Grief and Rebirth Episode 15: Celebrity Interview with Frankie Keane: Converting devastating loss to comfort, hope and joy on Broadway and beyond

Photo Shoot of Frankie and Vinnie for Hereafter.Photo:Jeffrey R. Staab /CBS©2011 Jeffrey R. Staab. All Rights Reserved Frankie Keane is a gifted singer and actor who co-wrote Hereafter the Musical along with Vinnie Favale, the Vice President of CBS’ Late Show starring Stephen Colbert. Hereafter the Musical has touched hearts on Broadway, has [...]

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Grief and Rebirth Episode 14: Teri Meissner – Jin Shin Jyutsu Healing from Infancy to Adulthood

What in the world is Jin Shin Jyutsu and where does it come from? Why is it called a mind/body/spirit practice? Do babies have an inner wisdom and how does that wisdom connect with Jin Shin Jyutsu?    How does this gentle non-invasive practice help both children and adults? Can it help with grief? How is [...]

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Grief and Rebirth Episode 13: Susan Kennard Energy Practitioner and Healer

Show Notes: “My passion is helping you to shift any unwanted emotions, physical problems and limiting beliefs you may hold, so that you can feel free.” Susan Kennard Join Stephanie and Irene as they reach “across the pond” to chat with Susan Kennard from the United Kingdom. Listen in as Susan shares her riveting personal [...]

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Grief and Rebirth Episode 12: Staci Wells Psychic Medium + Pre-Birth Planning

Show Notes: Do we plan our lives before we are born? What is Transformational Energy Work? Can a Medical Intuitive see into a person’s body? Did you know that the healing of an Emotional Wound is often the focus of a person’s karmic plans during their pre-birth planning session? Hear the fascinating answers to these [...]

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Grief and Rebirth Episode 11: Gina McConeghy and Essential Oils

Show Notes: HAPPY VALENTINES’S DAY! What a fun, fascinating interview with Gina McConeghy, Holistic Health Coach and Aromatherapist as she talks about the many ways certified pure, therapeutic grade essential oils can enhance your love of self, love of your children and romantic love! Hear the inspiring, touching story about how essential oils changed Gina’s life [...]

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Grief and Rebirth Episode 10: Gale Glassner – Hypnosis

Show Notes: What is the Subconscious? What is Hypnosis? How can your subconscious mind help you heal, become self-empowered and help you achieve greater happiness? These are some of the questions Gale Glassner Twersky, Founder of the Reprogramming Hypnosis System will answer for you in this very interesting, informative interview. Gale shares why she has such [...]

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We were inspired to write this article by this New York Times article. “Driving is governed by law, but it’s also shaped by norms. If enough people adopt the same driving style, then that behavior hardens into a communal disposition. Once people understand what is normal around here, more people tend to drive that way, too, [...]

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Grief and Rebirth Episode 9: We Want To Hear Your Story

Show Notes: HAPPY Holidays Everyone!  What a busy time of year for most of us!  Many of you have been wanting to listen to the GRIEF AND REBIRTH podcast episodes but just haven’t gotten around to doing so, so in this episode, Stephanie and Irene briefly recap this season’s interviews to make it easier to choose [...]

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