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Carolyn Parrs is a certified Business, Marketing and Life Coach who is also the co-host and producer of the online summit “Women As Game Changers.” In this episode, Carolyn talks with Irene and Stephanie about the immersive entrepreneurial training and coaching program that she and co-founder Devi Records designed for women who are dedicated to transforming the world through business and organizations.


You’ll enjoy Stephanie’s lively conversation with Carolyn about how Women as Game Changers can be helpful to many of the dynamic women business people Stephanie knows and you’ll also want to hear Carolyn’s fascinating “reveal” about how she finally learned to “let go” when she almost derailed her women’s leadership conference with Nell Newman (Paul Newman’s daughter and CEO of Newman’s Own Organics) due to a life crisis.


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  • How Carolyn transforms the world by teaching women to become game changers
  • How the program started
  • How the sisterhood connects women going through the same things
  • The power of trusting the process and letting go
  • The importance of support systems and collaboration
  • The practice of Shinnyo-en Buddhism



  • How does the sisterhood connect?
  • How long is the process they usually go through to formally become a game changer?
  • What did you learn through your own personal experience?
  • Do you do these conferences online that everybody can join in?

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Carolyn Parrs – Women as Game Changers






I have my favorite co-host of all time, Irene, with me.

Steph, you better believe I better be your favorite co-host of all time. I am thrilled. I have a very special guest for all of you. I have an admission. We are sisters in a way, through marriage, and we have become dear friends. I truly, aside from the familial, friendship, and heart connection, admire Carolyn with all my heart. She’s amazing. Carolyn, tell them some of who you are, what you do, and what your background is.

Thank you, Irene. I love you.

I love you too.

Thank you for inviting me to your show. The work that you two are doing is so important. My main work is in the business realm. I have a marketing company in the green space, health and wellness, and women-owned businesses. That’s my main work. However, through that, I launched with a business partner, a women’s entrepreneurial program, which is about health and healing.

It’s called Women as Game Changers. We attract women who are transforming the world or have a movement they’re bringing through the world. We’re helping them do that as successfully as possible by teaching them the outer game to game-changing, such as building your business, getting your brand down, and growing your tribe.

All along the way, my business partner is a psychotherapist, Devi Records. She’s a Founding Member of an organization called Hakomi, which is worldwide at this point. She works with the women who track our process on the inner game. All along the way, the derailers, mindsets, and scripts that derail us on our path, our process is about integrating both of us. It’s holistic. We’re helping women and transforming the world.

You must have a huge network. It’s growing. It’s inspiring.

We’re in Santa Fe. We’re launching in Seattle. The network is growing even more. Green is special and the environment is special to me. There’s also an online tribe called Women of Green. Some of them have come over. Some of them are businesswomen or they have projects or associations that they want to bring out into the world in a bigger and better way. We help them do it.

Your Women as Game Changers though don’t just deal with Women of Green who are concerned about the environment, climate change, and all but they have other kinds of businesses too. They’re transforming the world.

There’s a whole mix. The central focus is the women who in the work that they’re doing believe a business can be a force for good. There’s either a social, health, or some environmental connection so that while they’re healing the planet, they’re also out there changing the game of business along the way and healing themselves.

Many of them have started businesses because something happened in their personal lives. They’ve taken it. They’ve had transformations with themselves on a personal level so they want to bring that out into the world. It’s like what you guys are doing and what you’ve had with Irene in your transformation. Here you are on a show.

It’s a very similar thing. I’m sure many of these women have gone through a lot in their lives. They’ve started new chapters by doing this. What they’re doing also is healing because, through Devi, they’re also healing their inner game and helping themselves with their issues. Through you, they’re finding out how to go about doing it to become successful.

Let’s say one of the sweet spots in my work is branding. You start creating a brand around what you’re doing and that brings up issues such as, “Who am I to speak out loud? I’m putting my stake in the ground. I have to make a commitment. What will that mean?” All of these inner beliefs can show up in that process.

When creating a brand around your passion, remember that you are putting your stake in the ground and requires a commitment with yourself. Click To Tweet

In the business realm, we don’t deal with that. It’s just to keep on going forward. Hopefully, we have a therapist helping us on the side. The whole point here is it’s a feminine model and a holistic one where we integrate the inner and the outer. That is all together. We have a group of game-changing women who are in the group. There’s a lot of transformation that can happen with the sisterhood as well.

How does the sisterhood connect? Are you all connected via the internet and then you have meetings, gatherings, and workshops?

Yes. We have a Facebook group. That means we can interact. We have about 1,100 women there. It’s called Women as Game Changers with Carolyn & Devi. That’s our Facebook group. Women of Green has a separate thing but that is where we have our conversations, trainings, and webinars. We have our next big training. It’s a six-month training for women who want to go through the process starting in March 2018. There are a lot of free things we offer so that you get a taste of what the model is and if it’s right for you.

How long is the process that women usually go through to formally become a game-changer to learn and take themselves to the next level?

The training, which is both online and in-person is a six-month long training. After that, there’s more advanced training but that’s the foundational game-changer work.

Do most of the women come to you and check it out? Do they do a little experimental conference with you or something or do they dive right in?

They have to check it out, see if it feels right, and if it’s what they need in their life. We do online webinars. We have something coming up called Branding as Soul. That is happening on December 2nd, 2017. That’s online. It’s a Zoom conference. That’ll be a taste of what the model is whether people feel connected or not. I finished up with Green America, which is a network of green businesses, a four-week training online that we offered free. People can get a good taste and experience of what we are up to. You’re not going to find this training out there. I don’t know of one where you got a marketer and a psychotherapist together, helping with business. It’s a new model.

It makes tremendous sense to me because so many people go forward in the world to do their thing but they have issues that hold them back. You’re providing support for them, knowledge, and insights. You’re probably helping them not trip themselves up.

Devi and I were accountability partners in another coaching program that we were participants in. We became accountability partners. It’s someone you match up with and hold each other through a process. This model was born out of that. Every Friday at 8:30 for the last few years, we were on the phone together, checking in with each other. She’s brilliant as a psychotherapist so she helped me, not necessarily my business growth but how do I market this?

I knew how to do that but some of the personal things arose. She’s brilliant at that. A coach can help you. That’s what a good coach does. I’m a certified coach. I went through full training but sometimes it goes to another level and that’s how this came up. I would be helping businesswomen grow their businesses and then they’d get stuck. That’s right.

They’re not brilliant but a mindset would. Often, it’s from their childhood or a situation that happened. They got immobilized. I did my very best to help them to move through that but sometimes it didn’t happen. The game-changer work was created to help that person who has a transformative business to get through the muck of what comes up on the inside and give them the skills on the outside so they can fly.

GAR 8 | Game Changers

Game Changers: The game changer work was created to help women with transformative businesses to get through the muck of what comes up on the inside and give them the skills on the outside so they can fly.


That is brilliant to me because I’m sure there’s not enough support for women out there who want to do their thing. You provide a community for them. Not only that but you provide them with the tools.

A big issue too is there are a lot of women out there who are trying to find their way, whether they’re coming back to work after not working for so many years or trying to be stay-at-home moms and work. I feel like they’re juggling a lot more than they would have in the past. We end up having this mentality as women in general that we need to be able to do it all. It’s hard to do it all. You think because you’re at home or coming back that you can dedicate all this time to a business, yet you’re getting stuck because you’re swimming in emails and you don’t know how to organize that best to be efficient. That’s a problem a lot of us deal with business. I can see how this be extremely helpful.

I understand that because I have two kids. I’ve become an empty nester. For the last few years, they’ve been with me and I’ve been working in the business realm, sometimes more part-time but that’s a huge issue that you named, Stephanie. We want to do it all. Women always do it 110%. How do you balance that? I call the sisterhood essential so that we can connect with other women who are going through the same thing and hold each other through it. That piece is even beyond the training. That third piece is the support system.

I don’t know of one woman who was successful out there who didn’t have a deep support system that can hold them through the times that they’re going whether it’s a personal issue or a professional issue. That piece is so important. I’ll tell this story here. In 2016, as I was bringing the game-changing work out there, we did a conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I got Nell Newman, Paul Newman’s daughter. She was the CEO of Newman’s Own Organics. She did the Organics sector of the business. It took me two years to get Nell to come there. I was working on this for a long time, two months before this conference. You know how when you get close to a conference, everything hits the fan. I had one of the, “Why does it happen that way?”

I had one of the most life-transformative, intense personal issues that have happened, and it was concerning one of my children. It leveled me. I went into full-out overwhelmed because of what was happening in my personal life and then what I was carrying in my professional life. I was being derailed every step of the way and I was ready to cancel this women’s conference that I worked on for two years. It’s all this work we’re talking about. I’m so passionate about it. I was ready to let it go because I couldn’t do it all.

Talk about grief.

I try holding back some tears around me. It was so big. I got Devi, my partner, friend, and colleague. If it weren’t for her and this work that I’m talking about, that conference would’ve never happened. She stepped in and said, “Carolyn, first of all, let’s get the help that you need around you. I’m going to take this piece of the conference.”

We went from a 2-day to a 1-day. We repurposed and evaluated what was happening, and how I could best do it given the circumstances. Devi stepped in. The things that I was going to do in this conference were certain pieces I gave to competent women that I knew in Santa Fe that could hold that space. All I had to do at that conference at that point was do an opening welcome. The rest, I let go. You know I could be a pretty good control freak.

I love you and I know you well.

I have to make sure everything’s happening right. I let it go and rode on trust, faith, and my community. We did the conference. This conference was better than anything I would’ve ever planned before. I didn’t plan most of it because these women did the pieces of it that were brilliant. It’s good to have your colleagues and sisters around that you know can carry it. The letting go piece was remarkable for me. It taught me something important. One of my issues is about trusting. I had to trust the process and let go.

GAR 8 | Game Changers

Game Changers: It is good to have trusted people around who can help carry your burdens. Trust the process and let go.


Letting go is big because some women feel they have to do it all.

Irene and I talk about that all the time. It’s been a huge life lesson of mine that I’m still trying to do. As a female, it’s very hard for us to let go because we’re so conditioned to have to do it all ourselves. Especially with these conferences, we think we can do it best. If we do it, we know it’s going to get done. We’re almost insanely perfectionists about having these things done and worry about details that nobody would else would notice except us. When you do let go, things end up better. I’ve noticed that a lot in my life.

I’ve told Irene, “When I’ve said I’m going to let things take charge, lo and behold, they work out way beyond what I would’ve expected to be.” This is exactly what you’re saying. I feel like it’s so important and powerful to explain that to readers out there to understand that there are so many times in our lives that we take so much on and we can’t do it. Everyone’s been there and the support system is there. We have the potential, as groups like you’re building here, to be so much stronger.

I look at it as when they pulled me out of the car, people know I wrote this book, and I got this message, “Be loving and kind to everyone,” that includes you. A portion of self-love is to find your tribe and support. Too many people feel they have to go it alone. Sometimes I call it your wagon train. Find your wagon train that will surround you and give you support.

Women are good at this too. We collaborate. We know how to get together in groups. That’s the game that’s changing in business and frankly, in our interactions outside of the home and inside of the home, I must say. How we’re doing it and how to do it is changing. These things that we’re talking about are how it works so often for women and mothers.

With the way business has been going for a while, that’s still in the world but I am seeing changes happen with these pockets of groups of women. I’m not saying men are out because it has to be integrated. We know we have to integrate both of those but what we bring to the table is so essential. The women and companies that know that are making more money and are having more success when they’ve integrated and created diverse environments.

There’s a way that’s happening and things are changing in that direction.

Back to what you said, Stephanie, one of those big lessons of letting go, I’ve seen many women because we’re moms too. Some of us are moms or some of us are holding the family structure. We’re making sure everybody and everything is good all around us. Sometimes it’s hard to let it go. Unfortunately, I had to be pressed to the nth degree for that to happen. With that learning experience, I realize when I get to that place and I can feel it in my body and psyche that I’m like, “This is another moment for me to let go and trust in this process.”

It’s so funny you even said that because I was listening to another podcast. She was saying that exact statement and I was like, “That’s so strong.” She was saying, “You’ve got to trust the process.” Ironically, and I tell Irene all this stuff too, I am listening to the universe. I hear a lot of these things that come together. I was in spin class and they said the same thing, “Trust the process.” You said it for the third time. I feel like the universe is telling me,Trust the process.”

I feel like it’s so simple yet we don’t trust the process. We try to control it. I feel that the hard part is letting go because if we’re not controlling it, nobody is. It’s like the reins are free and how is this ever going to work? I feel like your testimony to this is that it does. We have to trust in ourselves and our groups of women to empower ourselves and believe in ourselves more about that. It’s such a great option that you’re providing women out there for this.

Here, you had a crisis and you learned from it. You must be benefiting so many people whose lives you touch, Carolyn, with your wisdom and what you learned through your experience. It’s a blessing for them.

Thank you, Irene. I wanted this piece on trust in the process. It’s easier said than done. The reason for me goes back to my childhood, and Irene for you too because I know you. My background was I couldn’t trust the process that was happening in my family structure. I didn’t have a lifeboat. I learned to be independent and take it on myself. I also was a parent of my parent. That trust piece was not part of my early childhood experience. I had to, like a kid, learn how to trust again.

Thankfully, I have people around me. Thank the Lord above that I’ve attracted into my life that has helped me through that. That trust was something that I am learning on a visceral level all these years later. That’s my personal issue and how it relates to my business life. That’s why it’s important that whatever arises for you, whatever is that thing that we’re afraid to do, often has seeds in our past and to get that tribe around you can help you through it.

GAR 8 | Game Changers

Game Changers: Whatever arises for you or if there are fears from your past, your tribe around you can help you through it.


People don’t realize they have a choice and that they can change the voice that they heard or the lessons they learned earlier on in their lives. They have the choice to learn new ways of being and thinking with their attitudes and all.

I want to clarify. You’re on the West Coast but you do a lot of these conferences online so that everybody can join in?

Yes. As a matter of fact, on December 2nd, 2017, we’re doing a half day. That’s about the inner and outer game of branding. It’s about getting your brand down and your stake in the ground if you have an idea and you want to get that. Also, getting to the deeper questions, the deeper why behind your work or your brand and/or what you’re trying to get out there. We do a lot of this online all through the year, marrying both of those things. We do some in-person, whether it’s a conference or like what we’re doing in Seattle.

What’s the website again?

Thank you. is the website there and our Facebook group is called Women as Game Changers with Carolyn & Devi. There’s another Women as Game Changers, which I’m part of too, which was a summit we did in 2016 with the US Green Chamber but the community that I’m talking about is the one that says with Carolyn and Devi.

You’re offering people who read this show and who want to get to know you a set of strategy sessions, aren’t you?

Yeah. I’d love to investigate this or it feels like you’re resonating with this. For anyone who’s reading, I’m offering a free strategy. It could be a derailer session with Devi and me or a brand strategy in 45 minutes, one-on-one. They would reach out to me. It’s You can also go on Game Changers and shoot something out there for me but that’s my email address, which is connected to the marketing business.

That’s wonderful. They should let you know they came to the show.

Thank you. I feel like we have some people who want to take advantage of that. We can spread the word on our social as well. I’m multitasking. I clicked through to join your group myself so I can stay on top.

That’s a big compliment, Carolyn.

This is what I’ll do. This is spontaneous at the moment. The first five people who are interested in this work can come to that half day on December 2nd for free.

That’s so generous.

Reach out. If you go to, you’ll get to see what that half-day is all about. You reach out to me and say, “I want to be in that,” and we’ll give you entrance.

Let them know that you came through the show.

What’s the full name of this show?

Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life. Speaking of joy, give us your tips for joy, Carolyn.

I’m feeling joyful talking to you girls. I would say sisterhood. Having these conversations on all aspects of life, whether it’s business, life, or family, is a game changer in and of itself. That is so important to me, having that in my life and making these connections. It gives me juice, life, and vitality. On a more personal, private note, I have a spiritual practice.

This is essential for me. It’s like you brush your teeth and I chant in the morning. I have a practice called Shinnyo-en Buddhism. It’s a Japanese Mahayana practice of Buddhism. I’ve been doing that for several years. That has been an anchor for me. When the going gets rough, there’s a certain chance that I do that over and over. I repeat and repeat. Chance has energetic juice in it.

They have a vibration.

I’ve been doing it for so long that I rely on that. I’ve seen the changes in my life with that. I have a practice I do in the morning. I do some research on this. Oprah, Obama, Jane Goodall, anybody that you probably admire, do some research on them. I have done this. They have a morning practice. Sometimes it’s meditation or reflection. It doesn’t have to be a religion. It could be some self-nurturing connection, usually on a spiritual level. Many successful people do this. It’s important because it empties the mind. It brings us back to the ground itself because we know we have so much stuff coming at us all our lives.

GAR 8 | Game Changers

Game Changers: Shinnyo-en Buddhism empties the mind. It brings us back to the ground itself because we know we have so much stuff coming at us all our lives.


My spiritual practice is important. Probably the last piece but not the least, is nature for me. When I step out, I have lived near the mountains. I have access to water as well. When I go out to step into nature, no matter what, it’s like medicine for me. I immediately get relief. It’s instant. Nature has been an amazing piece for me when I need to reconnect because I can be in my head a lot. I need to get into my body more and nature helps me do that.

They sound like good tips that a lot of people could put and incorporate into their lives. Steph, have you got any other questions for Carolyn? Anything else before we have to unfortunately say goodbye?

I’ll probably have some follow-up. I’m trying to check out the website myself, this conference, and the Facebook group. I want to share this because I feel like I have a lot of even personal friends who would be super excited to look into this. It’s I’m going to say that again so we can get this up to spread the word. We’ll share it on Facebook.

I can attest to what a fabulous person Carolyn is. She’s tremendous with integrity and knowledge and truly heartfelt sincerity to work with everyone.

I love Irene because you can turn any stranger you meet on the street to become a good friend. You’re so encompassing like that. It’s so cute. Thank you. You did an event. You’ve made twenty new friends. You go to these meetings and talk to people. They become your friends. Irene’s good at bringing them in. You’re like my little mom too. That’s a powerful statement coming from Irene.

Thank you so much.

Irene oozes with warmth and connection. She knows how to do it. It’s in her bones and guts. She does that. Growing a tribe for Irene on YouTube is what you’re doing here.

Maybe we are creating our little tribe. There can be all kinds of possibilities.

Get not just a page but a Facebook group going so the conversations can begin. This is about helping. That’s where I would jump on it for you. That’s where that tribe can intersect.

It’s on the list so maybe we’ll bump that up and do that. Thanks for that biz tip, Carolyn. You’ll be one of the first to join Carolyn. We’ll pick it.

I love it. I’ll share it with my tribe. That’s how it goes. That’s what it’s all about.

We’ve had a lot of fun chatting and I’m sure we’ll be in touch again soon.

I could see a few more conversations with Carolyn down the line.

Thank you so much, you amazing women for this opportunity to connect with you and talk to your tribe. May we all prosper in this and help transform the world. Women have a big purpose line.

Women personally have a big purpose line. They have the power to proper and help transform the world. Click To Tweet

We’re all on our way.

We’re grabbing and bringing a lot of people with us. It’s our time.

All the good men too. This is so important but it has to be an integrated process. That’s where the good juice comes from. I want to say that too.

We don’t dislike guys.

I love you, Irene.

We’ll wrap it up. Until next time, ladies. We will talk soon.

As I like to say, to be continued.

Next time with a Facebook group.

Thank you.


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