We were inspired to write this article by this New York Times article. “Driving is governed by law, but it’s also shaped by norms. If enough people adopt the same driving style, then that behavior hardens into a communal disposition. Once people understand what is normal around here, more people tend to drive that way, too, [...]

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The Great Kindness Challenge

This project warms my heart.   It is obviously crucially needed and “on target” in today’s world plus it resonates with the message that boomed into my head as they pulled me out of my wrecked car after the tragic car accident that took my beloved husband Saul’s life:   “BE LOVING AND KIND TO [...]

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The Age Of Aquarius

The hate and bigotry that fueled this election has found its positive mirror in the love and kindness being expressed by people who are becoming active in their local communities and also nationally, banding together to form groups that are standing up for what they believe in and actively defending those in our society who [...]

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