I’d heard about these unusual healers, but I never had the need to pursue them. I suppose my aunt’s gift gave me the courage to have a session with the famed medium, John Edward, after my husband died. John helped me quite a bit and relieved me from a lot of confusion. Two weeks prior to my appointment with John, I bought James Van Praagh’s book, Talking to Heaven. I eagerly “ingested” this book to prepare for the experience. What blew me away was when John said: “He is telling me that you’ve been reading a special book to prepare you for tonight.”

I later went to another medium who also channeled Saul. At this session, Saul described in great detail his private part, (a unique issue) and his (funky) toes that no one else could have known about. It was proof enough for me. This was indeed Saul coming through!”

After these sessions, I accepted the evidence. This was “real.” Soon after, I started working with the woman who channeled Saul’s conversations for my book. These messages are now a significant part of They Serve Bagels in Heaven.