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Irene hosted a heart-warming, enlightening Gallery with the very gifted Austyn Wells, who is a best-selling author, a spiritual medium, a certified grief counselor and a soul gardener. Austyn powerfully combines her intuition and mediumship with shamanism, energy medicine, and sacred ceremony to bring about healing, and she is passionate about empowering people to create soul-centered lives. This was an incredible event that provided much healing for all. There will continue to be more of these wonderful Galleries hosted by Grief and Rebirth podcast, so enjoy this truly special Gallery with Austyn and stay tuned for more to come!


  • How Austyn’s background as a grief counselor enhanced her mediumship 
  • Austyn’s book, Soul Conversations, and how it changed her life 
  • Meeting spiritual opportunities or spiritunities 
  • What the soul is 
  • The dualistic nature of our souls 
  • Being comfortable in your discomfort 


  • How has being a grief counselor enhanced your mediumship? 
  • How did your book, Soul Conversations, change your life? 
  • In what ways did the last few years inspire you to expand your education and create new class contact to meet special spiritual opportunities available to all of us now? 


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Gallery With Austyn Wells: Author, Spiritual Medium, Certified Grief Counselor And Soul Gardener


It truly is my pleasure to have Austyn Wells with us. She’s a bestselling author, a spiritual medium, a certified grief counselor, and a soul gardener. She powerfully combines her intuition and mediumship with shamanism, energy medicine, and sacred ceremony to bring about healing. She’s passionate about empowering people to create soul-centered lives.

Austyn and I are going to begin this event with a brief chat, and then Austyn will begin to bring both psychic messages and messages from deceased loved ones to as many of you as time will allow. Austyn, it’s so great to be with you. Let’s begin. Here’s a question for you. How has your background as a grief counselor enhanced your mediumship?

First of all, before I begin and jump into that, Irene, thank you for being of service. Thank you for creating the show, and for allowing there to be a space and a place where people can come and have conversations that sometimes are not allowed in different circles of people’s lives. I want to thank you for your commitment because if people don’t know what it takes to have a show, it’s a beautiful gift, but it’s also one that comes with a great deal of responsibility and discipline.

Not everybody is successful at it. Thank you. Also, Stephanie, thank you very much for your techno genius. We appreciate you greatly. She’s a very smart, fantastic woman, and I am grateful that I’m friends with both ladies. This feels like family. Irene’s question was what has being a grief counselor contributed to my mediumship. Was that the question?

How has being a grief counselor enhanced your mediumship? It’s because not every medium is a grief counselor.

Irene, thank you for recognizing that. As an educator of mediums, I would love it if all mediums had more understanding of grief counseling because the sessions that a medium has with people who have experienced loss is we’re acting as a bridge to your loved one’s soul and spirit. However, there’s a humanistic connection there as well in that time period.

It is necessary thing for mediums to understand what the dying process is, what the different kinds of grief and the repercussions of that are, and how deeply that can affect people within a conversation to understand that a person might be benefited from more professional help because the loss is profound. Also, simple things like complicated grief which you could say, on some level, many of us are experiencing at this point, which is when there are multiple losses at once.

We all are experiencing grief now. We’ve lost freedoms and connection. We’ve had a very different couple of years. I’m an integral girl. I have to do the best job I can do. My passion is to be the best that I can be. I don’t want to compete with anybody else. I’m very comfortable in my lane, but for me, it felt necessary.

I’m ecstatic that so many more mediums are adding that because you all deserve that. You deserve someone who can not only bring forth messages but can empathically meet you where you are. One of the gentlemen that are present, Sam, is a counselor at a hospital. He and I have had beautiful discussions about holding that sacred space for people. That has a great deal to do with it.

It’s wonderful that you do that. It’s marvelous because, a lot of times, someone will get a message and it’s so comforting, but they are dealing with very complicated grief and they need more. It’s another reason I also interview healers on the show so that you can go to the medium, and if you need that extra step, there’s someone there for you also. We talked about your book Soul Conversations. It’s such a wonderful book. How did your book change your life? I know it’s changing other people’s lives.

A lot. On a basic level, there’s a gift in writing a book. I encourage all of you to try something like it, whether it’s your memoirs or that book. Most of us have a book inside of us, but to be successful in a book, you need to find your voice. Working with people on a holistic level for many years is something that a lot of us are not quite in alignment with.

We fall out of alignment with it at different points. As I was writing the book, it became evident to me that I was not living the truths that the spirit world was blending with me to share in the book that I knew from sessions and working with people. I was out of step with my own soul, which was a rather sobering realization. It gave me quite a conundrum because I either got the book published and would talk one way and live another, or I had to dig deep and make some huge shifts and changes in my life.

I chose the latter, and I’m so grateful I did. It gave me an opportunity to lovingly divorce my husband. It was important for me to do it in a very kind and gentle way because he’s a very good person. However, we had reached a point where our evolution couldn’t take us any farther. That’s given me a great deal of different kinds of levels of empathy for people when I’m working with somebody that’s going through a marital situation that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. It also required that I embark on my own and face a lot of fear.

People talk about the fear being something that isn’t real. Fear simply is an energetic expression of yourself that you haven’t owned yet. It feels stronger than you are, yet if you lean into it, it becomes you and then you’re stronger. We will always have fear and we’ll always have faith. Those are the two choices that we have, which exponentially have been amplified in the last couple of years. We have a choice, and that choice is one that allows our souls to evolve. I took the Joseph Campbell-type, bigger scary choice, and I’m so grateful that I did.

Fear is an energetic expression of yourself that you haven't owned yet. It feels stronger than you are. But if you lean into it, it becomes you. Click To Tweet

It sounds like you learned to walk your book. What you taught in your book, you learned to be authentic and live it yourself. Here’s another question, Austyn. In what ways did the last few years inspire you to expand your education and create new class contact to meet special spiritual opportunities or spiritunities, as you told them, that are available to all of us now?

What I would like to do to answer that is two parts. Everyone that’s here, I wish that there was enough time barring a presidential speech to give every single person a reading. I get very saddened by galleries sometimes because people walk away from them thinking, “My loved ones don’t care about me,” or, “Why didn’t I get a message?” That part from my heart, I’m one of those strange people that cares. That’s hard for me.

What I’d like to do is offer a teaching piece so every single one of us can step out of here with something, whether it’s a message or an insight, but a shared learning that I feel is helpful during these times. If I can ask everybody, how many of you within the last few years feel like you are a different version of yourself?

That’s so imperative that we embrace it. Also, as Irene was talking about the word spiritunity, which is a word I created, I love it because it’s a spiritual opportunity. Going back to that idea of faith and fear, that’s the choice that we have. I’m going to talk a little bit about why we have faith and fear and give you guys some tools and techniques to learn to deal with the inherent duality of our souls.

What’s in front of all of us right now is that there’s always going to be something in the macrocosm or the external environment that can inspire fear, but our creative choice is how we respond to it. That’s where you can choose either to respond in fear, which is completely understandable because it’s a very prevalent vibration that is around us at all times, or you can cultivate a deeper relationship with your soul and fall in faith, whether that comes in a pathway of religion or it comes in a pathway of new age metaphysics or however you want to frame it.

The biggest question that we have is, “What is the soul?” Let me spend a little bit of time. This is what came from my scribings that led to Soul Conversations. There is a picture of our Earth. The red bands that you see around it are called the Van Allen Belts. Those are electrically charged particles that form bands around the Earth and their job is to protect the atmosphere of the Earth from destruction. However, they are not always visible. Even in a satellite view of Earth, we already have a natural duality, which is that which is physical and that which is unseen or that which is invisible or that which is energy.

GAR 76 | Soul-Centered Lives

Soul Conversations

We know from a physics standpoint that everything is energy, but there is something about the human experience that makes us forget what’s invisible, and rely more on what’s physical. That idea of something surrounding and protecting the Earth is duplicated in the birthing process. We have the embryonic sac. We have this beautiful little miracle that I still marvel at this whole process.

That embryotic sac serves as a protector for the fetus while it’s inside and it’s developing within the nine months or however long or short it takes for that little soul to decide to embark upon the physical journey. Our physical body has exactly the same mechanism, which I like to call the soul space. We have a physical reality, which is the physical body, and then we have a very prevalent, energetic surrounding electromagnetic field. This is substantiated by quantum physics.

I’m sure many of you know about it, but it’s worthy of another mention. That electromagnetic field is how we feel, process, and authenticate our journey as human beings. It’s a beautiful thing because it moves like this. Energy is always in motion. It’s funny that lots of practitioners say, “Your chakra is closed. Your energy’s stuck.”

It’s not stuck nor closed because if it was, we wouldn’t be alive because that’s the dynamic anima of your soul. The movement of the energy can have more of a dullness to it or the movement itself can be fatigued. It can be maybe not as quick or in the healthiest flow, but we’re always having this dynamic processing change going on around us. That’s the external part of us. Connected to our physical bodies are our chakras, and those are little vortexes that then take what that energy is that we either receive or we’re releasing into the universe.

It helps us come into our physical body. That then goes into our nervous system, and that creates the memories that we have. A medium is sensing into the energy space and allowing our chakra system to be informed by the soul that we’re talking to and having a remembrance of memories that have existed before from your loved ones, friends, and pets. There is a dualistic nature when we talk about this soul because we’re talking now about what’s physical and what’s energetic. The physical part of us, the part of us that understands the world as physical, I like to call it the finite self. It’s finite because finite implies that there’s a beginning, a middle, and an end.

If you think about how we think of time, we think of past, present, and future, but it’s almost always informed by the fact that, at some point, we die. The minute you start thinking like that, “Can everybody feel how anxious you get?” the finite part of us is our energetic field having a human experience. We’re human. We have a physical body. We’re in a material world. To perceive everything, we understand our physical senses. That’s the sense of smell, taste, and touch.

It also puts with us our ego, our personality, and our emotions. It makes us singularly aware of ourselves because I’m in this physical form and I’m different than you because I look like this and you look like that. It also gives us that finite perspective that everything ends because everything physical either is distracted at some point or just falls apart.

I want to compare the two sides of us, the dualistic nature of our souls. There’s the finite self we’ve talked about, but let’s talk about the infinite self. The finite self is a human being, and that infinite self is our spiritual being. It’s that energetic presence of ourselves where we have a physical body with the finite self. We have an energy body, which I was highlighting when we talk about the infinite self.

Whereas, we have physical senses with the finite self, we have soul senses with the infinite self. Those are all the clairs that people talk about when they teach psychic perceptions. It’s clairvoyance, clairsentience, or what I like to say soul feeling, soul hearing, and all those things. It’s the ability to hear, sense, and perceive energy. We have the physical world versus the energetic universe. We have our personality, our emotions, and our ego compared with the distillation of divine intelligence. It’s a different idea.

Instead of being the only thinker, there’s this idea of co-creation or access to a collective consciousness. As opposed to the finite perspective, there’s this infinite perspective because each one of these has different belief systems with it. The finite itself will believe we’re mortal. We’re an individual. We think we control our life. I think most of us can attest to the fact that that is not true, but the most perilous one is that life happens to me.

It’s a victimization of ourselves. It’s a separateness from the potential, the chances, and possible outcomes of a situation. We almost go concave with that idea energetically and separates us, but that’s so much of the experience of the finite. The infinite self, however, knows that we are immortal. It understands that this is a continuum of energy. We understand whatever that I am is to you, that you are part of a greater consciousness.

It also puts you in the driver’s seat because you co-create your life. It puts much more responsibility on personal responsibility, integrity, and the choices that you make. My favorite one is it puts you in the awareness that life is happening for you. More or less, it’s a gift. The people you meet, the circumstances that you’re given, and the delays that happen, there’s something in it that is contributing to something greater than yourself.

That part of us gets called to service or has a diminished experience that might be something our finite self experiences, but then our infinite self is called to a greater purpose because of a singular event. The hope is that these two parts of us can merge together. A way to look at this is the yin-yang symbol. We always want to think of our life, and I think it’s true for those of us. It is always as being a shift. There’s going to be ups. There’s a part of you that’s sailing and something that’s totally working.

GAR 76 | Soul-Centered Lives

Soul-Centered Lives: Your infinite self puts you in the awareness that life is happening for you. It is a gift that calls you to a greater purpose.


At the same time, something is in darkness and it’s not happening. I simply wanted to take a moment to share those perceptions because that’s the basic conundrum we’re in now. We have people that have very substantial ideas and beliefs. We are having a hard time finding harmony in things that are of a dualistic nature. The exact same thing is happening within us. We can feel rendered helpless when it comes to external events that seem beyond our comprehension or something we can do nothing about, and yet I absolutely disagree.

There is always something that can be done. What can be done is find that peace within yourself. It is finding that bridge between the finite self, the emotions, and the fear levels that can happen. It is that part of us that wants to be reclusive and think, “I did that wrong,” but finds that nurturing parent within ourselves to embrace that part of us and say, “Yes, but what did you get from it? Did you learn something? Are you a better person because of it? Will you make different choices going forward because you made those decisions?” Irene, thank you so much for allowing me a moment to go into education because I love teaching.

GAR 76 | Soul-Centered Lives

Soul-Centered Lives: You can feel helpless because of external events that seem beyond your comprehension. What you can do is find peace within yourself.


I wanted to say one thing. What you’re talking about is living a conscious life and being aware. We are all here. We know there’s more, every single one of us.

The benefit of shows and gatherings like this is the commonality of the beliefs within this tribe that we have created for this moment now. How am I different in the last few years? I have changed the paradigm of how I work because you are different. People are at a place in a space where they are understanding that what they valued in their life may not be what they wish to carry forward.

They’re at a place in their life where they realize that they need a stronger foot in the spirit world or a stronger foot in that idea of what is beyond themselves, a greater idea of service, and a greater idea that way. What it has demanded is that I look at my presentations. I look at the things that I’m passionate about and I re-vision what I’m offering to people. My whole thing is I don’t have any desire to be the best medium in the world. There are amazing mediums out there. They do fantastic work. I just want to serve the people that cross my path. I want to help to the degree that I can.

It is why I’ve spent the amount of time that I have learning what I have and putting the money that I have into education because there’s a gorgeous opportunity now for people to find what’s valuable for them. I encourage every single one of you to be comfortable in your discomfort. If there are things about you that you have realized that are not in alignment with what you want, make a change. Have the courage to find what that passion piece is. I’m excited about the new offerings of classes. I’m excited about the different things that I’m offering, but we all should be different because of what’s transpired, and I’m hoping we can maintain those values.

Be comfortable in your discomfort. If there are things about you that you have realized that are not in alignment with what you want, make a change. Click To Tweet

I know that I speak for everyone here. Thank you for this incredible time. This is wonderful. You’re so very gifted and authentic. For all of you who now surely want to connect with Austyn, you can do so at I also would like you all to know that there’s now an offer code for an ancestor discussion and meditation to help you connect with your own spirit family. It’s so fitting for our time together in this episode.

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