Maggie Gannon: Dying is as natural as being born. Do not wait to plan for life’s last chapter – reach out, give the elephant in the room – death – a big hug and live with purpose up until your dying breath

Maggie Gannon is a board-certified Adult Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist and the CEO/Cofounder of Haven, the all-in-one, under one roof space for legacy preservation. After taking care of head and neck cancer patients for over 25 years and with her own history of death and loss, Maggie created Haven, a customer-focused company built from [...]

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Krista Nerestant: It is possible to extract life-healing lessons while overcoming a violent past: how the incredible, heroic journey of her life turned Krista’s struggles into powerful lessons that can help each of us.

Born in the Philippines, Krista Nerestant moved to the US at the age of twelve and became a successful entrepreneur at 17 years old. In addition to being the owner of, serving as a certified spiritual medium and teacher to demystify the world of spirit and energy, Krista is a neuro-linguistic life coach [...]

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Kate Vosti: Do you know the distinction between sensuality and sexuality? The way Kate teaches sensuality is a potent formula to move and repurpose grief

Kate Vosti is a Somatic Movement Facilitator whose mission is to offer a unique, therapeutic experience using non-sexual sensuality to move and repurpose grief, reconnect to joy and pleasure, and claim authentic expression and confidence. And she is also an admirable role model for grief and rebirth. She had spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis [...]

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William Peters: The Shared Crossing Pathway: Accompanying loved ones through a beautiful end of life

William Peters is the Founder of the Shared Crossing Project, whose mission is to positively transform relationships to death and dying through education and raising awareness about Shared Crossings and their healing benefits. As the Director of the Shared Crossing Research Institute, William and his team collect and study extraordinary end of life experiences [...]

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Michelle Clare: A 3-time Near-Death Experience survivor who receives messages from loved ones who have crossed over, as well as Angels and Life Guides

Michelle Clare is a Certified Medium, an Angel Intuitive, a Spiritual Coach, an Energetic Healer, an Intuitive Life Coach and a 3 time Near Death Experience (NDE) survivor; during Michelle’s third NDE, she suffered a traumatic brain injury. All 3 NDEs were a reminder of an unconditional love and connection that surpasses our earthly [...]

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