This is a deeply controversial issue when it is looked upon from an earthbound perspective, but it is a completely different matter if looked upon from the cosmic point of view, which often provides comfort and healing when people turn to the spiritual explanations for the seemingly unexplainable things that happen in their lives.

From a spiritual perspective, a person’s soul is a loving partner that planned the current life with the input of angelic beings and spirit guides – all trusting that good choices would be made that would enable the person to grow and evolve in this lifetime towards his/her highest and greatest good. No one is expected to be perfect, and no one is judged or rejected because of mistakes made, because mistakes are considered to be the seeds of lessons learned.

There is spiritual literature that supports the concept that each soul chooses the death experience.  Here’s a quote from Bob Olson’s book, Answers About The Afterlife: “Since the purpose of life is to have experiences that can only be known in physical form – including both positive and negative experiences – our soul might or might not feel any benefit from going through a particular dying experience.  While our personal free will does play a large part in how we die, it is our soul that ultimately decides when to pull our spirit out of our body. And when the spirit leaves, the suffering stops.”

The notion that a soul may choose to experience death with suicide assistance makes sense in a spiritual context. If we can accept that life is about experiences, choosing death in this manner may be teaching the soul something that will help that soul to heal and evolve in this lifetime.  

Who are we to judge another soul’s choices when it comes to life and death?

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