Jeff O’Driscoll – Helping Souls Heal

Dr. Jeff O’Driscoll is a retired Emergency Physician, an Intuitive Spiritual Mentor, a Speaker, an Artist and the Author of NOT YET: NEAR-LIFE EXPERIENCES AND LESSONS LEARNED, his award- winning memoir that walks readers through a series of near-death experiences in the Emergency Room that opened a window into the spiritual world. For twenty-five [...]

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Live Gallery with Michelle Clare: Psychic, Medium, Angel and Life Guide Communicator and Healer

Irene hosted an amazing Gallery with the very gifted and loving Michelle Clare, who is a Psychic, a Medium, an Angel and Life Guide Communicator, a Life Coach and a Healer.  Michelle and Irene chatted about Michelle’s 3 Near Death Experiences, her deep connection with angels and how she met her three life guides [...]

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David Richman – Thought-provoking, astonishing and uplifting stories of cancer

In addition to being an author, coach and consultant, David is an amazing endurance athlete, a financial services professional, and a public speaker who applies the lessons he has learned in his life to enrich and inspire others. David’s beautifully written and incredibly moving new book is titled Cycle of Lives – 15 People’s [...]

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Rebirth Series – Kimberlee Roles – How grief and personal life experiences contribute to healing and rebirth

Kimberlee Roles, who lives in Rhode Island, is the second incredibly inspiring interview in our new Rebirth series. At the age of 16, Kim discovered that she was pregnant with her son Michael. His dad broke up with her four months later and she was home schooled for the remainder of her junior year. [...]

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