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Frances Rae Key writes enlightening books, songs, and scripts from the perspective of “the lookout tower of the soul.”  Her newest eye-opening book, titled In the Company of Souls: The Remarkable Spiritual Experiences of One Extended Familyis an incredible collection of 87 stories that shine a light on true-life supernatural events. Listen in for impressive evidence that our departed loved ones remain with us, heart to heart and soul to soul, to hear about true life mystical events, to learn why it is important to identify first as a soul before we identify with our bodies, and so much more!



  • The deep, timeless connections that exist beyond our physical bodies and how these connections can profoundly impact our lives.
  • Supernatural encounters that bridge the gap between the realms of the living and the departed.
  • Why it is important to identify first as a soul before we identify with our bodies.
  • Ways grief and loss can become transformative experiences that deepen our understanding of the interconnectedness of souls.
  • We are all in the process of healing – it is part of the human experience.



  • How are we heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul with our departed loved ones, even when we are not consciously aware of it?
  • What is the concept of time from the soul’s perspective?
  • How can we stop judging when it appears someone is destroying rather than healing?

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Frances Rae Key: We are heart to heart and soul to soul with our departed loved ones, even when we are not consciously aware of it.






I could not be more delighted to have the pleasure of interviewing Frances Rae Key once again. Frances, who I also call Frankie, writes enlightening books, songs, and scripts from the perspective of the lookout tower of the soul. The first time I interviewed Frankie was shortly after she published her four profound books called, The Team: A Mother’s Wisdom from the Other Side. I interviewed her again when Frankie eloquently spoke about the topic Ascension and Beyond for the Grief and Rebirth Show 2023 Live Your Most Evolved Life! Summit.

It is my true pleasure to interview Frankie who will be speaking to us from Jacksonville, Florida, about her newest book titled In the Company of Souls, which is an incredible collection of 87 stories that shine a light on true life supernatural events. Each story recounts psychic phenomena that Frankie and 20 of her family members and friends have experienced, providing us with evidence that our departed loved ones remained with us, heart to heart and soul to soul, even when we are not consciously aware of it.

The events described in The Company of Souls span many years. Some are recent, while some happened decades ago. The stories are characterized by great variety, from humorous twists of fate to outright miracles. Some deal with life-threatening situations, while others are soothing and comforting. Some involve physical manifestations, experienced through 1 or more of the 5 senses, while others involve intuition alone. There are complex stories with many details as well as brief moments of remarkable serendipity.

I’m looking forward to talking with Frankie about the manner in which The Team Books came to be and how she applies The Team Books’ principles to her own life. True-life supernatural events and stories from her eye-opening new book. Why is it important to identify first as a soul before we identify with our bodies and more for what is surely going to be another incredibly enlightening interview with Frankie. Frankie, welcome back to Grief and Rebirth from a full heart.

Thank you. I feel it from you. I feel the full heart. I appreciate it so much.


GAR 241 | Departed Loved Ones


This is quite an adventure. I am finding in this adventure that there are certain people that you so connect with. I feel that between us, it’s almost like we’re becoming soul friends.

As you spoke, all I could think about was the fact, and this relates to the question that you mentioned, that souls need no bodies to connect. When we lose a loved one and we grieve so much, the grieving effect is that their body is gone. Our bodies miss their bodies. Our souls do not miss them because our souls never were dependent on the body in the first place, to connect with that person, that other soul. Souls connect first, and then it shows up in the body. You and I would not have this connection which is our physical forms talking to each other if we hadn’t first had a soul connection.

If either one of us lays this body down, it will make no difference to our souls. You don’t need even miss a beat, not at all. That is why as much as it hurts our emotional and physical selves to lose the physical self of another if we do identify first as a soul and second as this temporary body, then we can move into that awareness that we were never dependent on these bodies in the first place to be connected with that soul. Our souls keep on talking.



Whose soul transitions first? I’ll throw you the party or you can throw me the party, how’s that? We’ll welcome each other.

Since we’re both in the same decade of life, as time goes by, we see more and more of our contemporary people passing away. We draw closer and closer to that subject matter in our minds.

For me, and I’m sure other people, when you’re aware of this world, you become more and more conscious because this time in this finite body is ticking, and you’re eventually going to leave it. It’s very important about the time, the where, and the with whom I spend the remainder of my time. It’s not like when you’re young and you feel you have years and years ahead of you.

Most often, you do, but we also know that many people do not have years and years ahead of them when they’re young. We don’t know if our life will last 1 minute after birth or 100 years or more. When we say our life, we’re simply talking about the youth, the opportunity we have to use this particular body. Whatever the body is, whatever shape it takes form, whatever nationality takes, be grateful for it. Take care of it even if it begins to fail. Even if there are illnesses or disabilities that come our way, gratitude for this form, for this opportunity to experience this very brief Earth life and grow.

With that, this is a perfect segue, Frankie. I want to start by telling everyone to remind everyone about your amazing Team books. There are four volumes. I’ve read them all a few times. They’re so wise and incredible. Could you tell us about them and how they came to be?

The four books are the writings of a team of beings. When you say your team books, they are not my team books, I describe an entire team of beings that were gracious enough to communicate this to all of us. 18 or 19 days after my mother passed away, I was on a plane to New York City to visit two of my daughters where they lived at the time. I have four of them. As I looked out the window, across the clouds, I thought about my mother. I asked her in my mind, “Mother, is there any distance for you?” I heard her answer me.

I did hear her in my mind, but it also felt like I heard her with my ears. I feel I heard her audibly and mentally. Her answer came, which was, “Distance is not like it is for you. My distance is more the scope of my intentions.” With that amazing statement, because I am a writer of songs, scripts, and stories, I’m always jotting ideas down. I pulled out my notebook, took a pencil, and wrote down what I felt like I was being told. It continued the whole flight. My first conversation with her was personal. It started to branch out from there where it wasn’t personal. I wasn’t talking about myself, my grief, my life, her, or anything like that.

It became where she was and how it was, and her big message was, “You are not alone. You’re not even functioning as one person. Nobody is, for you are a member of a spiritual team as close to you with breathing.” From that, 1 hour and a half to 2-hour flight, which I thought was an experience I was having on the plane, it went on for about 18 months of constant communication and writing. In three weeks, I had one finished and self-published, and then the others gradually over the next years. It was all handwritten. It took longer to type it up and edit it than it did to write it.

The first book was her. It was her energy, her feeling, and even people who read it that know her, said, “That is your mom. That’s her way of speaking. That’s her sense of humor.” As time went by, it became evident, particularly starting with book two, that there were other teammates that were behind this energy of this information. Sometimes the information will be dropped in my brain like a download.

All this knowledge and information would come in like a huge insight, but then it had to be slowly written out as a chapter. The whole understanding of the whole ball of wax was all there in one fell swoop. I did comprehend these things as I wrote them. Once the writing of the books ended, that complete union with this team, even though there’s a degree of it at all times, it wasn’t necessary for them to maintain that and so it did fade. When I read this material, I’m always blown away. I know more and more. I know I didn’t write it. I’m a good writer. I taught English.

How creative could you be? It was so profound.

You read my writings and then you read The Team books. They’re different people. That’s not the writing of Frankie. What I love the most about the books is everything’s very layered. When you read the beginning of a chapter, it is a simple statement, and then as you go, it gets deeper and deeper. Even though I had a background of spiritual awareness, they are concepts in there that had never occurred to me that for me and for many others who read them, have been truly life-changing.

I’m also getting off because after my husband died, I started getting all these messages. I was working with someone and was helping to channel him for me for my book. It was such a comfort in my grief to be connecting to him this way. That must have helped you a great deal, as you know that your mother was with you and you were channeling this information. She was not lost to you. She was there.

It did transform my experience of my grief. It’s been many years since she died, and it can hit me like anyone, out of the blue missing her or thinking of something when I was a little girl, and I’ll cry. Again, it’s my body, and my emotions are missing the presence of her body or personality. I’m so deeply aware of the soul connection. It expanded to other people who have died.

In the Company of Souls book, I describe the passing of my husband. Also, I was very honored and privileged. I was married twice. I was honored to be with my first husband when he died at the request of my daughter, his daughter, and his wife. He’d been married to for almost 25 years. I was so blessed to have that experience. I have been with three people who have passed. I have experienced the passing of a number of friends and some family members.

Let me ask you, with the amazing information about The Team books, in what ways do you now apply what you learned from those books to your own life? The essence of the books is to help people live consciously.

It’s all about application, isn’t it? It’s all well and good to meditate, pray, or withdraw from the world from time to time to replenish ourselves, but it’s taking that peace and awareness out into our daily lives that we affect others. We grow like planting a seed during meditation or spiritual study. Out you go to grow in the sunlight, and the sunlight is the activity of the natural world. The books have given me insight into this ongoing connection that we all have, all souls with other souls. It has given me calm in the midst of swirls of drama and energy whether it happens with people with family, people on the street, in the news, whatever.



It has enabled me to go into the lookout tower of the soul. As I was saying to you earlier, it’s like going up in an airplane and everything becomes smaller and smaller. You see this big picture. I truly believe that when there’s chaos of any kind, that chaos is a part of the process of healing. We see this in the news tremendously, people with violence, crime, accusations, and lack of compassion right and left. These are cries for help. This is a cry from the soul, which has been overwhelmed by the emotional, mental, or physical elements.

There’s a chapter in one of the books called Who Is in Charge Here? It gives you the analogy of a ship. We want the soul to be the captain of our ship. The emotions, the mind, and the body are told to line up behind the captain. In the Bible, it says, “Get behind me, Satan.” Whatever approach you want to take, it is the soul, the fragment of light that is made in the image and likeness of God that we want to lead and everything else serves the soul. If the body, the mind, and the emotions are serving the soul, then all is at peace.

It’s the ego. The ego takes over and trounces out the sounds of the soul.

If the body takes over, if you identify so closely to the body that it runs your life, then, it’s full of ego, full of fear of losing the body, full of condemnation of aging, because you’re aging, and self-loathing. All those things come in when you identify too much of the body. If you identify too much with the emotions, you’re going to be on a roller coaster because it’s like a choppy sea.

The mind, if it’s all intellect, you’re going to be missing out. We want the balance of these elements, and we want them to be led by the soul. This awareness helps me. I’m not saying I can do all these things all the time. You asked me, how do the books help me? Being aware and being able to be objective, sit in a situation, and feel all those things going on. That awareness helps me find a way to be an instrument of peace when possible.



One of the things from The Team books that you described helps me see more of life from that lookout tower. I heard that there is so much going on that can distress us. Sometimes because of the wisdom in the books, I take an overview of this. No matter what it is, I find that to be very helpful. Don’t take it personally. Watch what is happening in the world. Look at what’s going on even in my family or in a situation that is coming up. Can you see this from an overview? Not see it on such a small scale, where you are reacting to things that maybe with no reaction.

Take the time. Take the pause. Observe. The other big thing that The Team books have given me personally is I’m able to check myself if I begin to judge another. The books say everyone we meet has elements in themselves. It’s either a former version of ourselves, a present version of ourselves, or a future version of ourselves. If we see something in somebody that we truly love and admire, we feel we don’t have that attribute yet we’re seeing a future version of ourselves. We’re growing into that. If we see something horrific in somebody, we want to condemn that behavior and that attitude.

If we are no longer that, then we want we’re once that, and we grew out of that. It has helped me to feel more humble because who am I to condemn someone who is at a level perhaps I had been? Who am I to condemn myself either? Judgment of the self is harmful. I am growing into something every day, better. I spoke with someone who was so full of anger, guilt, and self-loathing and I said to them, “The thing is, we look at Michelangelo’s work. We don’t see the little boy who sat and scribbled on a piece of paper. We don’t see the canvases that he slashed, apparently with a knife because he was so enraged, he couldn’t get it right. We only see the masterpiece.”

When we are down on ourselves, we have to remember sometimes we are the scribbling kids. Sometimes we’re slashing it. We are in evolution, and there’s no end to this growth. Boxing ourselves in and saying, “I must reach this,” there is nothing to reach. It is simply reaching for something a little bit higher than we were yesterday.

That brings me to another point because people judge themselves. We not only judge ourselves. We judge others because we see time as finite. If we are going by the concept of the body, we have this amount of time and this is all that is as opposed to if you look out from the lookout tower and you see that time flows. It’s not finite and it’s not just about where we are in this physicality.

Can you explain this to all of our readers who are challenged with time in these physical bodies? We’re also worried about running late to this or making this on time. What is the concept of time from the soul’s perspective? You also speak about our earthly travels. There’s another analogy you sometimes speak about our earthly travels and how it’s different from the soul’s perspective. Talk about time, Frankie.

In the first book, time was a little hint. It was then developed in great detail. I’m going to do my best to give this incredible understanding that I’ve gained from these books about time. We know we’re looking at our lives and linear time with the past, present, and future. It gives the analogy that it’s like a ball of clay. Here’s time, here’s everything rolled together, then you stretch it out, and you make marks on it. This 1st, this 2nd, this happened 3rd, but then when you roll it all back together, it is all one.

I’m going to try to let this flow because it is complex, and I hope I can make it clear. We’re told to think about the eternal now. In everything we read, Eckhart Tolle and everyone talk about The Power of Now. The book described that the reason it’s so powerful is that in the now, it contains the past and the future. It’s all there. It isn’t like we’re looking at the now and we’re trying to ignore our past and we have to think about tomorrow, don’t we? We have to eat. We have to pay our bills.

To understand that, in the now exists the past and the future. The reason when you look at your life and your circumstances, this is the product of the past. Is it not? Whether you believe in past lives or not, or whether you believe it comes from this slide.

What you have created along the way has created your present. Your present includes your past quite logically. It contains the potential from multiple futures. They’re called strands of possibilities in the book, and these strands of possibilities are endless depending on what we choose. What you and I are choosing right now proves out of the probably zillions of choices that we could do at this moment, anything from getting on a spaceship and flying out of space, going across the world, or scrubbing our floors, we can’t even list all the things that we could do at this moment, but we have chosen this activity at this moment.

The power of choice is mind-blowing because every choice we make then leads us down one of these strands of possibilities that go branching out elsewhere. I tried to fictionalize the other thing big concept in a novel form in my novel, The Train to Hoffehausen. I told a story so that I could demonstrate how this might work in real life.

The power of choice is mind-blowing because every choice we make then leads us down one of these strands of possibilities that go branching out elsewhere. Share on X

If you drop a rock in a pond or a ball of water and you label all around these shores, that this shore is past, this shore is future, and these are shores in between, but you drop that rock in, those ripples go in every direction. The rock is our present moment and the power of choice we have at the moment, but those effects don’t go into our future as you think.

I’m going to do this and this will happen tomorrow. When we drop, we create these ripples and then go into our past. How is that possible? How do they change the past? The ripple is an example of a vibration. The vibrations of our present choice go into the past as well as the future. They paved the way for the future. They go into the past. They change the vibratory event. They don’t change the event, but they change the vibration of that event because everything’s done with vibration. That event is raised up, and then it shoots energy through the present into the future of a higher level.

We’ve changed our past, which is changing our future to a higher possibility. This is the nature of time. It’s hard to think of if you think of it as linear. If you turn that linear up into a straight line, then you have everything happening on top of each other. This is how the ripple of our vibration from the present moment can go everywhere. This helps with remorse. It helps with guilt. It helps with healing our past because all our power is in this present moment. We can change the things we regret in our past and we do it by applying the things that we learned spiritually to our present moment. The present is where we have all our power. That power goes everywhere.

You’re getting me to think about the fact that we heal. Part of the mission of this show is to encourage people to heal. When you heal and you’re healing elements that were traumatic and painful elements from your past, you’re letting go. You’re raising the vibration of what happens. You’re no longer living in that vibration of anger. You’re living in the vibration of forgiveness and letting go, which changes the trajectory of the future.


GAR 241 | Departed Loved Ones


It does it raises the vibration of the past, which affects the present, which travels right into the future and we do it all in the present moment. Some people don’t want to “leave the past behind.” It’s too painful. It’s easy to think, “I’m going to lose these memories, this, or that,” but that’s not true because the past is contained in the present. Everyone you’ve ever loved is contained in the present.

Speaking of everyone you’ve ever loved, you describe how we’re heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul with our departed loved ones even when we’re not consciously aware of it. Frankie, that’s another concept. Could you explain that to us also? Then I’d like to get to your new book. This is from The Team books. How are we heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul with our departed loved ones? They’re no longer in their bodies.

We’re not meant to be aware of it all the time and we have to keep busy in the practical job of living. It isn’t that we are supposed to be constantly looking for signs, trying to find them, or have some proof. It is carrying that quiet awareness that the bodies, which are so temporary, are not what creates the connection between souls. That connection already existed before we even had a body. It will continue to exist. The reason our loved ones don’t miss us the way we emotionally miss them is because they are so much with us.


GAR 241 | Departed Loved Ones


The Team books describe it as just like a human body, the brain in the human body has multiple areas that dominate certain things. We have a language area, an emotion area, a memory area, and that. The brain is divided up that way and that is a reflection of the soul. The soul has many areas or aspects. Only a certain aspect of our soul will even come in connection to this body. It’s an aspect that wants certain experiences and other aspects of us are still on the other side. We say, “I’m not all here.” We aren’t all here.

These other aspects are on the other side or even doing heaven knows what or where different dimensions and whatever. Our loved ones have passed to the other side. They are with that entire collection of aspects of us. When our child goes off to school, we’ve sent them to school but they’re as much with us on our mind as ever. Carrying that awareness, a part of me is here. A part of me is on assignment right now. I have things I need to get done and do and take care of.

Lessons that I need to learn which is another reason people come here.

We come to teach and learn. The teacher is always the student. The student is always the teacher. It’s interchangeable at all times. While I’m doing that, this entire part of me is still on the other side and has this big broad perspective. People call it the higher self. You can attune to those aspects of yourself that are not in the body. You can attune with the team because everything that we are learning, we are sending it back to the team. If you learn a lesson in patience or forgiveness, any progress you make belongs to the team. It is not personal. It’s collective. They have access to it. All these interchanges are going on. Carrying that simple, quiet knowing can transform our days.

I must say that when I channel the book for my husband, he talked about that. His experience is here. He brought them back to share on the other side. There you go. It’s a validation of everything. I love when the information validates each other from different sources in different ways. Let’s talk about your inspiration for writing this new book, In the Company of Souls. Now that we know that we’re always In the Company of Souls and they’re around us, how did this book come to be, Frankie?

I started out with the idea that I wanted to write down, if you want to call it psychic or supernatural, spiritual experiences that I’d had throughout my life and many of my friends and family members have had. I wanted to preserve it for my grandkids and posterity. As we said, we get into this stage of life and we start thinking of legacy and memories. I wanted to gather them together. I told everybody, “Write them down or even record them speaking and send them to me. I’m going to start typing these up.”

We have them for ourselves. As I went along, I thought, “I’m going to put this out there for anybody to read. Even though it is one particular family and group of friends, I’m sure many people have had a variety of these experiences and can relate to them. If they don’t, it’ll open their mind to them.” That’s what I did. About half of them are my experiences. There are 90 of them. The other half were from other people.

How long did it take you to compile all of these experiences for the book?

It always takes longer to proofread, edit, and then group them. I tried to group them, Dreams and Premonitions, and then I put the Physical Manifestation ones together, and then somebody would remember another one. “I remember that. We forgot all about that one. We couldn’t believe we forgot that one.” We kept adding and I would type it and edit. Different people contributed comments and endorsements and wrote a foreword. It evolved into a full book. I mentioned your summit in it. That was predicted to me by a sidekick, a medium I met with online. She was the loveliest woman and I wanted to include the remarkable reading that she did for me.

Before you begin, some of these stories are eye-opening. They do give you and bring you the faith that we are in the company of souls and we’re not these bodies. What principles are at work behind these supernatural events? There’s a perfect example of an amazing supernatural event from your own life, where your mother came through to you with her voice and everything after she transitioned. As she came through with an amazing friendship message, that’s incredible. Could you explain these supernatural events and share that message with us?

In the book, I tried to add at the end of many of the stories, not all of them, some explanations and spiritual insight, mostly from The Team books about how such a thing could occur. How could somebody physically manifest in front of someone after they had died? That happened to me. My mother-in-law manifested and spoke after she passed. How can an object be moved? How can somebody have this intuition to do something and it turns out to save somebody’s life? It is all done through energy and vibration. If our soul is supposed to have the experience of that level of contact, our own being can make ourselves available to it.

The other being who was passed can bring their energy into that form of expression. Both can be opened to each other at the same moment. This is why it doesn’t happen nonstop. Otherwise, we’d be walking and talking nonstop among all of them all the time. Everything has to be lined up like the radio station. We’ve had that analogy from everybody, that you have to tune in. Not only does the station have to be sending it, but you have to have the ability to capture it.

It’s the timing that makes it happen. Some people have more of this psychic ability than others. Only because maybe in another lifetime, a person spent a great deal of time involved in psychic connection and in this lifetime, it’s better for them not to be preoccupied with that. Another aspect of their soul is coming to do a different work.

They still have the ability from the other lifetime, right?

It is, but it’s put on the shelf. Somebody may have a musical talent in this life that takes them down a certain path. That gift may be put on the shelf and they may be an architect in another life and much more practical-minded because different aspects are coming in and working on different skills. We don’t always come across the same way with the same gifts, abilities, line of work, interests, or anything in a certain life. Some lives are simply a path for us to be more open to psychic phenomena. It happens more frequently.

We don't always come across the same way, with the same gifts, abilities, line of work, interests, or anything in a certain life. Some lives are simply a path for us to be more open to psychic phenomena. Share on X

Would you like to share the amazing psychic phenomena with your mom and then choose a couple of your wonderful stories to share with us that illustrate?

I’ll tell about a couple of the stories real quick and then we can play that recording. In the book, there are humorous things and mind-blowing profound type of types of things. For example, one of the funny ones, my daughter went to a medium on a whim, not even serious about it. She told her she was going to meet a man online who was very tall and spoke with a German accent. She was going to marry him. She walked out of there going, “That is one of the most ridiculous things I can imagine.”

In the meantime, a man saw her profile on what used to be called Myspace. He only read the words that she wrote about herself. It used to be, you wrote a paragraph about yourself and it wasn’t a dating thing. It was a social thing. He read them and he said to his friend because his friend had it up, “I’m going to marry that girl.” He had never seen a picture or anything of her. He said, “If she’s anything like what she’s describing about what she wants out of life, her thoughts, and her feelings, I’m going to marry that girl.”

it was her. Neither one of them knew anything about the other at this point. This man is named Eddie. He goes to another friend’s house weeks later and he sees a picture of my daughter. His friend had a picture up of my daughter on his computer from Myspace, and he went, “Who’s that?” He said, “That’s so-and-so.” He goes, “She’s so pretty. Let me read her profile.” He scrolled down, read the profile, and realized it was the same girl. He goes, “Who is she?” He goes, “I went to high school with her. She’s great. She’s a friend.” “I have to meet her.”

He’s in New York. My daughter’s here in Florida. He starts to reach out to her. She ignores him. She’s not going to talk to some guy online. After the long-convoluted things, she finally connects with him and meets him. She goes to visit him in New York. By the way, he is very tall. He’s 6’3”. He goes, “Come out with me. I’m doing something.” She’s sitting in the audience. He gets up on the stage and he starts speaking with a German accent. He was introducing a German band. He was managing the band. He introduced this band with a German accent because they were from Germany.

Whenever he was around them, he would put on this fake German accent. There she was with a tall man who she met online, who spoke with a German accent. They got married. They have two children and that was a fun, beautiful, and meaningful story. Their pictures are in the book. What I did with these stories was I only put in things that were validated and proven. Other people witnessed it, heard about it, or knew about it like that. It wasn’t somebody who had a dream and it was personal.

Another story of a more serious kind was when my own mother-in-law, who I had visited in the hospital. She was doing very well. She had surgery, recovered, and was going to be out within a few days. I went to sleep that night and I was separated from her son, my husband. I was asleep. My daughter who was about 9 or 10 at the time called me from another room. She woke up. She was afraid. She called me and I went in there. She had seen an angel manifest in the bedroom. She had a dream first about the angel, and the angel had told her to put all her toys in a little toy grocery basket. She was going through the house and then the angel said, “Come fly with me.”

My daughter, Julie, went back to grab the basket and she said, “You can’t take anything with you. When we leave the Earth, we can take no material possessions.” Julie wakes up and sees the angel in her room. She called for me, I run in there, and she was so excited. Her little friend was spending the night with her and she’s awake too. She said, “Julie says his angel is in the room. I can’t see it.” Anyway, the angel wasn’t there anymore. After I got the girls settled down to bed, I went to sleep. It was dawn and some light was coming in and someone grabbed my foot.

I sit up and there stands my mother-in-law and she looked as real in flesh and blood as you or I. She said, “You get my son to a hospital now.” I could see her and I could feel her touch on my foot. I get up. I call where my husband was staying. He and I were separated. He was with his brother. I called his brother. I said, “You’re not going to believe this,” and I told him what his mother had said. He said, “Frankie, she died at 4:00 this morning. Everyone thought she was fine and recuperated but she died.” She died at 4:00. That’s when she appeared to my daughter as an angel, telling her about leaving the Earth with nothing.

He said, “I have him in the car. We’re taking him to the hospital now.” He got very ill, a long-complicated illness that went on for years, but he had collapsed and I was correct. My husband heard the story. He knew it. My son, my brother-in-law, my daughter, everyone was involved. She came through to my daughter and to me. We both apparently were receptive to her and she had left her body after passing and was close enough to the Earth where she had a few things, she wanted to tend to. Clearly, she wanted my daughter to have that message and she’s never forgotten it. She talks about it to this day and she wanted to make sure that her son got to the hospital.

She knew that you would take care of it and that you would give that message.

I was alert and aware. Maybe because I heard about the angel appearing to my daughter. However she ushered that in, she broke through and changed the vibration so that I would be also receptive.

I suggest everyone should read this book because it’s wonderful and very eye-opening. Now, you have something that’s even more eye-opening from your mom. Do you want to tell us about that?

My mother passed away in 2010, in October. I began writing the books after communicating with her. Several years after that, a friend of mine, Gina, who has a recording studio to this day, called me and said, “I have a CD and it’s your mom. Remember you brought her over years ago? We recorded her playing the piano.” I remembered. My sister had been there. We’d all been present. We were all talking in the background, “Play this one.”

She was in her 80s. We wanted to have her piano music preserved because we love to hear her play. That day, we had all been there and she played and recorded on this grand piano. Gina had said, “I don’t think you ever got a copy of it. Here it is.” She gave me this CD and I listened to 30 minutes of my mother playing the piano. It was this wonderful and moving, but then, all of a sudden, at the end of the piano, my mother speaks. I’m going to play for you.

This is after she had transitioned.

This was about two years after she had died. All we were aware of was her playing the piano, and we all remembered that day. You’re sitting at a grand piano playing and then we, “That’s a wrap,” and off we go out the door and we go home, right? How did this recording get on the end of this piano playing? I called Gina. She said, “I have no idea what you’re talking about. All I did was click the file.”

Tagged onto this recording is my mother speaking. I’m going to play for you this recording. I didn’t tell people or release it for many years because it was something I could not even absorb. It was miraculous that somehow, her voice had been tagged onto the end of this recording with this message. She did not record in that recording studio, I guarantee you. How did it get there? All I can say, it must be through the same principle of vibration.

It’s the same way she got through to you. When after she transitioned, you began to hear her. She found her way there to show you, “It’s me.”

She found her way to attach vibrationally speaking her voice. I know that some people do record voices of spirit but it’s usually something garbled and this is complete, as if she’s speaking into a microphone. Here she is and now I do share this message because I feel like it applies to our world.

It applies to what we’re going through.

She says, “I am speaking to you as a member of a team, a team that believes that the human race is preparing for a tremendous change, a change that is too frightening to consider or too beautiful to imagine.”

It’s the subject of the summit that we had Ascension and Beyond, and how we arrived from 3D into 4D to 5D into the vibration. The chaos we’re all experiencing is the cleaning out of the negative toxic pieces to achieve a higher vibration and a more loving world. It’s hard to see right now, but from that little lighthouse, from the upper level, as you’re witnessing and looking you see what’s happening.

It speaks to the power of free will. Things can go in any direction. Like right now, things are in every direction, simultaneously. We see with our own eyes people deliberately choosing a very dark path right alongside those who are choosing a path of compassion, wisdom, and forgiveness. Right alongside people who waver between the two, there’s every level of consciousness present on the planet at all times. It always has been that way. It provides the contrast provides us with this smorgasbord of growth. Things can go in either direction.

The only person that we can control is our own personal choices. We can do something about it by always reaching for the highest choices available to us at any given moment, that’s where our power lies. From that point, we’re able to send out vibrations that affect others. We can’t control it. Some people do get very overwhelmed and afraid at what we see, but we have to remember that there’s as much love, wisdom, and goodness flowing out around the planet as there is this other stuff that we’re afraid of. We jump on the peace train and keep riding it.

The only person that we can control is our own personal choices. Share on X

Keep keeping the hope in the prayer and the positives with gratitude. I feel that helps to elevate us with gratitude. Also, I want to ask you that you say that we’re all in the process of healing, speaking of the planet and what’s going on and the ways vibration that goes with your mother’s message. How can we stop judging when it appears someone is destroying rather than healing because that’s the same piece of that?

We see actions and events, but we have to remember that any event is simply the manifestation of a certain energy or vibration. We don’t want to match our vibration and energy to that which we don’t want to see. If we do that, we’re told in the books, these vibrational spheres exist everywhere. There’s a sphere of divine love. There’s a sphere of forgiveness. There’s a sphere of fear. There’s a sphere of hatred. There’s a sphere of judgment. We’re always contributing to, pulling out of, and drawing down from each of these spheres. We don’t want to contribute more fear or pull out more fear from these big spheres that float around invisible to our human eyes.

We want to contribute to the higher spheres. We have to deliberately choose it. When we see these things, when we fear them, we simply have to shift and say, “I want to be part of the solution, not the problem.” If I’m going to send out judgment and wish ill, don’t wish anything negative on anyone, even if it’s someone you’re seeing that disgusts you. Wish for their healing. Wish for their enlightenment. I said this to someone once and she said, “I’m not going to wish that so-and-so is ever healed. I want to see him suffer.”

I said, “Even him. Wish for his healing. Wish for his enlightenment. The only thing that will lift everything and everyone that’s associated with that individual up is his healing, enlightenment, humility, and healing of the pain that drives a person to behave that way. We want to wish no ill will. That doesn’t mean that person won’t have to go through something to get to that enlightenment and that healing, but the ultimate goal for all beings is that.

I want to also ask you. You’ve got a special Christmas offer for the members of our Grief and Rebirth audience. Your books are so wonderful. I would love you to please share your Christmas offer with everyone.

I like to put the books up the first week of December 2023, half price, everything, so that those who want to get them for themselves for Christmas or give them to other people for the holidays have access. Sometimes I put them up there for $0.99. Amazon allows you to put certain amounts and to run certain promotions or you can bring it down low, but the first week of December is a wonderful time to take advantage.

Frankie, I look to end with a question about joy. Why does reminding yourself that you are walking on the shoulders of all who have come before us bring you joy?

It simply keeps me humble and grateful. Who am I to even forget for a moment what has been done by the generations that have come before me to lay this pathway of wisdom? The books go along with the image of this Trail of Light that stretches out before us and behind us. Great souls have come to this earth and left all these teachings and insights to give us the way.

We’re building on what they’ve given us.

Whatever we leave here on this planet, we’re leaving it for those who come behind us. Whatever we learn, we’re sending up to the team for them to take and absorb. It helps me to know that it matters. It might seem small, the things we do, and in a way it is, but collectively speaking, it adds to what humanity that comes behind us will have to build upon.

We’re adding to the universal consciousness to the collective, to the universal consciousness.

We don’t do any of this for ourselves. Anything we do for ourselves fizzles out. It’s when it’s collected and connected to the big picture that it becomes very valuable. It keeps me grateful and humble. Any improvement I make or any healing of my own stuff becomes available for the healing of others. What brings me joy? It makes it worth the effort. That makes me happy because we all get discouraged.

You’re serving a higher purpose, as has been done by those before you.

It helps us to be so less critical, more supportive, kind, and compassionate to one another and to remember there, but for the grace of God go I.

There cannot be more wonderful few last words to this interview, but I have even more from you, Frankie. I love this enlightening quote from your wonderful book, In the Company of Souls that I hope everyone will want to purchase, be it before or during that December promotion because it’s marvelous. I’d love to share this quote. “We are so much more than our manner of death, the essence of the soul, and the ideals we have tried to live by or what constitutes our lives, not the way in which we die. The moment of death is as brief as a released breath, mere seconds, while our real and eternal essence belongs to the eternal force of life itself.”

This is so amazing. I want to thank you Frankie for this insightful and meaningful interview that has surely brought so much comfort, solace, and a new thought of wisdom to many in our audience as they continue to heal and evolve. Here’s a loving reminder, everyone. Make sure to follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. As I like to say, to be continued, many blessings. Thank you so much from my heart, Frankie, and bye for now.

Thank you. It was wonderful.


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