GAR 240 | Clearing Soul Obstructions


Ellie Pechet is a Meta-physician, a Medium, a Shaman, and the author of Hitching a Ride: A Guide to Earthbound Spirits and How They Affect You. Her unique healing format, called The Pechet Healing Technique, combines her many skills and intuitive tools to access and dissolve the unconscious causes of emotional and physical issues, remove blocks at the cellular level, and disconnect attached negative entities. In this enlightening episode, Ellie shares the magic of her healing sessions, how she guides Earthbound spirits back to the light, the ways she offers closure to those left behind, and how she is able to bring peace to families torn apart by tragedy. Ellie also speaks about the accelerated evolution happening in our world, emphasizing that as we transition from the third dimension to the fourth and fifth dimensions, healing will be a key ingredient to creating more peace, harmony, and joy in our lives.



  • How clearing soul obstructions can lead to profound personal transformation.
  • What are entities and how to know if entities are affecting you negatively.
  • How Ellie removes negative entities from a person.
  • The impact of accelerated evolution on our world and the quest for peace and harmony.
  • How Ellie is the key that unlocks the door to a person’s freedom.



  • How did your maternal grandmother open your third eye when you were two years old?
  • Is removal of negative entities permanent?
  • How do you help stuck Spirits return to the light so that they can progress with their soul growth and development?
  • How does astral projection enable you to work remotely with your clients?
  • How did you help a client avoid invasive surgery?


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Ellie Pechet: How Does Clearing Soul Obstructions Free the Inner Being to Shine?






I could not be more delighted to have the pleasure of interviewing Ellie Pechet, who will be speaking to us from Orange County, California. Ellie is a Metaphysician, a Medium, a Shaman, and a published author with many years of experience in the counseling energy healing field. After she earned her Master’s degree in Counseling from Cambridge College in Boston, Ellie realized that her life’s mission and calling were to help people heal and become empowered so that they could become more fully aligned with their life’s purpose.

Following her inner guidance, she pursued additional training and certification in three dynamic healing modalities that embraced body, mind, and spirit. The energy healing process is called Reiki, a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. The electromagnetic field balancing technique known as EMF improves the quality of our personal energy threads. The Yuen Method of healing and energy technique locates and shifts the imbalances or weaknesses in the body, mind, and spirit.

When she incorporated those three healing modalities and her intuitive counseling, Ellie realized that it greatly accelerated her client’s healing, helping them make much more significant progress than with talk therapy alone. She also discovered that intuitive medical scans combined with her advanced energy work so greatly expedited the healing process that there were times her clients were able to avoid invasive surgeries.

During this time, as Ellie began to focus on her growth and spiritual journey, she became aware that she was also a medium and a natural-born shaman. All of these remarkable skills and intuitive tools combined with Ellie’s decades of training and client successes have culminated in Ellie’s unique healing format, which she calls the Pechet Healing Technique, one of the most effective and efficient healing techniques available anywhere. The Pechet Healing Technique can access and dissolve the unconscious causes of emotional and physical issues and blocks at the cellular level. It can also remove entities, which we will talk about later in this episode.

Ellie is also a keynote speaker, a guest speaker on radio programs, a featured guest with celebrities on cable television shows, and has been an honored guest on numerous podcast interviews as she is on this show. I’m looking forward to talking with Ellie about why and how her maternal grandmother opened her third eye when she was two years old, and her unique and highly effective format called the Pettet Healing Technique.


GAR 240 | Clearing Soul Obstructions


Also, her new book titled Hitching A Ride: A Guide to Earthbound Spirits and How They Affect You, and much more for what is surely going to be an enlightening interview filled with important healing insights. Full disclosure, I had an excellent healing session of my own with Ellie. The healing modality she utilized facilitated a speedy resolution within me in regard to a challenging familial relationship in my life. Ellie, a warm, heartfelt welcome and a thank you from the show.

Thank you so much, Irene. That was such a beautiful introduction.

It’s all about who you are. There was so much to tell everyone. I like to tell everyone who they’re reading about because you have so much knowledge that they can learn from and I love that. Let’s begin to get them to know who you are other than all the accolades that I’ve splashed across. What would you like to tell us about your early years, developmental years, and childhood? I am fascinated by how your maternal grandmother opened your third eye when you were two years old. Whose grandmother does that?

We can start with that if you like. I asked for clarification about that in preparing for the interview. My grandmother came through. I wanted to hear straight from the horse’s mouth. I said, “Grandma Miriam, why did you open my third eye when I was two?” She said, “So you could see what was around you. It had to be done in person.” I said, “I had nightmares most nights. How did you opening my third eye help me with all the darkness I was surrounded by?”

She said, “We lived in different countries very far away from each other.” She lived in Venezuela and I lived in Massachusetts. She says, “I took the opportunity guided by spirit to open your third eye because I knew you had the psychic seeing gift and didn’t know when we would see each other again.” I was teeny tiny but I was at the top of the stairs when she did it. She was at the bottom of the stairs and it was like an instant transmission that she did.

We are here to have another human experience that will contribute to our growth as a soul. Share on X

How did she do that?

It was through thought intention and energy. She was also psychic herself. She was the other psychic in my family. There was that recognition of my gifts. She repeated that it was to open my ability to see everything around me and she said, “You were special with special gifts to be used later for good to help others.”

She saw you but she lived in Venezuela so she didn’t see you that often. Did she visit every once in a while?

I only saw her probably 4 or 5 times before she died. That was one of the times that she and my grandfather came to visit us in Massachusetts. That’s how the opening of my third eye happened. You also asked about my childhood. I’d like to share with the audience that it was pretty dark. My parents survived growing up in the atmosphere of The Holocaust as teenagers. They were very much affected by that experience. In those days, people didn’t get help or support so they had all these issues. My understanding is that I came to help my birth family evolve and become more light-filled. It was quite challenging.

I’ll bet you took up quite a challenge when you took that assignment.

It was a big challenge and it was a challenge to not have my light snuffed out. Fortunately, it wasn’t. The other analogy that comes to mind as we talk about this is I also see it as the way of being a natural-born shaman. Shamans have major challenges to get through. There are trials and tribulations that help me to graduate as a soul. Looking at it that way also helps. Most importantly, I would say that it taught me compassion for others who are suffering. That’s been my whole career. My whole life mission is to help others. Having compassion from my suffering in childhood has helped me to understand others and have compassion for them.



We certainly have that in common because I had a very similar experience in my childhood and that’s what formed a lot of my compassion. It’s fueling this show in certain ways also. It seems to me that on the other side, you must have said, “Give it to me as challenging as you can.” When we’re on the other side, I don’t think we fully realize sometimes what we’re signing up for.

We forget what we agreed to before we come back into the physical body for the next life. We go to sleep. When we come back, then we wake up and we’re in the situation that we agreed to but don’t remember yet.

We come back and make a report of everything we learned, the growth that we had, and all of that. I want to read to everyone a quote that Greg McHugh, who’s a board-certified regression therapist and author, wrote at the beginning of your book, Hitching A Ride, which is a great book. I have experienced demons and earthbound spirits and healed from them. It’s a helpful, fascinating book. I related to it a lot.

Greg McHugh said, “There is no healing more perfect than clearing the obstructions that the soul has been carrying in this life so that the light of the inner being can shine freely. There is hardly a memory of what has been the deep wound or presenting issue. This is Ellie’s service, returning us to our true nature. Ellie’s work and presence is a true blessing for us all.” Ellie, how does your healing do this?

To sum it up in a nutshell, if I can, every time I do a session with a client, it brings them closer to their authentic self and light. We carry things into this life from past lifetimes that are residues and need to be cleaned up. When I say cleaned up, I mean dissolved, which is what I do. Clearing the past life pattern is a very important part of my technique. First, I clear the issue in this life and then in any past lifetime so it’s complete. The closer people get to their authentic self and genuine light, who they are, not only are they happier in this life but they’re also able to access their purpose for being here that much more.

I don’t think that would be worth the price of admission to find that out. There are so many people who are lost and they don’t know what this is all about and what they’re supposed to be doing here. To gain you that clarity can change your whole life.

That’s the point. We’re here to get things done. We’re here to help not only ourselves but each other and the planet and hopefully leave the planet in a better place than when we got here.

A lot of times, people are talking about legacy. I don’t think it’s about the china you leave to your kids. Legacy is about the values, the healing, changing some of perhaps the patterns, the familial patterns that you came in with, and all of that thing, past and present. With that, I told everyone in the beginning introduction that you do these medical intuitive scans and you’ve been able to help people avoid invasive surgery, which is amazing. Could you give us an example of someone, the story of a client who received a medical intuitive scan from you and you were able to help them avoid surgery?

One example is a client who had knee surgery scheduled for her left knee. She had recommended me to numerous family members and other families in her state, which I’m very grateful for. She called me up to see if there was a way that I could help her avoid the surgery for her knee. When I did the intuitive scan, what I got was that there was an emotional issue behind the physical problem with her knee. The actual issue was her inability to receive. I cleared that issue for her and imprinted her with being able to receive. It took care of the issue with the knee and she was able to cancel the surgery.

How does an emotional problem, the inability to receive, settle in a person’s knee?

It was the left knee, which is the receiving side. It’s pretty interesting how a lot of emotional issues end up manifesting in physical issues and conditions if they’re not healed. One great example that I have found in all my years working with people is that long-held body resentment is a huge factor in turning into cancer. It makes sense if you think about it. Resentment is toxic thoughts and feelings that are not expressed and healed. They keep circulating in the body. Eventually, the body says, “I can’t do this anymore.”

It's pretty interesting how a lot of emotional issues end up manifesting in physical issues and conditions if they're not healed. Share on X

Where do they go? They take up residence somewhere in the body. What you do is you pull that out so the body can heal itself. I would imagine that’s part of the process.

I heal the issues that the person has resentment about and it’s often one or both parents. The other pattern that I’ve noticed is that heartache and heartbreak are behind a lot of forms of heart disease. Heart dis-ease, if you think about it, is a broken heart. It’s a very real thing. When I clear the broken heart, the physical heart, if there is a condition, it resolves.

I know so many people walking around in such pain and so many problems that it’s an easier way to talk with you or a healer like you to give them ease in their lives and bodies. They don’t even realize that they can do that. One of the things that you use in your healing is your shamanistic abilities. There are people who are reading this who say, “Tell me again, what’s a shaman? What do they do?” Could you please define that? How did you learn that you were a natural-born shaman? Where did that come from?

I’m a natural-born shaman. It wasn’t something that I thought was a cool thing to do or learn and went and studied. I was sitting in a session with a client. As I was working with her, all of a sudden, I realized that there was a spirit living inside of her. As I looked more closely, I called it tuning in, I realized it was an elderly woman who was afraid to leave and had taken up residency in this client.

Not having ever studied anything like this, I could energetically go inside the client and work with the spirit of the elderly woman. It took a lot of encouragement and a little bit of convincing that she would be in a much better place if she would let me guide her back to the light, also known as home. Eventually, she said yes. I still remember carrying her out of the client and very gently sending her back to the light. That was the beginning of my awareness that I’m a shaman. I’d love to read a short excerpt from my book, Hitching A Ride, which is where the memory comes from

GAR 240 | Clearing Soul Obstructions

Hitching A Ride: A Guide to Earthbound Spirits and How They Affect You by Ellie Pechet M.Ed.

I also want to ask you, how did that change your client, that woman? When that spirit left her, she wasn’t aware that another soul was hitchhiking a ride with her. Did she feel a form of relief or a change when that other spirit left? What was her reaction?

She felt a great sense of relief and lightness. When I often remove an earthbound spirit from a client, they tend to hang out in a certain part of the body for whatever reason. That person might experience discomfort or even pain. It could be in the intestinal area, stomach, chest, or head, and they’ll usually describe where they’re feeling discomfort. I can also dialogue with the spirit and ask them why they chose this person.

Do they have an agenda? Are they random? Are they karmic? All of this is in my book. Once I remove the spirit, the client feels relief in the part of the body where the spirit was. It could be the chest feels lighter, they can breathe better, their stomach feels better, or their head feels lighter, whereas it might’ve felt like they had a vice grip on it.

I’ve seen that happen in other situations and I know it’s very real. Would that be the same thing as when people talk about ghosts that are energies or spirits that didn’t go to the light and they hang around on the earth plane? Would you say that some of them go and hang around inside of people as opposed to being in a room? Is that what happens?

That happens also. The term that is the most mainstream is we call those haunted houses or there will be a restaurant where people can sense a presence there. That’s a good point. Sometimes they don’t attach to a specific person but they like to hang out in a specific place.

It’s either that room, someone’s abdomen, or whatever that is that they do. Thank goodness you can help remove that. You probably have done quite a few, even out of rooms and all to the light.

You reminded me of a woman that I worked with who was an insurance adjuster. Three boys had died in a car accident. Their spirits were with her. She didn’t realize this. They went home with her and took up residency in her master bedroom. They were torturing her husband. He didn’t know what was going on but he couldn’t sleep. He developed a lot of issues until she found me and I worked with her. I was able to send all three boys to the light and then the master bedroom was fine. I filled it with positive energy and cleaned out the residue. Her husband was fine after that and she was fine. The three boys were free.

Go ahead. Read the passage that you want to share with us. That’s fabulous.

This is on page one of my book, Hitching A Ride. “When I lived in my home state of Massachusetts, the vision of a shaman life came to me while I was walking in the woods the day after I removed a resistant spirit that had inhabited a client I was starting to work with.” It is the one I described. “I had never done this before but intuitively, I seemed to know how to go into the client, converse with the spirit, carry her out, and guide her to the light.”

“The next day, in my vision, I could see myself working with the tribe’s people,” this is a past life, “As they came to me for help lining up outside my teepee, mostly to have harmful spirits released but also for other ailments that were less severe. The memory felt like a déjà vu, a half-forgotten memory that exists below the surface of your consciousness and comes up spontaneously but is as vivid as experiencing a memory from this life.”

You’ve carried these gifts from past life also.

For many past lifetimes, yes, as a healer and also multiple ones as a shaman.



Ellie, when you talk about an entity, is that the same as a spirit that resides with someone, or is an entity some other being or form?

That is a good question for clarifying and to help the audience understand. An entity opens things up to not just human spirits but also other types of entities like aliens and even demons. You’ve had experience with that yourself. When I refer to an earthbound spirit, it’s specifically human. It’s specifically a person who either missed the window to go home, returned to the light, and got stuck here or might be afraid to leave. They dig their heels in, which is a personality thing that a lot of us do. They might’ve been raised Catholic or some other religion with a more punishing view. When they die, they’re afraid to go anywhere. They decide to stay here.

That’s the human. What is the entity?

The umbrella would be other types of energy beings like demons and aliens. I remove those also.

Demons can be attracted through your thought forms and you can attract them to you. I know that. It’s wonderful that someone like you is able to get rid of those nasty, energetic beings.

They can take a person down. They’re very destructive.

It’s scary but it’s not as scary as you’re working with it and saying bye-bye to them. I’ve experienced that. You’re also a medium. Through mediumship and we talk a lot about it on this show, clients can hear how their loved ones in spirit are doing and receive healing messages. You have a touching story using your mediumship about a boy who came through to explain to his sister what happened to him when he drowned. This provided her with much-needed closure after his death. Could you tell us your mediumship story about that?

I was in a cable TV place taking care of a bill or something. This was many years ago. Spirit often will work with me that way, guiding me to certain places at certain times to connect with people who need my help. The mother of the boy who drowned was the one who waited on me. One thing led to another and we got into a conversation. I’m sure it was spirit-driven.

She told me that her son had died, he had drowned, and that her daughter was struggling with this, even though it was several years later and needed closure. The daughter made an appointment with me. When we were sitting there in my office in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts, I asked her if she was ready for me to find out and share with her what happened to her brother.

He popped in and I can still see him. He was wearing a white T-shirt and jeans. He was very clean and immaculate-looking. He was very attractive. Spirits also come back. When they do come back, they often look better. They often look the way that they looked when they were ideal. They choose that intentionally.

She verified that it was him because I was able to describe his mannerisms and things that he would say. Even the way he was dressed when I described it, she knew it was her brother. That’s what you call evidence. The person can recognize the traits, characteristics, and things that they say. What he explained was that he and a few of his friends had swum across the lake, and they did this regularly. It was the summer in Massachusetts. It was hot.

They swam to the other side of the lake and then they all started to swim back. He got a cramp in his calf. All of a sudden, a charley horse. You know how painful those are. He couldn’t keep swimming. He was getting tired and a couple of the boys said, “We’re going to stay with you.” He said, “No, you need to keep going and see if you can get help.” They left. They didn’t want to leave but they did. They went to see if they could get help. He got exhausted and ended up drowning. That was what happened.

He wanted his sister to know that to help her have closure. He also had messages for her and other family members. One of the biggest messages that he wanted to give them was to let them know that he was okay. He had gone to the other side. He was at peace. They needed to come together, talk, and communicate his death. Not knowing what happened was not healthy for this family. They didn’t talk about it. Probably his most important message in that session was that they needed to talk, come together, and move on in a positive, healthy way knowing that he was fine and was in a good place.

Through your ability, you were able to help him give a great gift to his family, bring them all together, and help them find peace, which is wonderful. You have another great story. You are a key that unlocks the door to a person’s freedom. You certainly did that for a man who was seen double after he lost his wife of 65 years. Could you share that one with us too?

They were soulmates. They were so close. They were best friends and partners for such a long period. Sixty-five years is a long time. This was an Italian family. They tend to be especially close-knit. When she died, very shortly after, it was like 1 week or 2 that he all of a sudden started having double vision when he would drive. He had to get special driving glasses so his vision wouldn’t be blurry when he was on the road. A friend of mine, this was her father. She brought him to see me for a number of sessions. The first thing that I did was clear the grief about losing his wife.

How do you do that, Ellie? Do you energetically remove where that grief is sitting in his body?

I dissolve it like an eraser on an old-fashioned chalkboard or a whiteboard. I dissolve whatever it is that needs to be dissolved. The pain is replaced with peace, compassion, or neutrality. In his case, I dealt with the grief first and then his inability to see that his partner of all those years was gone. When I did a couple of sessions on that, his eyesight was fully restored. He didn’t need the glasses anymore.

You have another story about a client named Paige who shut down because she lost her only child when he was murdered during his first year in college. How are you able to help her heal and find peace in her very first session with you? That’s amazing also. That’s such a tragedy.

Thank you. That was a huge tragedy and loss, especially being her only child. It was seven years that she was shut down and unable to move on. She could not pull herself out of it. It was our first session working together on Skype remotely. She’s in Idaho and I was in Arizona. I was able to intuit. It was grief. That was the big issue for her being stuck in the grief. I dissolved that and then brought her to peace. If you’d like and the audience might find this interesting, I’d love to play her wonderful little testimonial.

That was really the big issue for her, being stuck in grief. Share on X

Please do.

“My name is Paige. I have been working with Ellie over Skype. I’m in Idaho and she’s in Arizona. We’ve been working together over Skype to clear some of my issues, mainly the grief over losing my child, my son, and my only living child, who died at the age of 23. He was murdered. The pain has been intense. It’s been unbearable and has gotten a lot worse.”

“I met Ellie and we had our session. She cleared my heartache over losing Brian and imprinted me with being at peace about Brian. I have got to tell you and I’ve been telling all my friends that every day I feel lighter and stronger, very much at peace. I am so ready to embrace the next stage of my life. I can’t even begin to tell you what a difference this has made in my life, in my marriage, and how I feel about myself. It’s amazing.”

“I’m sitting here looking at a picture of my son and I can feel his happiness. I can feel how happy he is that I’m not wearing that blanket of sadness anymore because I wore it for seven years. Ellie, I don’t know what she did. I don’t know what you did, Ellie but you lifted that off of me. I feel so free and ready to move forward. I can’t tell you.”

“I told my friends that the difference was in the past. I’ve had moments of joy and happiness. I was always waiting for when the grief was going to start again. It wasn’t long-lasting. Now I don’t feel that way. I don’t feel like it’s going to come back. I feel free of it. I am in shock and amazed. I’m so grateful. Thank you.”

We’ve been talking about how you help people who have died and gotten stuck on the Earth plane and how you help people return to the light so they can move forward with their life review and progress with their soul growth and development. This is all in your book, Hitching A Ride, A Guide to Earthbound Spirits and How They Affect You. Is there anything else you’d like our audience to know before they run out and buy your book?

I’d love to read a quick review by a published author. She’s been a bestselling author with a number of her books. Would you like me to share her quote? She loved the book Hitching A Ride. She wrote, “Riveting. Ellie’s groundbreaking book uses real case studies of her documented communication with souls who died but were trapped on the Earth plane. She speaks to the dead, who are unable to cross over to the other side until they encounter Ellie. You must read this book.” Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos.

That says it all. This is my question for you, Ellie. I hear this a lot and I’d like to have you give us more in-depth information about it. I hear over and over that human evolution is accelerating. Many of us are evolving from the third to the fourth to the fifth dimensions. Could you explain this to us? It affects people now and in the future. Is that what all this chaos we’re experiencing is about?

People feel more sensitive. We’re all meant to evolve. Some people resist change, growth, and evolution. The more issues a person has from childhood and unresolved hurt, the more resistant they are to changing, moving forward, and evolving.



I know quite a few people like that.

What happens is they’re going to evolve anyway but they’re going to be kicking and screaming while it’s happening. They don’t understand why they’re feeling more sensitive. All their senses are often becoming more sensitive, like being more sensitive to noise. Our society doesn’t talk about this type of thing in more mainstream conversations. They don’t understand why they’re becoming more sensitive. They feel irritated by it. If they did understand that they were evolving, it would be a lot easier for them to accept and realize, “This extra sensitivity is a good thing. I can hear better. I can see better and more clearly.”

The third dimension is where we are, which is a more materialistic-based perception. My understanding of the fourth is a transitional dimension. We’re moving into the fifth where there’s going to be more harmony and peace in the world. Is that what it’s about?

That’s the goal. The third dimension is a lot denser. You’re exactly right. People tend to be more materialistic. Some are more focused on what’s in it for them. There are people who are evolving and doing it with grace, even though there are some challenges to the changes. Those are the people who are talking about increasing the heart connection and things like the greater good. They have more of an awareness. We truly are all one. What affects one will affect another. It’s about striving for peace and shutting down the war machine.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone healed and we could all find peace within ourselves and then extend it to other people? It would be such an amazing world.



That’s the goal.

We’d go home but we would have it here.

Why not create heaven on Earth?

Ellie, everybody is interested in getting a session going with you. You work with astral projection, enabling you to work remotely with your clients and their family members. Would you like to tell us all the ways that people can contact you and avail themselves of your healing gifts?

I do still pick up the phone. I know that might sound a little bit old-fashioned but I am a little bit old school. People can call me at my number, which is (508) 237-4929. I’m busy like everyone else but if you call me, I will get back to you. For anyone who’s reading and suffering, especially with the holidays coming up right around the corner, holidays are probably the most difficult time for people who are grieving the loss of a loved one.

They’re not going to have to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner together, open their gifts with them at Christmas or Hanukkah, or start the new year with that special person or those special people. If any of you are suffering and grieving and you’d like to feel a lot more peaceful, I’m here to help and you can contact me.

You could do it long distance.

Most of the work I do is long-distance. I work with people all around the world. Yes.

You’re offering two gifts to the members of our audience. What has to do with your book and the other, your gift for mediumship? Would you like to tell everyone about that?

The first one is an excerpt that I chose from my book Hitching A Ride. You can go to the website. Scroll to the bottom and click on Get My Free Gift. That’s one. The other gift is a free 30-minute mediumship reading when you sign up for one or more sessions.

GAR 240 | Clearing Soul Obstructions

Phoenix Rising Energy Healing and Balancing LLC


Ellie, from you of all people in the universe, why are you telling everyone reading this show that it is important to heal while you’re here in this body and this lifetime or to at least begin your healing journey?

Two main reasons, Irene. One is to increase the joy and happiness. Every time that we heal past issues, we become happier. We feel more free and at peace. We can do that here and now. There’s no reason to keep putting it off and being unhappy. Past experiences and memories often will prevent people from living their best life and living a quality life. They’re suffering.


GAR 240 | Clearing Soul Obstructions


The other main reason is when I’m working with my clients, the clearer they become about what their mission is. I feel like we’re all here to make a difference and contribute in some way. Whatever that way is for you, for the readers, it’s much easier to do your mission when you don’t have the pain and are not feeling stuck.

The more we heal issues from the present and the past, the more our hearts can open to give and receive love. Share on X

Would you say that this contributes to having real joy in life?


It’s like a key.

Did you want to share anything that you’ve noticed since our session together?

Do you mean any changes that went on?


Without going into a long story, I’ve had a very problematic relationship with a sibling. The session gave me permission to understand where this person was coming from and it gave me peace. It enabled me to get rid of any guilt or anything that was holding me back saying, “If I could have done this or that,” it helped me to bring about acceptance and more freedom about that relationship so that I could let it go and be at peace with it. It was very helpful. Thank you.

I’m so glad, Irene.

Thank you so much. Ellie, the Pechet Healing Technique, which so effectively and efficiently accelerates the process of healing and transformation, is wonderfully in sync with the mission of this show, which is to educate, enlighten, and provide healing choices that can help people transform their lives, which is what you do. Thank you for all you do to help people heal and become more fully aligned with your life’s purpose. I thank you from my heart for this enlightening interview filled with so many important healing insights.

Here’s a loving reminder. Make sure to follow us and like us on social at @IrenesSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and wherever you get your shows, including YouTube. As I’d like to say, to be continued. Thank you so much, Ellie. It’s been so wonderful to get to know you. Many blessings. From my heart, thank you and bye for now. Ellie, did you want to say something?

I wanted to thank you, Irene, for a beautiful interview. It’s so organized and beautifully orchestrated. I want to let you know that I appreciate you.

I appreciate you too. From my heart, thank you.


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"I was lucky to find Irene Weinberg, host of the Grief and Rebirth podcast on Instagram.  I have been listening to her podcasts since I found her.  Irene is truly a wonderful person.  I had a number of questions for Irene.  She was kind enough to answer every single one of them for me.  She even invited me to be a guest on her podcast in the coming year.  Irene is a gifted and talented host.  Above all, Irene is a trusted conduit who brings people together.  She recently connected me with Jacob Cooper.  I'm grateful for her big heart.  Thank you for everything, Irene!" 

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