Debra Martin: A renowned medium and healer who has created a unique healing technique used nowhere else in the world, and whose incredible connection with Spirit has aided her work with the FBI and media to help solve murder and missing people cases

Debra Martin is a renowned intuitive healer, an International Research Lab certified medium, the author of six books, and an ordained healing minister. She has had three near death experiences and she is also a survivor of cancer. After her third near death experience in 2012, she had a profound out-of-body experience and a [...]

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Becca Piastrelli: Why is the current time we are living in called The Age of Loneliness, and how can we awaken our “wild woman” within?

Becca Piastrelli is a writer, coach, and podcast host.  Her debut book, titled Root and Ritual: Timeless Ways to Connect to Land, Lineage, Community, and the Self, is a beautiful guide that offers a pathway back to connection and wholeness through rituals, recipes, and ancestral wisdom while it encourages us to access our intuition, [...]

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Suicide Prevention Awareness Month: Peggy Green – Helping women move through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual suffering caused by child suicide

Peggy Green is a mother, a teacher, a survivor, a speaker, a leader, a grief coach, and an Amazon bestselling author who has experienced the loss of two of her four children, her daughter Courtney by accident in 1991 and her son Connor by suicide in 2018. The remarkable ways Peggy overcame these two [...]

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Noah Hammond Tyrell: A “Jersey boy” turned spiritual mystic who has coached high level entrepreneurs, helped his dad heal from a “death sentence” diagnosis and is the co-founder and CEO of Feel-Good Hemp

Noah Hammond Tyrell’s passion is talking about Spirit, Human Potential, and creating lasting change in ourselves and on this planet. Educated as an engineer, he discovered spirituality through the study of Quantum Physics. A bad breakup in college sent him searching for answers and he became inspired to unlock the secrets of human potential [...]

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Dr. Lotte Valentin: It is never too late to transform your life’s path: Two dramatic out-of-body Near-Death Experiences, being prompted by Spirit to attend Medical School after Menopause, and training at the Arthur Findlay College in England to become an evidential medium are all part of the journey of her soul.

Dr. Ann Charlotte Valentin, also known as Dr. Lotte, is a Naturopathic Physician, a Medical Intuitive, an Ancestral Healer and a Psychic Medium. Lotte, who emigrated to the United States from Sweden, has a gold medal award-winning book in the category of Spiritual Leadership titled Med School after Menopause: The Journey of my Soul,  [...]

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