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Learn how Dr. Donna Perillo, an accomplished chiropractor, nutritionist, naturopath, musician and composer, has utilized her skills as a healer and composer to create healing programs that address the physical, emotional and chemical aspects of health. Donna discusses the healing miracle she experienced in her early 20s which taught her about the connection between body, mind and spirit. She also discloses how her skills as a healer and a composer have fueled her creation of healing programs that address both physical, mental and emotional health issues.

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Dr. Donna Perillo – Chiropractor And Holistic Healer






We’re getting into our groove with these shows. We’re talking much more than we ever have. It’s great.

We had a wonderful interview with someone. Now, we have a marvelous person we’re going to be interviewing named Donna Perillo. She’s fantastic.

It is cool because I know you’ve worked with her for a long time. I’ve gone to see her. We’ve done events with her and even Lee VanZyl, who we had on the show before, and held an actual gallery with me at Donna’s location, which was very interesting. It’s interesting to see how all of these people interconnect here with this whole show and spirituality that was going on

Not only that but they’re all involved in healing and helping people move away from their pain and suffering. It’s refreshing and enlightening. It’s such a feel-good thing when you know how they’re helping people. Donna is a prime person for that.

People don’t use the word healer because people don’t think of healer as an everyday thing. There are many branches of it out there now. It was interesting when she was talking about the 21 days of breaking the addictions and habits. Donna talks a lot about that. She even has a 21-day healing program that we can talk about during the show. It’s very interesting to me how everything is very more interconnected than you would think, but that’s the whole point of this spiritual world.

When I thought of creating this show with you, I thought about how people don’t know how many wonderful options there are out there so that they don’t have to carry around their bag of pain all their lives. There are many special, talented, and gifted people who have worked at what they know how to do to help you. That’s great.

We should introduce Dr. Perillo because she’s a holistic chiropractic, healer, nutritionist, and naturopath. She does all kinds of fun things. She’s got a podcast and does a lot of these programs. You can jump into this program.

Not only that, but she’s a cool person. She’s a musician and a composer. Maybe we should hear from Dr. Donna, but I think she’s fabulous.

She played a lot of these music things when we did our gallery. Donna, welcome. Let’s bring you in. Thanks for joining us.

You’re welcome. Thank you for all the accolades.

You deserve them.

You see Donna for a while.

I’ve been seeing Donna for a very long time. Donna is a wonderful chiropractor. I started seeing Donna 5 or 6 years after I had lost my husband. Working with her and getting adjusted helped my body and frame of mind. She’s great and very gifted. Why don’t we start, Donna? Explain to people. I know you’re a chiropractor, a nutritionist, a naturopath, a musician, and a composer. When do you have time to eat?

I don’t have too much time.

Can you explain what each of these practices are and how they connect so people can understand that you are not just a chiropractor who adjusts backs? It’s a whole picture.

It’s about the whole person. It’s about the triad of health, which is the physical part, mental, emotional, spiritual part, and nutritional environmental part. I try to cover that in my programs that are online, but also in the office. That’s the key. When I first went to the chiropractor, I went for back and neck pain, but he introduced me to a whole world that I knew nothing about. I had always been treated medically. I was always on a lot of antibiotics. I was always sick. I had severe allergies and asthma most of the year. He taught me so much. His whole approach was not just about the symptoms but about me healing as a whole person. It was my body, as well as my emotions, spirit, and nutrition, which people I think don’t understand.

The advent of Facebook is great. I love Facebook. I love engaging with people because they don’t know what’s available to them. That’s what’s great about this show. As far as being a chiropractor, everybody thinks of us, “Back neck pain.” Yes, because we’re good at helping that. The reason that we’re helping that is because we’re delivering a force into the body that creates a vibration that helps your body to heal from the inside out and from the top down, which means we’re affecting your brain and nervous system.

When you’re adjusting someone, you are not just pushing on their back. There are a lot of other things that are going on while you’re doing that.

When I’m adjusting someone, the first thing I do is feel their spine. I see what doesn’t feel right. You’ll appreciate this. Sometimes, it’s not so much that you just feel it with your hands, which you do, but you get a gut about something’s not right. There’s a gut. I’ve been doing this for many years. When I’m adjusting someone, I have a gut of their coloring I look at and almost their aura comes out at me. The other thing is I watch their breathing patterns because breathing is key. Most people do not take a deep breath and do not breathe properly. That’s why yoga is such a great technique for a lot of people.

When I’m looking at someone, when you’re breathing in and out, you should see an expansion and a contraction. If you don’t see that, there’s an energy block. As chiropractors, we call that a subluxation. Technically, it’s a bone out of place. It is interfering with nerves, blood vessels, and lymph vessels. The communication between the brain and body parts is interrupted. I liken it to playing the telephone. By the time you go from 1 to 20 people, it’s a different message. It is somewhat the same, but not exactly the same.

When you're breathing in and out, you should see an expansion and a contraction. If you don't see that, there's an energy block. Chiropractors call that a subluxation. Share on X

While you’re doing that, you can talk with them and pick up about their nutritional needs and how it goes together. Talk about the naturopathic part. That’s the food that they’re eating.

Naturopathy is another whole healing modality where they try to do things more naturally. It’s a more natural approach. Whereas medicine is either drugs or surgery. Homeopathy is more, “We can do some tests, but we’re going to try to treat this naturally. We’re going to treat this with diet or maybe emotional release techniques.” I’m a fan of EFT.

That’s the Emotional Freedom technique. At some point, we’ll have you back to talk about a modality all by itself. That’s fabulous.

There are practitioners that only do that. They’re fantastic at it. I’m a big Tony Robbins fan, an LP or Linguistic Program. I use Mindfit, which is a brainchild of Patrick Porter. I have a program on there for the chakras and healing. What that is is that you put on headphones and glasses. The glasses have flashes of light. He got 500 or 600 programs, anything having more money to healing cancer. He runs the whole gamut. I use it sometimes in the office for neuropathy, pain, and anxiety. It’s an emotional release. It’s a mindset change.

It’s unbelievable. The whole premise of the program is to take your brain from beta, which we are now. The wavelengths are very fast and slow them down into more of a meditative state where you can allow universal intelligence to tap into that healing and who your authentic self is because, a lot of times, especially women, get very lost. They become moms and wives. They lose their identity all those years. They’re raising their kids, and then all of a sudden they have the Empty Nest syndrome. It’s like, “Who am I now? I forgot.”

GAR 6 | Holistic Healer

Holistic Healer: The wavelengths are very fast. To slow them down into more of a meditative state to allow universal intelligence to tap into that healing and who your authentic self is.


I try to say to them, “Before you had kids, when you were a kid, in high school, college, or whatever, what were your dreams? What did you like to do? What did you do creatively?” That’s a key for people. Taking the arts out of the schools is atrocious. I think that’s an important part of us as human beings being able to heal ourselves. It’s part of who we are, that creative side of us. We need to explore that.

Too many people don’t. They’re on autopilot.

They’re on autopilot and are not happy. As far as I’m concerned, we live in the best country in the world and yet we have all these people running around. I was at a golf outing for New Bridge Services, which is to help with mental illness, substance abuse, and those types of disorders. People need help. Here we are in this country. A lot of people, if they can’t sleep, are anxious, or depressed, they need a pill for that. Everything’s a pill.

They’re pouring chemicals into their body instead of doing something naturally. These chemicals have side effects.

I’m not saying that some people shouldn’t be on those because people who are suicidal or having a breakdown sometimes need that. At some point, somebody should step in and say, “Let’s try to do some natural things for these people. Let’s try to give them a clean diet. Let’s try to detox them a little bit.” I know a lot of these patient groups. I was on the board of the State County Mental Health Association. I was on the drug alliance in Lodi for years. I can tell you these people’s diets are atrocious. You can’t eat fast food and get the nutrition you need.

If your vitamins and minerals are off balance, how is your body going to make the neurotransmitters, which are those brain chemicals that make you feel good? How are they going to do it? If you’re not exercising, sweating, or getting toxins out in you, how is your body going to do it? Our healthcare system, to me, is a sick care system. We try to get rid of symptoms and we don’t get to the core problem of what’s going on to somebody. This is a huge problem now. We’re having a paradigm shift in our healthcare system. That’s why it’s such a dilemma for our congressmen and everyone because they don’t understand it.

A lot of the people trying to make these laws aren’t in the trenches with patients. It’s like you go to school and you’re trying to treat patients from a textbook. People walking in the door aren’t a textbook. They’re all different and unique. They have different genetic backgrounds. They have different ways that they grew up. They have different belief systems. All of that comes into play in how healthy they are physically and mentally.

A lot of them have not been educated. They have no idea. They don’t make the connection between their body, mind, psychological and emotional health. It’s a whole picture. They’ve never been taught and they didn’t grow up learning to make that connection about what you put in your mouth and how that affects you and on and on. I am a big believer in preventive maintenance. I personally take very good care of myself. I consider it a form of self-love. It’s not a narcissistic thing. It’s about caring that I want to enjoy my life. I want to be able to be alive and vibrant for everything going on. Not sick. I’m not a person who goes to the doctor when I’m sick. I do a lot of preventive things that keep me healthy.

I can attest to that. You’re the most vibrant woman out there. I tell many people that I hope to be as outgoing and vibrant as you. You do your yoga, eat well, and all about chiropractic, healing, and all this stuff, like mental health and spiritually. I feel like you’re a testament to that these things work. They keep you feeling better. It is self-love. A lot of people don’t and how you eat and all this stuff. I feel like I’ve transformed a lot in the last couple of years. I never even realized it. Donna, like you said, Facebook’s changed the way people can learn about things and get information. It’s so much easier.

GAR 6 | Holistic Healer

Holistic Healer: Facebook has changed how people can learn about things and get information. It’s so much easier.


Consumers are hungry for better knowledge and to understand things. Even in my twenties when we didn’t have a lot of this, we still had internet and stuff, but I remember I was also in my twenties, but we would go out. We’d be hungover and we would get Taco Bell and McDonald’s. You don’t realize the effects that’s having on your body. I would never right now.

When you’re twenty years old, you maybe can afford it. I see myself as a car that’s rusting. I have to keep it lubed and maintained. That’s the way I look at my health. I don’t want to wait for a part to fall off before I attend to it.

I live in New York City. It’s not the cleanliest of cities, but even by using essential oils, eating better, and exercising like Donna says. Knock on wood because I’ll probably get sick, but I don’t get sick very often. I’m able to fight a lot of that off. I feel like I have a lot more energy. I’m chasing a kid every day, all day. I’m tired, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like if I wasn’t doing a lot of these things and making time for myself, I would be way worse off once I started eating better. I talked to Donna about it and she’ll give me some good herbal medicines and stuff when I don’t feel good to help me feel better and cleanse myself. It’ll help cleanse my body of a lot of those nasty things. What was that one you gave me when I was not feeling well?

I have so many different formulas.

That’s the fun. You give all these elixirs. You’re like, “Let’s fix it.”

I use muscle testing, but I’m a very right and left-brained person. I like to see black and white. I have a program in the office that’s called Science-based Nutrition, where I can put patient’s blood work, urine analysis, hair analysis, or whatever tests we’ve done on them. I could throw that in this software. It spits out to me possibilities of what’s going on. It helps me to key in on what specific things they need. Now I have a baseline. We can put them on a program for six months, redo the blood work, and say, “Is this working or not working?” as opposed to troubleshooting one thing. To me, that’s not science. This is more science, then I tweak it with the muscle testing.

“Are we picking up a virus or a parasite? What are we picking up? Is it a bacteria? Is it a strep? What is it? Is it affecting your gut or lungs? What is it affecting?” on and on. The fun part for me is to figure out what’s going on. I want to go back to what both of you said, and that’s the whole premise of my show, Habits Of Healing, which is creating a vibrant lifestyle. As a musician, I’m very aware of different vibrations, sounds, and keys. When your body is in tune, then you’re healthy. If you have dissonance in your body, then there’s something wrong. Irene, you have a mindset that your health is a priority.

When your body is in tune, then you're healthy. If you have dissonance in your body, then there's something wrong. Share on X

I want to interject one thing. A lot of people are very resistant to going to someone like you because they don’t want to spend the money. When I spend the money, I see it as an investment in my health and my life because what I’m doing is keeping me healthy.

That’s your mindset and belief system, but that is not what our healthcare system and TV commercials tell people. As natural healers, we don’t get the airplay that other healthcare get so people don’t know. That’s why doing these types of shows, writing programs, being on the internet, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever it may be, I have to get the message out because who would know that, “I had allergies and asthma from when I was five until I went to a chiropractor. Seventeen years of allergy shots and drugs. 3 to 5 times a year getting bronchitis, always tired, depressed, and on these meds.”

 “I go to a chiropractor because I was in a car accident and I had severe headaches and back pain. He started to educate me.” What we try to do in our office is educate people so they realize, “If you’re smoking, that’s not a good thing. If you are not exercising, that’s not a good thing. If you’re not doing something physically, whether it’s exercise, yoga, tai chi or chiropractic,” because for me, if my nervous system isn’t functioning right, and I know that from treating patients, if I can’t get their gut to work and I can’t get their nervous system and their brain to understand how to digest things, then all those supplements, are they going to work? Probably a little bit, but are they as efficient as they could be? Probably not. People don’t realize that. I can’t tell you how many people in this country have gut issues. They don’t even know they have gut issues.

A main problem, like you were saying, is we don’t, as a society, want to fix things until it’s broken. We don’t see the preventative as helpful. There have been many pushes for that. I even see a lot of insurance companies now where mine incentivize me. They’ll pay me $1 every day that I hit 10,000 steps. They’re incentivizing it. They do realize that we’re very sedentary and that we’re not doing a lot of things. A lot of the other things they do is they’ll discount gym memberships.

At the same point, they don’t want to fix things until it’s broken. They don’t see a lot of these things with gut issues. You don’t think that eating all these bad foods every day is going to make you feel bad until you remove them from your diet and see how you feel. A big thing for me was noticing how I feel after I eat certain foods. You may not realize that you’re allergic to them, per se, but they make you feel not as good about yourself and you need to cut them out.

I try to put patients either through a 7, 21, or 28-day type of elimination diet, and then add certain food groups back. They can’t even believe all these things that they’ve had all these years, go away. As soon as they are introduced to something that their body is either allergic or sensitive to, there is a difference between how they feel. It’s amazing.

I’m a walking testimonial to that because I had horrible problems with my eyes for years. Not to go into a whole story, but I went on one of those programs. Of all the surprises, when they took wheat away from me, my eyes cleared up. I never knew I had a sensitivity to wheat. That’s exactly what happened to me. It changed my life, my vision, and everything.

It’s something that simple. I always tell patients, “Keep going until you get a doctor who knows what it is because people come in and they’re depressed.” Some of my patients are sick. We’re not talking just back neck pain. We’re talking about difficulty getting out of bed in the morning, severe chronic fatigue, Lyme, severe colitis, Crohn’s, and things like that. I get a lot of patients that are not just your typical back neck pain.

I get those because I’m a chiropractor and that’s what sells us. I added another chiropractor to the office. Her specialty is pregnant women and children. This is another whole aspect. Women have no clue how chiropractic and proper nutrition are going to help them to have a nice, healthy baby and delivery. They have no clue that they shouldn’t be giving their kids half of the things that they give them in the timeframe that they give them.

Women don't realize how chiropractic care and proper nutrition can contribute to a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Share on X

Those two sentences by themselves make this whole show fantastic because I know Stephanie has a lot of young women who read this and follow her. This information is valuable for them to know.

In fact, we’re working on a program to do one of the local school systems where she’s going to talk about what she does from the chiropractic standpoint. I’m going to talk about what I do nutritionally, not only for pregnant women but for children. In fact, I totally forgot that I wrote a program probably many years ago for the Girl Scouts. It was a whole nutrition program for teens. I forgot I even wrote that. I was like, “This is easy. I could put this together quickly.”

Here’s a mom question for you, for all those other moms reading out here because this is a true life problem. I joke because I was literally in Pittsburgh for my dad’s stuff a couple of weeks ago when I was staying with Max’s godmother. We laugh. Our kids are 4 and 5 now, but as first-time moms, when your kids are first born, you feel like you want to do everything perfectly. You want to give them organic steam, and fresh baby food. We’re good at that. I remember back in the day, Max would eat everything. He eats about five things, chicken nuggets and pizza. He will pull the oregano and the pizza sauce off.

My grandsons are the same way. They’re five years old.

At this point, we laugh because we’re like, “If they’re going to eat something, then that’s a win.” It’s become a struggle to get my son even personally to eat anything healthy. I mean, I’ve gone on a mission far as to find how I can hide veggies and food. He could read this when he gets older because he won’t know now. He’s smart. He pulls out oregano out of pizza sauce.

This is my new thing. I’ve tried everything. I’ve pureed a steamed and then blended up cauliflower and I put it in his scrambled eggs in the morning with milk. They’re fluffy and he doesn’t know. If I put it in like macaroni and cheese, no way. He can tell. This is my thing. What would you suggest for kids and how to get them to start and eat better?

If he likes pizza and macaroni and cheese, one, start with gluten-free or non-GMO foods because that’s what starts the hybridized wheat and the GMOs. Most people set up what’s called an antibody-antigen reaction. It’s your immune system thinking that something is foreign because genetically it’s never seen this before.

GAR 6 | Holistic Healer

Holistic Healer: Most people set up what’s called an antibody-antigen reaction. It’s your immune system thinking that something is foreign because genetically it’s never seen this before.


That’s probably why my eyes reacted the way they did. I found out that I had this sensitivity to wheat.

I used to always say, “I’m Italian. How could you be allergic to wheat if you’re Italian?” The reason is because what my ancestors ate as wheat and what I eat as wheat are not the same thing. It’s like having hydrogenated fats. This goes into a little bit of biochemistry or organic chemistry. When you have a cis or a trans fat, let’s take an oil or a fat and it could have the same chemical name to it, equation or formula, but because cis and trans are different, what it is is they’re a mirror view.

It’s a little confusing. That’s why they give you little molecules to play with when you take the classes. Your body has never seen a trans fat, but it has seen a cis fat. That’s why trans fats are damaging. That’s why finally thanks to one of the doctors over at Harvard, the FDA changed things and made them say, “This is trans,” and people are getting away from trans fats because they’re harmful. They set up an immune response that is not good. That could set up problems like autoimmune disease and cancer. It’s a known fact that we will attack the thyroid.

A lot of the foods that we eat are modified anymore. They’re not even really wheat. I realized this because I know a lot of people use canola oil to spray pans down. Canola oil is not from a nut or an oil. It’s a literally chemical made brand. It’s bad for you. I didn’t even know that. You would think canola oil is like olive or peanut oil. It’s not. It’s scary to think about what you’re out there. We slowly cut things out, but I’m like, “I didn’t know that.”

Your first tip to Stephanie is that she should be using gluten-free products for Max and non-GMO.

We do try to buy a lot of organic, but I don’t know if organic Annie’s mac and cheese is gluten-free.

You have to get the things that are gluten-free. One of the things with kids is they’re going to do what their friends do. There’s that social. You need to try to get the group to do it. To me, you need to have that start in the school system. You need the foods that these kids are going to eat. You need to give them choices and make it that that’s the choice they want. It’s a mindset with what they’re going to do. I think education is key. Putting something into a health curriculum, even at an early age to teach them things like these things are good, but not that they’re good because they’re good for you because when you’re a little kid, that may not motivate you because you think you’re immortal.

It is good because they taste good, “These taste good.” Because you’ll see it sometimes. One kid will taste and like it, and the other one hesitates when the adults are trying it. When the other child tries it, then they’ll try it and they’re like, “This isn’t bad.” Sometimes they don’t even want to try it because they don’t like the way it looks.

That’s Max. That’s why I wish all were not green.

I had tortilla chips gluten-free. I call it gluten-free, but it’s the wheat that I’m sensitive to. I had these tortilla chips and I had a beet dip. I looked at my grandson and said, “Would you like the purple on your chip?” We were all munching away. He said, “Purple.” My daughter-in-law is thrilled. I’ve got my grandson eating beef using the dip. He now even puts his carrots in it.

You can’t say, “Eat this because it’s good for you,” that’s like saying, “Don’t smoke because it’s not good for you.” You have to hit it from a different mindset.

We had guacamole for my other grandson. We said, “This is green. Do you want the green?” He’s eating guacamole.

Avocado is one of like, “No.” I’m going to try to hide some butternut squash. I made a roast. I’m going to try to steam some of the butternut squash into his mac and cheese and see if we can hide that in there.

You’re a conscientious mommy.

I’m a big one for coconut oil. I love coconut oil.

We use that a lot.

Also, coconut water, because it has a lot of, nutrients, minerals, and electrolytes. In the morning, I eat a teaspoon of coconut oil and people say, “I would throw up.” If you put it in a shake, fry an egg with it, or use it indiscriminately, people don’t know it’s in there. They have no clue.

GAR 6 | Holistic Healer

Holistic Healer: Coconut water has many nutrients, minerals, and electrolytes.


I use coconut for a lot of things and making our scrambled eggs in the morning is one with cauliflower. We use almond milk instead of whole milk. He doesn’t realize he’s getting that in there, but it’s more protein, good nutrients, and stuff.

You have to be careful with the almonds and coconut so that they’re not allergic to those two items. You brought up a thing about whole milk. I’ve been advocating for years because I go to the supermarket and I want whole milk products. I do not want 2% or 4%. Sometimes, you cannot find whole. I’ve been doing this for years because my belief is, “Why am I treating the milk even more? There’s more pasteurization, ultra pasteurization, and all of these things. If I’m going to eat something, I want it to be whole. I don’t want it to be processed more.”

Now I’m starting to see a lot of studies that are saying, “The whole milk products are better,” like with all the fake sugars. I’ve been telling people for years, “Do not take fake sugar.” They had diabetics with these fake sugars, “This is great.” Now all of a sudden they’re saying, “There’s an insulin response to these fake sugars and it’s high.” Maybe that’s not the best thing.

If you’re going to have sugar and have sugar as opposed to all the chemicals because they’re chemicals, they’re carcinogenic. The other thing is the dye. I remember when I was getting my Master’s in Nutrition, I did a paper on the food dye that’s orange. They removed it now. It was causing ADD and ADHD.

I have a girlfriend who lives in New Jersey. She’s a blogger. Her name’s Risa. She went through this with her kids. She did a huge piece on it because her daughter was going crazy. She finally realized it was from when she would eat foods that were food dyed like M&M’s and Froot Loop. As soon as she cut that out, her daughter was a 100% different person. It was incredible. She wrote about this. I was like, “You can’t deny that.”

If I say that to a patient, sometimes they look at me like a deer in headlights. It’s the same thing. I had a patient years ago when we first started practicing who had epilepsy on phenobarbital. It’s terrible. I moved. A couple of years later, they came into the office and I said, “What about the epilepsy?” “I don’t have that anymore.” I said, “Why not?” “I used to drink 2 liters of diet soda a day. For some reason, I decided to stop and the epilepsy went away.” Think about that. That is a lot of soda to drink every day. You think about college kids, kids in their twenties, and even older kids, they’re drinking diet because they feel they don’t want to gain weight, and yet now they’re poisoning themselves. It’s a neurotoxin.

Quick about the milk. I’ve always been a huge advocate for that because if anyone knows my background, I grew up on the farm. We drank milk straight from cows raw, which I know is not recommended, but I’ve been drinking it for years. I never got sick as a kid. We never had allergies as kids on the farm. We never had diseases. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but I look at the kids today with all these issues, and we never grew up with any of that. We ate food right out of the fields and animals. The animals were healthy. These cows were what you would call free-range.

They weren’t locked up. The chickens ran everywhere. When people talk to me about all this other stuff, I’m like, “That’s how it should be. That’s how we were growing up healthy.” We didn’t have a lot of health issues because we were eating foods how they were supposed to be, in the most raw and natural way. We didn’t have colored Froot Loops. We did, but that wasn’t our thing. My grandma was making fresh apple pies and baking them from real sugar and whatever was on the farm was what we made. That’s the way we try to focus our diets. I try to eat things that are most natural, and fresh and what’s in season is a big thing.

If corn isn’t in season in January, where’s it coming from? Is it GMO? The same with strawberries. I feel like you have more chance of eating something that’s not supposed to be grown at that time of year. We eat a lot of root vegetables now. Squash versus the fruits in the summer. That’s how I base my diet. It’s been changing. It does work. People need to give it a chance.

You’re wonderful people are learning about all that you can do. Give us your contact information so that they can contact you, come to see you, or connect with you. How do they find you?

Our website is Our phone number is (973) 872-2133. You can also find my Podcast Habits Of Healing. I’m on iTunes and Google Podcasts. I’m also on Stitcher. I’m also on Facebook. You could go to our Facebook page and check us out. Like us or PM me. There are a lot of different ways that you can find us. Check out our website. I’ve tried to put a lot of information on there. Sometimes I see people on Facebook and they’ll make comments about, “They don’t feel good. They have this medication.” I’ll put a little thing, “Check out my website.

Do you know about detox foot baths, doing a colon cleanse, or a liver detox? Do you know about cold lasers? Do you know about BEMER, which is a post-electromagnetic field?” It is besides the fact that we have chiropractic, acupuncture, and physical therapy and the fact that we do science-based nutrition. I’m a little bit of a nerd. I have the mindset. I love all these little devices and anything that can help people to heal is what I’m about.

True story. I have a friend who had a terrible migraine headache. She was in pain. We were talking. I said, “Why don’t you see Dr. Perillo?” She came to you and I think she had some chiropractic, but she also had acupuncture. She said, “I’m going to start going. It changed everything for me. I felt so much better. Thank you for that tip.”

I hate to cut this off because I feel like we could talk about this forever and maybe we should have another chat.

I would like to talk to Donna about that EFT. Donna, I like to ask people before we end, what is your tip to everybody for finding joy in life?

I use a journal every day. I’ve been using this journal for many something years. It has my yearly, weekly, monthly, and daily goals and all of that. One of the things it asks every day is, “What are you grateful for?” There’s another side that asks, “What did you accomplish? What are you blessed with?” If I had to put it in one sentence, I’d say, “Be grateful for what you have, and don’t dwell on what you don’t have.”

That’s great advice.

We could all do that more.

See Dr. Donna.

If you wake up in the morning and say, “I am going to have a great day,” you usually have a great day. If you may wake up in the morning and you stub your toe in and you go, “This is going to be a terrible day,” you get a terrible day.

Everything is a lot about mindset, what you’re going through, even if you’re going through a bad time.

You have to manifest the good to happen.

You don’t realize how much negativity you have until you try to write down every negative statement you make. One of the things that I like to do when I’m coaching people is have them run through different things because you don’t realize how negative you are until you write it down.

You don't realize how much negativity you have until you try to write down every negative statement you make. Share on X

Let’s create your reality.

Until next time, we’ll have to do this again.

This is fabulous. We’ll definitely do this again.

Thank you.

You’re welcome and thank you.

Bye for now.

Take care.


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