Carol Kirkley

Carol Kirkley is the 10th uplifting interview in the Grief and Rebirth Podcast’s Rebirth series, and she has an incredible story of grief and rebirth. Carol was raised in a fundamentalist religious home, where she was taught that she was worthless and could never be saved.  Eventually the belief that she was fundamentally flawed to the core led to anorexia and suicide attempts until she voluntarily entered a mental hospital for a year. Carol’s healing and rebirth began with a spiritually transformative experience that awakened her to who she is at her core.


  • What it is like to grow up in a fundamentalist religious home.
  • Carol’s experience in a State Mental Hospital.
  • How the unexpected death of her brother added to Carol’s daunting life experiences.
  • The ways Carol began to heal and find Rebirth.


  • How did Covid transform your work experience?
  • What was your healing journey like that began with a course facilitated by Medium Suzanne Giesemann, who I have interviewed on Grief and Rebirth Podcast?
  • Why do you feel we are all waking up to a new Earth?



EMAIL: carolkirkleylmt@gmailcom


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