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Irene hosted a heart-warming, wonderful Gallery with the very gifted Shelly R. Wilson, who is an Author, an Intuitive, a Medium, a Psychic and a Conscious Creator. Shelly and Irene chatted about the difference between a psychic and a medium, how Shelly senses Spirit, and the difference between being spiritually “awake” or “asleep.”

Shelly brought through messages from deceased loved ones in addition to psychic messages filled with guidance for the people in attendance. This was an incredible event that provided much healing for all. There will continue to be more of these wonderful Galleries hosted by Grief and Rebirth podcast, so enjoy this truly special Gallery with Shelly and stay tuned for more to come!


  • How Shelly utilizes her psychic abilities including claircognizance, clairsentience, clairvoyance and clairaudience.
  • The stunning and very touching proof of survival of deceased loved ones that members of the Gallery audience received from Shelly.
  • Psychic readings filled with guidance for people in attendance.
  • Heads up to listen to Irene’s wonderful interview with Shelly on Grief and Rebirth Podcast, which will air on January 19, 2022!

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Gallery With Shelly R. Wilson: Author, Intuitive, Medium, Psychic And Conscious Creator






What a pleasure to be introducing author, intuitive medium and conscious creator, Shelly Wilson to all of you. Shelly is passionate about helping people wake up to their greatness. Shelly and I are going to begin this event with a brief chat about how she utilizes all of her psychic abilities, including claircognizance, clairsentience, clairvoyance and clairaudience, to offer the opportunity to connect with loved ones and spirit, as well as receive guidance regarding current life situations.

We will also discuss the spiritual difference between a person being awake or asleep. Shelly will begin to communicate with as many of your deceased loved ones as time will allow. Shelly is also very psychic and she does psychic readings. The bulk of this event is going to be geared toward communicating with your deceased loved ones. Let’s go for it, Shelly. Do you want to tell everyone how you get these messages? Talk about your psychic abilities.

First of all, to clarify the difference between a psychic or intuitive reading and mediumship, psychic intuitive means connecting to you and your energy. Psychic means for the soul and intuitive is all about following your intuition and they’re very similar. As we know, sometimes there’s a connotation with the word psychic. I’m not a fortune teller so this is one of those things where I want to empower you and help you make the decisions that are right for you.

As a medium, I connect to those that are in spirit, on the other side in heaven, whatever term resonates with you. That entails connecting with their energy. The information comes through for me as thoughts, feelings and impressions. I get what I get as it comes through. It still runs through my filter and frame of reference but I do my best to give it as I receive it rather than trying to interpret it for myself.

You use claircognizance, clairsentience, clairvoyance and clairaudience, all of the above. One is through hearing. One is through knowing. Another is through seeing. The other is through feeling. That’s how you get all these messages. Let’s talk about, which was such a juicy conversation we’ve had, the difference between being awake or asleep.

When we think of those terms, we say them very lovingly. The thing is, as humans, we have our five senses. We are here on Earth walking the Earth plane. We receive and perceive information through those senses. We also can think of being more tuned in, conscious and aware. That’s what being awake means. When we have a catalyst in our life, sometimes that is someone close to us that has transitioned. Sometimes it’s a health challenge or it could be something else as well. Many times, it may be an a-ha moment for us to become more awake. Being asleep is a term we lovingly used. Meaning perhaps, you may have not had that wake-up moment or you’re not tuning in as much as you could be.

I’m sure a lot of us know people who we wish were a little more awake. Hopefully, their time will come. Shelly, I bet you have deceased loved ones all around you already.

Yes. First of all, I work in many different ways. When I do messages from spirit events like this, I like to let people know. Sometimes people do want to connect to those in spirit but sometimes people have a question even about their life, a situation to look at. I also read energy and that’s what I want to do first. I want to build the energy, starting with reading some of you that would like to know what I’m picking up on an energetic level.

What I’m tuning into are those energy centers known as chakras. Around us, we have that auric field within us. We have the energy centers. There are seven main ones. They look like water going down a drain or spinning wheels of light. There are seven main ones. Each one’s connected to organs and emotions. I am clairsentient, also known as being a feeler or sensitive to energies. I’m going to be able to tune in. Even though you are in your respective locations, I’ll still be able to feel your energy.

Gwendolyn, may I come to you and read your energy? Yes. Thank you. I would like you to take a big deep breath for me. Relax, breathe in deeply and let go of anything you have no control over, which is pretty much everything and then come back. As I’m tuning into your energy, I feel a lot moving in your heart chakra. There are a lot of emotions that you’re holding onto. I get something too about you needing to feel more balanced or centered. I feel a lot in your belly area, which is that solar plexus area. Think of that as being your battery or fuel tank.

Spirits remind you that you give so much of yourself and how essential it is for you to fill your tank or allow it to be filled. I get a sense, as I tune into you, Gwendolyn, of the need to pause and feel, even maybe bring your hand to your heart and connect more deeply to that. There’s something too about listening more to what your heart’s saying to you as well.

Spirits remind you that you give so much of yourself and how essential it is for you to fill your tank or allow it to be filled. Share on X

I’m being guided too. I want to go ahead and pull you a card. I’ve created a couple of decks of Oracle cards. I’m reaching over here, quietly shuffling. The spirit is saying to you, “Embrace wellbeing, take time for you.” It’s going along the lines of connecting more deeply to yourself, your heart and your spirit, which is very essential. Breathe again for me. Come back and so it is.

Let’s come up here to Carol. Take a big deep breath for me. Relax at this moment and allow yourself to breathe. As I’m feeling into your energy, first of all, I feel a lot running through your mind. This can mean thoughts. This could be questions or things weighing on your mind as well. As often as you can, what the spirit is saying is remember to clear that. Clear your mind, keep it simple, pause and breathe. There are some things that you are either overanalyzing or overthinking. The spirit is saying, “Stop, Carol. You don’t need to do that any longer.”

When you allow space to receive as well, clarity will come to you. It’s very important to pause and breathe and what you are seeking, you will receive. We think of being inspired, gaining clarity and so on. Let’s pull a message for you as well. Your message says, “Focus on love, let love lead.” Anytime you are feeling challenged, imagine love and energy surrounding you. You are loved. You are breathing love and you are being loved. When you do that, it’s essential to flow with it. It’s what I’m hearing. Thank you.

Daryl, may I come to you and read your energy? Big deep breath for me. Relax and let go of anything you have no control over, especially things you can’t control. As I’m tuning in, I feel a little bit of restriction here in your throat. This is not a bad thing but this is a call for you to communicate more. There’s something about needing to be heard, expressing yourself. Maybe it was because of what we experienced but I feel this goes a little bit deeper, a little bit more.

Also, I feel a little bit in your root chakra, that low back area. Anything that is weighing you down, especially any concerns, worries or financial concerns as well, take note of it. Don’t allow yourself to feel heavy. You can work with those respective chakras as well. Blue for throat chakra, red for root chakra. Meditate on those colors, visualize them in your mind, bring the colors into your space, wear clothes of that color and work with crystals. That’s going to help to clear balance and strengthen them. Big deep breath again for me.

I was having trouble communicating but generally, I don’t have trouble communicating.

When I pick up, it was a light restriction so it could be about this experience but does it make sense with the root chakra, feeling a bit heavier way down?


I’m feeling the energy, maybe it’s not yours, Daryl but I want to recognize it. The message coming through for you from the cards of empowerment is abundance. You are in the flow. This is that reminder about health, happiness, well-being and financial prosperity for you.

That resonates.

Perfect. Thank you. Let’s do one more energy read. Katie, big deep breath for me. Relax, breathe in deeply and let go of anything you have no control over and then come back. As I’m feeling into your energy, I do feel more pronounced in the low back also with you. Take note of anything that you’re stressed about, worried about or anything that’s weighing you down.

There’s a lot of energy moving up through the chakras. I can feel that also moving into the sacral and solar plexus but there’s something about being very grounded and rooted. Maybe that’s how I want to describe it. I also get a sense of feeling a little heavy, even a little pressure. Maybe there’s something physical that you’re feeling as well.

Work with red as you’re guided for that root chakra. Remember that you are protected and safe and that your foundation is strong. The message from the cards of empowerment is achieving the outcome you seek. This is that reminder that whatever you have been hoping for, the spirit is saying it is coming but it is very important not to stress or worry about it. Trust and see that it’s already flowing to you.

GAR Shelly R. Wilson | Psychic And Medium

Psychic And Medium: Whatever you have been hoping for, the spirit is saying it is coming but it is very important not to stress or worry about it. Trust and see that it’s already flowing to you.


Thank you.

You’re very welcome. Let’s move into doing a few psychic readings. What this will entail will give you an opportunity to ask a specific question. This may be something about anything. Even though I’m reading a few people, recognize that all of you have chosen to gather so think of it as a divine appointment. Sonia Choquette likes to use that term. That means we’ve gathered here. We have to trust that spirit is providing the perfect message at the perfect time. It can be a message for many of us, not just one.

I see Susan Slovietsky, “Always welcome for a reading.” Susan, do you have a specific question that you would like for me to look at?

I would love to hear what your thoughts are on what I can do to better communicate with my son.

Your son is in spirit, is it correct? Susan, the first thing is I got chills all over. What’s important is first of all to begin taking note of the sensations you feel. Even though he’s no longer here in physical form, he’s energy and his energy will blend with your energy. It will create sensations in your physical body. Sometimes it’s tingling, buzzing, chills and so on.

What I’m hearing to express as well is, “Mom, just listen.” I get a sense that he has been talking to you but you are either doubting that it’s him. It may not sound like his voice. You just may hear words in your mind. He’s giving me this sense of calmness and peace. He’s reminding you to feel that so that you can feel him coming through.

I’m also getting the sense of numbers being very powerful, whether it’s looking at the clock, a receipt or a license plate. There’s something too almost about seeing the numbers flip or the numbers change and you being present at that moment, smiling and saying, “Thank you.” My sense is your connection with him is already strong. There’s something too about either you are doubting it or you’re not quite sure. My feeling is the more that you relax into it, the easier it will be for you.

Thanks so much.

I’m not quite sure how to pronounce your name, Guirlaine. “I’m open to receiving what direction you take in terms of my work and the world. How do I?” Do you have a specific question? You posted one but if you want to go ahead and ask it.

The question was how do I best serve in the world? I’m feeling the call to move away from the career I’ve had for many years. I’m wondering if anything from the spirit in terms of what direction to move. It would be greatly appreciated.

You said, “How best do I serve?” What I heard was with an open heart. You’re already doing that. There’s something too because I got full chills from the top of my head down my body. That’s a sign from my guides and spirit that is true and on target. There’s something too almost that you can choose anything. What’s important at this time is to choose what brings you joy and what lights you up. I get a sense that you can do anything. I’m going to put it in layman’s terms.

What's important at this time is to choose what brings you joy and what lights you up. Share on X

You’re very easily adaptable to whatever it may be. My sense is it’s a matter of saying, “Spirit, heart, what shall I do? What is next?” There’s something too about not feeling that you have to choose but almost allowing it to choose you. I get a sense that there are going to be some opportunities presented to you. I’m hearing it very well. It could be the next big thing or the dream that you’ve been waiting for.

My sense is coming back to what I heard initially with an open heart. When you are loved and you emit love, that is what will show up in your life. As far as choosing something, Guirlaine, my sense is to tune in more, take note of the signs and the answers will appear. If we turn on the TV and there’s headline news or breaking news, I almost get a sense that something will scroll either across the TV, a computer screen or a phone, something like that. It’s going to be undeniable when you see it. Trust what you are sensing and what is showing up for you. I get this sense of peace about it all.

Thank you.

Very welcome. Thank you. I have Doris. She says, “I have something big coming up. I want to see if you can feel if this will go in my favor or not.” Is this something involving a case or some kind of legal matter?


I get a sense that people have been dragging their feet with it almost to get you to either give up or get discouraged. My sense is it will go in your favor. What is important at this time, Doris, is you’ve got to stay strong, keep checking in with your energy and recognize what type of energy you are infusing into this experience. If you are feeling frustrated, angry and so on, that’s an energy that you are bringing to that creation.

I feel very positive that it’s going in your favor. Someone is still dragging their feet a bit so I don’t know if this will have closure in 2021 because I’m getting a sense that there will be some type of delay or pushback. This is even where you are doing your best to be present and not get caught up in the time element. Breathe with that. Sometimes we’re ready for things to be over. Sometimes we have to trust in that process once again and things can move quicker. What we want to recognize too if we’re very caught up in the time element is to think of it as that feeling very rigid or restricted when we do that so we can inhibit the flow when that happens.

Thank you, Shelly.

You’re very welcome. Let’s take one more question and I want to then move into bringing in some loved ones from the spirit as well. Peggy, do you have a question that you want to ask me?

My mother and I are looking to move North, South, East and West. Can you, or maybe my father who’s on the other side, help us give some direction? We’re open.

First, give me a geographic location so I can see in my mind where you are.

We are in New Jersey.

You’re willing to go down to Florida, West or a little more Southwest maybe in that direction. Are you thinking to stay in New England area and move closer to one of those states or in the state?

I have a daughter in upstate New York. My mother has property in Florida but we’ve been advised to sell that so I don’t know. We’re open. We’d like someplace safe to live where it’s comfortable.

Somewhere that feels comfortable and not too far is what I see.

Tennessee, Virginia, New York State, upstate, I don’t know.

Let me look at this. There’s something too. Are you in a bit of a suburb or even a rural area or is that something that’s calling out to you?

We are in a suburb.

Are you thinking about where you’ve got a little bit more space where you don’t have people next to you?


My sense right away is I get this feeling that instead of pinpointing a state or trying to get the particulars in that area, there’s something too. Sometimes we can look at things online like on Google Maps and so on. Sometimes, we can get the old-fashioned map out and begin looking at some different areas. Have you ever worked with a pendulum or done dowsing, Peggy?


I’m getting a strong sense to create some type of a grid and work with the pendulum to pinpoint where you would feel most relaxed. I’m getting something too about the grid lines. Different people feel affected in different ways. I get a sense that this may have been something that you’ve looked at before or that your father or husband has looked at before also. I’m getting a sense about almost even taking a protractor. Is that what we call it where it goes out? Would he have done something technical, architectural, drawings or something like that?

I don’t think so. No.

People use protractors but I’m wondering if this is something that he would’ve used in his work or something that he knew back in the day too. We use things like that more often than people do now.

My grandfather would have used that.

Maybe you can obtain one. I’m not sure if they even still make them. There is something about doing something with that to locate the space. I’m getting a sense that whatever space you choose will be perfect for you but I’m also getting not a definitive answer in regards to, “Go here, go there.” I feel that it’s important for you to feel into it. Doing some dowsing or grid work or looking at lay lines, grid lines or something like that is going to be beneficial. I get a sense it’s important to stay away also from power lines for whatever reason. There’s something important about it that can affect us on an energetic level.

Let’s move into bringing forth some loved ones. While we were sitting here, I began having some spirits come through. I’m also going to see some of the things that you have requested. When I work, I will typically allow whomever to come through because they tend to be the ones that need to get a message across. I will also go direct to people as well and say, “Who do you want to connect with?” I will see what I pick up from that.

There’s a first spirit coming through and I don’t have a name to connect with this. Sometimes they give me names. I’m seeing a woman that could see when she was born but then she became blind or her sight became impaired. I get a sense that this could have been glaucoma. It could have even been an eye injury. I’m getting a strong sense of this person wanting to come through.

She’s showing me that she lived probably until her 70s or so, maybe even early 80s but giving me this sense that she was able to navigate. She’s showing me with the darkened glasses and needing to use the cane even. This was someone that very much wanted to come through and make her presence known. If this resonates with anyone, please say.

It sounds like it’s from Guirlaine. She says, “My great-grandma, Leah.”

I got chills all over as I’m feeling this. When I get chills, to me, that’s a validation of the spirit of being true. May I come to you once again, Guirlaine?


As I’m feeling this energy, could you see her in your mind as I was describing this?


I feel that she’s coming through prominently, primarily because of your quest also. There’s something very metaphorical to recognizing that she had her sight inhibited but she was still very much able to navigate what’s next. She may have needed support, assistance and tools to help her but she’s giving me this sense of being able to walk alone and walk the path.

I get this sense of love coming forth from her and her wanting to make her presence known to you at this time. There’s something important also for you allowing you to feel the peace and the comfort with her presence. As you’re guided to even talk to her mind-to-mind soul-to-soul, as you feel led to, she will respond in kind. There’s something about you taking note once again of whatever you sense within your being. Sometimes these could be memories coming in also.

GAR Shelly R. Wilson | Psychic And Medium

Psychic And Medium: I get this sense of love coming forth from her and her wanting to make her presence known to you at this time.


Thank you so much.

Very welcome. Thank you for speaking up so that I can connect her to you. I also have another female coming through. I feel like this is how she passed. She’s showing me being in a car, driving a car and that it’s very bad weather. She has the windshield wipers on going very fast. She’s trying to see. She’s showing me gripping the steering wheel and then I see headlights coming. I feel like her death was due to that experience. I’m hearing the names Joan and Jerry. I do not want to say that it’s her name but it can be a connector name or a name that’s wanting to be acknowledged with her.

I get a sense too when I look at her age because I am seeing some lines on her face, I feel like she was probably late 30s or could be late 40s. I don’t feel like she was much older than that because I still see smooth skin. Some people have awesome skin so I can’t always go by a few lines either. Does this make sense to anyone with what I have provided? Does that make sense to you, Cheryl?

Yes, it makes sense to me. I understand that.

Do the names make sense or just the person?

Both, the person is someone and then Joan is also another relative of mine.

I do feel chills as I’m tuning into you. How does this make sense, please?

The female that passed in the car accident is my grandmother.

Did she pass at that age or was her skin very smooth or something like that?

She was young when she passed. I believe it was at nighttime too, with the wipers. Then my Aunt Joan.

Are they sisters then?

They’re not.

Joan is on someone. Your grandmother would’ve known her or known you to connect to you.


Thank you. I do have chills with this. I do feel we want to build her energy a bit more. Can I get your grandmother’s name?


That’s my son’s name too. Right away when I’m asking her where she gave me that visual, primarily as a means to connect with you. She is not in that space. It needed to be an identifier to relive that moment. She’s talking about you’ve either been making plans or plans are being made for you. There’s something new coming into your life and something very exciting. She’s giving me this sense too that she’s been watching you all along.

Sometimes we like to think of our loved ones in spirit as being guides or angels for us. I get this sense too about even her being ahead of her time. I almost get a sense of style about her in that regard too. Perhaps, even into fashion also. I’m seeing even Marilyn Monroe. I don’t know if there’s something about her grace, beauty and look perhaps like Marilyn or something else that would make sense why she’s showing me that image. I want to acknowledge that also. My sense too is anytime you have those memories of her coming in, it’s important to take note of them because that’s one way that she is connecting with you. I’ll leave you with that. Thank you, Cheryl.

Sometimes, we like to think of our loved ones in spirit as being guides or angels for us. Share on X

Thank you.

I’m hearing the name Roger. I’m seeing a dark-haired man. His hair is a bit wavy and curly but it feels short, feels close to his head. When I look at him too, his skin is tan. It could be tan from the sun or because of race. I get a sense of his energy that he’s very funny because I see a smile on his face. I get this thing that he’s always trying to make people laugh. I get a sense too that he passed relatively young, in regards to lifespan but I’m feeling something about his late 40s or perhaps early 50s.

I’m getting a sense of him too. There’s something going on with the heart. It could be high blood pressure or a heart attack. I’m also feeling pressure in the head, which makes me think of high blood pressure, stroke or something along that as well. The name Roger may not be his name. It may be simply a connector name to get us to the person. I see Anne Rogers. This can also be a last name that we’re working with as an example. As I’m giving that information, does this resonate with anyone?

It doesn’t resonate. My husband passed but much later.

Does the description of him make sense? I know that’s important.

He didn’t have curly hair. He had straight gray hair.

When he was younger, did he look that way by chance? What I’m seeing is someone with dark curly or wavy hair that’s close to their head.

He had short, dark hair when he was younger.

I’m not feeling that I have his energy here. Does this make sense to anyone else, please? I want to recognize bringing him through. He’s wanting to make his presence known. I want to take note of that also. Let’s go ahead. There were a few people that had posted about loved ones that they wanted to connect with. Anne, I see your message, which says your husband transitioned in January 2021. Katie, your husband transitioned to spirit also. We have a few people. Also, Brett, husband transitioning. We have several husbands here, don’t we?

Let me see what energy I can get here because I want to make sure. Many times, we may have several people that come through together who want to piggyback and bring them through. I have another male that’s wanting to step forward at this time. I’m getting there was something too. There could have been a back injury. This does not mean he passed from this but what I’m seeing is some type of brace on him, as if he hurt his back. I’m seeing it wrapped around him. I’m getting chills with this, as I’m speaking.

There’s something too about he could have had surgery, instead of an injury or an injury then surgery. I’m seeing him walking around, doing even physical therapy. As I’m saying this before I get any more information, is there someone here whose husband either had an injury or would’ve had surgery, specifically on his back and would’ve been wearing a black brace? This does not mean how he passed. This is something as a way to get him connected to those who need to connect with him. Anne?

My husband did have surgery and he wore a back brace for a little while. It wasn’t for his back though.

I feel like this is a way that we get him connected. Katie, does that make sense to you?

Yes. My husband had an infection in his spine and have surgery on his back.

He would’ve had to wear that also. Is your husband in spirit?


I got chills as you began talking to me. What is your husband’s first name, please?


Let me build his energy here and see what we can get because I knew that this was a way that we could get him connected here. Also with Joe, was there something going on in his abdominal area? Did he have an additional infection, a cancerous condition or something going on in the abdominal area that this would make sense to?

Yes, he had ALS.

It impacted his bowels, bladder and such. I’m also getting a sense. Is there a connection to March with Joe? This could be a birth month or a passing month. It could be something he’s acknowledging for you. I’m hearing I need to acknowledge the month of March.


Was he a bigger guy? This could mean a big type wise or big in size, a bit bulky and this could be muscle also. Maybe at one point, he was bigger and then there was some degeneration with his passing. He’s wanting me to take note of his size or wants to recognize his size.

He was an incredibly handsome man with a beautiful build. By the time he passed, he was very frail and thin.

He is giving me this sense of being a shell of what he once was but he’s also wanting you to see him as he is now, which is whole, restored and healthy. I get this sense of enjoying being outdoors, looking good and everything about him nice. That’s what he wants you to remember. He doesn’t want you to remember when he was weak. He’s giving me this sense too for you Katie, how important it is for you to continue to listen and be strong. As you recognize with his deterioration, it was hard to watch and bear.

At the same time, you were also growing stronger in your power. There was something about going through that that enabled or prepared you to be able to go through anything. He’s also talking about you needing to finish. I don’t know if you put off something for him specifically or if you had talked about doing something. Sometimes this could be going back to school, finishing credentials or something like that. He’s giving me a sense about proceeding with it that it wasn’t a waste of time or that you’re not wasting time. There’s something about needing to do that.

I could see two things. I started to write a book.

I got chills with you saying that so I know that’s important to proceed with. Is there something too about a foundation?

He could be talking about the ALS Foundation I raised money for every year. I’m also trying to start my consulting business. I retired from what I’ve done for many years and do my thing. He always pushed me to do that.

I got chills all over with that. I feel like he’s gently nudging you but I feel like those nudges are going to continue to get stronger. There is something about you’ll know when the time feels right but you are the type of person that needs to wrap things up. You can’t just make sudden rash decisions. You have to make sure that all loosens are tied up. He’s giving me this sense of how imperative it is for you to begin taking action on it.

He’s telling me that a lot of your time is devoted to others or allocated already. There’s something about you needing to allocate more time to yourself or those things that you do love as well. Katie, I want to leave you with that. He’s going to continue to talk to you. Take note of the memories that come in and the sensations that you feel because that’s going to be a prominent way that he will connect with you for sure.

Thank you.

For everyone, I want to remind you once again that our loved ones are around us. Sometimes they go off and do those things they love to do but many times they’re a thought away. Think of the other side as being around us an arms-length away. It’s vibrating at that higher frequency. Here on earth, we have the physical body and our bodies tend to be very dense. What we want to recognize is that they’re free of that physical form so their vibration is higher. Take note of the signs that come through, the synchronicities and the memories that come into your awareness. Take notes of even the words that come into your mind. They always talk to us.

GAR Shelly R. Wilson | Psychic And Medium

Psychic And Medium: Our loved ones are around us. Many times, they’re a thought away. Think of the other side as being around us an arms-length away.


When we think too, much as Irene does with this show, it’s important for us as humans to feel every emotion that we’re feeling but we don’t want to be stuck in that space. Our loved ones want us to thrive. They want us to find the joy, to be the joy and live life for sure. Let’s take a few more questions, not readings, in regard to anything that we want to look at before we wrap up. Irene, is there anything that you want to focus on?

I am going to encourage everyone because you all know how wonderful Shelly is and the good work that she does. You can pursue this by getting on her website, She’s even going to use the coupon code IRENE to get 10% off any service on her site. Some of you who did not get a message can certainly see how wonderful she is and can certainly get the information from her that you need. She’s giving a discount to all of you. I’ll repeat a few times so that all of you will know how to get ahold of her. Shelly, any other questions you’d like to answer?

I’ll pull this up real quick. Diane posted, “Are they trying to help us for their benefit or our benefit? Is my mom trying to ask me to correct a problem created in her life?” It could be for both. What we want to remember too is once they transition, they go through that life review process. They get to experience their life and how their life affected those around them.

Sometimes, they’re wanting to give us messages to let us know they’re near to give us comfort. Sometimes there are things they’re wanting us to convey to us to help us on our journey, especially if we’re feeling stuck, holding onto pain, been hurt or wronged in some way. They want us to thrive. They don’t want us just to go through life existing. They want us to live, for sure.

Deb is asking about being a medical intuitive. If you are asking me if I’m a medical intuitive, that can be interesting. I do read energy. I can tell you what I’m picking up in parts of your body but also knowing I’m not a medical doctor so I don’t want to diagnose any type of illness. I can tell you what I’m picking up in your body and where I’m picking it up at.

Working with the Oracle cards, I worked with the cards of empowerment and pulled a few cards for a few people. I want to go ahead and pull a card for everyone that chose to gather here. There will be some people also that read this. Let’s see what the spirit wants all of us to know. The message coming through says, “Meditate, connect to you within.”

What we want to remember is sometimes for some people, meditation can be very challenging. That’s why I tell people to go ahead and reframe what they think meditation is because it can be anything they need it to be. It can be sitting quietly or listening to a guided meditation. It can simply be in nature or doing some conscious breathing.

The thing is when we connect more deeply to ourselves, heart and spirit, when we clear our mind, those questions that we’ve been seeking inside on, we’ll get the responses and inspiration. It’s a matter of listening and trusting what’s blowing to us. Let’s also pull a card here from the clarity card deck. This is another deck I’ve created and the message says, “Invest in yourself, practice self-care.” What we want to remember is that we are energetic beings. We are mind, body and spirit. Taking care of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically is essential.

GAR Shelly R. Wilson | Psychic And Medium

Psychic And Medium: When we connect more deeply to ourselves, heart and spirit, and clear our mind, we get the responses and inspirations for those questions that we’ve been seeking inside.


Sometimes it is cause and being. For those that need little assistance and support, I talk a lot about practicing good energetic hygiene because we are energetic beings so grounding, centering, cutting energetic cords and clearing your aura, clearing your chakras and so on. If you are guided to visit my website, and go to the Resources page, I have a PDF with tips to clear energy, a PDF to strengthen your chakras and a chakra-clearing MP3 file. I have created PDF guidebooks for both decks of these cards that you can access and work with as well.

Everyone can know that about Shelly also. Shelly, are there any other messages or shall we pull this all together?

Let’s pull it together. Many of you are also wanting more messages but if you’re feeling very desperate or sad, that can be a hard energy to connect with. Trust that your loved ones are intending to let you know that they’re near and also give you messages with clocks, receipts, triple digits, repeating numbers and things like that. Also, the messages that come through from the messengers, butterflies, dragonflies, cardinals and many other ways too. It’s a matter of us tuning in, recognizing the signs and saying thank you.

Shelly, we are getting so many wonderful comments. “Heartfelt. Many thanks, Shelly and Irene.” Everyone is very appreciative, which is so wonderful for what we’re doing. I speak for everyone. Thank you, Shelly, so much because this is wonderful and you’re such a blessing. For all of you who want to connect with her for her intuitive mediumship readings and so much more, be sure to write this down, and use the coupon code IRENE to get 10% off any service on Shelly’s site.

Make sure to follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This is from Suzanne Robinson I’m reading, “Many blessings. Thank you so much.” Thank you, Suzanne. Thank you all. As I like to say, to be continued. Loving thanks to our wonderful, gifted Shelly. Many blessings to each of the beautiful souls and hearts that you are. Bye for now.


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