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Fasten your seatbelts! This fast-moving, entertaining, and wisdom-packed interview with Corbie Mitleid is filled with fascinating and insightful answers to questions such as: How do I find a credible Intuitive? How can I avoid psychics who are phonies (Corbie calls them psychic monkeys)? Do we have soul plans and past lives? Can we communicate with our higher selves? How did you handle breast cancer not once, not twice, but three times with strength, courage, and humor?

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Thanks for joining us again for another fun and very enlightening episode of the show. I’m joined by my most lovely and favorite co-host ever, Irene Weinberg.

I am excited because we have a dynamo who we are going to be interviewing. She is fabulous. She’s Corbie Mitleid. She’s authentic. She’s wise. She’s a straight shooter. She is fun. You guys have to fasten your seat belts. I read her wonderful book called Clean Out Your LifeCloset. If you’ve got stuff going on and chaos going on in your life, or you need a new perspective, this is the book to read. There’s no doubt about it. I’ve also had a terrific psychic session of my own with Corbie, which was life-changing. Without further ado, the fabulous fun Corbie Mitleid. Corbie, tell us about you and what you do. You could go on and on for four hours about what you do, but for all of our audience, give us a little synopsis.

It’s what I call the 30-second spiel. I’ve been doing metaphysical work since I was eighteen. It’s my full-time job, 40 weekends a year, coast to coast, and into Canada. I am your straight no-chaser reader. There is no fluffy money at my table. It’s, “Here are your opportunities. Here’s the tough stuff. Here’s your toolbox. Go rock and roll.” My life has been a rollercoaster with no breaks, which is one of the reasons that I can work with people with difficult situations.

It’s not a matter of happy and joy. It’s not doom and gloom. It’s, “Here’s what we have to work with. Here’s how you can work through it.” As you mentioned, I have had 3 bouts of breast cancer, 2 divorces, and the death of all 3 of my parents, but I still get to get up in the morning. I don’t have to get up in the morning. There’s your big difference. What else do you want to know?

Right to the point. I love it.

She’s your kind of girl, Steph. You’re an intuitive counselor. You’re a spiritual and inspirational speaker. You’ve been even a professional actress. You’re public. I read you’re a television producer, a radio personality, an executive recruiter, and what do you call the power behind the throne to high-profile CEOs?

A lot of other people’s like, “I’m the executive assistant.” No, you’re the power behind the throne. They cannot exist or find their brain without you. It’s one of those. These are all the things that I have done up until this time. When my husband and I saw the towers burn on 9/11, I looked at him and said, “I need to do the metaphysical work full-time. People need to know there’s something else out there.” He looked at me and said, “I believe in you. Go do it.”

GAR 17 | Psychic

Psychic: You’re the power behind the throne.

For a year, I did the metaphysical work evenings and weekends, while I was still 70 hours a week as an executive recruiter. When I knew I could make a living at it, I basically walked into her office, peed on her desk, and left. That was it. I have not looked back. This is the work I love. It’s six days a week. It’s traveling a lot. I read about 1,000 people a year. One of the reasons I can do that is I immediately drop into the compassionate space where my ego is on the shelf, reading the magazine and completely focused on the person who is looking for their own answers.

One of the things I love the most about you is that your ego is on the shelf. I find a lot of spiritual people who help people in many ways. They have a gift. A lot of times, their heads get full of their gifts. It seems to be, for me, more head-centered than heart-centered. You’re not like that. What brought you to be who you are, which is delightful? You’re not only good at what you do, but a person would enjoy experiencing you.

When I live from ego, I hurt. I’m always self-judging. I’m always judging, “How are people looking at me? How are people taking me?” Frankly, when you’re a reader and you’re in your ego, you’re always trying to figure, “Is this the right answer or the wrong answer?” There have been things that have come out of my mouth that my ego is looking, “What are you, nuts?” The people across from me are going, “That’s exactly right, you hit on what I needed to know.” If the ego isn’t out of the way, you’re going to short-circuit yourself.

Whereas as I believe John Holland puts it, “We’re the tube. It comes through us.” The hammer does not go strutting around on your back deck going, “Look at this fabulous wood deck. I did such a great job.” No, the hammer had its head whacked against a nail, but somebody else held the hammer. We’re the hammer, the spirit holds us, and we get the information through.

You get the information through reading the cards, but it’s also psychic information that comes through to you, intuitive information. For those of our audience who have never experienced going to a psychic person for advice, how does it come through you and how do they know that it’s real?

For one thing, I’m what I call a general practitioner. I use different tools for different things. If you want to know about your everyday tour bus, house, car, job, kids, “God, you put me here. I need some clues.” I use my tarot deck and my Oracle deck. If you kept feeling like, “Why do I need to know about 1642 Belgium?” that’s a past life. That’s directly channeled. Spirit guides, angels, and mediumship, otherwise known as dead people, that’s all channeled. The cards are superb for helping people see what’s in their way and what they keep stumbling over. Sometimes it’s good for the spiritual road as well.

GAR 17 | Psychic

Psychic Yellow Brick Road – THE PSYCHIC YELLOW BRICK ROAD: How to Find the Real Wizards and Avoid the Flying Monkeys

While you mentioned Clean Out Your LifeCloset, which is the self-help book that I started with and I love, the book that just came out is specifically on this subject. That’s The Psychic Yellow Brick Road: How to Find the Real Wizards and Avoid the Flying Monkeys. Many people want to go to an art museum and they love the paintings. They don’t want to pick up a canvas, paint, and learn about oil painting. They just want to go and appreciate it.

It’s the same thing with some people who want to go to an intuitive consultant, a psychic medium, and get the information comfortably and safely, but they don’t want to learn to read cards and meditate themselves. There are six billion psychic development books out there. I have not seen one like this, where the title that we give it behind the curtain is Dick and Jane Go to a Psychic and Don’t Get Screwed Up. That’s what this book is about.

I want to know how you avoid the flying monkeys. That’s got me fascinated. Who are the flying monkeys?

The flying monkeys are the ones that I call the madame hoo-has and the fake gypsies who say, “You have a family curse. I burned 400 special candles at $1 apiece and you will avoid being in a car accident.” Those are the flying monkeys.

That is great advice because I’m in this world and I have come across quite a few flying monkeys. That is a great idea and advice to give people.

Flying monkeys are the fake gypsies who say you have a family car, burn 400 special candles at a dollar a piece, and you will avoid being in a car accident. Share on X

On my side, like Irene says, when you say flying monkeys, and Irene can vouch for this as I’ve always said, I’m a little more open to it now. My fear has always been going to a psychic and being like, “What to expect?” They’re like, “You’re going to die in three days.” You’re like, “What? I don’t want to know that.”

When you get that, walk out. I’ll tell you why. It is not only unprofessional anymore, but it is, in many states, illegal to predict death. The other thing I explain is we don’t have just one space. We have 4 or 5. We come into this life with 4 or 5 possible exit points. You could die of a high fever at 4, in a car accident at your senior prom, at a mugging when you’re 42, at a brain aneurysm at 60, or prostate cancer at 90. As you approach those points, the soul looks and says, “Am I done? I’m done. I’ll leave. No, I’m not done. Let’s stay.”

How else can you explain that I was in a car accident, flipped the car, took down a tree, a telephone pole, electrical wires all over it, I wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, and I walked out unscathed? That was clearly a time when I could have exited. If a psychic had said, “I see you dying in a car accident,” I probably would’ve died of fright. None of their business. I’m telling you now, if they ever pull that, you say, “I’m sorry, I don’t want to hear that.” You get up and you leave.

That’s a crazy thing that you even said. I never thought about that. You come in with five different exit ways. I don’t think I’m the only one because I didn’t even think about that. She said that, but I feel like there’s always been that moment when you’re like, “That was a close call.” It could’ve been. That’s so wild to think about, honestly. You’re right. Nobody defines that. I know we’ve talked about that with Irene, too, where she talked about when people get depressed and stuff and they decide to change their life path. You make that decision on your own.

Yes, that’s exactly right. Remember, it’s free will. Does that mean that our guides and our angels in spirit don’t help us with a tailwind? Of course. The way I explain it is this because a lot of people say, “How can there be pre-destination and free will?” It’s like this. You go to college, you decide you’re going to be a History major. That’s destiny. You could either take gut course or choose a double major plus lab. That’s free will. You’re going to graduate with that degree, but how tough you make it on yourself is the free will question.

How many people go to get a degree and then their life path takes them some someplace completely different?

That’s possible, but what I’m talking about is the idea of the spiritual degree. I’m using it in allegory. If you decide you are going to go through this life and learn more about how to value yourself in a female body because, in other lives, you haven’t understood what it’s about. You’ve used it as a bargaining chip or whatever.

There will come a crux point in your life at some time when you can either take the gut course which is, “I will take care of myself and I will believe I’m worth something” or you can believe, “That person who told me I was worthless, I guess they’re right.” Live your life acting as if you are worthless until you realize what your worth is. You’re going to graduate. You’re going to transition back upstairs with learning about valuing the female body. You can either do it with a pain-free life or a painful life. That’s the free will I’m talking about.

I can make this interview with you for three hours. It’s so interesting because you work with people. A lot of people don’t know this that we make plans before we come into this lifetime. You’re able to key into the people in our lives and the things that are going on that were pre-planned.

This is not the pre-birth planning session. What you’re talking about is the work that I did with Robert Schwartz with his books, Your Soul’s Plan and Your Soul’s Gift. The two main channels that work with him in both books are myself and my dear friend, Stacy Wells.

We’ve also interviewed her on our show.

Stacy is the brilliant technical surgeon and I’m the priest inspirer storyteller. She’s the one who literally can see the pre-birth planning session and the computer flow chart and the whole thing. I am the one who was Rob’s expert on past lives because I see them in complete detail. I am also the one who can actually channel your soul for you, your higher self. That’s how I work with someone. That’s a perfect place where the ego needs to be out of the way.

GAR 17 | Psychic

Psychic: Channel your soul for your higher self.

When we worked with Rob on Your Soul’s Gift, there was a chapter on abortion and miscarriage. I channeled this woman’s higher self. I listened to the tape later and my jaw dropped because what she was saying was nothing at all as I believed or perceived, but it’s what her higher self saw. That told me that my work was clear that day. The ego was nowhere to be found. I told that woman exactly what her soul wanted her to know.

We often ask someone to tell an inspiring story of how they’ve helped someone to heal, but I would love you to tell people the inspiring story about how you came through three different bouts of breast cancer and how you made it through. I think that is amazing. The grit, determination, and advice you can give people from your heart about coming through trauma like that and despair like that. Many people would feel it’s over. How did you do that? How did you come through that?

Using the example of learning to be okay in a female body, that was me. That is my story in Your Soul’s Plan. I am actually in the second chapter under the pseudonym of Doris. Rob changed it because we didn’t want you to get Corbie the medium mixed up with Corbie the subject. From the time I was 11, I had a Dolly Parton figure, 44, DDD, tiny waist and hips. I was convinced that nobody looked at me above the neck or below the waist. This was all I was worth.

The universe spirit was trying to say, “No, we have more work for you to do.” I got two bouts of cancer that dealt with radiation and surgery, but they were still there. All of a sudden, a year and a half after I finally married the right guy, I got a second primary. The doctors say, “Three strikes, you’re out. We’re taking the breast and we’re taking the ovaries. You’re going from this Dolly Parton figure with the libido of a seventeen-year-old boy to a fire plug with massive amounts of side effects in four months. There’s nothing you can do about it.”

I went home and cried for 24 hours. I’m normal. I know what I learned from my work with the Option Institute in Massachusetts for many years. You always have to ask yourself three questions. “What am I unhappy about? Why am I unhappy about that? What do I think would happen if I stopped being unhappy about that?”

Is that the body-mind connection? That would be the body-mind connection.

I’m not sure. This is simply the option process dialogue that I have worked with for myself since the 80s. I said, “I know there are three things I have to find to be okay with this. I don’t care how stupid they are.” 1) If I don’t have them, I can’t get cancer there. 2) The top half is not going to get slammed in the refrigerator door at the doctor’s every year. Every woman out there knows exactly what I’m saying. 3) Implants? Cool. I’ll be perky until I’m 93. I went in, 6 hours of surgery, came out of mass general in 3 days, and shopped for a bathing suit in 5.

It is now fourteen years later next month. Yes, I’m still a fire plug. Totally no figure. Yes, I still have all the side effects. I’m one of the lucky 10% that they’re permanent. I get constant hot flashes and have for 14 years, but I’m clear of the cancer. I use it to teach with. I am out of, “The body is all I’m worth.” I am completely in my own whole person. Carl and I celebrated our fifteenth anniversary last October.

What a blessing.

Was it easy? No. Was it possible? Absolutely, but you always have to go into it saying, “What do I want to make of this situation? How can I find the happy in the tough?”

That’s a total choice with your attitude.

Yes, it is. It also helps when you have someone who can help you look at it objectively. Make sure that you surround yourself with your tribe. You don’t want to have people who identify themselves as, “I am a cancer survivor.” It was something that happened to you. Now move on. I don’t talk about my cancer unless it’s asked in a radio or television interview, or someone has it and is dealing with it. I don’t wear pink ribbons because frankly, that’s corporate money. I do not constantly put that forward as who I am. It’s as if you won a Mahjong tournament at 35 and you always lead with high. I won a Mahjong tournament. I’m a Mahjong champion, but there’s so much else that happened in your life. This is who you are and it’s part of your story, but it’s not the story.

That is so wise because a lot of people remain in their swamps of whatever happened to them and they never can move on from it.


When I had a car accident, it was the same type of thing. My husband was dead next to me and I could have given it all up. As they pulled me out of the car, I said, “I’m going to get through this to the other side.” I scripted myself and I was determined. It’s all about how you program yourself in the moment.

Because of what happened, you now teach with it.


Nothing happens gratuitously. All of it can be used to reach out to somebody else.

That’s why it’s so great when someone who has lived and been through things the way you have can advise others who are going through things. You have an extra 40 layers of understanding that you can help them.

Thank you.

I’d like to ask you if you have a terrific story of healing that you’ve done with someone, and I’d like to ask you one other question. Do you have something on your mind through your readings or the work that you’ve done in any way that you’ve made a dramatic change so people can enjoy and hear what they can do and how they can heal by being associated with you?

The thing that I do have that has always blown me away is I stay where my people need to be. If I go to one of my reviews, it’s better somebody else should talk than me. A perfect example is the one that says, “I’ve been working with Corbie for six years. She was one of the psychics who aided people in Robert’s books. I was going through a very tough and complicated time in my life and reading this book let me know that I could find guidance. Corbie’s contact was in the book. She is accurate, kind, and truthful. She doesn’t sugarcoat things. I have gotten through a very difficult situation and come out the other side with an enormous appreciation for my life, a better relationship with my children, and I am finally finishing my master’s degree.”

That’s all her, but I was there as the compassionate but objective person who said, “Here are your paths. Which one do you want? Where do you want to be powerful?” It’s always an empowering reading. Do not ask a psychic, “Should I do this? Yes or no?” You should say, “This is what I want. How do I make it happen?” That way, you will not get a psychic who says, “It’s impossible. You’re under a bad cloud. You have to burn all these candles.” Always make sure you leave a psychic feeling better from when you walked in.

They’re there to give you advice and guide you from a higher perspective, theoretically.

There’s always going to be a time when the psychic you go to is not your metaphysical flavor of ice cream, as I say. I will perfectly admit there is 1 person out of 50 reviews who thought that I was the monster of the world. Clearly, it was her perception because if you read the other 49 reviews, and then you read what she says about me, you can see she was in her own head. All I did was bless her and hope her journey is good. That’s all you can do.

Very quickly, if people want to know how to choose a good psychic, that’s in the first two chapters of the new book, The Psychic Yellow Brick Road. What I’m going to do for people is, if they write to me at or and order the book through me, I’ll cover the shipping. It’s free shipping. If you want this book, it has just come out. You want to make sure that you are on target for how to find intuitive counselors, how to use the information, and not get stuck. That’s your book.

That is great. People should read that because it’ll take away the fear of making a mistake and wasting their money with the wrong person.

GAR 17 | Psychic

Psychic: People should read THE PSYCHIC YELLOW BRICK ROAD because it’ll remove the fear of making mistakes and wasting money with the wrong person.

The only way they can get the book you’re saying right now, Corbie, is through you to actually get it and you’ll send it to them with free shipping.

That is correct. If they want it on Kindle, they can go on Amazon. We’re wrestling with Amazon and it’s new regulations about putting the paperback on. If they want the paperback, the audiobook, or the Kindle of Clean Out Your LifeCloset, they can get it on Amazon.

Amazon can be challenging with books. We’re well aware of that. When would it be available?

I have it now. It’s just a matter of Amazon being a pain in the butt. That’s all it is.

I would like to read this book, too, because I’m curious. I feel like the other thing and component that you’re bringing up here quickly is that a lot of people don’t know what to ask a psychic. You don’t know who these “flying monkeys” are because if you’re saying that you need to go in and say, “This is what I want. How do I make it happen?” I wouldn’t even think that I would ask. I’ll let them take the wheel and let them tell me what they need to tell me.

That’s why I’ve always been afraid if they’re going to say like, “You’ve got about five days to live.” This gave me so much clarity. You choose your life path. You come in with five different ways. They can’t predict that because you don’t know. There are so many different that could happen that you can take charge of. That gives people a lot of perspective.

The other thing I’m going to do for people, if you would like to have a reading with me, I basically do half an hour because I am fast and see what it’s like. I’m going to put a coupon code on my website and the coupon is BAGEL. That will take 25% off your first reading with me on a half-hour general reading. You can taste and you can see whether this psychic work is for you. If it’s not, that’s okay. It is not everybody’s flavor of ice cream.

I might have to take you up on that for BAGEL. I told them that it was my birthday month and this was my whole healing week and month to go to Mayo to Memorial Day. Irene’s always up for me getting a new reading. She loves to.

I’m always thrilled about that. Throw us on the list for your new book, Corbie.


Stephanie and I would love to get copies. That’s fantastic.

Remember, people should write to me at and say they want a copy of the book. I will send them the little PayPal invoice for the book itself, and then send it out free so that they can learn how to avoid the flying monkeys.

I have a feeling we’re coming to our conclusions. What is your tip for finding joy in life? Your tips have to be fantastic.

My favorite saying is from Robert Heinlein’s book, Time Enough for Love, “In life, moderation is for monks. Take big bites. Don’t be scared.” If something looks gorgeous and if something feels wonderful, jump in and grab it. Don’t assume that everyone else’s pity party, you have to join in. If someone has a difficult time and you don’t want to get involved, you can love them, but you can step away. You are not responsible for everybody else’s tar pitch. Stay out of the tar pitch. Stay with your tribe. The people who understand that you get to get up in the morning. You don’t have to get up in the morning.

Take big bites. Don't be scared if something looks gorgeous or feels wonderful. Jump in and grab it. Share on X

There’s something that you say in your book, Clean Out Your LifeCloset, that I thought was such great advice. A lot of people live their lives feeling they have to be perfect and you give people permission to be imperfect. It’s part of the past.

It is. The example you’re talking about very quickly is also in my chapter, Finding Happiness With What You Have Right Now. There are times when I have to fudge recipes. There are times when I throw things together. It is not perfect. It may not be gorgeous, but it tastes fine. I don’t worry about perfection. Did it work? That’s it. That’s all you need. If it didn’t work, it’s fine.

Thanks for joining us, Corbie. I love it. You’re tough. I feel your power already because it gets me fired up. Irene, thanks.

I’m thrilled that we brought Corbie on. There is not a single person tuning in to this show who could not use Corbie’s wisdom and guidance and a hit of her fantastic personality and authenticity. It’s a pleasure to know you.

I loved it. Thank you so much.

Thank you, Corbie.


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