I did go to an astrologer while dating Saul. She told me we were going to be in a terrible car accident many years after we married and that “we would die together” in the accident. That was an eye opener and a real shocker! I guess she proved to be half right!

But I also had a wonderful aunt who I saw once a year from the time I was five years old, and then again after I married my first husband. Aunt Annette’s love, innate kindness and “right-on” psychic predictions (readings from a deck of cards), helped me to cope with a very dysfunctional, painful childhood. She predicted that I would marry my first husband and guided Saul (my second husband) and me as we coped with the stresses of painful divorces, raising my stepchildren, business angst, etc. I credit Aunt Annette with opening me up to the belief that there is more to life than just our 5 senses.

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