Debra Martin is a renowned intuitive healer, an International Research Lab certified medium, the author of six books, and an ordained healing minister. She has had three near-death experiences, and she is also a survivor of cancer. After her third near-death experience in 2012, she had a profound out-of-body experience and a conversation with God. From this experience, her mediumship abilities became heightened, she was given the gift to heal, and she became the creator of a unique healing technique used nowhere else in the world. Debra has been featured in national media, including two A&E documentaries.



  • Debra’s unique healing technique used nowhere else in the world. 
  • Debra’s 3 Near Death Experiences and her Out of Body Experience that included a conversation with God.            
  • The murder and missing person case Debra helped to solve that garnered international attention.    
  • The lesson embedded in the Covid experience we’ve all been sharing.



  • What did the experience of healing from Stage 4 cancer teach you?      
  • Why should we love and embrace our bodies while we heal?  
  • What is your gracious Buy One Get One free healing offer for a friend or family member of our Grief and Rebirth Podcast audience? 

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Debra called cancer “the beast.” How did she find beauty in “the beast?”






I’m feeling deeply grateful to be welcoming Debra Martin, who is a renowned intuitive healer, an International Research Lab certified medium, the author of six books, and an ordained healing minister to the show. Debra, who is blessed with 4 children and 3 grandchildren, will be speaking to us from Cave Creek, Arizona.

Debra has had three near-death experiences and she’s also a survivor of cancer. After her third near-death experience in 2012, she had a profound out-of-body experience and a conversation with God. From this experience, her mediumship abilities became heightened. She was given the gift to heal and she became the creator of a unique healing technique used nowhere else in the world. Debra’s connection with Spirit, along with working with the FBI and media, has helped solve both murder and missing people cases.

One of those cases reached international attention and was featured in 2015 on the cover story for Psychic News Magazine. Debra has also been featured in national media, including two A&E documentaries. I’m looking forward to talking with Debra about the choice she was given to leave her family or go back to her earthly home during an out-of-body experience, how her most difficult hardships have been the source of her greatest lessons and blessings, her unique healing technique used nowhere else in the world, the famous murder and missing person case she helped to solve and more. This will surely be a remarkable, unforgettable interview that will enhance our faith and imbue each of us with hope. Hi, Debra. I’m so honored and thrilled to welcome you to the show.

I am so excited and I can’t thank you for having me on.

This is going to help so many people. I am so psyched. Let’s begin with this question so people get to know you. Tell us about your childhood, including how young you were when you knew you had a gift, and share what happened during your adolescence that revealed your natural gift of clairvoyance.

At the age of four, I started seeing spirits in my room when it was time to go to bed. You hear a lot of children say, “I don’t want to go to bed. I need my light on. I’m a little afraid of the dark.” Those are the words that I used to say because I would see them and I’d be frightened, but it wasn’t something I didn’t know. “Is this real? Do I say anything to my parents? Can I come downstairs?” My answer was always no.

I blocked that out of fear. I shut them out. In 1997 when I had my first car accident, it shifted me and divine intervention came and it woke me up like, “What was that? What’s happening here?” That opened the door to spirituality. When that happened, it rocked my world like, “This sounds familiar.” All of this was opening that door again.

Do you want to tell them what happened? I remember reading this in your book. That was an amazing thing. You were lifted out of the car before impact. There was something.

There were two car accidents. The first one was in 1997. I was hit on the freeway and we took out 40 feet of guardrail. I showed pictures in the book of what the car looked like. We shouldn’t have survived. Divine intervention came to that one. Before impact, I knew it was going to happen. I didn’t even want to get in the car that night to go home. The premonition was there.

Before impact, I heard something was going to happen. I said, “No. I’m a mother of three. I’m single. I need to be here.” That’s when we spun and ended up facing cars on a freeway. I was able to get out of that one. The second one that you’re talking about, I was hit by someone with a diabetic seizure and he was going 60 miles an hour. I was at a stop and he hit me. My car spun around and right at impact, I had no idea what was going to happen.

I was watching from above and I can remember a strong being behind me. It felt comforting. I never saw it, but I heard the words, “Are you ready?” When I heard those words, I was like, “No. My life’s too good. I have three kids at home.” I was engaged the weekend before. I looked down and I was like, “I’m not going to survive that.” In a split second, I was in the car, in the back seat of a four-door that was now like two doors. I had a mouthful of glass.

The police officer was out at the window and there was another man there. He goes, “Are you okay, sir?” At that moment, the man said, “No. I don’t know how I didn’t crush her.” At that moment, I remember seeing it from another dimension. He was going to crush me. There was no way I was going to make it. He said somebody took his steering wheel and put him into oncoming traffic, and he was shaken. That opened my whole vision of, “I was somewhere else. I heard Spirit speak to me. I know Spirit has a voice. Who was that?’ I started developing my mediumship again. It clearly opened. I got studied by Dr. Gary Schwartz. Dr. Julie Beischel became a certified medium and everything started unfolding.

Were they two of your near-death experiences? I know you’ve had three near-death experiences and you had an out-of-body experience. You were given a choice to leave your family or go back to your earthly home.

In the first car wreck, there was no out-of-body. It was just that premonition. The second one was out-of-body, and then the third one was out-of-body. I’ll tell you why and what each three of them have taught me. Each gave a lesson, but then there was 1 big lesson out of all 3. The first one, the spirituality. The second one opened my door to mediumship. The third one, I was sick, dying, and being seen by Mayo Clinic and the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. I was in extreme pain.

If you’ve ever had children, you know what it’s like to have birth. I was having birth. Anytime I’d take a teeny bite of cracker or a little sip of water, there’s extreme pain. In order to go to the doctor’s, I wouldn’t eat for 3 or 4 days. I looked fine. They thought I had an anorexia, but because I was in such pain, I was asking God, “Take me. I can’t live like this.”

That’s hard when you have children. I had three children that didn’t live with me, but I had a young child that lived at home with me. At that point, you’ve lost your dignity, your hope, and everything to say. “Enough’s enough.” That’s what happened. One day, spiritual surgeons showed up in my room, and being a medium, I wasn’t afraid. I saw them and they were wearing their masks. I thought, “Maybe they’ve come to heal me.” I can remember them going in and working on me. It was very painful.

In order to remove myself from that pain, I said, “I’m going to close my eyes and take a deep breath.” When I took that deep breath, I transitioned out of my body. I can remember floating up. “I’m not in any pain anymore. This feels great.” I didn’t understand it, but I wasn’t afraid of it. I could feel like I was floating. I came to what looked like clouds. While I was in these white clouds, I saw these hands come towards me. Now, they were lifting me and carrying me. I’m like, “I must be sick.”

My soul was watching my human body being carried. At that moment, I knew I was sick and I was in the arms of God. God laid my body on a beam of light. He took me into this space and had a conversation. When I had that conversation with Him, He said, “We all have a lifespan contract and we’re born with it. We can change this here on 1/21/12. Notice the numbers.

You had contact with God at that time.

Yes. I was on borrowed time. He said, “We can change this. Remember these numbers 1/21/12. All numbers are reversible and I will reverse this.” I only read part of the contract and I remember the word health being there saying, “Health means nothing to me. I need healthy. I don’t want to go back to that pain.” I asked if I could see my parents, “Can I see my parents?” He said no because if I saw them, I wouldn’t want to go back.

I’m bartering. I said, “Can I stay here a little longer?” “No.” “It feels so good. I felt so loved.” I do remember coming back and I was given the gift of healing. When I came back, I can remember going into my body and taking a breath like you’ve been underwater for a long time. I was like, “What happened?” After about six months, I saw that I was healing. I was given a gift through others.

The doctors must have been amazed.

Yeah, because they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. I asked God, “Why aren’t they being able to find the reason?” This will help the readers that are not getting a diagnosis. What I was told is if you had a diagnosis, you would always label yourself with it. You would say, “I have this, or I had this.” You’d let it become a part of you. Since you don’t know what it was, it was never a part of you. You can let it go. That can be a layer of healing for people going, “Maybe I’m not supposed to find it out so that I can heal it.”

GAR 104 | Unique Healing Technique

Unique Healing Technique: If you had a diagnosis, you would always label yourself with it. But maybe if you don’t know what it was, if it was never a part of you, you can let it go.

At least if they have something and they’re given a name, they need to not identify themselves with that.

What I’ve learned through my healing is when you find the name, then you ask the reason. I had cancer. As a healer, that’s hard. I had to ask it, “What are you here for? What do you want to teach me?” Not that I want to tell anybody I have it, but I want you to teach me so I can say goodbye to you.

Was that your experience with cancer that you had? I know you had stage four cancer.

That was a whole another story.

Debra, you’re colorful.

The car accidents and the out-of-body opened my mediumship and healing abilities. I combined my mediumship and my healing together. The big a-ha out of having all three was that no matter how we die, in car accidents, or out-of-body sickness, we don’t feel pain. We’re taken before that. It’s for anyone that’s worried that they weren’t with their loved one during COVID or that they were killed in a traumatic way. We have wars going on that we see or car accidents. Know that they were taken and they were in the arms of a loving being that was holding them. They were okay. They didn’t feel pain. I can say that 100%. That’s why I had to go through it all three different ways.

You could help other people. You experienced it yourself. Coming back to my own experience, I’ve been told many times a soul lifted up out of his body before the actual impact that killed his body.

He was gone first. Some people say, “If a person is in bed for a long time and you’re sitting at their bedside, where are they?” They’re outside of their body waiting, probably giving you and them that time to converse. They can hear you during that time.

Even if a person is screaming or carrying on that they’re supposedly in pain, their soul is often getting on the other side. You always say that your most difficult hardships have been the source of your greatest lessons and blessings. What would you like to share with us about all of that, coming from this COVID experience, we’ve all been sharing?

The lesson with COVID is that we need to know that they’re okay on the other side. We need to have compassion no matter what. Whether we believe in COVID or not, we need to have compassion for what’s going on. That’s what it’s about. It’s unity. Be here together for one another and try not to judge through it. The greatest lesson from my hardship with cancer shook me. I was like, “What? Me? A healer?” I was in my best physical shape. It came out of nowhere. I was shocked. “Why did I get cancer and why wouldn’t I get cancer? Why am I better than anyone else that does get cancer?”

The lesson with COVID is that we just need to know that they're okay on the other side. We need to have compassion, no matter what, whether we believe or not in COVID. Share on X

You had to come to terms with that. I was asking the question, “Why? What did You want for me to learn from this?” I already have compassion. I do healings for people all over the world. I had no idea what compassion meant on a whole another level. I am now. When I’m healing someone with cancer or a terminal illness, I’ve seen what they have gone through. I can walk the walk and I can feel that compassion. I’m no longer looking from the outside door in the healing. I’m there with them. That was one of the reasons I received cancer.

I resonate with that in a different way, Debra, because I had a tough childhood. That’s one of the things that has spurred me on to do this work with the healing community because I don’t want people to suffer like that.

I got the chills when you said that. Everything we go through gives us a lesson of growth and opportunity. That’s what’s happening with you. That’s what’s happened to me. I could have been, “Woe is me,” and instead, I embraced it. That’s the one thing we all need to learn. No matter what we’re going through, embrace it with love. We get frustrated when our bodies don’t work. Let’s say you twisted your ankle and you’re wobbling. You get frustrated because, “I can’t take my walks now. I can’t go on my jogs now.”

It’s limiting you, but what’s that saying to your body? “I’m frustrated with you.” If a child that you were taking care of was sick, would you be frustrated with that child or would you embrace that child?” You have to embrace your body no matter what it’s going through. It’s magnificent. It’s worked through so much for you through the years. You can embrace it with love and compassion. I embraced cancer with love. They say, “We’re going to fight this. We’re going to get this. We’re going to kill this.” I said, “No, I’m going to love this.”

In a way, it’s a way of loving yourself too. It’s a form of self-love.

It’s loving your body, loving yourself, and love heals. That’s the energy. I call my healings God’s Love.

I want to talk about your special healing too soon. For everyone who hasn’t gotten this loud and clear, Debra is a renowned medium and an intuitive healer. I want to know how combining your gift as an intuitive healer with your mediumship readings enhances healing. Please describe your unique healing technique, which I’ve been that’s so eager to hear about. It’s nowhere else in the world.

I’m going to start with the basics. First of all, somebody would email me and say, “I need healing.” I don’t want to know anything about them. All I want is their picture. I take their picture. I go into my healing room. I’m going to start in prayer. I’m going to set the room up. I’m going to be wearing all white to cleanse my body. When I lay down as their proxy, I place their picture on my abdomen so that I can be their proxy. I can see on their body what needs to be healed so I can feel, hear, and voice what needs to be healed.

We go to emotion with physical and spiritual. When I see, I might see spiritual surgeons. Remember, I saw them for myself. I might see loved ones come into the room. Let’s say it’s for grief. I might see the genetics of their life and what’s going on. Whatever vision God gives me, sometimes they’re the wildest visions and I have to say them even if I don’t trust them, but they always are what resonates.

This last one that I did, “We’re going to go out of body. We’re going to go to another dimension. Go with me.” They’re not on the phone with me. They’re in their sacred space. I’m having the vision. I’m speaking to an MP4 recording. I then send it across the world for them to listen to. It’s like, “You have brain cancer. You have this.” I know nothing. It’s always right. This one was interesting. I’m like, “Here we go. I’m seeing Mary Poppins. We’re like Mary Poppins.”

I do not know that Mary Poppins was what she grew up to learn English. Mary Poppins is what her mom calls her because of the way she packs her bag when she travels home. Her husband even calls her Mary Poppins. I’m thinking, “She’s going to think I’m crazy.” That’s something that was part of her journey where we went to another space. I sometimes take them out of body to see why they are going through the pain that they’re going through.

I’ve also connected with loved ones where I take them to meet someone. Let’s say they lost a child or they lost a spouse. We go on a spiritual journey and we meet them and they have a conversation with them. They’ll feel their embrace. They’ll feel their love. It’s phenomenal. It’s beautiful. As I said, I have no idea what’s going to transpire in every healing. However it is, whether it’s emotional, physical, or spiritual, it will show up.

The mediumship allows me to speak what I’m seeing and see Spirit and take them on these spiritual journeys. The healing, because I’ve had an out-of-body experience, I’m able to take them out body to have these experiences. As far as the healing goes, I also feel people’s pain. People get upset because they’re like, “You’re screaming at times or the pain’s really hard.” That’s a gift that I feel because when I feel, I don’t deny what’s being done to the body and when the session’s over, I’m not going to feel that anymore. It can be intense and I’m exhausted afterwards.

GAR 104 | Unique Healing Technique

Unique Healing Technique: The mediumship is what allows people to speak what they’re seeing and allows them to see spirit and take them on these spiritual journeys.

What a blessing you are. When you lay there and you put the picture on your abdomen, does it have to be a full-body picture?

Yes, it does. Thank you for asking that. People say, “Do you want us to wear clothing?” I’m like, “Yes, please wear clothing.”

You’ve written six fascinating, wonderful books, but one of them is called Proof of Miracles. In fact, I suggested it to someone to read Proof of Miracles: Profound True Stories of Hope and Healing. There was this incredible, amazing healing story for a young child named Willa. I’m going to let Spirit tell you what other story to tell us from your vast collection of people who you’ve helped.

GAR 104 | Unique Healing Technique

Proof of Miracles: Profound True Stories of Hope and Healing

You don’t want to talk about Willa?

I want to talk about Willa. You choose one more in addition to Willa.

Baby Willa came in. I got the call that she needed emergency healing. She was in the hospital at fifteen and a half months in Boston, Mass Hospital. Her husband was skeptical. “What could this woman do all across the country that knows nothing about my daughter?” They’re there and I’m in the healing room and all of a sudden, I’m feeling this pain in the back of my neck and in my ear excruciating. I’m screaming and I felt my ear pop and I felt physical water come out of my ear. I’m expressing that it’s in this part of the neck and it’s coming out of the ear.

I told this family. I was a little afraid to share this MP4 because I told them the exact day that she would be released and healthy. That would be three weeks from this day, but it wouldn’t be an easy journey. Only these spiritual surgeons could do the work that the physical doctors could not. That is strong language to be said. What ended up happening is she went through a lot of surgeries, MRIs, and everything. Doctors said that there was a puss in the back of the neck. Normally, it would flow downwards. It would be fatal.

One day, the mother was sitting there and this pus started popping out of her ear. It broke through tissue and it came up out of gravity going North, up and out. The doctors couldn’t explain it. It went down into medical history in their history books. Willa left three weeks to the day from when I said it. When the father listened to it when he went home, he was blown away.

In some ways, sometimes, being blown away is the sweetest thing. They’re so skeptical and all of a sudden, they do experience this miracle. Tell us one more. What other one would you like to tell us?

It’s important that I talk about what is a miracle and how miracles can turn out the way that we don’t think it’s going to. I don’t want people to think that I can heal everyone. If I could, I would be God. My intention is for you to receive the healing you wish. This one woman came in for healing. She requested a healing and she was dying. What could I do for her? I’m like, “You don’t say no.” She’s here. God brought her.

I can remember in the healing session, I was laying down and I felt like I had to throw up. I felt bile. I was going to throw up this bile. I was explaining this and I’m like, “This is awful.” After the session, she emailed me that she was throwing up bile at the exact same time I was feeling it. In her healing session, God took her to space, had a conversation with her, and said ever since she was younger, and that makes me tear up, that she was told she was unworthy by her parents. She was not pretty enough. She was not skinny enough.

God said, “You are beautiful. Have them tell me that I created you not beautiful. See what they would say.” This was her greatest gift because she shut it. She said, “I feel that I’m fully healed, and if there’s anything that needed to be healed, that needed to be healed even more than my cancer.” I’m thinking, “That’s a big statement.” In her last two weeks of life, everybody said that she was not in pain. She was back to herself. She was able to go to a retreat with her friends. They got her back. She passed without holding onto any of that. She left the baggage.

She was healed in another way than what I thought was what I wanted. It wasn’t about me. I thought, “Come on. We’re going to heal this. She’s going to survive.” I could not wait to meet her because she was like, “Should I tell people to stop planning my funeral?” I’m like, “It’s okay to have that in place, but we had so much hope.”

I cried afterwards. I am in tune with these clients of mine. They become an imprint in my heart and I want what I want, but I have to then say, “God, what happened?” He is like, “You’re not the boss. You have to remember, you’re just the instrument and vessel and everybody will receive something, but it may not be what you think it is.” That’s why this one’s important to show. I don’t want it to be, “Look at this. She healed cancer, which I have, brain cancer, emotional, and everything else.” There’s also this other part where you can heal other things that you’re holding onto before you pass.

Being a healer doesn’t mean you're the boss. You have to remember, you're just the instrument vessel, and everybody will receive something, but it may not be what you think it is. Share on X

She may have had to come back many lifetimes to continue to heal this piece with her parents. Meanwhile, she had the blessing of having that closure and healing before she crossed over.

You’re right. She’s now working with Suzanne Giesemann from the other side. She’s doing remarkable work. She even came through afterwards to Suzanne, saying that it was an easy transition because of it. It was a gift.

What is she doing from the other side? That’s fascinating too.

She’s speaking through and helping people. In fact, a client of mine told me that she came to me because she felt Brenda, on the other side, guide her to me. They had similarities. She read my book. She knew that Brenda was pushing. We never know how she’s working, but she’s got a lot of work to do.

That’s so wonderful. It reminds me of my mother who passed. My mother came through someone and said, “Tell me what you want me to do. I want to help you.” “I’ll give you a list, Mom.” I know people are curious about the murder and missing person case you helped to solve. That’s so cool. That garnered international attention and was featured in 2015 on the cover story for Psychic News Magazine. Do you want to tell us about that? It’s not every day the FBI comes to you and says, “Will you help us with this case?”

There was no case at first. That’s what was interesting. This TV network came to me and said, “Can we bring someone in, do a cold reading, and show people what it’s like? I said, “Sure.” I knew the producer. He’s a friend of mine. They brought someone that they knew I wouldn’t know. This woman comes with her mother and her son. They’re sitting on my couch and she wants to talk to her deceased aunt. Her mother’s sister is on the other side. I’m like, “Okay.” I got all these details of what happened to her in the previous days leading up to coming here. She knew without a shadow of a doubt and it was her aunt.

I’m speaking all of that and a vision goes across my face like a movie, a clip. I was taken aback like, “How do I tell her that her aunt has been murdered? Does she know?” I said, “I need to tell you something, but I want to tell you this with grace because she doesn’t want you to be concerned.” She goes, “She’s okay. You know you heard from her, right?” They’re like, “Yeah.”

I go, “You know that she’s okay because you trust all the information she gave for now.” They’re like, “Yes.” I go, “Do you think she died of stomach cancer, heartache, or heart attack?” They’re like, “Yeah, that’s what we were told.” I was so scared. I said, “Your aunt was murdered.” You should have seen the shock on their faces. I said, “She wants to know who, how, and why.” Because of the vision, I was able to say how she died. She was strangled. It was over a fight. They were asking her to sign papers and property. I described two men.

It was interesting. She described two men, and it sounded like it was all in one, but they were two separate. I was like, “He has this big Afro hair and he’s wearing a blue shirt. I think you know this man because you have a picture of him with her in this blue shirt.” I then go, “I’m getting the name and the name Marcos comes out. They leave. I gave him all the information. Our session had to erupt quickly because two of our helicopters collided and they crashed at that moment.

The guy that was the producer for me, that was his friend that was in the helicopter. He showed up in my room. These people are Hispanic. I looked at the producer and this and I go, “There’s a man here for you.” He says, “Crap.” Instantly, his phone rang that the helicopter’s crashing. He had to leave. That was a whole another thing that went on with that.

Anyway, she went back to Peru. She exhumed the body. They bring the body back up. The coroner says, “There’s no way that this has been buried for three months.” All organs were still intact. Blood is still there. They were able to say that there was no stomach cancer. There was no heart attack. She did indeed die of asphyxiation. That was done. She got an investigator. They went and found that her property was signed, but then it was forged for the second signature so that they knew, “We have something going on. Somebody purchased her property.”

She’s going down the street with a relative and asks, “Is there somebody on the street that knows who this is?” They go, “Yeah. There’s a name on the street that people know who the murderer is.” They’re like, “His name is Marcos.” She went, “What?” She called me and says, “Debra, do you remember the name Marcos?” I’m like, “Marita, where are you?” She’s like, “I’m in Peru. We found him.” Marcos was the guy that over-masterminded everything. Jesus was the man in the blue shirt. That was her gardener in a picture with her aunt. He’s the one with the afro. He admitted to the crime. Jesus was put in jail for 30 years.

What happened to Marcos?

Marcos is like a mafia man. No one’s touching him. They’re like, “Debra, do you want to come to Peru?” I’m like, “No. That’s not my job.” It took her seven years. They were able to get their property back.

Marcos is still doing his thing.

We’re still thinking that Jesus is going to rat on him on his deathbed.

That’ll be interesting. That’ll be another exciting episode. You say it’s important for people to love and embrace their bodies during the healing process, which we touched on. That love helps healing. Why, Debra, in the whole total scheme of things, is it important for people to heal? Why should they go out of their way and face the pain?

We have to feel to heal. That’s one of the comments I always say. Sometimes it’s painful and we don’t want to go to those phases because it’s easier to bury it. As we bury it, more stuff gets on top and top and it’s got to come out some way. As it comes out, you want to heal those painful things so it doesn’t come out in cancer or in another way for you to say, “I have to recognize it now. I have to go through this.” Why?

We have to feel to heal. Share on X

It’s important to recognize it, to heal it, and to feel it. Sometimes people say, “How do I feel it? How do I go to those places when I don’t even know they’re there?” That’s when you sit and just be. You’re quiet with yourself and saying, “What am I holding onto?” Maybe start journaling. It’ll come out and then cry. Let those tears run and shut it. It’s the greatest gift you can give yourself.

There are so many people like Debra, people on the show, people in the community who can help you. If you can’t quite get in touch with it on your own, they can help you to get in touch with it and purge it out of your body and psyche.

That’s interesting because there are people that have come to me that couldn’t figure out what their problem was. We had to go to those deep cores. A lot of it happened when they were a child, or even when they were in their parents’ womb, or even when it came from their parents’ genetics that came down into the family. They were at war and now, they’re feeling anxiety. Where did that war come in? It was handed down. By being able to recognize those things, they’re able to shed it.

It’s so important. How about sharing the many ways gratitude has become your foundation for a living? I relate to that because I’m the same way. It’s a wonderful way to be.

If we can embrace gratitude, right now, the world’s tough and we’re seeing a lot of heavy stuff. How to be grateful? If we can find one piece to be grateful for, I get to take a walk. When I had cancer, I couldn’t walk. Now, look at the things that you can do and be grateful for them, even the simple things. I can cook or I can do a load of laundry. I can see the sunsets. In Singapore, you can’t see sunsets. If I can see a sunset, I have a gift. That gratitude helps me when I’m watching maybe news that is sad. It’s that vibrational balance. Gratitude is a great foundation to walk with because it’ll help you get through life.

It gives you a different perspective.

It helps you keep hope.

Gratitude is a great foundation to walk with because it'll help you get through life. It gives you a different perspective. It helps you keep hope. Share on X

You have private healing sessions and monthly Global Distant Healings. You have readings and a Power of Prayer Facebook page. Let it rip, Debra. Tell us about all of them.

A private session is a one-on-one where you’re going to get your messages. You’re going to get what’s dealing with you. It’s going to be more personalized.

They come to you for a mediumship, but they also need healing. Do you sometimes get that message that they need more than just to hear from their deceased loved one? Does it work out well?

Yeah. That’s where they can have healing with reading. That’s like, “Let’s go in. Let’s go have that spiritual journey. Let’s connect you two together.” I’m focused more on the healing readings because I believe there’s healing as well for them. I do readings on the side, but I’m limited because I’m so busy with the healings. That is offered. You can have a private with reading and you can have a distant global.

I try to make things so that if you want to have a family group session, you can do it all as one. If you want to join a global group, which is nice, we join hands all around the world. I believe each group is formed with those people with similar things that are going on in their lives. The words come in. I say own them all just for you. Don’t pretend that you’re not there with everybody else. Those are words just for you. What’s interesting is I hear back. Everybody’s saying, “I had that left knee pain.” I’m like, “I know. I’m sure you did.”

They all healed from it. After these session pain, they’re all better.

We’re all holding hands globally. If you do that and you have people all around the world with the same intention of a miracle, that raises that.

People can get on your site and you do this once a month and they can sign up for this online thing. They can sit there as part of it and whatever’s going on with them, it’ll probably be healed during that session.

It could be an emotional thing, a physical thing, a spiritual thing. I have several people that have joined because they’re finding that each one’s giving them something different because not one of my healings is ever the same. I never know what’s going to transpire. It’s fascinating. Sometimes afterwards, I’m like, “That was cool.”

Do you do it on a certain day or at a certain time? How does that work, Debra?

For the groups, I try to focus on Thursdays at 11:00 AM and that’s in Arizona. That’s Pacific standard time, but that changes unless we stop changing our time zone.

What is this Power of Prayer Facebook page you’ve got?

The Power of Prayer Facebook page is for people to go on and they can put, “I need a prayer for this.” I’ll go on there and see different people’s names and add them to a list that I put on my altar and say, “This person needs this prayer for this.” Other people that are reading it, too that raises the vibration because we’re all praying for one another. That’s why I put that together.

That’s beautiful.

Thank you.

What is the best way for everyone to connect with you? You’ve also got this gracious buy one, give one free to a friend or family member offer for the global distance group healing when this interview airs, which is fantastic. Our whole family on the show will probably get on. Tell us all about that.

You want to go to my website at If you’re going to do the 2 for 1 Global Distant Healing, mention your name, that you tuned in to this show, and that I’m offering the 2 for 1 for this specific group. It’ll be a one-time offer.

They can either say Grief and Rebirth or Irene.

That’d be perfect. The groups are $99, so they’re getting two for $99.

That’s fantastic. How long do those sessions usually go, Debra?

They’ll last an hour. There is a lot going on in one hour. Remember, you’re sitting in your space. I need your picture and you get the recording after to listen to. You can take in what you’re feeling. You might feel the energy. You might feel tingling. You might feel crying. Some people are sleeping because they’re in another country. Some people are working. Some people want to be outside in nature walking. There’s no right or wrong way. Some people feel nothing and receive healing.

Do they all need the full-length picture?

They all need to send a full-length picture.

Tell us how experiencing joy raises our vibration. What is your important tip for finding joy in life, the Debra Martin tip?

When we look for joy, we’re embracing ourselves with a hug. Joy makes laughter. Laughter brings joy. That makes you feel good. Any joy that you can find is going to make you feel good personally. It’s giving yourself some self-care. What is joy? To me, I love listening to the birds. The birds bring me joy. Music can bring me joy. Taking a walk in nature can bring me joy. If I’m not able to do that, like with cancer, there is nothing I can do.

GAR 104 | Unique Healing Technique

Unique Healing Technique: Laughter brings joy that makes you feel good. So any kind of joy that you can find is going to make you feel good personally. It’s giving yourself some self-care.

Some of you might be so sick like, “How can I find joy?” Joy might come from somebody in your family that’s sitting there that can tell you a story to make you laugh. Joy might come from saying, “I’m still here and I have the time to meditate.” That will bring me joy. Whatever it is that brings you peace within, it surrounds us. It’s love. It surrounds us everywhere. Find it because it will raise your vibration. The more you do it, that vibration, all of a sudden, people feel on you. Have you ever walked into a room and go, “I love that person? She resonates so much love.” That’s that joy that the more you do it every day, the more it fills you up

People are attracted to it. Debra, you are a blessing. You were born with the light within. You carry the light and it shines outwardly from you for everyone to see. That light is love and love heals. I encourage everyone to read your uplifting books, especially Proof of Miracles, to check out your Power of Prayer Facebook page, and to join your global distant group healing, especially the one being offered to our audience where they can embrace your incredibly generous offer to also help heal a friend or family member. That is amazing and so wonderful.

I want to thank you for that. Everything you said was so beautiful. I’m in awe of how beautiful you are. Thank you.

I want people to know, too, that if they go to my website page, on the contact page are all the ways you can find my YouTube and Facebook. It’s all right there. It’s easy. It’s not like they have to search. Instagram‘s there. Everything’s there.

It’ll be so worth it. I want to thank you from my heart for the gift of this interview, so filled with healing miracles and love. I want to thank you for all the ways you are helping people heal throughout the world. Here’s a reminder, everyone. Make sure to follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and especially on YouTube. Like, subscribe, and hit notify to make sure you’ll get inspiring, incredible, wonderful interviews like this one with Debra coming your way. Thank you so much. As I like to say, to be continued, many blessings, and bye for now.


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