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Chris Lippincott is an Evidential Medium, a best-selling Author on Amazon and a Reiki Healer who has a passion for letting people know that the bonds of love between our two worlds are eternal and that the spirit world is much closer to us than we realize. Chris’ book, Spirits Beside Us: Gain Healing and Comfort from Loved Ones in the Afterlife, is the #1 best seller in its category on Amazon.



  • The spiritual lightning bolt that changed Chris’ life.
  • What happens to each of us between lives.
  • The spirit world is much closer to us than we realize.
  • How the spirit world is organized and the 3 paths of progress to the higher levels.



  • What is the difference between spirit guides and angels? 
  • How can a person be sure a medium is following the spiritual code of ethics and integrity?
  • Do you have any insights for people during this “shock wave” that is affecting all of us on Planet Earth?






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Chris Lippincott: Evidential Medium, Author And Reiki Healer





I am coming to you from my lovely quarantine studio in the hills of West Orange, New Jersey and I’m sure that, like me, you feel challenged during the shock wave we are all experiencing. As many of you know, I had a profound spiritual awakening when my husband died next to me in a tragic car accident. One of the lessons I learned is that I have no control over anything except my attitude. Keep your attitude positive by staying focused on those few important things you can control, like your health and your safety, and staying calm. Remember to stay thankful for your blessings.

In this episode, we have a very special guest who is an evidential medium, a bestselling author on Amazon, and a Reiki healer. He also happens to be my neighbor here in New Jersey, down the street in Montclair. That’s why they call him the Montclair Medium. I’ve been looking forward to getting Chris on the show because one of his mentors is the well-known South African medium, Lee VanZyl, an international teaching medium whose terrific interview is Episode 3 on the show.

Chris has a passion for letting people know that the bonds of love between our two worlds are eternal and that the spirit world is much closer to us than we realize. We’ll surely chat about that and all this and much more. Chris, welcome to the show. It’s so great to see you and it’s so great to get to know you. I’d like to begin our interview with this question. Please tell us about the spiritual experiences you turned away from during your childhood and your life choices, career-wise and otherwise, before you became a medium.

Thanks for having me, Irene. It’s a big question. I’ll try to make it a nice and short answer. When I was a child, I was very open to spirit, but I didn’t know what it was. To me, it was an energy that was very playful in the beginning, so long as the sun was up. I had a lot of “playmates” and I would interact with them as old children do. The only difference was that I was having full conversations back and forth. I didn’t think that at the time that that was abnormal. Looking back on it, I should have realized space should not be talking back to you.

You were a kid. What did you know?

I was having a blast. I was having fun to the point where I was even talking to animals and nature. It was full-on a lot of fun. As the sun went down, the Hollywood ghost story mentality crept in and I started getting afraid of the dark. “What’s going to happen? Monsters are under my bed,” and all the childish nightmare things. Occasionally, I would feel spiritual energy that I didn’t know what it was in my room. I would hear disembodied voices outside in the middle of my room and I knew nobody was there. I didn’t have any siblings. My parents were at the other end of the house.

That sounds a little scary. How old were you at that time?

I was probably 8 or 9. I was so scared to pull the covers over my head and freak out and shake, begging for them to go away. Eventually, the voice went away. It’s like the story of A Christmas Carol. The three ghosts had come through. The second one came through. There was a hand on my back as I lay in my bed. That was even worse. I begged it to leave. It kept on happening several times. Eventually, it left.

The third one, I would be running through our house. Sometimes, it would be in the living room, and this ball of effervescent energy would surround my entire body. I didn’t know what it was. Sometimes it would happen when I was in my bed, this effervescent energy tingling that, to me, was outside of me and scared the daylights out of me. I didn’t know what it was. I was so scared by this point that I was begging it to leave and go away, never to return. Eventually, it listened. I shut it down. The portal was opening to me, but because I was so scared as a child, I slammed the door shut.

They knew that you were available. That’s why they were coming through, but you didn’t have any adults or anyone to be cool and say, “It’s okay, Chris. This is cool. This is a great thing.”

My parents were very agnostic and materialistic. They didn’t think heavily in one direction or another. They were not heavily religious. They were not total atheists, but they were very materialistic. We got to know what’s in front of us. I picked that all up.

How did they have a right-brain kid? They were totally logistical thinking.

It’s funny you say that because my father was an author. He wrote eight books. He was very creative at the same time that he was not attached to religion, spirituality, or anything. He had the creative juices bubbling up inside him and he did a lot with it. It went in a different direction. I picked that all up, but it was used for the spirit.

That was shut down for a good number of decades. As a young adult, I was still afraid of the dark. I was always aware that something was around me. I could feel a sense or a presence, but I thought I was afraid of the dark. I thought I had some subconscious problem that I had to go see therapy for or something. It was not the fact that I was scared of the dark. It was the fact that I could still sense a presence. I could still sense energy.

Weren’t they giving up on you?

I was giving up on them. They never gave up on me. It wasn’t until I had started to go through a period of, for some reason, probably a good 20 plus or 30 years of reading these fascinating books spirit figured they could get their concepts to me by leaving little breadcrumbs of all these fascinating titles. For over 20 or 30 years, they would slowly introduce me to all their little concepts. I was voraciously reading everything from near-death experiences to afterlife data to scientific studies from all the different universities to automatic writings. I got more fascinated.

What amazes me, Chris, is that I tell people these books are non-fiction. These are all people’s experiences. What did you do before you turned to becoming a medium? Were you your father’s son? Were you in the traditional world?

I was so traditional that I went into finance. I had to follow all my college classmates and I was either going into law or finance. Since I was the least logical person on the planet, law was an absolute failure. I went into the finance route. I got my MBA. I got my CFA charter. I was doing very successfully in finance. I was determined that that was going to be my path until the day I die.

Were you working in New York City?

I was in New York City. I eventually moved on to New Jersey. It was closer to home. I was finding myself that there was less and less of a calling, if you will, before it was a passion. I was like, “I can do this.”

You were hit by what you call a spiritual lightning bolt during meditation in July 2015. You had a spiritual awakening in 2016. Could you tell our readers about these two experiences?

Those were what reopened the portal again. During my time in finance, I was getting incredibly stressed out. I didn’t have time for my family, my health, or myself at all. I learned that meditation was a great way to calm or de-stress myself. Over the course of about a year, I learned how to meditate every day. Over the course of that full-year period, I became what I thought was an expert in meditating.

While you’re meditating, you’re still doing the finance thing?

Yes. I would meditate at home. I’d listen to some very calming music. It was a guided meditation. I got pretty good at it. It was like, “This is great.” I didn’t think anything was going to happen. That was like the lightning bolt of, “I get it. I got to chill out. I got to relax. I got to take my mind and center it.” It was like the lightning bolt of, “This is going to happen. I can go there.” That evolved to the point where I was in my man cave one day and thought I would elongate my meditation, relax, and see how far I could take it.

I was not expecting anything to happen. I thought it was going to be a lot of fun. About halfway into it, all of a sudden, with my eyes closed, I realized that I was seeing in my mind’s eye this view of what looked like a gray, cloudy background. There were four silhouettes of people in front of me. I knew they were people and I recognized them, but I didn’t know who they were. Two on my left were a little bit shorter and two on my right were a little bit taller. They felt warm, kind, and loving.

I wasn’t afraid of them. I was more curious, if anything else. The one on the far right side, who was the tallest, attracted all my attention. He set this incredible beam of energy straight through my chest, out through my back, which completely dumbfounded me because I realized if I could feel it, I was not asleep. As soon as that happened, it was a feeling of unconditional love. The word love doesn’t even begin to describe it. It was the tip of the iceberg.

As I experienced that, I began to go through an experience. It’s very common with all the accounts of NDEs where I realized that I was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Everything around me was unconditional love. The entire fabric of my existence of wherever I was, was made up of love. Everything was love.

GAR 75 | Spirits Beside Us

Spirits Beside Us: Everything around me was unconditional love. The entire fabric of my existence of wherever I was, was made up of love.


I came back into my physical existence, whatever had happened to me, and I sat there dumbfounded for a good fifteen minutes, trying to figure out what had happened to me. I didn’t know. I scribbled it all down as best I possibly could. That’s when it dawned on me. This portal had again opened up. It was all about love. It was all about people who were not here in the physical. Something started happening.

They certainly know what was going on with you. They were very aware.

They’ve been trying to get me back for a good 40 years or something.

They certainly are persistent.

What’s so bizarre is that even though I was trying to shut them down, trying to keep them out of my life, they found something inside me that they felt that I would make a good ambassador to spirit. At the time, I had no idea what it was. Looking back on it, I can figure out what it is. I was coming from a place of agnostic skepticism and materialism that then evolved over to acceptance, belief, and then practicing the spiritual, which is that much more potent.

Now your life transforms. You’re still doing your finance thing. When did you know you were a medium?

It was soon thereafter. The first experiences began happening within about a few weeks to a month after that awakening. All of a sudden, my deceased family members started coming to me in vivid dreams to the point where I was having direct one-on-one conversations with my family members, especially my parents, that I can remember to this day.

I can remember their smell. I can remember their touch, the words, and what they’re wearing. I can remember the monograms on my father’s bathrobe. The classic thing is that all of my family members were looking so much younger. They were all in their prime. They were all in their 40s. They were all happy and radiant. When they passed, they were not in their prime. They were not healthy. They were not happy. They’re all presenting themselves in their prime.

In some cases, prime that I didn’t even know existed. For example, my grandfather came through at one point. I only remember him as being this mean ogre-type person. I only remember him ever being very old and nasty. In the dream, he was a completely different man. I almost didn’t recognize him. The same thing with my grandmother. She came through and she was this beautiful woman. The only way I knew it was clear cognizance. It was downloaded, “This is grandma.” I didn’t even recognize her physically.

Did you ever find any pictures or wherever that showed that?

That’s what’s so bizarre. I had no picture of my grandmother young. That was the only way I knew there was her. There was a certain knowingness, a clear cognizance that this is grandma. This is nanny. It kept on happening. In other meditations, I would have more and more occurrences of them happening to come into my awake state. There were times when I would be in a meditation. I’d be taken up to a building that was very much like the theater of knowledge. There are all of my family members waiting for me. It kept evolving. I began to realize there was something to this. There’s something constant.

Did anyone ever channel to you, “Sorry, we were stupid. We thought that this was ridiculous?”

No one ever said, “By the way, this is all a game. Sorry, kid.”

Very briefly, I had that experience two weeks after my husband died. My sister-in-law, who we thought was crazy, was working with a healer. The healer said, “I have a soul here who’s insisting on talking with you and his name is Saul.” My sister-in-law said, “Saul, what do you want with me? We weren’t talking when you died.” The answer was, “It’s because I thought you were crazy, but you’re not. You’re the only one who’s open. I have messages to get through to Irene.”

That often happens. In fact, I’ve given readings to people who they’ll get their own readings, but they’re the messengers of information and a message to their friends. For example, somebody was here for a reading, and then somebody else was coming through and it was a woman they couldn’t take initially. It turned out to be the mother of her friend who had committed suicide. She wanted to get the message to the friend, the daughter. It keeps on happening. Spirit amazes me every time about their intelligence, their efficiency, and the way they know how to do things. It is astounding.

I also want to congratulate you because your new book, which is titled, Spirits Beside Us: Gain Healing and Comfort from Loved Ones in the Afterlife, hit number one best seller in its category on Amazon. Congratulations, Chris.

GAR 75 | Spirits Beside Us

Spirits Beside Us: Gain Healing and Comfort from Loved Ones in the Afterlife

Thank you, Irene.

What do our family, friends, and spirit want us to know about life and healing beyond the veil? What do they convey happens between those lives? If we have all these lives, what goes on between our lives? Are we hanging out on lounge chairs? What’s going on?

For example, there was once a reading I had where I was bringing through a woman’s teenage son who had committed suicide. His personality was exactly the same, quite a rambunctious teenager, if ever there was one. He comes in and I hear him say, “What? You think I’m up here eating bonbons and playing harps?” I was like, “I guess not.”

How do you know it’s him? That’s the way he’d express himself. If they’ve got a lot of problems, let’s say this guy committed suicide, would he be doing healing now that he’s crossed over?

What happens initially when the spirit transitions is, first off, they don’t even feel anything. There’s never any physical feeling because they’re no longer physical. They have no feeling of the transition itself. The transition’s very much peaceful as if you’re going through a dream. As they finally get to their initial landing point, they’re met by many of their spirit loved ones or spirit friends who come from a very loving position.

They try to help them. They’re smiling, they’re guiding them with how to know where they are, and what they need to do. In many cases, if there is a traumatic passing, like a sudden car accident or something or they have a mental issue, they’re quite often put in a spiritual rest home, very much like a hospital, so they can recuperate. They’re watched over by those spirits who may have evolved to some higher level, who are very loving and watch over them and caring.

It’s not so much the physical hospital rest home. It’s the spiritual mental convalescent home to help them recuperate. Once that recuperation state is complete, they then are on whatever mission they feel called to do. In many cases, for example, some people were so overwhelmed by the compassion and love they felt from the people who greeted them when they arrived that they wanted to do the same thing to pay it back.

Those stories happen over and over again, where a person finds that they may want to pay back the compassion they felt from somebody else and they’ll learn to love to do something else. Let’s say, for example, they might have been a famous scientist or they’re in the sciences. They may want to further the exploration of science and further the exploration of knowledge for its own sake. Once that’s learned, they grow. In many cases, the spirit often will inspire scientists and those seeking knowledge here in the physical. It’s an inspiration.

That’s pretty amazing. We’re busy doing our thing. We’re busy helping people. Your book also teaches that we survive our physical deaths, the bonds of love between the two worlds are eternal, and the spirit world is closer to us than we realize. Can you explain these concepts to us, especially how spirit world is so much closer to us? A lot of people think that our spirits are somewhere up in the sky. They don’t conceive how they’re all around us. Can you explain that to people, please?

The bonds of love between the two worlds are eternal, and the spirit world is closer to us than we realize. Share on X

That’s a very important concept for people to understand. You have to look at it from the ironic perspective of science, which is almost an anathema when you begin to think about spirit. Spirit is nothing but energy. When you realize what energy is, energy can be measured through vibrations and oscillations. We, as humans in the physical, are in a dense physical body. We’re like ice cubes. That’s all measured by the speed of an oscillation within the neutron, within an atom, and how fast something’s moving. It’s physics. It’s like we’re in an ice cube, gelatin, or something, as opposed to spirit that is very much like you could give it the equation of maybe being in the gaseous form or even higher where the vibrations and oscillations are spinning and vibrating at such high speeds, we can’t even see them.

I use the example of a fan in the book. A fan, when it’s standing still, you can see the blade in the fan standing right next to you. You see it right there. Turn on that fan and the blade starts spinning. If you turn it fast enough, you can’t see the blade. If you turn it fast, the entire fan disappears. It’s not there anymore. Did that mean the blade disappeared? No, it’s still there. It’s oscillating and vibrating at a hyper speed. That’s exactly the same thing with spirit. Spirit now has transitioned from a slow, dense vibration to an incredibly high vibratory rate or high vibrations. They’re right next to us. They share the same space. We just can’t see them.

I’m talking to you and I have spirits all around me.

We mediums feel energy, you feel energy, and we all feel the energy. We all feel our loved ones around us. We’ll feel them tingling around us. They literally can put their hands on us. We’ll feel their energy as hypervibration. That’s true with all mediums, all humans, and all people who don’t even think they have senses. The thing is, all people have the same psychic senses. We’re all mediums to varying degrees. We have to open ourselves up to allow it to happen.

GAR 75 | Spirits Beside Us

Spirits Beside Us: We all feel the energy. We all feel our loved ones around us. We’ll feel them tingling around us.


You can be a medium either “naturally” just because you happen to be thinking that way, or you can learn to become one, or you don’t even try. It’s very much like being a piano player. Everybody can play the piano. Everybody has the ability. You have to have the passion to do it and you have to have the practice. You do those two things. That’s what happens.

Is the practice of being a medium about being able to raise your vibration so that you can meet the higher vibration coming from spirit?

It’s a combination of learning to raise your vibration to the point where you can connect to the higher vibration of spirit as well as learning to spiritualize yourself. Are you thinking in terms of loving thoughts, connecting with a higher source, whatever you want to call it, God, the creation energy that’s out there? Can you spiritualize to the self to the point where you want to go out and be loving, be healing, and be of service to both mankind and spirit?

Spiritualize yourself and do good for others everywhere. Be love. You then start to channel spirit. You then become closer to spirit. You become one with spirit. It’s something where it’s all about love. Love is the common bond. That’s how we are able to communicate. That’s why we’re always together. That’s the energetic bond. It’s love. We go back to the concept of vibrations. Love is the highest vibration in the entire spectrum. You’ve either got fear at the low end or love at the high end. People will be somewhere along that spectrum.

You can feel the difference, too, when you’re around people who are steeped in fear and when you’re around people who are steeped in love.

We can all feel that because we all have the same psychic senses, just varying to a different degree.

You also see spirit guides and angels. Some of our people are not aware that they have spirit guides. Some of these people think that angels are like some weird concept up in the sky. Do you want to straighten us up out about that? How do they look to you when they come through? As a spirit guide, does everyone have a set number of spirit guides? Does a spirit guide look like a person? Does an angel have wings? What are their specific jobs?

To try to differentiate spirit guides and angels, when I was starting to have experiences with angels, at first, I never wanted to even admit that they were angels because I came from a place of a little bit psycho. I was also from a place where if it had anything to do with religion, I didn’t want to know about it because I thought religion was a little overboard.

There’s a difference between religion and spirituality. I didn’t want to know anything about religion. Spirit guides are nothing but people who have passed into spirit and have had a physical life, knowing how difficult living in the physical is. They’ve had numerous experiences here in the physical and they’ve evolved to a much further extent. They’ve had many more experiences than we have. They’re nothing special except that they’re farther along the path, as it were.

They’re our spiritual mentors as we go through life.

They’re our mentors and they all have specific jobs that they have decided to take on. When we are about to incarnate while we’re still in the spirit world, we’re setting up our soul plan. We have seven different spirit guides that you will be working with. There is one main guy who’s like the director of the entire band, the inner band of seven guides. He says, “I’m going to be with you the entire time. These seven other guides will also be with you. They have their individual purpose.”

There’s an outer band of guides, who I refer to as subcontractors, who will come in when you need something unique. Let’s say, for example, you need advice on a promotion or something. There’s one guy who knows how to get a promotion from spirit because he’s been through so many. You call him in and he’s there for that one job. Once it’s accomplished, he goes away.

What he’s doing is he’s putting some thoughts in your head. If you’re attuned, he’s putting thoughts in your head that you’re saying, “This is a good idea. Maybe I should do that.” That may be something being channeled to you from your spirit guide.

The keyword you used was attuned. That’s exactly right. You have to be open to it. You have to be receptive because spirit can never force you to do anything because we humans have free will. They can never force us to do a thing. All they can do is suggest and give very subtle hints. I underline the word subtle. It’s so subtle that we many times forget it, ignore it, or don’t even consider it. The example I use all the time is, let’s say you are walking out of the house and you get this feeling in your stomach of, “I should probably bring my umbrella. Forget it. I don’t need to.” You go there and you come back and it’s absolutely pouring. You’re thinking, “Why didn’t I bring my umbrella?”

Spirit can never force us to do anything because we humans have free will. All they can do is suggest and give very subtle hints. Share on X

“I didn’t listen to my higher guide.”

They were trying to tell you. Idiot.

What’s the deal with angels? What’s their job? You got your spirit guides who are like your mentors putting this guidance in your head. What are the angels? They’ve never been incarnated.

The angels have never incarnated. They are much closer to God. The angels are commonly referred to as God’s messengers. They’re very similar in that they’re residing in the celestial sphere very close to God. They are pure love and they are trying to relay messages from God. That’s how we humans will interact with them. It’s not so much that they’re trying to give us messages as much as it’s more they’re trying to let us know, “The pure love is still with you and we are here to try to get that across.”

There is a hierarchy of angels. The primary angels, of course, are the archangels who are much like the inner band of guides. They have their particular purpose. For example, Archangel Michael is known as the protector angel, very much the way a protector guide might be in the guide band. They have similar primary roles. It’s just that the place they’re coming from is different.

You can call on an angel to say, “I need protection for this situation or I need you to help me in this situation.” Meanwhile, your guides are buzzing in your head with some thoughts and some advice.

You can call on both and you’re going, but you’re going to hear more from your guides because they’ve got a closer connection to you than your angels may.

I read this in your book and I find it fascinating and I think I need a little more explanation. What is the spirit world? How’s it organized? You said it’s organized and there are three paths to progress to higher levels. I want to graduate and get to a higher level. How do we do that?

Let’s start with the architecture of the spirit world. All this comes from the 150 years of automatic writings that have been so consistent with so many different spirit authors and written by so many different physical hands of automatic writing mediums. If you were to put it into a courtroom, the overwhelming evidence and the character witness would be so strong.

All these people have channeled through centuries and different times and all of this and they all come out with the same information.

It’s all the same stuff. Even when you get readings, sometimes you’ll hear similar pieces of information come through. When you look at it from an architectural perspective, the spirit world is broken up into seven spheres and refer to it as a sphere because the Earth is a sphere. As you get energetically higher, every sphere is that much wider, farther out.

Is it like a plane or a vibration?

It’s a vibratory sense of sphere. We, humans, use the concept of a sphere because we’re very linear. We have to be very tangible. We think of an elevation, but as I point out in the book, there’s a difference between elevation and vibration. For conceptual purposes, it makes sense to call them spheres because they’re that much farther out from the Earth sphere.

As you go farther up, it’s a concept that you have raised your vibration, you have learned that much more. Levels 2 and 3, for example, are very similar to the Earth now. The way we see it, everything is very similar. Houses, cars, trees, mountains, parks. It’s very beautiful. In many cases, the colors are so vibrant, they are breathtaking.

In many cases, we don’t even realize that these are brand-new colors we’ve never seen, sounds we’ve never heard, or feelings we’ve never had. The example I use is if we’re in the Earth, it’s similar to being in a warehouse with the lights off. You’ve got a flashlight and you’re walking around the warehouse with your flashlight and it’s foggy and you’re not able to see much except right ahead of you. Even that, it’s a dark light.

All of a sudden, somebody switches on the bright lights in the warehouse and you can see everything. It’s brilliant lights. There are theater lights, reds, blues, purples, yellows, all kinds of colors and sounds you’ve never heard before. It’s like you were wearing earmuffs before and now all of a sudden, you’re hearing this cacophony of beautiful or orchestra sounds and it’s breathtaking. As you continue to evolve to higher and higher levels, the differentiation and the finesse of every sound color feeling get that much better. When you think you’ve maxed it out, you go up to another level and it starts all over again even higher. It keeps on getting more beautiful.

How do you get to those higher levels? You say there are three paths of progress.

There are three pounds of progress. One path is knowledge-based progress, where you are learning to know everything that you possibly can. Quite often, scientists, physicists, and people who are immersed in knowledge want to know everything about anything there ever was and ever will be. They’re always trying to learn more and more. In many cases, those are people who are giving information and intuition to scientists and doctors here in the physical.

There are a lot of stories about that where all of a sudden, a scientist will shout, “Eureka.” They’ve come up with some amazing discoveries and they don’t know where and how. There are other ones that are more about the caring of mankind. It’s like the golden rule. Learning to love mankind, love your fellow man, and help others, both here in the physical and the nonphysical is very focused on those people within your site. There’s a final one. It’s about the path of love. Can you learn everything there is about love to the point where you can absorb the divine love of God? If you can absorb, receive and accept God’s divine love, you evolve past the seventh sphere into the celestial heavens.

Now each one of these paths will get you there, but they get you there in a different way.

They get you there to the same degree, except that the only path that gets you into the celestial heavens would be the path of love. In many cases, the other two paths will stop at level six. Level six is so beautiful and so amazing that people had no desire to even go beyond because, to them, that’s heaven. They’ve reached heaven. They’ve reached their own heaven and everybody has their own heaven. If you are focusing on a path that is focused on love, you get to the seventh heaven and then you finally get to the celestial sphere.

The only path that gets you into the celestial heavens is the path of love. Share on X

They’re the higher achievers.

They’re the ones who can’t say no.

You say you’ve seen firsthand how the loving and transformative power of spirit has healed your clients and you’ve become transformed and healed as well. Can you share one of those life-changing stories with us?

Sure. I can give you at least one example. I can think of one person who came in for a reading. She had had some bad experiences with trying to get in contact with her family before. She’d seen mediums. They didn’t have any connection. They took her money. They were supposed to be very famous and the whole deal. Needless to say, she was very disappointed and didn’t get any satisfaction. She still wasn’t connecting with her family and was coming from a place of skepticism.

She still came to see you, which is amazing, instead of shutting down.

She said, “I saw your picture and something told me that I wanted to see you.” I don’t understand how that happened, but I’m just saying.

Her spirit guide said something.

That’s the way it always is. They always guide the client to work with the perfect medium. This woman comes to have a reading with me and I bring through these beautiful messages of her mother, described everything in detail, and described the relationship. There’s an incredible feeling of healing that you can see in her face and feel in her heart. The entire tone of her voice has completely changed as you can see this overwhelming spirit love washing over her and transforming her. As I’m seeing it, I’m feeling it. I’m seeing the client get transformed. I’m feeling transformed as well because I’m the instrument. It’s going through me.

How gratifying for you too. What a validation.

It’s validating. It’s part of the reason why I think all mediums ultimately do what we do. It’s that feeling of love. It’s the feeling of doing kind, doing well, and doing loving work. We’re all light workers. We’re all wounded warriors. We’re all wounded somewhere inside. We get that healing as a result. It’s almost like we’re trying to heal ourselves somehow. We do. We wind up healing.

GAR 75 | Spirits Beside Us

Spirits Beside Us: We’re all wounded. Somewhere inside, we get that healing as a result. It’s almost like we’re trying to heal ourselves somehow.


It’s a mutual seating, I guess, as you would say. That leads me to, so here’s this woman who went to these mediums and paid their money. Probably some of them didn’t have integrity. They couldn’t bring through who she needed or whatever. Meanwhile, I read that you strictly operate by a firm code of ethics and integrity of mediumship. This meant a lot to me when I read about you, Chris, because this is incredibly important for establishing trust, especially in your profession. There are a million horror stories and people get turned off. Can you tell us about the spiritual code of ethics and integrity? How can a person be sure the medium he or she is contacting is following that spiritual code of ethics and integrity?

I feel that a code of ethics is critical, especially in mediumship, but in any endeavor, regardless. You have to be ethical. Within mediumship, it’s even more important because of all the horror stories that you pointed out. I could go on for hours talking about the horror stories that are out there. The way I operate is, first and foremost, if a client comes to me and we try to do a reading, after 10 or 15 minutes, if we are not connecting, then I have to refund the client’s money because it’s not worth it.

I’m not going to take up my time. I’m not going to take up the client’s time. It wouldn’t be right. I’m working. I’m serving spirit. The spirit is my client. Spirit’s coming to me trying to give messages to the client. If I can’t connect with the client, I have to give the client their time back. I got to give the client their money back. It wouldn’t be right.

Is that a fair question for someone to ask? If I’m calling a medium and I’m making an appointment, if you don’t get anyone from me within 15 or 20 minutes, will I get a refund?

You can tell an ethical medium from the very first question. A lot of people say, “What’s your accuracy rate?” That’s not even relevant because that goes from a perspective of I doubt you’re even able to connect. The more pertinent question is, “How ethical are you and how do you figure that out?” That’s how you find out. All the mediums that I work with and all the mediums that I know and interact with all have the same code of ethics. You refund the client’s payment and their funds if you don’t connect.

Critically, it’s like the patient-doctor privilege. You have to maintain the confidentiality of that client. Another thing is, you can’t give a client any medical information, offering or prescriptions or, “If you pay me more money, I’ll remove the curse,” or that nonsense. Very important. If there’s something that is beyond my ability, for example, you need some mental therapy or you need some special training or a certain counselor and something that goes beyond my capability, I’ve got a laundry list of people I can refer you to. I’ll send you on to somebody else. I’m not a be-all, end-all. I don’t know everything.

The fact is that you can admit, “I can channel your loved one, but if you’ve got issues beyond that.”

Go find a specialist and I’ll help you find it. I have a lot of people I know.

That’s great to know. I do want to question people reading this that you can come to a medium and want only to hear from your father. If your father doesn’t come through or if your personality’s not that strong and your aunt comes through instead, that’s not like you couldn’t get a message to come through from the other side.

I’m glad you brought that up because what often happens, and I tell this to clients all the time, is you may come in and hope that one person’s going to come through, but spirit has its own agenda. They have the script already ready to go and they brought you together with a medium for one particular reason. You are at your place in your life at this time. Spirit wants to bring through a message to address the issue that you’re dealing with at this point in time.

They’re going to bring through their cast of characters they know that you’re going to resonate with. Let’s say, for example, your grandfather Bob had an incredible experience with all this. You know that he is knowledgeable. He’s the one who’s going to come through. If you don’t resonate with your Aunt Matilda, who doesn’t know anything about this particular experience, she’s not going to come through.

It’s important for people to know. Do you have any advice, insights, or messages that have come through for all of us who are experiencing this current shockwave that’s on this planet Earth now, Chris?

It’s been gripping the Earth with despair, a feeling of, “I can’t do anything about it.” This feeling of, “I’m trapped. There must be something wrong.” A lot of people say, “It’s the great cleansing.” I take issue with that. I find that in many of the cases that I’ve been dealing with and also with different types of channeling, I’ve been dealing with different trance communication. What’s been coming through quite often is that this is a place where it’s an attempt by spirit to help us awaken. It’s taking a lot of people by surprise.

They don’t realize that this is getting us to reevaluate and reassess where we all are as a race at this time because we were getting so complacent and were not focusing on the full awakening. There was a progression with many people awakening that was accelerating. If anything, this has kicked it up a notch. There’s been a big point on love. Focus on love. Focus on loving one another because this is a time when we all need to help each other. This is a time when we all need to love each other. This is a time when love is the common currency. Money cannot save somebody. Love can. That’s the common currency and that’s what’s coming through loud and clear.

This is a time when we all need to love each other. This is a time where love is the common currency. Money cannot save somebody, love can. Share on X

We’re all in the same pot together. This thing doesn’t discriminate if you’re rich or poor. To me, it’s the great equalizer, if people are willing to accept that and understand that. What would you like to tell our readers about the importance of healing in this lifetime? We know you can go across and heal over there, but why would you want to do it while you’re here?

When a person transitions, they transition to a place within the spirit realms that matches their current vibration. It is very much the rule of the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. If you have a particular vibration on Earth that is mean, nasty, “I don’t like anybody. I don’t love myself, I don’t love my neighbor, I don’t love anybody, I am full of hatred, full of fear, full of anger and I don’t want anything from anybody and I’m not going to help a certain person,” okay, that’s where you’re going to go. It’s not like you’re being purged of all these nasty thoughts and these nasty acts. Religion has gotten it a little bit wrong and that there is no great power in the sky saying, “I’m going to hurt you because you hurt others.” It’s a universal law. You wind up where your vibration is.

Some people will stay at that vibration and other people do healing on the other side to raise their vibration or they have to come back into other lifetimes.

What wind well winds up happening is, let’s say, a person who is very mean and nasty and doesn’t love everybody, they’re going to be surrounded by people who are in that same boat. That’s what I mean by like attracts like. They’re all going to be surrounded by people who have a similar lack of compassion. They’re going to feel it as, “This plane doesn’t feel so good. I don’t think I liked being in this,” because when they were here, they were surrounded by a variety of people. They didn’t understand what it felt like to be in their shoes.

Now they’re on the other side, they’re surrounded by everybody who’s like them and they may not like that. Over time, they begin to realize that what I refer to as rescue spirits come down to their vibration level who try to inform them, “If you begin to change your thoughts, your vibrations too will also change and you too will evolve.” Many times, people don’t believe they have the capacity within them to change and so they stay right where they are. That’s why you’ll often hear that it takes so long for people to evolve because it’s from within and we are in total control of it. It takes a long time to admit it.

If you do your healing work on this planet now, when you cross over, you’ll probably cross over onto a higher plane.

One of the great things about spiritual growth is that if we all focus on spiritual growth now, we will be that much farther along our path as we are in spirit. When we transition to spirit, which we all will, it’s not a question. It’s not a big deal. We’re going from physical to nonphysical. It’s no big deal. As we finally go over to the spirit world as we transition, we will be in a farther place along our spiritual progression. A happier place, a more loving place, a kindlier place. I know I certainly would rather be in a more loving place surrounded by more loving people rather than be in a nasty place surrounded by nasty people.

GAR 75 | Spirits Beside Us

Spirits Beside Us: As we finally go over to the spirit world as we transition, we will be in a farther place along our spiritual progression, a happier place, a more loving place, a kinder place.


When you come back, you won’t have to learn such harsh lessons either.

Yes and no. The reason people come back for the common reincarnation concept is that everybody wants to learn different lessons. There are so many lessons that we all learn. It’s like going to university. You have this huge book of all the different courses you could possibly take. What are the courses you want to take? What’s your major? What do you want to do? When I say major, I also could refer back to that 1 of the 3 paths we were talking about.

Knowledge in the golden rule or divine love? Same thing. Are you going to major in this, that, or the other thing? Within that major, there’s an entire selection of courses that you can choose from. Every reincarnation that you come back, you’re going to be in a different class. We are here in the school called Earth, learning different lessons that we wanted to learn.

The lessons we’re learning are the challenges that we experience. We’re experiencing things because in the spirit you’re not physical. There is no experiential, tangible lesson to learn, but there is the physical. It’s more experiential. What can we experience from life? What can we take away from the experience from the challenge? A challenge is, at the end of the day, it’s nothing but a lesson,

It has to the vibration in our soul, which gets me to tell everyone, “Everyone, get on the show because there are so many people who can help you to raise your vibration and to heal.” I know that by now our readers want to get your book, Chris, and I will tell them again what the title is. Spirits Beside Us: Gain Healing and Comfort from Loved Ones in the Afterlife. It’s great. I read it. It’s sold on Amazon, both as a Kindle edition and paperback. Chris, what are the best ways? Maybe some people would like to get readings with you and work with you in other ways. What are the best ways that they can connect with you?

There are two ways. One way that they can get in contact with me is obviously on my phone, and the area code for the phone is (201) 578-6020. That’s the phone number.

He’s giving you his phone number. He’s going to be very busy. Start texting.

You can do it the traditional way. Go on my website, which has everything you could ever hope to imagine about me and my process and more. The address for my website is

One other question for you. How is joy expressed? I found this fascinating. Your book talks about joy being expressed in the afterlife and then also, in contrast, what’s your tip for fighting joy in this life?

Joy in this life is very material, in many cases. There is joy with the joy of a birth, the joy of a birthday, the joy of a marriage. We celebrate joy as humans. As spirit, spirit is expressing joy from a place of love and kindness. Ultimately, that’s what spirit is. Joy is the ultimate love. It’s a place of love and it’s an expression of how happy they are. It’s the pure happiness of their ability to be loving to each other. The more loving they are, the more joyful they are. That’s the pure quintessential joy.

No one’s having confrontations and making crazy over there. It’s all about support and love. Chris, this has been wonderful. Thank you so much for joining me on the show. I did learn a great deal from reading your book and getting to know you and how cool to know we are neighbors. Make sure to follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. As I like to say, to be continued. Many blessings, everyone, and bye for now.


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