Lisa Wilcoxson: “Love. Never. Dies. Neither do we. I’ve been shown.” Lisa’s inspirational guidance and connection has helped bereaved people across the globe.

Lisa Wilcoxson is a spiritual evidential medium, a psychic, a mystic, and a mentor. As a tested and certified medium who is a recommended provider for Helping Parents Heal, she is renowned for delivering detailed evidence and stunning connection in readings. She compassionately provides undeniable proof that the bonds of love are unbreakable, there [...]

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Dr. Heidi Horsley and Dr. Gloria Horsley: Profound personal losses inspired them to help millions struggling with grief.

Three tragic personal losses inspired Dr. Gloria Horsley, who is an internationally known grief expert, psychotherapist, and bereaved parent and Dr. Heidi Horsley, who is a licensed psychologist, social worker, and bereaved sibling, to become the Founders of the Open to Hope Foundation, whose mission is to help people find hope after loss.  Gloria [...]

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LaVonne Wells: There is no death. Our loved ones want to continue expanding our relationships with them after their transition.

LaVonne is a Spiritual Teacher, a global speaker, and a Love Activist, who became motivated to become a Spiritual Teacher when her daughter Kiva transitioned.  She assists other grieving mothers through peaceful connections and insights and has made it her life’s work to create systems of JOY in this lifetime.   [...]

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Tina Powers: A former news anchor and reporter who now works as a professional medium and receives psychic messages. As she laughingly says: “It’s reporting for the other side!”

The charismatic and gifted Tina Powers has worked in film, theatre, and television. She was a news anchor and reporter for 15 years, then her life took a turn, and she is now a Psychic/Medium and author who lectures on intuition and holds private sessions with clients at the world-renowned Miraval Resort in Arizona. [...]

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Andrea Courey: Her Near-Death Experience and her daughter’s passing stoked a deep passion to help people reduce their fear of death

Andrea Courey is an award-winning entrepreneur, an author, a speaker, and a sound healing meditation guide who became a caregiver to her 28-year-old daughter Chloe when she fell ill with cancer.  About six weeks after Chloe's death, Andrea sat down to write her a letter - the kind of letter a mother writes to [...]

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