Celebrating the Release of Good to the Last Drop! Embracing Your Life’s Third Chapter │ Part 1

 Our senior retirement years are not the beginning of the end; it’s a time for renewed purpose and new challenges to leave a positive legacy. This episode dives headfirst into the powerful and transformative third chapter of life. Irene Weinberg takes us inside the book, Good to the Last Drop! Embracing Your Life’s Third Chapter, [...]

Tammy Franklin: What is spiritual intelligence, and can a person live a life fully empowered as a spiritual being?

Tammy Franklin is a Psychic Medium, a Spiritual Teacher, a Healer, and a soul expert whose spiritual guidance provides higher-dimensional insights that help her clients on their soul’s journey, freeing them from their fear-based and self-limiting consciousness and bringing them awareness of the “unseen” energies that are influencing their lives. Be sure to tune in [...]

Rev. Dr. Rosemary Calderalo: Does a Spirit or Group of Spirits Take Control of a Trance Medium’s Body, Mind, and Energy?

 Rev. Dr. Rosemary Calderalo is an evidential medium, a trance medium, and a healing medium who works at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, which endeavors to prove the reality of spiritual experiences through science. She has a doctorate in adult education and works in nonprofit organizations on resource development, has served spiritualist churches throughout the [...]

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Silvia Rossi: What did God Reveal to her in a Moment of Crisis?

  Silvia Rossi is a modern-day Psychic-Medium with a loyal and ever-growing clientele and following both in the United States and Internationally. She experienced spirit communications as a toddler, and as a young teen, her gift filled her days with images and information about people she would meet. In her mid-twenties, a medium became her mentor and guide within [...]

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Karen Docherty: Do the People in the Spirit World Grieve As They Come to Terms With Not Living in a Body Anymore?

The internationally renowned Psychic Medium and Mentor Karen Docherty supports souls on both sides of the veil by bridging communication between the physical and non-physical world. Hailing from the East Coast of Scotland, Karen travels the world serving clients near and far, passionate about sharing the healing power of conversations between those who remain earthside after [...]

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