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Cheryl Murphy is an accomplished, multi-faceted medium, psychic, animal communicator, psychic investigator, and also a health and wellness intuitive. She is the founder of The Healing Prayer Circle and a member of Find Me, a non-profit organization focused on locating missing persons. She is also a co-author of the international best-seller titled The Last Breath: True Stories of Mediumship, the Afterlife & Messages from Heaven, which is written by mediums from around the world who share their experiences of hope and healing, validating again and again that life is eternal and love never dies. Cheryl wrote Chapter 6, called Spirit Party, in which she shares an amazing experience she had with Spirit.


  • The difference between a Psychic and a Medium.
  • How Energy Healing helps a person to heal.
  • What Cheryl’s information-filled Spirit Guide Readings are like.
  • How Cheryl’s deceased dad got a ticket agent to give Cheryl a 1st class seat.


  • As a pet psychic medium, what kinds of messages do you receive from both deceased pets and pets who are still alive?
  • Do the deceased retain their personalities on the Other Side, and do you channel messages and information from them for their loved ones on this side?
  • Are you able to find a missing person even if he or she is in another country or no longer alive?






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Cheryl Murphy: Medium, Psychic, Animal Communicator, Psychic Investigator, Health And Wellness Intuitive






I am truly excited to have this chance to interview Cheryl Murphy, who is an accomplished, multifaceted medium, psychic, animal communicator, psychic investigator, and also a health and wellness intuitive. I have great questions for Cheryl, who will be speaking to us from Palmdale, California. Cheryl, who first experienced the spirit world at the tender age of three, was a Psychology major in college. She is the Founder of the Healing Prayer Circle and a member of Find Me, a non-profit organization focused on locating missing persons.

She is also a co-author of the international bestseller titled The Last Breath: True Stories of Mediumship, the Afterlife & Messages from Heaven. It is written by mediums from all over the world who share their experiences of hope and healing, validating again and again that life is eternal and love never dies. Cheryl wrote Chapter Six called Spirit Party, in which she shares an amazing experience she had with the spirit. I’m eager to talk with Cheryl about her chapter Spirit Party and so much more.

Cheryl, a warm spirit-filled welcome to the show.

Irene, thank you for inviting me.

Thank you. This is going to be so much fun between us. Full transparency, everyone, I’ve had a session with Cheryl and she’s fabulous. Let’s start our interview with this question. Cheryl, please tell us about your first experience with the spirit when you were three years old, your family’s psychic history, and your childhood spiritual exploration.

I first began experiencing the spirit world as a golden ball of light. I was very young. In the middle of the night, I was awakened by a beautiful ball of light. It was not one soul, one person, or one spirit, but a group. It felt like a family. It felt very warm and loving. It floated around my room.

You were just three?

I was very young, so there was really no language. There was more of a telepathy happening where they woke me up and they moved things around my room. It was a very loving feeling like they were just coming to check on me. They were coming to say hi. “How do you like it here on Earth? How are you doing?” They came to me quite a few times when I was very young.

It seemed to be that was my first experience. As I’m getting older into my childhood, like 8, 9, or 10 years old, my brother, who’s very close in age with me, we both were very spiritual. We practiced seances where you light a candle in the dark, channel Abraham Lincoln, and ask him to come through. We practiced all of this neat energy and we didn’t have anyone else to talk to about it because it wasn’t discussed back then. In my family and in my household, it was very common.

We had books about it. We talked about being psychic or connecting with spirit world. I have a Native American great-great-grandmother in my family. It turns out that one of my great aunts who was very psychic was hired by the government to find a missing pilot and plane. She says, “I’ll find him for you, but he’s already dead.” She did locate the missing pilot and plane. They were in the snowy mountains of another country, but she did locate them. It does run in my family.

As I’m growing up, in my childhood, I know that all the women gather every time we have a holiday. At Christmas and Thanksgiving, women would gather and have a seance or they would have these discussions that I wasn’t a part of at that time. I was very young, but I would hear about it after. I grew up with this beautiful energy of the spirit world and being connected with spirit. It was very common for us once again to talk about it. When we went outside the house or when I went to school, no one was talking about it in school, so I didn’t have anyone to talk to or share with it except for my brother. We were very close. We played a lot with the spirit world when we were very young.

That’s amazing. I think a lot of people tuning in to this wish they grew up in your family. That’s so cool. Instead of getting together with your dysfunctional relatives, we’re going to sit and have a fun seance. That’s fabulous. Was your mother also a psychic that way?

My mother is extremely psychic. She doesn’t practice it, but she is able to or she’s very aware of objects moving. For example, bending metal. She would tell me a story of being around kitchen utensils. They would bend, back in the day of her growing up. She stayed away from it, but she was comfortable with it. Me and my brother were more into it. We’re more delving into it. It was our conversation. That was our joy growing up.

You were a Psychology major in college. Why did you change your life focus to these spiritual gifts? Tell us how you perceive and receive messages through your prayers.

I always wanted to find like-minded people growing up. Psychology was the closest degree that I could find that applied to what I was doing. I’m learning about people. I felt, “People are in spirit now. They’re still people, so I’m going to learn about human behavior and spirit behavior through the study of psychology.” I’ve also gone on to study other areas of psychology, but I still love it. It’s a very dear field of study for me. How I perceive and receive information, I use all of my clairs. For reference, our clairvoyance and clairaudience. Clair is French. It means the word clear. Clairvoyance would be clear sight or inner sight. They talk about the third eye.

I use all of my clairs. I use my clairvoyance. I have inner sight where I see images sometimes. It’s like a moving picture or a movie screen. Sometimes it’s a word that I see or an image. I also use my clairaudience, which is really strong for me. I hear spirit. A great way for people to understand what clairaudience is. For example, if you’ve ever heard your name called from a distance, you turn around, and there’s no one there, that’s a clairaudience experience that you’re having. You’re hearing the spirit world calling out to your name. I use my clairvoyance, clairaudience, and I’m also very clairsentient, where I have clear feeling or inner feeling.

GAR 99 | Psychic Medium

Psychic Medium: If you’ve ever heard your name called from a distance and you turn around and there’s no one there, that’s a clairvoyance experience that you’re having.

That’s where it all begins. It’s from sensing spirit. I’ve had times when I’ve tasted the spaghetti sauce that grandmother is making in the kitchen, or I’ve smelled the cigar smoke that grandpa used to have. These are other clairs that are very common that I use whatever the spirit world is going to help me. They’re helping me understand them, so they’re going to reach out to me in any way they can. What I have to do is surrender, be a clear channel, and just be open to receive.

It sounds like they’re trying to access whatever they can within you to get that message through.

Yes. The way I try to explain to people is if your grandfather was an extrovert, for example, he was very outgoing and loud, then he will probably come to me as being loud and extroverted. I’ll probably hear him or I’ll feel his jubilant personality also with my clairsentient. The personalities do remain the same. We do keep our personality and who we are. We just lose the physical body as we continue on with our life.

You’re both a psychic and a medium, right?

I’m both a psychic and a medium. I use my mediumship to help people. I’d like to say that I’m connecting soul to soul. If I’m working with someone and connecting with their loved one in spirit, I’m connecting my soul with the spirit world with the soul and the spirit world. If I’m working psychically, for example, if I’m helping you with life decisions, a career change, or any questions you have about your own life, that would be still a psychic reading. That would still be a soul-to-soul reading. It’s just my soul is now connecting with your soul. It’s all soul language. It’s all blending through that beautiful energy of love.

If somebody in our audience wants to get a session with you, they want to hear from their dad or whoever, and they’re also having a career problem, is that coming through, or is that this extra ability that you have giving them the advice on the career problem, and then also talking to dad?

The answer is both. What happens is if I’m offering someone help and guidance around a career, and I feel their father, who’s passed away, come through, he’ll start helping answer the question. He’ll be the one to provide the guidance, which is absolutely who they want to hear from. They would love their father to give them that career guidance as I would as well. That’s how it works. I’ll give them what I’m picking up psychically. Usually, what will happen is a loved one will step in to offer love and support.

Not only do you do human beings, but you do pets. You’re a pet psychic medium, too. What kinds of messages do you receive from deceased pets and pets who are still alive? I know you have some touching stories about your two dogs.

I do. Pets are amazing. I have such respect for the animal kingdom. I think their frequency is so high and pure. They’re so filled with unconditional love. I’ve had messages. I have two stories to share with my two dogs. This might help people. Both of my dogs have passed. One before he passed, as I was walking him in the afternoon doing our afternoon walk, he told me, “This is my last walk of the day. I’m going to pass away tonight.” I know he told me ahead of time. We go ahead and have our walk. He’s as healthy, fit, and having a great time. You would never imagine that. Sure enough, at 8:15 that evening, he laid down and passed very quickly. I have foretold that information.

Another experience with my other dog is three days before he passed, he came to me. I was not with him. I was in another town working. He came to me in his beautiful glow once again. He’s coming to me saying, “I’m going to pass away in three days.” He had been sick, so I knew he wasn’t doing well. It was very sensitive at that time, but he gave me the heads-up. He let me know, so I could be there with him. He goes, “I’m going to pass away in three days. I want to thank you for everything. I love you. It’s all going to be fine.”

Once again, animals will communicate with you. I do think animals do see potential in our future. I think they can help us manifest. They’re helping us manifest all the time. Some of the questions that I do when I communicate with living animals whose owners are maybe having a behavioral issue or they can’t understand their dog or their cat, I’ll have that telepathic communication with the animal where either his teeth might be hurting.

I remember one time I spoke to this one dog. He’s like, “I need to go to the dentist. I have this mouth, and this is why I’m having this behavioral problem. She doesn’t understand.” Sure enough, the doctor said it was a little bit of an infection in the ear. Animals tell you if they’re not feeling well. I’ll feel that in their body too, where I may give suggestions around diet or health concerns with the animal. It’s truly amazing.

If I had an animal like that, you’d probably be on speed dial. You’re so multifaceted. You also do a psychic investigation. Give us an example of a psychic investigation.

There are lots of interest in psychic investigation right now, being a psychic investigator. That is someone who uses their intuitive abilities to help find people who have either passed, how they passed, or what comfort we can bring to their loved ones who are still here. Being a psychic investigator, it is about focusing the mind and heart space, and connecting with the person, whether it’s through their name, their date of birth, or where they were last seen or found. It is about telling their story that they weren’t able to share here on Earth.

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Psychic Medium: A psychic investigator is about focusing the mind and heart space and connecting with the person, whether it’s through their name, their date of birth, or where they were last seen or found.

A lot of psychic investigators do work in groups, so we work as a team. That is important to have that support of team energy when we’re doing this kind of work. We work with police officers or other investigative organizations. It is important to understand that there are methods and steps to go in this proceedings. We always do it with a compassionate heart and it’s very delicate what we do with the psychic investigation.

For instance, if someone is murdered or they’ve disappeared and the police are trying to figure it out, they’ll call you. It is amazing that the police are that enlightened that they work with you guys like that.

They’re truly enlightened. A lot of law enforcement officers, men and women, are all very intuitive. I know that they have to also look outside the box in their work. That’s their exercise in their intuition. It is remarkable how far we’ve come in people opening up to this field.

If that wasn’t enough that you do, you also are a health and wellness intuitive. Please tell everyone how energy healing helps a person.

I call myself a Health and Wellness Intuitive because that’s a comfortable title for me to sit with. What I do is I help people who are having health concerns. I always agree with Western medicine. I’m never out to go against any professional recommendation. I’m not a doctor. I’m not a Western medical doctor, but I’m here to help support and provide guidance on what I pick up intuitively. For example, if someone has a sore back or they have a diagnosis, maybe they want to see what I’m picking up on them energetically. Also, how I can help them energetically because it could be an emotional, mental, or physical situation that makes all of these ailments for people. We want to surrender and take it off a layer at a time.

Energetically, it could be like an old wound or an emotional wound, and you were able to lift that out of the body somehow.

What I do is I help facilitate that with people. I work with them on an energy level where I’m supporting that energy body. It’s our Oort field, the energy field around the body. I’m supporting them in whatever is for their highest good and for whatever is most appropriate for them. It’s always with their permission and at a scheduled time that I work with them. We have appointments before and after. It’s like a clearing, opening up, and strengthening the energy field is where I’d like to put that.

Does it speed up healing? If they’re seeing a doctor and then they work with you, do you see that they make fast progress?

Yes, they do make a quicker speedy recovery, pre-surgery or post-surgery, or procedures even or wellness. Knowing that someone is helping or supporting you through all of this and you’re feeling comforted, we can feel energy. We do feel energy happening and empowerment because we’re all our own healers. My goal is to help share with people that I’m here to help them, but it’s with their permission that the work is being done.

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Let me ask you also about this book that you contributed to. It’s called The Last Breath: True Stories of Mediumship, the Afterlife & Messages from Heaven. It’s filled with synchronicities and signs from spirit. You have an amazing story in Chapter Six called The Spirit Party. Tell us about The Spirit Party.

Thank you for asking. I love my chapter, I have to say, because it is about my father and the incredible experience that the spirit gave me. My father had been in the hospital and I was living with him at that time. We were at the hospital for a long time. I needed a respite. I had to come home for a few minutes. There was no one there at the house and I had to come home and relax for a moment to go back to care for him. You know how that is when you’re with your loved ones at the hospital 24/7.

I came home to the house and I had turned everything off. I had locked the doors and everything. I walk up to the front door, I’m hearing music, and seeing lights in the house, but I’m not afraid or anything. I’m more curious. As I step into the kitchen and the main part of the house, I’m seeing all of these spirits in the house. They’re creating, planning, and organizing a spirit party or a welcoming party for my father because they know he’s going to transition. It’s loved ones and old friends of his that I remember meeting back when. They’re rushing around in excitement. They’re putting up banners and sparkles of light. They’re crisscrossing the floor. It’s so loud.

I thought I was coming home to rest for a minute. I walked into all of this beautiful and loving energy that even at one point when I had to get from this side of the kitchen across the floor, I’m hearing myself go, “Excuse me,” because I’m bumping into spirit. They’re so excited. When my father did transition later that day, they were there. It gave me such comfort to know that they were already there and preparing. From what I gather, six weeks ahead of time our loved ones will transition. Angels know weeks ahead of time. Even though you and I, we’re not sure when that moment is going to happen that they do transition. My father ended up transitioning later that day as I mentioned.

Also, those same spirits were with him in the hospital. His loved ones. Our loved ones. Our immediate family was there. Angels were there. Maybe you have experience too. If you’ve ever helped or been with someone as they transition, you might be able to see that or feel that to know that that’s happening and that’s there.

What a blessing that you have these extra gifts and that you were able to seal all that because someone else might have walked into the house and not been aware of anything. Maybe they would’ve gotten a chill or tingles or something, but they wouldn’t have known that.

It’s true. I was so fortunate that I had that experience because it’s 100% love, unconditional excitement, and joy. It’s nothing less than joy that the spirit world has. I felt so comforted when my father did transition. Fortunately, they also guided me back and said, “It’s time for you to leave the house. You need to go back to the hospital.” I got the message to go back. He had transitioned a little bit later that day. I was so fortunate to have that experience. I cherish that. I’m so happy that I was asked to contribute that in this book.

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The Last Breath: True Stories of Mediumship, the Afterlife & Messages from Heaven

It’s a validation. Hopefully, we will all have parties when we cross over. I personally ordered champagne.

I’m going to do the same if you don’t mind. I’m going to take that one.

I’ll put it together. Speaking of your father, I’m going to be mesmerized by this story. I’m sure everyone is. Your father worked with a ticket agent after he crossed over to help you snag a first-class ticket.

Yes. It’s incredible too. My father has been passed for many years now. A few years ago, I was at the airport. It was the first time for me to step off a flight. They offer you a free voucher or free Miles to step off the plane to let someone else get on. I did that. I felt my angels lifting me up by my T-shirt and saying, “You’re good. You’re going to take the next flight.” What happens is not only did I get so much gratitude from this family of four who was able to now fly together, the ticket agent immediately went to book my ticket to go home the next day.

As I’m standing at the counter, I’m feeling my father. He is telling me, “Ask the ticket agent to put you in first class. Go ahead.” I’m like, “No. I’m good with it. I appreciate all the Miles they’re giving me or the voucher. I’m appreciating that.” He goes, “Wait a minute.” Literally, I’m seeing my dad. He reaches across as if his energy is reaching across like a ball of light going across the counter to this ticket agent, who only a moment later walks out behind from the counter, hands me my ticket, and says, “I booked you in first class.” He put it right in his head to do that. It was that type of experience that I had. Not only did I get the first-class ticket, but of course, I got the suite at the hotel. I got a private car. I got everything and it was taken care of by my father. We never know what they’re up to over there.

When you say you have someone watching over you, we don’t realize it but we often do.

Yeah. Who would’ve thought that that would happen? It did and I knew my dad was behind it.

You also have a wonderful story about helping a client to recover from a painful injury or a car accident, and to open to their psychic and mediumship abilities.

A meaningful experience that I had as a working medium was helping a young man who had been in a horrific car accident. He was on pain medication and depression because his body was in pain. He was on a lot and different kinds of medication. It had been 6 or 8 months since his accident. Here he is calling me and he doesn’t even know why he’s calling me. He’s like, “I’m calling you because I need help. I saw you somewhere.”

We get to talking and we get to working and I’m realizing, “This young man is very intuitive and he doesn’t know it.” Through him and I working together several times and practicing opening up his psychic abilities, he is realizing that maybe he doesn’t need so much pain medication. I’m feeling better. Maybe the medication he’s taking for depression, he doesn’t need so much.

As I said, he’s working with his doctors on this progress, but he’s feeling better because his connection with the spirit world is opening up and he’s realizing, “These voices that I’m hearing are not from the medication or from me feeling bad about anything. It’s me connecting with my guides, my angels, and loved ones.” It was a tremendous validation for me, for a lot of people, and for him. Even now, he’s not on as much medication. The pain is almost gone. It’s diminished. I’m so proud of him and where he’s taken this intuitive work himself. I’m so proud of the spirit world. I’m hoping that helps other people realize that sometimes the spirit world can help us heal.

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That’s a happy ending story. You helped him rebirth his life in the light. That’s wonderful.

Thank you.

Everyone, in case you thought there’s a little more that she needs to do, she also does spirit guide readings. I think some of our audience are like, “Do I really have a spirit guide? What is that?” I’ve heard spirit guides protect us and help us. Do they also give you their names? What do they look like? How do they assist your clients with decisions and issues they’re struggling with? If someone wants to call you for a spirit guide reading, what’s that like?

I love spirit guide readings because it helps me to bring up not only someone’s past life but perhaps it helps me to connect with their guides to let them know. Perhaps maybe they’re working on something in their life and they need help. I’m just here to reassure them or to introduce them even to a guide that’s been helping them. What a spirit guide or a helper, we could call it a helper, is they come into our life. Some of them come in with us as we’re being born into this world. Some of us come in and stay with us through our whole lifetime. Some of them will come in to help us if we’re going through a transition of our own.

Maybe if we’re taking up a new hobby or a new job and we have a new interest in our life. For example, if I take up painting or oil painting as a hobby, I may bring in a guide that would be excited to help me with my painting and that would introduce me to new colors or ideas. Spirit guides come in to support us. They don’t come in to tell us what to do, but they’re here to support us and to open up opportunities for us.

A lot of times, the thoughts we get could be our guides coming through.

Yes. It could be an inspiration, support, or a new idea, as you mentioned. In my spirit guide readings, I do get names. Maybe not all the time, but I usually can see them or I see an image of them. They’re very different in personality and they come from different time periods in history as well. I also bring through what it is they’re here to help the person work on. I then try to leave the person with an exercise, a meditation, or a way to connect with them so that they can work with them on their own after and get to know them better.

That is great. You also do grief and loss readings. How do the deceased appear to you? You’ve said they retained their personalities on the other side. Do you ever channel messages and information from them besides giving evidential information like he wore the blue shirt?

My work is always evolving and I love it so much. It’s never the same with any given reading. What happens is I’m always open to receiving whatever the spirit world wants to tell me. What they’ve been connecting with me is they’re bringing through messages. They’re bringing through the information that they have been watching their loved ones. They’re bringing through not only the validation of what they’re wearing or what their personality was like, but what they were like here and what messages they have that they are watching and supporting us.

They’re watching us get that degree or through a challenging time that we have. It is a deeper level that the spirit world is coming through in my readings. I want to surrender and let them bring through what they want to bring through. That’s why it’s different each time because there are different messages each time.

Sometimes people will ask for a specific deceased person but someone else may come through also who has something to say, isn’t that true?

It’s so true. We’ll use the grandfather as we were using earlier. If you want to connect with your grandfather, your grandmother, an aunt, or an uncle may come through in the beginning, but then, usually, they will open the door for the grandfather to step through. I always say, “Come to your readings with an open mind and open heart. We never know who’s going to come through, but the one that’s in need will come through to give the message. Usually, they will open the door for the one that you want to hear from to come through next.”

GAR 99 | Psychic Medium

Psychic Medium: Come to your readings with an open mind and an open heart. The one that’s in need will come through to give the message.

It’s like the opening act. You have the main event. As a member of the missing person service called Find Me, how do you find a missing person even if he or she’s in another country or no longer alive? Could you give us an example of this?

I’m a volunteer member of It’s a beautiful organization run by a retired law enforcement officer, Kelly Snyder. Not only through him and other volunteers but there are other mediums or psychics involved, other intuitives, people who volunteer their time, whether it’s the helicopter ride they need or the search and rescue department that’s volunteering their time. Rescue dogs, as we know, are a big part of finding missing persons. We all work as a team.

Even in another country, how we work is it’s like remote viewing in a little bit of a way. We’re using Google Earth to map out the latitude and longitude. We help them decide where this person is. If they’re missing, where they have gone or where they were last seen? We work with people from all over the world. We helped a woman who had Alzheimer’s and happened to have gotten lost one day. She was still living and she was found.

Who comes through to you to give you that information? Is that her spirit guide that’s helping you?

I work with my guides but I’m connecting with her through a photo, a name, date of birth, and where she was last seen. That’s how I’m working, but it’s strictly anonymous. I turn in my information to the officers and Kelly Snyder, the founder of Find Me Group. He takes all the information and tries to find the similarities. He’s looking for a pattern, but it is a team effort. I’m working with my guides and my intuition. I’m meditating on it. I’m making that heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul connection. I’m always asking for the highest good to come for this person. The work that they’re doing is tremendous. I’m so fortunate to be a volunteer and to play that role.

That’s such a gift of service for people. If your mom wandered off, you don’t know where she is, or whatever it is, you’d be able to help that way. You also have a Healing Prayer Circle, which is a free online community of hope, healing, and transformation. They are monthly. Please tell us all about that.

I’m glad you said that. They started off being monthly healing prayer circles, but since 2020 and the last few months, I got a calling. I woke up one morning, I was so inspired to do it more often. Now I’m doing it every week. It’s a weekly healing prayer circle on Sunday nights because all of us have been feeling all this transformation energy. I felt that we needed this community. In my Healing Prayer Circle, it’s free to join. You can join through my website,

It’s a chance for all of us to come together online in a group meditation, a group healing, a group prayer, and a group manifesting energy. My goal is to help show people that when we come together as a group, our power is exponential. When we’re working as a group to manifest for each other, send healing to one another, and share this beautiful space or this sacred space energy, it does lift our spirit. It lifts the soul and it brings more light into our lives. I’m so happy to be in it. It’s a great group. We have a private Facebook page and everyone is very active on it. I feel it’s such a loving thing in my way I’m giving back, but it’s a group. It’s the community that I’m so happy to be a part of.

It’s like you have a healing community. Is it a Zoom meeting?

It’s on Zoom. It’s on Sunday nights. It’ll be this Sunday at 6:00 PM Pacific Time. It’s the same day and time every week. It’s for anyone to join. If you can’t make it, it’s being recorded. I send out an email the next day with the recording, so people who can’t make it, whether it’s not their time zone or what have you, they still send me emails on how much enjoyment they get out of it. It’s packed and filled. It’s a concentrated amount of time, about 40 or 45 minutes, for us to sit with our intention for the highest good one. It’s to love and support one another. I usually do meditation. That is with archangels that come through, so you get to meet angels.

If someone may find out if they’re getting a job that week, can all of you get together and help bring that energy in for them?

Yes. They get emails from me and they can manifest employment or a new place to live. Maybe they’re asking for healing around a physical condition for them or a loved one. We manifest love for people or things that are easier in their life. We ask for financial flow. We ask for optimal health and abundance. It’s that Law of Attraction feeling where when you give gratitude out, you get so much back.

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That’s lovely. It’s free, which is so generous of you. You have a mentorship program for mediumships. Tell us about that.

I do have me mentoring program. I have two. You can study with me privately one-on-one. I work with you where you are. I meet you where you are in your development, and I help open you up psychically and intuitively. I work with beginners, intermediate, and advanced clients. That’s a one-on-one private mentorship. Also, I have a monthly inner circle or monthly mentorship program. It’s an inner circle monthly where I’m working with people in a group.

We get to know each other. We have breakout rooms on Zoom. It’s online of course, but it’s on Zoom breakout rooms. We try different exercises on how to strengthen that psychic muscle. What I try to tell people is we’re all intuitive, mediums, and psychics. We have that ability. It’s just, do we want to practice? Do we want to develop it? It’s like a muscle at the gym. When you go to the gym and you’re working out that bicep, you’re going to develop it like your intuitive abilities. It is about practice and more practice.

Now, I want to ask you how people can connect with you because everyone tuning in certainly does want to. Do you have any special offers with this coupon code for Grief and Rebirth audience?

First off, people can reach me by signing up for my newsletter, it’s, and also receive my five top tools, which ignite your psychic and intuitive abilities. You get a video with me on it for five days. I’m sharing with you five ways how to connect to the spirit world right away. You’re getting a beautiful gift. I love that because all five are very important.

The bonus I’d like to share with your show, and thank you again for mentioning that is, I felt so inspired to share with people that I do offer a 20% discount. There’s a coupon code. If you can remember love, LOVE is the coupon code when you schedule a reading with me. You can do that through my website. Once again, it’s a 20% discount.

Hurry up everyone, get on there. This is a great opportunity. You also have an upcoming event called Love From Above on February 25th, 2022.

Love from Above is going to be fabulous. It starts on February 25th, 2022 at 11:00 AM Pacific Time. It is audience readings. It’s a mediumship demonstration where you come to our event. For an hour and a half, you’ll watch three mediums. You’ll have myself, medium Allison Gannon, and also Minister Colin Bates. Minister Colin Bates is a wonderful medium from England. He is a beautiful tutor from Arthur Finley College. He was also in the Netflix Surviving Death program, which is out now on Netflix. Colin Bates will be with me. Allison will be doing mediumship readings beginning February 25th.

The link for those tickets is It’s February 25th, 2022 and it starts at 11:00 AM Pacific Time because Colin is in the UK. For him, it’s the evening. We hope to get a lot of people from the UK joining us and also from any country like the US and Canada. As we know, we hope for South Africa. Australia can make it. Colin is very well-known and we’re so thrilled to have him with us for that day.

If they get on, can they also find out about it?

Yes. My upcoming events page is on my website and you can find out all of my upcoming events. I have some for February, March, and after. Stay tuned. There’s always something going on.

You, of all people, Cheryl, what is your message about the importance of healing to be shared with our audience? Why should we go out of our way to heal our stuff while we’re here?

The importance of healing is to open up the love that we are capable of. We are capable of so much more love. We’re so much more capable and powerful than we give ourselves credit for. If we can heal ourselves, whatever that may be, or however small or large that is in your life, know that you’re also helping to heal the spirit world as well. When we heal, we’re helping our loved ones and our family.

The importance for healing is to open up the love that we are capable of. We are capable of so much more love than we give ourselves credit for. So if we heal ourselves, know that you're also helping heal the spirit world. Share on X

It’s because they’re around us and they’re taking in, so as you’re removing your blockages or overcoming that distress or that trauma, they’re benefiting also.

They are. It’s that ripple effect. You and I, when we heal ourselves, that ripple of our energy goes out to our friends and family that are still here with us in the physical, the animals, the planet, and to everything. It’s because we are energy beings and beautiful souls. If we can be that clear channel of love and light, we can elevate the awareness of the planet.

That is true. I believe that. Cheryl, what is your tip for finding joy in life?

My tip for finding joy. It’s such a big one. It means so much to me. I feel that the tip to finding joy is to have gratitude. When we have gratitude in our life for the air we breathe, the clean water we’re drinking, or all of those, it puts things into perspective and it shifts the wheels. I always say it turns the wheels a favor in your direction. Anytime, if you need help and if you can do something for someone else to be in service of others and to show gratitude or feel gratitude in your heart, it does open up the world of possibilities and so much love and light to each and every one of us.

That’s beautiful. Thank you. I know many members of our audience are going to enjoy reading your fascinating chapter Spirit Party in the Last Breath: True Stories of Mediumship, the Afterlife & Messages from Heaven, which validates that life is eternal and love never dies. Many now surely also want to connect with you to receive the invaluable comfort and guidance you provide. Thanks to your incredible psychic gifts. Thank you, Cheryl, for this enlightening, wonderful insights-filled interview.

Here’s a reminder everyone, make sure to follow us and like us, we know you do, on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. As I like to say, to be continued, many blessings, and bye for now.


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