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Camille Dan is the mother of Aaron, her eldest son who has transitioned, his two brothers, and his one sister. Besides being a loving and devoted mom, Camille has professional experience as a Critical Care Registered Nurse, a Medical Technical Consultant for Feature Films and Television, and she is currently a Private Investment Manager. She is also a former skeptic whose spiritual journey after losing her eldest son Aaron was completely unexpected. Since September 2019, with Aaron as her guiding light, Camille has written two enlightening books, the bestseller titled Aaron’s Energy: An Unexpected Journey Through Grief and the Afterlife with My Brilliant Son and her latest book titled Gathering at the Doorway: An Anthology of Signs, Visits, and Messages from the Afterlife. In addition, she has contributed a chapter to the anthology, “The Beauty of a Grieving Mother: Mothers Share Their Stories of Finding Hope after the Loss of a Child”. She has appeared on YouTube shows. She has been on a number of podcasts. And she has had her chapter titled ‘Eternity is in Our Nature’ published in an edition of “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Grieving, Loss and Healing.”



  • Camille’s relationship with Aaron and the mystery of how he transitioned.
  • When Aaron began communicating with Camille, she literally heard his voice.
  • Aaron told Camille that he would come back to her and that she would recognize him.
  • How Camille discovered a trans-image of Aaron that gave her proof of his survival.



  • What is a trans-image of a deceased loved one and how is a trans-image achieved?
  • Does every person have the same experience when they cross over?
  • What has Aaron said to you about our 3D world transitioning through a spiritual awakening?

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Camille Dan: Her Son Aaron Told Her Soon After His Passing That He Would Come Back To Her And That She Would Recognize Him. Then She Discovered His Trans-Image While Watching A Documentary, And She Nearly Fell Off Her Chair!






I hope this finds each of you so very well. I’m from my studio in West Orange, New Jersey. I’m delighted to have this opportunity to introduce all of you to Camille Dan, who is the mother of Aaron, her eldest son who has transitioned, his 2 brothers, and 1 sister. Besides being a loving and devoted mom, Camille has professional experience as a critical care registered nurse, a medical technical consultant for feature films and television, and a private investment manager.

Camille, who’s from Toronto, Canada, is a former skeptic like yours truly, whose spiritual journey after losing her eldest son Aaron was completely unexpected. Since September 2019 with Aaron as her guiding light, Camille has written two enlightening books, the best seller titled Aaron’s Energy: An Unexpected Journey Through Grief and The Afterlife with My Brilliant Son and her latest book titled, Gathering at the Doorway: An Anthology of Signs, Visits, and Messages from the Afterlife.

She has also contributed a chapter to the anthology, The Beauty of a Grieving Mother. Mothers share their stories of finding hope after the loss of a child. She has appeared on YouTube shows, and a number of podcasts and her chapter title, Eternity Is In Our Nature was published in addition to Chicken Soup for The Soul: Grieving, Loss and Healing.

I’m looking forward to talking with Camille about her afterlife journey with her son, Aaron, in spirit, and her latest book, Gathering at the Doorway: An Anthology of Signs, Visits, and Messages from the Afterlife. A woman I’ve mentioned on this show before named Sonia Rinaldi provides photographic evidence of encounters with loved ones across the veil and more for what is surely going to be a meaningful eye-opening interview filled with insights from a lovely lady named Camille. Camille, a warm heartfelt welcome to the show.

Irene, thank you so much. I’m grateful to be here. It’s an honor to be on your show.


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I’m honored to have you. We both have so much in common. We’ve been talking about it. We both have these tragic things happen to us. We’re helping people through our experiences. It’s a healing journey for those reading this and for us. Let people start to understand and know who you are before all of this happened to you. I so relate to your being a former skeptic because I was too, whose spiritual journey after losing your eldest son, Aaron, was completely unexpected. Tell us what your life was like before Aaron transitioned.

Life seemed great. I’m the mother of four kids, and raising them was my priority. I came from a science-based background. I was always attracted to the sciences, not physics, but more biological sciences. I ended up in nursing as a result. I saw a lot of near-death experiences as a critical care nurse and even heard from patients about their experiences and traveling out of their bodies but remained skeptical about it.

I felt that this was a brain phenomenon or a temporoparietal lobe of the brain. It would be discovered what was behind it one day. It’s something that had not yet been discovered scientifically. I worked for a number of years, and with four kids, I became a stay-at-home mom for quite a while raising my kids. It was wonderful. It was a very good life. I have wonderful children. I can’t say enough about how wonderful they are.

I’m curious, how did you become a medical technical consultant for feature films and television? You then become a private investment manager.

These are all things that happened unexpectedly. There was so much has happened unexpectedly, even before the tragic loss of my son. Looking back now, I don’t think anymore that these were coincidences. I was making connections but not recognizing them as spiritual guidance. I’m just thinking, “Here’s a coincidence.” I happened to have a friend in the movie business who needed medical technical consulting on a film and asked if I would do it.

When you look back at life, you’ll realize those weren’t coincidences. You were making connections without realizing them as spiritual guidance. Share on X

The next thing I knew I got hired as the medical technical consultant, and then I went on and did a few more. One thing leads to another. I consider private investment management as my retirement job. That’s where I thought I would be, a retired person with a part-time job that provided enough, and then something unexpected came up again.

I read your book, and I loved it. Would you like to tell us about your outstanding son, Aaron, who’s now still outstanding, but in spirit, your relationship with him, and a little bit about the mystery of how he transitioned? It’s your favorite subject. Tell us all about Aaron.

Aaron is my firstborn son. From a very early age, he was ahead of my expectations. Having a medical background, I knew about developmental expectations, and he always seemed to be ahead of them to the point, where I thought of him as an old soul. I even called him an old soul sometimes. He seemed to have this wisdom that was far ahead of a child his age like the things he would say and do.

For instance, I did tell the story about him putting coins in the charity box at school. He was not even three years old yet. He was in nursery school. Some coins fell out of my pocket, and he grabbed them up. He wanted to take them to school. He was having a two-year-old tantrum about it. I said, “Okay, but don’t take them out of your pocket.”

About an hour later, after I took him, the principal called, and I thought, “My goodness, some kid choked on one of these coins,” but no. She called to tell me she had never seen a child before, hand a coin to each of his classmates and told them to put their coin in the Sadaqah box, which is the charity box. I was speechless, but I knew he had a generous charitable soul even at that age. I wasn’t totally surprised to hear it, but he was so young. That’s one of my favorite stories about him and the generous heart and soul that he still has. Everything that’s happened since his passing has been to help others.

As people are going to learn more through this interview, you have a partnership with Aaron who’s working with you across the veil as I do with Saul. I’m sure that they’re enjoying each other right now as we’re talking with each other, but it’s so amazing. How did he transition? How did this heartbreak happen in your life? How old was he?

He was 31. It was on September 22nd, 2019. It’s not long before his 32nd birthday. It was a shock. I was in the car, and I heard it on the radio. I had an instinct that it was him. He had gone through a period in his life of struggles with drugs and addiction. Although he fell from his apartment floor and the investigation still hasn’t been concluded so we don’t know. We know that there were drugs there and that he fell, but we don’t know anything else about how it all happened. The pandemic has delayed a lot, especially with the police force here being overwhelmed. They still haven’t reached a conclusion about it.

That keeps you in limbo in certain ways, but it is what it is. You’re dealing with it. When did he start communicating with you, Camille? You said you literally heard his voice. How did you know it was him, not your thoughts? He also told you something about the energy in the universe, which is so precocious from where he is now. Would you tell us a little bit about all of that?

I was in a real state of shock. After the funeral, we had his Shiva, which you’re familiar with. I don’t know if your readers all know. It’s a week of mourning.

It’s a Jewish period of mourning when people come to visit those who are grieving.

My close friend came over, and she had a number of psychic and mediumistic experiences. She knew a lot about this. When she had told me about it prior, I thought, “That’s nice for you. I’m glad that helps you,” but I was a skeptic. She came over immediately after the Shiva with a handwritten note that she claimed was from Aaron that she had written in what’s called automatic writing, which is channeling from spirit through pen and paper. There were things in this note that even though we had been close friends since Aaron was an infant, she wouldn’t have known. She was convinced this came from Aaron.

After that, it was evident, which is interesting because things that were in the note also hadn’t yet happened. For instance, the next day we had to go meet with the detectives. The detective on the case said something, word for word from this note. I was so speechless when I heard this. I don’t remember anything else he said. That was the little spark for me, “How can this be? This has to be more than a coincidence.”

Did his voice come into your head?

Not at that point. About a few weeks later and after reading a few books on the subject of grieving and healing, I read that it was good to be out in nature. I asked my boyfriend if we could go to his lake house. We got in the car, threw a bunch of things in the car, and hit the road. It was now October 2019. We have beautiful fall colors in October here. The trees are gorgeous. We’re driving on the highway, and lining the highway are these incredible fall colors. I’m looking at them, and all of a sudden, it occurred to me, “Aaron’s never going to see this beautiful sight again.” I started to cry, but instantly, I heard his voice say, “I do see it, mom.” I could hear his voice in my ears as if he was a passenger in the car. It wasn’t coming from the head.

Was it coming from one side of your head or the other, or both sides of your head?

He could have been in the backseat as a passenger. I looked, and nobody else heard it evidently. I said in my mind, “Aaron, is that you?” “Yes, mom. I’m here. I can see the colors, but I don’t see them the way you do. I see the energy that the leaves are emitting, colors that I can’t even describe to you.” That was the first thing I heard from him audibly. After that point, I started hearing from him regularly, not in his voice, but also in signs. He often had me connect the dots between signs and messages to figure out what he was trying to tell me. It evolved over time. He’d give me a little bit of information, almost like a class in metaphysics to me along the way.

He’s so wise, and that tells us about energy in the universe. Is there anything else that he said about energy in the universe worth sharing? That’s amazing on their side. They’re not coming through the bodies like we are. They see colors probably even more vividly.

For colors, he talks a lot about light. That was the reason I chose the word brilliant. Not because in life he was a brilliant person intellectually, but he’s also a brilliant guiding light. He tells me that in our three-dimensional human existence, we are tuned to light. We’re given physical tools to see light. He talks about electrons, photons, wavelengths, and all of that with me. He tells me how that all works and how we draw energy to us in the form of light. We emit our own energy in the form of light, and so does everything else in the three dimensions we exist in.



He talks about the source of all this being love. Love is the energy of creation. Everything that is created, including ourselves and the abilities that the universe has created in us like tools, minds, words, ability to speak, hear, see, and everything, we’ve also been given the ability to create. We’re creations of love that can create from love. The universe is perpetuating in this continuous flow of energy. This energy is flowing through us and everything all the time.

That’s incredible. When you talk about light, it brings to my mind the fact that we hear so often that the last thing people see when they pass or transition is that light, and they go to the light. That’s all connected that way. Now, you’re hearing from Aaron and taking notes as he’s telling you different things because you’re amazed. What inspired you to write this book, Aaron’s Energy: An Unexpected Journey Through Grief and The Afterlife with My Brilliant Son? Tell us about the story of that. All of a sudden, he pops into your head and says, “Come on, mom. We’re going to write a book.”

GAR 216 | Trans Image

Aaron’s Energy: An Unexpected Journey Through Grief and the Afterlife With My Brilliant Son

Yes, he did, but that wasn’t the first thing. That was further along the journey. As part of my healing, I read that journaling was a good thing to do. I even took a course in journaling my grief. I then began my journal. Over time, Aaron’s messages to me began to take over the journal. It was evident that this was something he wanted me to write down. Many times, I did feel like it was channeling what he was telling me.

Were you doing it by automatic writing?

No. I had my computer, and I would hear something he would say. I’d sit down and start writing an entry in my journal, and then it would start to flow. It felt almost out of nowhere. All of a sudden, I’d see, “I wrote paragraphs.” I had one idea. Oftentimes, what Aaron will do is send me his messages in the fewest possible words that mean the most. I could sit down with a message from him and create a whole journal entry from it. After a number of journal entries, I started to recognize that there’s a very profound deep message in all this. He then told me I would write a book about it.

First of all, I was still very much a skeptic at that point, even though all that was happening. I held on to that skepticism as long as I could. A lot of people do that have these experiences. They’re happening, but all of these survival instincts like doubt and judgment sets in. That’s part of our survival. We need those. We are also created for survival because the universe needs us to be where we are when we are as part of a whole, and the doubt would seep in again.

We are created for survival. The universe needs us to be where we are when we are as part of a whole. Share on X

Eventually, I had to let go of it. It’s overwhelmingly evident to me that this wasn’t a coincidence and something my head was making up. It was happening. Still, I thought, “Who is going to want to read my story or personal journal?” Somehow, I thought, “I’ve never written before. I’ll google how to do this.” I found that you can even publish yourself. There are self-publishing apps and programs. I picked one which was called KDP Publishing and self-published the book. I clicked enter, and the next thing I knew, it was up. It was on Amazon.



It’s well-written. It’s such a wonderful book. It’s fascinating. You and Aaron did a great job.

Aaron did a great job.

You’d be sitting and typing, and you’d ask him a question or he would come through with something. Was there a part of you that would just, “Take it from there,” or he wasn’t talking to you the whole time, but he was giving you the seed and then the rest was coming through? He must have been working with your spirit guides, I would think.

There were a few times that I did hear from others, but mostly from Aaron. In fact, my mother passed a few months before Aaron. I wondered one day, “Why don’t I hear my mother?” My mother then came through and said, “It’s because Aaron is the closest to you. Aaron speaks for all of us.”

How incredible that she came through for you that way. It’s marvelous for you during what was going on that now you knew that Aaron and your mother were together.

About asking questions, if I ask a question, I get the answer. If I don’t have a question to ask, I still get signs. Sometimes I’ll get a sign, and much later, the reason and the message of the sign come. For instance, I once saw a double rainbow. One rainbow was brighter than the other rainbow. It answered my question. My mother said she was in the other rainbow, and Aaron is the stronger light and the spokesperson. It isn’t always like in one fell swoop where I hear a message or get a sign and it all comes together. Sometimes it can take weeks or sometimes even months later, “I get it now.”



As we’re talking, you’re bringing to my mind something had happened to me about a few years after Saul transitioned. I was driving with someone, and we had to switch drivers. I got out of my car, and the person said, “Look in the clouds.” In the clouds, printed as clearly as you could imagine, SAUL, his name as the song You Are The First, The Last, My Everything was playing on the radio.

That’s incredible when things happened in that closest synchronicity.

I’ve had other experiences that, like you, they were a little delayed, but they come. For everyone, if you’re not fascinated by this story, here’s an even better one for you. Aaron told you soon after his passing that he came back to you and that you’d recognize him. You then discovered this trans image while watching a documentary about Sonia Rinaldi and nearly fell off your chair. I have mentioned Sonia Rinaldi on this show before. For everyone who doesn’t know, please explain what a trans image is. Tell us about Sonia and the documentary. How does she get these trans images? This is amazing. There was a documentary about her.

Sonia is a beautiful person. She has a laboratory in Brazil. I believe that she’s been guided by spirits across the veil to do what she does. She does all of her work benevolently. She doesn’t charge money for what she does, which is incredible because of the number of physical evidences that she produces of our loved ones in spirit that you can see in these trans images. A trans image is basically a photographic image of a loved one in spirit coming from the other side.

How does she get them?

She has a variety of means of getting them. The one that Aaron came through is in a vapor. Apparently, what our spirit loved ones are able to do is manipulate particles of matter. Matter is energy, the energy that’s collapsed into particles. Vapor particles are easier to manipulate than a solid.

Does she create like a vapor?

Yes. The vapor has lights shooting through it. They come into this vapor chamber. The vapor is constantly swirling into images. Sonia is filming this as it’s happening. She then has to go back and go frame by frame because these images are instantaneous to the human eye, but to the camera, they can be captured. This award-winning documentary was produced by Sandra Champlain and Robert Lyon about Sonia’s work. I heard about it so I wanted to watch it. I watched it on the premiere night, which was February 22nd, 2022.

It’s not that long ago.

About 58 minutes into the film, an image of Aaron appears in a segment of the film about unknown images because Sonia has hundreds of images that she’s captured that have yet to be identified. I was in shock.

How did the image come through? What did he project to his image?

He looked about 14 or 15 in it. It wasn’t a photo I’d ever seen of him, but it was 100% him. There’s no question in my mind. I took a screenshot of it and sent it out to my other kid. They’re like, “Where did you get that picture of Aaron, mom?” I reached out to Sonia. She’s very busy, but she did respond. I posted about it, and friends of mine saw it. They wanted to know about this catalog of unknowns. Sonia gave me the link, and I sent it out to people. Friends of mine have also discovered their loved ones in this catalog of unknowns.

When you see the image, you know immediately who it is. You recognize them immediately. Prior to that, I had written about Aaron telling me at one time that he would return and I would recognize him. That’s what he meant. I wrote in Aaron’s Energy. Meanwhile, I thought he was going to reincarnate, but I made that connection immediately. “This is what you meant, Aaron. You would return and I would recognize you.” Since then, Sonia found 130 images of Aaron and published them in a recent eMag article.

He was not going to let you miss him. “There was no way, mom.”

If I was going to have any of my doubt or skepticism about it, he made sure there were images in there that aren’t digitized. They are old photos of him that aren’t on my computer. There are images of him with my father and my mother. If you need more evidence than that, I can’t help you, but he helped me. That was it. That sealed it for me. This is evidence. This is not just talking.

That is amazing. I want to ask you also because it’s been quite clear to you that we carry attachments from our physical lives into our afterlives. We make the afterlife realm lighter and healthier by what we dwell on in life, which is the mission of this show. It is for people to heal as much as possible to make not only their trip into their afterlife but their next reincarnation or whatever goes so much more easily. Can you please share your son’s guidance about that? Why is it so important to heal? I found that fascinating that he talked about that.

He talks about how we’re all connected across dimensions and how what happens in one dimension affects what happens in other dimensions. We can even see that in our three dimensions. Our 3 dimensions are composed of 1 and 2 dimensions and built up into 3. The 3 builds up into 4 and so on. We work together across these dimensions or the veil.

What we dwell on in life affects what’s happening in the dimension our loved ones are in. We can work together with them by drawing them to us. We draw them to us with feelings. Our communication is not necessarily through words. It’s through thoughts and feelings. Aaron tells me, “You’re allowed to grieve, mom. That’s normal. You need to go through grieving to get to healing. Let yourself grieve so you can get there. When you’re in a state of healing is when we’re most connected,” because his energy is being drawn to mine.


GAR 216 | Trans Image


You’re clear, and he doesn’t have as many impediments to get through.

He talks about that. He talks about compatible energy. He says that our energy is most compatible when I am in a healing state, which could be meditation, walks in nature, listening to music, or laughing at a joke. He tells me, “Keep laughing, mom. You’re releasing the energy that draws me to you.” I didn’t laugh for the longest time. A lot of times, you feel guilty having a laugh when you’re grieving, but the guilt and those feelings are feelings that are not opening you up to those connections. He reinforces that idea with me quite a bit.

I love all the wisdom that he told. It’s wonderful. He talked about his experience crossing over. Did he say everyone has the same experience when they cross over? I loved your book. I got so much from it. He said that an infant can be wiser than an adult. What did he mean when he talked about all of that?

As far as transitioning is concerned, he said not everyone’s transition is identical. A lot of it has to do with where you are in the flow of energy. We’re all coming from different places in the flow. We’re arriving here. We call this transitioning. As a matter of fact, I asked him, “What do you call it on the other side of the veil?” He called it arrival.

They’re coming home. We’re crying for them here, but they’re celebrating over there.

They are having a party. They’re happy and welcoming. He did say that the majority of transitions are welcoming. He said, “For some people, they’re still very earthbound. They’re still very tied to their earthly body. Sometimes they hang around.”

Is that what we call a ghost when they’re still around with us?

I’m not an expert on this, but my understanding is that ghosts are imprints of energy that remain behind. He said, “Transition isn’t like one fell swoop. It takes time.” My kids called my father Pippy. When my father transitioned after him a few years, I asked him, “Is Pippy with you now?” Aaron said, “Give him a minute, mom. He’s taking his time. He’ll get here.” Each of our transitions isn’t identical. They relate to how connected we are to ourselves here and where we are in the flow as well. He talks a lot about this concept that seems like quantum entanglement. It’s what’s happening far beyond our awareness as well. It’s all connected. We’re all going to the same place but in our own way.

When you talk about you take with you who you are, your attitudes, and all to the other side, if you had a very troubled experience and are a very negative person, you might not transition as quickly or as easily as someone who’s lighter and has done a lot of healing. I wanted to make one other point that we were talking about before. You’ve probably learned this, too, that in the grieving experience, it becomes a surprise, but you’ll find out that you can be devastated by grief but also experienced joy at the same time with other things that go on. It gives yourself permission. One does not cancel out the other.

It doesn’t. It can take a long time to come to that awareness. Aaron helped me then. He showed up very early on. He was concerned about me and the depth of my grief and pain, and how this was going to affect not just me and this side of the veil, but the other side of the veil as well. He came as a helpful guide for me to help me through this healing process. When you reach a point in your healing where you realize that you allow yourself to experience joy, that’s when you recognize that they can coexist with each other.

I would imagine he came to that quickly, knowing the compassionate generous person his soul is. I would imagine that he wanted to do that because the sooner you began to find peace, the better it was for his siblings who were probably grieving also, and going through their own struggles. As they saw you heal, you became a role model for them and gave them hope.

Thank you for mentioning that. That’s a whole other episode about being the parent of children who are also grieving.

We’ll do that one day.

We’re all grieving together.

That’s an important thing to talk about. We’ll do that. Why did he say an infant can be wiser than an adult?

This is also part of his message that we’re all in different places in this energy flow. An infant can have an old soul. He describes that it orbits around the source. An infant’s soul can come in from a different orbit than another person’s soul. Some are closer to the source of creation. Some are coming from further out. This is what he means by an infant having more wisdom. Wisdom comes with experience.

You’re saying a younger soul who’s an adult could be less wise than an infant who’s coming in as an older soul to maybe do work on the planet, be a light worker, or whatever they’re coming to do?

Yes. Our lives are all about the experience. Our whole existence is all about experience. An infant can come from a more experienced place or a less experienced place, but we’re all here for that learning.

Some people will look into an infant’s eyes as you did with Aaron, “I feel this is an old soul.” That leads me to another question because he is so wise. I have a summit that is going to be coming up on the show about living your most evolved life. One of the things Aaron has said to you is that our 3D world is transitioning through a spiritual awakening. I think we are starting to go through it now. Do you want to tell us a little more about what he’s told you about that?

He has said that everything operates naturally like the flow. It might not feel like it all the time to us, especially when we’re grieving where it doesn’t feel natural. It feels out of order. It doesn’t feel like what we wanted for ourselves, but it’s all a natural progression. Going through this awakening is coming out of all of this chaotic stuff that’s going on. We see how connected we are. We can see it in our environment. We can see it in climate change. The universe is rearranging itself, and we’re part of it. We can’t escape that. We can’t say, “We’re not part of this.” We’re going through it along with every other element in the universe that is going through this. We’re being prepared for what’s coming through this awakening.

Everything operates naturally like the flow. It might not feel like it all the time to us, but it's all a natural progression. Share on X

He validated so much of what I’ve been told and what I found out through this summit. It’s amazing. It’s not coincidental. It’s all connected. I want to talk to you about your new book, which is wonderful also. It’s called Gathering at the Doorway: An Anthology of Signs, Visits, and Messages from the Afterlife. It’s full of incredible stories and experiences that, as we know, show that death is an illusion and that we live on. How in the world with nothing else to do, did you decide to ask 40 authors to courageously share your experiences and how’d you choose those stories?

GAR 216 | Trans Image

Gathering at the Doorway: An Anthology of Signs, Visits, and Messages from the Afterlife

After writing Aaron’s Energy, a lot more unexpected things happened. This has all been so unexpected. I started hearing from people who wanted to share their stories after having shared mine. I didn’t expect that. I didn’t know what to expect from it. I heard more incredible stories that resonated with mine, including finding your book. At the time, I realized that, “It’s important to show that we all need to share our stories.” We’re all connected, and sharing is part of our way to awakening and grief. I reached out to people, and those who were willing to share their stories are in my new book.

There are 40 of them, and they’re wonderful stories.

It’s from around the world. It’s amazing. Each story is a unique story in itself, but there’s a common thread through all of them, which is that people are connecting with their loved ones across the veil, and there’s evidence of it.

It’s wonderful. You can read it. There are many different stories. Again, it’s validated that this is real. I wanted you to please share the stories of two other people whose trans images you’ve seen that are in the book. One is Lee, the son of Rosanne Groover Norris who I’ve interviewed about her book beLEEve, and Alina, the daughter of Elly Sheykhet. Could you tell us those two stories? This also had to do with Sonia, and they were surprised also when they saw those images.

Roseanne is in the documentary Rinaldi and her story about discovering Lee. She discovered Lee at a seminar. His trans image was there. When you see the comparison of his photographs with his trans image, there’s no mistaking that this is Lee. He’s got a very powerful energy that he shares with his mom and came through in Sonia’s lab and her photographs. I met Elly when she reached out to me after I read her book and she read my book.

She was putting together the anthology, The Beauty of a Grieving Mother. I knew her from before. She saw my post about discovering Aaron in the documentary. She asked for the link to the catalog of unknowns. I sent it and she found her daughter in it. She sent me comparative photos as well. It’s no question at all that this is Alina. Elly has done an incredible amount of helpful healing work with her daughter’s guidance. She has an organization called Alina’s Light, and it’s just amazing.

It all ties together because beLEEve, the book Rosanne Groover Norris wrote, was the first podcast I ever listened to. I didn’t even know what a podcast was. A friend said, “Why don’t you try listening to podcasts?” I came across Sandra Champlain’s podcast, We Don’t Die, and Rosanne was on. Her story resonated so much with mine. I got her book right away. It’s like breadcrumbs. All of these things happened that led up to this, our kids being trans images in Sonia’s lab.

What a blessing. That’s so wonderful. I’m very curious because I don’t remember. Did Lee pass with his dog? Did his dog come through in the trans image also?

Yes. There’s an image of Lee with his dog.

What a validation. You cannot make this up. It’s incredible. The other thing that you talk about in the book, which is so comforting to people is you offer synchronistic signs, visits, and messages from the afterlife that people have experienced. Do you have a few favorites you want to share with us?

The real profound sign that I received aside from Aaron’s trans image was a message in the clouds. I was having a grief-stricken day and hadn’t had signs in a while. I stepped outside. Looking out over the lake, I asked Aaron, “Can you please send me a sign? I need a sign.” It wasn’t a cloudy day, but there were a few clouds. I looked, and they started moving and swirling. It came in the shape of the letters, “I love you.” The O of love is a heart. I luckily had my phone and got a photo of that one. That one’s in my book. There have been so many incredible signs.

There’s one when it was snowing in Toronto. We get a lot of snowy winters. I looked in my security camera that points outside and saw words in the snow. I looked, “What do those words say?” I could read them, and they were Hebrew letters that said, “I love you.” Aaron loved Jewish learning. He was an incredible scholar. He read all the time and could retain everything. He had a photographic memory. It was so obvious. That’s also in my book.

I also received a sign in Hebrew when I was working with someone who was channeling my book and Saul was coming through. He was telling her that we had a past life when I was a little boy and he was a rabbi in this religious school called a Yeshiva in Ancient Israel. I was starting this journey like you. I’m like, “It sure sounds like Saul and seems like Saul, but is it Saul?”

She was Methodist. She had never heard a word of Hebrew in her life. She said to me, “I’m asking him what your name was in that lifetime. I’m getting a very weird name. I don’t know what he’s saying, but he keeps saying, you were such a good little boy in that lifetime. The name sounds like Zehye Latov,” and I said, “That’s Hebrew for a good little boy.” That’s how I knew that this was real. It’s coming at me, which leads me to the question. What have you learned from Aaron about the importance of healing that has to do with the flow of universal energy, which is love?

The big takeaway from me is how valuable we all are to the whole flow of this energy. I want people to realize each one of us is so valuable. One message Aaron sent to me was this, and I quoted it in my chapter in Gathering at the Doorway. It’s that one act of kindness of yours at that moment that holds the universe together. That was so profound. It told me that each and every one of us is an important part of the flow of energy. We are all part of it. That’s what makes us all one and connects us all. We attract love and kindness.

We attract it to us, which is incredibly wonderful and an important message for people. I’m also touched by what you’re doing with the proceeds of your book. Not only have you helped people to know about the afterlife through Gathering at the Doorway, but you’re doing something wonderful with proceeds from the sales of the book. You also have a special book giveaway offer for readers. Would you like to tell us about both of those?

All of the earnings from both of my book sales are going to a list of charities. The entire list of charities appears on my website, A lot of the earnings go toward helping parents heal.

It is a wonderful organization that helps parents whose children have transitioned.

What they’re doing is amazing work and has helped me such a great deal. Forever Family Foundation also helps a lot of people going through grieving and learning about connecting with their loved ones across the veil. I also give a lot of my earnings to mental health and addiction programs. It’s quite a list that I have been fortunate to be able to give to.

It’s a blessing.

Thank you. I’m happy to give away up to five copies of my book to the first five people who reach out to me at my email address,

Put in the subject line Irene or Grief and Rebirth so she’ll know that you’re coming through from this show and include your mailing address. Hop to it. Camille, what is your tip for finding joy in life?

It’s hard to put that into only a few words, but I would have to say healing. We’re all on healing journeys. The path to joy is in healing.

You’re talking about aligning. You’re now open heart with your much more open mind as you heal. That’s what’s happening as you heal. I’m right with you all the way. Camille, thank you for opening hearts to the reality that we continue to live on after bodily death through your two inside scoop books, Aaron’s Energy: An Unexpected Journey Through Grief and the Afterlife with My Brilliant Son and your wonderful latest book titled, Gathering at the Doorway: An Anthology of Signs, Visits, and Messages from the Afterlife that offers so much needed hope, validation, and comfort through true stories of people who have faced profound loss, struggled through grief, and have found their loved ones on the other side.


GAR 216 | Trans Image


I also thank you from my heart for this meaningful eye-opening interview that is going to touch many hearts and souls. Here’s a loving reminder, everyone, all of our episodes are on Make sure to follow and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Be sure to click subscribe so you’ll never miss an episode. Camille, thank you so much. This has been wonderful. As I like to say, to be continued. Many blessings. Bye for now.

I can’t thank you enough. You’re a brilliant healing energy yourself. This has been wonderful. I’m grateful.

Thank you so much. We both had such tremendous losses in our lives that have become blessings to many otherwise, including ours.

It’s an incredible feeling and experience to know that our loved ones are working through us, knowing it, and feeling it so strongly.

Not only are they working through us with what we’re doing, but we know without a doubt that not only are they with us while we’re on this side, but when we transition to the other side, it takes away the fear of death.

Yes, it does. Me too.

That’s what it does for me. I’m not afraid of dying. I’m completely passionate about living to the nth degree in a healthy good way until that moment happens, and I’ll be back again.

When I read your book, the remarkable connection across time that you write about not just local time but generations of time, that’s when you see and realize that we’re in a spiritual partnership. It doesn’t end in bodily death. It continues.

I even loved this about your two books, but about mine, I have to say that’s all even channeled what the world will be like in 300 years. Do you remember that? If you read the last chapter, you can see the seeds of it now. It’s starting to happen. What we’re doing is getting people help through our own experiences. I feel very grateful for this opportunity.


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