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Mark Pitstick is a Certified Past Life Regression Therapist, the Director of the Soul Phone Foundation, the Founder of Greater Reality Living Groups, and the author of the Helping Parents Heal monthly newsletter column titled “Evolved Souls Don’t Need Long Earthly Lives.” He is also the author of three books that address soul proof, life, death and the afterlife, and holistic guidance for radiant wellness.  Furthermore, he has created an uplifting movie called Soul Proof, based on his book titled Soul Proof.



  • Scientific evidence that proves that life continues after physical death.
  • Albert Einstein said that it is an optical illusion that we are separate from God.
  • Mark’s pivotal spiritual experience during yoga in 1997.
  • Why evolved souls don’t need long Earthly lives.



  • What is spiritual amnesia? 
  • How does adversity help each of us to grow and learn? 
  • What is the importance of healing and completing “unfinished business” in this lifetime? 


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Dr. Mark Pitstick: Certified Past Life Regression Therapist, Director Of The Soul Phone Foundation, Founder Of Greater Reality Living Groups, Radio Show Host





Thanks so much for joining me on the show. I’m delighted to be speaking to you from West Orange, New Jersey, while my special guest, Dr. Mark Pitstick, is coming to us from Ohio. Many of you are aware that I’ve interviewed amazing people affiliated with Helping Parents Heal, the inspiring nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting bereaved parents by providing support and resources which aid in the healing process.

Dr. Mark Pitstick is a Board Member of Helping Parents Heal and the author of the Helping Parents Heal monthly newsletter column titled Evolved Souls Don’t Need Long Earthly Lives. That, for sure, is something I want to ask him about in this episode. Last April 2020, I was very much looking forward to my interview with Mark at the Helping Parents Heal Conference in Charleston, South Carolina. Sadly, the conference was canceled due to the pandemic.

In addition to his roles with Helping Parents Heal, Mark is also a Certified Past Life Regression Therapist and the Director of The SoulPhone Foundation. We’re going to find out a lot about that. He is the Founder of Greater Reality Living Groups, and he’s been a radio show host. This is one very busy guy. If this all wasn’t impressive enough, Mark has written three books that address soul proof, death in the afterlife, and holistic guidance for radiant wellness.

He has also created an uplifting movie called Soul Proof, based on his book titled Soul Proof, which I have read. Soul Proof is an invaluable resource that provides compelling evidence that no one dies. Mark, it’s going to be such a pleasure to welcome you to the show. I’ve been looking forward to our interview because I’m certain it will help to educate and enlighten many readers in important ways.

Mark, welcome to the show. How are you doing?

I’m doing great. Thank you for having me on.

It’s truly my pleasure. I have so many things to ask you. I know we’re going to be chatting alone about the different things people can learn from your books, your movie, and all the things you’ve done, but let me start this way. I know that you have over 47 years of experience in training in hospitals, pastoral counseling settings, mental health centers, and private practice. Plus, your extensive training includes a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and a doctorate in Chiropractic Healthcare. Please share with our audience the clairaudient experiences you had at age ten and some of the numerous miracles and revelatory and spiritually transformative experiences that have inspired much of your work. You are not a boring guy.

First of all, when I was six years old, my parents were showing me a beautiful sunset. I told them it reminded me of God. They only told me that twenty-some years later when I was in theology school. They were perplexed because I was brought up Lutheran. It was always God the Father this and God the Father that. They had no idea why I would’ve equated a beautiful sunset with the divine. That and some other experiences suggest that I never shut down and never succumbed to spiritual amnesia.

As a result of that, I was a little different. I had some clairaudient experiences. The first one I recall is I’m staying with my family upfront. My dad was president of the church council and all that. The minister is talking about hell in the context of an eternal place of torment. A wise, calm, soothing voice said, “They have that one a little mixed up. God has no such need of such a place in his plan of salvation.” I turned around to see what my family’s reaction to that statement was, and everybody else was looking straight ahead. Even though I was probably 8 or 9, I had enough wherewithal not to say, “Did anybody else hear that?” so I kept that inside.

Later, these often seem to be triggered by sunlight coming through the glass, like a stained glass window. I was sitting there and I was listening to the minister talk about, “Someday, we will be in heaven. We’ll be walking on golden streets and playing golden harps.” I was looking at the stained glass window and the sun coming through, and I thought, “Wouldn’t that get a little old after a while? In eternity, how long can you dance and play the harp before you get nauseated over it?”

I had numerous ones, but another big one was I was at home and reading the front page of the newspaper and eating a bowl of cereal. I’m a regular kid, or so I thought. I was reading about a prominent local man who had passed on. I looked up in the reverie, and then the sunlight came through those old beveled glass windows. That same voice said, “Someday, you’ll pass on, too. What will you do with your time until then? Will you take up space or will you leave the world a better place?” I’m then back to eating cereal and being a kid.

All of those had a huge impression on me. They formed the basis for what I teach to this day. Also, interestingly, it seems like each one of those experiences was stored in my heart, the fourth chakra, like a sacred gem. Periodically, I would pull it out and look at it. I’m getting teared up thinking about my sacred contact with the Creator, who loves and cares for so much we can’t imagine.

This brings me to two questions because what a tremendous blessing that is. The first is that some of our people that are reading don’t know what spiritual amnesia is. The second one is, whose voice do you think that was? I also got a voice in my head. Yours was also a male voice?


First, tell us what spiritual amnesia is. Second of all, let’s talk about that voice.

Spiritual amnesia is a wonderful term to describe the forgetting that many people have. You understand that we come here to learn and grow, go through challenges, remember who we are, and serve others. If we remembered the big picture, if we remembered we are one with God, that no one dies, and that we’re eternal beings, it could negate our lessons. It would make it too easy.

We come here to learn and grow, go through challenges, remember who we are, and serve others. Share on X

It said that the angel touches us on our upper lip before we come to a place like Earth. That’s why we have that little indentation. It makes it tough. It seems so real when, in fact, as Einstein said, it’s an optical delusion that we are separate from God and each other, that we can die, etc. For the second question about the voice, initially, I thought it was a voice of God, but over time, I have paid less attention to distinctions. I see there is no connection between the Creator, angels, and ourselves. We’re all connected. Life is all one.

That sounded like a male voice to you, but it’s all the same. I have a grandson who’s told me that he remembers a past life. I know that eventually, that disappears. You didn’t forget. Why do some people retain the memory, some people, as they get older, forget or perhaps are culturally persuaded to forget, and some people hold onto them?

It has to do with a number of factors. First of all, how evolved is a soul? How many times they’ve been around the block? I’ve been told by several different people independently that I’m a teacher soul who usually doesn’t come to Earth. Perhaps that’s why I remembered. The next thing is it depends on the amount of family support and cultural support. Our Lutheran church was pretty open-minded. We had a wonderful Chinese pastor.

The main focus is on love and caring, not fear and hell. I had very stable, loving parents. Even though I didn’t talk about that kind of thing with them then, and I did when I got into college, they were there for me. They were supportive. It was a wonderful environment for me to bloom. Here’s an interesting one. My family, my brother, sister, mom, and dad, would watch TV every evening. Back then, there weren’t that many stations. All of them had this canned laugh track, which drove me crazy. Most of the shows were so stupid.

Do you mean like for Mickey Mouse?

You name it. It wasn’t my thing, so I would read. I was always going to our library and getting a pile of books. I thought, “I’m going to get down the floor and do some stretches.” I would be in these postures. Years later, I found out they were yoga postures. I was twelve years old. As soon as I learned about yoga and meditation at age nineteen, I took TM. I took classes. I’ve done those practices ever since. I got an early start working in hospitals at age nineteen. 

I find that amazing because I had my spiritual experience. This was in 1997 when the accident happened. A lot of people looked at you like you were crazy if you were into spirituality or anything like that. In fact, before it happened to me, I thought people were crazy. The fact is that being around the same vintage as you are, it was wonderful that you had open-minded parents who could accept that and allow you to have your beliefs. 

It’s a very Midwestern upbringing. A lot of the people I deal with on a regular basis are from the East Coast and West Coast. There’s something about the good-old Middle Western upbringing that gave me this crucible in which I could grow the way I have. It’s interesting you mentioned 1997 when you had your own awakening and experience. One of my pivotal experiences happened in 1997. I had been meditating at that point for twenty years.

Every morning, I get up at 5:30. My wife and two young daughters were upstairs asleep. I’m downstairs doing an hour and a half of integral hatha yoga, breathing exercises, and yoga posture. I’m sitting on the mat in front of a single candle, silently repeating the mantra Om. I’d done this every morning for many years. All of a sudden, I could hear what sounded like the Mormon Tabernacle choir, although I don’t think they sing Om, hundreds of male and female voices all singing Om. I knew that if I opened my eye, looked around, and made sure there wasn’t anybody else in the room, the experience would go away, so I kept working with the mantra and breathing.

Next, I smelled the most wonderful fragrance I’ve ever smelled in my life. Imagine your ten favorite flowers. It’s winter time out. The windows are closed. Here’s this fragrance and this chorus of Om. Next, I felt the most intense love and understanding. I knew exactly how highly regarded I and everyone else were by life itself. Tears started trickling down my cheek to feel that.

Next, even though my eyes were closed, my mind was filled with bright white light. It was the most beautiful, bright white light. All this is going on at once. Finally, I don’t know about you, but when we were kids, we did exciting things like stick our tongue on a nine-volt battery and get a little buzz. This is 40 volts. It wasn’t painful, but it was a definite buzz through my whole body.

All this is going on at once. I stayed with it because I knew it was very positive for a few minutes, but that’s all the longer I could handle the current. I then started laughing, and said, “Oh my God.” It opened my eyes. I couldn’t stand it. It was too much current. That was another real awakening. That experience has driven me ever since to fine-tune myself and body, mind, and spirit so I can handle that current more to serve others, have the greatest life of my dreams, and reflect one mind here on Earth as much as I can.

It’s such a blessing. What people will say to me is they’re so sorry for my losing my husband and what happened to me, but I had this amazing spiritual awakening during that accident. It has given me so much comfort. I don’t wish it on anyone, but I wish everyone could have an awakening. That’s part of the reason why I’m doing this show. I want people to know that this is true and that it exists. More people will take yoga after hearing your story. That’s incredible.

You have a partial remembrance of the greater reality and working with dying children and adults in hospitals. How has this partial remembrance of the greater reality of working with these dying children and adults in hospitals influenced and inspired what you’re doing? People would be very interested in knowing about your journey with children.

The first year I worked, I was doing basic things like checking oxygen and giving breathing treatments and stuff. I was a respiratory therapist part-time as I worked my way through pre-med and theology school. I did this for six years. When I hit twenty, I was trained. They spotted I was pretty sharp, so I was trained then to do things that only physicians can do, like cardiopulmonary resuscitation, arterial blood cast punctures, putting the breathing tube down the lungs, intubation, etc. At age twenty, here I was. I usually worked weekends in night shifts.

In the first hospital, it would be me, the ER doc, and a skeleton staff of nurses in this 100-bed hospital. For most shifts, I was with one or more people as they died. Seeing that with little children was very difficult. What I would do was I would stay true to my roots. In other words, I was brought up that God is all-knowing, all-caring, and all-loving. I thought, “That has got to be true. I need to find the perspective, so I understand that.” In other words, how can children die sometimes by abuse and so on and God be loving and caring?

I also continued during my breaks and so on. When I worked the evening shift, I would go and look out a window at the sunset. It is back to that sunset, reminding me of God. I would have my snack or whatever and watch that sunset. Those were some of my roots that kept me going, plus the dear family and friends that helped me deal with that. Over the years, I have put together this understanding I have. For example, I am giving a session with the Helping Parents Heal Fathers group.

I’m leading them in what we call facilitated after-death communication so they can start perceiving their kids more. I also have a session with what we call caring listeners. Fifteen bereaved parents started this group. We provide clinical support for them. There is also the IANS group, the International Association for Near-Death Studies. As a result of all this, I have these answers that I can provide to the worst of the worst. If you visit my website,, you’ll see 70-some articles about when your child changes worlds, when a loved one’s body is murdered, or when a loved one pass by suicide. I have great answers for those cases.

There is one last thing. You noticed the intentional language. You said people feel sorry for you because you lost your husband. You two have a relationship. You’ll see each other again, so you didn’t lose him. It is the same way in my different titles. I’ll say, “When your child changes world.” I don’t say, “When your child dies,” because the child doesn’t die. It’s the outer shell. Dr. Schwartz and I figured this out based on quantum physics information. The body turns out to be about 1000th of 1% of who and what we are.

I have to tell our audience also that I’ve read a few of your books. There’s another wonderful book you’ve written called The Eleven Questions: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Life, Death, and Afterlife. There are some wonderful healers and people there, including Mark, who answer those questions. For the show, for people who are asking, how can children die and God be loving and caring? I know you know the answer to that. Let’s tell people about that.

GAR 82 | Soul Proof

The Eleven Questions: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Life, Death, and Afterlife

There are a few sides to it, so I’ll paint a picture of this. The first part is that they’re not just kids. I’ve written two other books. One is called Greater Reality Living with Dr. Schwartz and The Big Picture of Life with Dr. Schwartz and also Katta Mapes, who’s a childhood educator and counselor. We found that the big picture of life is perhaps the easiest for a lot of people to understand because we break it down so basically. We say to these kids of any age, “This is your suit. This isn’t you,” pointing to the body. We’re like, “It’s going to die some way. It’s the way life is set up. There’s so much more to you.” That’s the first key to this.

How can there be a loving God and kids die? First of all, they’re not just kids. They were playing that role. They were taking on that guise perhaps to help their parents awaken and perhaps to allow the nurses and doctors to open their hearts more. In the last couple of months, the afterlife, that life continues after body death, has been scientifically and definitively demonstrated by replicated, controlled, multi-centered studies published in peer review journals. That’s what’s required to make this scientific statement for the first time ever that we know that life continues after bodily death.

To all the naysayers or atheists that say, “When you’re dead, you’re dead,” this is not true. This is an illusion that they have.

That is correct. We’re not making a full reveal yet because we’re preparing to have six other universities and institutes replicate this research. Also, Dr. Schwartz is preparing another paper, hopefully, to be in science advances. We have some groundwork before we shout up from the rooftops, but we can share here that life after death has been scientifically demonstrated.

1) We’re eternal beings. 2) As many near-death experiences say, we each are one with the one and a part of source energy. That is, we are one with God. It’s out there. People can find it. We’re children of God. Jesus is one with the Father and so are we. That’s the other thing to remember. These kids, their souls, too, are probably evolved souls. It is like the title of my Q&A for Helping Parents Heal, Evolved Souls Don’t Need Long Earthly Lives. They can’t die. They don’t die. They’re one with the one. They will see their parents again when the parents pass. Plus, they can continue a different relationship through mediums and through techniques like my facilitated ADCT technique.

Evolved souls don't need long earthly lives. They can't die. They don't die. They're one with the One. Share on X

Tell us about that technique, the ADCT or After Death Communication Technique.

Let me wrap up first because you asked such a huge question for the parents. The bottom line is that if everything was perfect, it would get boring, like the golden harps and the golden streets. Souls like adventures as we do. I presume you read different books, watch different movies, and like to travel to different places. It is the same way with the eternal beings. It may very well be a virtual reality experience they’re having where it seems like they’re a parent whose child died or it seems like they’re a woman whose husband died. It’s pretty much an illusion. It’s a way to put yourself in other people’s shoes so you understand more how God sees things. You open your heart to that point, and then that’s when you can merge.

Those are all the reasons. It’s so easy to float through an earthly incarnation. Focus on minor things like making money or, “How do I look today? Do I have a new shirt on?” and all these little sidetracks that don’t amount to a hill of beans. It’s usually only when something horrible happens, a tragedy, that we awaken and start asking those big questions.

The term for these awakenings, however they occur, is spiritually transformative experiences. That’s one of the reasons why a child would pass in a loving universe because God didn’t make it happen. It wasn’t God’s decision. The parents and the child, their essence got together. It said, and this is speaking for the parents, “I need to grow in patience and compassion. It would help if I had a child who passed and that would drive me to my knees, wake me up, and make me search for meaningful answers to life’s biggest questions.”

They’re like, “I need somebody in my soul group.” We usually have 25 or so primary soulmates. They’re like, “I need somebody in my soul group to play my child.” One of your eternal buddies says, “I died early last time. I’ll do it all out of love.” It’s a blink of an eye in a span of eternity that we’re here on Earth. When a person can remember everything and remember, know, internalize, and embody, then they realize, “I’m going to get through this.” This doesn’t mean it takes away all the pain but it lightens it.

In Helping Parents Heal, our number one goal is to help people journey from being bereaved parents, primarily experiencing grief, sadness, loneliness, pain, anger, guilt, and all that, to shining light on parents and realizing, “What an honor to have been a parent of a child for a brief period of time and be part of this wonderful scenario. By God, I’m going to find the silver linings and the blessings. I’m going to share them to honor my child and to get our money’s worth.”

One of my dear friends, Jeff Hollahan, he’s on the HPH board, which I’m not. He and his wife, Lynn, their son passed. His name was Devin. Jeff has a tattoo on his leg. It says, “I bought the ticket. I’m going to take the ride.” It’s like the Garth Brooks song. I could have missed the pain, but I’d have had to miss the dance. We come here to dance, learn, and grow. It’s a beautiful, loving setup when you see it.

We come here to dance, learn, and grow. It's a beautiful, loving setup when you see it. Share on X

It also happened to me. I had that spiritually transformative experience during my adversity when my husband died next to me. One of the things that helped me move forward is that as I was healing and growing, I was role modeling for others to do the same. This is something that you do with Helping Parents Heal. There are so many people I know in the organization who have lost their own children and they have grown through the experience. They’re helping other parents become shining light parents.

Instead of sitting there your whole life in that sadness, depression, and everything, there are ways like through these organizations or different modalities to move through it. You are becoming a role model for other people. I say it often in these interviews. One thing my son said to me after my experience was, “Mom, there was nothing worse in my life than seeing you in total despair and nothing better than seeing you being able to have joy again.” I tell people that is what this is about.

I have a couple of after-thoughts before you continue on. The first thing is that the Buddha was reportedly asked, “Why is there suffering?” He said, “Simple. Two reasons, service and growth.” According to Michael Newton, author of Journey of Souls and founder of Life Between Lives therapy, some intermediate to advanced souls don’t need to come back to Earth for karmic reasons, but they will volunteer to come back and perhaps lead a short life so that beginner souls can learn how to care for others. People are becoming doctors, nurses, and so on. In other words, how can caregivers care for anybody unless there’s somebody who’s sick? That’s how beautifully life is set up.

Here’s another one that’s important. This is based on the book by Lynne McTaggart, The Field. It is based on a current quantum physicist understanding. They say if all the light, energy, and information that exist in our world and that’s fundamentally who and what we are, which are beings of light, energy, and information, if all that exists in our world as the height of the Empire State Building, the portion the average human can perceive would be the height of a coat of paint or the Empire State Building’s coat of paint. It’s as though most of us are going around looking at life through a tiny pinhole and then wondering why things don’t make sense. It’s not that life didn’t make sense. It’s that we’re seeing such a limited amount of this. That’s why it’s so important to expand our vision.

People often comment that I seem so happy and vibrant. It is because I have this expanded point of view. I want to ask you one more time for our people who are reading. Why is there suffering? It’s for service and?


In other words, make your lemonade out of those lemons. They could be helping you and a lot of other people in your life. Could you tell us about The SoulPhone Foundation a little bit?


That is so fascinating. It’s a technology to help them communicate with the other side. Does it eliminate the need for a medium?

Those are too many questions at once. You asked, “Can you tell us about the SoulPhone a little bit?” That’s like being a little bit pregnant. This is a huge topic. People can go to YouTube and then type in The SoulPhone Foundation or also on our website. This will be easier. It is On the homepage is an hour video I created that tells all about it.

Dr. Gary Schwartz is a former Harvard and Yale professor at the University of Arizona. He is a genius. He had two near-death experiences when he was a kid. First of all, he did the first research with John Edward and other mediums years ago, showing that some mediums have valid abilities. That is a tacit indication that life can continue after death. Otherwise, who could they be communicating with?

Shortly after that, he made dear friends with about ten mediums. We became more like colleagues. They began passing on to him independently bits of information. They say, for example, “Albert Einstein keeps coming to us and saying, “You’re supposed to build technology to allow communication with the next dimension,” which is what we call the post-material world, “as we can now here.”

He has been working on this since 2004 with a team of electrical engineers, software specialists, optical physicists, evidential mediums, and others. He asked me a couple of years ago to join him and be the spokesperson for his organization but also help with some of the research. Long story short, at this point, we have what’s called the Soul Switch, which is a binary indicator providing yes or no answers.

We’ve proven through multiple experiments that some of these team members we’ve been working with, which we call the A team, people like Nikola Tesla, David Bohm, Einstein, and others, are able to consistently answer questions accurately with this switch.   We will ask a question, “Was this your mother’s name? Did you write a book by this name?” They answer yes. When the answer should be no, they answer no. There’s no doubt that they remember the language from Earth. They remember concepts. They are willing and motivated to help us.

The switch isn’t too exciting, but where it gets exciting is the next stage of the switch we will have, which is called Electronic Switch, will be 98% accurate. It will provide instantaneous yes or no. When we put about 40 of those in series or in parallel, then we’ve got a sole keyboard. That’s when we’re in business because we’ll be able to get a much greater quality and quantity of information from the next world. They will be able to type and text with us and give us information so that next, we can develop what’s called the Soul Voice, like a phone, and then Soul Video, like Skype, FaceTime, and Zoom. It is so that we can see and hear our loved ones who have changed worlds. 

It’s so exciting. I joke around with my mother. I tell her, “Mom, you won’t have time then to do anything on the other side. I’ll have so many mediums contacting you. They’ll have to have a switchboard in the sky for you.” To be able to think that one day, I can pick up a phone and say, “Mom, how’s it going? How are you doing?” or whatever and talk with the person. I want to ask you. People refer to the other side, but you called it the other dimension. Is there a reason for that or do you also call it the other side?

The term other side denotes separation. Dr. Schwartz and I spent a lot of time when we wrote our book, Greater Reality Living. We created a glossary in the back talking about more accurate terms. For example, the veil. Is there a veil? If you go far out enough somewhere, is there this veil? A lot of the things we’ve been taught about the afterlife are carryovers from the dark ages and the middle ages. A lot of them are plain wrong. That’s why we look at contemporary evidence.

GAR 82 | Soul Proof

Greater Reality Living: Integrating the Evidence for Eternal Consciousness into Your Daily Life (Volume 1)

Certainly, we honor the golden threads, what Aldous Huxley calls the perennial philosophy, that run among the world’s great religions. Also, we look at clinical evidence from near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, etc., firsthand experiences such as you had, and then the scientific evidence, and then also what a person feels or remembers inside.

I’ve given so many presentations over the years. Elders would come up or share during the presentation and say, “When I was a little kid, I was sitting there hearing about hell, devil, and all that and I never believed it. This little voice said, “That’s a bunch of crap. A loving God wouldn’t allow that.” They were right. That’s the combination for best discerning what is most true.

Our loved ones are all around us. It’s a different vibration, from what I understand. Your Greater Reality Living, is that about expanded consciousness? Is that about the ability to see things not through that pinhole?

Yes. It’s about, first of all, introducing the concept. Greater reality is our preferred term for all that is life itself and all the different infinite field of possibilities. Greater reality living is a term we use to invite people to consider how would they live if they knew without a doubt that no one really dies. For example, when I was a kid, our minister would always end the church service with the benediction, “May the peace that passes all understanding be in your heart and minds through Christ Jesus.” Even as a youngster, I thought, “The piece that passes all understanding sounds like a good thing. I want some of that.” That’s one of the many gifts that come with knowing what we’re talking about here.

In the Greater Reality Living book, we use what we call the LIVES formula. LIVES is an acronym for Learn the evidence. Learn it so you know it. I is Internalize. In other words, it’s important not to just have it in your head but in your heart and every fiber of your being so that when life’s inevitable challenges come along, you’re prepared for them. We have a whole series of strategies for helping people internalize it. Sometimes, people have been so wounded and abused that they’re afraid to hope and that good news can’t get in.

V is for Vitalize yourself and body, mind, and spirit. You have enough energy to do everything you need to do each day and brighten the corner where you are. E is for Enjoy the many benefits. There are nine primary benefits that go along with that. Some of them we’ve discussed. S is Serve others and yourself and make the world a better place. It’s our personal experience and our belief that when a sufficient number of people on our planet will do that, then many of the world’s problems and challenges will come together.

Regarding the A team we mentioned, we’ve been told there are hundreds of post-material persons. They were geniuses while on Earth. We’re talking in every field. It could be responsible leadership, healthcare, inventors, scientists, leaders, religious teachers, etc., who stand ready to give webinars to us via, first of all, the Soul Keyboard. It’s possible, as soon as it’s possible, through audio and video to help us along here. Stay tuned. Don’t give up. Keep hope alive. It’s going to get a lot better. It’s happening. It’s real. It’s based on scientific research. 

It also validates what this is all about. What you’re doing is wonderful. It’s going to help so many people. Would you say there’s an importance to healing and completing our unfinished business in this lifetime as opposed to waiting until you go to the other dimension, you come back in another body, and all? Why should people be motivated to clean up their wounds while they’re here?

You ask such great questions. You realize each one of these questions could be a whole show.

You can always come back and we could even focus on one of them. I would be thrilled because these are very important things for our audience to learn about.

This is based on the work of Michael Newton and others. Some evidential mediums report that it’s a common tendency for a soul to come to Earth. This is a big deal. There’s a waiting list for souls to come to a place like Earth because it’s such an exquisite place for enjoyment, learning, service, having adventures, and so on. People get here and then they freeze up. They forget or they give up. That’s one reason it’s so important to face challenges head-on.

The next is that oftentimes, facing our fears and challenges is part of our soul’s mission or our purpose for being here. When we’re fulfilling our purpose, that’s when we have that peace, joy, fulfillment, and love that everyone is craving but oftentimes looking at the wrong way. There’s a place for euthanasia, a good death, or death with dignity for people who are super old and falling apart. Why should they have to suffer? Our dogs and cats don’t. Otherwise, for the most part, I encourage people to not choose suicide, but they may choose to come back and go through similar challenges. Also, the greatest life of our dreams can be a moment away if we have a breakthrough instead of a breakdown.

The greatest life of our dreams can be a moment away if we have a breakthrough instead of a breakdown. Share on X

That’s a beautiful quote. I’m going to write that down. Say it again.

The greatest life of our dreams or the life we each have imagined can be one decision away. That’s why it’s so important to keep trying. It’s like going to the gym. In other words, if I would go to the gym and start pressing this pen and be like, “I am working out here,” I wouldn’t get much muscle growth. If I’m using a heavy dumbbell, I would. Likewise, that’s one of the main reasons why eternal beings would come to a place like Earth to build their spiritual muscles to remember who they are and realize how strong and loved they are. 

That’s fantastic. This is a loaded question. I don’t know if you want to talk about it. I know that souls come here for the pleasure of incarnating, but sometimes, it’s not such a pleasure, to say the least. When you talk about the chaos that’s going on our planet, do you have any thoughts to share as to collectively what we’re all supposed to be learning and growing from these experiences we’re having?

Let me address the first part of it. There is a place for enjoyment, pleasure, and all that, but sometimes, it’s important to go for that workout. It doesn’t feel so good in the middle of it. You’re straying and so on, but then you get done. You feel great. You got to endorphins. You see your body toning up. It’s the same way as life. Sometimes, it’s not so pleasant, but in the long run, it can result in eternal improvements that help you and help everyone around you.

Regarding the pandemic, I don’t know if there’s a generalized reason or benefit because everyone’s so different. In other words, some people had a wonderful break where they go and for a couple of months, there was nowhere to go, so they had some more time and space. For others, it was getting out in nature, which they didn’t take time to do, but that’s one safe thing people do. They ride their bike, walk, go to a park, and so on. There’s enough social isolation there with getting out in nature.

For others, it is being caregivers, for example. I know some doctors and nurses who are getting into the field. Talk about jumping in with both feet into it. For others, it’s developing more compassion. In other words, I get many emails every day from people around the world. We talked earlier about spiritually transformative experiences. This pandemic and everything that goes along with them has been a wake-up call for a lot of people. They get out of that comfortable rut that it’s so easy to get into and then say, “What’s going on? Is there really a God? If so, why is this happening? How can I react to this? How can I find the silver linings?” It’s life in a nutshell. The potential for blessings is always there. It’s a matter of whether we look for them, whether that’s our intention, and then whether we put them to use.

We’ve touched on all the ways that they can connect. Our audience all want to connect with you. Could you give them all your links or whatever you want? Mark is a font of information.

Thank you. It’s two websites. One is On that are 70-some articles, and those are free, addressing the toughest of the tough and the biggest questions and challenges people encounter. Also, you mentioned the book The Eleven Questions. Those come from a radio show I did called Ask the Soul Doctors. Some of my guests were Bernie Siegel, Dr. Schwartz, Anita Moorjani, and Raymond Moody. I had the best of the best, where I asked the same eleven questions. People can listen to those radio shows for free. Also, years ago, I had a radio show called Soulutions. Wayne Dyer was a guest as well as Bernie Siegel, Michael Newton, Brian Weiss, and others. I had the all-stars in the field of consciousness and the afterlife. Those are all free, and then the free newsletters. That’s

The other website is That’s all about the SoulPhone technology and how to learn about Greater Reality Living groups, which we’re getting started and the pandemic has hurt a bit. A quick sidebar on that, Dr. Schwartz and I both have gotten so many messages from people. They say, “I’m sharing this experience with you,” whether it’s a near-death experience, hearing a voice, leaving their body, or whatever. They’re like, “There’s no one else I could tell. My family and friends would think I’m kooky. We say, “You’re not kooky. If you are, there are millions of us who are kooky because these experiences are so common.”

What we encourage people to do is to take a chance and share it with others. You may be surprised they had them, too, and then people realize how common this is. That’s one of the many indications about this big picture of life. We wanted to start groups where people could learn the LIVES information and then a safe place without judgment where people could share their personal experiences, consider how to improve their communities and develop kindred spirits.

One of the biggest parts about being on the path is having kindred spirits, which could be family and friends who are in your tribe and you can share with. You know they’ve got your back and know you’re not alone in this. It is all those reasons. That’s the Greater Reality Living groups on website. 

If someone wants to join your Greater Reality Living group, how do they do that? Is it done online?

Yes. We’re going to be setting those up online. They can go to the Greater Reality Living tab on that website,

Can they sign up for it there?

They can learn more about it. We’re getting started.

You can provide that information if people want to sign up.

There are lots of information. It is to find a group, go to the online groups, and start a group. 

Do you anticipate people physically starting groups also?

We have to wait until things calm down, but yes. When the pandemic’s not raging so much, it can start allowing people to get together in these highly conscious ways. 

It is said that great joy comes from knowing your highest purpose and living that higher purpose. How can people tune into this information to live a life filled with joy?

We’ve touched on some. I’ve told Dr. Schwartz working on this SoulPhone project has been the apex of everything I’ve done in my life. Like a lot of people, I’ve been through tough times, like a divorce, a first love breakup, which only took me twenty years to get over, and financial losses. Every one of the crashes we’ve had, I was in every one of those. It’s part of life on Earth, and I’m quite certain that I signed up for a lot of that. You go through life and think, “How many more punches can I take?” When you’re really following your bliss, you see, “All those were important. If one thing changed, everything could have changed. I would not have missed any of that pain and suffering if I could if that would’ve prevented where I am now.”

I encourage people to recall tough times in the past and then some of the blessings they are aware of. Consider your current challenges and realize you can have those kinds of blessings or even more, so stick with it. Do some of the things we’ve talked about. Avail themselves of the resources you mentioned. It’s a wonderful, beautiful ride. Like in the James Taylor song, isn’t it a lovely ride? The more you get that, the more you can see that.

GAR 82 | Soul Proof

Soul Proof: Compelling Evidence That Life Continues After Physical Death

The last thing is that serving others is so important. I have a quick example. I wear hearing aids. I lost a lot of my hearing as a child from having a virus, so I wore hearing aids. A few years ago, I had a patient. She was 28 years old. She came in and she was talking loudly. She said, “I forgot my hearing aids today. You’re going to have to talk loudly and slowly so I can lip read,” and I did.

I was talking to our acupuncturist about it. I have a holistic healthcare office. Our acupuncturist said, “I’ve seen her numerous times and she always tells me the same thing that she forgot her hearing aids. I don’t think she can afford them.” I said, “Not on my watch.” I bought a new pair even though my current pair was good. I called my audiologist and said, “Julie, would you do a free consultation with this young lady? I’ll give her my hearing aids.” Julie said, “I would love to.”

The next week, I got a phone call from this young lady. Her name’s Chrissy. She was crying and laughing. She said, “I’m sitting in the car with my mom and my sister. We’ve been sitting out here for 45 minutes, crying and laughing. I can hear. For the first time in my life, I can really hear.” I felt the most joy or some of the most joy I’ve ever felt in my life. I would say to people, “If you want to have more joy and peace, consider how you can serve others. You’ll get it in spades.”

This is such a wonderful interview, and I’ve done so many interviews. I want to tell our audience this interview also goes on Vimeo. People will be able to see Mark and me. When you see Mark and the depth of emotion in his eyes, his being, and his sincerity, all of his words make even more of a difference. I want to thank you from my heart for this amazing ride of an interview that you’ve given all of us. I invite you back because I would be thrilled to talk with you in-depth about any one of these subjects that you would like to bring forward. A lot of our readers would be like, “What’s he up to now? I want to read all about this.”

Thank you. Let’s stay in touch. Thank you for everything you’re doing. This is a valuable service.

Thank you. Make sure to follow us and like us because we’re very likable on social @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. As I like to say, and I know Mark would agree, to be continued. Many blessings, and bye for now.

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