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Frances Key (Frankie) is a writer, a musician and a former teacher of music and English as a Second Language. Nineteen days after her mom, Gloria Crystal Key, who was called “Teddy,” had died, Frankie was on a plane to NYC to see her daughters. She looked out the plane at the glorious clouds and asked Teddy a question: “Mom, is there any distance for you?”, and she received an answer. It was not an intuitive answer but a concrete one – she heard Teddy’s voice with its beautiful Australian lilt, and while it was indeed inside her head, it also seemed to be outside of her as well. Thus began a conversation that lasted more than a year. Frankie hand-wrote the information Teddy gave her and compiled it into 4 books called “The Team: A Mother’s Wisdom from the Other Side.” These remarkable books contain 100 spiritually transformative insights from an expanded, unobstructed point of understanding.



  • Our spiritual legacy and the great love of our spiritual teammates.
  • The importance of our vibratory alignments.
  • What happens when we die and how we can prepare for our own deaths.
  • Why evolution is a collective process and why our lives are sacred.


  • Do we each have spiritual teams and a mission in life?
  • How does gratitude raise our vibration and why is there nothing to forgive?
  • How do our physical bodies relate to our spiritual bodies?





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Frances Rae Key: Each Soul On Earth Is A Member Of A Spiritual Team With Both Overarching And Specific Missions In Life


I’m speaking to you from my studio in West Orange, New Jersey. I’m excited to have this opportunity to interview author Frances Rae Key, who will speak to us from Jacksonville, Florida, where she enjoys spending time with her four daughters and many grandchildren. Frankie is a writer, musician, and former teacher of Music and English as a second language. Throughout her life, Frankie has had what is commonly described as psychic experiences, including dreams, visions, and messages from people who have passed away.

As a young child of ten, she began to receive, through automatic writing, poetry and messages far beyond her ability to compose. Her bond with her mother as her spiritual teacher and dearest friend was so close. She had no doubt that she would have some connection with her after she one day transitioned. However, nothing could have prepared Frances, also called Frankie, for the amazing intensity of what was to come.

Nineteen days after her mom, Gloria Crystal Key, who was called Teddy, had died, Frankie was on a plane to New York City to see her daughters. She looked out the plane at the glorious clouds and asked Teddy a question. “Mom, is there any distance for you?” She received an answer. It was not an intuitive answer but a concrete one.

She heard Teddy’s voice with its beautiful Australian lilt and while it was indeed inside her head, it also seemed to be outside of her. Thus began a conversation that lasted more than a year. Frankie hand-wrote the information Teddy gave her and compiled it into four books called The Team: A Mother’s Wisdom from the Other Side. The first book was finished in three weeks. She released the next two within a year and the fourth in 2017.

I’m looking forward to asking Frankie about an exchange of spiritual DNA with her mom, the physical and other effects Teddy’s channeling had on Frankie, and some of the many insights in the books that are mind-blowing. What does Teddy have to say from her heavenly vantage point about our spiritual legacy and the great love of our spiritual teammates, evolution being a collective process, and the importance of our vibratory alignments?

What happens when we die or transition? Why does gratitude work? How can we prepare for our own deaths and the sacredness of our lives? My questions are sourced from the 100 spiritually transformative insights presented in the four Team books. I personally have read these books. I am deeply comforted and inspired by them and I’m looking forward to an absolutely incredible enlightening interview for all of us.

Frankie, my heartfelt welcome.

You said so much.

There’s so much and more for us to say. I usually try to keep these interviews on the short side, but there’s so much wisdom for everyone in these books. As I said, it’s mind-blowing. There’s so much more to read than what I’m even going to question you about. I want to give people a taste. These are four books that are amazing and transformative and I have personally recommended them to so many people who are also telling me that they’re blowing them away. I am passionate about sharing you with all of our audience. These are special.

Let’s begin our interview with the first of many questions. I actually honed from four books. You cared for your mom for two years while she was ill and you were by her side at her passing. When she passed, you felt something within you go with your mother and something of your mother stayed inside you. Please explain what happened between you and your mom and tell us why this exchange was important to your channeling the four books.

GAR Frances Rae | Spiritual Team

The Team: A Mother’s Wisdom from the Other Side, Book 1 (The Team Books)

It’s important to understand that my mother and I were incredibly close and we had been, throughout our life and my childhood, explorers of different ways of thinking. We read together and talked together. We had many spiritual experiences together. We had a foundation in a way. Never in my wildest dreams did I think something of this magnitude would occur or could occur.

When my mother passed and took her last breath, I felt like and I’ve come to understand what this is. We have spiritual DNA just like we have physical DNA. Our physical DNA gets activated by certain things in our life. Not activated, but something became activated. I knew her soul was leaving her body, but I felt like I partly went with her.

It was like I was traveling with her out of my body. A part of me left with her. Before a very short time, I didn’t understand it the very instant, but I came to understand that a part of her had stayed with me. Something had exchanged. You have to realize it’s all done with vibration. We can’t exchange our physical DNA, you and I, but when a couple has a child, their DNA is in that child. It’s like physical DNA merges. The same thing can happen with spiritual DNA. That is what happened. I didn’t know it exactly at that time, but as the book information came through and all this terminology and concepts came through, it became evident.

It made it easier for you as the material was coming through to you also.

I think it made it possible. I feel like whatever part of me left was able to grasp the concept and see some of this through her eyes. Whatever part of her stayed was like a thread or a bridge.

Let me ask you this. While this happened, now you have this direct contact with your mom. Through that and your automatic writing and then sudden downloads of information, this enabled you to handwrite this remarkable four-book series. Can you describe what that direct contact was like, what the automatic writing was like, and those downloads of information so people understand how you got this incredible information?

I began riding on the airplane. I was looking out a window and I mentally asked her a question, “Mom, is there any distance for you?” The clouds were so beautiful. You know what it’s like from a plane. You feel like you’re in another dimension. The answer came. I could hear it and it was so rapid. I’m a person who is always writing anyway. I pulled out a piece of paper and I started scribbling down things. At first, it was more personal, but it became more universal. The best comparison I’ve ever found and I give people is how you have a song in your mind like you get a song stuck in your head.

You can hear the instruments. You can hear the voice, the backup singers, and the drums. Where is that? How can you hear a few lines of a piece of music? Instantly, you know what it is. “I know it’s this song.” In the case of you, playing the violin. You hear that line. That’s the passage from the symphony. In that way, it was like this enormous amount of information was contained in a quick phrase or sentence. Another example I give sometimes is it’s like somebody put a movie into my head in one split second and I knew the beginning, the middle, the end, and the whole plot that quickly. These things don’t translate very well in the human.

I get it because in the beginning, when I first started writing my book, the first person I worked with also did automatic writing. She would ask a question and the information would come right through her and she would start writing it on the page.

Some people call this automatic writing. Some people call it inspirational writing.

I think it’s a combination for you.

For me, it was because I never lost. Some people do automatic writing, they close their eyes and have no consciousness. They don’t even feel like they did it. I was aware and I knew what was being said. The amazing thing was, as it was being said and I was writing it in this big, sloppy, fast handwriting, I understood it at a level that I don’t know that I quite have. I study these books and I read them. I’m deeply moved and amazed every time I do because I know I didn’t write them. I’m not capable of writing this material. I’m a pretty good writer, but I’m not this kind of writer. I’ve written stories and poems. I’ve written musical scripts, but this technical, quantum physics, scientific stuff, what words would you give?

It’s not in your normal toolbox.

It’s not my normal set of abilities. I’m always amazed by it. I’m definitely a student of the material. These vast concepts were compressed into this thing and this tiny dot and then the hand was going rapid fire. I have all the papers and I had to write them. There was a power in the writing. It was very difficult to use a computer or any other method.

You also had body changes. There were some tremendous changes that occurred to you both in your body and vibrationally when you were in communication with your mother and doing this. You begin to sense the story behind the story about many things that you never knew before. I have to tell you, from reading the books, I’m starting to do that too. It’s quite an experience. Do you want to tell our audience what is about the story behind the story and how your body changed vibrationally?

When I got off the airplane, I thought maybe it was a personal one-time experience from being inspired of being up in the sky but it continued for several years. The first six months were night and day. You would think that it would exhaust me, but the information and proximity of the teammates, my mother, and other teammates, who were so close, gave me incredible energy.

This happened when I was 58. I wasn’t a real young woman, but I had the energy of a very young woman. I didn’t need to sleep. I was on top of the world. I was vibrationally floating and it energized my body. The problems I had with neck pain, back pain, migraines, fibromyalgia, and different things that doctors had diagnosed that I’d struggled with since I was a teenager were gone. I was healed, powerful, youthful, and full of energy. They gave that to me so that I could do it. It took tremendous energy.

Have these things not returned?

I’ll be honest. I go up and down. It has faded through the years. I’m getting older and there are times where I feel the presence of the team. When I’m speaking with somebody like you, I feel that incredible energy, but I don’t keep it with me all the time anymore. I think it was like an injection they gave me so that I could be used to get the books out.

I feel the same way about this show and my book. We are part of the team. I totally understand.

You are carried by them.

They leave you to live your human life.

The story behind the story was your other question. As I wrote these things, they penetrated my soul and stirred up a remembrance in me because we know these things but we forget. They became alive for me. I remember one day when I was absolutely stunned. I get choked up remembering. At the side of a tree, I’m coming out of the Earth. You read about people being on some psychedelic drug, which I didn’t do and have never done but it felt that way. I felt like I was seeing plants, the sky, and the breeze. Everything was supernatural. The colors were incredible. Like being a child who’d never seen a tree before, the tree experience was magnificent and the miracle of the roots of it.

It sounds like you were getting a vision of what people see on the other side because they always say the colors are more vibrant. Everything is not through a filter.

The ecstasy of music. Everything was magnified. Our ordinary day, surroundings, and life are not ordinary.

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Does this also change the way you see people too, Frankie, like the story behind the story?

More than anything, it’s the way I see people because I see everyone as a soul on a journey. We spoke of this earlier. Even the darkest things that go on, we are soul-seeking light. Sometimes people move through the mud as they move toward the light. No matter what we see or who we see doing what, we can learn to see the story behind the story. There’s a team surrounding everyone and our teams overlap. It says in the books that, for example, you and I could not be connecting right now on the physical way or in the physical plane if we weren’t first connecting in the spiritual plane. The spiritual connection always precedes the physical. That’s going on behind the scenes of everybody you see walking around. It’s remarkable to see it clearly.

GAR Frances Rae | Spiritual Team

Spiritual Team: The spiritual connection always precedes the physical connection.

You had these enormous orbs of light appear in your angel garden one day. Why did you use two of them as book covers? Tell us about that story.

I would’ve used all of them if they’d all been clear enough to use. Those two were clear enough to use. I’m looking out the window at that angel garden right now. This has never happened before and has never happened since. It was in 2013. I’d already released the books, not the fourth one, but all the others. I had different covers on the books. A friend of mine had died. Her name was Leslie. She had died of cancer. I’d worked all day long to make a music video in her honor because her funeral was in Baltimore and I couldn’t go, so I sent it to her daughter.

Leslie loved the books and we would have long conversations about them. We were very close spiritually. After I finished this, I walked out to the garden. I was about to drive off the property and leave and something made me pause. I walk over and take some photographs with my phone, which I often do because it’s beautiful out there.

The first photo I took was this beam of light and the orb was on it. This is a statue we put up in memory of my mother. At first, I thought, “Is it the sun? How can this be possible?” It was so incredibly vivid. I would experiment and I took pictures away from the angel statue. Not far away. Just right next to it like the woods right next to it would be nothing. I moved to a different spot, but nothing. I went to the next angel. These angels are in a circle, so the light cannot hit them in the same way. Even if you had a light aberration, it wouldn’t happen in a big circle of about a quarter acre separating these. The last one I took was so incredibly vivid.

What is the statue actually of? The light is so encompassing. Is that not the angel?

As I walked around and did this, I’d go off the angels and then on the angels and every angel would have some kind of circle. Some of them were a little softer. They were all huge. Some would be very soft and fuzzy and some would be vivid like that. Looking at them, I still had trouble believing this was happening. I was thinking of Leslie and I thought, “Perhaps this is Leslie’s presence.”

It’s on my website, but it wasn’t clear enough to put on the cover of a book. I got to where I had a little table and two chairs. My cousin put it there. My cousin’s mother was my mother’s only sister. She said, “That’s for our two mothers to sit on and enjoy this garden.” They had both passed, Merle and Teddy. I looked at those two chairs and I said, “Mother, if this is true and this is you, I want to see two of those orbs and I want to see them over those chairs.” I took two pictures and both of them had enormous orbs. Maybe you’ve seen them on the website. Maybe you could show it later if you have a way. They were over each chair.

What I’m going to do is have everybody be able to go to your website. We’re going to tell them all about it so that they can see that on your website.

That particular picture is not in the book, so I wish I had it to hold up for you. Those two big balls of light over those two chairs, there was no way in the world that that was a coincidence or something in the camera or anything. They’re huge. They were three feet across.

They’re big souls.

It’s an amazing thing to experience.

It’s such a validation. Your mom conveyed that each soul on Earth is a member of a spiritual team with specific missions in life. Please tell us about our spiritual teams and our specific missions in life.

A lot of people say, “What’s my mission?” Sometimes we are given a very distinct task such as what happened to you. When did this happen in your life?

Saul died in 1997 and I was out with the book about 2002 and then I got the message. Podcast came into my brain a few years ago. This was all part of the plan. I was told when I was channeling the book from Saul that we were part of a team. This is what was so amazing to me when I read your books. He was working with me from the other side. I was like, “That’s interesting.” Now my experience and what I learned are being validated. When I was reading your Team books, I was like, “Here it is.”

I’m telling you, sometimes it’s later in life that something becomes very clear and everything before is laying the groundwork. The relationship you have through your marriage laid the groundwork for communication. That wasn’t going to occur magically after knowing him for a few years. Don’t let yourself worry, “What am I supposed to be doing in my life?” She says over and over, “There is no ordinary person.”

Ordinary life is not ordinary. You are not living an ordinary life if you’re being a parent, going to work, and connecting with other human beings along the way. You are a soul on a journey like everyone around you. What you’re doing is having an impact. You could do it from another level and never change a thing in your life if all you did was farm your land and sell your vegetables. It is the vibration of the person and what they’re emanating. That is your mission.

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That is our mission because we’re all collectively contributing through our vibration to the evolution of consciousness on the whole planet. What we do is multiplied, activated, and enlarged by the team like a snowball going down the hill collecting more. What is our mission? It’s being here and learning to think and act with love, peace, and lack of judgment.

Also, pass it forward to other people so that they learn from your light.

You talked about being an example. It’s being the best example that you can by internalizing these things. They’re not mere curiosities. “That’s a cool thing.” It’s applying it when somebody gives you the opportunity to apply it by being difficult in your life. The Earth is like a workout gym for the soul. We’re working out our muscles. If we don’t have any resistance in our weights, if they’re all one pound, we’re not going to develop any muscles.

We provide opportunities for one another by being an inspiration to each other, maybe disappointing one another, or providing each other with difficult and beautiful relationships to grow through. We need the contrast. A surfer goes out on that surfboard and he may love looking up at the blue sky, but that surfer is there for the waves. We’re here for the waves. We’re here to practice our spiritual craft and report to our team.

They have such an effect. It’s like with my story, when they pulled me out of the car and the voice said to me, “Be loving and kind to everyone,” I took that as my new mission. I got a further message. I started getting messages. I’m supposed to write a book. I wrote the book and now I thought, “That’s great. I’m out with my story. I was helping a lot of people. I was consciously being loving and kind.” What happened next? I got the message podcast, so it’s exactly what you’re saying.

If you hadn’t gotten the message to be loving and kind and had that, you wouldn’t have gotten the message for podcasts because we have to do what is before us. Bloom where we’re planted, do what is before us humbly, and do it well. If we’re tasked with rocking the baby all day, do it well and do it with love. Do it humbly and then other things open up.

It’s a journey. It’s step-by-step. A person’s mission may be to be a loving parent, but they may be a loving parent to someone who’s giving birth to someone who’s going to be great for humankind.

I’m working on an audiobook of Book 1 and I have been working on the chapter called Children. There is nothing greater. We are sending these children out into the world as an emissary or a representative of ourselves. There’s no greater service because often, mothers staying home or parents in general, it can be a father, a grandparent, or anyone raising a child can feel very left behind, overwhelmed, or forgotten. It’s such an important work.

That’s a whole other thing called conscious parenting when people do that also. I want to ask you, how do our physical bodies relate to our spiritual bodies and the overriding mission of life on Earth? I think a lot of us take our physical bodies for granted, Frankie. They don’t understand.

In Book 1, there’s a whole chapter on the body called Body and Soul. I always love to read a little of these books because I’m a person talking about them, but the way the words are phrased has a power of their own.

They definitely have a vibration.

“The senses of the body are an exquisite tool for the use of the soul. Bodies in all stages of health and all conditions have immeasurable usefulness. A body that is impaired is treated by the soul as water treats blockages in a stream. It finds a way to circumvent the situation. The soul knows how to make the best use of whatever form it joins.”

We’ve heard the words. Our bodies are the temple of the soul. If we look at them from an egotistical standpoint, of course, we’re going to find fault. We don’t like this part or that part, we’re getting older, we don’t fit the fashion design, model design, or whatever it is. Truly, the physical form is such a blessing and a miraculous combination of stardust that will never again be combined in this unique way. Unless they clone you, there’s not going to be another body like yours. The soul needs the body. We care for it so it can be used by the soul.

We are vehicles for the soul.

I have to say this. This is so important. It’s in Book 4. “The soul is not stuck inside the body.” People think, “I’m a soul, and it’s this ball of light and it’s stuck inside this body. I want out. I don’t like being in here.” The body is actually inside the soul. The soul is vast. It’s connected to the other side. A part of our soul is always on the other side. It’s like a person sitting on the edge of the lake and sticking their toe or foot in the water. That’s the part of the soul that is connected to the body, not stuck in it.

GAR Frances Rae | Spiritual Team

Spiritual Team: The soul is not stuck inside the body. The body is actually inside the soul. The soul is vast. It’s connected to the other side.

It sounds like people can see auras and different parts. Is that part of the soul?

It’s all around. The body is inside the soul. These physical bodies of ours are tiny. You think about the vastness even of the planet, we’re a speck. We are a tiny speck and yet we’re not. Our bodies are, but we are not specks because our souls are vast and they’re connected to these vast reservoirs of information and energy. Don’t feel like your body is nothing. It’s very important. At the same time, you’re not stuck inside. This is not the real and eternal us. It’s like getting in your car and driving for a while. The car breaks down, it gets too old, you can’t use it anymore, you leave it, and you get a new car. Take care of that car and take care of that body.

You want to get as much mileage as you can.

Appreciate it. If you have a part of your body that is in pain, speak to it kindly and gratefully. I used to have a problem with my knee and whenever it would act up, I would touch it. I would thank that knee for all the years and the weight, the walking, kneeling down, dancing, and playing with the children. I sympathize and give it a break. Instead of going, “I hate that knee,” energy, thoughts or things, and words have power. Be kind to your body.

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Did it get better? Does your knee feel better?

It is better. It rarely ever acts up.

In the book, you talk about some of our teammates who are with us here on Earth and some are working from the other side. Saul and I are prime examples of this. Can you tell us more about that dynamic?

I’ve had people say, “How many people are on my team and how do I know who’s on my team?” We don’t know those answers because if you even knew there were 25 teammates, those teammates overlap with other teams. Your team overlaps with another team like a Venn diagram in Mathematics.

Right now, our teams are overlapping, wouldn’t you say?

Yes. They’re overlapping and can overlap temporarily for a certain project or they can be very connected and intricate. It’s like you see in the business world. This happens. The representatives of certain businesses come together and they coordinate. Working from the other side, we have teammates right next to us. Some of them are family members.

They are physical in our lives.

Saul was here physically. He was your teammate. They change location so it manifests differently. It doesn’t mean that the connection is gone. This was pointed out to me by my mother. Often, they can do more for your mission from the other side, which is exactly what Saul has done. What you’re doing now would not take this particular form.

I absolutely feel it. This show is helping so many people and I’m so humbled by it. I know that they’re cheering because it is helping so many people. I must be getting a lot of help. People are finding their way to it by one means or another. I keep getting emails from people about how much it’s changing their lives and how they’re looking forward to interviews with people like Frankie.

I want your audience to know that we all have teammates on the other side. We have teammates by our side here who will transition and work with us from the other side or we may transition and they remain. She refers to it as boots on the ground and those in the lookout tower, which is a military comparison. I don’t know if that’s the best one, but I think people get that.

Some of us are in the trenches. Some of us are boots on the ground. Some of us are in the lookout tower saying, “I see this big picture.” Those in the trenches can’t quite see that but can take direction, guidance, and inspiration from the lookout tower folks. We take turns and we don’t have to do everything ourselves.

Teammates are doing part of it. We do our part and we are open to the inspiration and the guidance we get of what our part is. Don’t worry about every single thing because there are people across the planet that you will never physically meet who are doing things that are going to affect you and your teammate’s plan. That energy is brought to you. Right now is a perfect example. We’re 1,000 miles apart. Zoom has brought home that this is how the team operates. Often, we are speaking through vibration. All these sounds and images. We are speaking through vibration and it is no different than the team.

GAR Frances Rae | Spiritual Team

Spiritual Team: There are people across the planet that you will never physically meet who are doing things that are going to affect you and your teammates’ plan.

It’s such a fascinating and very comforting concept to feel you’re not alone, you’re getting so much help, and they’re aware of everything. When things are difficult, maybe you’re supposed to be meeting these challenges and choosing how they’re going to affect other people. They’ve even been planned for your journey here or your mission.

It’s your chance to exercise your muscles. How are you going to learn to do it if you don’t have a challenge to work through?

Your mom talks about enormous vibrational spheres comprised of specific types of vibration, which we’re alluding to. How are these vibrational spheres related to our holy creative power that gives us more beauty to take home to our team? We’re experiencing these things and we’re going home to make a book report or something when it is our time to transition to the other side.

I know this always brings me so much joy because when days are hard and I don’t want to make an effort, I think, “Anything that I achieve is being vicariously sent to the team and they absorb it.” If, for example, you heal from abuse or you forgive someone who’s harmed you, all the power in that healing and in that forgiveness radiates out and it’s deposited.

She said in literal, huge, gigantic walls of energy called vibrational spheres. They’re floating around. She said, “If we have the eyes to see them, we’d see them all over the place.” They’re gigantic. There are enormous fears of love. All the love we’ve ever given and felt we contribute. All the anger we feel, we contribute to balls of anger. All the healing.

We put it into these spheres and then others draw from it. We are always depositing and drawing. We’re drawing down the healing and forgiveness. We’re drawing like somebody who has superhuman strength and can lift a car off of a person who’s injured in an accident. They tapped into all the rescue energy of time that’s deposited in there.

People who go into a state of bliss and meditation, that’s not just your individual bliss. You’re tapping into these gigantic spheres of all the bliss that’s ever been generated through time. It makes me excited and also a feeling of responsibility for what I’m contributing and then very grateful that I can draw that down as well.

It’s about being so conscious. You talked about forgiveness. What wisdom did your mom impart about why gratitude works and why does she state that there is nothing to forgive? That is a fascinating concept for everyone to learn.

I love the chapter in Book 3 called Why Gratitude Works. I have to read a little part of it. There’s a story here from the New Testament Bible. We’re told about a crowd of 5,000 people who were gathered to hear Jesus speak and there was no food for the crowd. A little boy humbly offered what he had, which was 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. Jesus took these gifts, blessed them, and began to serve the people. No matter how many received the food, the amount in the basket never diminished. Everyone witnessed the miracle unfold as the entire crowd was fed with food to spare.

The most important point of this story is not that a miracle occurred, it is that someone approached a condition that looked like not enough with gratitude and blessed it. He didn’t regard it with anger, contempt, disdain, or disappointment. He didn’t toss it aside because it was deficient. He didn’t feel ashamed because he had very little to offer. He took care of what was there, treated it like a treasure, and allowed the power of that attitude, belief, and spirit of gratitude to work a miracle.

The first step is to not compare everything. Let everything be enough. The fish is enough as two fish. A dollar, if you compare it to something else, has no value, but a dollar compared to itself as a dollar is complete and whole. For a newborn baby, we look at this baby who can’t speak, can’t walk, can’t do anything for itself, and yet, to us, it’s perfect. This baby is perfect.

We don’t compare it to the adult that is going to be able to do all these things. In and of itself, it is perfect and enough. Gratitude is about accepting something as enough. This pen is enough as a pen without condemning, “I need a whole set of many colored pens.” As soon as we start the comparison, we are no longer grateful. Gratitude is what brings miracles into our life.

The team is feeling that too. You’re lifting the vibration.

It radiates thankfulness and joy. Gratitude is the key to happiness. It’s the key to joy. As soon as we start comparing, condemning, and judging, we’re unhappy and radiate this discontent or pride. What radiates is this pride that I’m too good for that or that’s not good enough for me. That’s why gratitude and forgiveness work.

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I want to know about forgiveness. How is there nothing to forgive? I’m reading a lot of wonderful, incredible books, but these books are, to me, very exceptional. When I was reading them, I needed to read them a little bit at a time so I could absorb the concept because they’re very profound.

They start out with a basic concept and then they’re very layered. This chapter is very layered and it’s difficult to do, but I’m going to say a few quick things about it. “Living your life from the perspective of having nothing to forgive can be compared to an athlete’s ability to operate from a position of immense strength. A person of such power feels very little impact when additional weight is placed upon his back.”

“Similarly, a wealthy person bears little injury if somebody steals a sum of money from her. These examples are representative of the ability to, A) Experience no wounding from the actions of another, thereby, B) Creating no obligation to forgive the other and C) Releasing others from any obligation to make amends to you.” It is a complicated thing.

It’s quite a concept to wrap your head around.

I’ll read a few more sentences. “The fundamental pauses are this. When you react with anger and hurt to those things that appear to be injustices in your pathway, you cause a dynamic to be set up between you and the offender, which requires further interaction between you both to in order for the issue to be resolved. On the other hand, when you deliberately choose to spare yourself and others this mutual debt,” because you’re entangling yourself with that vibration in that person.

That’s why patience is going to carry over further on.

You find another life. It has to be fixed. When you spare yourself and others this mutual debt, you advance by leaps and bounds. Not because you are embracing personal freedom but because you are extending the opportunity of doing the same to the other person without them even requesting that you do so. It says, “Let everybody off the hook.”

It’s called detachment, I would think. You’re detached with love. That’s the way I see it.

You do, but you also let everybody off the hook because we cannot see where all this began. If you encounter somebody in this lifetime who breaks your heart or does dreadful things, honestly, I think I have had this happen in my life and almost everyone I know has had it.

I’m sure we all have had that.

We do not know the root of where that came from. We do not know if that is one of our teammates and we are taking on a burden for them so that they can learn by inflicting harm and acting out negatively and doing. Many of those very same people come around and have regret. We give them the opportunity and they have regret and they learn. We may not see it in this lifetime. We may never see that person again. We may not know, but they will grow from that.

We may have taken that on. Sometimes we do that for teammates. We carry burdens. There are people who take on very hard lifetimes so that another teammate can be freed up for a while to do something they need to do or to maybe have a more pleasant life because they took on a burden for another teammate.

GAR Frances Rae | Spiritual Team

Spiritual Team: There are people who take on very hard lifetimes so that another teammate can be freed up for a while to do something they need to do or to maybe have a more pleasant life.

It’s like you would do in your family. The stronger person is going to carry the big suitcases when you’re walking through the airport. Sometimes, there are reasons for things. You don’t have to say that action is acceptable to me, but you can say, “I don’t know where that came from. I don’t know why we had to experience that, but I want no more to do with that vibration. I don’t want to have to pay that person something back. I don’t want that person to have to come back into my life and pay me back in some way. I want everyone to be released.” It even says in that chapter, every morning before you go out into your day, send out pre-forgiveness.

Whoever is offending me now, I’m letting it go.

I will not be offended. In advance, I am forgiving the person who’s going to cut me off in traffic. In advance, I’m forgiving the person who’s difficult at work. In advance, I’m forgiving because you don’t want to be entangled with that person or that vibration. You can do the release for both of you. Even if they’re carrying on about you, you can send out enough light to where you do not have to be a part of that.

Your mom said we have a spiritual legacy and the great love of our spiritual teammates and evolution is a collective process.

We think we’re doing things individually. She said, “You are not alone. You’re not even functioning as one person. Nobody is. You are a member of a team and these teammates work through you. They use you.” It’s like if somebody is sitting here next to me and I say, “I’m having trouble here on this computer, you take over.” They’re not possessing me, but they are taking over the task.

You are not alone. You're not even functioning as one person. Nobody is. You are a member of a spiritual team, and your teammates work through you. Click To Tweet

I might even be writing something and say, “I can’t think of what to say. Can you finish that sentence?” Maybe my sister, “You should do this,” in the same way that we are not alone and we are a representative of our team. I love that idea. It’s also very responsible. I want to be a good representative of my team. We’re not alone. To the ability, we allow them and cooperate with them. We are being used.

Would you say this is contributing to the evolution of the planet as consciousness is being raised?

It is. Every time we make ourselves available to our team to accomplish anything. It could be something local in your home or your neighborhood up to a presentation or something of that nature. We participate. We are uplifted personally. The teammates are uplifted and this radiates out and uplifts humanity. It’s being done over and over all over the planet and you put it together. That’s why we can have no ego about any of this stuff because it’s brought together. It’s all gathered together and our contribution counts. We would be missed. This would be missed. You don’t know how far it will go.

I have another one for you, Frankie, here. I know your mom says that each of our lives is sacred. How do poverty and wealth, illness and health, or sadness and happiness all offer the same opportunity to a soul? I love that question, to tell you the truth.

I like to find that exact passage. It says, “When you die, it’s like the details of the dream fade away.” It’s like we have a dream. We wake up and we only know how we felt. It was a happy dream, a beautiful dream, a scary dream, or whatever, but we don’t remember all the details of the dream. She said, “This is how it is. When you pass away, you bring the jewels of wisdom you extracted and leave behind the details.” Being rich or poor is asking the same thing of a person. Are you going to allow this condition to affect your ego? “I’m poor. That’s affecting my ego.” “I’m rich. That’s affecting my ego.”

Are you going to allow the richness or poorness or sickness or health to affect your ego, how you treat other people, and the value that you see in yourself? The rich person can be as lost because of that richness as a poor person can be lost in their poverty. It isn’t the richness, poverty, sickness, or health that matters as much as what a person does with it. We know this. We see often the harm people can do when they have power or when they have money and yet you can see a very simple or poor person do beautiful, magnificent things to help the world. No money was needed at all.

The same thing with sickness and health. There are people who are a ball of health, but what are they doing with their health and their time if all they ever do is keep working out so they can buy new clothes? I hesitate to give details like that because I don’t want to condemn any particular person. I admire people who work out. There must be a balance. We know what we’re trying to say.

There have been people who have taught great things to others while they were ill. All that is like walking off the stage and taking off the costume. Whether you wore the king’s costume or the pauper’s costume and the costume is gone, what did you get out of that experience and what did you give to others in that role?

I work out myself. It is a balance. I’m taking care of my body and all that thing because I want to keep my tool healthy.

It is only logical. Some people are more careful with the oil and the gas they use in their cars than what they put into their own bodies. It is a tool that we are to respect, but we leave those details behind. It says somewhere in the books that it’s like an excavator going into a dark cave and coming out with these jewels. The person is going to wash off the mud and keep the jewels. When we die, we take the jewels. We take the nuggets of wisdom and we wash off the mud. Whether it was a difficult life, we were not healthy, we were healthy, or whatever, all that falls aside. We have these nuggets of truth and wisdom that we can go back and share with our team.

Our team absorbs them. They don’t have to live the very life you’ve lived because they absorb the wisdom. She says, “Reincarnation is very collective, too, because whatever you are learning in this life is being sent back to your team. They’re absorbing it and they’re living a life through you.” When you die, you’re going to live a life through them. What do they learn? If a teammate comes to Earth and does a certain thing and accomplishes something and learns and grows, you have access to all that information and growth.

GAR Frances Rae | Spiritual Team

Spiritual Team: If a teammate comes to Earth and does a certain thing and accomplishes something, and learns and grows, you have access to all of that information and growth.

In the book, your mom talks about illusions. What happens when we peel back the layers of illusion? Is this referring to all these things that we do that we basically leave to the side and report to our collective?

We take on a veil when we come here. The thing we’re after is to be in the world, but not of it. You can do and enjoy everything here on the Earth but have no illusion that it is permanent or it’s not bad. It is simply a passageway that you’re going through as you develop and grow. There’s a chapter in one of the books called Illusions, Your Greatest Friends because we embrace these illusions that the world has to offer. We take them on, take them very seriously, and work through them.

Think of all the illusions children have and then as they grow up, they discard them. They discard those little toys. They don’t pretend that the baby doll isn’t a doll anymore. It was good that the baby doll was real at that time for that child because that child was learning something valuable from pretending it was a baby doll. If they hang onto the baby doll and they’re fifteen, we have a problem. We have to let these illusions go as we grow out of them. We have emotional, physical, and spiritual problems and we hang onto things and cling to certain illusions of trappings of the world beyond what their purpose was for us.

Also, one of the tremendous transformations you have experienced is that you now love differently because you love the team behind each person, not just the person. Now when you address someone, you feel you are no longer addressing an individual but a collective being. How else have you transformed and how have your own personal truths changed since you experienced the team? You must have transformed more than anyone from this experience, Frankie.

I would say about a week after my mother died, I went to my sister and said, “Kelly, something has happened to me. I feel like all the Frankieness in me has died.” She said, “This is not good. You need a counselor. This is grief. There’s something wrong.” I said, “No, you don’t understand. I don’t mean it that way. I knew that things that were trivial, grudges, and illusions that I had been laboring under off and on through my life as we all do, had fallen away. I will never again be the same.”

When I was younger, I had a problem with anger. We all have our hurts. I had hurts from childhood, not from my mother, but from other things that happened. I would have these bouts of anger. Since this experience, I have not had anger. The anger vanished like a mist. I can honestly say I have not been angry. When I look at people and say I love differently, it is because I truly experience each person no matter how they manifest as a soul on a journey and a representative of their team and that they have a team.

I feel great respect because I feel this individual, no matter how they’re coming across, has a team and a purpose. It doesn’t mean I’m going to be a doormat and I’m going to let everybody treat me badly or anything, but I see this expanded view of individuals around them. Sometimes I’ve had the experience of seeing around them their team.

You’ve actually been able to see that?

I have had that experience for some time. After this happened, for a while, I would have incredible spontaneous mediumship-type readings of people that I would meet. It would be downloads like I had from the book, but about them, their team, and their work. I had to learn to regulate it. For a while, I gave mediumship readings to people. I did that for quite a while and then I realized it wasn’t my work. There are wonderful mediums all over the world and it wasn’t my work.

However, when I do meet with a person who wants to speak to me about the team, oftentimes, automatically, there’s a reading process going on and I get messages for people from loved ones on the other side or from their team. All of that had been a natural ability in me when I was a child. I think you mentioned that. I had many amazing things happen as a child and with my mother, but that isn’t the most important thing about this experience. It was a byproduct of these psychic elements.

It’s a gift to people when you help them like that. I want to know. Let it rip, Frankie. You do private and group sessions. Could you talk about what they’re like if people want to reach out to you and avail themselves of your great wisdom and your gifts? How can they purchase your Team books or schedule with you? What do you do in a private or group session? Maybe some of our readers would like to schedule a private or group session with you.

If people are reading the books and even those who haven’t read them, they’ll sometimes contact me and want to talk about it. I will simply meet, which is quite informal. I’ve met with people for 30 minutes or 2 hours. We do whatever comes naturally. People can make a donation. There’s no set price. I’m not going to turn somebody away because they don’t have money. There are discounts available. I can usually meet through Zoom because people are all over the country. Sometimes, I do meet with people personally here in town to discuss these concepts and how they can apply them to their life because that’s where it’s at. Otherwise, we’re just talking about theory.

I had a situation. I totally applied these concepts to my life and it’s having a much better outcome. It changed my behavior than what I would’ve done from the past.

Sometimes you have to try something completely that you never have tried before. There’s a chapter called The Experimental Approach that tells you to be lighthearted with it. Look at it and go, “What could I do different differently and play with it?” I will meet with people individually. Some book clubs have invited me to join. The people are all reading the book together and I can come in sometimes and explain some of the concepts in the chapter they’re reading. Any variety of things.

I know your Team books are available on Amazon. Do you want to tell everyone about your website if they want to get ahold of you through your website.?

People search around Amazon and sometimes you can go all over the place looking for things. If you go to the website, it is On there, you can read excerpts of the books. You can go to the top menu and click on how to buy them and it’ll take you straight to the correct Amazon page for Kindle or paperback. Right now, I’m in the middle of preparing the audiobook.

I have this wonderful Australian woman who is one of the voices in Book 1. I also speak and several other people are speaking on the book as well. We’re preparing Book 1 and soon that will be on the audiobook. On the website, there’s a popup thing that comes up. If you want to put your email there, then I know that you would like to be notified when Book 1 audiobook is ready.

They can go on Amazon and they can look up the Team books by Frances Key. They can also, on your website, go to and that will bring them to that.

I would go to Google or anywhere on the internet and type in the bar at the top,, which will bring you to the website. There are places on the website that you click that will take you to Amazon to buy the books.

What is your message about the importance of healing that you’d like to share with our audience?

What I said before, briefly, about physical healing, if you have any area of the body, speak to that part of the body tenderly and with kindness as if it’s an injured child. That’s your friend. Your body has tried to support and give your soul something to work through physically. Spiritually, take a trip to the lookout tower. Join your team, look down at the Earth as if you’re up in an airplane, realize how vast this is, and try to release a lot of the pettiness and our urge to control everything and everybody in our lives.

You said a mouthful about control.

We have our tasks to do, but we have to remember even our children have a team. They have their own guardian angels. They have a destiny and a path. Khalil Gibran said there are arrows shot from us, but we cannot control everything that they do and they choose. The same with the whole world. We’re all very upset right now about things going on in the world. What we can control and do is raise our own vibration. Once we move from that, then the ripple effect begins.

If people take nothing else from this interview, that is so important for a reason to heal because you’re contributing to the overall well-being.

With all this pandemic, political strife, and everything, it’s giving us a tremendous opportunity to apply our spiritual truths and deal with love. At times, loving detachment without the tremendous judgment and hatred that some people are heaping on others for their choices. I know we all affect each other. Our choices affect each other. This is true. That’s why the most important choice we can make is to raise our own vibration. How we can help the whole political climate and the pandemic climate by raising our own vibration.

Our choices affect each other. The most important choice we can make right now is to raise our own vibration. Click To Tweet

It sounds like if you employ gratitude and all of these other things, you’re raising your vibration. Is that what your tip is for finding joy in life?

What brings me the most joy is what my mother said all the time when she was alive. She says it all throughout Book 1. Don’t take life or any of this stuff so seriously. Even the great spiritual principles that sometimes we can feel like we’re spitting out a mouthful are very simple. It all boils down to very simple things and keep your sense of humor.

I’m with you. It’s so important. Frankie, the magnitude of the amazing insights that came to you from your mom is filled with such beauty, urgency, power, and depth. Here’s one of my favorite quotes. “You may argue that it is easier for the rich person to make a positive choice than it is for the poor person, but you are wrong. Put a cruel, narrow-minded person in a mansion and you will still have a cruel, narrow-minded person whose choices will reflect that. Put an authentically benevolent soul in rags and you will still have an authentically benevolent soul whose choices will also reflect her nature.”

Our interview has opened the door to some of the incredible concepts in the Team books and there are so many more transformative insights in those books to read, digest and absorb. I encourage everyone in our audience to read the four Team books that are filled with a fascinating, profound worldview from Teddy’s expanded, unobstructed point of understanding.

I thank you, Frankie, from my heart for this incredibly enlightened interview. Make sure to follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. As I like to say, to be continued. Many blessings and bye for now.


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