Connecting To The Other Side (April 3rd)

Are you interested in the afterlife? Join me and The South African Medium Lee VanZyl as we 'Connect You To The Other Side' in a very special event taking place at the Chiropractic Healing Center of NJ on Monday, April 3rd. During this two hour event I will share my spiritual journey from loss to [...]

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Embracing Your Spirituality – An Edgar Cayce A.R.E. Event Recap

The Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) of New York Edgar Cayce Center invited Irene to host an intimate New York City event, 5 Ways to Embrace Your Spiritual Awakening: One Couple’s Story of Transcendence. During the two-hour event, Irene took the audience on a spiritual journey starting with what happened to her leading up to [...]

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Metaphysical Center of New Jersey Fall Festival 2015

Last week I attended the Metaphysical Center of New Jersey's Fall Festival 2015. This Mind, Body and Spirit expo is one of my favorites in the New Jersey area - the vibe and crowd is just incredible. The fall festival is a major fundraising event for the MCNJ (which is a non-profit and fully ran by [...]

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Mom’s Night Out: Westchester

On October 2nd, Irene had the opportunity to present They Serve Bagels In Heaven to a wonderful group of women and moms in the Hudson Valley. Karen Proctor, founder of Apple Moms in the Hudson Valley, throws these events throughout the year where moms can get together, chat, meet other moms and local businesses, and even [...]

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Irene Weinberg with Seta Shahinian

Seta Shahinian has amazing energetic healing gifts.  She has removed evil eyes from my auric field, helped me to improve important relationships in my life, removed blockages to healing from past life trauma, altered my energetic blueprint, channeled customized prayers needed to overcome limitations  and much more.  Seta can help to heal physical, emotional and [...]

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Irene Weinberg with Dr. Ange DiBenedetto

When I was in the depths of grieving, It was Dr. Ange DiBenedetto, Certified Life Transition Coach, who helped me to process what I was feeling and also helped me figure out what life without Saul could look like. She presented me with choices that would never have occurred to me…lots of “food for thought” [...]

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