Soul Full Thoughts About Prince

“The key to helping yourself cross over well is living a life that’s got some level of devotion – heartfelt, passionate devotion – that gives you both discipline and delight.  Even if that devotion goes to caring for your Harley-Davidson or your stamp collection, if you live that devotion with a pure heart, you’ll be [...]

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Choosing Death By Suicide

This is a deeply controversial issue when it is looked upon from an earthbound perspective, but it is a completely different matter if looked upon from the cosmic point of view, which often provides comfort and healing when people turn to the spiritual explanations for the seemingly unexplainable things that happen in their lives. From [...]

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Hillary Clinton Declares Kindness For Each Other Will Stregthen Our Community Bond

I had an amazing spiritual awakening when my husband died next to me in a tragic car accident.  Of those three profound, life changing messages I  received  before, during and just after the accident, the third message, delivered  by an unemotional male voice that trumpeted in my head as I was being pulled through the [...]

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Star Wars, The Force and Spirituality Align “DEATH IS A NATURAL PART OF LIFE.”  - Yoda The incredible Sci-Fi movie Star Wars offers profound spiritual lessons that are surprisingly in sync with spiritual lessons found in my book, They Serve Bagels In Heaven. Star Wars’ Producer George Lucas actually planned to become a professional race-car driver in his late teen years. However, [...]

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Lady Gaga Has Learned The Lesson of Self-love

“Self-love is not some vain, narcissistic, ego-driven state. It is a state of mind wherein we value and cherish ourselves by both healing our issues and taking good care of our health as loving gestures to ourselves.” - Quote, They Serve Bagels In Heaven. I am so very proud of Lady Gaga/Stefani. And also so very happy [...]

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Mom’s Night Out: Westchester

On October 2nd, Irene had the opportunity to present They Serve Bagels In Heaven to a wonderful group of women and moms in the Hudson Valley. Karen Proctor, founder of Apple Moms in the Hudson Valley, throws these events throughout the year where moms can get together, chat, meet other moms and local businesses, and even [...]

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Embracing the Journey.

The book in my hands contains one of the very wise teachings of the Hindu spiritual leader and guru known as Amma. I picked this book up at a Mind Body Spirit Expo in Philadelphia, randomly opened to a page, and this is what I read: "As we get older, we lose our enthusiasm and [...]

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