GAR 100 | Near-Death Experiences


Dr. Ann Charlotte Valentin, also known as Dr. Lotte, is a Naturopathic Physician, a Medical Intuitive, an Ancestral Healer, and a Psychic Medium. Lotte, who emigrated to the United States from Sweden, has a gold medal award-winning book in the category of Spiritual Leadership titled, Med School after Menopause: The Journey of my Soul, in which she shares her two dramatic out-of-body near-death experiences (NDEs), the years she spent healing her body and integrating her amazing spiritual experiences, how she was prompted by a spirit message to attend Medical School after menopause, and her training at the Arthur Findlay College in England to become an evidential medium, all of which led to her founding and operating an innovative medical clinic called The Center for Integrative Medicine, located in Phoenix, AZ.



  • Lotte’s experience giving birth to her daughter during an earthquake. 
  • Lotte’s two amazing out-of-body Near- Death Experiences.    
  • The years Lotte spent healing her body without medical intervention and integrating her amazing spiritual experiences.   
  • What Medical School at 54 years of age was like for Lotte, and what influenced her to attend the Arthur Findley College to develop her gift for mediumship after Med School.



  • Why should we each accept the bodies we have been given without judgement?      
  • How does medical mediumship help people?  
  • What is ancestral healing and how does it relate to our daily lives?       

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Dr. Lotte Valentin: It Is Never Too Late To Transform Your Life’s Path: Two Dramatic Out-Of-Body Near-Death Experiences, Being Prompted By Spirit To Attend Medical School After Menopause, And Training






I truly hope this finds each of you so very well. I’m speaking to you from my studio in West Orange, New Jersey, beyond delighted to have this opportunity to introduce all of you to a naturopathic physician, medical intuitive, ancestral healer, a psychic medium, Dr. Ann Charlotte Valentin, also known as Dr. Lotte, who will be speaking to us from Phoenix, Arizona.

Dr. Lotte, who emigrated to the United States from Sweden, has two sons, a daughter, and a gold medal award-winning book in the category of spiritual leadership titled MED SCHOOL after MENOPAUSE: The Journey of my Soul. In her book, she shares her two dramatic out-of-body near-death experiences, the years she spent healing her body and integrating her amazing spiritual experiences. She was prompted by a spirit message to attend medical school after menopause, train at the Arthur Findlay College in England to become an evidential medium, founding and operating a medical clinic center for integrative medicine, and so much more.

I’m looking forward to asking Lotte about what she learned during her two out-of-body near-death experiences, the spirit message should be received that guided her to become a physician, and how she now actively blends spirituality with Western medicine. This is surely going to be an interesting, empowering, and enlightening interview with a very special woman. One more sidebar, Lotte has a chapter in her book called The Journey of Self-Love that talks about a woman’s body image that is not to be missed. Lotte, a warm and heartfelt welcome to the show.

Thank you so much. I’m delighted to be here.

I am too. It’s such a pleasure to meet you. I loved your book. I truly did. Let’s start with this question. Please describe your childhood in Sweden as an only girl with three brothers in a home steeped in science and the career you chose to pursue that became what you call a berry in your life experiences.

I was born and raised in Sweden. I was born in 1958. I was raised during the ’60s. My parents were very open-minded, considering the era, and they let me be who I needed to be. They gave me a lot of freedom to dress the way I wanted. I wanted to have blue jeans just like my brothers. I was a tomboy as a child. I loved riding my bicycle, running in the woods, and just playing. I played more with boys as a child because I was very active. I loved to run and bike.

Going to school and being raised in that environment, I was good in the science classes and the school said, “You should be majoring in the science classes in high school.” In Sweden, we major in high school, and then from high school, we go straight to medical school or nursing school. We don’t do the four years of college like we do here in the United States. They said, “You should be a doctor. Your brother that’s five years older than you, he is going down that line and you should do the same.”

I looked at how many girls or young women were in the science classes and compared them to the other majors. There were maybe 3 or 4 young women. I looked at that and being fourteen years old back then, I figured I would never have any friends. It was more important to have boyfriends and be part of the social groups at school, and that’s what I worried more about back then, which is very funny to me now because I truly did not follow my heart.

As I also pointed out to you, all those boys in medical school you were going to meet one day.

It’s so funny because I was always around doctors. All my parents’ friends were physicians. A lot of the physicians back then married the nurse. A lot of my parent’s friend’s wife was a nurse. My mom got pregnant during World War II. She gave birth to my first brother when she was nineteen. My father was in medical school and he was 25.

Was your mother a nurse?

She was the only girl in her high school class and that was back in the early 1940s during World War II. She dropped out during that time and then gave birth and then she had another son. Those were my two first brothers. She was the only girl in her whole class. I was the fourth child. When I was 10 or 11, she went back to school. She completed her high school and then got an education as a hospital floor administrator.

When I was twelve, my mom worked part-time. She was at home when I left for school and she was home when I got back home. It was a perfect scenario for me as a child. My father was a physician. My mom ended up doing that, but I was always surrounded by science and by medicine. As long as I can remember, I wanted to be a doctor and I played doctor as a child. I had the stethoscope. I did all those things. I was fourteen and I looked at that Science major and I said, “I can’t do it.” I majored in Languages and Business in high school, and then I met an American. I married an American and moved to the United States when I was 21.

However, during those experiences, you had your first jobs and all ended up being very handy for you later on.

I then majored again. My husband had a year left at Boston University. I worked as a secretary for the Biomedical Engineering Department at Boston University that year and then we were supposed to go back to Sweden. I had started studying in Sweden at the University of Stockholm, but then the professors in the engineering school convinced me that I should go to Boston University. They wanted me to become an engineer in computer science.

That logical mind is so strong. Later on, you’re going to understand why I had a hard time moving into the spiritual realms of existence because I came from that very hardcore science. My dad didn’t believe in anything afterlife. He grew up going to Sunday school since he was three years old. He knew the Bible backwards and forwards. He was on the board at the church.

I was confirmed at age fourteen, but he never really encouraged us to go to church. He said that’s something you have to decide for yourself. He never went to church. He was never regular. He already knew everything, but he didn’t believe that the spirit would survive death. That was something that, to him, did not exist or just wasn’t possible.

I know that you have had some very dramatic near-death and out-of-body experiences. Would you please share your experience giving birth to your daughter during an earthquake, no less? That led to your first out-of-body near-death experience and the sensation that your soul had not fully returned to your body. What was your takeaway from this experience on the other side?

I gave birth to my daughter and was in labor at the hospital. I was contracting 2 or 3 minutes apart and the first earthquake hit, which was 7.4. That’s one of the times in my life when I thought I was going to die. Many times people have been in accidents or airplanes and your life flashes before your eyes and you’re thinking, “This is it. I’m going to die.” That was one of those moments.

There were floor-to-ceiling windows in the labor room and everything was rattling. All the instruments on a metal tray were jumping up and down. People, the midwives, the nurses, my husband, everybody was leaning over me on the birthing table to hold on. They would have fallen down. They were holding on and holding me down so I wouldn’t levitate off. That’s how much it shook. I’m in the middle of 2 to 3 minutes apart and I honestly thought I was going to die.

We lost the power in the hospital and I said, “We’re going to be buried in the rubble because the ceiling tiles are going to start falling in and the windows are going to cave in.” It was that much shaking. My labor stopped. That’s how bad it shook. The generators kicked on in the hospital. We had the light equivalent to a nightlight and then half an hour went by and I gave birth. We had a 7.2 earthquake following that, but now we said, “It’s either going to be bigger or smaller.” We could tell it was slightly less, but the magnitude of each level is ten times. 7.2 to 7.4 is a big difference, though.

Anything over 7 is a huge earth earthquake. The reason we didn’t have so much destruction was because the epicenter of that earthquake was in the desert. I gave birth in the Eastern part of Anaheim, which is in Southern California. Anybody who’s been to Disneyland knows where Anaheim is. We were close to the epicenter being in the Eastern part of Anaheim and the hospital I was in was built on rollers. The whole hospital was swaying back and forth to withstand that earthquake.

Maybe if it hadn’t been built on rollers, it would have collapsed. Maybe that is what ultimately saved our lives. I then hemorrhaged the first time. Finally, I get to hold the baby after these earthquakes and all this trauma happening, and my labor stopping and starting. As soon as they gave me the baby, I arched backwards and I yell out and I say, “Take the baby.”

I was having these excruciating pains. There was this mountain of blood clots coming out. The midwives were working on me and putting me on Pitocin IV drip to contract the uterus. We still had no electricity. This is all happening with a night light. I stayed an extra day in the hospital and they sent me home. Ten days later, I started hemorrhaging. There were blood clots the size of a baby’s head. I go back to the ER and I tell them what happened. They keep me for observation. They say, “Nothing much is going on right now. We’re going to send you back home. It could have been the second lining.”

This is 1992. There was no ultrasound, blood work, and nothing. They send me home and then I hemorrhaged again the next evening, which was a Thursday evening. We called the hospital and it was late at night. It’s probably 9:30 at night. My husband’s on the phone. My parents are visiting from Sweden to help with the kids. I yelled to my husband, “The bleeding stopped. I’m not going back. They’re not going to do anything.”

They decided I should see the doctor in Huntington Beach the next morning because that’s where we were living at the time and it’s in Southern California. The next morning, I saw the doctor. He does the same thing. He did a manual inspection, “Not much bleeding is going on right now.” I’ve hemorrhaged twice already. He sent me on my way and later that day, it’s probably around 4:00 or 5:00 in the afternoon, I hemorrhaged again. It was another huge blood clot.

We look at each other and we say, “We’re going to have to go back. This is the third time now.” It’s a lot of blood. We go back to the ER and they keep me for observation. They come in. They do a manual observation. They say, “There is not much bleeding going on right now. It could have been another second lining coming out.” They left me in the room, closed the door, and walked away. I’m lying there.

Who is watching your baby?

We brought the baby. My dad and my husband are in the waiting room with the baby that is now about twelve days old.

She wants to drink some milk, I’m sure.

We thought they were just going to gimme some medication or do something, fix me, and send me on my way. We brought the baby and we didn’t have any bottles or formula or anything. My mom was home with my two boys. Here I am and I start bleeding again. As I’m starting to bleed, the only thing that’s going through my mind is, “Finally, I’m starting to bleed. They’re going to figure out something is wrong with me.”

I’m lying in a pool of blood on this table and the spirit world, I’m sure, sent this nurse to check on me. She opens the door and her jaw drops as she sees all the blood. I can hear the call on the loudspeaker, “OB-GYN stat to the ER.” All I’m thinking is, “They finally figured out something is wrong with me.” Here comes this middle-aged gentleman jogging into the room and I’m 34, looking like the picture of health because I’m healthy. We live in Southern California. I’m tan. It’s in the middle of the summer. I don’t look sick.

It is very deceiving when you’re a medical doctor. People often look well, but you can’t tell what’s going on inside by looking at the surface until it’s too late sometimes. He comes in. He does another manual inspection. He has got his resident physician in tow, this younger doctor. As they’re doing a manual inspection, another huge blood clot comes out the size of a baby’s head. Now, he understood what was going on. He had already asked me, “How much have you been bleeding?”

People often look well, but you can't tell what's going on inside by looking at the surface until it's too late sometimes. Share on X

I said, “I hemorrhaged on Wednesday and Thursday. I hemorrhaged again now, and I’ve hemorrhaged again. This was the fifth time in total that I was hemorrhaging.” At this point, I tried to sit up and tell him I don’t feel too good. He knew it because he knew how much I had been bleeding. He knew exactly what was going on. He pushed me back on the table. He tilted it backwards. My head is going down. My feet are going up and I can hear the room filling with people.

They hadn’t even placed an IV yet. Now, you get an IV many times just going to the ER because they want to make sure they have access to your veins if you go into shock or start collapsing because once you go into shock, your veins collapse. It’s very difficult to get access to the vein with a needle because the veins are kind of shrinking down. They had a hard time placing the IV. I got the nurse on my left trying to place the IV. I got the nurse on my right quoting my blood pressure.

I’m lying on the table thinking, “What’s taking them so long?” I have this feeling of having jumped out of an airplane and it’s free fall to the ground. I’m flying through the air. As the nurse on my right yells out my blood pressure, she says, “50/15. Hurry.” It was shortly after that that I knew that I was dying, which was very different from the experience I had when giving birth when I thought I was going to die.

I was like, “This is it. I’m going to die. We’re never going to make it. My poor boys are going to grow up without a mom and dad. We’re going to be buried in this rubble.” This was very different because I knew I was dying. Here I am on this table, feeling like I have fallen out of an airplane. I’m free falling and I know I’m dying. I can feel my soul is trying to leave and I’m holding on.

What did that feel like? You felt the soul was trying to leave from what location, from where in your body? Is it from your heart?

I had the feeling that something was separating from my physical body. There was a separation that was happening. To me, on the table, I am holding on. I’m sucking on to that soul. “You can’t leave. Stay in the body.”

Your personality is holding on, but you’re soul saying, “I’m out of here.”

You could feel that separation and I was a complete atheist, so I didn’t believe in any of this. Here I am and the separation of your soul happens so quickly, but I’m lying on this table and I can feel this separation taking place. What do I do? The atheist that I was, I prayed to God to save my life because there was nothing left. That is your only hope that something is out there that is going to try to help you. That happens so quickly. You are inside your body, but then the next second, I’m outside.

As soon as I’m outside my body, the first thing that occurs to me is, “How can this be? How can I be outside my body and still be me?” For somebody who’s a complete atheist and scientist, this turns your perception of who you are upside down. Here I am, but there is a, there’s a knowing that I can access all time. There is no time in that other realm. You can access past, present, and future all at the same time because there is no time.

GAR 100 | Near-Death Experiences

Near-Death Experiences: There is no time in that other realm. You can access the past, present, and future all at the same time.

However, there is also this feeling of unconditional love, peace, and that there is something greater and knowing that I belong to my body down there, just like I belong to the house I live in. I belong to the car I drive. Not really belong, but that’s your car, that’s your house, that’s where you live. The feeling of being outside of my body was that I live down there in that body. That’s my home here on Earth and then, I stepped out and I’m still me. I’m still the same person. I’m still the same soul. Everything about me was still the same, except there was no time and this unconditional love. With that, I got sucked back into my body.

They were saving you. They were frantic down there.

They nearly were. I know we’re going to talk about my second NDE, which is very different, but I joke about how I had to have a second NDE because, with the first, I didn’t get the full effect. They were too efficient. I didn’t get the whole message.

Let’s talk about your second NDE. If we didn’t have enough drama with number one, let’s go for number two. You’d been an atheist. You didn’t believe in life after death, and now, you have a second near-death experience, which transformed your perceptions about the afterlife and spirituality. Let it rip.

All the after-effects that happened, we’re going to talk about that too, electrical interference, clairvoyance, and all these things that started to come through. What happened, in a nutshell, is that I got sick after this. I barely have any memories of the first three months because my parents changed the ticket back to Europe twice. My mother-in-law came from Florida to help with the kids. My daughter was born at the end of June and my memory starts in September. I’m told that I slept that whole time. I didn’t have any blood.

The first thing that the physician said in the ER was, “I have to give you blood because you’ve lost so much blood.” I looked at him and I said, “If you don’t have to give me blood, don’t give me blood.” It’s because this was 1992 and it was when the AIDS epidemic started. They had no way of checking the blood for AIDS and a lot of people that received blood transfusions back then, six years later, have it.

He said, “We’ll see what we can do. You are not going to feel too good, but we’ll see how quickly you make blood. Otherwise, you’re a healthy young person.” I stayed in the hospital for two days and they said, “You’re making blood quickly, but you’re not going to feel too good.” It took three months before I could even see it up and then it took another three months. It was about a week before Christmas that I finally left the house with three children. I went to the store to get a gallon of milk and ice cream for the kids with three kids in tow and that totally wiped me out. I needed to rest the whole day.

We all got sick. We all got the flu. We had to go to a walk-in clinic because my husband’s company got bought and we were on a wait to get insurance. This whole year, when I am the sickest I’ve ever been in my whole life, we have no medical insurance because we couldn’t afford to pay COBRA. We were in our early 30s and we had three kids. We were a big family. The COBRA was back then in 1992 $600 or $700. That was almost your rent. We said, “Let’s wait three months. I’ll be fine. I’m healing.”

You have an amazing disposition. Other people would be screaming and going crazy. Your acceptance of what was going on was very impressive.

We all get pneumonia. We go to a walk-in clinic. Everybody gets antibiotics. Everybody gets better except for me. After eight days on antibiotics, I go back and this physician says, “Why are you back? You’re even sicker now than you were eight days ago.” They draw some blood and they come back into the room. They look at me and they say, “Do you have leukemia or AIDS because you have no immune system?” I told them, “The good news is I did not get a blood transfusion, so it wouldn’t be AIDS.” They said, “You have no immune system. That’s why you’re so sick.” They said, “You had to go to the ER because you literally can die because all your blood values are so low.”

I said, “We don’t have any medical insurance. If I do that, I can’t pay the bill and then I’m going to have a preexisting condition when we get our medical insurance.” I managed to get better. They called me the next day and said, “If you’re not better, you’ll have to go to the ER. I don’t care if you have insurance or not.” I said, “I’m getting better.” It was inching my way back to health.

A couple of months went by and I started bruising. I bumped into the baby’s changing table and something that would give you a bruise the size of a nickel or a dime gave me a bruise that spanned my entire hip area. It was purple and red. I got pneumonia again and now it’s May in Huntington Beach. I don’t have an immune system and I have low platelets because I’m bruising just by the touch.

The doctor said, “You have to go to the ER right now. We have to run lab work.” I said, “I am a month and a half away from getting medical insurance.” We were going to get insurance on July 1st and this was around May 15th. He gave me all the lab work, like a good physician that he was, and I basically ripped them up. Thinking back, now that I know about it, having gone through medical school myself, I’m like, “Thank you, spirit world, for keeping me alive,” because that was apparently my journey.

That was a serious condition that I had. What I know now and what my physician told me before I went to medical school is most likely what I had is something called aplastic anemia and that is a suppression of the bone marrow. “You’re not making enough white blood cells, enough red blood cells, or enough platelets. That’s why you have the bruising. You have a poor immune system and you’re exhausted because you don’t have enough red blood cells to carry your oxygen.” That’s what I ended up having. That took a good six years to come out of that because I didn’t get medical treatment for it, even though later we got insurance. Now, I’m 2 or 3 years out and I can see I’m healing.

I tip my hat to you.

It was a journey. I can’t even stand up to make food for my kids. I have a stool in the kitchen. I have to sit by the stove in order to make pancakes for the kids because I will literally pass out if I stand up that long. If I put my knee on the floor to tie my children’s shoes because my daughter was only two, I would get a bruise that covered my whole kneecap just by the touch of the knee on the floor. That means that you have very few platelets. I am on this healing journey and I have had this feeling ever since I had that first near-death experience that my soul had not merged back. I always call it the merging problem.

You were such a non-believer and you knew that something was wrong.

I said to my mother-in-law, “This weird thing happened. I had this feeling of leaving my body.” She said, “You had what’s called a near-death experience.” She brought me the book by Raymond Moody, Life After Life. That was my introduction. I started to understand what had happened because I thought I was going crazy. Maybe it is some kind of hallucination of the brain that happens because I was so scientific. I was trying to make sense out of it scientifically.

GAR 100 | Near-Death Experiences

Life After Life: The Bestselling Original Investigation That Revealed “Near-Death Experiences”

Here I am in this healing journey and I’m sick. I’m struggling to keep my soul inside. Part of that, I feel like it’s a merging problem. The soul did not merge all the way back and part of it might have been that I was so sick that I always felt like I was going to pass out. It’s not the feeling of, “I’m dizzy. I’m going to pass out.” It was a feeling of the soul wanting to leave. I would wake up in the middle of the night. My head would be pounding because there is not enough blood in my head. I would take my head off the pillow. I will put my legs up.

This was my normal existence on this healing journey. About two years into this healing journey, the same thing happens. I wake up. My head is pounding. I put my head on the sheet or on the mattress. I pull my legs up. I was trying to get my blood back but the same thing as in the ER. One second you are inside, the next second, you are outside. You get pulled out and this is why I say they didn’t get the full effect the first time so I had to have a second experience.

For a long time, this experience bothered me because was it a near-death experience because I was sick? I couldn’t prove it. I wasn’t in the ER struggling for my life. I didn’t have a whole team of medical professionals trying to save me, nor was it a spiritually transformative experience. I struggled with that for years because I’m so scientific. How do you explain this phenomenon?

Finally, I came to terms with that after many years. It’s not the experience itself. It is what happens to the soul. What happens to you as a human being? How do you change from the experience that you had? We get fascinated hearing about the experience too. I get pulled out of my body and this is very different.

Now, you’re in bed. Is it night?

It’s in the middle of the night.

Your soul’s going for a trip.

Yes, and I’m like, “This is it. We’re leaving.” I get pulled out of my body, but this time, I have this feeling of tumbling through space and darkness. I get to this place that I call the mid-station because it’s this feeling that there are floors above me and there are floors below me. It’s like you go into a skyscraper. You push the 50th floor in a skyscraper with 100 floors and you get off on the 50th floor. You know there are floors above you and below you even though you’re not on those floors. It was that feeling.

I call it the mid-station. I also call it the bouncing station because they sent me back. I get there and I hear the most beautiful music that you can imagine. It’s not of this Earth plane. It is more beautiful than you can imagine. I look around. I don’t have a body. I just have a soul and I see a log cabin. I think it’s funny what we see because I see log cabins. I look inside and I say, “Maybe the music is coming from this.”

I look inside and it’s empty. I look to the left. There is the exact same log cabin that’s on the right, just a mirror image. I look inside, but it’s empty, but then I become aware of this growing light behind me. It’s almost like standing in a spotlight at a car dealership. There is this bright white light that is growing behind me. I turn around and I become enveloped in this white light. However, in this white light, there is an outline of angels. The music is coming from the angels.

What do they look like to you at that moment?

It was an outline. It was this very large outline of angels. You could see the wings. I knew it was angels, but they don’t have facial features. It was an outline in the white light. There is a white outline of angels in the white light, but I don’t believe in angels. I’m still struggling with putting my first near-death experience, but there is this knowing. This white light is the source. It is where we come from. We carry this light within us. We come from this white light. We return to this loving white light when we leave this earth plane.

This white light is the source. It is where we come from. We carry this light within us. We return to this loving white light when we leave this earth plane. Share on X

As I’m standing in this light and listening to this most beautiful music, there are two spirit guides. One is to my right and one is diagonally to the left in front of me. The one on my right communicates with the other spirit guide and he says, “What is she doing here? She can’t be here.” I’m like, “How can this be? How can I be outside my body and still be me because this is the second time now? Why does this keep happening?”

They’re talking about me over here. What is this?

The spirit guide on my left says, “If I told you, you wouldn’t remember, but you will remember this.” Images appear. It’s almost like you’re in a movie theater and they turn the movie on. It’s all black and all of a sudden, the screen is there, but it is as if I’m standing on the moon and looking down on Earth. However, around the Earth, there is what I called at the time because it’s 1994, the silver glittery fishnet. It’s this diamond-shaped net, but back then, we didn’t have Google. We didn’t have the internet and search engines.

There was no way of looking any of this information up or I had never come across any information like this. I see this silvery, glittery fishnet, and he says, “Everything on earth is connected to each other and everything on earth is connected up to this fishnet.” I called it the fishnet because, growing up in Sweden, we spent the summers in the archipelago, which is 25,000 islands. I would row the boat from my grandmother as she laid nets in the ocean. When she pulled those nets up early in the morning, the water droplets on that fish net would glitter and shimmer in the sunlight. To me, it looked like a fishnet around the Earth.

Someone else might say you were looking at the original web that connects us all.

With that, I got sent back, but that is what activated my life path. It is all about that.

You also had psychic abilities heightened. Suddenly, for someone who didn’t believe in anything, what were you able to do now?

There was a constant progression that started after my first NDE. It started the next day in the hospital. I’m lying in the hospital bed after my first NDE and I’m petrified of what had happened. I was scared to death of the fact that I had left my body. I figured if I told anyone, they were going to lock me up in the mental ward. I didn’t dare tell anyone.

In the left corner of my ceiling, I can hear my sister-in-law, who had passed away about ten days earlier from lung cancer. She was in her 40s. I can hear her say, “Everything is going to be okay.” I was outside my body the day before and now, I think I can hear my sister-in-law. It was quite scary. I didn’t understand what was going on, but that opened up the channel for me later to become a medium and work with the spirit world. It started that next day but then there are many stories. I could tell stories too.

This one was an initial clairaudience, and then, I guess eventually, others like clairvoyance and clairsentience started to kick in. It sounds like you always had clairsentience and you didn’t know it.

I think it was always there. Studying at Arthur Findlay College and studying with famous shamans, they tell me that it was always there. I just didn’t know. It was always suppressed. That’s why I feel that the near-death experience has activated my life path. I started seeing things before they would happen. I saw the scratch on the van door. We were going to be in an accident.

That’s an amazing story. Tell us about that.

My younger kid is around 10 or 12. It’s been about ten years of this and the constant hearing of the spirit world or being shown images of what’s going to happen or knowing things about people before I’m told that. I would start writing things down because, in the beginning, I thought it was just a deja vu. It’s a coincidence. It can’t be. Now, it’s been ten years of this. I’m starting to get it. I’m a slow learner that way. I need a lot of confirmation that this is really what’s going on. “Are you going to accept it sometime soon?”

It goes on forever for many years. Now, it’s ten years into it. I woke up one morning and I got three images. The first image is I see a black scratch on the van door of our car. In the second image, I see two of my kids in the car. My son, that’s about twelve, in the front seat and my daughter’s in the back seat. The third image is I’m leaving a note on the windshield of a black sedan car. I tell my kids about this vision that I had. I said, “You guys are in the car. We’re going to be in an accident. I don’t know where it is.”

I was driving my kids to San Francisco every day because they were at the San Francisco Ballet School and they trained six days a week. Every day we’d take the Bay Bridge from East Bay into the city. We figured out that there was this one intersection. When you get off the bridge, you go down to the surface streets and you get to the light. When you turn left at that light, you have oncoming traffic. Me turning left would expose the right side of my car for a possible accident. We figured that is the only time that the right-hand side of the car is exposed. Every day, we drive to the city. My kids’ nose is up against the windshield looking because they’re nervous too that we’re going to be in an accident.

You’re still a skeptic, but they believe.

They know that mom is not wrong. We did this for ten days and I kept saying, “Why am I leaving a note on the windshield? Where is the driver of that car? There were no other images saying police cars or ambulances, but why would I leave the note?” We’re in Walnut Creek. We’re coming out of the bookstore in East Bay, San Francisco and it’s a crowded parking lot. There’s a big truck in the way that’s offloading all these boxes. I’m trying to make a right-hand turn onto the little tiny surface street and as I’m making a right turn, the right-hand side of my car scrapes the black sedan car that’s parked right at the end of that driveway.

At this point, I stopped the car. I got out. I walked around the car. I looked at the scratch and I started laughing. I looked up at the sky and I laughed. I know all these people were looking at me. They must have thought I was a complete nutcase. “Here’s this woman laughing,” and then I left the note on the black sedan car on the windshield. The kids were so relieved. There’s like, “Finally, it’s over.”

You believed because you thought it could have been so much worse. That’s amazing. I guess that is called claircognizance I guess because you had that knowledge in advance.

A lot of the information comes clairvoyantly to me. I see images and even when I work with the spirit world, I see images. They’re showing me images typically of what’s going on. Sometimes, I’ll feel it. It’s clairsentient. I’ll feel the issue in their body. There are times when I’ve had people passing away from breast cancer. I feel a tension in my breast, so I say, “I believe that your spouse passed away from breast cancer. Is that correct?” Sometimes I feel it and sometimes I hear it, but I’d say probably 80% or 90% of the information I get is clairvoyant. I see images.

You got messages that you were to go to med school. You would combine Eastern and Western modalities and write three books. Tell us about that and your reaction to this information. How did this information come to you?

It was 2004 and I was in my living room. I was thinking, “I should start thinking about going back to the workforce. I’ve been home all these years.” I called my friend and said, “I’m finally healed.” It’s twelve years later. All of a sudden, that’s it. I’m healed. I’m ready to take on the world. I was on the internet. I was looking for different things and I found this amazing school. It said naturopathic medicine.

You study not only Western medicine and pharmaceuticals and all the traditional Western medical treatments, but you also study homeopathy, acupuncture, nutrition, and herbal and botanical medicine. I then realized it was a real medical school. I was hoping to find something I could study online. I was still taking my kids and picking them up from the subway system. They were taking BART to San Francisco because my daughter still was not sixteen yet. She didn’t have a license yet.

They were still somewhat dependent on me. I was hoping to find something like that. I closed the computer. I walked away. I walked to the kitchen and I said, “I’ll look again tomorrow. I can’t go to med school. I’m in my 40s now. That’s a lot of work. I got to do all the prereq classes in chemistry, physics, and all that. Even if I did that, who’s going to accept somebody that’s in her late 40s to med school?” I walked through my kitchen and as I’m walking to the kitchen, I became aware of a spirit guide coming in.

At that time, I didn’t often see the spirit world. It was more hearing them in the beginning. He gave me three messages. He said, “You have to go to medical school and become a physician and you have to combine East and West,” which what I looked at is the perfect combination. Naturopathic medicine is a combination of East and Western medicine, also old and new ways of looking at things and healing. He said, “You are to bring messages of healing to people.” I was like, “What messages? What does that mean?”

GAR 100 | Near-Death Experiences

Near-Death Experiences: Naturopathic medicine is a combination of East and Western medicine, also old and new ways of looking at things and healing.

Who was telling you all of this?

It’s the spirit.

Is it coming in as a thought of what you’re supposed to do?

Yeah. It’s that connection. Somebody is giving you the information and you know it’s not coming from your mind. It’s coming from somewhere.

This is what happened to me too. It’s like a download.

You’re completely aware that it’s not your thought. Somebody’s telling you this, but you can’t see them. I had to combine East and West and I had to bring messages to people. I had to be a naturopathic doctor and I had to write two books. “No, wait, three.” That, “Two, no wait, three,” I have received that message from two mediums in the United States that didn’t know anything about me and two of my teachers at Arthur Findlay College that also did not know anything about these previous messages but it’s always the same message. “I have your mother with me and she says you are to write two books. No, wait, three.” The message is exactly the same as the original message I got every single time.

He is giving you validation each time.

I told you I’m a slow learner. I need a lot of confirmation.

You ended up going to medical school at 54 years old, which is amazing. What was that like for you and what influenced you to go to Arthur Findlay College to develop your gift for mediumship? It’s not everyone who becomes a medical doctor and a medium.

First of all, it is never too late to transform your life. That’s what I want to say to all the readers out there that are thinking, “I’m too old for this.” You’re not too old. There are so many benefits to being that older student. First of all, I needed a lot less sleep because I was 54. If I had done this journey when I was in my late twenties, I don’t know if I would’ve made it because I required more sleep then. I also didn’t have all my life experiences to draw on while I was learning the new material.

Whether you are in your 20s or 30s or your 54, I think everybody goes through the same shock because everybody’s struggling that first semester to pick up the pace because it’s not the material that is hard. It’s the pace that you have to learn the material that’s hard. Those 200 PowerPoint slides every morning and the lecture from 8:00 to 12:00. The whole first two years is always that four-hour lecture and then you got classes in the afternoon and sometimes until 9:00 at night. When are you supposed to review the 200 slides that were part of the main lecture?

Also, eat and sleep.

After a week, now it’s 1,000 PowerPoint slides and then the teacher says, “We’re going to have a quiz with ten questions.” You’re thinking, “Out of a thousand PowerPoint slides, yeah.” It’s a tremendous amount of information and that’s what’s hard to get used to in the beginning. It’s that you hear something once you have to retain it. In the beginning, your brain cells double that first semester. For anybody who is thinking of making a career change, it’s baby steps. Once you make the steps to change, everything will start to fall into place. However, then Arthur Findlay came afterward. That was as soon as I graduated.

Once you make the steps to change, everything will start to fall into place. Share on X

It must have been amazing when you graduated. It must have been such a cause for celebration for everyone. Now, you’ve graduated. You’re ready to go to med school and they said, “You got another detour coming up.”

I graduated in June of 2016 and there are two boards you take a med school. You take the science boards after the first two years, and then you take the clinical boards after your second two years. We graduate in June and then you got about six weeks or so to review all the material from the past two years, all those thousands of PowerPoint slides. You have six weeks to go through all of that and then you are taking the boards, which literally took 2 or 3 days of testing taking the boards.

That was in early August and then it takes until the first week of October until you get the results if you pass your boards. You’re working in a clinic and helping out with things that you can help out with while you’re waiting for that license to come through. As I was doing this, I started studying craniosacral therapy because I said, “I got to do something. I could use this time while I’m waiting for my license to learn this whole other modality.”

I’m working here in Phoenix. I go to San Francisco for this seminar and I meet this woman who says, “I just moved to Phoenix from Scottsdale.” We never got to work with each other at the seminar. I said, “I’m going to be in your area in two weeks for a seminar, so let’s have dinner.” I met her for dinner and she said, “I’m a medium and I trained at Arthur Findlay College. I have somebody with me from the spirit world that would like to give you a message. Are you open to receiving messages?”

This was in 2016. Even though I have gone through all this, I went to medical school based on the information from the spirit world, I am still a skeptic because I am so scientific, and if you can’t prove it, it probably isn’t true. I’m laughing inside saying, “There is no way this woman is going to know anything about me or my life. There is no way.” I’m laughing and saying, “Sure. I’m open for messages.”

It then became very apparent that it was my mother and she started telling me how I rode the boat for my grandmother and laying nets in the ocean and all these things that would’ve been impossible to even guess. It was very accurate information. She says, “Your mother says you have to go to Arthur Findlay College.”

I started laughing and I said, “I can’t go to Arthur Findlay College. I just graduated. I’m waiting for my license. In 2 or 3 weeks, I’m going to find out if I even passed the boards. I got to make money. I’m in a residency now. I can’t just go to Arthur Findlay College.” She keeps telling me, “Your mom keeps telling me you have to go to Arthur Findlay College.” After the third or fourth time, I finally said, “Fine. I will make it happen. I will go to Arthur Findlay College,” because it was one evidential thing after another.

You are in California, right?

I was in Arizona.

Arthur Findlay College is in England. From Sweden to California to Arizona, now they’re saying, go take a little trip to England to complete your education, but it’s quite a different education.

Six months later, here I am in England at Arthur Findlay College. It was my first trip, and then the rest is history.

How long were you at Arthur Findlay College?

I was there a week at a time. I’ve been there 5 or 6 times by this time.

You would go for a week and then go home and then you would come back and take different classes. That leads me to ask you to please tell us about medical mediumship because you combined your two experiences to become the unique force that you are.

My teachers would tell me that at Arthur Findlay College, you’re probably going to get the medical reason many times why they passed away but then, I did that in the beginning. I would know exactly what they passed away from and I think that’s how it started because, again, I needed a lot of assurance that I was doing the right thing and confirmation of my work. That’s how it started. They came through and they would tell me how they passed.

What happened later is I would start getting messages. A new patient would walk in and I would know absolutely nothing about them. The spirit world would say they have this condition and I would say, “What do you mean they have this condition?” There are some incredible stories of people that you would have thought that there was nothing wrong with them and then they ended up having cancer. It was only because the spirit world said, “You have to do an X-ray. You have to do this.” Most of the time, it would’ve been dismissed as just allergies. The person is not even coughing. I’m listening to the lungs. I couldn’t even hear anything and still, the X-ray showed that there were spots in the lungs.

How wonderful it would’ve been for you if you had done the examination on you in the early days because you would’ve been told, “She looks like she’s not bleeding, but trust us.” You were also told to write a book about the journey of your soul, no less, with its focus on how we can change our lives, especially the parts of our lives we do not like.

Would you like to share a few of the important lessons and messages that you impart to your readers in your enlightening book, MED SCHOOL after MENOPAUSE: The Journey of my Soul, which I have to say, I enjoyed? I could not put it down. It was fascinating, Lotte. It was great. Tell us about your book. I’m sure there are a few important things you’d like people to glean but we want them to read the book.

GAR 100 | Near-Death Experiences

MED SCHOOL after MENOPAUSE: The Journey of my Soul

The spirit world told me I had to write the book. That’s one of the messages was that I had to write two books, no, wait, three. I said, “What do you mean writing a book? I’m not an author. What am I supposed to write about?” The spirit world kept telling me, “When the time is right, we will tell you.” There were times when I thought I had lost my mind because the message would be, “When the time is right, we’re going to tell you,” and then all of a sudden, there it is.

They said, “No, the book’s going to be called MED SCHOOL after MENOPAUSE because it’s to inspire other people to transform their life. It’s never too late to change, but it’s also a subtitle of The Journey of my Soul. It is to show other people that we all have a journey in this lifetime. The journey of everybody’s soul. We all are on our unique journeys, but how can we make the best of that? The book is about my own journey, so I share a lot of stories from my life.

Also, my perception of who we are and how we fit into this world changed from my near-death experiences and how I started tuning in to mediumship and psychic abilities. What does that look like? How can we all become more psychic and intuitive? It’s because everybody is psychic and intuitive because we are spiritual human beings. We are creatures that live here on the earth plane having a spiritual experience, but we are often not developing these talents that we all have.

Some people are going to have more talents. Everybody’s not going to be a working medium, but everybody has the ability to connect with the spirit world for their own benefit, their own healing, and their own journey. I wrote the book to help other people develop that intuitive and psychic ability and also, to change the way they perceive the world so that they would have a better understanding of who they are and how they fit into this world.

It’s because we all see the world from our own rose-colored glasses. That’s how we came in. It is the experience that we had during childhood and how we were trained. It’s our DNA and our ancestral lineage that are all combined into how we see the world. In my book, I’m trying to take people through that journey, and there are little messages at the end of each chapter.

I absolutely love that. I went for every single one of those messages. My favorite chapter that I mentioned before is your chapter about a woman’s body image. There’s no woman I know that doesn’t have a problem with her body image. You call that The Journey of Self-Love. Please share with us what you share in your book about accepting the body we’ve been given and not being judgmental, not only of other people’s bodies but our own bodies.

I think that the hardest is the self-love for people. I often have people do affirmations. I say, “Go stand in front of your mirror and tell yourself that you are perfect. I love myself. You are gorgeous. You are perfect just the way you are.”

What if they say to you, “That’s not true? I have this. I have that.”

It’s very difficult for some people if they’re used to doing that. It’s a learning curve involved in being able to be kind to yourself. That’s something that we pick up early on. Part of that is ancestral in how we view ourselves because it starts early, early in childhood, when you’re just in the crib. It’s that subconscious mind and those tapes that keep playing in your head as you go through life.

There is a learning curve involved in being able to be kind to yourself. Share on X

What you’re saying is that a lot of our self-criticism comes from our ancestors or what’s been passed down to us. It’s those perceptions. We have to change the way we process and talk to ourselves and even when we talk to ourselves when we see someone else.

It repeats through the generation. Many times, your own mother had the exact same problem you’re experiencing. She also did not think that she was perfect and beautiful and that her body was great. My ear was always sticking out. I talk about it in the book. Also, my left ear. I used to tape it when I was 11 or 12 because it would stick out. I would have long hair and my little ear would stick out.

I begged my dad for surgery. My dad was a general practitioner and he was not fond of having any kind of elective surgery like that. He would always tell me stories of how things would go wrong. I heard every story of how somebody was going to have this little nail removed and then died because of an infection or something.

I was very aware of that. He said, “Your ear is perfect.” My mom told me, “You were made this way. You’re perfect,” but it took me until my forties or fifties to accept my ear. I never wanted to have short hair because my ear is going to stick out. I was very aware of it and it took me a lot of time or at least half my life to heal my little ear. I dealt with being anorexic in my 40s and being young-looking, it’s like the last hurrah.

My kids are now older and I’m still a young and attractive woman. Every time I looked in the mirror, “If I lose one more pound, I’ll look even better.” It is very easy to get trapped into that instead of saying, “I’m perfect the way I am and I don’t care what other people say or the media says.” It comes from that self-love and self-acceptance. That’s where we have to start.

I think that’s such an important chapter for everyone to read. Another thing that you talk about is ancestral healing and how it relates to our daily lives, which you touched on and I think you have a new release on HemiSync. Would you like to tell us about that? 

I produced four tracks with HemiSync. You can go to You look up Ancestral Healing. I’m the only one who has made ancestral healing on HemiSync. There’s also a podcast interview of me talking about it with HemiSync. There are four tracks to this and it’s all about Healing Your Ancestral Mother Wound. That ancestral mother wound can show up in many different ways in your life. Are you having relationship problems? Are you having panic attacks? Are you having fears of something?

Any kind of problem can be related back to an ancestral mother wound. That ancestral mother wound is one way that we have taken on issues that our ancestors had. It’s a combination sometimes of the way we were raised and the way we saw the world when we were in the crib. Also, what we learned at that early age. Your mother, if she wasn’t able to nurture you, she was probably also not nurtured herself.

If she wasn’t nurtured herself, then how could she nurture you? She didn’t know how to deal with you because she didn’t have that experience as a child. She wasn’t cared for as a child. It’s ancestral because it goes back in time. I started working with ancestral healing when I worked as a medium because I had three or four readings working as a medium where it would show me ancestral trauma passed down in the generation.

I would see the grandmother being physically abused and I would see the client’s mother or one of the children being physically abused by the father. I would see that mother marrying the client’s father, who was also physically abusive and then abused my client. I would say, “This is what I’m seeing. Is this correct?” The client would say, “Yes.”

I have two questions about this. Let me get them both out and then you can answer them. Is there also an issue with the ancestral healing on the father’s line? Someone comes to you and they have these issues that came from their ancestral that you are speaking of, how do you help them to accept or acknowledge that and help them to heal with that?

This HemiSync that I released, it’s four tracks. The first track is laying the foundation and making people aware. I tell them to sit back and listen. Awareness of where they’re having problems in their life. We trace and I teach them how to trace their ancestral mother wound. We do a shamanic journey to bring things to the surface and then we create healing in the last track. It’s similar to when I work with people. It’s finding out where it’s coming from. This release that I did with HemiSync is the ancestral mother wound, but there are also other ways that we inherit ancestral trauma. We know from science that ancestral trauma is passed down in the DNA.

Ancestral trauma is passed down in the DNA. Share on X

Even though genetically grandpa is grandpa, if he suffered, it goes into his DNA and then gets transferred to you when he gives birth to your father or your mother and then to you.

They did studies on Holocaust survivors that survived the Holocaust and they have now traced it down to the grandchildren. For example, if the grandfather was in the World War II. Every time the airplanes would come and they were going to drop the bombs, the sirens went off and everybody had to take cover. Every time this happened, grandpa thought, “This is the day I’m going to die. The sirens are going off. I’m not going to make it,” and he survives.

However, his granddaughter, every time she hears the siren, has a panic attack, but she has never had any trauma around hearing sirens herself, so you know it’s coming from somewhere else. When you look at the lineage, in this case, it would be coming from the grandfather and she is reliving that. That was passed down literally in the DNA. It’s absolutely fascinating.

We’re all for healing here. Everyone, I hope that you will go see Lotte and get that taken care of. Tell me, you have your Center for Integrative Medicine in Phoenix. Tell us about the services that are available there. I know you do telemedicine appointments. You are very busy actively blending spirituality with Western medicine. How does that work? Someone comes in with a malady and where do you go with all of that?

I work as a physician in my clinic under my medical license and then I work in my spiritual business doing medical intuitive readings and ancestral healing.

Do you do all of that in your center?

The spiritual work is done all on Zoom, online. I do medical intuitive readings and that came from working in a clinic setting because I would know what’s wrong with people before they even start talking and that still happens. I see somebody in the information starts coming in, but it’s not like you can stop it either. Even if I work as a doctor, I get messages, but if it’s not a spiritual person, I might say, “Why don’t we do some lab work because you haven’t had lab work done in a long time,” or, “Why don’t we do this ultrasound?”

It’s because I might be hearing a message that something is wrong. I guide them that way but I’m still practicing medicine under my license because you have to make sure everything is charted. You got to have a diagnosis code. It’s a system. Working as a physician, I work a lot with women with any kind of menstrual problems, PCOS, endometriosis, hormones, or menopause. I work with bioidentical hormones. I have postgraduate education in hormones. I also have postgraduate training in mold. I’m a mold-literate certified physician and there’s not many of those.

There are a lot of things that come with mold and they’re very sneaky. I know that there are a lot of issues.

It’s so sneaky. When you hear that people have fallen through the cracks, it’s either Lyme disease or mold exposure. That mold exposure could have happened 10 or 20 years ago. They lived in a dorm in college that has moldy bathrooms. That mold recirculates in your body because you have to bind it with certain things like a combination of nutritional supplements, herbal supplements, and pharmaceuticals to bind those mold mycotoxins in the body and bring them out. I do a lot of that. I do a lot of thyroid disease, food allergies, and digestive issues, a lot of things that a lot of people have.

Do you mostly specialize in women or do you do men and children also?

I don’t work with children anymore. I did after I graduated, but now I work with adults.

It’s both men and women. My favorite thing that you say, and you’ve said a lot of wonderful things, is that we must heal ourselves and our problems in life to become whole. What does it mean to become whole and what should people do and why should they want to become whole? Why should they be conscious of healing their issues in this lifetime while we breathe in and out before we go to the other side?

The way I look at it is I am going to resolve all my issues in this life because I don’t want to repeat my issues in the next life. Whatever I don’t resolve in this life, it’s going to come back. I’m putting my seeds in my bag at the end of my life or all my sticky notes. I wrote all these sticky notes before I incarnated and I said, “I’m going to have, you know, this problem and this problem.” I put all these sticky notes on me and then I incarnate it.

Every time I have a problem, I peel off that sticky note and I get rid of it. I don’t want to go to the other side at the end of my life and still have 40 sticky notes left. I’m going to peel them all off in this life because my next life is going to be great. I’m going to have resolved all these issues. When you resolve your issues and you find healing for them, you are able to live your life to your fullest potential the way you were supposed to live. However, you have to take that step to create healing for yourself in order to completely open your heart, your mind, your spirit, and your soul to the universe.

When you resolve your issues and find healing for them, you are able to live life to your fullest potential, the way you were supposed to live. Share on X

As long as you’re going through all these problems, you’re stuck in this rut, in this energetic loop and you’re repeating things and that’s ancestral too. You keep repeating things because they have to be resolved. It’s the restoration of the equilibrium of the universe itself. You have to restore that energy to homeostasis or equilibrium. Ancestral healing is all the trauma that was brushed under the carpet, all the actions, reactions, and interactions of your ancestors that were swept under the carpet. Uncle Billy, whom we don’t talk about at Christmas dinner, is a bad person.

That’s going to be repeated because he did something bad. One of the kids was carrying that problem, but it’s all those things. We carry that, but we don’t see it because we’re so busy and then we wonder, “Why am I in my third relationship? Why am I always attracting the wrong person?” It’s because this is ancestral. You are in that loop. You have to create healing and it’s not until you become aware of that. Sometimes I work with people that say, “My family was like, “Leave it to beaver,” and everything was perfect. You start talking and they realize that everything wasn’t perfect.

You peel away a few layers.

They have a hard time stepping into themselves. “I’m having a hard time stepping into myself. I want this job and I know I’m qualified, but I never get the jobs I apply for.” It’s breaking the bond with a mother. It goes back to that early crib space and it’s the subconscious. You can’t break out of that. You need help to untangle those ancestral wounds so that you can then live your life.

When you release them and you let go of them, then they don’t weigh you down and they translate themselves into all your other relationships and all your other issues. Now that everyone who’s reading this would like to connect with you and your Center for Integrative Medicine in Phoenix, how can they connect with you, Lotte? What’s the best way to get ahold of you?

There are two websites. There is That has mostly my medical information, how I work, and what kind of services I provide. That website is connected to my other website, which is my spiritual website. That’s called That is where people can sign up for a session with me. They can book a medical intuitive appointment, ancestral healing, mediumship or psychic readings, and things like that. You go, you find a time and you can book a session online.

I would be willing to bet that there are times when someone has a medical intuitive reading with you and the next thing you know, you’re treating them with your doctor hat on.

It does happen sometimes. It’s for anything from A to Z really, but many times, people fall through the cracks of the regular Western medical system and somehow, they’re guided to a medical intuitive session. Invariably, we get guided. It’s divine guidance. I will be the one person that knows of that very rare condition and I’ll say, “Do you have these symptoms because I’m hearing this disease?”

It’s very uncommon and it tends to fall through the cracks. We don’t have a good way of testing for it, but this is what I think you have. Invariably, that’s what it is. It’s fascinating. People are guided to the people that they’re supposed to work with. It’s that little tap on their shoulder or the whisper in the ear that says, “That person can help you.”

People are guided to the people that they're supposed to work with. It's that little tap on their shoulder or the whisper in the ear that says, ‘That person can help you.’ Share on X

It’s wonderful that you’re helping so many people. What is the Lotte tip for finding joy in life?

The Lotte tip for finding joy in life is to not worry so much about anybody else, but that self-love. Knowing that you are unique and special just the way you are and you don’t have to change or impress anybody else. You just have to be yourself.

Also, to be happy with who you are. Lotte, I appreciate the insights you share at the end of each chapter in your wonderful memoir, MED SCHOOL after MENOPAUSE which provides so many important life lessons for its readers. I also deeply appreciate how your story helps us to understand that life is eternal and does not end with the death of the physical body.

Ma’am, you are an inspiration and a true healer, role model that it is never too late to transform one’s life path. Thank you for sharing your remarkable story with all of us and I thank you from my heart for this incredibly enlightening and fascinating interview. Make sure to follow us and like us on social @IreneSWeinberg, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and especially on YouTube. Like, subscribe, and hit notify to make sure you’ll get the inspiring new interviews like this one with Dr. Lotte coming your way. Thank you so much. As I like to say, to be continued, many blessings, and bye for now.


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