told me. I’ve interviewed a pivotal healer who works with the aboriginal system of healing. It’s impressive, amazing and real. You’re a human and animal soul whisperer. Especially, since you work with rescued and traumatized animals. The animals got together and said, “You have to come back to help us. “Tell us how you utilize this animal communication, intuitive work and hands-on healing modalities to help these traumatized animals. Would you say that’s a part of your real purpose?

I don’t use hands-on healing modalities so much. I am certified in shiatsu massage for both humans and animals. To have some certification and name, I went to Healing In America in Ojai, California and got certified in holistic healing and reiki but I didn’t accept the symbols. For most of the healing modalities that I went to learn, I chose never to go to the advanced level.

I had my name removed from the websites because I felt like they were very limiting. In my mind, they were perpetuating myths of the past about what the soul is, what the human is or what human consciousness is capable of or not capable of. What I do is work with an animal or a person and the animals did ask me.

On my journey, everybody told me from the get-go, “You’re a healer. You’re bringing through such incredible information. You need to be a healer. You need to be doing this for a living. Can you help my friends? Can you help my clients?” I said, “No, I have so much trauma from this life. I’ve seen other people working in a capacity as a healer and it’s not working out so well for them.”

“Let me go on my healing journey and try to understand more of what’s happening to me and then in the greater context humanity. Maybe then I will be interested in doing that.” Eventually, I was willing to give messages. When I started giving messages to people, all of a sudden, their animals, alive or dead, started coming into the sessions. That bothered me because I didn’t remember my near-death experience after that day. I had forgotten that piece of it, the piece about the animals. Getting off of the opioids was traumatic in itself.

I have to say right in the middle of this interview my kudos. I give great kudos. You got a great guy there.

Thank you. My husband? Yeah, he’s wonderful.

What a wonderful man that is to be so supportive of you through all that you’ve been through and to love you so much. It’s so amazing.

He says, “This is my piece. I’m doing my work in contributing to humanity by supporting you.” We never had this conversation before when I was sick. He was bringing me three meals a day, taking care of the ranch and having a full-time job. After my near-death experience, he supported anything like if I wanted to go travel for three months, which I did many times. Not coming home for 3 to 4 at a time. Just traveling.

Sometimes not even knowing where I’m going. Just getting up in the morning and my higher self is telling me, “Go here. Look up this person on the internet. Go visit this. Meet these people. Go to this mountain.” I did whatever my higher self told me to do and my husband supported it. He is a wonderful man.

He is amazing. He’s a wonderful man. It’s almost like, “I talk about the soul and I have this divine plan and he’s working with me from across the veil.” Your husband is working with you in this lifetime to support you.

It’s very clear that he’s my support team in this life.

When you work with traumatized animals, do you hear their souls? Do you help them heal?

Yes. Let me quickly follow up. I was working with the people and the animals started coming in. I thought I was entertaining their requests. They would give messages helpful for the people or them. Clearing up misunderstandings, bringing messages of love and sometimes asking for healing and I did whatever I would do for a human or an animal.

One day, I meditated and said, “This is bothering me. Why are the animals bothering me? I’m trying to do something important here and help people.” That’s when my primary guide and this council of animals and all the horses came in and said, “Don’t you remember? We’re the ones that saved you from your near-death experience. We brought you back. We guided you on your journey to all these various places and healing modalities and meet all these incredible people.”

“You’re going to take everything you learned on your journey about human consciousness and trauma, the energy field and how it all interacts. You’re going to apply it to the animals because nobody’s talking about animals as sentient beings. Far too few, let’s say people are discussing that. We need help because we are traumatized too. We have thoughts, feelings and emotions. We are struggling to be self-aware because humans don’t want to let us be self-aware.” I said, “Are you sure you’re picking the right person? I’m not an animal communicator. Why are you picking me?”

Nobody's talking about animals as sentient beings. Far too few people are discussing that. They need help because animals are traumatized, too. Share on X

What did they say?

“Don’t worry. It’s all going to work out.” A year later, something remarkable happened. I was woken in the middle of the night and told to go to San Diego. I said, “No, I’m not going to San Diego.” I went back to sleep and woke up again, “Go to San Diego.” “No, I don’t know anybody in San Diego.” I thought it was something bothering me.

The third time, I was like, “Fine, I’ll wake up. I’ll never go back to sleep.” I turned on my computer. Sure enough, there was a fire in San Diego where 1,000 horses were displaced and 900 horses were in one place. I heard, “You’re going to San Diego now?” I guess so. I went to San Diego and volunteered. There were a lot of people that were displaced by the fire.

Due to Instagram, Facebook and all those fun social media platforms, within months, I had 200 animal communication clients. I became an animal communicator overnight. That’s not to say that I didn’t go take animal communication classes and animal healing modality training. None of which resonated with me. It was all very limiting.

It was people that made it up themselves because their dog, cat or horse talked to them from the other side. They were getting the perspective of one being. One being talked to them and said, “This is how the universe works.” They created a modality of their communication with their dog or what have you. These people were not going out studying different philosophies, talking to a bunch of different people and having different experiences, contexts, symbolism, mythology and story.

It was very clear that it was almost a religious belief the way they were putting it forward so almost none of it resonated with me. I was always getting more information. The same thing with me and the human perspective was, “It’s not what the soul needs. They’re not honoring the soul, the layers of trauma, the survival instincts, the mental, the subconscious constructs that are creating some of the issues and then the unfinished business of the soul.”

Some people call it judgment. Some people refer to it as karma. I realized if I was going to do my thing, I couldn’t hitch my star to anyone’s wagon because I was here to help us remember the way it used to be. We all used to be shamans and have access to wisdom. We all used to be able to talk to our higher selves.

Did I go on that journey organically and work my way up through the ranks? No, it was gifted to me through a near-death experience. I certainly don’t know why I was chosen, other than that I have a very compassionate and ancient soul who’s been around for a long time and who’s here for this amazing time of transition and evolution on the planet. I call it the great remembering.

Remembering that we all have these abilities. All of us have all of our psychic senses or as they say in the East, abilities. That’s how it happened. I work with animals the same way I work with people. I don’t know anything. Nothing that I have ever learned. Nothing cognitive or intellectual comes into play. No amount of information. Unless I’m asked to say, “Tell them about something. They might be interested in a book. Maybe this supplement or plant medicine will help.” It’s very rare.

You’re getting information from the source and their souls. They’re communicating with yours.

It’s the consciousness of their body, energy field, subconscious mind, programs, patterns, belief systems and soul. Both the part that is in the body, the body personality and the part that is held at the eighth chakra above the head, the soul star chakra that has not incarnated. To me, the purest information is when you’re getting it from them. I have a lot of boundaries set up around the way I work. A long list of, “I will not.” Sometimes I even limit my ability but at least I know I’m in this very narrow lane.

You feel safe in what you’re doing.

My lane is just that. There are a lot of remarkable people with a lot of remarkable gifts, which I don’t have. My lane is building a bridge to higher consciousness, helping the body, personality and mind. Remember that they have a soul that they can connect to. As people have forgotten, so many animals were forgotten, especially domesticated animals.

My very narrow lane is building that bridge and helping them remember. I don’t want to say reconnect, because it’s not true that we’re ever disconnected. It’s the trauma that gets in the way. It’s all the dirty laundry that doesn’t allow us to see beyond. It’s the nervous system, the 40 miles of nerves in the human body that hold all of that information in the nano particulates of crystals in the microtubules. All of that information is held there. That includes this life, pre-birth memories, past life memories and a lot of stuff that doesn’t even belong to us but we’ve taken on, either through the mirror neurons in our neurology or through absorbing from our culture and our society what we were taught.

It's not true that we're ever disconnected. It's the trauma that gets in the way. It's all the dirty laundry that doesn't allow us to see beyond. Share on X

You have a healing herd of medicine horses. Tell us about that. I’m sure people are reading this who do not know what a medicine horse is, let alone have a healing herd. Your horse Blue became the keystone.

Yes. After my near-death experience, we got my horse Blue back from the sanctuary. We took four other horses with us as well. Blue was a difficult case. He was my Vaquero horsemanship project many years ago. He could not be contained. You could not tie him. He would not be controlled. Anybody else would’ve euthanized him. He was a $100,000 horse when he was full. He was bred to break the world’s high jump world record. There were plans that they had for him but he would not be controlled. My thought that I was going to control him and I would be a successful Vaquero horseman and use him as my project never happened.

What is that word, Vaquero horseman?

It’s another kind of horsemanship that was popular in Mexico. It’s not just popular. It’s a very refined and high-level form of horsemanship that involves training to create a very sensitive and compliant horse, which I no longer agree with but I thought at the time. It was before the days when natural horsemanship was popular. That’s what my husband and I fell into.

We had a lot of bad experiences with other types of horse training so we wanted to try to do something different from the very competitive world of dressage, ranch competition or that type of thing. What he taught me was the value of me being grounded, in my body, present, honoring him and listening to him, which is the exact opposite of Vaquero horsemanship.

Over time, after my near-death experience, we got him back and some other horses. That’s what my husband and I do. We take other people’s unwanted performance horses who are injured. We bring them and give them a kush life. They get osteopathic and chiropractic massage, animal communication and whatever they want. I don’t force it on them. They get to choose. They tell me when they don’t like something or someone. That’s for sure.

From my perspective, there are a couple of avenues that we could use to describe. First, the scientific definition of a medicine horse is a horse that has what they call the mutant X gene. Secretariat is the horse best known for this that has a very large heart, a heart that is larger than any other horse. A horse’s heart is often up to ten times larger than a human heart. I might have that wrong. It might be 4 to 5 times and the energy field is 10 times larger. I apologize, I may have misspoken. I’m not in that mind frame. I’m channeling from my soul and it’s hard to pick out pieces of history.

What happens when a human stands in the energy field of a horse, their heart has a stronger and larger electromagnetic field. What we know is that the person with the strongest frequency wins. If you walk into a home and somebody’s violent and angry, you may become entrained to that frequency and your heart rhythm may become very incoherent.

When we walk into a horse’s energy field, we become entrained. Our heart rhythm matches their heart rhythm. It’s called heart rate variability. The coherence is the gap or the space between the heartbeats. If you have a similar gap or space in between each heartbeat, you have what is scientifically known as a coherent heart rhythm.

When humans stand in the energetic field of a horse, we begin to shift out of the sympathetic nervous system into the parasympathetic nervous system. People magically attribute that to the horse as if somehow they are healing you or they have the power to heal you when in fact it’s biophysiology or electromagnetic energy.

What that does when we shift into rest and digest and we are calmer and less chaotic, we can hear our consciousness. There’s a greater potential for us to hear from our soul and guide’s messages and feel our love and the truth of who we are. As soon as you step outside of the horse’s electromagnetic energy field, then you go back to your normal rhythm.

When we shift into rest and digest, when we are more calm and less chaotic, we can hear our own consciousness. There's a greater potential for us to hear from our own soul, our own guide's messages, and feel our own love and the truth of who we are. Share on X

I would imagine it even in human situations. You come into someone’s electromagnetic field and it’s a very peaceful environment. You feel very peaceful. If it’s a hostile environment, you may take that on. When you leave it, it may have affected you for a little while but you go back to who you are.

For the most part, it can be a little more complicated than that but yes. There’s the second piece of a medicine horse herd. You shared with me your experience of you and your friend working with an intuitive woman as well as horses who were expressing their gifts. Some horses, not all horses, have these psychic gifts and abilities to communicate and abilities to read people’s fields and know what’s going on with them. Blue and a couple of other of my horses have had those abilities as well.

When you are working with someone, you could bring them to one of your medicine horses and they can help them also. They intuit things to help people.

I do not have people in my home regularly but my horses, donkeys and dogs will chime in. Wisdom from the animals is very profound. They each have different gifts like humans have different gifts as well.

I want you to please explain your new understanding of the phrase, “Healer as teacher,” which is a powerful form of self-empowerment that promotes self-awareness. It’s what you call compassionate wisdom.

My soul told me that I was never going to be a healer unless my definition of healer was to help people understand that we are our best healers to empower others. The term compassionate wisdom was coined by a mentor of mine, G.W. Hardin. He’s a mathematician and quantum physicist buff. He talks about compassionate wisdom, which is very much in alignment with healer as teacher.

It means you respond to an inquiry. You don’t just randomly walk up to someone and start giving them all the answers or go into their energy field and start adjusting things as if they were a car to be maintained or fixed. We are not tools. We’re sentient beings. We’re living, breathing beings. Each of us is here for unique reasons. Each of our souls has a very unique sole purpose, passion and potential.

That’s so important for our audience to know. Every single one of us and every single person who’s reading this show and every single person on the planet comes here with a specific job to do or a purpose. How would you explain that?

To be fair, some people are here on vacation in this life. We’re not learning lessons. We’re just enjoying life.

Some people do that too.

Sometimes there are people here who are earth angels. They’re holding the light for the rest of us to fumble around and figure out what we’re meant to do. Some of us never get to that. That’s okay too. We all get to make our choices. When someone comes to me and says, “I have a problem. Can you solve my problem,” the answer that they will get from me is, “Here are the things preventing you from solving your problem. Here are the limiting beliefs that you might never have thought of that are underpinning this self-sabotage, the sense of unworthiness or that you don’t deserve something.”

For many people including myself, there was an element of self-hatred, unforgiveness of self or anger at God if we can get to some of those underlying belief systems. Not only that but our souls made choices. Many of our souls made choices to experience fear in different forms like fear of being alone or wrong. Sometimes we don’t realize that the way to remember that is to stop and question. “I’ve been at the effect of this all my life. I wonder if my soul has had enough.”

In other words, as a motivation, you can feel this and then go to a place where maybe you have to heal that, work on that or figure that out. You’re bringing that back to address it again and again until you got the lesson.

We can ask our soul and our higher self, “Have we experienced this enough?” 9 times out of 10, when I ask someone’s soul, they say yes. I’ve even had people’s souls say, “I bid off more than I can choose so let’s tick a few more things off the list.” The frequencies are changing. Our potential is opening up for all of us and what we can accomplish here on the planet.

A lot of the normal hoops that we might have had to have jumped through if we were going to dedicate twenty lifetimes to learning one lesson or something like that. The Hindus and the Buddhists will say, “No problem. I have the rest of eternity to figure it out.” Some of us are a little bit anxious to get on with the show.

It’s enough, which brings me to you having this podcast about the evolution of interspecies consciousness. I’d like to know about that. You also made the comment that we are evolving as a planet. The planet has a soul too. People who are reading this are going to say, “Ginny, look at all this chaos and stuff that’s going on. What do you mean we’re evolving and this is going on?” Can you talk to us about all of this?

My perspective is more each of us individually is either choosing to grow and evolve. We may not be consciously choosing to grow or evolve but we’re being put through the paces anyway. Some people are going, kicking and screaming. I’m not a philosopher and I’m also not a geopolitical scientist or an expert in world affairs so I tend more to look at individual soul experience and what’s going on with us individually.

If you don’t mind, I’m not able to answer the question about the chaos in the world other than I feel that it is a sign of a great shift to come. At some point, the way we have known our society must collapse in some way to be reborn, as is the title of your show, Rebirth. We are about to be rebirthed, not only in our societies but as one humanity to remember many great things about ourselves.

By great, I mean broad, fantastic and magnificent things about ourselves and what we are ultimately capable of. By capable of, I mean love and compassion. No more competition and judgment. Choose kindness, self-awareness and self-responsibility. No more being a victim and a martyr. Certainly, souls can choose that. I don’t know anybody who’s consciously waking up in the morning and making those choices.

More people, especially in industrial societies such as ours where we’re living paycheck to paycheck and stressed out, were not taught yogic principles. We don’t read the Upanishads, the Vedas, the Mahabharata or the Bible for that reason or any of the other great historical and religious works. We’re not necessarily brought up in a society that is very spiritual or self-aware, esoterically.

More than ever, people are recognizing the way we’ve been doing it isn’t working and we need to spend more time, whether it’d be breathing, doing qigong, yoga, mindfulness or what have you. Healing our trauma so that we can get out of these looping patterns, whether it’d be thoughts, actions or life experiences. We want to be set free.

Like what the animals tell me all the time, we learn through love, forgiveness and reclaiming our balance. We’re not learning through the trauma and the drama. Humans are at the point where we are saying, “We’ve had enough of that and we’re ready to shift.” Forgiving and releasing judgments are what is setting us on a beautiful evolutionary path. I see that individually with the people I work with every day.

We learn through love, forgiveness, and reclaiming our balance. We're not learning through the trauma and the drama. Share on X

It reminds me of the message I got when they pulled me out of the car, be loving and kind to everyone. I took that and that meant to me too. What a world this would be if we were all loving and kind to each other. Tell me about your podcast. What would you like everyone to know about it?

It’s called Interspecies Evolution. The purpose is to explore our human consciousness and self-awareness as a nexus between our understanding of animals as conscious, self-aware and sentient beings as well. It’s a podcast that explores human consciousness, healing and self-awareness. It speaks very clearly to the topics that we discussed in ways that are healthy to understand our humanness, our human psyche, our triggers and our emotions and what is at the root of them. Soul choices, unfinished business, karma, judgment and those types of things. To put in context what’s happening to us and always look within so that we can then honor the animals as sentient beings. It’s a pretty esoteric podcast.

It sounds very profound, deep and transformational with the messages. You’re a pioneer in a way. You’re forging the path. Ginny, what are your tips for finding joy in life with all that you’ve been through? What would you like to tell everyone about this life they’re going through? That’s another podcast for the opioid thing and all the stuff that you went through but what brings you joy? Is it working with your animals? With all you’ve been through, what’s the Ginny tip?

My experience was living in total forgetfulness, absolute ignorance and disconnectedness. I find joy in helping people to see beyond that. Helping to empower people, helping people become self-aware and giving simple tools. You don’t have to study for a decade or be a Karma Yogi for three years before you can even talk to the Rinpoche. I’m mixing Hinduism and Buddhism there but you understand what I’m saying.

On this show, they’re all welcome.

Everybody’s welcome. The interesting thing I have found in all of the religious perspectives I have studied, the common thread is loving, kindness, joy, peace, compassion and being kind to ourselves. What brings me joy is helping people remember simple tools that we can use through self-inquiry to be more self-aware and understand where our thoughts are coming from.

What is creating the emotion within us? Where are our unprocessed memories and unhealed wounds held in the body? How can we use esoteric tools? Our mind, consciousness and intention, how to release these things? I see the light bulb go off for people. I meet a beautiful 70-year-old man from Texas and one from Denmark gets on Zoom with me and says, “I’ve had a very decided lack of unconditional love in my life. What do I do?” Bringing some joy to people like that is amazing.

My soul started guiding me to do the podcast. First, it was like, “Change some language on my website,” and then it was, “Start thinking about a podcast,” and then it was, “Heal yourself more so you can express your voice.” That was a huge issue for all of us. Speaking our truth and talking about these concepts, which in the past have made us come to unfortunate ends oftentimes.

My soul said, “This podcast is a love letter to humanity.” What are we capable of? Will there be medical doctors, PhDs and scientists on my podcast? A few but it will mostly be people with direct knowing, direct experience of being spirit in a body, their journeys and the messiness of their journey. How it’s okay, no matter what we choose but always lacing in with these meat and potato tools that can truly help us to overcome some of our traumas.

A lot of us don’t have the money. Let alone a copay for a psychiatrist. Let alone an animal communicator or a healer. I’m trying to give a lot of free information and different perspectives about how we can look at ourselves, looping thoughts and unresolved memories and patterns in simple things that we can do. Not saying, “It must be like this because this is how the body works. There’s no other way. Nobody else can put a thought in your mind.” All those things aren’t true.

Science has tried to define what is happening to us but the fact is emotions aren’t logical so you can’t study and analyze them. We want to analyze everything in the Western model of self-analysis. Consciousness is non-local so you can’t do anything to the brain. Our emotions and thoughts are the prescribing doctors. Our brain is the pharmacy. If we can learn how to control our emotions and our thoughts or if not control, appropriately react to them to shift the chemicals and the hormones that are being produced in our brains, then we can begin to even regain health, balance and wholeness.

Science has tried to define what is happening to us, but the fact is that emotions aren't logical, so you can't study them and you can't analyze them. Share on X

In so many ways, your podcast and what I’m doing with this show are very much in sync. People are learning a lot that they didn’t understand before and they’re being given choices. Just the information to know that they have a choice, the way they process their lives and do things that happen to them. Ginny, you are an amazing role model for healing, transformation and rebirth, which is exemplified by your lofty goal to promote Interspecies Evolution on this planet. Thank you for cultivating a deeper understanding between humans and animals. Thank you, from my heart, for this incredibly enlightening interview. That is an understatement.

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